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Law School Manifesto

Law School Manifesto
Blame It All On Godzilla And Emo
The Most Valuable Report You Will
Ever Own
If you can sit down for the next 30 minutes or so, it is both amazing and remarkable that your
entire professional destiny could shift dramatically because of a few simple words.
My name is Paul Owen and I want you to run and run as fast as you can because Godzilla is after
you and he will not stop until you have the secret weapon to put him in his place. If you listen
carefully and read and reread what is written herein, you will be able to obtain the secret weapon
that can stop him dead cold.
Our success stories alone could fill 1000’s of pages. Sit back, relax, and carefully read what
follows. It has changed many a person’s life and it will change yours too.
The Socratic Method.
The Socratic Method is named after Socrates who taught students by asking question after
question, in order to expose contradictions in thoughts and ideas. The Professor is then meant to
guide the student to a solid, tenable conclusion. It is supposed to teach through the use of critical
thinking, reasoning, and logic. It is the most widely adopted method of teaching the law. But I
am here to tell you that scientifically it is a bankrupt idea and in fact has rarely worked nor will it
ever work in a consistent manner unless the human brain evolves into something quite different
than it is today.
In the Socratic Method, the exchange between the student and the professor takes place in front
of the entire class. Students gain intellectual “character” and reasoning acumen by standing and
making arguments in front of large groups of people. The goal is to produce a dynamic
engagement of higher thought in the class room but this I am here to say is so remote that the
method itself is a myth.
Listen Carefully Professors
If ever there is a time to learn to communicate and hold a student’s attention effectively, you
need it today. Students are distracted by text messages, e-mails, surfing, games, and even phone
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See the figure above.Law School Manifesto calls. The better you are at keeping a student’s Page 2 . When we have to communicate a complicated idea we tend to overwhelm the targets of our efforts. It has a simplistic rendering of the basic parts of the human brain. Until you understand and learn to deal with it you are never going to communicate successfully. A little science never hurt anyone (at least not too badly). the more likely that student will be to go for your idea and absorb information like a sponge. It is the most important thing we do. and attempting to convey complex idiomatic ideas.bsmsphd. Duhhhhhhhh !! How lame is that kind of generic know everything advice? “Keep their attention!” Everybody knows that. So yes if you want to throw things at least give me a warning so I can duck. But does everyone or anyone know how to do it in today’s environment? Most of us spend less than 1 percent of our time communicating. they are seemingly impossible to reach. and on a bad day. We don’t communicate well because there is an evolutionary flaw in our brain. If I were to portray a complex and true picture of the current understanding of © 2012 Abn Study Partner www. If You Had Been Good in Math You Would Have Gone to Med School Pay attention. And yes I know that the brain is extremely complex but there is important information to convey and everyone who reads this must engage their neocortex and not get stuck in the Reptilian and Emotional levels.

It happens whenever we encounter a question being posed by a Professor who wants us to answer it. The Reason Why Most Law Students Struggle Sad to say. Most of your communications. it is a threat. then. disruptive behaviors. As part of our evolutionary survival mechanism we had a tendency to view everything as potentially dangerous. Let me elaborate. Intimidation and humiliation are the cornerstones of reptilian and emotional response and relief from that “danger” and embarrassment means while one person might be learning something of value. If it is not a crisis. (See now why I put the simplistic picture of the brain at the top of the © 2012 Abn Study Partner www. can it be ignored without any consequences? The reptilian brain has a very short-sighted view of the world. or in the case of the Socratic Method. By the time they get to the neocortex response.bsmsphd. Their brains determine if the information is a threat to their immediate survival and. and lacks visual cues. the rest of the class is instinctively responding at the Reptilian and Emotional level for some time to come because they are relieved and happy that they did not get called on (or may think it is funny that YOU got called on. Reptilian. This makes effectively communicating idiomatic concepts extremely difficult unless you know the tricks of the trade. it ignores what is being communicated. In simplistic terms. The three parts of the brain are: at the lowest level. the rest of the class is lost in its evolutionary limitations. The brains of the rest of the students in class are reacting exactly as they should. We erred on the side of extreme caution. if your communication is complicated. And this is what precisely happens in the Socratic Page 3 . communication takes place on the sender level in the neocortex but the response from the receiver takes place in the Reptilian and Emotional levels first. To convey complex ideas you must reach the neocortex. questions and intellectual discourse. This responsive behavior continues to this day every time we encounter something new. which is problem solving No communication is going to get to the logic and thinking center of another person’s brain without passing through the coping filters of the reptilian brain system first.Law School Manifesto the brain I would invoke either a Reptilian response or an Emotional response and immediately lose your rapt and undying attention. After all. contains abstract language. First comes survival. The person standing and getting grilled by the Professor might have their neocortex in gear but everyone else in the class is stuck in the Reptilian and Emotional response level. and perhaps eventually making its way to the neocortex or thinking brain. it can be quite entertaining). social relationships and finally the place where we want to be in education and teaching. then Emotional and finally the Thinking part of the brain or neocortex. the discourse might well be over and nothing was learned or most of the event was missed. and lack of interest. if not. The neocortex has the ability to learn and use language. Reptilian and emotional elements are mostly instinctive and use coping capabilities we learn at birth. are in fact being filtered at the Reptilian brain in the form of objections. While the student who is the victim may be able to transition through to the neocortex quickly because she is on the hot seat. These thought processes match evolution.

