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Guide to Living

in Korea 2010

Guide to Living in Korea 2010

Guide to Living in Korea 2010
Quick Reference Korean Key Phrases

Exchange Rates (Basic) Oct. 2009 Telephone Codes Disease/Injury

•Hello [ annyeong haseyo ]
Nation Seoul 02 •Is there a doctor who speaks English?
Currency Name Korean Won(₩)
•Excuse me [ sillye hamnida ] [ youngeoreul hal jul aneun uisaga isseumnigga? ]
United States USD 1170.50 Gyeonggi 031
Incheon 032 •Please [ butak hamnida ] •Is there a pharmacy nearby?
Japan JPY 100 1326.5
Gangwon 033 •Thank you [ gamsa hamnida ] [ geuncheoe yakgugi isseumnigga? ]
China CNY 171.46 Chungnam 041
•How much? [ eolmayeyo? ] Shopping
European Union EUR 1721.69 Daejeon 042
Chungbuk 043 •Sorry [ miahn hamnida ] •What is this?
Pusan 051 •Yes/No [ ye/aniyo ] [ igeoseun mueotimnigga? ]
Business Hours Ulsan 052
•How much is it?
Daegu 053
Banks 9:30~16:00 Mon~Fri [ eolmaeyo? ]
Gyeongbuk 054
Post offices 9:00~18:00 Postal Service Gyeongnam 055 •I’ll take this one
9:00~16:30 Financial Service
When you need help. [ igeoseuro hagesseumnida ]
Jeonnam 061
9:00~13:00 Saturday Gwangju 062 •Help!
Jeonbuk 063 [ dowa juseyo ] Food
Jeju 064 •Please lend me your phone •Please give me some water
[ jeonhwa-reul billyeo jusipsio ] [ Muljom juseyo ]
The international access codes to call abroad from •That was delicious
Useful Phone Numbers South Korea are 001(through KT), 002(through Dacom), Expressing yourself [ aju masisseosseumnida ]
Ambulance 119 00700(through SKTelink), 00365(through Onse) or •I don’t know
00321(through Naray) •Please make it mild
Fire Brigade 119 [ jeoneun jal moreugesseumnida ] [ maepjianke haejuseyo ]
Police 112 •Really? •What do you call this in Korean?
Tourist advice & help 1330 Metric Conversions [ jeongmarimnika? ] [ igeoseul han-gungmallo mworago hamnigga? ]
Telephone directory assistance 82-1588-5644 Temperature ˚C=(˚F-32)÷1.8 •Do you speak English?
[ yeongeo hal jul asimnigga? ] Transportation
Invest KOREA 82-1600-7119 ˚F=(˚C1.8)+32
•How long does it take to get to ( ) ?
Distance 1inch=2.54cm Greetings [ ( ) ggaji eolmana geollimnigga? ]
1m=3.2808ft=1.0936yd •I’m pleased to meet you •Where is the bus stop?
1ft=0.3048m [ cheom boepgesseumnida ] [ bus jeongnyujangi eodi imnigga? ]
1km=0.6213miles •My name is ( ) •Please take me to ( ) (to taxi driver)
1mile=1.6093km [ Je ireumun ( ) imnida ] [ ( ) ggaji butak hamnida ]
Weight 1kg=2.2046lb •You are welcome •How long does it take to get to ( ) ?
1lb=0.4535kg [ cheonmaneyo ] [ ( ) ggaji sigani eolmana geollimnigga? ]
•Goodbye (to person going)
1oz=28.3495g Time
[ annyeonghi gaseyo ]
Volume 1L=0.2642 US gallons
•Goodbye (to person staying) •Excuse me, but what time is it?
1 US gallon = 3.7854L
[ annyeonghi gyeseyo ] [ mian hajiman, jigeum myeossi imnigga? ]
1L=0.22 imperial gallons
1imperial gallons=4.55L Leisure/Touring
Apologies, asking again
Area 1m2=10.764ft2=1.1958yd2
•My apologies •Where is a/the ?
[ joesong hamnida ] [ neun eodie isseumnigga? ]
1ft2=0.0929m2=0.1111yd2 •Could you explain that again? •Would you take my/our picture?
1acre=43560ft2 = 4840yd2 [ dasi hanbeon seolmyeonghae jusipsiyo ] [ sajinjom jjigeo jusigesseumnigga? ]
CONTENTS _ Guide to Living in Korea 2010

KOTRA, IK ・09 Telecommunication and Media ・121

・KOTRA ・Telecommunication
・Invest KOREA ・Media

Business ・19 Medical Services ・133

・Investment Environment ・Introduction
・Foreign Direct Investment ・Emergencies
・Business Support ・Hospitals
・Policies for the Favorable Treatment of Foreign Investors ・Oriental Hospitals:
・Visa ・Insurance
・Business Manners in Korea

Financial Services ・145

Accommodation ・63 ・Banks
・Major Foreigner’s Town in Seoul ・Foreign Exchange
・Renting a House ・Postal Services
・Purchasing a Home - Procedures
Directory List ・155
・Foreign Schools in Korea
・Korean Language Programs Appendix ・215
・Libraries and Book Stores
・Provinces in Korea
・Time Differences
Transportation ・97 ・Subway Maps
・Calendar, Holidays
・Public Transportation ・Investment Service Team
・Driving ・Map of Korea
・Korea Business Centers (KBCs) of KOTRA
Guide to Living in Korea 2010


・Invest KOREA
KOTRA Academy was launched in 2003 ment manpower, armed with relevant
as a professional learning center for theoretical and practical knowledge, will
international business. In the long run, bolster the nation's trade and invest-
KOTRA’s well-trained trade and invest- ment infrastructure.

KOTRA 2. Head Office


Korea Investment Service Center (KISC)

in 1998, the agency was renamed as
Invest KOREA in November 2003 to
1. Introduction support foreign investors by offering
more powerful incentives and an
KOTRA, initially the Korea Trade Promo- expanded range of services.
tion Corporation, was established in
1962 as a national trade promotion KOTRA is now well-equipped to pursue
organization. Since then, it has success- its twin mandates of trade and invest-
fully facilitated Korea’s rapid export-led ment promotion to enhance national
economic development through various prosperity and competitiveness, with the
trade promotion activities such as over- ultimate goal of positioning Korea as the
seas market surveys and business business and economic hub of North-
matchmaking. east Asia. With its long-term experience
and expertise, KOTRA serves and
Adress KOTRA 13, Heolleungno, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 137-749, Republic of Korea
In August 1995, cross-border invest- assists all interested parties worldwide
(Former Address : 300-9, Yomgok-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 137-749,
ment promotion and support for techno- to do business with Korea. Republic of Korea)
logical and industrial cooperation pro- Tel.(rep) (82-2) 3460-7114
jects was added to KOTRA’s mandate, In order to execute its mandates more Fax.(rep) (82-2) 3460-7777

and it was renamed the Korea Trade- efficiently, KOTRA has opened an exten-
Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA). sive worldwide network of overseas
Korea Business Centers (KBC). 3. Overseas Office
KOTRA currently operates Invest
KOREA, the national investment promo- As of 2009, 98 KBCs are operating in The extensive international network of
tion agency. Originally initiated as the 71 countries. KOTRA you can find in the directory. (P.157)

10 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 KOTRA• 11

ing in labor disputes. Invest KOREA is bolstered by specialists from specific
Invest KOREA
dedicated to providing the kind of com- industrial sectors to provide faster and
prehensive, seamless, one-stop service more accurate investment-related ser-
1. Invest KOREA Overview that allows foreign investors to put down vices to foreign investors.
roots in Korea and join the thousands of
•Vision & Mandate others who are operating successfully
Invest KOREA is the Korean national and profitably here. 2. Services
investment promotion agency, estab-
lished with the sole purpose of facilitat- •Who & what we are ■ Information Service
ing the entry and successful establish- Invest KOREA is the new name of the Invest KOREA provides information and
ment of foreign business into Korea. Nor former Korea Investment Service Center consulting services free of charge,
does our involvement halt there, since (KISC), which was established in 1998 including the provision of data for feasi-
our agency delivers an extensive post- as part of a radical liberalization of bility studies and professional advice in
establishment service designed to pro- Korea’s investment regime under the the areas of investment procedures,
mote the rapid settlement of foreign cor- Foreign Investment Promotion Act of the legal issues, tax, and accounting. The
porations in Korea and ensure they same year. Major recent revisions to the agency also helps foreign corporate per- assistance ranging from research and
maximize the benefits of the Korean Act empowered Invest KOREA to act as sonnel in matters of day-to-day life such planning to implementation. The agency
investment environment to the fullest a far more efficient, practical and inte- as healthcare, schooling and accommo- also provides substantive feedback from
extent. grated Investment Promotion Agency dation. investors to policymakers in order to
The scope of our activities on behalf of (IPA). constantly improve the investment envi-
foreign businesses ranges from busi- •Invest KOREA Online ronment.
ness consultation, market research and •Who makes our agency work ( provides a
partner searches to accessing grants, Invest KOREA is staffed with KOTRA wealth of detailed information on invest- •IK’s experts
administrative processing and resolving employees who have extensive exper- ment in Korea on top of its extensive on- - Research and provide information
difficulties with government and mediat- tise and experience in supporting line consulting service for interested about Korea as a business location
inbound foreign direct investment (FDI), investors. We hope you take advantage - Assist investors to identify emerging
public servants from other related gov- of the information on IK’s constantly investment opportunities
ernment agencies, and experts from the updated website. - Answer questions on legal, taxation
private sector in fields such as account- and accounting matters
ing, law (including tax and labor law), as ■ Attracting Foreign Investment - Advise investors on how to take
well as mergers and acquisitions (M&A). • Invest KOREA provides support advantage of tax incentives
Invest KOREA staffs have become pro- throughout each stage of the investment - Offer free site analysis service to
gressively more specialized to meet the project, from international promotion of investors
increasingly specific needs of our clients. Korea’s image and identification of tar- - Help investors identify potential joint
Accordingly, the agency’s staff will be get companies to delivery of customized venture partners

12 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 KOTRA• 13

- Offer comprehensive service for the tors are experts in different fields of for- in Korea, from selecting plant sites and
entire investment process eign investment who act as liaisons, forging alliances with Korean partners,
- Including administrative matters submitting proposals to the govern- to education and accommodation.
- Handle civil affairs in 11 areas includ- ment’s highest foreign-investment relat-
ing visa, tariff, and taxation ed organ, the Foreign Investment Com- Additional business-related assistance
- Coordinate meetings with relevant offi- mittee. They report to the Committee on will be provided by officials seconded
cial authorities and institutions grievances that require changes to for- from the Ministry of Justice, the National
- Resolve difficulties experienced by eign investment policy, requesting inter- Tax Service, the Korea Customs Office,
investors in the course of doing vention on the part of relevant govern- and the courts of law, all of whom offer ■ Invest Korea Plaza
- Business through the Investment ment bodies and ministries, and inform- a broad range of administrative support •Introduction
Ombudsman ing them of notable aspects of individual and respond to complaints made by for- Invest Korea Plaza (IKP) is the first busi-
cases for their review. More can be eign investors. All services provided by ness incubation complex in Korea for
■ Aftercare Service learned about the Ombudsman and the ISC are available in English and foreign investors.
•Investment Ombudsman the Aftercare Team by browsing at Japanese. As part of efforts to improve the environ-
The Investment Ombudsman was creat- ( ment for foreign investment in Korea, the
ed within KISC in 1999 and has since Ministry of Knowledge Economy devised
helped hundreds of foreign-invested ■ ISC the initial plan for the IKP project and
companies overcome a myriad of obsta- The range of services offered by Invest placed KOTRA (the Korea Trade-
cles they have encountered in the KOREA has been significantly enhanced Investment Promotion Agency) in charge
course of doing business. Problems that following the opening of the Investor of execution.
the Ombudsman has helped resolve on Support Center (ISC) within Invest Korea Designed to meet 21st century business
behalf of clients vary from obtaining Plaza. •Advisory hot-line needs, IKP offers furnished office space,
planning permission, removing embar- - Visa inquiry: 02-3497-1062~65 cutting edge conference facilities, in
goes and helping investors qualify for The center provides information and - Tariff inquiry: 02-3497-1059 addition to on-site comprehensive ser-
benefits, to bringing the full weight of the assistance on a variety of matters relat- - Taxation inquiry: 02-3497-1061 vices ranging from investment consulta-
government to bear in assisting disput- ing to foreign investment and daily living tion provided by representatives of
ing parties to arrive at a satisfactory con- •Office hours Invest KOREA, numerous government
clusion. - 09:00~18:00 agencies and ministries, to programs to
(Lunch break 12:00~13:00) orient clients on Korea’s business cul-
•Investment Aftercare Team - The center will be closed on the fol- ture and information on daily living in
In all cases where the Ombudsman is lowing holidays besides weekends Korea.
asked to intervene, a specialist “Home (Saturdays and Sundays): national hol- With the aim of helping foreign compa-
Doctor” is designated to provide one- idays, Labor Day (May 1st), KOTRA nies locate to Korea, attain success and
on-one service to the client until the diffi- foundation day (June 21st), and other expand their business, Invest Korea
culty in question is resolved. Home Doc- holidays designated by KOTRA. Plaza’s staff combined their expertise

14 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 KOTRA• 15

and knowledge of Korea’s investment ■ Q&A are also available. The services are avail- (KBC) are eligible to rent office space
environment to assist international com- Q1. What is the purpose of Invest able in English and Japanese, and each at IKP.
panies with all aspects of doing busi- Korea Plaza (IKP)? secretary is in charge of providing effec- You can find further information on eligi-
ness in Korea. By utilizing resources at The need for exclusive foreign invest- tive and professional secretarial services bility requirements on-line
IKP, Korea’s one-stop business incuba- ment services has grown as Korea com- to 5~6 companies at IKP. ( - On-line application).
tion center, foreign companies may rent petes increasingly with other Asian
office space at reasonable rates and countries to attract FDI. Recognizing this Q3. Is IKP available for all compa-
improve efficiency, saving time and fact, Korea’s Ministry of Commerce, nies? 3. Publications
avoiding costly mistakes. Industry and Energy (MOCIE) announced The original goal for the IKP project was
a plan in April 2002 to construct a One- to provide services to foreign investors IK publishes an “Invest Korea Journal”
•Location Stop Service facility called Invest Korea in order to improve investment environ- on a bimonthly basis, as well as a
IKP offers direct and easy access to Plaza for foreign investing companies. ment in Korea. Therefore, IKP will be newsletter on a monthly basis.
transportation. Conveniently situated open to any foreign companies that are Moreover, Invest Korea publishes pre-
minutes from the Gyeongbu Highway, IKP will support foreign investors in their interested in investing in Korea or to sentations, books and video materials
IKP is just a short drive from Yangjae settlement process in Korea and companies currently invested in Korea. about Investment climate, Korea’s
Subway Station located on line 3 of improve the overall investment environ- industries, living guides etc. on a regular
Seoul’s extensive underground railway ment in Korea. Using the Plaza's com- Foreign companies who have received basis. All these publications can be
system. prehensive range of services, foreign a written recommendation from one of found on Invest KOREA’s website
- Strategically located adjacent to investors will simply need to contact a KOTRA’s overseas business centers ( - library).
KOTRA single project manager to access invest-
- Minutes from the Yangjae Exit of the ment counseling, get an application
Gyeongbu Expressway approval, get help with family education,
- One hour from Incheon International and get support with medical services
Airport and housing.
- 10 minute drive from Yangjae subway
station Q2. What kinds of secretarial ser-
(line number 3) vices does IKP provide?
Tel: 82-2-3497-1000 / Fax: 82-2-3497-1616 Our basic services cover living service, administrative service, private secretary
service, etc. For the more professional
service areas, we provide translation &
interpretation service, document cre-
ation & filing service, and conference &
seminar support service. Marketing, PR,
accounting and legal consulting services

16 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 KOTRA• 17

Guide to Living in Korea 2010


・Investment Environment
・Business Support
・Policies for the Favorable
Treatment of Foreign Investors
・Business Manners in Korea
Overall, plans are in place to organize ic zone, currently receive varying reduc-
the implementation of an array of mea- tion on corporate, income, and local tax.
sures designed to create an optimal Requests for tax relief are made with the
investment environment, promote a Ministry of Strategy and Finance which

Business social atmosphere that is more foreign

investment-friendly, enhance the living
environment for international residents,
and to reduce language barriers. The
government will be leveraging these
typically notifies foreign investors of its
financial decisions within 20 days from
the date of filing. Prospective investors
can find out in advance whether their
line of business is eligible for the current
efforts by sharpening the competitive- tax relief program (in other words,
active in its efforts to attract foreign ness of Korea’s free economic zones whether they qualify as an industry sup-
Investment Environment
direct investment to Korea, and the For- and incorporating them into its vision to port service or high-tech business) and
eign Investment Promotion Act, passed develop a regional financial hub in the extent of the tax benefits they will
1. About Korea in 1998, has greatly facilitated these Northeast Asia. receive so that they may make an
efforts. informed decision. Customs duty reduc-
Over the past four decades, Korea’s ■ Incentives for Foreign Investment tion or exemption is also available on
impressive economic growth was part of In 2007, on the occasion of the 10th The purpose of FDI incentives is to com- capital goods whose import declaration
what has been described as the “East anniversary of Korea’s pro-FDI policy, pensate foreign companies investing in is completed within three years from the
Asian miracle.” Intensive growth trans- the government has initiated a new goal Korea for their economic contributions date of investment notification, as long
formed Korea into the 15th largest of increasing high value-added invest- and to assist them with costs related to as their intended use is directly related
economy and 10th biggest exporting ments and established an action plan to establishing new business operations in to the principal business of the foreign
nation in the world. It was driven by high support the national effort to attract for- the country. The government currently investor.
savings and investment rates and a eign companies and expand FDI-related offers tax relief to foreign companies
strong emphasis on education, which infrastructure. These initiatives are aimed with the potential to make major contri-
boosted the number of young people at improving the efficiency and scope of butions to the Korean economy, pro-
enrolled in a college or university to one the current FDI promotion system by vides them with industrial sites or assists
of the highest levels in the world selecting high-priority industrial sectors them with site location and acquisition,
(82.1% in 2005). and creating cooperation mechanisms and provides cash grants and other
between relevant government agencies. types of financial support.
To this end, the extent of the govern-
2. Korea’s Strengths ment’s drive includes stepping up •Tax Relief
investment incentives as well as upgrad- Foreign companies engaged in industry
■ Policy Direction for Inbound FDI ing the current one-stop service system support services or sectors involving
Since the onset of the financial crisis in and foreign investor support system. high technology, or that are based in a
1997, the Korean government has been foreign investment zone or free econom-

20 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Business• 21

•Cash Grants amount of investment is less than the above a certain threshold are eligible to
Under the cash grant program which is minimum set under this program. receive various types of tax breaks.
aimed at attracting FDI with potentially
high economic effects, eligible compa- •Supply of Industrial Sites - Free Trade Zones are zones benefiting
nies receive from the government a The Korean government makes available from a special customs regime,
grant corresponding to 5 percent or industrial sites within specially-designat- designed to provide an optimal degree
more of their total investment in Korea. ed zones to all foreign-invested firms of freedom to manufacturers, logistics
The exact amount of the cash grant is meeting a certain minimum set of firms, distributors and traders operating
determined through negotiations requirements. Land within these zones within. They are generally located in the
between the investor and the govern- is provided either free of charge or at a hinterland of an airport or sea port, or
ment. To be eligible for cash grants, a low cost. Individual-type foreign invest- areas near a warehousing/distribution or
foreign company must invest US$10 ment zones, complex-type foreign cargo terminal. All zones designated as
million or more in a Korea-based firm investment zones, free trade zones and free trade zones benefit from reduction
engaged in an industry support service free economic zones make up the four or exemption in rent and taxes in addi-
or high-tech business, or in a greenfield main categories of such zones. tion to customs duty exemption.
investment project in parts and materials training, the cost of hiring staff, and pro-
manufacturing. The percentage of for- - Individual-Type Foreign Investment - Free Economic Zones (FEZs) are spe- jects to build infrastructure within a for-
eign equity, furthermore, must be no Zones are industrial sites used by single cial administrative districts providing for- eign investment zone or to enhance the
less than 30 percent. R&D labs and firms engaged in manufacturing, tourism eign-invested firms with an extensive living environment within it. Aid under
construction or expansion projects for businesses, logistics or R&D, involving suite of support and assistance, this program is currently extended to
nonprofit R&D corporations are also eli- an investment exceeding a certain addressing their industrial activities as companies in which the foreign equity
gible for the grant program. amount. The designation as an individ- well as management and living-related stake is at least 30 percent or in which a
※Cash grants are extended to non- ual-type foreign investment zone pro- concerns. There are currently three such foreign company or individual investor is
profit R&D corporations in accordance vides the company with tax breaks and zones situated in Incheon, Busan/Jinhae the largest shareholder.
with a recent amendment to the Foreign full exemption of rent on land usage. and Gwangyang. FEZs offer numerous
Investment Promotion Act scheduled to benefits for foreign business people and •Other Incentives
enter into force on October 28, 2009. - Complex-type Foreign Investment their families, and a special regime has To support R&D activities by foreign
Zones are areas within an existing been created encompassing education, invested companies in Korea, the gov-
FDI regarding the establishment of the industrial complex which are reserved health care, housing and administrative ernment commissioned Invest KOREA
regional headquarters of a multinational for use by foreign-invested companies. support, to provide an optimal environ- to operate the R&D Human Resources
corporation or a business pertaining to a The use of land is on a lease-only basis, ment for them. Development Program. Through this
regionally strategic industry with the and the rent is highly affordable, usually program, the government contributes
potential to make a significant contribu- in the range of 1% of the purchase •Financial Support toward the wages and compensation of
tion to the local economy may be con- price. Tenants of a complex-type foreign Financial support refers to financial aid R&D staff employed by eligible compa-
sidered for such a grant, even if the total investment zone investing an amount toward the cost of staff education and nies. Meanwhile, a special human

22 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Business• 23

resource support center has been set the country’s GDP. As the world’s 10th cities with a population of 1 million or
up to help foreign-invested companies largest trading nation with China, US more, such Tokyo and Beijing, among
to meet their recruitment needs. The and Japan as its major trading partners, many others.
center also provides financial assistance Korea sells to and buys from over 220 Meanwhile, the conclusion of the Korea-
toward the cost of recruitment. countries around the globe. Korea’s US FTA in April 2007 has set the stage
trade with its Asian neighbors is particu- for further improvements in access by
■ Dynamic Markets larly active, representing over half of the Korea based businesses to the world’s
The world’s 15th largest economy in country’s total trade volume. In 2008, largest consumer market. FTA talks are
terms of GDP and home to 48.7 million Korea's top five exported goods were currently under way with other major
people (2008), Korea offers an attractive petroleum products ($ 36.6 Billion), ves- markets like the EU. Once these FTA
marketplace for businesses worldwide. sels ($ 34.4 Billion), wireless communi- negotiations are brought to a successful
Along with its large, fast-growing econo- cation equipment ($ 34.4 Billion), auto- outcome, any remaining regulatory
my (average annual GDP growth of 4.4 mobiles ($ 31.3 Billion) and semiconduc- obstacles to business activities will be
percent in the years 2001-2008), the tors ($ 25.8 Billion), while crude oil, dismantled, thereby further enhancing
broad base of sophisticated consumers semiconductors, natural gas, petroleum the openness and competitiveness of ■ Well-Educated Human
with a strong purchasing power is products, and Steel Products made up the Korean market and making it even Resources
another factor that makes companies the top five imports. more attractive to global business. •High Educational Zeal and Achieve-
turn to Korea for an overseas business ment
base. Over half of the Global Fortune •Dynamic and Competitive Market Koreans have earned a global reputation
500 firms have already established their Players for their educational fervor. The strong
business presence in Korea. Firms The competitiveness of Korea-based commitment to learning has often been
which made initial or additional invest- firms on the global scene ranks high in cited as the secret behind Korea’s sur-
ments in Korea during 2006 include terms of Korea’s attractiveness to interna- prising overnight transformation into the
BNP Paribas, Standard Chartered Bank, tional business. Korean companies have world’s 10th largest trading nation.
Allianz, 3M, Google, Boeing and Alcatel. achieved the top global market share in According to the IMD World Competi-
shipbuilding, DRAM semiconductors and tiveness Yearbook 2009, the percentage
•A Big Trading Nation TFT-LCD displays, and count themselves of the Korean population aged 25-34
In 2008, yearly values of Korean imports among the top five in automobiles, steel, that has attained at least tertiary educa-
and exports totaled US$ 435 billion and petrochemicals, textiles and consumer tion is as high as 59 percent. This is
US$ 422 billion, respectively, equivalent electronics. Fourteen Korean firms made above the corresponding figures for
to 46 percent and 45 percent in terms of •Gateway to Northeast Asia the 2009 Fortune Magazine’s Global 500, most OECD nations, excluding Japan,
their import-to-GDP and export-to-GDP Strategically poised between China and including Samsung Electronics, LG, which tend to hover in the 30-percent
ratios. Japan -- two of the world’s largest mar- Hyundai Motor, SK, Samsung Life Insur- range, effectively testifying to the never-
Korean imports and exports, when com- kets -- Korea is located within an aver- ance, POSCO etc. ending desire for higher education
bined, account for up to 91 percent of age air travel time of three hours from 61 among Koreans.

