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For each of the following questions, choose the best answer.

1. He ________ two brothers and three sisters.

A. have
B. has
C. is

D. to have

2. Have you ________ my bag, Rina?

A. see
B. sees

D. seen

C. saw

3. Some people ________ like to eat durians.

A. does not
B. are not
C. do not

D. is not

4. En. Roslan ________ two hours to complete his work yesterday.

A. take
B. takes
C. taking
D. took
5. The children _______ all _______ home already.
A. has, gone
B. is, going
C. have, gone

D. had, went

6. Ahmad likes _______ in the sea.

A. swim
B. to swim

D. is swimming

C. swam

7. Mrs Rama _______ Hamidah copying during the History test.

A. catch
B. catches
C. caught
D. catching
8. ________ Aminah ________ up her Mathematics book yet?
A. Have, passed
B. Has, pass
C. Has, passed

D. Is, passing

9. Mr. Muru does not _______ his breakfast every morning.

A. eats
B. eat
C. to eat

D. eating

10. My friends ________ me at the bus station every Monday.

A. meets
B. meet
C. met

D. meeting

11. I ________ the floor every day.

A. am sweeping
B. sweeps

D. swept

C. sweep

12. I _______ ________ Mr. Sivam since 1989.

A. has, known
B. have, known
C. has, knew

D. know

13. The earth ________ round the sun.

A. move
B. moves

D. moved

C. moving

14. Our school team ________ very well in their basketball match yesterday.
A. play
B. plays
C. playing
D. played
15. Pragash ________ rudely to the teacher just now.
A. speak
B. speaks
C. spoke

D. speaks

16. They ________ the fish tank every weekend.

A. clean
B. cleans
C. cleaning

D. cleaned

17. My parents ________ coffee but my sister _______ tea.

A. likes, likes
B. likes, like
C. like, likes

D. like, like

18. Your shoes ______very dirty. You must _______them.

A. is, wash
B. are, wash
C. am, washing

D. were, washed

19. Please do not _______ the things from the table.

A. take
B. takes
C. taking

D. took

20. You must never _________ , the teacher told us.

A. steal
B. steals
C. stealing

D. stole

21. I did not ________ to school yesterday, but my sister ________ .

A. went, went
B. go, went
C. go, goes
D. go, go
22. I ________ a pet kitten. It _________ very cute.
A. has, is`
B. have, is
C. has, are

D. have, am

23. Aminah _________ to go home early because she _________ a toothache.

A. want, is
B. wants, has
C. wanted, have
D. wants, having
24. I have already _________ a letter to the principal of the school.
A. write
B. writes
C. written
D. wrote
25. The teacher would like to ________ the name of this flower.
A. knew
B. known
C. know

D. knows

26. Minahs father refused to ________ her report book because she ________
badly in her examination.
A. sign, did
B. signs, does
C. signed, do
D. signed, did
27. May I ______ your calculator, please?
A. lend
B. borrow
C. borrows
D. lent
28. The boys have not _______ their science books to school today.

A. bring

B. brings

C. bringing

D. brought

29. Can you _______ me your dictionary, please?

A. lend
B. borrow
C. borrows

D. lent

30. Kim _______ the promise she made to me.

A. break
B. breaking
C. broke

D. breaks

31. Neither of the letters _________ a stamp on it.

A. have
B. has
C. had

D. having

32. Either of these roads ________ a smooth surface.

A. have
B. has
C. had

D. having

33. Every dog ought to have ________ name and address on ________.
A. their, them
B. its, them
C. it, it
D. its, it
34. He is by far the ________ of the two men.
A. good
B. better
C. best

D: fine

35. Each of the boys went to ________ _______ quietly.

A. their, places
B. their, place
C. his, places

D. his place

36. If anyone calls, tell ________ I have gone out.

A. he
B. him
C. she
37. You cant reach the fruit ________ you use a stick.
A. without
B. unless
C. because

D. them

D. but

38. He told John and _______ the same thing.

A. I
B. me

C. she

D. he

39. He can run faster than _______ .

A. I
B. me

C. mine

D. my

40. I have _________ money than you.

A. much
B. more

C. most

41. Did you see _________ birds in the bush?

A. this
B. those

C. them

42. Were ________ flowers given to you or you buy _________?

D. many

D. this

A. this, them

B. those, them

C. that, it

D. this, it

43. _________ European and_________ Indian visited our school last week.
A. an, an
B. A, a
C. An, a
D. A, an
44. ________ kings live in ________ palaces.
A. -, B. the , the

C. a, the

D. -, the

45. _________ whom was this book written?