All we can say is we pity you and Good Luck with That!! You can learn a full and complicated system of how to communicate effectively with the Reptilian and Emotional Brains and many do exist. They will ignore any message. The reptilian brain concludes that it has the potential to absorb massive brain power to understand. we are specifically talking about teaching. the communication will be marked immediately for destruction in the amygdala. That person wants to escape from the room. labeled as dangerous or dramatically summarized with little conveyance of their complex information. they will respond emotionally to what they see and hear. they require focus on the big picture. study them religiously and work extremely hard. M. Let’s understand something about the Reptilian and Emotional Brains. and increased anxiety.TM First you have got to understand that I cannot sit on the sidelines anymore and allow so many well-meaning and hard-working victims (Opps I mean law students) to be brutalized by a system that is completely out of control. but why go through all the trouble. Under such restraints. This is scientific fact. sweating. That is a threat because if brain power is maxed out. professing and learning the law and no other types of communication. have a short attention span and need facts instead of concepts. The vast majority of messages that are communicated end up in the reptilian brain being ignored. it is almost impossible to learn complex idiomatic law. Unless our brains evolve. So learning how to bypass Godzilla and Emo are pretty easy once you know how. The overwhelming majority of students will fail in achieving their dreams even if they buy lots of products. The amygdala propagates messages into the physical world in terms of a faster heart rate. they crave novelty.D. increased breathing. They will fail extremely badly in the results they want to get even if their opportunistic strategy is to work harder. In this instance. more efficiently and longer than everyone else. and you will gain both true knowledge and clarity that you’ve never had before about how you can succeed in law school and the legal © 2012 Abn Study Partner www.bsmsphd.Law School Manifesto presentation and why I teased you with Blame it on Godzilla and Emo).com Page 4 . These very real evolutionary limitations are the primary cause for so much struggling and time wasting.A. Imagine failing at a goal no matter how hard you work or smart you are? This Manifesto exposes the facts and issues. one by one. The Need for New Methods We’ve known this for some time and over the years have developed a proven and dramatically effective means of short circuiting the Reptilian and Emotional brains in a complex learning environment. It’s sad. the Socratic Method is marginal at best.