24 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Business• 25

•Passion for Work •Technological Competitiveness
Industriousness is a feature as distinc- Korea has demonstrated impressive
tively Korean as educational fervor. track records in patent related indices,
Korea is among the world’s top coun- as reported in the IND world competitive
tries in terms of the number of annual yearbook 2008. Korea ranked third
hours worked per worker. In 2007, globally, after Japan and the U.S. in the
according to the OECD Factbook 2009, number of patents granted to residents,
Korean workers put an average 2,316 and second in patent productivity, cor-
hours into work, far more than the responding to the ratio of the number of
OECD average of 1,737 hours. Further- patents to R&D spending, following Tai-
more, Korea is among the top OECD wan. In information technology skills,
economies not just in working hours, but Korea came in third after Iceland and
also in labor productivity. According to Israel.
an OECD survey, the growth in labor Moreover, Korea’s shipbuilding and
productivity in Korea over the period electronics industries and fast-growing
2002~2004 ranked second only to Slo- automotive industry are all technology- ■ IT Wonderland Korea is also highly competitive on the
vakia (OECD Factbook 2006: Econom- intensive manufacturing sectors. Korea was ranked at the top among the technology front. WiBro, or “Wireless
ics, Environment and Social Statistics). Notably, the stunning strides made in 181 economies considered in the Digital Broadband”-- a high-speed portable
the Korean shipbuilding industry in Opportunity Index (DOI) published by the Internet system; terrestrial wave DMB;
recent years have been the result of International Telecommunication Union intelligent integrated information broad-
bold facility investment coupled with a in 2007. The index is based on compre- casting; standard embedded software
highly-skilled labor force and an extend- hensive indicators including Internet integration technology; low-power SoC
ed period free of labor disputes. penetration rate, telecom spending-to- (System on Chip) for interactive DMB;
To maximize the contribution of skilled income ratio, and rate of Internet use. and telematics wireless telecommunica-
technicians, Korean companies have To further upgrade its ICT infrastructure, tion integration technology are just some
recently introduced a peak wage sys- Korea is currently constructing BcN of the impressive technologies in the
tem. Under this system, the wages of (Broadband Convergence Networks), country’s arsenal. These innovative
workers who are past a certain age are the completion of which is expected to technologies are expected to succeed
progressively reduced annually, in be a major stride toward achieving ubiq- Korea’s CDMA technology, whose total
exchange for the guarantee of lifetime uitous networking in Korea, as the new economic effect has been estimated at
employment or an extension of the networks will enable QoS (Quality of 56 trillion won, as powerful new engines
retirement age. Its implementation by LG Service) guaranteed broadband multi- of growth for the country’s ICT sectors.
Electronics in February 2007 had posi- media services that are nearly ubiqui-
tive impact on the industry, encouraging tously accessible from anywhere in the
other companies to follow suit. country.

26 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Business• 27

3. FEZ (Free Economic Zone) ■ Potrait of Future FEZs first-rate airports, ports, TSR and TCR. If you want to know more about the
(Source : •Epicenter of Northeast Asian net- FEZ’s in Korea, visit the website
work •Hub of value-added service indus- for more information.
■ What is a Free Economic Zone? - FEZs will offer a venue for win-win tries
A Free Economic Zone (FEZ) is an area development in Northeast Asia where - FEZs will provide an optimal business
specially designated to provide compa- people, information and technology and living environment to rise as the
nies with an optimal environment to converge. They will provide an optimal center of business support services
engage in global business activities. business environment based on poli- such as international finance, legal
- A cluster of global companies is formed cies of global standards, multicultural service, accounting, information sys-
by providing advanced socio-economic and multinational communities, and an tems and strategic consulting, as well
systems and diverse incentives. innovative and pleasant living environ- as home to headquarters of multina-
- World-class cities are built through ment. tional corporations. They will also
development of cutting-edge airports, boast premier education, medical,
harbours and office facilities as well as •Logistics hub of Northeast Asia shopping, tourism and leisure ser-
high quality schools, hospitals and - FEZs will emerge as the logistics cen- vices.
tourist facilities. ter of Northeast Asia by capitalizing on
Korea’s geographical position and •Hub of cutting-edge industries
- FEZs will develop into the R&D and
manufacturing center of cutting edge
technologies and knowledge-based
Name Location Area Focus industries
date industries such as IT, BT, NT and CT
Business, IT, BT, international by utilizing Korea’s advanced technol-
Incheon Incheon 2020 209㎢
finance. tourism & leisure ogy and production capabilities. They
Busan/ Busan, Maritime logistics, automo- will offer a pleasant living environment
2020 104㎢
Jinhae Gyeongsangnamdo biles, machinery, shipbuilding to attract the best people.

Gwangyang Jeollanamdo,
2020 90㎢ Maritime logistics, materials ■ Designation Status
Bay Area Gyeongsangnamdo
(as of September 2008)
Gyeonggido, Automobile components, IT,
Yellow Sea 2025 55㎢
chungeongnamdo BT,value-added logistics A total of 6 FEZs have been designated
and are under operation:
Education, medical service,
Daegu/ Daegu, 1st phase - 3 zones (2003: Incheon,
2020 39㎢ fashion, IT, components,
Gyeongbuk Gyeongsangnamdo
aterials Busan/Jinhae, Gwangyang Bay Area),
Automobiles, shipbuilding 2nd phase - 3 zones (2008: Yellow Sea,
Jeollabukdo 2030 66㎢ components & materials, Daegu/Gyeongbuk Knowledge Creation,
green industries

28 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Business• 29

4. Industrial Complexes in - Namdong Complex is becoming an •Central Region •Southwest Region
Korea international complex specializing in <Gyeongsangbuk-do, Chungcheong- <Gwangju, Jeollanamdo and Jeol-
small and medium-sized businesses, buk-do, Daegu and Daejeon> labuk-do>
KOREA INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX CORP while Bupyeong and Juan Complexes - Gumi Complex is nurturing semicon- - Yeosu Complex, the largest integrated
(Source : are also currently in operation. ductor, information & telecommunica- petrochemical industrial complex in
tion, electronics and textile industries. Korea, and Gwangyang Complex,
43 national industrial complexes have - Paju Complex for Publishing, Paju- Neighboring Daegu is expected to with POSCO Gwangyang Works relat-
been designated as national basic Tanhyeon Complex for small & medi- become a world-class center for fash- ed industries, play a key role in build-
industries and high-tech industries for um enterprises are currently under ion and advanced textile industries. ing advanced industrial societies.
development. 277 local industrial com- construction. With the construction of the fourth
plexes have been designated to support complex in the Gumi Complex, which - Gwangju High-tech Complex, a center
the local economy as well as enhance - Bupyeong Complex is newly emerging will host computer and semiconductor for the photonics & High-tech indus-
the decentralization of the industry. Agri- outpost for trading with northern industries, the region is taking steps to tries, and Daebul complex are await-
cultural and industrial complexes have countries in the 21st century. realize the dream of becoming “The ing investment.
been built to increase farmers’ income, Silicon Valley of Korea”
and 372 complexes are located in the •Western Region - Gunsan Complex with the automobile
rural areas. <Gyeonggi-do and Chungcheong- •Southeast Region and related parts industries was
43 national industrial complexes span- nam-do> <Gyeongsangnam-do, Pusan and established as a part of Gunjang Met-
ning 278,000,000 sq. meters under the - Banwol Complex is Korea’s largest Ulsan> ropolitan National Industrial Complex-
Korean Industrial Complex Corp. have complex for small and medium-sized - Changwon Complex, the base of es. The Gunjang Complex is currently
35,057 companies and 764,000 work- companies. Korea’s machinery industry, Ulsan in the process of being developed.
ers and constitute 35.2% of total pro- Complex, the core site for automobile,
duction as well as 43.3% of total exports - Sihwa Complex was established as shipbuilding and petrochemical indus-
each year. the second largest complex for small tries, and Onsan Complex come
and medium-sized companies. together to form a horizontally inte-
■ Industrial complexes by region grated industrial system, leading
•Gyeong-in Region - Banwol and Sihwa Complexes form Korea’s business development.
<Seoul, Incheon, North of Gyeonggi- the west coast industrial belt along 

do and Gangwon-do> with Asan and Seokmun Complexes, - Noksan Complex for small and medi-
- Seoul Digital Industrial Complex, previ- which are being constructed as a um-sized businesses will focus on
ously the “Guro Industrial Complex”, is result of the demand for new industrial shipbuilding and automobile industries.
currently being reborn as a high-tech sites and the lack of harbors in the
“Techno-Park”, focused on venture Seoul metropolitan area - Anjeong Complex will be developed
companies, information & communi- mainly to host energy and shipbuilding
cation and the knowledge industry. industries.

30 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Business• 31

■ Industrial complexes for foreign- development of a state of the art busi- The International Business Center,
invested Firms ness complex to house these facilities; which will host the supporting law,
With the aim to promote foreign invest- such as a research and education facili- investment, patent, export and educa-
ment and advanced technologies, these ty, a venture incubation facility, an oper- tion organizations, amongst others, will
have been developed in the Cheonan, ation support facility and a space dedi- be the key element making the center a
Gwangju-Pyeongdong and Daebul cated to the exhibition and commerce of “Northeast Asian ICT Hub”.
Complexes. These complexes provide cultural content.
outstanding infrastructure. To this end, Seoul City is building a digi-
Companies can move there using a tal media city equipped with the latest •Center of International Business
one-stop service, while also enjoying broadband convenience and communi- The International Business Center will be
exceptional support policies such as cations infrastructure so as to attract the home to the Asia-Pacific headquarters
leasing aid, funding and tax deductions. world’s most advanced information of various multinational companies.
KICOX began management of the Gumi, media companies. In doing so, new local Along with the Seoul Business Center,
Ochang and Jinsa Industrial Complex for venture companies will receive aid that also in the DMC, and the Seoul Interna-
foreign-invested firms from Oct. 2002. wasn’t available before. tional Finance Center in Yeouido, this
will enable Seoul to become a hub for
Along with World Cup Stadium and international business.
5. Special Economic Zones World Cup Park built, in 2001, a 9 hole
in Seoul public golf course built in 2004, and a The world’s first Digital Media Street
(Source : village for foreigners, Sangam DMC is a (DMS) in the DMC will stage state of the
part of Millennium Town built on an area art ICT technology contests that will
■ Sangam Digital Media City of 6,612,000㎡. Its goal is to become showcase digital Korea to the world. •One-Stop Service and Collabora-
Korea has grown into an advanced ICT one of the world’s best media content Equipped with an optimized ubiquitous tion for the ICT industry
powerhouse, but the country still needs R&D, production and distribution centers. environment, people on the street will The Collaborative Production Center”,
have the opportunity to experience the equipped with a special effects studio
Location Sangam New Millennium City, Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul integrated applications of digital display, and cutting edge facilities for digital con-
mobile Internet, GPS and artificial intelli- tent, will be built along with a “Digital
Land Size 569,925㎡ gence. Pavilion” that will promote new technolo-
gies through digital movie theaters and
Cost US$ 6.5 billion
A cluster of world renowned R&D cen- entertainment centers. Through these
Project Period 2002~2014 ters, specialized ICT equipment and facilities, the center will provide a one-
exhibition halls will occupy the state-of - stop support solution for all ICT industry
- Media and Entertainment-related Industry : Broadcast, the-art Information Technology Com- chains, including R&D, product develop-
Target Businesses Movies, Animation, Games, Music, Digital Education
- Software and IT related Services
plex. ment, testing, marketing and exports.

32 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Business• 33

The world’s most advanced broadband negotiations rather than open bidding. ■ Magok R&D City world’s largest nonprofit research and
network will be provided. The tera class •An Environment Friendly, Knowl- development center based in the USA is
or higher optical communication grid will •Incentives for Foreigners and For- edge-Based Research Complex to undertake research in conjunction
be connected to Seoul’s dedicated infor- eign Companies “Year One” (2007), the Seoul City gov- with Korea University, one of Korea’s
mation highway, as well as wireless and - Support through long term lease (50 ernment lays the firm foundations on leading universities, to develop new
satellite networks, to offer the world’s years) of land and buildings. Tax reduc- which it will construct the basic infra- technologies in the biotech area. The
best communications network. The tion through FIZ designation. structure for high-tech industries as a municipal authorities will gradually devel-
Media Research Center will be estab- - Low annual interest rate of 4% to be new growth engine. In the southwestern op the town in four stages consisting of
lished in cooperation with internationally applied to long-term installment pay- tip of Seoul, the “Magok Research and R&D and high-tech industrial complexes
renowned universities to make it a top ments (20 years) for the land. Development City” (MRC) will be com- (76,000㎡), international business com-
class R&D Center. - Total exemption from national tax (cor- pleted by 2013. plexes (33,000㎡), residential complexes
porate tax and income tax) and local The city government designated 3.4㎢, (64,000㎡) and medical complexes.
The culture and content complex will tax (purchase tax, registration fee, for the development of a R&D town ulti- In the first stage (2008), offices, hotels,
support the areas of games, music, ani- property tax and combined land tax) mately intended to become an Asian convention and international business
mation and character design and will be for the first 7 years and 50% reduction research and development hub city. centers and luxurious residential districts
attached to the Media Research Center. for the next three years. will be set up. In the southern part of the
- Foreigner-only rental housing (175 units) •Master Plan of Magok R&D City Magok district, luxury apartment com-
Among 70,000 BSc graduates and 20,000 and an international school. (MRC) plexes will be built to provide a more
MSc/PhD graduates are generated in Magok R&D City will be a comprehen- comfortable residential atmosphere for
Seoul each year, those who can speak sive R&D complex that encompasses foreign investors.
English and study ICT-related majors will industries and operations in the fields of
be trained at the “ICT Training Center” in IT, BT (Bio Technology) and NT (Nano
the DMC. Public support facilities such Technology), the new engines of
as venture office buildings, industrial Korea’s economic growth. The city gov-
centers and apartments for foreigners ernment expects the R&D City to attract
will be built to help with the launch of the international research institutes, includ-
DMC and the successful business oper- ing the Battelle Memorial Institute. The
ations of foreign investors. An integrated
administrative service will be offered so
the investors can conveniently use all Location Magok-dong and Gayang-dong, Seoul

investment related administrative ser-

Land Size 569,925㎡
vices. As part of the various tax and
financial incentives, land will be offered Project Period Period 2007~2031
at the public, not market, price, and
business will be conducted through Target Businesses R&D (IT, NT, BT), Green Energy Industry, HR, Marketing

34 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Business• 35

•Conveniences In addition to the current line No.5, which •Business Opportunities ■ Guro-Gasan Digital Complex
MRC is to serve as a gateway in south- traverses the city from west to east, the Sites designated within Magok R&D City •Converting into High-Tech Area
western Seoul connecting the nation’s construction of the first section of sub- for IT-, NT-, and BT-related facilities, Gurogongdan (Korea Export Complex),
two largest airports, Incheon Int’l Air- way line No.9, between Gimpo Int’l Air- along with eco-friendly R&D centers, will the first industrial complex in Korea and
port and Gimpo Int’l Airport. Thanks to port and Nonhyeon-dong in southeast- be available for purchase. Areas set aside a major driving force behind the coun-
its positioning adjacent to two airports, ern Seoul (passing through the Express for a residential complex and international try’s export-driven economic growth of
the Magok district offers great interna- Bus Terminal Station), opened service in commerce and business represent the ‘70s and ‘80s, changed its name to
tional travel convenience to the 43 July 2009. As well as the convenience it tremendous potential for business oppor- the Seoul Digital Industrial Complex in
densely populated nearby cities. More- boasts, MRC is also known as a “well- tunities, and the contracts for the devel- 2000. In so doing, it converted its old
over, two subway lines through this ness city”. The city plans to build a mas- opment will be put out to public tender manufacturing district into a modern,
town ensure fast and comfortable sive underground parking lot and large- high-tech area. Instead of traditional
transportation to any place in Seoul. scale waterfront parks (57,600㎡) to cre- manufacturing industries such as textiles
ate a more nature-friendly environment. and apparel, which had long been the
mainstays of Gurogongdan, the new
complex lined itself with high-rise apart-
ment-style factories to become a home
for many leading IT (including mobile
communication, semiconductor and dig-
ital content) companies.

•Emerging as the Largest IT Complex

Recently, this complex has become the
largest IT complex in the country, as the

Land Provision plan

2nd stage 2009~2015 1st stage 2009~2015 3rd stage 2024~2031

Advanced industry The completion of site Additional high tech indus-

research complex, preparation for a park and try support facilities
High-end residential com- infrastructure (8% of the total land)
(12% of the total land) Research centers, Interna-
tional business facilities
and a High-end residential
(80% of the total land)

36 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Business• 37

total number of employees hired by its ing Digital Cube, Sonokong, MDS Tech- for high-end designs. It will also strength- •Multipurpose Cultural Facilities
resident companies exceeded 100,000. nology and Seoul Semiconductor. en the pride of Seoulites, spread aware- Designed by Zaha Hadid, a female archi-
During the late 90s, young entrepre- ※KOSDAQ : a Korean stock exchange ness of good design and lead to an tect from Iraq, the new building will fea-
neurs rushed to Teheran Valley, south- comparable to the NASDAQ in the U.S. improvement in their quality of life. ture multipurpose exhibition and con-
ern Seoul, to establish their internet- vention facilities, as well as the most up
related startups, and now history is •Incentives At the center of the new design capital is to date one-stop information center –
being repeated in the Seoul Digital The complex attracts diverse IT compa- Dongdaemun Design Plaza & Park adequate qualifications for it to play a
Industrial Complex. With its high-rise nies each of which are eligible for 100 (DDP). DDP is expected to enhance the crucial role in supporting the country’s
modern factories attracting a stream of percent exemption from acquisition and city’s competitiveness in design. design industry.
IT companies, the complex is beyond registration taxes and a five year reduc- Improved competitiveness in this area
comparison in terms of company densi- tion of property tax. The Seoul Metro- will also help the city develop various ■ International Financial Center
ty and the level of synergy its residing politan Government borrows up to 70 related creative industrial fields, such as (IFC)
companies create. percent of the rent from public funds for cultural, media, construction, perfor- •A New and Innovative Center for
According to the Korea Industrial Com- residing companies, at comparatively mance arts and the software industries. Business in Northeast Asia
plex Corp. (KICOX), a government- low interest rates. Located adjacent to The Seoul International Financial Center
entrusted public corporation specializing two subway stations (Guro Digital Com- Once the design plaza is opened as part (SIFC) is being constructed in Yeouido
in the management of industrial com- plex Station on line No. 2 and Gasan of Dongdaemun Fashion Town, which is and is one of the major projects
plexes, the Seoul Digital Industrial Com- Digital Complex Station on line No. 7), visited by an average 2.1 million foreign designed to transform Seoul into a
plex hired some 101,564 personnel the complex is a mere 25 minute sub- tourists a year, it will turn the entire area major financial hub in Northeast Asia. To
(May 2008), surpassing the 93,561 of way ride from southern Seoul (Gang- into the country’s fashion and design fund the project, the Seoul Metropolitan
the Banwol Industrial Complex, to nam), a 20 minute ride from Yeouido, Mecca. Scheduled to be completed by Government attracted investment from
become the largest of its kind in the and a 50 minute ride from downtown March 2010, DDP will consist of three the American International Group (AIG).
country. The Seoul complex also leads Seoul. stories (one underground level and two The construction of the Seoul Interna-
the way in terms of the number of resi- levels above ground). tional Financial Center (SIFC) has not
dent companies (7,867). Among them, ■ Dongdaemun Design Plaza & Park
79 percent are electric/electronic and Seoul has been designated as the
non-manufacturing IT companies. “World Design Capital (WDC) 2010”, Location 23, 23-1 Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpogu, Seoul
Although the factories are occupied pre- which, once again, places the capital
dominantly by small and medium size IT city in the spotlight, as it was during the Land Size 33,058㎡
companies, there are quite a few major 2002 FIFA World Cup held in Korea and
Project Period 2003~2013
industry leaders with their own buildings Japan.
here as well, such as LG Electronics, Cost US $1.4 billion
Shinsegae I&C, Phicom and Lotte Data This designation is expected to bring
Communication Company. 67 KOSDAQ into relief the city’s cultural assets and Financial Institutions, Consulting, Law and Accounting Firms,
Target Businesses
companies are also based here, includ- create further demand among tourists Local Headquarters of Global Multinational Corporations

38 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Business• 39

only laid the foundation for Seoul to suing various efforts to further strength- 6. Foreign Direct Investment •Korean Legal Aid Center for-
become an international financial city by en its financial industry and develop its in Korea Family Relations
establishing the basic infrastructure to market. One of the main initiatives, set (
attract financial institutions, agencies, to go into effect as of January 2009, will Information on Foreign direct investment body01.asp, 1644-7077)
and multinational financial companies. It be the Capital Markets Consolidation system in Korea, procedures, corpora- Every Monday: 18:00~20:00
has also proved to be a successful Act. Korea’s capital market has grown tion establishment including incentives (Registration till 19:00)
example of local administration where rapidly, and the country’s stock market and related laws can be found on the English counseling for foreigners
profits were accrued through shrewd capitalization reached US $1.12 trillion website of Invest KOREA:
management activities based on thor- as of the end of 2007, placing Korea at •Emergency Support Center for
ough negotiation strategies. the rank of 12th worldwide. In septem- If you want to know even more, you can Migrant Women
ber 2009, FTSE group has promoted call the Investor Support Center (ISC): (, 1577-1366)
•Major Facilities Korea from “Advanced Emerging” to 82-2-3497-1055/6. They will channel Counseling in Korean
IFC Seoul will serve as a multi-purpose “Developed” status. The trade volume of you to the FDI experts you want to
facility and will offer a direct link to Korea’s course stands at US $1.9 tril- speak with, no matter whether your •Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights
Yeouio Station through an underground lion, making it the world’s 10th largest. questions deal with taxes, jurisdiction, Commission, Civil counseling center
passage. When completed, IFC Seoul Recent acquisitions of Korean commer- customs, finance, accounting or various (,
will be home to grade A offices, retail cial banks by foreign companies further industries. 02-313-0114, 02-1588-1517)
shops, hotels and multiplex theaters, attest to the attractiveness of Seoul’s Every Tuesday, Thursday: 14:00~17:00
thus distinguishing itself as a new center financial sector.
for global finance in the heart of North-
east Asia.
Business Support

•Business Opportunities
Financial sector companies, multination- 1. Free legal assistance
al companies wishing to use the com-
plex for their regional headquarters, con- •Seoul Bar Association
sulting firms, laws firms and other com- (, 02-3476-6000-237)
mercial facilities can move into the IFC Every Monday: Free Legal Counselling
Seoul after the construction is finished in for foreigners, 14:00~17:00, in English.
•Korea Legal Aid Corporation:
•The Potential of Korea’s Capital (
Market or call the number 132) Weekdays,
To utilize the financial sector as a next 10:00~12:00, 13:00~17:00
generation growth engine, Korea is pur-

40 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Business• 41

2. Business Counseling 3. Hiring employees 6. Exhibition Centers with the support of the Seoul Metropoli-
tan Government.
•Invest KOREA •Contact KOREA •SETEC
(, (, (,82-2-2222-3811) •KINTEX
02-3460-7545) 02-3497-1961) Hangnyeoul Station, Line 3, Exit 1 (, 82-31-810-8114)
Counseling about Visa, taxes, labor rela- Every company in need of foreign pro- Daehwa Station Line 3, Exit 1,2
tions, customs, finance and accounting fessionals can use the services of KINTEX, the largest and newest exhibi-
Contact Korea. tion hall in Korea, was opened in April
•ISC (Investor Support Center) 2005. Its construction project has been
1600-7119, In depth counseling about •Ministry of Labor performed by Gyeonggi-do, Goyang-
foreign direct investment (, city and Korea in 2003. It is one of the
31-345-5000) largest in north-east Asia of its kind
•Small and medium business offering multi-functional indoor exhibition
administration space of 52,541㎡ with 5 exhibition
(, 1357) 4. Buyers, Company Lists halls and 23 meeting rooms. Since the
Telephone counseling and internet Seoul Trade Exhibition Center (SETEC) completion, KINTEX has been success-
counseling are both possible. •The Korea International Trade was established in 1999 in response to fully staging numerous domestic and
Counseling about: Establishing busi- Association the ever increasing demand on exhibi- international exhibition, seminars, and
nesses, legal aspects, finance, curren- (, 1566-5114) tion facilities in the domestic market and events in its full diversity.
cy risk, accounting, taxes, labor rela- to aid local enterprises find new over-
tions, export, technology, patents, IT, •KOTRA seas markets. The center was also Ancillary Area 429,750 square meters
production, fair trading etc. ( portal/dk, designed to be a showcase for overseas Hotels, Business Center, Shopping
1544-4704) corporations wishing to broaden their Center, etc.
•Korean International Trade Asso- presence within the Korean and North- Construction Period : Exhibition Center
ciation, Trade Counseling east Asian markets. 1999-2013
(, 1566-5114) 5. Law Firms, Accounting Offering world-class exhibition facilities
Online Counseling about Trade firms and operating systems while holding
more than 50 exhibitions annually, the
•The Korean commercial arbitra- In the directory, you will find a comprehen- center aims to establish itself as a glob-
tion board sive list of law firms and accounting firms. ally recognized venue for international
( commercial exchange.
adm/memberauth/5000) SETEC is operated by the Korea Trade-
Counseling about mediation, making Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA)
contracts etc. under the aegis of the Ministry of Com-
merce, Industry & Energy (MOCIE) and