A. By
B. with

C. since

D. at

46. He threw a stone _________ me and hit me _________ the nose.

A. at, at
B. on, on
C. at, on

D. in, on

47. These books are not suitable ________ young children.

A. at
B. in
C. from

D. for

48. I cannot agree ________ you that such a precaution is necessary.

A. from
B. on
C. in

D. with

49. I like nobody _________ you.

A. and
B. but

C. because

D. with

50. It is just a week _________ we arrived here.

A. since
B. when

C. from

D. for

51. The teacher gave ________ child a sweet.

A. every
B. many

C. a lot of

D: plenty of

52. Bacteria _________ the smallest known living things with a cellular structure.
A. is
B. are
C. was
D. were
53. A glacier is a mountain of ice that _________ slowly over land or in the sea.
A. move
B. moves
C. moved
D. moving
54. They are tired of this work, and so ________ .
A. he is
B. she is
C. I am

D. am I

55. Good news ________ come.

A. have
B. has

C. is

D. are

56. A man with his dog __________ come.

A. have
B. has

C. is

D. are

57. I as well as they _______ tired of this work.

A. is
B. are

C. am

D. were

58. The black and white kitten ________ asleep.

A. is
B. are

C. am

D. were

59. The cattle _______ grazing by the mountainside.

A. is
B. are
C. has

D. have

60. My sister ________ cooking but she does not _________eating.

A. likes, likes
B. likes, like
C. like, like

D. like, likes

61. _________ last person who leaves the room must switch off the fans.
B. An
C. The

D. -

62. There ________ so many interesting places that we visited last holiday.
A. is
B. are
C. was
D. were
63. Sheila is the ___________ girl in the class.
A. tall
B. taller

C. tallest

No, I dont have _______ relative in Perak.

A. some
B. many
C. any

65. Do not make ___________. The baby is sleeping.


D. most tall

D. more


66. The shop sells many ______________ decorations.

C. interaction


67. Fast food is high _________ calories and it is not healthy.

A. on


68. Make sure your children are in car seats because this act will save _______ lives.
A. them
69. The teacher ____________ the students to the library next week.
A. takes
B.would take
C.will be taking
D.was taking
70. I ____________ be eating dinner tonight. I am going out with my friends.
A. shant
B. cant
C. shouldnt
D. wont

71. Have you seen Maria? I ___________for her since this morning.
A. have look
B. were looking
C. am looking

D. have been

72. The bank _____________ by the time I reached there.

A. is closed
B. was closed
C. had closed

D. were closed

73. My shoes are clean. Yesterday, I ______________ them.

A. washed
B. wash
C. washing

D. washes

74. _________________ flowers cost about RM50 at the shop.

A. That
B. This
C. These
D. 75. I have visited many European countries, _____________ I have never been to
A. although
B. so
C. because
D. however
76. Hassan has three brothers and he always ___________ with them.
A. fight
B. fights
C. fought
D. fighting
77. Compared to her sister, she is ______________ intelligent.
A. B. more
C. most

D. a few

78. Jaspal and Rashid ____________ their minds to climb Gunung Jerai during the
A. make up
B. making up
C. made up
D. makes up
79. En. Mazlan and Puan Lailila have been married ___________ they were at the
A. before
B. since
C. after
D. until
80. Most people today have __________ time to spend with their family.
A. many
B. any
C. least
D. less
81. Siti ___________ to my house last Sunday.
A. go
B. goes
C. went

D. is going

82. He works with __________ Ministry of Education.

A. a
B. an
C. -

D. the

83. There are still ___________ sugar left in the bottle.

A. a few

B. many

C. a lot of

D. little

84. There __________ two hundred ringgit in my pocket and it is for buying the
A. is
B. are
C. was
D. has
85. He was _____________ angry with his classmate for stealing his lunch.
A. too
B. extremely
C. nearly
D. usually
86. Tommy looked around ____________ in the dimmed lighted room.
A. nervous
B. nervously
C. nervousness
D. very
87. She _______________ her food when I met her at the canteen just now.
A. is having
B. were having
C. was having
D. are having
88. The next time around, I _______________ buy you a treat for helping me.
A. will
B. would
C. should
D. could
89. Finish your last sentence before you _______________ your book to me.
A. hand in
B. hand out
C. hand into
D. hand on
90. The counselor gave a good ______________ to the students about future career.
A. advise
B. advisor
C. advice
D. advising
91. He saw the planet Jupiter ____ the sky last night.
A. on
B. in
C. at

D. by

92. The boat took me ____ the river.

A. into
B. onto

D. across

93. The bus left the station ____ 9 oclock sharp.

A. on
B. in
94. The supermarket is ____ the clock tower.
A. opposite
B. among

C. above

C. for

C. onto

95. You can watch the 7 oclock news ____ the music programme.
A. along
B. during
C. after
96. I will stay with my grandparents ____ the month of December.
A. among
B. inside
C. during

D. at

D. between


D. between

97. There are some good runners ____ the students in his class.
A. between
B. inside
C. under
98. My holidays are ____ December.
A. of
B. on

C. in

99. Dont wait ____ the last minute! Do your homework now.
A. for
B. over
C. until

D. among

D. at

D. at

100. Leave the door unlocked ____ midnight.

A. by
B. till

C. at


101. Siti and Rina love ____ grandmother.

A. her
B. their

C. hers


102. We planted the roses in the garden by ____.

A. us
B. ours

C. itself


103. ___ shoes over there look new.