The issue was whether that was common law arson and whether the person setting the fire could in fact be liable for felony murder.D. In other words your Reptilian and Emotional brains will be in control. I am going to show you how our students achieved an average increase of 1. I was so upset I left the class room and believe me when I say you could hear a pin drop and everyone’s eyes were on me as I left. Criminal Law Hornbook about how a dwelling house is anything that is used to regularly sleep in if you could stand up in it. Suddenly I found it!! I want back to the room and interrupted the Prof. unless you have the law memorized and can use that memorized law to ask all the questions you must ask.D.TM study method. My Criminal Law Prof lit up like a Christmas Tree and preceded to rail and belittle and on and on and on and Page 5 . and proceeded to read from the Boyce Perkins. If you don’t learn or profess the law by the M. TM methodology.D.A.A.D.D. First.A.4 A’s per semester and the exact concepts that are responsible for this remarkable achievement. Prof. © 2012 Abn Study Partner www. your brain will ignore most messages. I was called on to determine a fact pattern about a bum in a shanty on a beach house which had been burned down and the bum was killed.A. The bum regularly slept in the shanty.Law School Manifesto profession. I went to my car and sat there looking through everything that I had on the subject.bsmsphd. We developed the M. I looked but to no avail. I said it was certainly arson as the shanty could have been a dwelling house and the bum regularly slept there. outright rejected my proffer of that concept as I could not back it up and proceeded to castigate me even more. Who is M. AND YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK TWICE AS HARD FOR DRAMATICALLY LOWER RESULTS.A. M. it allows you to simply bypass Godzilla and Emo and learn complex idiomatic law with relative ease. As such there was the underlying predicate felony and hence the criminal could be liable provided his first and only desire was to commit arson of the shanty and did not intend the homicide. You can go back to that good ole fashion formula of hard work = success. will respond emotionally to what you see and hear. it was a dwelling house and there was common law arson. If the bum could stand up in the shanty. It was from there that I discovered the M.TM short circuits Reptilian and Emotional brain responses and allows you to function for prolonged periods of time in the neocortex brain NO MATTER WHAT IS HAPPENING AROUND YOU OR TO YOU. TM entails. you will never be a good lawyer. all I could think of was where can I find that passage I read about a week ago that said a dwelling house was any place used to regularly sleep in provided someone could stand up in it. by the very nature of the activities M.TM ? I went to law school and suffered just as everyone else did until it was my turn on the hot seat. In short. have a short attention span and need facts instead of concepts. require focus on the big picture.D. I was very MAD that day but I learned the most valuable lesson ever.TM method. crave novelty.A. During 8 minutes of torture.

guess what? You won’t have to spend but a few nanoseconds running from Godzilla and Emo if at all.D. They are immediately walled off because now a neocortex function has just become part of your very make up. I know all of you out there who really know this stuff …. In this example you ask: Was there a bargained for exchange? Did it induce current performance? Did it offer detriment? Was it binding? Was it pre-existing? Was it illusory? Was it nominal? Was it surrendering or forbearing a legal right? What’s going on? Anytime you ask a question related to a legal concept you are of course in the Neocortex zone and if the questions have been internalized. nominal or surrendering or forbearing a legal right. What you are memorizing is both the structure of the law and the questions you must ask to do proper legal analysis. © 2012 Abn Study Partner www. Yes. TM Memorize Apply Dissertate MEMORIZE You must use rote memorization techniques to memorize and internalize all the fundamental definitions of the law. ONCE YOU HAVE MEMORIZED THE LAW YOU NEED TO TURN IT ALL INTO QUESTIONS SO YOU CAN DO PROPER LEGAL ANALYSIS. A short example is in order. In fact.A. TM method. Consideration is the bargained for exchange that induces current performance offers detriment and is Page 6 . illusory. D.there are a lot more elements related to a complete definition for consideration but I am only using the short one to make this a clear and easy to understand point.Law School Manifesto M. a method close to this is used in the medical profession. Memorization means internalization and once something is internalized it becomes a basic part of what goes on when Godzilla and Emo are hot on your tail.TM In Its Rudimentary State To learn anything that is complex and idiomatic you must follow the M. You are not memorizing the law per se or even answers to anything. M. It can be pre-existing. No one likes to memorize but this is a crucial step to always keep you in the neocortex zone no matter what is going on around you..bsmsphd. Good legal analysis always starts with questions and if you have all the questions memorized you will be extremely adept and extremely good at legal analysis no matter what is happening around you. A. They just don’t have the cool acronym.D.A.