42 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Business• 43

•COEX - Food & Beverage: Menus and Settings 31, 36, 39, 63, 100, 100-1, 115-1, 139, 141,
(, 82-2- - Protocol: VIP Protocol management, 181, 200-1, 1001.
6000- 0114) Airport arrangements
Samseong Station Line2, Exit 5,6 Directly - Transportation: Planning, Arrange-
connected to the COEX mall. ments for vehicles and drivers
An outstanding convention and exhibi- - Hotels: Arrangements for official
tion destination, Coex has a lot to offer: hotels, reservations
People from around the world visit the - Tour Programs: Planning and Operations
COEX Complex of 400,000㎡ for busi- - Social Programs: Planning and Operations
ness, entertainment, leisure and cultural - Staff: Sourcing and Training
experiences. Come and see the largest - Exhibitions: Planning, Marketing and
underground mall in Asia, COEX Mall, Operations
with the Aquarium, Coexartium, over - Finance: Budget planning and expens- •EXCO Daegu
100 restaurants and the Kimchi Muse- es management, Sourcing sponsorship (, 82-53-601-
um. After a long day, just relax in our 5000)
garden by the Piano Fountain, in Asem Other exhibition centers: (10 min. from Airport) From Dongdaegu
Garden or visit Bongeun temple, a Bud- Train Station: Take bus #937, 20 min. by taxi
dhist temple right across the street from From Express bus Terminal: Bus #937,
COEX. 25 min. by taxi
Which services are provided?
- Working with local organizing commit-
tees to create congress hosting pro-
posals, including presentations
- Public Relations: Announcements,
Promotional Videos and Press Man-
- Venue Planning: Layouts, Equipment
and Signage arrangement
- Congress Operations: Scenarios, •BEXCO
arrangements for speakers and materials (, 82-51-740-7300)
- Registration: Pre-registration pro- Centum City Station, Line 2, Exit 1 (50
grams, Booths and registration areas min. from Gimhae International Airport).
- Speakers: Sourcing appropriate From Busan Train Station:
speakers, schedule and presentation Take bus #5-1, 40,139, 1001. From
management Haeundae Train Station: Take bus #5,

44 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Business• 45

Policies for the favorable F-5 status. •Others obligation to report a change in matters
treatment of foreign investors
- Unrestricted business activities. - One maid allowed for a foreign investor related to alien registration and change
- Exemption from the obligation to (or a director of an FDI company). and addition of work place, etc for D-8
1. F-5 (permanent stay) granted apply for a re-entry permit from over- - It is possible for one who has entered visa holders, their accompanying per-
seas travel Korea on a C-3 visa to change her sta- sons, and the helpers (F-1 visa holders)
•Background (when he/she re-enters within a year). tus to that of an F-1 (visit/family) visa. of investors who invest more than
In association with the efforts to invigo- - Loose application of the regulation - The maid will be asked to leave the $500,000, regardless of their place of
rate foreign investment, attract multina- concerning forced exit. country when her employment con- stay.
tionals and enhance national competi- tract is terminated or cancelled or in
tiveness. the event that her employer loses •At the Seoul Immigration Office
(Effective from September 25, 2005) 2. Hiring foreign maids his/her D-8 status. or the immigration office at Seoul
City Hall.
•Those eligible •Background - D-8 visa holders and their accompa-
- Those not subject to forced exit Enhancement of convenience of sojourn 3. Exclusive immigration nying persons may have their period
- One who has invested not less than in Korea for those investing more than procedure queue for for- of stay extended here.
$2 million and employed at least five $500,000 in Korea by allowing them to eign investors
Koreans; hire English-speaking maids.
- One who has invested not less than D-8 visa holders and their accompany-
$500,000, stayed in Korea for more •For whom? ing persons may enjoy the benefit of
than three years on a D-8 visa, and - One who has invested not less than using the exclusive immigration proce-
employed at least three Koreans; $500,000. dure queue when arriving at or departing
- One who has invested not less than - A director working for an FDI compa- from Inchon International Airport.
$300,000, stayed in Korea for more ny that has invested not less than
than five years on a D-8 visa, and $500,000.
employed at least three Koreans; 4. Exclusive stay permit coun-
- One who has passed the KICE-adminis- •Documents to be submitted at ters for foreign investors
tered Korean Proficiency Test, Grade-3; the time of application
- One whose earned income has - Passport, application, employment •At Invest KOREA of KOTRA
exceeded a certain level over the past contract, employer’s letter of recom- Immigration officers dispatched from the
three years. mendation/letter of guarantee to the Ministry of Justice to Investors Support
effect that the maid will remain within Center (ISC) handle services like permis-
•Benefits for F-5 status holders her workplace while in Korea. sion of change in visa status, extension
- Exemption from the obligation to - Photocopy of Certificate of FDI Com- of period of stay, re-entry permit, activi-
apply for an extension of the period of pany Registration, if applicable. ties other than status of sojourn, obliga-
stay as long as he/she maintains the - Employment certificate, if applicable. tion to report a change in place of stay,

46 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Business• 47

5. Exemption of handling charges concerning the issuance of stay per- Visa
mits for foreign investors. (Source :
(Effective from August 18, 2006.)
1. Overview
- Those eligible: D-8 visa holders
- Relevant handling charges ■ Foreigner’s entry into Korea
•In principle, a foreigner must obtain a visa from a Korean embassy in a foreign
Type of permit Amount of charges exempted country in order to enter Korea.
Permit for a change in the status of sojourn KRW 50,000 A national of a country with which Korea has concluded a bilateral visa exemption
agreement or for which Korea has made a special designation may enter Korea
Permit for extension of period of stay KRW 30,000
without any problem.
KRW 50,000 for a multiple case / For the list of countries whose nationals may enter Korea without a visa, please
Re-entry permit
KRW 30,000 for a single case
refer to the Immigration Office’s Homepage (
Permit for change/addition of workplace KRW 60,000 The most common types of visa are as following:
(Re-)issuance of alien registration card KRW 10,000 Visa Status Purpose

C-4 Short Term Employment

•Extension of the maximum period of stay granted on one occasion D-2 Students
(Effective from August 18, 2006.)
D-4 General Trainees
- Those eligible: One who has invested not less than $500,000, or a director work-
ing for an FDI company that has invested not less than $500,000. Intra Company Transferees
- Period granted: Up to five years for a change in the status of sojourn or an exten- D-7 (Who works by being dispatched as a professional worker at a
branch office in Korea)
sion of the period of stay
Corporate Investment
(Business Investors, see below)

D-9 Trade Management

E-1 University Professors

E-2 Foreign language Teachers

Professional Employment
(Pilots, Doctors, lawyers etc.)

Special Occupation
(Under a contract with the public, IT experts etc.)

F-3 Dependent Families

48 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Business• 49

■ Visa Issuance Procedure management, production or techno-
•Visa Issuance Location logical sector of an FDI company sup-
R.O.K Embassy or Consulate (in special cases, you may apply for the visa after ported by the Foreigner Investment
receiving certificate of visa issuance approval from the Immigration Office) Promotion Act (not including those
recruited in Korea).
•Required Documents
Passport, Visa Issuance Application, Other documents required by the applied visa •“Specialists” refers to those stat-
status ed in the following:
(example: the D-8 visa – see below) - Executives: Those primarily responsi-
■ Status of sojourn ble for the organizational management
•All foreigners entering Korea shall have within a business organization, exer-
General Visa Issuance Flow
a status of sojourn granted under the cising a wide range of rights in the
relevant Presidential decree. decision making process, and only
•The status of sojourn shall be marked generally supervised and directed by
Applican’s Authorities Approved on the visa. A foreigner arriving in the Board of Directors and sharehold-
Document Embassy Authorities
Korea without a visa shall have his/her ers as the highest ranking members of
Submission Consulate Minister of Justice
status of sojourn and period of stay the organization (not those directly
granted at the time of entry clearance engaged in the provision of the service).
▶ Application at either an airport or a port. - Senior Managers: Those responsible
▼ •Foreigner’s status of sojourn is classi- for the establishment and execution of
Examination fied into 35 categories, depending on the objectives and policies of a com-

the types of activity they are to carry pany or its organizational units, with
Permission out in Korea. Investors and specialists the rights for planning, control, super-
▶ Review
are granted the D-8 status. (Please vision and recommending, hiring and

Permission ◀ refer to the lmmigration Office’s Home- firing employees, and deciding, super-
page ( vising and controlling the work of oth-

3 for the scope of activities granted to er supervisory, professional and man-
Issuance ◀ Visa Attached/ Issued
each status of sojourn.) agerial employees or exercising dis-
cretionary rights over their everyday
business (not including those control-
2. Visa for the business ling front-line supervisors who are not
investor (D-8) professional service providers or those
directly engaged in the provision of
■ Issued for - service).
•Specialists engaged in the business - Specialists: Those with highly profes-

50 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Business• 51

sional and proprietary experience and confirmation letter of visa issuance (or chase certificate - Incorporation Register Book
the knowledge essential for the number) issued by a local immigration - Photocopy of an office lease contract - Certificate of FDI Company Registra-
research, design, technology and office to an inviting Korean. (if the - Photocopy of a bank book tion
management of the service provided Korean embassy in a foreign country - Declaration of Foreign Currency
by a specified business. doesn’t have the right to issue a visa) •For an applicant dispatched to - Certificate of Foreign Currency Pur-
Those engaged in ordinary administra- *Effective from September 25, 2005, Korea as an essential specialist chase
tive services or engineers available in the electronic visa issuance system by a parent business in a foreign - Incoming Remittance Details
Korea or the providers of a direct ser- was in operation in which the relevant country: - Office Lease Contract
vice are not regarded as “essential immigration office issues a Korean - Application for a visa (or a Confirma- - Certificate of Tax Payment
specialists.” inviting a foreigner the Confirmation tion letter of visa issuance) - Certificate of Export Report
- Passport (or a photocopy of passport
letter on visa issuance number via e-mail - Power of Attorney
in the case of applications for a Con-
or cell phone. The documents to be submitted may
firmation letter of visa issuance)
vary, depending on the judgment of the
- Letter explaining the reason for the
■ Documents to be submitted at visa issuance office.
applicant’s invitation to Korea
the time of application - Written order to work in Korea
•For an applicant investing not (issued by the relevant business)
less than KRW 50 million : - Resume
- Application for a visa (or Confirmation - Diplomas, career certificates, qualifi-
letter of visa issuance) cation certificates and other certifi-
- Passport (or a photocopy of a pass- cates attesting to the applicant’s sta-
■ Visa issuance procedure port in the case of applications for a tus as a specialist
•An applicant entering Korea without a Confirmation letter of visa issuance) - Photocopy of a certificate of FDI com-
visa or with only a short-term visa may - Photocopy of a certificate of FDI com- pany registration
apply for a change in the status of pany registration - Photocopy of a business registration
sojourn at Invest KOREA (IK) of KOTRA - Photocopy of a business registration certificate or incorporation register, if
or at a local immigration office. certificate or incorporation register, if applicable
•An applicant may apply for a business applicable - Application for a tax payment certifi-
investment (D-8) visa at a Korean - Certificate of declaration of a foreign cate
embassy in a foreign country. Each currency
embassy is authorized to issue a D-8 (issued by the Customs Office) •Documents to be submitted
visa for one year or less as entrusted - Certificate of remittance issued by the - Confirmation Letter of Visa Issuance
by the Justice Minister. relevant bank, in the event that the - Photo or Photocopy of Passport
•An applicant may apply for a business investment amount was remitted to - Dispatch Order or Assignment Letter
investment (D-8) visa at a Korean Korea - Certificate of Employment
embassy in a foreign country with the - Photocopy of a foreign currency pur- - Certificate of Business Registration

52 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Business• 53

■ F-3 visa for accompanying per- 3. Procedure for Investors’ - Eligible for F-3 visa: Documentary
sons Stay proof that he/she is a family member
•Issued for: of the D-8 visa applicant (marriage
Children of less than 20 years of age of ■ Permission of Change in Visa certificate or birth certificate)
a person eligible for a D-8 visa. Status - Eligible for F-1 (helper): FDI company
•Applicable to: registration, a certification of holding
•Procedure - Applicants eligible for a D-8 visa, but office, employment contract and per-
- An accompanying person may apply entering Korea without a visa or with a sonal reference of the person who
for an F-3 visa at a Korean embassy in short-term visa, his/her family mem- hires the helper
a foreign country. Each embassy is bers, and helpers of the investor who
authorized to issue an F-3 visa for one holds C-3 visa and invests US$ 0.5 ■ Alien Registration
year or less as entrusted by the Jus- million or more •Application for registration
tice Minister. - Applicants who intend to establish an - Applicants who have entered Korea
- One entering Korea without a visa or FDI company while staying in Korea on a long-term (not less than 91 days)
with a short-term visa may apply for a family member of the D-8 visa appli- on another status of sojourn including visa shall apply for registration within
change in the status of sojourn at cant his/her family members 90 days of his/her arrival in Korea at a
Invest KOREA (IK) of KOTRA or at a - Certificates of Employment and Tax local immigration office.
local immigration office. Payment for the inviting Korean •Place of application - Applicants who have obtained permis-
- An accompanying person may apply - Handling fee for a single visa: the At a local immigration office or Invest sion for a change in the status of
for an F-3 visa at a Korean embassy in amount equivalent to $30 KOREA within the period of sojourn sojourn to D-8, F-3 and F-1 after
a foreign country with the Confirma- granted entering Korea on a short-term visa
tion letter of visa issuance (or number) ■ Visa Application for a new born shall immediately apply for registration
issued by a local immigration office to child •Documents to be submitted at a local immigration office.
an inviting Korean. If you are lucky enough to become a - Eligible for D-8 visa: Photocopy of cer-
(if the Korean embassy in a foreign parent in Korea – congratulations! How- tificate of FDI company registration •Documents to be submitted
country doesn’t have the right to issue ever, beware the following: according to ‘Foreign Investment Pro- - Passport, application for alien registra-
a visa) For a new-born baby, the visa applica- motion Act’, Photocopy of a business tion, one color portrait shots
tion must be submitted within 30 days registration or incorporate register (if (3.5x4.5cm)
•Documents to be submitted: after birth. applicable) according to ‘Value Added - Photocopy of certificate of FDI com-
- Application for a visa (or Confirmation One who has violated this regulation is Tax Regulation’, Written order to work pany registration according to
letter of visa issuance) subject to a fine. in Korea or Photocopy of a certificate ‘Foreign Investment Promotion Act’,
(Two color portrait shots taken recent- of holding office (if applicable, except Photocopy of a business registration
ly in case of confirmation letter of visa investors), Photocopy of an office or incorporate register (if applicable)
issuance.) lease contract, Photocopy of business according to ‘Value Added Tax Regulation’
- Documentary proof that he/she is a performance (Export/import) certificate

54 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Business• 55

•Return of alien registration card business performance.
Upon leaving Korea permanently, for-
eign nationals shall return his/her alien •Documents to be submitted:
registration card to an immigration offi- - Photocopies of certificates of FDI
cer handling exit procedure at the port Company Registration (at the first
or airport of departure. application) and business registration
- Application for a tax payment certifi-
■ Extension of period of stay cate (or an application for an individual
•Applicable to: tax payment certificate in the case of
Applicants (D-8, F-3 and F-1 visa hold- incorporation)
ers) who intend to stay in Korea beyond - Certificate of Employment
the granted period of sojourn stated in - Business performance (Export/import)
his/her alien registration card. certificate
- The helpers who are eligible for F-1
•Place and Term of Application visa: employment contract and per- KOREA, or an immigration office at a Invest Korea, and then have approval
- Apply to a local immigration office or sonal reference harbor or airport. prior to change and add the work place
Invest Korea
- Applications shall be made, desirably ■ Re-entry Permit •Relevant period •Documents to be submitted:
two months before the expiration of •Applicable to: Within the expiration date of a passport, - Photocopy of certificate of FDI compa-
the granted period of sojourn, or earli- A registered alien who intends to re- the granted period of stay and the ny registration according to ‘Foreign
er if he/she has an inevitable reason, enter Korea within the granted period of granted period for re-entry (one year for Investment Promotion Act’
such as an overseas trip. stay after a temporary departure. a single permit/two years for a multiple - Photocopy of a business registration
permit, but one year for China) or incorporate register (if applicable)
•Number of extensions •Nationals of the following thirteen according to ‘Value Added Tax Regu-
A foreign investor may apply for an countries are exempted from the ■ Change and Addition of Work- lation’
extension of the period of stay on an re-entry permit requirement Place - Written order to work in Korea, or
unlimited number of occasions as long (as of August 2009): •Applicable to: Photocopy of a certificate of holding
as he/she has not been engaged in any Surinam, the Netherlands, Norway, Den- A registered alien who intends to office (if applicable, except investors)
illegal activities. mark, Germany, Luxemburg, Belgium, change or add the work place within the - Documentary proof of original work
Sweden, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, status of sojourn place’s cessation of business
•Length of extension France, Finland and Chile. *D-8 visa holder’s change and addition - A certificate of business(import or
An applicant will be granted an exten- of work place within the same affiliates export) accomplishment
sion of the period of stay for up to five •Place of application for single/
years, depending on the size of the multiple re-entry permit: •Place and Term of Application
business, amount of investment, and - At a local immigration office, Invest - Apply to a local immigration office or

56 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Business• 57

Business Manners in regarded as unprofessional. Having the 2. During the meeting
Korea appropriate status symbols are also
essential to create respect. This includes There are businessmen who speak
The business etiquettes in Korea might a fine car, club memberships or a house excellent English. However, the older
be different from your country. East in a decent neighborhood. generation has often problems to
Asians might adapt faster to the Korean express their thoughts in English, even if
business environment than Westerners You will see that most Koreans bow to they claim to speak English. Although
because of similar cultural roots. Any- each other instead when meet or part they do not understand you, they will
way, pay attention to the recommenda- their ways. This act shows politeness not ask you to repeat your ideas
tions below, and you will do reasonably and respect to the other person. If the because such behavior equals revealing
well. Remember: tolerance for cultural rank of the person is higher, deeper weakness and showing ignorance. It is
difference is the key. An attitude like “In bows are made. Shaking hands is not Every Korean businessman has a certain possible that they bow their head and
our country, everything is better” will not unusual in Korea, especially in a meeting position in the business society, and it is say “Yes, I understand” but have no idea
bring long term success for your busi- with foreign business partners. Some- very important to know about the posi- what you want to say. Therefore, it is
ness relationship. times, they will shake your hand with tion of the business partner as well. The recommended to have a translator who
both hands. You use both hands in the exchange of business card serves this also has some knowledge about the
Korean culture, in many situations, to purpose. Usually, Korean businessmen Korean business manners and behav-
1. Before the meeting show respect to the other person. For want to do business with people of simi- iors.
example, Koreans usually pour other lar rank, but not with people with a
It is recommendable that a person who people’s glasses with two hands, espe- much lower rank. Therefore, on the
has a sufficient rank in the Korean hier- cially if the other person is older or high- business card, you should give yourself
archy introduces you to your potential er in the hierarchy. the highest position as possible.
business partners. This makes you more
trustworthy in their eyes. Making direct You use the right hand, or both hands,
contact to a still unknown businessman when giving your business card to anoth-
without such a middleman is unusual er person, but never the left hand. It is
and arises suspicion. polite to study the business card careful-
ly for a while before putting it away. Try
The first impression is very important, to remember his title and his surname
like anywhere in the world. Especially, while doing it, because this is the way to The Korean “Yes” and “No” is different
wearing the right attire is essential. Kore- call a Korean (Calling Director John Kim from the western equivalents. “Yes” in the
ans usually wear suit & tie during busi- “Director” or “Director Kim” is ok, “John” western world might mean “I agree” or “I
ness meetings, and you should do the is usually impolite, especially if John Kim will do it”, in Korea it can mean “I under-
same, although you might think it overly is not close to you). stand what you want to say” or “I will do
conservative. Otherwise, you might be my best”. Therefore, it is very important

58 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Business• 59

to summarize your negotiations and pre- drinks usually contain Soju (traditional
pare a common end result to which you Korean drink), Beer and Whisky or a
agree both. combination of those drinks. It is consid-
ered impolite not to drink with your
In Korea, you will only rarely hear a Korean business partners. If you really
direct “no”. Refusals are made rather in can’t or want to drink, say you take
an indirect or hidden way. They often Korean traditional medicine (Hanyak in
say something like: “We will do our best” Korean) – this is one of the few excuses
or “Let’s talk about that later.” The dif- accepted for omitting a drink.
ference of “yes” and “no” is very blurred, The bills are paid by the person who for-
so pay attention. However, business- The first drink is usually given by the mulated the invitation. You are either
men of the younger generation are far highest member of the dinner group. host or guest. Separate bills (called
more direct and understand the Western When he indicates to fill your glass, you Dutch-pay in Korean) are very unusual in
culture better than the older generation. should take the glass with both hands Korea; only in informal meetings among
while receiving the drink. After he filled friends is this kind of payment accepted.
Business negotiations in Korea can be all glasses, he will offer a toast. Never If it is unclear who invited whom, people
cumbersome and take a long time to should you pour your own drink. If your will “fight” to determine who will pay the
complete. One of the reasons is that glass is empty, someone will notice it bill as “the right to pay” is regarded as
your partner may not be allowed to and will pour your glass. On the other an honor in Korea. Giving the impression
make decisions and has to talk with his hand, if you notice your neighbor’s glass of being greedy or ungenerous is
boss first. Being patient and friendly is empty, you should offer to fill it at regarded as very bad behavior in Korea.
might be the best way to deal with such once (with both hands, of course). Therefore, your business partner will
a situation because good human rela- usually insist to pay. You can usually
tionship can be the key to the business underestimate the importance of such During the dinner, your Korean business accept it in the first meeting, but prepare
success in Korea. after-work meetings. Although they partners might ask personal questions to pay the next time you meet him.
might look like entertainment, these like: “Why are you not married?” “How
after- work dinners are generally regard- old are you?” etc. Don’t feel offended
3. After the (business) meeting ed as “the extension of work” and an by these questions because in Korea,
essential part of business life to create a these questions are not only usual
Usually, Korean businessmen want to bond of trust between the participants. among friends, but also among people
spend time with you outside of the office who are not that close to each other.
when the meeting is over. This includes •During these after work gather- Therefore, just change the topic if you
a Korean dinner + a drink or two and/or ings, beware the following things: don’t feel like answering. Don’t smoke if
a visit in the Karaoke (called Noraebang You are expected to consume a lot of the highest person on the table does not
– 노래방 –in Korean). You should not alcohol throughout the evening. The smoke.

60 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Business• 61

Guide to Living in Korea 2010


・Major Foreigner’s town in Seoul
・Renting a house
・Purchasing a home - Procedures
dential solutions with contracts usually backs. First of all, in a congested city,
ranging from one to two years. Office- land is scarce and that means waking
tels, introduced in Korea in 1985 as a up in the morning and opening the win-
convenient solution for urban profes- dow to a brick wall or worst case sce-

Accommodation sionals, are buildings containing offices

and residential units. The residential
units’ sole purpose is to provide comfort
and convenience to its residents. The
most common amenities include under-
nario, your neighbor’s window. Although
some of the sinchuk (new buildings) are
officetel-like with furnishings, some of
the older units during the monsoon sea-
son can be excruciating. Lack of sun-
ground parking along with stores, light and poor ventilation can mean wait-
Housing However, more foreigners in Korea live restaurants and cleaners (among others) ing two days for laundry to dry. Wash-
in apartments because it accounts for a on the ground level of the building. rooms need constant scrubbing and of
large portion of its housing. If you’re These units come fully furnished with course, you have to purchase all the
1. Apartment (Flat) thinking of living in a Korean apartment, washing machines and cooking stoves. necessary furnishing down to the cook-
be aware of the following. For those who do not plan on a long- ing burner. For car owners out there,
Apartments are the modern housing of First of all, the units are somewhat term stay, officetels offer residents the trying to find a parking space in alley-
choice in Korea. Cost of living has sky- smaller than what one might be accus- option to not deal with the hassle of ways is like trying to find your way out of
rocketed along with urban development tomed to abroad. Although new apart- buying and then selling newly purchased an endless maze. Although it might
over the years, and most of the popula- ment complexes are replacing older, furniture at the end of their stay. seem like you’re saving money, the has-
tion has gravitated towards apartments, first-generation complexes from the sle of trying to rid the used furnishing
for reasons of economy and conve- 1970s and 1980s, privacy or lack there- Studio apartments are referred to as and appliances at the end of your stay,
nience, over stand-alone houses. of is a concern in these tightly-packed “one room” or “villa” and these buildings and the nuisance that come with living in
units. Finding a parking space after work are usually 4 to 5 stories high. A wide- these units, are probably not worth the
While Koreans tend to prefer the con- hours can add to the stress of driving spread residential choice for students trouble.
venience of apartment complexes, home in congested traffic, as most and singles, these privately built build-
many foreigners prefer two types of spaces are used on a first-come, first- ings are affordable, yet have their draw-
housing in Korea other than apart- serve basis.
ments. People who are single or not Studio Apartment Officetel
planning on a long-term stay, tend to
prefer the comfort and convenience of 2. Officetel / Studio Apart- •One-room lay-out •Office and apartment compound lay-

officetels and its fully furnished units. ment •Gas supplied out
On the other hand, those with family •Low building •Office or residential purpose
tend to settle in private houses in quiet Mostly preferred by students and young •No janitor or manager on-duty •Janitor and manager on-duty
residential areas. working professionals, officetels and •Public parking lot •Public parking lot
studio apartments are short-term resi-

64 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Accommodation• 65

Tip Box 5. Serviced Residence Another growing concern is the continu-
By law, building permits allow officetels al rise in rent in Korea along with the
to allocate a mere 30% of total space ■ Serviced Residence Hotel growing housing demands.
for residential purposes. Therefore, bal- Serviced Residences are available for We all know that serviced residences
conies and bathtubs often found in those looking for both short and long- are much more convenient and comfort-
apartments are luxuries excluded in term stay in Korea. The fully furnished able for both long and short term stays.
officetels. So it’s best to make good use units are equivalent to nice apartment However, what concerns most is the
of the local bathhouses for an occasion- units, equipped with all the necessary high rate in comparison to what renters
al soak and scrub session! amenities and public facilities including might pay on a monthly or yearly basis.
4. Multi-family House swimming pool, fitness center, restau- To simplify things, KOTRA has taken
rant and game room. The most appeal- steps to provide quality residence at an
3. Single-family House Multi-family houses are small-sized ing features are the hotel-like service affordable rate. When you reserve a
apartments usually 5 stories or less and and affordable rates that start at KRW room through KOTRA’s Investor Sup-
Residential houses are a dying breed in houses at least two families. The rent fee 100,000 per night, with discounts avail- port Center, you can receive a 40~50%
Korean cities. Traditional hanok style is much lower than that of single-family able depending on length of stay. discount.
houses can be seen in places like Sam- houses or apartments. However, the These serviced residences are similar to
cheong-dong and Gahoe-dong. Other downside to multi-family houses is the condominiums in North America. Fur- 1. Select a serviced residence from the
common residential houses are usually absence of on-duty janitors or man- thermore, since these residences are list and visit the homepage to check
two stories high, and rooms are rented agers. This means that the tenant has to geared towards foreigners, they are for details. (You can find the list in the
out by the live-in family. make a phone call to the landlord to usually located near tourist attractions or directory) (P. 212)
As a stand-alone structure on its own have a problem resolved. Although not a key business areas in the city.
lot, a garden or yard is included in the huge deal, it is inconvenient when you 2. Contact the Investor Support Center
property. These houses for foreigners have to get in touch with the landlord at 1600-7119 to reserve a room at a
can be commonly seen in Itaewon, and the waiting period can be a bit of a ■ KOTRA alliance serviced resi- serviced residence of your choice.
Ichon-dong and Pyeongchang-dong. hassle. Parking is not an issue as at dence hotel list
They are harder to find in densely popu- least one parking space is set aside for An increasing number of foreigners are 3. Investor Support Center will reserve
lated areas in downtown or south of each unit. Extra cost is incurred for addi- coming to Korea. However, the and confirm reservation with the ser-
Han river. tional parking spaces. increased number of people coming for viced residence.
both short-term and long-term stays is
leasing housing through the unfamiliar 4. Check-in and enjoy your stay in
Single-family House Multi-family House
Jeonse, Wolse and Galse systems. To Korea!
•(Individual House) •Small-sized apartments further complicate things, having to look
Stand-alone structure on own lot •Low building for housing in a favorable neighborhood
•Garden or yard •No janitor or manager on-duty through a realtor proficient in English
•Gas supplied •Public parking lot can be harder than one might think.