A. That
B. These

C. This

D. Those

104. Alis father built the house by ____

A. itself
B. himself

C. themselves

D. ourselves

105. Can I buy some of ____bananas, please?

A. these
B. this

C. our

D. yours

106. Please be careful. You could hurt ____.

A. yourselves
B. yours

C. themselves


107. Chong Beng gave ____ book to Raju.

A. his
B. him

C. he


108. The ice cream man ____ sells ice cream here in the afternoon.
A. often
B. never
C. seldom

D. rarely

109. The sun ____ rises in the East.

A. always
B. usually

C. often

D. never

110. I ____ watch TV so I dont know much about advertisements, said Irene.
A. regularly
B. seldom
C. sometimes


111. Children need a good ____ to get good jobs in future.

A. education
B. interest
C. attraction


112. The teacher sent the boy to the principal because of his ____
A. distance
B. rudeness
C. gladness
113. Please tell me your ____ by tomorrow. said Rani.
A. decision
B. description
C. distance

D. description


114. A huge ____ of the tree broke during the storm.

A . bench
B. bunch
C. branch

D. blanch

115. The worker needed a ____ to climb up to the roof.

A . leather
B. ladder
C. leader

D. latter

116. Puan Aini decided to sew a new ____ for the sitting room window.
A. curtain
B. certain
C. contain

D. constrain

117. Tony ____ six storybooks last month.

A. read
B. reads
was reading

C. is reading


118. I ____ my book on the desk yesterday.

A. put
B. puts
was putting

C. is putting


119. Siew Lan arranged all her books ____ on the shelf according to subject.
A. smoothly
B. neatly
C. wisely
120. When the bus stopped, Mrs Singh got ____ the bus.


A. from

B. away

C. off

121. _______ she going to the restaurant after work?

A. Are
B. Is
C. Will

D. through

D. Shall

122. Su Lee: Do you like _______?

James : No, I don't. Airplanes scare me.
A. fly
B. flies

C. flying

D. flew

123. Why _______ you going to New Mexico?

A. are
B. is

C. am

D. has

124. _________ you like some more coffee?

A. Would
B. Shall
C. Do

D. Are

125. He has ______ of money.

A. many
B. a lot

D. much

C. some

126. I think this soup is ______ than the soup we made last week.
A. well
B. good
C. better
D. best
127. Where _______ we go after lunch?
A. are
B. will

C. which

128. Doreen, like James, _______ hard to support the family.

A. works
B. work
C. have worked

D. should

D. are working

129. The news, which ______ printed in the newspapers, spread like wildfire.
A. is
B. has
C. was
D. were
130. Raunah was _______ to the _______ beggar. He was thankful to her.
A. kind, full
B. cruel, starving
C. kind, ungrateful D. kind,
131. The guard warned them against picking _______ flowers in the park.
A. rare
B. strange
C. protected
D. moving
132. This _______ pebble looks just like a marble.
A. oval
B. circular
C: round

D: rectangular

133. The ________ young man turned his hobby into a profitable business.
A. slothful
B. noisy
C. unimaginative
D. enterprising

134. The fire victims, who suffered third-degree burns, were immediately rushed ______
the nearest medical facility.
A. from
B. round
C. past
D. to
135. Quickly, get _______ the python! yelled Steven Irwin.
A. away from
B. into
C. down

D. through

136. Ive sailed ________ the world _______ that vessel, said Columbus proudly.
A. about, above B. beside, under
C. for, beneath
D. around, in
137. The aborigine told us to walk ________ the stream until we come _______ a river.
A. against, around
B. from, towards
C. along, to
D. toward,
away from
138. Both the villains in the action-packed movie died when they fell off two different
_________ .
A. clives
B. cliffs
C. clive
D. cliffes
139. Return these novels to their respective ________ , instructed the librarian.
A. shelves
B. shelf
C. shelfes
D. shelfs
140. These _______ have various state-of-the-art features and are made of a unique
impenetrable material.
A. saves
B. safe
C. save
D. safes
141. _________ people will find it difficult to wait at long queues.
A. Immoral
B. Immortal
C. Impatient

D. Impolite

142. Although he heard her plight, he was still ________ to lend a helping hand.
A. impatient
B. imperfect
C. untrue
D. unwilling
143. She ________ hurt him a long time ago and she regrets her action even till this day.
A. unintentionallyB. unequally
C. impolitely
D. impossibly
144. _______ mix the dye with boiling water. ______ stir _______ the solution is wellmixed.
A. Initially, Afterwards, then
B. When, Before, later
C. Firstly, Then, until
D. Next, When, before

145. The police officers talked to the suspect for many hours. _______, he broke down
and confessed the truth.
A. First
B. Next
C. Finally
D. Before that

146. Our team has scored ________ than them in the quiz.
A. good
B. best
C. better

D. as good as

147. Mother went to see a doctor when her headache got ________ .
A. worse
B. worsen
C. worst
D. well
148. Plants _______ carbon dioxide and ________ oxygen to the surroundings.
A. absorbs, releasing
B. absorbed, releases
C. absorber, released
D. absorb, release
149. Space exploration ________ advanced technology.
A. utilize
B. utilized
C. utilizing

D. utilizes

150. We ________ oxygen to ________ .

A. need, survive B. needs, survives

D. needing, surviving

C. needed, survivor

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