But it takes 1.D. De-evolving to Caveman status for a few seconds: Prof ask question Socratic Method = Failure You ask question M. we discovered that you could do short form question and answers and accomplish almost the same thing. With time being a constraint. Dean’s is so good you can easily get through law school in your first year with nothing more than a good definitional outline to memorize the law. P intended to sell the BMW.Law School Manifesto It’s just like riding a bike or learning to drive a car.0 hours to read and brief the average case. What you did not write down is what you do not know about the law and it is precisely those issues that you will not spot on your exams. TM = Success. The first is as follows. Application of the law is merely asking the question and finding the answer. and Dean’s Law Dictionary. Here is an example: D accepts P's offer to buy her car.A. In fact. You will become very good at applying the law if you do lots and lots of these type of exercises. D believed that he was buying the Mercedes. Of course. it will help you to practice staying within the time limits of exams. You could brief thousands of cases and learn all about the application of the law and the complex idiomatic concepts. When you are finished compare what you wrote down to your outline and your class notes for completeness and accuracy. it is highly recommended that you spend some time memorizing what you do not know.bsmsphd. a bank of Q&A. Simply choose a topic from an outline. You won’t have to brief a case ever!!! DISSERTATE Dissertation is essential for two reasons. Once you learn and it becomes internalized. Before the web we had a lot of short cuts to help with this process. You can obviously do one of these every 5-10 minutes and they are almost as effective as casebriefing. So we dissertate the law to assist in internalization and to drive home the point that there is in fact a structure of the law and that structure is now part of your daily life.5-2. close the book. it no longer requires a thought process to do it as you are on auto pilot. D does not know that P owns two Page 7 . and it will help you to organize your thoughts on the topic which gives you a significant advantage in essay writing and in issue spotting. Today with technology at our fingertips you can become extremely good at applying the law by merely doing short form Q&A’s and reading and rereading Dean’s Law Dictionary on the topical area. The five minute time limit is important. As an added bonus it © 2012 Abn Study Partner www. and write down everything you know about that topic in five minutes or less. What is the result? That is a short form question and answer. For this reason. APPLY Once you can ask questions you are ready to learn the law in all its complexities. the pat answer for if you did not understand an idiomatic concept was to also read Hornbooks for in depth essays on the law.

You’ll see the problem.A. and an overview of the solution. overwhelmed with the amount of work you need to get done. Symptoms: Buying anything that looks like it'll help you learn and understand. or just plain tired – is there any wonder why? Do you know what students spend an overwhelming amount of time on as part of their work requirements? Do You Even Know What An Hour Of Your Time Is Worth? © 2012 Abn Study Partner www. Page 8 . It is simply a secret weapon that will annihilate any inherent obstacles you face in learning the law and becoming a good attorney. Obstacles To Achieving Success Now let’s take a look at the obstacles you might face in actually implementing a learning system that literally flies in the face of established academia. The very first obstacle we need to look at is you and your thinking. TM itself has evolved and progressed significantly over time and has grown to include a number of unique and eye opening additions that force the brain to function at its highest capacity.D.D. By exposing and eliminating these problems. Let’s take a look at one fundamental problem most law students experience. As with all skills it is both training and practice that determine utmost proficiency and Exam Writing is no different. The format of this section will be similar to a medical diagnosis. If you ask the questions you will learn the law. TM method. There as promised is the basic and fundamental structure of the M. you’ll be able to grow faster and easier than you ever thought possible.A. Problem: Lack of Strategy. Hard Work And Marginal Results If you’ve ever been frustrated with your job or school. Cause: Opportunistic thinking. These are the same overriding concepts that ultra-successful people understand and operate on. getting no results. It’s just that simple.bsmsphd. its symptoms.Law School Manifesto helps significantly with the skill of exam writing. M. Frustration.

You have to value your time before anyone else will. which is called I3 TM (Imagination. “what is your time worth?” Do you know what your time is worth? Do you know what your time needs to be worth to achieve your personal and professional goals? If you don’t know what your time is worth and what it needs to be worth. ask a mother who gave birth to a premature baby. The Difference Between Productive And Wasted Time So what is productive time? Go out and get a timer and set it for 60 minutes and work on building and improving the systems that affect your daily life and nothing else during those 60 minutes. To realize the value of ONE MILLISECOND. you have to be dedicated. To realize the value of ONE MONTH. . ask the person who won a silver medal in the Olympics. Not as easy as you thought? Did you get thirsty. To realize the value of ONE SECOND. have the urge to check your emails or phone messages or were you interrupted by a host of well-meaning people? Did you go a full hour pedal to the metal? The amount of time a person spends daily on productive time is directly related to their quality of life.Law School Manifesto Have you ever really thought about your time – it’s your life? If you really think about it. To realize the value of ONE YEAR. ask the editor of a newspaper. You can’t save free time and use it later.. time is all you have. focused. All time has value. then you cannot make effective decisions on what activities you should be spending your time on and what activities you should have others do for you. When you waste time you actually just wasted some of your life.. I’m always shocked at how many people don’t have any idea what the value of their time is. So. need to use the bathroom. ask a student who failed a grade. To realize the value of ONE WEEK. ask a person who just avoided an accident. or how to increase the value of their time. ask a person who missed the train. and disciplined. THE CLOCK IS RUNNING.bsmsphd. To realize the value of ONE HOUR. You have to follow a simple rule that I have learned. © 2012 Abn Study Partner www. To realize the value of ONE MINUTE. There’s no such thing as free time. What percentage of your day are you productive? I3 ™ Productive time doesn’t appear like magic.Make the most of today. the question Page 9 . ask the lovers who are waiting to meet. You have leisure time but it’s not free time. and the way you think about time and think about yourself will affect everything that happens to you inside and outside your career and your personal endeavors for the rest of your life.