66 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Accommodation• 67

Major Foreigner’s town in famous for shopping, with a diverse 2. Hannam-dong restaurants, bars and signboards of vari-
Seoul range of shops offering custom-made ous businesses in Japanese. Authentic
shirts, leather apparel, oversized clothes Located near Itaewon, Hannam-dong Japanese restaurants and noodle hous-
According to the Korea National Statisti- and other unique goods. Moreover, a has a significant number of foreign diplo- es can be found in the area.
cal Office, there are around 854,000 for- variety of discount shops make Itaewon matic missions. The area is divided into
eigners in Korea (1.8% of the whole a popular place for shoppers. UN Village and the ordinary residential
population). The number of foreigners And the restaurants in the area offer district. Many embassy official resi- 4. Samsung-dong / Yeoksam-
has increased four-fold since 2000. authentic world foods otherwise hard to dences as well as exotic restaurants are dong
find in the city. Some of the authentic located here.
The foreign population in Seoul has ethnic restaurants are as good as they Villas or big western-style houses can
been growing steadily over the years can get. For example, Pakistani, Indian, be seen in this quiet and exclusive area.
and visible change is expected to con- Egyptian and Middle Eastern cuisine are As most commercial businesses or cul-
tinue with Seoul City’s plans for attract- outstanding. These Asian and Middle tural facilities are located to the west in
ing more foreign investment. In the past, Eastern eateries serve lamb and beef Itaewon, Hannam-dong does not have
expatriate housing areas were limited to prepared according to strict Halal stan- much to offer in that field.
a few neighborhoods around foreign dards. Furthermore, with a slew of bars
embassies. Now, residential areas for and clubs, the area is known as a popu-
foreigners are becoming ever more lar international hangout among young- 3. Ichon-dong The most modern and newly developed
diverse. Although the foreign population sters. parts of Seoul are located south of the
in Seoul is not as concentrated in certain People in this area can communicate in It is close to Itaewon and Hannam-dong Hangang River in Gangnam-gu. The
areas as in the past, popular neighbor- English relatively well. Some of them can and is also one of the oldest foreigner’s business hub of Seoul, shopping and
hoods are those which offer a high-qual- even speak Japanese or Chinese. towns in Seoul. The area with its small transportation are convenient. Gangnam
ity educational environment, comfortable shops and parks is predominantly is also a popular destination for
living and easy access to business dis- Japanese. The official name of the dis- Seoulites with facilities such as Korea
tricts and workplaces. trict is Ichon 1-dong, but is commonly International Trade Association (KITA),
referred to as Dongbu Ichon-dong, COEX, and a huge business district in
which means eastern part of Ichon Samsung-dong. Also known as the
1. Itaewon dong. It was once home to Japanese most affluent district in Seoul, it is very
diplomats and employees of trading modern with pricey high-rise buildings
Itaewon Special Tourism Association: companies, but has steadily grown to and trendy fashion districts. The entire
Tel 02-797-7319 include a variety of residents from all district is relatively new since its devel-
Itaewon is the largest expat community walks of life since 1965, when diplomat- opment started during the 1970s with
in the country. Located near the ic relations between the two countries the population boom that came with
Yongsan US military bases, it is a desig- resumed. The most distinguishing traits industrialization and urbanization in the
nated special tourist zone. Itaewon is of the area are the Japanese-style city. Samsung and Yeoksam are areas

68 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Accommodation• 69

of concentration for major businesses, area’s large houses are leased as ing rental system that is distinctly Korean. get KRW 200 million from a tenant as
with officetel buildings suitable for the embassy buildings, while its villas are Instead of paying a monthly rental fee to Jeonse payment. What happens after 2
young urban professionals and singles. preferred by executives of multinational the landlord, a large lump sum payment years if the tenant wants to move out
companies. Pyeongchang-dong and (usually 30-70% of the house price!) is and claims his KRW 200 million back?
Seongbuk-dong are affluent neighbor- deposited into the landlord’s bank You can either look for another tenant
5. Banpo-dong hoods comprised mostly of middle- to account for the duration of the contract. who wants to pay KRW 200 million in
(Seorae Village) upper-class families. Expensive villas The usual period for Jeonse contracts is Jeonse, or you can sell the house at
and luxury houses line the hilly neighbor- two years. Then the whole deposit mon- say, KRW 350 million to someone else.
Seorae Village (Ma-eul) is known as the hoods surrounded by mountains with a ey is returned to the renter upon termi- (Remember the assumption that house
French village, which is placed in Ban- scenic view overlooking the city. The nation of the contract. prices always go up!) In this case you
po-dong, Seocho-gu. With a population area boasts a quiet and serene atmos- have invested 100 million of your own
of 560, the village makes up approxi- phere which is hard to find in the crowd- Tip Box money to earn 50 million (50%) in 2
mately 40% of the entire French popula- ed city of Seoul. Understanding the Jeonse System years! Of course, this logic only works if
tion in Korea. The residents were mostly And this area has good accessibility to Foreigners often have problems under- house prices go up steadily as it did
made up of employees of French corpo- downtown Seoul. It also has some cul- standing the logic of the Jeonse system. during the last decades. If real estate
rations. The village began to take shape tural facilities such as art centers and Why does the tenant pay such a huge prices move down, and the Jeonse
in 1985 with the move of L’Ecole Fran- galleries, but commercial businesses are amount, but gets it all back after the end prices as well, the Jeonse system can-
caise de Seoul to the area. As the only rare. Private vehicles are a must as pub- of the contract (usually in 2 years)? The not work.
French International School in the city lic transportation is limited to a few bus logic goes as follows: Many Koreans
moved, most of the bakeries, wine routes. believe that real estate is the best ■ Wolse (Monthly payment +
shops and families followed suit. The vil- means of investing money because its deposit)
lage is the site of “Montmartre Park,” price has increased sharply during the Wolse requires the renter to deposit a
often the site of public events for for- last 50 years. They assume this trend fixed amount of money to the landlord.
eigners. The area has a distinct French will continue in the future. Therefore, Usually, the amount of deposit is huge
flavor that’s not found elsewhere in
Renting a House many people are eager to own a house. compared to western countries, at 20-
Korea. However, most of them do not have the 50 monthly rent payments. The higher
1. Types of Payment money to buy a house outright, espe- the deposit, the lower is the monthly
cially in Seoul, where house prices are rent which is paid on a designated date
6. Pyeongchang-dong/ There are three Types of renting a house astronomically high. Jeonse is a good of each month.
Seongbuk-dong in Korea - Jeonse, Wolse and Galse. method of getting an interest free loan
The Wolse system is usually applied to from the tenant. Say a house costs
The embassies of many South American foreigners. KRW 300 million and the Jeonse price is
and African countries are in Pyeongchang- KRW 200 million. If you want to buy a
dong area, which has convenient ■ Jeonse (Key Money Deposit) house, you need only to pay KRW 100
access to downtown Seoul. Many of the Jeonse or Key Money Deposit is a hous- million from your own money. You will

70 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Accommodation• 71

For any reason, if the renter fails to KRW 5,000,000 (key deposit) and KRW 2. Contract Process and obtain a receipt.
make the monthly payment, the landlord 600,000 Wolse (monthly rent fee): KRW The landlord, tenant and witness, a real-
can deduct the amount from the key 600,000× 100 = KRW 60,000,000 Remember to take the proper steps tor in most cases, all get a copy. Take a
money deposit. The deposit is returned + 5,000,000 (key deposit) equals KRW before signing the dotted line. copy of your alien registration card and
to the tenant at the end of the contract. 65,000,000 Jeonse deposit amount. an original copy of the lease contract to
Renters have the option of dolling out ① Check registry (Court of Justice Reg- a jurisdiction office and get a confirmed
more on the deposit sum as increased istry Office): ask the realtor to print it date. Taking this step is important as it
deposit amount results in lower monthly on the spot. protects the tenant from unforeseen
rent. For an increase of KRW 5 million ② Discuss details, write contract and damage. Finally, take good care of the
won in deposit, KRW 50,000 is deduct- make sure all the details are identical registration document in a safe place.
ed from the monthly rent amount. For on all three copies. Remember that Upon finalizing all the necessary steps, it
example, a KRW 5 million deposit at you are liable for the contents of the is important to report the move at the
KRW 500,000 monthly rent can be contract that you sign. Take your local immigration office. One must report
negotiated to KRW 10 million deposit at time. the move within 14 days of moving in
KRW 400,000 monthly rent. Another ③ Pay deposit with a passport and alien registration
method of Wolse payment requires the ④ Check registry again before paying card. This is a rather simple procedure
renter to pay all monthly payments in the balance on move-in day. and does not take long to process. Your
advance after signing a contract. To ⑤ Check and make note of the number new address will be printed on the back
start, 10 percent of the total monthly of keys, remotes you have received of your alien registration card.
payment amount should be paid upon and any preexisting damages in the
signing a contract and the remaining unit.
amount needs to be paid after the ⑥ Confirm fixed date; the date should
move-in date. ■ Galse be recognized by the Court of Justice
Galse or advanced payment method is Registry Office.
Tip Box similar to the Wolse system. However,
Jeonse / Wolse Conversion instead of making monthly payments, It is important to get all the details ironed
This type of rental system is most com- Galse system requires renters to pay out before you can safely consider your
mon in one-room studios and officetels. year’s monthly rent sum in advance. In move finalized. First, before you sign a
In some cases, conversion from Jeonse addition to the yearly rent paid in lease contract, you must be careful in
to Wolse is possible upon discussion advance, a 10% of the lump sum pay- detailing all particularities such as the
with the landlord. The conversion from ment amount is deposited with the land- method of payment, terms and condi-
Wolse to Jeonse can be done by multi- lord. The duration of the contract is usu- tions, lease sum, deposit sum, method
plying the monthly rent by 100 and ally for one or two years and the terms of payment, lease period and move-in
adding the key deposit amount. For of contract are negotiable with the land- date. Upon signing the contract, make
example, for a Wolse house priced at lord. the deposit into your landlord’s account

72 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Accommodation• 73

3 . Real Estate Brokers Tip Box - Byeonjaegeum (변제금): Tender
Keywords for real estate contracts
A List of brokers recommended by the National Association of Real Estate Brokers When it comes to moving, trying to find - Budongsan (부동산): Real estate
you can find in the directory. a new home in a suitable neighborhood
may be hard enough but the procedure - Gyeyak (계약): Contract (agreement)
■ The Commissions are as follows: Commission Rate Chart of signing a contract, dealing with real-
1. General Residences (Prices in Won) tors and reporting the move to your - Deunggi (등기): Title
local registry can complicate things fur-
Categories Transaction Amount Rate (%) Limit Notes
ther. Here’s a brief but handy list of - Soyu (소유): Possession
Less than 50 million 0.6 250,000 vocabulary you need to be aware of.

More than 50 million

- Gyeyak Jogun (계약조건): Condition
0.5 800,000
More than 200 million - Jeonse (전세): Lump sum deposit
less than 200 million Transaction amount method in which a large sum of money - Jeodang (저당, 저당권): Mortgage
less than 600 million multiplied by rate is deposited into the landlord’s
Less than 50 million 0.5 200,000 account after the signing of the lease - Jutaek yungja (주택융자): Home loan
contract. The entire sum is returned to
More than 50 million
0.4 300,000 the renter at the end of the contract.
less than 100 million
More than 100 million Transaction amount
0.3 - Wolse (월세): A monthly rental system Purchasing a House -
less than 300 million multiplied by rate
in which a deposit agreed upon by the Procedures
landlord and the renter is deposited
2. Luxury Residences (Prices in Won) and a fixed monthly rent is paid on a 1. Potential buyer needs to prepare all

Categories Transaction amount Rate (%) specified date of each month. The necessary documents before entering
deposited sum is returned in full at the the country. The first and most impor-
Sale of residence at more To be determined withstatutory
Sale/Exchange end of the contract. tant ones are proof of residency
than 600 million commission limit of 0.9%
abroad and address confirmation.
Lease and
Lease of residence at To be determined with statutory - Galse (갈세): Similar to Wolse, a lump
transactions other
more than 300 million commission limit of 0.8%
than sale/exchange sum payment of year’s rent is paid in 2. All capitals for real estate investment
advance along with a 10% of lump must be registered at a foreign
sum deposited with the landlord. exchange bank. Necessary docu-
3. Buildings other than residences ments are: sales contract, surveying
- Imdae (임대): Lease report, public land evaluation confir-
Categories Transaction amount Rate (%)
mation and property register.
Set by the agent within statutory
Sale/Exchange No set standards - Bojeunggeum(보증금):
commission limit of 0.9%
Key deposit money 3. Make the payment.

74 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Accommodation• 75

4. After your acquisition, the property complete relocation service will obviously rest of the amount on the day of the 2. International Moving
must be reported to the land registra- cost you a little more. A five ton truck will move-in. This won’t be a problem as it (Source :
tion department of the city within 60 cost you about. KRW 450,000~700,000. can be done easily at an ATM (Tel : 82-2-3489-2500)
days. These companies also offer storage machine or through Internet banking.
spaces. However, you should ask your realtor There are several companies organizing
5. Apply for registration number. Non- The other option is calling up your in advance and prepare all necessary international moving. (You can find some
resident individuals must go to the neighborhood movers. transaction fees in cash. In some cas- of them in the directory) (P.193) In most
immigration office with their Land es, the landlord will require you to pay cases, the procedure looks like this:
Acquisition Certificate and a copy of If you have relatively not many belong- the first and last month’s rent and a
their passport. Residing foreigners do ings, you can go with the standard relo- month of maintenance fees in a. Pre-move survey
not have to worry about the reporting cation service. A mover typically shows advance. Realtors will also ask for The pre-move survey allows a Move
procedure of non-residents. up with his truck, and you can help the their commission on this date and Consultant to meet personally with you
mover with loading and unloading. This don’t forget gratuities for the movers. to discuss your requirements. The con-
6. Within 60 days of signing the con- method might require physical labor, but Try to figure out the total sum in sultant will record the various items to
tract, ownership transition must be if you’re single and don’t have a lot of advance and prepare the amount in be packed and will take note of any spe-
reported to the district office. Alien furniture, it’s not a bad choice. A five ton cash. cial instructions. Every move is different,
registration card, address certifica- truck costs approximately KRW 350,000. so be prepared to discuss your individ-
tion, registration certificate, register - When depositing the remaining sum of ual needs.
application, sales contract, and land The last option is as best as they come. your deposit money, you need to take The Move Consultant will provide you
register papers are needed. Larger number of movers will unpack into account weekends and holidays with the preliminary information con-
everything and also clean your new in Korea. If a bank is closed, the entire cerning destination customs require-
place. This means a speedier and tidier situation can get a little messy. Things ments, types of insurance, packing
method that’s convenient for the mover. can get even more difficult if you have techniques, timings etc., and will follow
Average cost for this type of service is a set limit on withdrawal amount per that up with detailed answers to specific
KRW 900,000~1,300,000. day. If the bank is closed, you can run questions.
Moving into obvious problems and might even
end up in front of the ATM for awhile
1. Domestic Moving Tip Box trying to withdraw a sizeable amount
Checklist for Moving Day in KRW 10,000 bills. Take this into
Moving companies and prices vary. On the day of the move, things are account and try to set your move-in
Some of the more established compa- going to get hectic and with a lot hap- date on a day which will not cause any
nies take care of the entire moving pening, you need to remember a few banking problems.
process by packing everything in empty things.
boxes to unloading and unpacking all - Having paid 10% of the deposit money
your belongings in your new place. This on the signing day, you’ll deposit the

76 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Accommodation• 77

stay in the house so the crew will know shipment into the steamship container
how to handle accordingly. The moving or wooden lift van crates at your resi-
company will supply these labels for you. dence. Your goods will normally go
directly to the port for loading, unless
- Show the supervisor where to start otherwise specified.
and give him a brief tour of the house.
f. Shipment
- Point out to him those items that The moving companies shipping depart-
require special care or crating. ment will arrange the air or sea shipment
of your goods to the destination port of
- Do not allow jewelry, expensive watch- entry nearest to your new residence.
es, money, coin or stamp collections Hopefully, a reputable carrier is chosen
to be packed. These should be hand- by your moving company to help ensure
carried by you. (The Insurer will not that your shipment arrives as scheduled.
cover these items).
g. Delivery
b. Quotation d. Documentation - Try to be present during packing to Your moving company will provide you
Based on the information gathered dur- There are certain documents that the ensure that there is no misunderstand- with the contact details of your delivery
ing the on-site survey, a detailed budget company will require to properly arrange ing about what is to be packed. partner in your destination country and
proposal for your move will be sent to your international move. Be sure to the estimated arrival date for your ship-
you within a few days, including estimat- complete the documentation before - If you are packing a box yourself, leave ment. Upon arrival, you should contact
ed price, estimated volume or weight of packing begins to ensure vessel and air it open for checking by the supervisor. the delivery moving company to advise
the shipment, possible extra charges shipment bookings are on time. Late them of your plans and to coordinate the
etc. It is important to do a proper evalu- receipt of these documents can cause - Failure to do so may result in him label- documentation and delivery schedule.
ation of all move quotations, if you have delays to your shipment. These docu- ing it as "PBO" (packed by owner)
more than one. ments depend from company to com- which may cause problems with cus- There are some international moving
pany. toms authorities and insurance com- companies in Korea, for example Allied
c. Acceptance panies. Pickfords (
To ensure proper initiation of your move, e. Packing 02-796-5961/2) and Asian Tigers (www.
please complete the Quotation Accep- Before the packing crew arrives, - The supervisor will prepare a packing 3489 2500).
tance and fax it to your moving compa- remember to keep any items you wish list for you to list each package's con- Other moving companies you can find in
ny of your choice. Once having received to take on the plane with you in a sepa- tent and will ask you to sign it upon the directory.
your faxed confirmation, the moving rate place where they will not be packed completion of the packing.
company will reconfirm your packing by mistake. Also, put labels on those
dates. items that go into storage, by air / sea, - The packing crew will also load your

78 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Accommodation• 79

3. Corporate Relocation: 3.The moving counselor prepares a sur- 1.Utilities
Water easily into air when leakage occurs. It is
Move Management vey of corporate relocation services also convenient because it is supplied
(source : and determines estimated costs Korea’s tap water has been tested and through pipelines and hence does not
(Tel : 02-796-5962) based on a thorough room-by-room proven to be safe for drinking. A drinking require extra storage space. It is also
analysis of household goods to be water examination facility and an autho- economical since it’s abundant and is
Move Management from a Corpo- shipped, making note of special pack- rized virus examination instruction main- not costly to produce.
rate Relocation Company ing and transportation requirements. tain and supply safe purified water. All homes and building units in Korea
Normally, a qualified moving counselor is Water fees can differ depending on the have a gas meter where you can check
assigned to each corporate relocation to 4.After the estimate is approved, our amount and purpose of use. For exam- the amount of gas being used on a reg-
provide your employees with a single, counselors will assign a move coordina- ple, households and offices have differ- ular basis.
dedicated point of contact. tor to the move who will personally ent rates.
Usually, a corporate relocation has the update your employee on all of its phas- There are various ways to pay your bills. (02) 810-8000, (02) 3665-1849
following procedures: es, from when the packers will arrive to The most convenient method is through
exactly when final delivery will be made. automated deposit. An amount specified
1.Every phase of a corporate relocation on the bill will be taken from the desig- 3. Wired Phone
is supervised and monitored by a 5.Each transferee is contacted one nated bank account. You can also (
qualified moving counselor. The mov- week prior to and on the actual days deposit the specified sum through an
ing counselor assures that the moving of packing, loading and delivery. automated bank machine or at a bank KT, the now privatized telecom compa-
companies’ procedures and services- Should any of these events be more teller. ny, still has a monopoly on wired phones
from pre-move planning through final than one week apart from each other, For more information, dial 121 or visit in Korea.
invoicing-strictly comply with your regular contact will be maintained the website of ”The Office of Water- You can apply for installation with a local
company's relocation policies. throughout. works Seoul Metropolitan Government.” telephone office by dialing 100 (the num-
( ber of Korean Telecom (KT)) and fax a
2.During the pre-move consultation, the 6.If your employee requires information ish/index.php).
moving counselor conducts an in- or has questions regarding the move,
depth needs analysis to identify the they may simply contact their move
specific relocation requirements, coordinator. The coordinator is 2. Gas
expectations and concerns of the relo- empowered to respond quickly, pro-
cating family. viding the necessary information to Gas is the main energy source for most
your employee. of the Korean homes. For most cases,
gas is used not only for ondol system
(floor-heating), but also for cooking
The use of natural gas is deemed safe
since it’s lighter than air and diffuses

80 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Accommodation• 81

copy of your passport, alien registration 4. Cable TV around KRW 10,000~20,000 . However, study has shown that Korea’s download
card and bank account information. every region in Korea has its own speed is four times faster than the U.S.
You can keep the same number if you Korea has four basic channels, KBS, provider, competing with KT. It is impos- - KT (, 100
move within the same KT telephone office MBC, SBS and EBS. These channels sible to list them because there are so - SK Broadband
district. However, you must change your are available everywhere in the country. many of them. These providers may (,
number if you move outside the district. Cable TV is affordable with basic cable offer cheaper prices, so be on the look- 080-8282-106
package and complete cable package. out. - LG Powercom (http://www.lgpower-
Calls made from Land Line to mobile Cable channels offer a lot of programs in Notice Installation fees are around KWR, 1644-7070
Phones: English with Korean subtitles, including 40,000~60,000.
Between 12.87 and 14.5 Won/10 sec- movies, sport events or documentary
onds, depending on when the call is movies. Tip Box
made. It costs little more during business A wide range of cable packages are 5. Satellite TV Combination Services
hours and less during the night. available with a variety of content and Utilizing its position as the monopolist in
price. For example, KT offers a basic If you are interested in satellite TV, you wired telephones, KT can offer combi-
Calls made from Land line to land line: package with 60 TV channels and 30 should visit After nation services, including Telephone,
- Local calls (inside a 30km radius): radio channels for a price of KWR receiving a satellite TV and receiver, you Cable TV and Internet.
3 Minutes cost 39 Won, 30% less dur- 16,000 a month while the premium have access to up to 190 channels.
ing discount hours package with 80 TV channels cost KWR Installation costs between nothing and For example, for KWR 35,000~40,000
- Distant Calls: (Outside the 30km radius) 23,000 a month. In addition, you can KWR 30,000, depending on the pro- a month, you can get all three services
: 10.2-14.5 Won/10 seconds. add “channel packages” depending on gram package. For example, Skylife pro- together. In addition, fees for phone
- Dial 100, or visit the website your interest (the packages may empha- vides a basic package of 115 TV chan- calls have to be paid depending how (also only avail- size movies, US daily soaps, entertain- nels for a price of KWR 12,000 a month. often you used it.
able in Korean) ment programs, for example) costing The premium package with 187 chan-
nels cost KWR 30,000 a month. Inter-
esting is the “Sky English World” Pack-
age where you can receive 21 English-
speaking channels for a price of KWR
12,000 a month + KWR 34,000 installa-
tion fee.