in Innovation has a strategic plan. every once in a while one of them wins the Lottery but as you already know. It’s Innovation and Initiative where just about everyone has trouble. most Opportunists have lots of Initiative but it is quickly dissipated because they have no plan to initiate. in Innovation in just a few sentences. I’m willing to bet that you have a Ph. overwhelmed and exhausted. I readily understood the vast majority of idiomatic concepts and internalized © 2012 Abn Study Partner www. and Initiative). A strategist has a vision and they can analyze and compare strengths of a different approach.D. in Imagination and have endless thoughts of what you imagine your perfect life to be. Strategists have a plan and know that following the plan is a certain methodology to success. There are two types of people in life. A strategist can review the pros and cons of each alternative and easily pick the one strategy most certain to achieve their vision. Just about everyone has a really good Imagination of what they want their life to be. and for the first time engaged my brain and devised a strategy for learning the law using Dean’s as my primary learning tool. Someone with a Page 10 . They formulate a strategy and can evaluate all the opportunities that come to them in life through that strategic plan and quickly determine if any particular opportunity will help them achieve their goals. Let’s be frank.A. a clear vision of what they want.bsmsphd. As for Initiative. There are opportunists and strategists.D.D. When I was in law school my plan was to do the same thing everyone else did and do it a little bit better.D. If you are acting like an opportunist mistakenly believing you were being strategic you will be frustrated. You will get a Ph. By pure luck I stumbled upon M. exhaustion and failure. those odds are very slim. I can actually show you right now how to get a Ph. That is not a strategy at all but merely the motto and sacred pledge of all good opportunists. That is why 95% of all people who invest in the stock market make no MONEY. I was able to learn twice as much in half the time. Occasionally. in Innovation the minute you become a strategist and stop being an opportunist. Their vision and desire creates internal motivations to achieve the end result and they have a plan to execute. I set myself up for frustration. I’ve fallen victim to the same mistakes.TM and eventually I discovered Dean’s Law Dictionary. People who have a strategy generally have no problems with Initiative.Law School Manifesto Innovation. A strategist will weigh and compare.D. Most people are extremely poor Innovators because they don’t have a plan and they have no basis for determining if something new or different is superior to what they are currently doing. Do you have a strategy or just think you do? When you ask most students about their learning strategy most do the same as everyone else and simply try to do it a little bit better. It changed my life. and devise different strategies or modifications of their current strategy for achieving their vision. As you know from the financial world the vast majority of investors are opportunists.

Would you like everything right at your fingertips so you don’t waste time? Law school is all about time. I got lots of A’s. If so. they are seemingly impossible to reach.000 for some worthless bar review. and a strategy. If you have that deep down feeling that something is just not right about law school or you think that there is an easier and simpler way to learn the law. Some will give you OK advice but with absolutely no follow up. time.bsmsphd. and you will save a boatload full of money as well if you become a strategist and have a strategy to learn the law. and your career. The better you are at keeping a © 2012 Abn Study Partner Page 11 . time. games. Effectively managing time and spending it wisely is what you must learn. Strategist A strategist has a clear vision of what they want to become. we have the solutions to all your pain and anxiety. Remember this: “If ever there is a time to learn to communicate and hold a student’s attention effectively. the marketplace preferences and devise different strategies for achieving their vision. and even phone calls. their competitor strengths. How cool would it be to have a complete roadmap to learning the skill of exam writing? Exam writing is a skill that you must master and yet no one from Professors to Bar Reviews. if you did you would actually have more than enough time to learn all the idiomatic concepts that you must understand to get A’s in law school and become a proficient attorney. After reading this short presentation. Would you like to boost your speed of accomplishment and quadruple your productivity in law school? Of course. If you had everything right in front of you and all you had to do is just study and learn as fast as your heart desires. time and time. you will learn enough law to actually become a good attorney and easily pass your bar exams without having to spend another $4. offer a complete and comprehensive guide on just how to do that. e-mails. and on a bad day. Students are distracted by text messages.Law School Manifesto them quickly and efficiently. you need it today. Because they have a vision they can analyze their own strengths. then by all means you are not well suited for what we have to offer. and it worked. if you think that doing what everyone else does is a strategy. a secret weapon. After reviewing the pros and cons of each strategic alternative they pick the one strategy most certain to successfully achieve their vision. I thank you for your time and am sorry to intrude and I wish you the best for you. And by no means am I smarter than the average Bear! I had an overwhelming advantage. I did this in the beginning of this Manifesto when I admonished Professors to listen up. Yes. surfing.

com Page 12 .. Once you learn the skill of exam writing your arguments in court before judges and juries will obtain legendary status as you will not need notes. Colby and I have been using the study methods from the CD you sent me over the summer. Testimonial: "By the way. Learn it with Contract law and you can easily deal with Torts.000. We just took our evidence midterm a few weeks ago (our professor is Lynn McClain. Real Property. the more likely that student will be to go for your idea and absorb information like a sponge. And you still need to learn the skill of exam writing. Civ Pro. I've been getting all A's since I talked to Dean and started using your study materials. Oh.. Remedies.”…. YOU will become an authority figure in the courtroom and that will dramatically increase your ability to persuade everyone to do what you want them to do.Law School Manifesto student’s attention. with my grade. Once you learn the skill of exam writing it stays with you forever. On an amazing side note from all those suckers (I mean law students) who paid $4. The attachment is an image (jpg) of the first page of the exam. Crimes. I even got 1 of only 4 A's in Evidence last semester!!! © 2012 Abn Study Partner bad! Just in case you don’t believe or need proof….bsmsphd. Apply the facts to the law!” In this case. Please tell Dean thank you! Cheryl PS It was my first "A" on a law school exam!" PS. combined. who literally "wrote the book" on Maryland Evidence). “ Virtually all exam writing advice given by the so called experts is on the same level…. we know of no programs that actually teach you the skill of exam writing. knowing how to study and what to do.. the vast majority of all bar reviews are simply classes to teach you the materials contained in outlines you can buy commercially for a few bucks that you just paid a fortune for by signing up for the bar review. Evidence. You get the idea. Duhhhhhhhh !! How lame is that kind of generic know everything advice? “Use IRAC…Create your own outline…..000 for a bar review.. She also handed out "sample full credit answers from your classmates" and guess who's were included?? MINE!! :-) It made a world of difference. Trusts…. cannot be put off point and cannot be interrupted and derailed by what is going on around you. Did I forget to say that you will also get A’s in law school. Even worse.and I got an "A" (there were only 5 A's in her classes. You should have learned the materials by taking the class and worse if your state tests 10 subjects you could have bought those outlines for $300 or so instead of paying $4. Will. if you want to throw things at least give me a warning so I can look and laugh as they have to duck.”You must use IRAC format.about 200 students) and Colby got a B+.and on and on and on and on.. “You need to apply the facts to the law”…..” “You must create your own outline. You can get FREE Page 13 .Law School Manifesto What’s the Deal? If you have that deep down feeling that something is just not right about law school? If you think that there is an easier and simpler way to learn the law? The solution to all your pain and anxiety is right here.D.A. Go to www. download FREE demo versions of products and actually engage with real people on the phone.TM stops the common problem © 2012 Abn Study Partner www. Most importantly you can get access to a free video that explains in detail how M.

Reading and understanding what you read is an active process both mentally and Sincerely Paul Page 14 .A. Watch the Law School Case Briefing Manifesto on Youtube. Our students need to know that they will gain an unfair advantage over their fellow classmates. Everything we do is geared towards weeding out opportunists from contacting us. and nothing can be done so don’t ask. P. if you think that doing what everyone else does is a strategy.Law School Manifesto of reading and then waking up realizing that you have no idea of what you just read. then by all means you are not well suited for what we have to offer. we are sorry you missed out.S.D. P. If so.bsmsphd. We do this for obvious reasons.TM solves this problem and that alone will convince you why M. M. After reading this short presentation. http://www. I thank you for your time and am sorry to intrude and I wish you the best for and your career. We start the countdown clock anew each academic semester in August and January for each school.TM is the only way to learn complex idiomatic subjects and the superiority of all our products. Time is of the essence and we make no exceptions! All of our programs and products have limited enrollments or engagements. © 2012 Abn Study Partner www.S. If there is nothing left.S.D.