6. Internet Service

Korea is the country with the fastest

internet access in the world. A recent

82 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Accommodation• 83

7. Garbage Disposal iron, cans and plastic. Apartment resi- ・Plastics: Detergent and shampoo or Gu-office and pay fee in advance.
dents put these into the assigned collec- containers should be disposed only If recycling, call the Center for Recycling
Daily garbage disposal tion boxes (according to items). Individ- after rinsing with water. or other collection source.
General waste coming from houses and ual residents gather recyclable items at
offices should be put into municipality- designated places twice every week. ・Broken bottles, glass, etc.: Special ・Fees (in Won)
issued plastic bags and placed at col- bags or municipality-issued plastic - Refrigerator: 4,000 ~ 8,000
lection sites on scheduled dates to be ・Paper: Tie newspapers, calendars, bags - Television: 3,000 ~ 5,000
picked up by garbage collectors. magazines, or notebooks in 30 cm - Washing machine: 3,000
bundles. (Ensure cartons are cleaned ■ Where to purchase trash bags - Closet: 10,000 ~ 15,000
■ Food waste before disposing.) Supermarkets and grocery stores carry - Desk: 4,000 ~ 7,000
・Warning all trash bags such as trash bags for - Piano: 15,000
Food waste should be drained of all flu- ・Glass: Wine, soft drinks and medicine food or other waste.
ids. Plastic bags, shells, toothpicks, bottles must be cleansed before dis- The price of trash bags vary depending
wooden chopsticks, animal bones, plas- posing. on size and function. Each district uses 8. Forwarding postal mail
tics, metal goods, bottles, papers, different bags.
eggshells, etc. should not be mixed in ・Scrap metal: Metal chairs, stainless You must buy bags in your district, as Go to your district post office and sub-
with food waste. steel should be collected separately. bags from other districts cannot be mit an application form. Mail will be for-
used. warded to your new address for three
・Detached Houses ・Cans: Beer, soft drink and powdered ・White bags for domestic use in private months and will be returned to the
Food waste should be placed in con- milk cans should be compressed households in 5, 10, 20 and 50 liter sizes. sender after that time.
tainers (usually a plastic bag or contain- before throwing away. ・Light blue bags for public use in 50,
er) designated by each area and then 70 and 100 liter sizes.
left outside for collection. ・Orange bags for business use in 20,
50 and 100 liter sizes.
・Apartments, Other Multi-unit Resi-
dences ■ Disposing of large-sized items
Food waste must be taken and dumped ・What is a large-sized item?
into large food waste receptacles gener- Refrigerators, televisions, washing
ally found in the parking lot. machines, air conditioners, wardrobes,
sofas, tables, pianos, furniture, and oth-
■ How to deal with recycle bins er items that are not suitable for regula-
Collecting recyclables is an effective tion-sized bags.
means of reducing environmental pollu-
tion. Recyclable goods are divided into ・Procedures for Disposal
five different groups: paper, glass, scrap Notify Dong office, sanitation company

84 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Accommodation• 85

Guide to Living in Korea 2010


・Foreign Schools in Korea

・Korean Language Programs
・Libraries and Book Stores
Tip Box It goes without saying, however, that if
Alternative options - Korean you're going to enroll your child in a
Schools and Homeschooling Korean school, language proficiency is
The majority of foreigners residing in important. Consider the Korean lan-

Education Korea choose to send their children to

international or foreign school, where
their children receive Western (usually
US)-style education with other foreign
children. This is not a cheap option,
guage ability of your child before drop-
ping him or her off at a Korean school.
Homeschooling is another option. If
you're dedicated and have the patience,
homeschooling your children is not a
however. One of the most common bad option, even if you don't fancy your-
well as a German school, a Japanese complaints raised by foreigners, in fact, self a teacher. Nowadays, in the age of
Foreign Schools in Korea
school and even a Mongolian school. is the lack of affordable educational the Internet, there are plenty of accredit-
The schools also vary greatly in size: options. ed distance learning options available
1. Introduction Seoul Foreign School in Seodaemun-gu, A much cheaper alternative, of course, which give parents a flexible-yet-struc-
for instance, has nearly 1,500 students, is to send your child to a local Korean tured approach to their children’s edu-
As of 2009, there were a total of 44 for- while many others have less than 100. school. The Korean school system is cation. is a good
eign schools in Korea. The highest con- Be warned - sending your child to a for- divided into six years of elementary place to start, as is the US Distance
centration of foreign schools can be eign school can be expensive. Tuitions school, followed by three years of mid- Learning Association (
found in the capital, Seoul, with 16 differ, of course, depending on the dle school and three years of high
schools, while five are located in the school, but you're usually looking at school. The academic year is divided
southeastern port of Busan. Another somewhere between KRW 12 million into two semesters --- the first semester
three are located in Daegu, and one and KRW 20 million a year, or about begins in early March and ends in late
each in Incheon, Daejeon and Gwangju. US$10,000~16,000 (depending on the June, while the second semester begins
Six are found in Gyeonggi-do, while two exchange rate). in September and ends in mid-Decem-
are found in Gangwon-do, three in Sending your child to a Korean school ber. In between, there's a one-month
Chungcheongbuk-do, two in Chungcheong- is obriously a much cheaper option summer vacation and a long winter
nam-do, one in Jeollabuk-do, and two in (Your kids are eligible for attending at vacation.
Gyeongsangnam-do. In the directory, Korean public schools), but this is not Korean schools are divided into public
you can find a list of foreign schools and recommended unless your child has a and private schools. The price disparity
locations. (P.183) reasonable command of the Korean lan- between the two is significant for ele-
Most of the foreign schools use English guage. mentary school, although for middle and
as the language of instruction and follow Another option is homeschooling, which high school, the difference in tuition is
the U.S. school curricula. This is not is actually more practical than you might fairly minor. Admission to private
entirely the case, however; there are two think. schools is determined by random selec-
French schools in Seoul, for instance, as tion.

88 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Education• 89

2. Getting into a Foreign current teacher - Some schools have their own entrance school to school. In the case of Korea
School - Photocopy of information page of admission tests. International School, for instance, read-
passport ing and writing tests are mandatory for
Different schools have different require- - 2nd~9th grade students: Most recent Tip Box all grades beyond the first. Math tests
ments for entering. Moreover, relevant standardized test results What are IDEA Language Profi- are given according to grade level, and
laws and regulations concerning foreign - Two full pages of original written work ciency Tests (IPT) and Placement additional tests may be given at the dis-
schools are subject to change. That (in English) from recent school assign- Tests? cretion of the Office of Admissions.
being said, here's a rough guideline to ments with teacher or principal verifica- If your child is planning to attend a for-
what you'll probably need to enroll your tion signature eign school where the language of Tip Box
child in a foreign school. - Two recent mathematics assignments instruction is English, he or she may Can Korean students attend foreign
or tests have to take the IDEA Language Profi- schools?
■ General Requirements - Medical forms ciency Tests, or IPT. A commonly asked question is whether
If you want to enroll your child in a for- - Application and registration fees The IPT, created by the company Bal- Korean students can attend foreign
eign school, the child must satisfy at lard & Tighe of the United since 1979, is schools. The answer is yes, some can. If
least one of the following conditions: ■ Entrance Exam a test designed to assess and catego- you read the “Geeneral Requirements”
- Foreign citizen Depending on the school and class, you rize a student's proficiency in the English section carefully, you can see that stu-
- Foreign denizenship may also need samples of your child's language. dents (also Koreans) who have resided
- Foreign residence of at least 5 years written work, recent mathematics tests, The test is divided into five testing levels. overseas for five years or more may
- One or both parents are foreigners and other documents. Be sure to check Level 1 is appropriate for pre-kinder- attend a foreign school. Koreans with at
which documents are required by the garten and kindergarten students. Level least one foreign parent may attend a
■ Required documents school you'd like your child to attend 2 is for students grades 1-2 (according foreign school, too.
Some documents are very difficult to before applying. to the US system). Level 3 is for grades
obtain in Korea; therefore it is advisable Many foreign schools also require an 3-5. Level 4 is for grades 6-8 and Level
to prepare these documents in your interview and a placement test, espe- 5 for grades 9-12.
home country before arriving in Korea. cially an IPT oral English proficiency For most of those levels, there are four-
exam (see next page). After your child's kind of test sections available - reading,
- Completed application form with three application is reviewed, it usually takes writing, listening and speaking. (Each
recent photos about a week for schools to notify par- section of the test is to see whether the
- Proof of eligibility to attend a foreign ents with their entry decisions. student can function in an English-
school in Korea If your child has attended a school in a speaking classroom.
- Copies of report cards from schools non-English speaking country, he/she For more information on the examina-
attended over the past two years (if in required to submit the result of an Eng- tion, see the homepage of Ballard &
any language other than English, a lish test like IDEA. Tighe (
translation is required) - Some schools require an interview with Most schools also have their own place-
- Letter of recommendation from the the parents. ment test. Placement tests differ from

90 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Education• 91

3. Major Foreign Schools in ▶ Seoul Academy designated desks and move to their - Features: Library, cafeteria, various
Seoul & Other Areas ( own classes for each subject in the extracurricular activities including ath-
Tel. 82-2-554-1690 afternoon. letics.
▶ Yongsan International School of
Seoul (YISS) - Class organization: Kindergarten to 8 ▶ Centennial Christian School ▶ Lycee Francais de Seoul
( year courses, 1-2 classes a year, 15 ( (
Tel. 82-2-797-5104 students a class. Tel. 82-2-772-9275~6 Tel. 82-2-535-1158
- Class organization: From kindergarten - Class: Same as the US. - Class organization: 1 year to 12 year - Class organization: 3 years of preschool
to 12 year students, 20 students a - Features: Cafeteria, library, 200 stu- courses starting from kindergarten, course, 5 years of elementary school
class, 2 classes a grade. dents in all. total of 1,200 students. course, 4 years of middle school
- Class: Regular US curriculums, com- - Class: Weekly service, Christianity and course, and 3 years of high school
puter, music, art, physical education ▶ Seoul Foreign School US history classes. course.
and social activities. ( - Features: Small library for each class, - Class: Education methods and curricu-
- Features: The new campus, construct- Tel. 82-2-330-3100 no cafeteria. lums of the French Ministry of Educa-
ed in 2006, includes over 50 class- - Class organization: 14 4-year olds and tion, most French classes, one Korean
rooms, two libraries, a 400-seat audi- 24 5-year-olds in kindergarten, 20-25 ▶ Korea International School and 27 French teachers.
torium, two gyms, two outdoor play- students in a class of elementary, mid- ( - Features: Libraries dedicated for each
ground areas, an indoor swimming pool dle and high school. Tel. 82-2-561-0509 of elementary school, middle school,
and a soccer pitch with artificial turf. - Class: French in kindergarten course, - Class organization: 2 classes per year and high school, and a school cafete-
Korean, Spanish, French in elemen- starting from kindergarten course. ria and athletic facilities, extracurricular
▶ International German School tary, middle and high schools. Classes with 20 students. activities of their own free will after
( - Features: Cafeteria, library, facilities for - Class: same as in the US. school.
Tel. 82-2-792-0797 sports activities including football, soft-
- Class organization: 45 students in ball, swimming, squash, tennis court,
kindergarten, 15 students per year indoors and outdoors basketball court,
from 1 year to 10 year. a performing arts center.
- Class: Mostly about Germany, fluent
German, 15 German teachers and 1 ▶ Global Christian School
Korean teacher. (
- Features: Library, cafeteria, gymnasi- Tel. 82-2-797-0234
um, extracurricular activities including - Class organization: 1 year to 12 year.
tennis, folk dance, music, movies, - Class: Same as in the US
cooking and sports. - Features: Library, sports activities
including football, one-on-one class,
no class fixed, students study on their

92 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Education• 93

▶ Korea Kent Foreign School ▶ Taejon Christian International learn the language in a small-town set- Assembly Library, the Supreme Court
( School ting, it's something you might look into. Library and Korea's many University’s
Tel. 82-2-2201-7091~2 ( If you're feeling really confident in your libraries. The Namsan Library, located
- Class organization: 1 year to 12 year Tel. 82-42-633-3663 Korean skills, you can even try the Kore- next to Namsan Park, has a small for-
students, 20 students a class. - Class organization: 12 years course an Proficiency Exam. eign language section, but is better
- Class: English, US history, world histo- starting from kindergarten class, one Korean is not a particularly easy lan- known as a nice place to stroll around
ry, mathematics, music, computer class for kindergarten and elementary guage to learn, but if you put in the time with great views of the city.
basics. school and several classes for middle and effort, learning it can be a fun and You can find the most important
- Features: Facilities include a computer and high schools. rewarding experience and greatly libraries in the directory. (P.184)
lab, library, cafeteria, PE areas and a - Curriculum: Same as in the US. improve the quality of your experience in
play area. - Features: Library, cafeteria, various Korea.
athletic activities and orchestra events, A List of Korean language schools you 2. Bookstores
▶ Seoul International School school festival with introduction to can find in the directory. (P.185)
( world cuisine and culture in every The main bookstores have a section for
Tel. 82-31-750-1200 June. foreign books; therefore you can find
- Class organization: 2 years of foreign literature relatively easily. More-
preschool course, and 12 years of ele- over, “Seoul Selection” provides books
mentary, middle, and high school Libraries and Book Stores about Korea in English, and a bookstore
courses. 19 students in kindergarten, called “What the book” sells used for-
23~25 students a class from elemen- Korean Language Programs 1. Libraries eign books. (P.187)
tary school to middle school. 10~20
students a class in high school: stu- Opportunities to learn the Korean lan- Korea has traditionally been a nation
dents take classes by subject. guage have significantly increased as that enjoys reading. However, English-
- Class: Same as in U.S. all English Korean grows as a language of eco- written materials are not particularly easy
classes, 100 teachers who are all nomic, political and cultural importance. to come by at public libraries. On the
native English speakers. In Seoul, many Universities offer Korean other hand, a number of countries oper-
- Features: Elementary school building, language classes for foreigners. Some ate cultural centers with libraries with
middle/high school building, 2 libraries, programs, such as Kyunghee Univ.'s foreign language books. There are a
2 gymnasiums, playing field, tennis Korean Language Institute, have a long number of foreign-language bookstores
court, swimming pool, cafeteria, audi- history and are quite prestigious. as well, where you can buy textbooks
torium, and various extracurricular Others are newer and you should inquire and other necessary items for your edu-
activities including sports or music into program specifics before applying. cational needs. The National Library in
bands. Even in the countryside, many regional Korea, in Sogong-dong, is the proverbial
universities and colleges now offer Kore- mother-of-all-libraries in Korea. Other
an language classes - if you'd like to major libraries include the National

94 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Education• 95

Guide to Living in Korea 2010


・Public Transportation
・Self Driving
Passengers who pay their fare in cash In general, subway trains operate at
will pay KRW 100 more than travelers intervals of 2.5 to 3 minutes during the
using a traffic card. morning and evening rush hours and at
T-Money can be purchased at vendor intervals of 4 to 6 minutes during the

Transportation kiosks selling bus tickets near most city

bus stops, or any Woori Bank branch for
KRW 2,500. If the card runs out of mon-
ey, passengers can use the automated
refilling machines located at every sub-
non-rush hours. Usually, trains operate
from 5:30 in the morning to midnight.
Other cities, including Busan, Daegu
and Daejeon, have a subway system as
way station in Korea. Subways Maps (Seoul and other cities)
transferring to another form of trans- are at the end of this book.
Public Transportation
portation to record the distance cov-
ered. This may sound complicated, but 2. Subway ■ Subway Fare
1. Payment System watch what the other passengers are (Source :
(T-Money Card) doing when they transfer. Then the pro- Seoul currently has 11 subway lines and
cedure becomes quite obvious. a surface line of the state-run Korean • Subway Fare Guide
Seoul City has an integrated fare system To be eligible for the discount, a pas- National Railroad (KNR) merging with Subway fare is calculated based on the
designed to reduce financial burdens senger must transfer to the next bus or them, which serve Seoulites and visitors distance traveled. The basic fare is KRW
when switching between different forms subway train within half an hour after most effectively. Colored differently 900 for distance less than 10km.
of mass transportation. Passengers will getting of the last mode of transporta- between lines, Seoul subway lines link
have to pay KRW 900 (KRW 1,000 in tion (or within an hour between 09:00 the farthest parts of Seoul and its satel-
cash) over a distance of less than 10km p.m. and 07:00 a.m.). lite cities and cross each other at various
no matter how many times they change transferable stations, marked by the
between buses (including village buses) symbol.
and subways, with an increment of KRW
100 charged for every additional 5 km. Category Card Ticket
The fee can be paid in cash, via T-mon-
ey card or credit cards affiliated with T- • Basic Fare: KRW 900 until 10km
• Plus Fare Plus KRW 100 from card
money. Regular
- 10~40km: plus KRW 100 per 5km fare
A valid T-Money card or existing traffic - 40km~: plus KRW 100 per 10km
card is required to get a discount. A
Teenagers 20% discount from regular fare
passenger needs to present his/her traf- No discount
(age 13~19) (Basic Fare : KRW 720)
fic card to the fare terminal when getting
on and off the bus (or subway line), and Children 50% discount from regular fare 50% discount from regular
(age 6~12) (Basic Fare : KRW 450) ticket fare
he/she must repeat this procedure when

98 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Transportation• 99

Tip Box 2. Place the card near the reader when Tip Box up close or can be a person who’s sim-
The One-way ticket you enter the subway. People you’ll meet on the subway ply into staring at others. The best thing
( It’ll happen at least once, even to the to do is to ignore the stare or if you start
If you don’t have a T-money card to pay 3. After getting off at the final destina- best of us. It’s a typical Korean summer to feel a creepy vibe, move away from
for the fee, you have to buy a one-way tion, put the ticket inside the “refund- day, scorching hot and humid enough the starer.
ticket using ticket machines at the sub- able machine” and get your deposit to make you feel like a snickers bar
way station. From May 1, 2009, the back. melting in the sun. You get on the sub- ■ The Newspaper Reader
one-way subway tickets change like this way in a rush, because when are you You’ll run into the odd newspaper read-
(see the picture below). In order to make •Tips for use ever not in a rush in Korea? Even with er if you commute during the morning
Seoul a greener city, Seoul Metro do not - The One-way ticket will the air-conditioner pumping full-blast, rush hour. This type of person likes to
print disposable tickets anymore, but be reused, therefore do you’re standing there sweating like you read the paper with his legs wide apart. I
instead use reusable plastic tickets. not damage the card. If you destroy or just stepped out of a steam room after a say “he” because if a female rider were
They can be used repeatedly and are damage the card, you will not get your good workout. It’s crowded and you to do that, it might cause quite a scene.
therefore environment-friendly. deposit back. understand that people can’t help Try to give the person a few signs of dis-
bumping into you but then a middle- pleasure.
- If you chose the wrong destination aged woman, yes, your typical Korean
before purchasing the ticket, call a ajumma elbows you in an attempt to exit ■ The Unapologetic Pusher
employee of the subway station when the subway car in a rush. However, it's This is the type mentioned above in the
you arrive there, pay the rest, and get best to refrain from retributive behavior “hypothetical” situation. Ajummas※ are
■ How to use of the One-way ticket out of the train station. for several reasons. the major culprits in most cases. Brush
off the experience because maybe the
- If the reader does not accept your tick- And maybe that won’t happen to all of person is really in a rush. If it happens
et, call a employee of the subway sta- us or most of you won’t feel that way frequently, there’s a problem but if you
tion. after a similar encounter, but just to give don’t want to miss your stop, you might
a glimpse of what one might expect on end up taking extreme measures as
- You cannot get further discount bene- the public transportation system in well.
fits if you use the one-way ticket. Seoul, here’s a list of behaviors common ※Ajumma: A middle-aged woman, mar-
on the Seoul Metro. ried and around 35~50 years old.

■ The Starer
Although globalization and multicultural- 3. Buses
1. Find your destination using the ticket ism are on the rise, and even it Korea
machine, pay the ticket price and the has a growing foreign community, it’s ■ Bus system in Seoul
deposit of KRW 500. Get your one- not uncommon to get a stare. The per- The Seoul Metropolitan Government is
way ticket. son has probably never seen a foreigner to operate a new designed bus system

100 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Transportation• 101

on the newly adjusted routes as of July town Seoul. It is similar with the city bus ■ Bus fares
1, 2004. New bus stop signs are more and the community shuttle bus currently Type of Bus Type of passenger Fare (in Won)
(when using Transportation Card)
easily recognizable than the current in operation. Green stands for the
ones, which are expected to be col- mountains surrounding the city. Adults (over 20) 900
orized according to the type of city bus-
Students (14 to 19) 720
es: Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. The •Red Bus Blue Bus /
following is a detailed description of The red bus is an express bus designed Yellow Bus
Children (8~13) 450
each bus. especially for those commuting between
downtown Seoul and the metropolitan Adults (over 20) 700
area. The color red reflects energy of
Students (14 to 19) 560
Green Bus Children (8~13) 350
•Yellow Bus
This bus will circle downtown Seoul and Adults (over 20) 1,700

stop at stations for blue buses and

Students (14 to 19) 1,360
major railway stations, as well as busi- Red Bus
•Blue Bus ness, tourist and shopping areas. Yellow Children (8~13) 1,200
This type of bus will operate at higher was selected for its dynamic and friendly
speeds and access the median bus lane image.
Tip Box
connecting suburban areas to down- Green buses offer connections between
town Seoul. The city government is part- Bus Transportation: How to Make major subway stations or bus terminals
ly in charge of its operation. The city has Sense of the Maze in downtown Seoul. Blue buses connect
taken full consideration to introduce 3 The bus as a form of public transporta- suburban areas to downtown Seoul -
kinds of buses belonging to the Blue tion was introduced in Seoul in April these buses have access to the new
Bus category: bendable bus, CNG 1928. ‘bus only lanes’ along the median, which
(compressed natural gas) bus with a Since then, the government has built makes traveling faster than before. Red
lower platform, and regular large-sized many roads and has added numerous buses, or express buses, are for con-
CNG bus. The blue color represents bus routes in order to deal with a rapidly necting outer metropolitan areas, like
Seoul's skyline and Hangang (River) to growing population. In July 2004, the Bundang or Ilsan, to downtown Seoul.
symbolize security and freedom. Seoul Metropolitan Government launched Yellow buses run on circular routes in
a new and more efficient bus system. downtown Seoul, and are particularly
•Green Bus The new system adjusted all old bus useful for access to major shopping
The green bus is operated by private routes as well as their numbers. The city areas and businesses. In addition, each
bus companies to connect major sub- buses are now organized into colors: city sector (“gu” in Korean) operates
way stations or bus terminals in down- Green, Blue, Red, and Yellow. smaller buses, known as “ma-eul” or vil-

102 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Transportation• 103

lage buses, which run from most major (Saturday: 9:00-21:00, both directions, tions in advance except on one of the 4) When it’s close to boarding time, the
subway stations into local neighbor- Sunday, national holidays: 9:00-23:00) major national holidays. driver will come around to collect your
hoods. The major drawback to the use of buses Call (02) 535-4151 or (02) 6282-0600 ticket and you can board your bus.
To make the new bus system easier to is the possibility of a traffic jam. Estimat- between the hours of 9:00 and 16:30. This usually takes 5~10 minutes prior
access, in December 2004 the Seoul ed time given for each route is fairly English operators are available. Cancel- to departure time. You are allowed to
Metropolitan Government launched an accurate but unexpected traffic jams or lations are possible but must be done take 80 kg of luggage with you for the
English bus route search system on the congestion during major holidays can two days prior to the scheduled trip in ride and there is a separate compart-
Internet. Detailed local roads with loca- delay your trip. For example, trips from order to avoid charges. For online reser- ment for the luggage. Once on board,
tions of major public organizations, Seoul to Busan, with usual estimated vations, visit for listen to the driver to avoid missing
buildings, schools, and hospitals can be travel time at five and a half hours, has Gyeongbuseon routes and www.easyt- your stop.
found on the online “Seoul Map.” Bus been known to take as long as 14 hours for Honamseon routes.
Tip Box
routes with connecting subway stations on major holidays.
can be searched on the online “Bus It is also important to find out which ter- ■Riding an Express Bus Distinguishing the many bus termi-
Map.” Log on to this user-friendly site at minal to go to since all terminals have 1) The first step in taking an express bus nals in Seoul But remember scheduled routes to certain cities. You is finding out the right terminal for As mentioned before, you must find out
that there are signs at bus stops also need to be aware of the types of your destination. When you enter the the correct terminal according to your
explaining the routes, with the major buses. There are two types of bus, Ude- bus terminal, you’ll notice electronic destination. There are four express bus
stops marked in English as well. ung bus and Ilban bus. Udeung means bulletin boards posted near the ticket terminals in Seoul: Seoul Express Bus
excellent or high quality and these buses window. Which show fares departure Terminal, Dong-Seoul, and Sangbong.
have single seats on the left side of the time and type of bus. Seoul Express Bus Terminal is divided
4. Express Bus aisle and double seats on the right side. into two stations: the Gyeongbuseon
This arrangement leaves more space for 2) Next step is to buy a ticket. Simply Terminal serving the east coast and
One method of traveling around the the riders and comfort for those traveling choose a time from the listing and Honamseon Terminal serving the west.
country is the express bus. With four alone. tell the clerk your destination and Other points of interest include Dong
express bus terminals in the city, Nambu time. Once you get the ticket, dou- Seoul and Sangbong Intercity Bus Ter-
(Seocho-dong), Seoul Express Bus Ter- ■ Guide to Riding an Express Bus ble-check to see that the ticket has minals. Intercity buses have lower fares
minal (Banpo-dong) Dong-Seoul (Guui- Check correct terminal location and bus the destination of your choice printed and often do not use expressways.
dong) and Sangbong-dong, buses are schedule. Remember that bus fares for on it.
convenient and affordable method of weekdays, weekends and night express
transportation in Korea. Expresses are buses are all different. Check whether 3) Once you have your ticket, check the
affordable and tickets are rather easy to the ticket you’re buying is for an Udeung boarding gate number and go there in
purchase without much waiting. Further- or Ilban bus. advance to make sure you know
more, amid terrible traffic jams they can exactly where to board your bus on
use bus-only lanes beginning at noon on ■Ticketing/Payment Methods time. Most destinations have a desig-
Saturdays. Express buses do not require reserva- nated gate number.

104 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Transportation• 105

5. Taxis speakerphone mode. 39 seconds if the speed drops below their launch in May 2009. Seoul plans to
Next, call the translation center at 080- 15 km per hour. There is no late-night add 100 more taxis by the end August
■Introduction 840-0505 and follow the directions of surcharge. 2009. Beginning in September, Chinese
Taxis are relatively cheap in Korea com- the recorded message for the correct - Can usually be found waiting at major interpretation service will also be offered.
pared to other countries. Subways are option. When the translator answers, a hotels entrance and terminals. Taxi- To use the taxis, one can make a reser-
efficient and provide a quick and easy three-way conversation over the speak- sharing is strictly prohibited for Deluxe vation by calling 1644-2255 or online at
way to travel around the city. Therefore, er phone can take place. These direc- taxis. The taxi service cost
it is wise to make good use of Seoul tions are displayed on rear windows of 20 percent more than regular taxis if
Metro whenever you can. This especially most taxis. The translation service is free booked ahead of time, but if you catch
holds true for rush hour commuters. The of charge and all calls made to transla- the taxi on the street, the fare is the
traffic around major areas in downtown tion help centers are toll free. same as the regular ones. The normal
and Gangnam area can be unbearable. metered fare in Seoul begins at KRW
When you do decide to take a taxi dur- ■Regular Taxis •Van Taxis (Jumbo taxis) : 2,400 ($2).
ing rush hours, do stay clear of the - Color: Regular taxis are generally silver Eight passenger van taxis are in service. Taxi drivers have been selected through
Olympic Freeways running east and or white in color with a white, blue, or interviews that test their communication
west of Seoul. The traffic gets congest- yellow light on top. ■Call Taxis skills in either English or Japanese. The
ed to the point of exhaustion. - Fare: Starts at KRW 2,400, with 100 Call services are run by deluxe taxis and interviews also checked whether the
There are 4 kinds of taxis in Korea; Reg- won added with each additional 144 regular taxis. Taxi requests should be applicants have good manners as part
ular Taxis, Deluxe Taxis, Call Taxis and meters or every 41 seconds. An extra called in at least 10~15 minutes before of efforts to enhance the image of Seoul,
International Taxis. It is improbable that charge of 20 percent is added you wish the taxi to arrive. officials said.
the taxi driver in the first three kinds of between midnight and 4 a.m. Beware The service has been gaining popularity
taxis can speak a foreign language. For- that taking a taxi has become more •Deluxe Call Taxi among foreign tourists, with average
tunately, they provide free interpretation expensive. Before 2009, the basic fare - Operating 24/7 in Seoul and adjacent daily reservations rising from 14.8 in May
service. How to use that service? Follow was at KRW 1,900. cities to 24.8 this month, according to the
the instructions in the “Tip Box” below. - No extra charge for calling, and same city.
In international taxis, you don’t need this ■Deluxe Taxis fare system as when hailing a deluxe
service, because the drivers can speak Deluxe taxis are called ‘Mobeom’ taxis taxi Regular Call Taxi
Tip Box
foreign languages. in Korean. - Regular fare, privately-operated in “Did you forget your belongings in
Seoul the taxi?”
Tip Box - Color: Vehicles are black with a yellow - Extra charge for calling is KRW 1,000. Before getting out of a car, make it a
Free Interpretation Service stripe, and marked “Deluxe Taxi” But habit of checking the license plate and
You can use your mobile phone and deluxe taxis are not all black in regional ■ International Taxis the back seat before closing the door. If
hands-free set for free interpretation ser- cities. A total of 120 international taxis provid- you forget your mobile phone or your
vice. First connect your mobile phone to - Fare: KRW 4,500 for the first 3 km and ing interpretation service in English and belongings in the taxi, things can get a
your hands-free set and switch to a KRW 200 for each additional 164m or Japanese have been operating since little complicated. To retrieve lost items,

106 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Transportation• 107

call the Lost and Found at TBS (Trans- •KTX Lines •KTX Prices
portation Broadcasting System) at (02) - Gyeongbu Line : Gyeongbu Line (Prices in Won)

2299-1282. Seoul(Yongsan) - Gwangmyeong -

If you have the plate number, it’ll be more Cheonan/Asan - Daejeon - East Daegu - Route Fare (Mon-Thu.) Travel Time
(Fri-Sun, Holidays)
handy to track where your lost belong- Miryang -Gupo - Busan
Seoul - Daejeon 22,900 21,400 1:00
ings are for mobile phones, you can
always call your own cell phone and the Seoul - East Daegu 41,100 38,400 1:50
driver will return the phone to you. Some
taxi drivers may ask you to pay the dis- Seoul - Miryang 46,000 43,000 2:21
tance traveled to return the phone.
Seou - Busan 51,200 47,900 3:00

6. Trains (including KTX)

- Honam Line : Honam Line (Prices in Won)

When traveling around Korea, trains are Seoul(Yongsan) - Gwangmyeong -

the most efficient with KTX being the Cheonan/Asan - West Daejeon - Route Fare (Mon-Thu.) Travel Time
(Fri-Sun, Holidays)
most efficient of them all. The other two Nonsan - Iksan - Gimje - Jeongup -
Yongsan - West
22,700 21,200 1:00
trains available are Saemaeul and Jangseong - Gwangju Daejeon
Mugunghwa lines.
Yongsan - Iksan 29,600 27,700 1:56
Seoul(Yongsan) - Gwangmyeong -
■ KTX Cheonan/Asan - West Daejeon - Yongsan - Kwangju 38,400 35,900 3:07
The introduction of KTX in 2004 has Nonsan - Iksan - Gimje -Jeongup -
Yongsan - Mokpo 43,300 40,500 3:27
made life easier for those commuting Jangseong - Songjeongli - Naju -
between regional cities. These high- Mokpo
speed trains usually run over 300km/h,
Tip Box
joining an exclusive club of countries
boasting high-speed trains. There are 20 Where should I go to take the KTX ■ Saemaeul & Mugunghwa the car can vary from five to twelve. On
cars with 935 seats in total. The luxury in Seoul? Of the two, Samaeul is more expensive a side note, Samaeul refers to the rural
class section has 127 seats with three Actually, there are two main KTX sta- and faster, traveling to Busan from development plan initiated by former
per section while the general section has tions in Seoul. If you want to use the Seoul in four and a half hours. President Park Chung-hee during the
808 seats with four per section. Recent- Kyongbu Line (Southeast Line), please Stops are made at major cities. Prior to 1970s. Using the rule of thumb, you can
ly, KTX has added a movie car to make go to Seoul station, while Yongsan sta- the induction of the KTX, Samaeul was say that Saemaeul needs around 70-
rides enjoyable for their customers. A tion is the station of choice when you the fastest train in Korea. The trains can 100% more time for the same distance
new release film is shown on a projection need to use the Honam Line (Southwest be easily distinguished by their blue, compared to the KTX, while it is 20-30%
screen complete with surround sound. Line). green and yellow color. The length of cheaper.

108 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Transportation• 109

‘Mugunghwa’ refers to Rose of Sharon, ■Making reservations Before the train's departure After the train's departure
the national flower of Korea. This is the It's possible to check the schedule and within one from 20
1day to
Division 2days hour of the within 20 minutes more than
slowest and perhaps the least comfort- to reserve tickets 2 months before the 1 hour
of fee in advance departure- minutes to 60 min- 60 minutes
able among the three since standees train departure. The latest moment for before
time utes
are allowed and seating arrangements the reservation is 60 minutes before the
are not as spacious as the Samaeul departure of the train. 5% of 10% of 15% of 40% of 70% of
at a ticket KRW 400
ticket price ticket price ticket price ticket price ticket price
train. Mugunghwa was also the most window
commonly used train prior to 2004 and On the Internet, you can reserve trains cancella-
is still widely used since makes many on the website: tion 10% of
Free KRW 400 15% of ticket price
on the ticket price
stops not serviced by KTX or Saemaeul. internet
Mugunghwa trains cost around 50% of
the KTX price, but your travel time will Reservation and payment on the internet
be doubled, compared to the KTX. must be completed at the same time.
Rental Cars
Without the payment on the internet, •Green Rent a Car:
Korea Railroad Corporation is in charge your reservation will be invalid.
of all three trains. Therefore, the contact You can also call the number 1544- Rental cars are available for those visi- 82-1588-2373
point is the same: call 1544-7788 or visit 8545 to reserve tickets or go to travel tors who choose to drive in Korea. Dri-
the English Webpage of the Korea Rail- agencies which are ubiquitous around vers must meet the following require-
road Corporation the country. ments to rent a car:
(Korail): In case that you cancel your travel, you
can ask for refund at a ticket box. The •Have more than 1 year’s driving expe-
National Lost Property Office
refundable amount will depend on the rience
time of asking for refund. The regulation •Have an international driver’s license ■Police Agency
on refund are as follows: •Be over 21 years of age •Seoul: Tel. 82-2-2299-1282
•Possess a valid passport •Busan: Tel. 82-51-868-0899
•Jeju: Tel. 82-64-739-0182
■Major Rental Car Companies
•AVIS: ■Subway •City Hall: Tel. 82-2-753-2408~9

82-1544-1600 •Taereung: Tel. 82-2-6311-6766/7
•Kumho Rent A Car: •Chungmuro: Tel. 82-2-2271-1170/1
www.k •Wangsimni: Tel. 82-2-6311-6765/8
82-1588-1230 •Busan Seomyun Station: Tel. 82-51-
•RITS Rentcar: 640-7339

110 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Transportation• 111

■Korean National Railroad ■ Converting another country’s ※ The issued date & valid period must Korea for more than 6 months is neces-
•Seoul Station: Tel. 82-2-755-7108 driver’s license be written on the translated copy. sary to apply.
•Guro Station: Tel. 82-2-869-0089 Since July 1, 2003, foreigners from - Passport, Alien registration card and A driver license expires after 7 years.
countries that recognize Korean driver’s three photos (3x4cm)
■Airport licenses have been able to drive in •Examination Languages: English,
•Incheon International Airport: Korea with his or her country’s driver’s •Fees French, German, Japanese, Chinese
Tel. 82-32-742-3114 license. However, a foreigner from a - Application fee: KRW 6,000 •Required documents: Passport, alien
•Gimpo Airport: country that does not recognize a Kore- - Physical exam fee: KRW 5,000 registration card and 4 copies of pic-
Tel. 82-2-660-4097 an driver’s license needs to take a sim- - A simplified written test: KRW 6,000 ture
※ Lost & Found Information Service plified written test to drive in Korea. ※ A Korean who has a foreign nationali- •Application fee: KRW 5,000 (20 questions multiple choice that is ty should have proof of a residency Physical exam fee: KRW 6,000
available in English, Chinese and Kore- card. A Korean who has a legal resi- •Expiration date: 7 years (For holders
an) dent card of a foreign country should of Class 1 driver’s license 65 years of
He or she can obtain a Korean driver’s have proof of the residency card age or older, renewal is mandatory
license upon passing the driver’s license showing his or her Korean nationality, every 5 years.)
test in Korea. or an overseas Korean residency •Test preparation books can be pur-
•Required documents card. chased in English or Chinese at Dri-
(Source :
- Foreign driver’s license (on exchange, ※ These documents must be presented ver’s License Examination Offices.
1. Driver’s license informa- you must surrender your license, which in person, not through an agent. Japanese, French, German and Viet-
tion can be returned when you leave Korea ※ Individual holding a driver’s license namese test preparation books can
if you bring your passport and airline issued from a country that recognizes be downloaded on the homepage
■ Holders of an international dri- ticket) a Korean driver’s license are exempt- []
ver’s license ※ If the license is not issued from one’s ed from all the tests but a physical ※ By undergoing a physical at a hospi-
An international driver’s license is as home country, the applicant should exam. tal registered with the Driver’s
valid as a Korean driver’s license during prove that he/she has resided in that (Source : License Agency, an agent may apply
its term of validity, which is limited to country for more than 90 days. for a Korean driver’s license on your
one year. If the term has expired, the behalf by presenting the form
driver should apply to have the license - Embassy certificate ■ Acquiring a Korean license for attached to the results of the physical
converted to a Korean license. ※ Embassy certificated is exempted for foreigners without a valid test.
•A person with an invalid Korean dri- those who have a license issued from (Procedures are the same for Korean
ver’s license will not be allowed to dri- US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, applicants)
ve in Korea with an international dri- Japan, Spain, Belgium, Poland, or Italy. ■ Loss & Reissue
ver’s license. - Translated and notarized copy of a for- There are 26 driver license testing agen- •Location: Nationwide Driver’s License
eign driver’s license (except for Eng- cies nationwide where you can apply Examination Office or Police stations
lish) and get the license issued. Residence in •Procedure

112 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Transportation• 113

- Reissue from Damage: Return dam- •Driver’s License Examination Offices 2. Buying & Registering a the imported vehicle
aged license when applying for reissue - Driver’s License Agency car •Certified copy of alien registration
- Reissue from Loss: Loss and reissue Tel. 82-1577-1120 card and passport
applications must be made Fax. 82-2-374-0080 ■ Registering a new vehicle •Ownership certificate if you cannot
※ Reissuing will take one day at most. - Gangnam It is convenient for you to let the car prove ownership with the imported
However, if applied through the Tel. 82-1577-1120 dealership register the car you pur- vehicle certificate
police Department, it’ll take 7 days. Fax. 82-2-561-6029 chased. According to the automobile •Permit for temporary driving and tem-
(Same day issue at direct visit to License - Dobong maintenance law, a car dealership porary tag number
Examination Offices) Tel. 82-1577-1120 should register a vehicle on behalf of a •Proof of vehicle liability insurance and
Fax. 82-2-934-7000 buyer without charge at the request of application for registration
•Duplicates - Gangseo the buyer. (If individuals drive a new car •Registration fee receipt and govern-
- Damaged license: Submit the dam- Tel. 82-2-2661-0357 without registration will result in a sen- ment securities purchase certificate
aged license when applying. Fax. 82-2-2666-9036 tence of up to 2 years or a fine of up to •Noise and pollution inspection certifi-
- Lost license: Report it and apply for a - Seobu KRW 5,000,000.) cate
new license at the same time. Tel. 82-1577-1120
•Required documents Fax. 82-2-374-6344
- Alien registration card and passport - Incheon ■ Required documents ■ Registering an used car
- One photo Tel. 82-1577-1120 •Application for registration •Registration for a used vehicle
•Fees: KRW 6,000 Fax. 82-32-822-5118 •Certified Alien registration card and - Required documents: vehicle registra-
(Reissue from damage has no fees) - Yongin passport tion certificate, proof of vehicle tax
Tel. 82-1577-1120 •Permission to drive the vehicle tem- payment
※ After applying for reissue, temporary Fax. 82-31-282-7713 porarily and temporary tag number - Korean residents abroad or foreigners
license valid for 20 days (Police - Ansan •Vehicle certificate or import documen- must apply at the registration office (or
Department application). Tel. 82-1577-1120 tation gu (district) office of his/her residence)
※ Proxy application possible, only when Fax. 82-31-486-4007 •Inspection sticker in person with their foreign registration
self citizen’s registration card and - Uijeongbu •Certified copy of alien registration card and signed copies of sales con-
proxy’s identifications and letter of Tel. 82-1577-1120 card and passport tract.
authorization are presented. Fax. 82-31-847-6336 •Registration fee receipt
•Ownership certificate (if you cannot •Tips for purchasing a used vehicle
prove ownership with the vehicle cer- - Confirm that the car is not mortgaged
■ Driver’s License test sites tificate) by checking the original automobile
English translation service is available registration at the appropriate Traffic
only at the Driver’s License Agency in Administration Section of the gu office.
Seoul. ■ Registering an imported vehicle - Confirm that the owner does not have
•Imported vehicle certificate or proof of outstanding payment installments or

114 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Transportation• 115

taxes on the vehicle. Tax status can be ■ Reporting change of address •Visit a licensed auto junkyard to ■ Navigation systems
checked at the Car Registration Sec- •If you change your place of residence, request that a vehicle be scrapped. Navigation systems in your car may help
tion of the Gu office. you should take your car registration There is no fee for this.The junkyard you to find your way through Korea’s
- Conduct a test drive and check the certificate as well as driver’s license should pay you for iron scraps. often confusing streets.
condition of the vehicle carefully. to a gu office so the change can be
- Clarify a closing date and expected recorded. (If you fail to register the •Required documents for scrapping a - I-Navi (, 1577-4242)
delivery date in the contract. transfer within 15 days of the pur- vehicle - MN Soft Gini (, 1577-
- Request that the seller explain the chase, 20 days of the donation or 3 - a copy of a vehicle registration certifi- 4767)
vehicle’s condition. months of inheritance of the car, you cate - Fine Drive (, 1588-
will be fined KRW 500,000.) - a copy of the vehicle’s original regis- 4458)
•Buyer’s duty for registration tration issued within the last three days - Ennavi (, 1599-0582)
Obtain the car registration certificate •If you fail to register your new address - a certificate of ownership with the
from the previous owner (the certificate within 14 days, you will be fined KRW owner’s seal impression (When apply-
of car inspection), the certificate of 30,000. ing to scrap a vehicle, you must pre-
transfer, and the certificate of the sent an alien registration card). 3. Foreign Automobile
owner’s registered seal impression to insurance
register the transfer of car ownership. If
you fail to register the transfer within 15 ■ Major Car Dealers ■ What is Foreign Automobile
days of the purchase of the car, you will •New Car Dealers insurance?
be fined KRW 500,000. Visit a car dealership to purchase a new •To indemnify the insured for all sums
car. which the insured shall become legally
•Required documents - KIA Motors [] obligated to pay as damage because
- Car registration certificate - Hyundai Motor Company of bodily injury, property damage,
- Used car transfer contract (the legal [] own bodily injury, own damage, unin-
form for the certificate of transfer) and - GM Daewoo [] sured automobile sustained by any
alien registration card (or a certificate - Renault Samsung Motors person, caused by accident and aris-
of alien registration). For foreigners [] ing out of the ownership, mainte-
who have not yet acquired an alien - Mercedes Benz nance or use of the automobile.
registration card, two Korean sponsors ■ How to dispose of a car []
and a certificate of entry are neces- •Cars can be disposed of at a yard - BMW []
sary. handling junked cars. (If a vehicle - Audi [] ■ Who can be insured?
- Certificate showing that liability insur- requires cancellation of a previous - Infiniti [] • F oreign corporations and F o r e i g n -
ance is in effect and that public bonds registration, it should be scrapped - Volkswagen [] e r s (citizens/SOFA/military/diplo-
have been purchased before applying for cancellation.) mats/consulates, etc.)
•Foreign joint-venture companies

116 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Transportation• 117

■ Major insurance companies 4. Traffic Regulations ■ Drinking and driving Tip Box
The only foreign company selling auto •Driving while intoxicated (a blood Warning about driving in Korea
insurance in Korea is AIG General Insur- ■ Important information on traffic alcohol level of over 0.05 percent) is Korea is ranked the 6th most dangerous
ance (, 1544- regulations punishable by imprisonment of up to on countries to drive, according to a
2792). There are a lot of Korean auto •Speed limits (Clause 15) 2 years or a fine of up to KRW 3 mil- survey by American business magazine
insurance companies, but they have nei- - Ordinary roads: 60 km/hr lion. Forbes. Therefore, sitting behind the
ther English websites nor English speak- (over 4-lane roads: 80 km/hr) •Driving with a blood alcohol level of wheel in Korea might be far more dan-
ing dealers. So, many expats in Korea - Motorways: 30~90 km/hr 0.05~0.35 percent is punishable by gerous than in your country. People dri-
are less likely to choose Korean insur- - Do not exceed the speed indicated on law, and those with over 0.36 percent ve faster, change lanes when they are
ance companies. traffic signs. are arrested and detained. Those who supposed not to, ignore traffic lights etc.
- Highways have been apprehended for drinking Lesson: Drive careful. That is the best
Tip Box ・Four-lane highway: 50~100 km/hr and driving three times before are also way to avoid unwanted accidents and
Who can I ask for traffic informa- ・Two-lane highway: 40~80 km/hr detained. keep you safe. Beware the following
tion? ・Reduce speed by 20% during rain or •Administrative penalties: things while driving:
For those in need of traffic information snow. - Those with a blood alcohol level of -In western countries, cars tend to stop
and any other general daily living infor- •Safety belt: Safety belts should be 0.05~0.09 percent will have their before crosswalks even without a traffic
mation, call Dasan Seoul Call Center, worn by all passengers when the vehi- license suspended for 100 days. light attached. In Korea, they rarely do it.
120. You need to remember to dial the cle is in motion. Failure to comply will - Those found with a blood alcohol level -You will see motorcycles appearing from
city area code, (02) from your mobile result in a fine of KRW 30,000. of more than 0.10 percent or more nowhere and driving like they want to per-
phone. •Cellular phone ban: According to traf- than 0.05% when involved in an acci- form stunts on the street. These are usu-
When making the call, remember to wait fic laws, a driver cannot use a cellular dent resulting in loss of life will have ally quick service drivers on their way to
until the end of the recorded message, phone while driving, unless using a their license revoked. Drivers who deliver their packages. Pay extra atten-
when you can proceed by pressing #9 “hands-free”set. Breaking this law refuse an alcohol level test face can- tion if you come near them, because
to talk to an operator in English, Chinese will incur a fine. cellation of their license. they often violate traffic regulations.
or Japanese. - Driving while intoxicated is considered Another difficulty is finding acertain place
Seoul City Call Center was established a severe violation in Korea, so you are with only the address.
this year to provide help and general ■ Bus lane advised to take a taxi after a drink. It will usually be very difficult to find a
information as well as simple translation The bus lane system gives priority to place from a Korean address alone.
for foreigners in English, Japanese and public transportation on the road in Either you need a very exact description
Chinese. If you find yourself lost looking response to traffic congestion during or have a navigation system to do the
for a specific place or have questions rush hour and as a way to encourage job for you.
but don’t know who to ask or where to people to use public transportation. Whatever you do, whenever you go
go for help, you can always take the Normally, the bus lane is blue. Fail- some danger is there.
easy way out by dialing 120. ure to comply will result in a fine of Don’t panic, try to be vigilant and enjoy
KRW 40,000~50,000. the ride!

118 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Transportation• 119

Guide to Living in Korea 2010

and Media

・Inchon International Airport

Mobile Phone Rental Service
・Wireless Telephones
・Pay telephones
・Long Distance & International
・Home Delivery & Quick Service
・Postal Office
You should make a reservation for residing in the Inchon International Air-
mobile rental by making a phone call or port will deliver a mobile phone to you.

Telecommunication by using the website, a representative

and Media Wireless Telephones

1. KT
Inchon International Airport 2. SK Telecom
Mobile Phone Rental Service
Service: CDMA, Mobile rental, Interna- 1588-0010
tional Roaming service
1. KT Hours: 24hrs ■ Subscription fee
Location: 1st flr. Exit 6/ Between Item Price (in Won) Notes Exemption
Service: Mobile phone rental service Check-in Counter E and F in the 3rd flr.
Subscription fee 30,000 Installment payment - The disable
and International roaming service Tel. 82-1599-2011 (handset) available - war veterans
Hours: 24 hours You can rent cellular phones while visit- (return up to termination) - childrens
Location: 1st flr. Exit 10/ 3rd flr. near ing Korea from SK Telecom, the first - welfare incorporation
Check-in Counter G company in the world to commercialize - low income brackets
Tel. 82-1588-0608 the CDMA technology and the largest
This company offers services for cus- provider of mobile communication ser- ※No subscription fee for rejoining within the period of 16 days to 36 months after
tomers who travel overseas for tour or vices in Korea with over 18 million sub- contact termination. But subscription exemption for re-subscription after termina-
business so that they can use a mobile scribers. You can rent a mobile phone in tion applies only once a year and succession or name transfer is impossible for
phone in anywhere. the Roaming Center (1st flr.). the following 3 months.
After that you pay by credit card at KT
Roaming Center in the 1st floor of Inchon
■ Document preparations
International Airport. (I.D. required) 3. Wide Mobile
- Low cost for domestic telephone calls Description Visitor Document preparations
- No fee for incoming calls
Personal Alien registration card
- Credit cards accepted Service: mobile rental
- Rental phones at discount price Rental Fee: KRW 2,000 per one day Alien Subscriber alien registration card, passport, sub-
Agent scriber signature agreement card (the same sig-
Hours: 7:00 a.m~10:00 p.m.
nature as in passport), agent ID
Tel. 82-1566-9070

122 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Telecommunication and Media• 123

■ General Rate ■ Document preparation
Discount calling rate (as of 10 second call) Description Personal application Agent application
Base Rate Free Calling
(won/month) (won/month) KT-KT Alien registration card, Passport, alien registration card,
General member discount Ordinary
passport agent ID card
18 14 10 17 14 10
13,000 10 Passport, Passport, diplomat certificate,
(ordinary) (discount) (night) (ordinary) (discount) (night) Diplomat
diplomat ID certificate agent ID card

Passport, Passport, letter of stationary order,

USFK Koreans
letter of stationary order agent ID card

Overseas Domestic residence report card Domestic residence report card

2. SK Telecom Koreans (or alien registration card) (or alien registration card), agent ID card

Denisenship Alien registration card, Alien registration card
acquirer agent ID card
080-011-6000/1566-0011 ※At the following three Mobile Phone Stores, you may register a phone without a
down payment. - (02-6002-6459, 02-586-5011, 02-595-9010)
■ Subscription fee
Description Rate (in Won)
■ General Rate (Prices in Won)
Subscription fee 55,000 (VAT included)
Base rate Discount calling rate (as of 10 second call) Free-of-charge
Guarantee insurance premium 10,000 20 13 10 60x10 seconds
13,000 won
(non-discount) (discount) (night) (per 10 min.)
※SK Telecom shoulders insurance fee for extending quality assurance after the insur-
ance expiration for new subscribers who joined the service from August 1, 2002

124 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Telecommunication and Media• 125

3. LG Telecom Tip Box
Pay telephones
After losing a cell phone When living in a rapid and hectic society
1544-0010 as in Korea, it is quite common to lose 1. Coin Phones
your belongings. One of the most com-
■ Subscription fee mon items that get lost is a cell phone. - Domestic calls only
- KRW 30,000 - Can make local, long distance and
- Subscription fee can be paid with cash or When you have lost your cell phone, you mobile phone calls
by credit card or installment payments. will need to first call the phone/mobile - 70 won for a 3-minute local call
- Subscription fee exempt for the disable company that your phone was regis- - Charges vary with length of call and
or war veterans for one phone installa- tered in and request a temporary cut-off call destination
tion with certificate submission. of the service. There are two cut-off ser- - Insert coins and then dial
- Subscription fee exempt for re-sub- vices that are offered by the companies.
scription within 3 years under the same The first one is where you cut-off both
name after termination incoming and outgoing calls. This will 2. Card Phones
stop from calling or receiving any calls
■ Documentation required
from your cell phone. The second option - There are pay phones for phone cards,
Description Personal application Proxy application is where you cut-off only the outgoing credit cards and IC cards.
Passport, alien registration card, calls. This will stop random people mak- - Can make local, long distance, mobile
General aliens Alien registration card, passport
agent ID card ing phone calls from your cell phone, phone and international calls.
Passport, diplomat status certifi- while you will be able to call it. - Phone cards are sold in values of
Diplomat Passport, diplomat ID card
cate, agent ID card 2,000 Won, 3,000 Won, 5,000 Won,
Passport, letter of stationary order, It is exceptionally important that you ask and 10,000 Won.
US troops Passport, order of stationing
agent ID card for one of these temporary cut-off ser- - Phone cards are sold at newsstands
Overseas Domestic residence report card Domestic residence report card vices, since it is possible for someone to and banks.
Koreans (or alien registration card) (or alien registration card), agent ID card use your cell phone and obtain your per-
sonal information. ■ Joint Card and
Denizenship Alien registration card,
Alien registration card Coin Phones
holder agent ID card
For you to create a new cell phone with - Used the same as oth-
a same number, you will need register in er public phones.
■ General Rate (in Won)
a different mobile company. To use the - Credit cards can be
General rate Rate Free-of-charge SMS same mobile company, you will be used.
Ordinary 9,000 9,000 30 messages needed to erase your former phone
number and obtain a new one.
Ordinary 12,000 12,000

126 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Telecommunication and Media• 127

Long Distance & 2. International Calls Home Delivery &
International Calls Quick Service
- Insert coins or card
- Dial 001, 002 or 008 + country code +
1. Long Distance Calls area code + telephone number Home delivery services typically do their
For example: 001 ▶ 1 ▶ 212 ▶ 123-4567 job within 1-2 days. You have to go to
- Insert coins or card - International phone service the home delivery provider to hand over
- Dial area code + telephone number International phone charges are based your parcel. The most popular domestic
(all area codes in Korea start with “0”) on the time of the call whether dialed on service is the Korean post office, while
- International calls can also be made a home or business direct line, wireless internationally, DHL, UPS and the Kore-
with a credit card. Credit card phones phone, or fax. an post office are very popular. You can
are located in hotels and major build- Simply dial the country code, area code, find more information in the directory.
ings. Instructions are in English. and the telephone number you wish to call. The Quick service companies. Work vers all around. They are usually the
- Dial area codes when making calls to even faster. It is virtually a door-to-door quick service drivers on their way of
wired phones using a mobile phone. •KT service. A men on a motorcycle drives delivery. Q.S.C usually are small sized to your home to get your stuff and bring but the numbers of them are numerous.
Area Codes International dialing code: 001, 00727 it to the recipient, as quickly as possible. Their quality of service varies a lot from
Most deliveries are finished within the company to company. Ask a Korean
Seoul 02
•LG Dacom day. The couriers live they dangerously. colleague to call a good quick service
Gyeonggi-do 031 In Korea’s streets, you will notice very company for you if you need one.
Incheon 032 Tel. 82-1544-0001 aggressive, but skilled motorcycle dri-
Gangwon-do 033 International dialing code: 002, 00300
Chungcheongnam-do 041 (Night calling)
Daejeon 042
Chungcheongbuk-do 043 •OnseTelecom Post Office
Pusan 051
Ulsan 052 Tel. 82-1688-1000 ■ Prices for domestic packages (in Won)
Daegu 053 International dialing code: 008, 0365
Category Weight Non-Priority items
Gyeongsangbuk-do 054 ※Check phone service web sites for
international calling rates. Rates vary Letter up to 5g (Postcard) 220
Gyeongsangnam-do 055
between companies. Standard up to 25g 250
Jeollanam-do 061
Jeollabuk-do 063 up to 50g 340
Gwangju 062 Post
up to 50g 340
Jeju 064 Non-
per additional 50g +120

128 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Telecommunication and Media• 129

EMS (Express Mail Service)
(Source :

Tel. 82-2-2195-1114
•An international postal service which
delivers letters, documents and parcels
to their destinations abroad is the fastest
and safest through a special agreement
between the Ministry of Information and
Communication and the postal services
of other countries. efficient facility in Korea. heavy smoking. Some PC rooms do, in
Express Mail Service is available at 148 The price in using the PC room differs in fact, have non-smoking lounges, but
post offices in Korea as of September locations and individual store. Generally most of the times the lounges are simply
2005. 143 countries including Tokyo, •EMS Search Inquiry the price range lies in between KRW connected to each other and the sepa-
Japan, and Hong Kong, China can be 1,000~1,500 per hour. It is both possi- ration does not serve its purpose.
reached in 2-4 days. ble to pre-pay your use of computers, or
※Check EMS receipt barcode number to pay afterwards when you are finished
•Various letters, documents, gifts and using it.
merchandise with a maximum weight of
Tip Box PC rooms are found almost in every
30 kg are possible for shipment. This Public Internet use street in Korea. This is not really surpris-
may be limited to 15 or 20 kg according It is quite common to encounter a situa- ing considering that Korea is known as
to country. Weight limits by country can tion where you need a fast access to an an advanced IT nation. The most read English newspapers are
be verified at the post office. internet service while doing businesses. Even though PC rooms are cost efficient Korean Herald and Korean Times. You
Such situation is even more common in and useful in many situations, cautions can find them in most newspaper
•You can also send international mail Korea since almost all kinds of business need to be taken when using the PC stands in Seoul. Other newspapers you
through all post offices in Korea. If you can be done through the internet. room. PC rooms are usual target or tool can find in the directory.
want a mailman to pick up your mail, call In such situations, it is possible to use for internet hackers. It is exceptionally
82-1588-1300, or visit the postal office the internet in a “PC Bang” (Bang important that you erase all your history
website. means room in Korean) nearby for a of internet search and personal identifi-
cheap price. PC rooms are normally cations before leaving the room.
Wired Telephones & Internet
•Postal fees depend on the destination used by teenagers or adults for playing If you happen to have breathing prob-
and weight of mail. Visit the Seoul Cen- internet games or chatting. However, for lems or hate the smell of smoke, the use
tral Post Office for details. a rapid use of half an hour of internet, of PC rooms is not recommended since Please refer to the chapter Accommo- the PC room is probably the most cost often the air is not very clean due to dation, Utilities, (P. 81~83)

130 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Telecommunication and Media• 131

Guide to Living in Korea 2010


・Oriental Hospitals
medical treatment referral letter from first the Emergency Medical Information
or second-tier hospitals. Without refer- Center. The Center opens 24 hours and
rals, the patient cannot get health insur- provides relevant medical information for
ance coverage. Emergency services are the caller’s emergency situations.

Medical Services
available at second- and third-tier hospi- Callers can use this service by dialing
tals. the number directly without area codes.
However, when a call is made with a
mobile phone or outside Seoul, callers
need to dial (02) 1399. When foreigners
call 1339, doctors who can speak Eng-
clinics, dental hospitals and clinics, ori- Emergencies lish can serve them.
ental medical hospitals and clinics, mid-
wifery clinics, and public health centers. The following services are available for
For foreigners living in a new country, Korean medical facilities are divided into emergencies. Tip Box
the lack of knowledge on the medical three categories according to the num- 911 & 119
system in the new environment can be a ber of medical departments operating 911 and 119 are emergency numbers.
great concern in seeking health-related and the size of the facilities. 1. 119 Rescue Service 119 is the emergency number in Korea
quality of life. In general, medical facili- whereas 911 is the emergency phone
ties in Korea have medical specialists The first-tier medical facilities include 119 is the phone number for emer- number used in North America. For both
and state-of-the-art medical equipment public health centers, medical practition- gency. Once the caller’s location is iden- numbers, a dispatcher connects you to
and provide high quality services. er’s offices, and maternity hospitals. The tified, a rescue team will respond quickly either emergency medical facilities or to
Across the country, there are many clin- second-tier medical facilities have more to offer the caller professional assis- a fire station according to the type of
ics and hospitals. However, you might than four medical departments and tance, including taking those needing emergency. Foreigners who call 119 can
have difficulty communicating at hospi- medical specialists. They provide med- care to the nearest hospital. In addition, use translation services in English,
tals without English-speaking staff. ical services for inpatients and outpa- the Korea National Tourism Organization Japanese, and Chinese. When a for-
With the number of foreigners increasing tients. Medical facilities with 30 to 500 (KNTO) and the National 119 Rescue eigner’s call is received, it is automati-
in Korea, there is more need for medical beds are generally categorized as sec- Service collaboratively provide emer- cally connected to the call center of the
services serving foreigners, and more ond-tier hospitals. The third-tier medical gency rescue service for foreigners in Korea National Tourism Organization
hospitals and clinics have been striving facilities have medical specialists in all Korea. and translators provide assistance. In
to provide quality medical services for different medical departments. This type addition, the 119 ambulance is free of
foreigners. of facility includes general hospitals or charge.
hospitals belonging to medical schools 2. The Emergency Medical
■ The Medical System in Korea with more than 500 sickbeds. In order Information Center - 1339
Medical institutions in Korea include to use medical services in third-tier med-
general hospitals, hospitals, medical ical facilities, a patient should receive a Foreigners can dial 1339, the number of

134 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Medical Services • 135

Tip Box 2. Private Clinics for foreign- - Address: Jongro-Gu, Insa-Dong, 194- ■ Foreign Workers Clinic
Pharmacies ers in Seoul 4 Hanaro Building, 3rd floor Since 2004, this clinic has provided free
There are so many pharmacies in Korea, ■ International Clinic - Website: medical services for more than 20,000
and they are easy to find. Typical phar- - Medical services offered in primary - Location: Near Jonggak Station (Line foreign workers in Korea. During the
macies have the Korean sign of 약 or 약 care, psychiatric services, travel vacci- 1,3) week, about 200 patients visit this clinic
국 on their troat door. At Korean phar- nation, ADD evaluation, STD screen- to obtain the free services.
macies, you can buy both prescribed ing, and anti-aging medicine. ■ Good Neighbor Clinic - Hours: (8:30am to 4:30pm weekdays
and over-the-counter medications. Med- - Tel (02) 790-0857~9 Cost-free medical treatments for for- / 11:00am-12:30pm Saturdays)
icines that can be purchased at pharma- - Hours (9 am to 6 pm weekdays/ 9 am eigners residing in Korea - Tel : (02)863-9966
cies include digestives, nutrients, vita- to 3 pm Saturday) - Tel: (02) 2274-0161 - Website:
min, aminopyrine, some cold medicines - Address: 5 FL, Hannam Bldg, 737-37, - Hours: 14:30-17:30(1st and 3rd Sun- - Address: Guro-Gu, Garibong-Dong,
etc. Items that should be purchased Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul day) 137-22, inside the Chinese Church
with a prescription include antibiotics, - Website: - Website:
hormone drugs, pain killers for serious - Transportation: Itaewon Station (Line - Address: Jung-Gu, Jangchung-Dong, ■ Seoul University Dental Clinic
symptoms etc. On your first visit to a 6, Exit 2), Wangsimni Station(Line 2,5) 1Ga, 26-6 Kyungdong Church - Tel: (02)2072-0753
pharmacy, present your medical insur- - Location: Near Dongdaemun Station - Website:
ance card. It is advised that foreigners ■ Seoul Foreign Clinic (Line 2,4,5 Exit Nr.4)
with any allergies inform their doctor and - Specialization: internal medicine and - Supported Languages: English, Mon- - Address: Jongro-Gu, Changkyung-
pharmacist. In addition, for those who psychiatry golian Etc. gungro 62-1
were taking prescribed medication - Tel: 02-796-1871 - Supported Languages: English, Ger-
before entering Korea, brining a suffi- - Hours (9 am to 6 pm weekdays/ 9 am man, Japanese, Russian
cient supply and a copy of the prescrip- to noon Saturday)
tion will make it convenient to continue - Address: 5-3 Hannam-Dong,
taking the medication. Yongsan-Gu
- Location: just past the entrance to UN

Hospitals ■ Hanaro Medical Foundation

- Specialization: general medicine,
1. Hospitals List medical check-up for visa, abroad
study of immigration, check-up for
If you live outside of Seoul - you can find narcotics and HIV/AIDS
a hospital list in the directory. If you live in - Tel: (02)732-3030
Seoul, like most foreigners, you can find - Hours (8 am to 4 pm weekdays/ 9 am
many hospitals in the chapter below. to 11am Saturday)

136 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Medical Services • 137

Tip Box ■ Kyunghee University, Dental - Address: Kangnam-Gu, Nonhyeon- Tip Box
After the Treatment Clinic Dong, 1-3 Rex-Tower, 7th and 8th “Why is it good to receive dental
Paying for medical treatments - Tel: (02)958-8114 floor treatments in Korea?”
In order to pay medical fees, foreigners - Address: Dongdaemun-Gu, Heogi- - Website: For certain dental treatments, services in
need to go to the Administration office Dong, near the Kyunghee University Korea are much cheaper than those of
of the hospital. At some hospitals with - Supported Languages: English, other countries. Sometimes even Kore-
international clinics, you can make pay- Japanese, Chinese, German Tip Box ans studying and living abroad visit
ments through the International clinics, Plastic Surgery in Korea Korea for their dental treatments. Cheap
or International clinics can help you pre- ■ Cha Clinic (gynecologist) Korea is renowned for its highly but sophisticatod dental treatments in
pare documents needed for the pay- - Tel: (02) 3468-3000 advanced plastic surgery. Plastic Korea include the extraction of wisdom
ment. Hospitals with international clinics - Website: surgery in Korea has become very pop- teeth, scaling, implant, filling, crown, etc.
provide foreigners with receipts in Eng- - Address: 650-9 Kangnam-Gu, Yeok- ular, and the industry has been rapidly According to Kim Minhee Dental Clinic in
lish. The medical expenses depend on sam-dong, 135-913 growing as people are getting more and Seoul, the cost of extracting wisdom
whether you have insurance. Some hos- more concerned about their appear- teeth in America is about 10 times that
pitals accept overseas health insurance ■ Uri Orthopedic Surgery ance. Experienced plastic surgeons of Korea. Also, Dental treatments such
if the insurance company is affiliated - Tel: (02) 513-8157/8385, have striven to develop more advanced filling, crown, and scaling in Korea are
with the hospital. When foreigners use - Address : Kangnam-Gu, Chongdam- plastic surgery techniques. Popular plas- half the price of what is available in
overseas health insurance, they need to Dong 47-4 tic surgery treatments in Korea include America. For example, in Korea, extract-
pay first and request a claim to their - Website: ophthalmoplasty, rhinoplasty, facial lift, ing wisdom tooth costs between KRW
insurance companies. Most hospitals and liposuction. 50,000 to 100,000 (about $40 to $80)
take credit cards for payment. In case ■ Kim & Song Orthopedic Surgery while it costs about $1,000 in America.
some hospitals do not accept certain - Tel: (02) 2138-0075 Korea’s cutting-edge surgery tech-
credit cards, make sure to bring suffi- - Website: niques have attracted many people from
cient cash with you. - Address: Kangnam-Gu, Dogok-Dong, Korea and abroad. Due to the Hanryu
957-14 (Korean wave) fever throughout Asia,
many women from China, Taiwan,
■ Ijiham Skin Clinic Malaysia and Singapore want to emulate
- Tel: (02)567-5900 their favorite Korean stars and come to
- Address: Kangnam-Gu, Yeoksam- Korea for plastic surgery. Fortunately, for
Dong 816-3, Changlip-Building, 4th those interested in those procedures,
floor, near Kangnam Station, Exit No.7 the popularity of plastic surgery in Korea
- Website: and the drastic increase in the number
of plastic surgery hospitals have resulted
■ BK Tongyang Plastic Surgery in much cheaper treatment than what’s
- Tel: (02) 3446-0446 available in Japan or the U.S.

138 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Medical Services • 139

Oriental hospitals for for- characteristics, person tendencies, •What is the National Health Insurance? ・ D-1(Culture & arts), D-2 (Study), D-3
eigners in Seoul behavior patterns, organ functions, The National Health Insurance Corpora- (Industrial training), D-4 (Training), D-5
favorable and unfavorable foods, etc. tion (NHIC) is the only public insurer (Media coverage), D-6(Religion), D-7
Unlike Western-style hospitals, oriental According to Sasang typology, Yang managing National Health Insurance (Stationing), D-8(Corporate invest-
hospitals provide traditional medical implicates the concepts of the sun, under the supervision of The Ministry for ment), D-9(Trade and management),
treatments such as acupuncture and light, ascend, increase, up, outside, Health, Welfare and Family Affairs. E-7(Specific occupation), E-8(Industrial
herbal medicine. These treatments con- etc. On the other hand, Eum includes Those insured by NHI can be catego- trainee employment), F-3(the Spouses
centrate on strengthening the body’s such concepts as moon, descend, rized as the employee insured and the of those with one of the above visas
immune system, relieving pain and other decrease, inside, down, etc. For exam- self-employed insured. The NHI is the and their children under age 20).
symptoms, and restoring balance and ple, according to the theory, a person system through which the contributions ・ The dependents and children of indi-
harmony in the body. Out of many orien- with Tae-yang type tends to be mascu- made by the insured persons are con- viduals under an F-1 visa (visiting and
tal hospitals, Kyunghee University Hos- line, progressive, and creative. Howev- solidated into a fund and insurance ben- joining families)
pital( er, Tae-eum person is regarded as efits are provided upon their need. The ・ A long-term foreign resident in Korea
bang/0203_1.htm, 82-2-958-1897) is feminine and conservative. system aims to share the burden among under an F-2 visa (Residence)
one of the most well-known oriental the insured persons and provide med- ・ An overseas Korean resident who is
hospitals in the nation. ical services. in Korea under an F-4 visa (Korean
residents abroad)
Tip Box •Conditions for enrollment
Those who have registered as foreigners •Enrollment procedures and
Korea’s traditional Sasang Consti- at the Immigration Bureau and meet one required Documents
tutional Medicine 1. Health Insurance of the following conditions can apply for - For the employee insured : Foreign
Sasang Typology is one of Korea’s tra- enrollment into national health insurance workers shall submit an application for
ditional treutment, created by Lee Jae- A. General Information at the NHIC. enrollment to the employer of the work
ma in 1894. Influenced by Neo-Confu- This information on national health insur- - Employee insured : Foreigners employed place who is responsible for remitting the
cianism, Sasang Typology categorizes ance services will come in very handy by a company in Korea with more than application to the NHIC office with the
people into four types according to during your stay in Korea. five employees are eligible for workplace required documents. The enrollment is
individual constitutional characteristics: All foreigners residing in Korea will be medical insurance. Medical insurance also retroactive to the date he/she was first
Tae-yang, Tae-eum, So-yang, and So- covered on the same voluntary basis as covers foreigners’ spouses and children. employed.
eum. Based on these characteristics, Korean nationals by the National Health In order to put the insurance in effect, - For the self-employed insured : A for-
Sasang Constutional Medicine diag- Insurance upon payment of contribution. employers should enroll their employees in eigner shall submit an application for
noses individuals’ symptoms and sug- a medical insurance program. enrollment with the certificate of alien reg-
gests treatments to prevent diseases. ■ Information on National Health - Self-employed insured : Those who istration and passport to the nearest NHIC
This classification explains the psycho- Insurance coverage for foreign- intend to stay in Korea for more than office in his/her residential area. The enroll-
logical and physical aspects of each ers one year under one of the following visas ment is retroactive to the date he/she reg-
type of a person, including physical can get health insurance coverage. istered his/her residence in Korea.

140 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Medical Services • 141

The required enrollment of health insur- the monthly salary contribution rate •Not employed •Long term medical treatment
ance for foreign workers has become and be deducted from the monthly - If the person has income,「Monthly insurance
problematic because most foreigners salary (50% of which is paid by the Payment= Salary × Insurance Rate」. - Payment: Insurance Payment * 4.78%
residing in Korea have health insurance employer). The duty of the payment is - If the person has no income, the per-
from their countries and paying for dif- retroactive to the date he/she was first son pays the average insurance rate C. Benefits
ferent health insurance fees can be a employed. for the district he is living in. ■ Insurance Benefits

double burden for them. Also, because - For the self-employed insured: The ・If the person has a D6 Visa (Religion), Foreigners can enjoy the same benefits
of the language barrier, foreigners have contribution amount for those who he/she gets a 30% discount. People as Koreans. In hospitals, the patient
difficulty communicating at medical facil- have income shall be calculated by the with D2 Visa (Study) get a 50% dis- pays 20% of treatment costs. In case of
ities in Korea. monthly income contribution rate and count. external medical examinations, the
Considering these drawbacks, the Min- for those who have no income shall be ・Generally, Koreans and foreigners pay patient pays around 30~50%. Moreover,
istry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs the amount of the average monthly the same insurance rate the insurance makes child birth pay-
announced additional revision of National contributions of the self employed in - Insurance payments are applied from ments and provides information on
Health Insurance on April 12, 2007. preceding year. The duty of the pay- the month the foreigner has registered health and illness prevention.
ment is retroactive to the date he/she himself in Korea.
According to the revision, foreigners or registered his/her residence in Korea. ※Insurance documents are currently available
overseas Korean working in Korea who - For foreign students: 30% of the con- in English, Chinese and Japanese
fall within one of the following categories tribution can be reduced and the con-
can be exempted from enrolling for tributions shall be paid in advance in Category Benefiter Period Contents Costs
health insurance. three month units. However, foreigners Health 4 times in the first year General Checkup, Insurance makes
Check-Up Under 6 years old after birth, 1 time when child growth evaluation whole payment
1. In the case an individual receives who have F-1 or F-2 residence status (Children) the child is 5 years old
medical coverage according to his/her shall pay the contribution amount cal- 1. Checkup: General,
Health Insurance
national laws while working in Korea. culated by the same imposition stan- Check-Up Over 40 years old One time in 2 years
22 categories
makes whole
2. In the case the subject is insured in dard for Korean nationals on a monthly 2. Checkup: 3 common
(Adults) payment
illnesses, 6 categories
accordance with the rules of employ- basis.
People suspected
ment and internal regulations of Stomach Cancer, Insurance pays
having cancer after
Cancer One time in 2 years Breast Cancer, liver cancer, 80-100% of
his/her company during the duration B. Payments conducting Health
uterine cancer etc. the costs
of his/her employment in Korea. ■ Calculation for payment
Life Cycle Age: 40 years, 1 time if a person becomes 40th year: 24 Categories Insurance makes
※The effective date of the revised National •Employee Checkup 66 years 40 or 60 years old 60th year: 24 Categories whole payment
Health Insurance Act: July 27, 2007 - Monthly Payment= Salary×Insurance Rate
(Burden: Employee 50%, Employer 50%) Check the information provided by the 2. Life Insurance
•Imposition of contributions and - The insurance payments are deducted National Health Insurance Corporation You will find a list of life insurance com-
payment from the salary from the first month of if you want to know more: panies in the directory.
- For the employee insured: The contri- employment. ・Homepage:
bution amount shall be calculated by ・English call center: 02) 390-2000

142 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Medical Services • 143

Guide to Living in Korea 2010


・Securities Trading
■ Required Documents: card companies issue credit cards affili-
•Foreigners with an alien registration ated with international brands to foreign-
card ers. Each company has its own regula-
- The foreigner has to come personally tions for qualification. Usually, there is no

Financial Services to the bank with his alien registration


•Foreigners without an alien registra-

tion card
problem for those who employed by a
company listed on the Korean Stock
Foreigners who have an account with a
Korean bank can apply for credit cards
- Two conditions must be satisfied. of the brands that the bank is affiliated
certain region, not nationwide like the a. Address and contact point in Korea with such as VISA, Master Card or JCB.
commercial banks. They have existed b. Additional document to identify him- American Express and Diners Club
since 1967 and contribute to the bal- self (Credit card, domestic identifica- cards are issued only through the follow-
1. Introduction anced development of the regional tion card etc.) ing-mentioned card companies or local
economy. branches of foreign banks.
Banks in Korea can be divided into 4 Savings Banks have the purpose to - If the foreigner cannot satisfy those 2
groups: commercial banks, special finance small and medium sized enter- conditions, he must fulfill one of the ・VISA: 82-2-524-9827
banks, regional banks and savings prises and to support the citizens to three following conditions: ・Master Card: 82-2-398-2200
banks. increase their savings, and are orga- a. Profession in Korea ・Diners Club: 82-2-222-6100 l
Commercial banks have their head nized in the form of a stock company. b. Ownership of a business or real ・American Express: 82-2-552-7600
office in a major city, mostly in Seoul. estate ・JCB: 82-2-755-4977
They control a vast amount of financial c. Financial guarantor
assets with a national-wide branch net- 2. Bank accounts
work. They are profit-seeking entities.
Special banks, on the other hand, have There are the following types of bank 3. Credit Card
the purpose to support a balanced accounts: Current, ordinary deposit, on-
development through the supply and call deposit, time deposit, and install- It is difficult for a foreigner to obtain a
distribution of capital into the parts of ment deposits. credit card in Korea. However, it is easi-
the economy otherwise ignored by com- Years ago, it was relatively easy for a er to acquire a debit card which fulfills a
mercial banks. Therefore, special banks foreigner to open a bank account with similar function. As long as you have
operate partly with government money just a passport, but nowadays, many money in your bank account, you can
and is directly managed and supervised more documents are required to open use it like a credit card. It is issued by
by the government. an account. every bank in Korea.
Regional banks are different from com- If you still want to try, beware the follow-
mercial banks as they are based on a ing things: Korean banks and credit

146 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Financial Services• 147

•Requirements ■ Information needed for overseas •The address of the Bank 5. Foreign Currency
To apply for a credit card, the foreign remittances Deposits
applicant must fulfill the following For overseas remittances, the following •The SWIFT Code (Source :
requirements. information is required:
•Your name in English ■ Foreign currency passbook
• Foreigner Registration Card with 3× •Recipient Information: Name, address, deposits
4 photo, a certificate to verify that telephone number •In general, money is received in 2 to 3 Deposits and withdrawals can be
you are holding office, and a certifi- working days from the date of remit- made without restriction
cate of tax payment are a must. •Recipient account number tance. However, this can differ
according to the system of the remit- •Eligibility: No restriction
• Foreigner Forms to submit different •Recipient Bank Information: Bank ting bank.
documents according to occupation. name, branch name, address, tele- •Deposit Period: No restriction
phone number, exact SWIFT Code •Non-residents may receive remit-
tances equal to or less than •Amount: No restriction
4. Remittances US$20,000 without presenting any
Tip Box additional documents. • Currencies: Depending on the bank
■ Overseas remittance by Non- If you know the corresponding bank
residents codes, your remittance will be greatly •Interest rate: The time deposit interest
•You can send up to US$10,000 with- expedited for the following countries rate of the corresponding currencies
out presenting additional credentials. on the basis of interest settlement
A passport is required to make the •U.S.A.: ABA No.(Routing No.), CHIPS No. date.
payments. •Canada: TRANSIT No.
•England: SORT Code •This product is not protected by the
•With credentials, transfer of the •Germany: BLZ No. Depositor Protection Act.
amount specified is allowed.
If you have already exchanged for-
eign currency during your stay in ■ Information for receiving remit- ■ Foreign currency MMDA
Korea or have incomes in Korea, you tances from abroad A high-interest rate yielding short-term
can remit money within the corre- •If you would like to receive remittance deposit. Deposits and withdrawals
sponding amount. You need to pre- from overseas, give the following unlimited.
sent your passport, certificate/receipt information to the remitter.
of foreign exchange purchased, pay •Eligibility: Residents, non-residents
stubs, etc. •The exact spelling of the Bank in Eng- (personal customers)
•Deposit Period: No restriction

148 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Financial Services• 149

•Deposit Period: Less than 7 days, 7 • Initial depositing amount: More than 6. Other Services
days or over, 1 month or over, 3 US$500 dollars or the amount
months or over and 6 months or over. equivalent to US$500 dollars (No
(Limited to 6 months in max for non- restriction on frequencies or amount ■ ATMs
residents) of additional deposits) ATMs in most major cities in Korea are
in service for foreign cards 24/7. You
•Currencies: Depending on the bank •Currencies: Depending on the bank can use credit cards and cash cards
issued in foreign countries at ATMs with
• Interest rate: Interest rate per period •Interest rate: Interest rate of Foreign “Cirrus” or “Star” signs. They are called
of Foreign Currency Time Deposit Currency Time Deposit applied to the “Global ATM.” If there are no English
shall be applied. each installments. instructions, ask a Korean for help.
(According to the interest rate posted on
•Automatic renewal after maturity; the day each installments are made) However, there are not that many Global
Automatically renewed after maturity ATM’s in Korea. Therefore, it is advis-
upon your request when opening an •Interest Payment Method: Payment at able that you open a bank account in
account. maturity Korea as fast as possible if you want to
- Period: Same as the initially agreed •This product is not protected by the get the cash whenever you need.
period Depositor Protection Act
- Interest rate: Interest rate posted on •Cash Service
•Amount: No restriction the date of maturity is applied You can withdraw cash up to your credit
limit from the ATMs of your bank or oth-
•Currencies: Depending on the bank •This product is not protected by the er multiple-institution-ATMs.
Depositor Protection Act.
•Interest rate: Applied differently
according to the amount, based on ■ Travelers’ checks
the daily balance. ■ Foreign currency savings Traveler’s checks are issued in the form
deposit of a cashier’s check to minimize the dan-
•This product is not protected by the This is a deposit with free deposits and ger of losing cash. Traveler’s checks are
Depositor Protection Act partial withdrawals in order to save a honored by hotels, department stores,
round sum of foreign currencies. restaurants, general stores and money
exchangers as well as banks worldwide.
■ Foreign currency time deposit • Eligibility: No restriction If a traveler’s check is lost or stolen, it
Interest rate based on deposit period can be replaced with some require-
is applied to your daily deposit balance •Deposit Period: 3 months~24 months. ments.
• Eligibility: No restriction. Traveler’s checks are safer than cash.

150 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Financial Services• 151

At time of purchase, sign both sides of Securities Trading •Custody of Securities Tip Box
the traveler’s checks to prevent cashing Every foreigner shall keep the acquired New Banknote in Korea
if they become lost or are stolen. It is securities in the custody of the KOS- In June 2009, the Bank of Korea began
safer to carry cash or traveler’s checks DAQ, foreign exchange banks, securi- to issue 50,000-Won banknotes.
in pockets in lieu of bags. It is highly rec- ties companies, management compa- For many decades, the 10,000-Won
ommended that you record the numbers nies, futures trading companies, or note was the highest banknote in Korea
of the checks that you have purchased internationally recognized foreign cus- which has a value around $8. Due to the
and sign them immediately. You are also tody institutions. high prices in Korea, you either had to
advised to keep the purchase agree- carry a bundle of 10,000-Won notes or
ment separately from your traveler’s •Appointment of Standing Agent use checks printed from various banks,
checks. Any foreigner may appoint a standing mostly with a denomination of 100,000
agent among custody institutions and Won.
shall not have any person other than The woman on the note is Sinsaimdang
such standing agent represent or act for (신사임당), one of the most accom-
him in exercising the right of the plished painter in the Chosun Dynasty
•Investment Registration acquired securities and in handling the (1392-1910) and the mother of Yulgok,
Every foreigner shall, when intending to matters related thereto. who became a very famous scholar. The
acquire or dispose of any of securities note came into circulation in June 2009.
for the first time, register his or her per- - Required Documents: Passport or
sonal details with the Financial Supervi- alien registration card
sory Service, in advance. - Financial Supervisory Service:
※Foreigners who have an address or
place of abode for more than six
months in Korea do not need an
issued certificate of investment regis-

•Opening of Accounts
Every foreigner shall, when intending to
open a trading account for securities
investment with a securities company,
open an account separately for each
class of invested securities in such man-
ner as to be determined by the Governor.

152 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Financial Services• 153

Guide to Living in Korea 2010

Directory List

1. List of Korea Business Centers 15. Domestic Airlines

(KBC’s) 16. Hospitals Outside of Seoul
2. Hotels in Korea 17. International Moving Companies
3. Recommended Real Estate 18. Home Delivery Companies
Brokers 19. Major Life Insurance Companies
4. Newspapers in English 20. Events in Korea
5. High Speed Internet Providers 21. Embassies in Korea
6. Credit Card Companies 22. Chambers of Commerce
7. Korean Banks 23. Contact Information of Selected
8. Foreign Banks Government Bodies and Semi-
9. Law Firms Governmental Organizations
10. Accounting Firms 24. Foreign Investment Related
11. Foreign Schools in Korea Bodies
12. Korean Language Schools 25. Support centers for foreigners
13. Libraries 26. KOTRA Alliance Serviced
14. Book Stores Residence Hotel

KBC Tel / Fax E-Mail

Tel : (65) 6221-3055


Directory List
Fax : (65) 6223-5850

Tel : (60-3) 2117-7100

Fax : (60-3) 2142-2107

Tel : (95-1) 255453~6

Fax : (95-1) 255457

The main functions of Korea Business

List of Korea Business Tel : (880-2) 882-4218
Centers are marketing support, busi- DHAKA
Centers (KBC) Fax : (880-2) 882-3068
ness matchmaking and information
searches. Tel : (84-8) 38223944
Fax : (84-8) 38223941
Korea Business Centers (KBC) are over- Those interested in doing business with
seas branch offices of KOTRA and Korea may contact the nearest Korea Tel : (84-4) 3946-0511
located in major cities of over 70 coun- Business Center. Most of the Korea Fax : (84-4) 3946-0519
tries. Business Centers have a website as
Korea Business Centers connect for- well. Tel : (94-11) 259-7494
Fax : (94-11) 250-1818
eigners or foreign companies interested Go to
in doing business with a Korean compa- tal/dken and enter the KBC you want to Tel : (91-124) 4628-500
ny and support foreign investors who visit. Fax : (91-124) 4628-501
want to make an investment in Korea.
Fax : (91-44) 2433-7280
Fax : (91-44) 2433-7281

Tel : (91-22) 6631-8000

Fax : (91-22) 6631-8780

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Fax : (66-2) 261-1232

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Fax : (92-21) 561-0779

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KBC Tel / Fax E-Mail KBC Tel / Fax E-Mail

Tel : (63-2) 893-1183,3244 Tel : (86-21) 5108-8771/2

Fax : (63-2) 817-3369 Fax : (86-21) 6219-6015

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Fax : (64-9) 373-2952 Fax : (86-411) 8253-0050

Tel : (61-2) 9264-5199 Tel : (86-20) 8334-0052

Fax : (61-2) 9264-5299 Fax : (86-20) 8335-1142

Tel : (61-3) 9867-1988 Tel : (86-28) 8672-3501~6

Fax : (61-3) 9867-2688 Fax : (86-28) 8672-3507

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Fax : (86-532) 8388-7935
Tel : (86-29) 8335-1001
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Tel : (81-3 )3214-6951/4

TOKYO Tel : (86-27) 8555-0118
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Tel : (81-6) 6262-3831

OSAKA Tel : (852) 2545-9500
Fax : (81-6) 6262-4607 HONG KONG
Fax : (852) 2815-0487

Tel : (81-92) 473-2005/6

FUKUOKA Tel : (886-2) 2725-2324
Fax : (81-92) 473-2007 TAIPEI
Fax : (886-2) 2757-7240

Tel : (81-52) 561-3936

Fax : (81-52) 561-3945

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Tel : (1-212) 826-0900 Tel : (52-55) 5514-3173
Fax : (1-212) 888-4930 Fax : (52-55) 5514-3170

Tel : (1-323) 954-9500 Tel : (502) 2367-2347-9

Fax : (1-323) 954-1707 Fax : (502) 2367-2350

Tel : (1-312) 644-4323 Tel : (1-809) 567-9733

Fax : (1-312) 644-4879 Fax : (1-809) 567-9737

Tel : (1-972) 243-9300 Tel : (58-212) 762-9832

Fax : (1-972) 243-9301 Fax : (58-212) 762-2263

Tel : (1-202) 857-7919 Tel : (55-11) 3175-3030

Fax : (1-202) 857-7923 Fax : (55-11) 3175-3031

Tel : (1-650) 571-8483 Tel : (54-11) 4393-3110

Fax : (1-650) 571-8065 Fax : (54-11) 4393-2822

Tel : (1-305) 374-4648 Tel : (56-2) 362-9991

Fax : (1-305) 375-9332 Fax : (56-2) 204-9833

Tel : (1-248) 355-4911 Tel : (57-1) 637-5099

Fax : (1-248) 355-9002 Fax : (57-1) 637-9238

Tel : (1-416) 368-3399 Tel : (507) 2648105

Fax : (1-416) 368-2893 Fax : (507) 2640928

Tel : (1-604) 683-1820 Tel : (51-1) 442-2834

Fax : (1-604) 687-6249 Fax : (51-1) 442-0841

Tel : (53-7) 204-1020

Fax : (53-7) 204-1209

160 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Directory List• 161

KBC Tel / Fax E-Mail KBC Tel / Fax E-Mail

Tel : (49-69) 2429920~9 Tel : (43-1) 586-3876

Fax : (49-69) 253589 Fax : (43-1) 586-3979

Tel : (49-40) 3405 740 Tel : (39-02) 795147

Fax : (49-40) 3405-7474 Fax : (39-02) 798235

‥ Tel : (49-89) 2424-2630 Tel : (420) 245-005-650

Fax : (49-89) 2424-2639 Fax : (420) 245-005-651

Tel : (30-210) 6543-623/4/5 Tel : (385-1) 4815-101

Fax : (30-210) 6543-508 Fax : (385-1) 4818-821

Tel : (31-20) 673-0555 Tel : (90-212) 325-3646

Fax : (31-20) 673-6918 Fax : (90-212) 325-3642

Tel : (45) 3312-6658 Tel : (48-22) 520-6230

Fax : (45) 3332-6654 Fax : (48-22) 520-6231

Tel : (40-21) 233-2171/2/3 Tel : (33-1) 5535-8888

Fax : (40-21) 233-2174 Fax : (33-1) 5535-8889

Tel : (32-2) 203-2142 Tel : (358-9) 682-9490

Fax : (32-2) 203-0751 Fax : (358-9) 682-94910

Tel : (359-2) 969-5030/31/32 Tel : (36-1) 201-8474

Fax : (359-2) 969-5033 Fax : (36-1) 488-0184

Tel : (46-8) 30-80-90

Fax : (46-8) 30-61-90

Tel : (41-44) 202-1232

Fax : (41-44) 202-4318

Tel : (34-91) 556-6241

Fax : (34-91) 556-6868

Tel : (44-20) 7520-5300

Fax : (44-20) 7240-2367

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KBC Tel / Fax E-Mail
KBC Tel / Fax E-Mail
Tel : (218-21) 335-0417~9
Tel : (7-495) 258-1627/28 Fax : (218-21) 335-0420
Fax : (7-495) 258-1634
Tel : (212-22) 989-627
Tel : (7-4232) 436-466/69 Fax : (212-22) 994-513
Fax : (7-4232) 436-470
Tel : (966-1) 273-4496
Tel : (7-383) 325-7003 Fax : (966-1) 273-4750
Fax : (7-383) 222-7805
Tel : (213-21) 69 37 65
Tel : (994-12) 436-7560/1 Fax : (213-21) 69 42 09
Fax : (994-12) 436-7562
Tel : (968) 2456-5931/2
Tel : (380-44) 495-2978 Fax : (968) 2456-5933
Fax : (380-44) 495-2950
Tel : (962-6) 5831-045
Tel : (7-727) 311-0203 Fax : (962-6) 5831-015
Fax : (7-727) 311-0208
Tel : (964-1) 776-1554
Tel : (998-71) 140-0215/6 Fax : (964-7906) 114668
Fax : (998-71) 140-0217
Tel : (98-21) 2217-4005~7
Fax : (98-21) 2240-2475

Tel : (972-3) 639-6488

Fax : (972-3) 639-6489
KBC Tel / Fax E-Mail
Tel : (20-2) 2380-0072/92
Tel : (971-4) 332-7776 Fax : (20-2) 2359-9178
Fax : (971-4) 329-1300
Tel : (254-20) 220458
Tel : (234-1) 774-6262 Fax : (254-20) 315706
Fax : (234-1) 461-1190
Tel : (965) 2243-6933
Tel : (249-1) 8349-8814 Fax : (965) 2243-6948
Fax : (249-1) 8349-8860
Tel: 963-(0)11-613 4391
Tel : (27-11) 784-2940/2941 Fax: 963-(0)11-611 7748
Fax : (27-11) 784-2983

164 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Directory List• 165

Some hotels have good views. Most
Hotels in Korea Recommended Real Estate Brokers
hotels have easy access to transporta-
tion to the airport, as well as to popular
Korean hotels are rated as super deluxe, tourist destinations. Rooms should be The people in the agencies listed below can speak English. Sometimes, they speak
deluxe, first class, second class and booked about a week in advance. In additional languages as well.
third class, but these ratings do not cor- particular, booking should be made
respond with hotel ratings in Western about 1 or 2 months in advance during Company Name Representative Tel (Fax) Address
countries. The hotel type can be identi- peak seasons or international events.
Asian Tigers Real 82-2-790-1833 229-5, Itaewon-dong,
fied by the number of Mugunghwa Check out is usually before noon. Room Jung, Hwan
Estate Co.,Ltd (82-2-790-7400) Yongsan-gu
(Rose of Sharon), the national flower. rates in general do not include meals.
Rooms are available in two styles: West- Confirm the room type before reserving Global Property 82-2-568-68861200 No. 1212, Samheung
Sim, Iksup Officetel, 705-9, Yeok-
Co.,Ltd (82-2-568-8448) sam-dong, Gangnam-gu
ern with single or double beds and as many hotels have no single rooms.
Korean, known as ondol (heated floor), Jungang Certified 82-2-734-1557 561-2, Changshin-
Shin, Chaungsoo
with sleeping done on mats placed on Visit the websites, Real Estate Agency (82-2-734-1557) dong, Jongno-gu
the floor. or
Hyundai Certified 82-2-763-8833
Conference rooms, dining halls, restau- to look for hotels and make reserva- Lee, Donkwon (82-2-763-8838)
Real Estate Agency (82-2-763-8838)
rants, bars, duty free shops, health tions.
clubs and other facilities are available. Jinsol Certified Real 82-2-738-4984 147-9, Tongin-dong,
Kim, Hyungkee
Estate Agency (82-2-738-4983) Jongno-gu

Arum Certified Real 82-2-2233-4800 348-43, Sindang-

Koo, Jangyuel
Estate Agency (82-2-2282-1147) dong, Jung-gu

Kukje Certified Real 82-2-2233-2525 347-355, Sindang-

Koo, Youngzoo
Estate Agency (82-2-2233-2503) dong, Jung-gu

Starvil Certified Real 82-2-798-8990 84-1, Hannam-dong,

Kim, Incheul
Estate Agency (82-2-798-4560) Yongsan-gu

No. 108, Samsung

Samsung Certified 82-2-717-3399 River Hill Apt. Sangga,
Chang, Young
Real Estate Agency (82-2-714-6806) Sancheon-dong,

Onnuri Certified Real 82-2-796-4955 301-146, Ichon-dong,

Kwon, Youngpil
Estate Agency (82-2-796-4946) Yongsan-gu

Eden Certified Real 82-2-793-4774 532, Itaewon-dong,

Choi, Youngho
Estate Agency (82-2-793-4776) Yongsan-gu

166 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Directory List• 167

Company Name Representative Tel (Fax) Address Company Name Representative Tel (Fax) Address

Jinny Certified Real No. 708, Hannam Bldg,

Cho, Jinhee 82-2-749-5959 (82-2-749-5633) Ziwoo Certified Real 82-2-797-8814
Estate Agency Lim, Sunjung 737-37, Hannam-dong,
Estate Agency (82-2-749-1549)
Eaan Certified Real 82-2-711-0599 183-1, Sancheon-
Chung, Sangho
Estate Agency (82-2-711-5998) dong, Yongsan-gu Green Certified Real 82-2-749-9500 24-4, Cheongpadong
Kim, Myungsoo
Estate Agency (82-2-717-1636) 3-ga, Yongsan-gu
Dongwon Certified 82-2-792-1035 396-1, Itaewon-dong,
Kang, Changsoo
Real Estate Agency (82-2-792-1036) Yongsan-gu Hill-Top Certified Real 82-2-795-4999 2F, 274-13, Hannam-
Choi, Hyunjune
Estate Agency (82-2-795-4992) dong, Yongsan-gu
No. 105, Samik Sang-
Kookil Certified Real 82-2-798-0123
Kim, Duckyoung ga, 300-301, Ichon- New-Town Certified 82-2-797-8200 1F, 131-24, Itaewon-
Estate Agency (82-2-749-4920) Jung, Donhee
dong, Yongsan-gu Real Estate Agency (82-2-797-8208) dong, Yongsan-gu

Peace Certified Real 82-2-792-1006 254-4, Hangangno No. 1114, Yongsan

Park, Yesoon
Estate Agency (82-2-792-1033) 1-ga, Yongsan-gu Summit Certified Real 82-2-765-6820 Park Xi, 50-1,
Yu, Dongsuk
Estate Agency (82-2-765-6821) Hangangno 1-ga,
Landmark Certified 82-2-797-4555 312-5, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu
Suh, Kwanoh
Real Estate Agency (82-2-797-4556) Yongsan-gu
Seoul Realty-Net 3F, Woojin Bldg, 18-5,
Alps Certified Real 82-2-774-1588 251-16, Huam-dong, Certified Real Estate Choi, Younsik Hangangno-1ga,
Hong, Soonuk (82-2-798-0894)
Estate Agency (82-2-752-1588) Yongsan-gu Agency Yongsan-gu

Viva-Consulting No. 105, Daeyoung

82-2-792-5500 No. 1, 653-103, Han-
Certified Real Estate Park, Eunwoo Hansol Certified Real 82-2-798-6262 Sangga, 301-152,
(82-2-793-5363) nam-dong, Yongsan-gu Lee, Yusang
Agency Estate Agency (82-2-790-8882) Icheon-dong,
LA Certified Real 82-2-790-3555 1F, 529, Itaewon-
Park, Kyungbae
Estate Agency (82-2-790-5143) dong, Yongsan-gu Orient Certified Real 82-2-796-4400 234-6, Itaewon-dong,
Yoo, Nanhee
Estate Agency (82-2-792-3319) Yongsan-gu
No. 903, Hyundai Hyel,
Nicerent Certified 82-2-793-8866
Park, Suemin 2-36, Hangangno New-Town Certified 82-2-703-7888 267-39, Seogye-dong,
Real Estate Agency (82-2-793-8849) Kim, Insoon
2-ga, Yongsan-gu Real Estate Agency (82-2-703-7891) Yongsan-gu

Hansin Certified Real 82-2-798-9966 561, Itaewon-dong, C&G Certified Real 82-2-795-9043 552, Itaewon-dong,
Moon, Hyeongwon Chung, Chaehun
Estate Agency (82-2-797-9935) Yongsan-gu Estate Agency (82-2-790-9105) Yongsan-gu

No. 1009, Hannam No. 105, Cj 9Park 201,

A&A Real Estate 82-2-794-1133 Cj-9Park Certified 82-2-706-6666
Ahn, Heejin Bldg, 737-37, Hannam- Won, Yunsop 24-6, Munbae-dong,
Agency (82-2-798-0201) Real Estate Agency (82-2-703-8300)
dong, Yongsan-gu Yongsan-gu

168 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Directory List• 169

Company Name Representative Tel (Fax) Address Company Name Representative Tel (Fax) Address

Prime Certified Real 82-2-796-0023 1F, 57-38, Itaewon- Jinheung Certified 82-2-456-4989 773-9, Jayang-dong,
Jung, Joohui Jang, Sunguk
Estate Agency (82-2-796-0024) dong, Yongsan-gu Real Estate Agency (82-2-456-4997) Gwangjin-gu

IRE Certified Real 82-2-798-9888 231-19, Bogwang- Sobaek Certified Real 82-2-432-8949 248-1, Junggok-dong,
Chang, Mira Choi, Kyohwan
Estate Agency (82-2-798-9895) dong, Yongsan-gu Estate Agency (82-2-469-3300) Gwangjin-gu

Yongsan Certified 82-2-792-7111 5-1612, Yongsan-dong Janghanpyung Certi- 1F, Younglim Bldg,
Song, Myunggoo 82-2-2249-0088
Real Estate Agency (82-2-792-7021) 2-ga, Yongsan-gu fied Real Estate Wi, Taeyoon 433-11, Jangan-dong,
Agency Dongdaemun-gu
International Certified 82-2-794-8844 No. 103, 34-158, Itae-
Lee, Yongkyun
Real Estate Agency (82-2-749-8892) won-dong, Yongsan-gu Kumgang Certified 82-2-977-5775 244-143, Muk 2-dong,
Yom, Heungseob
Real Eatate Agency (82-2-972-5776) Jungnang-gu
Dreamland Housing
82-2-794-0811 226-1, Itaewon-dong,
Certified Real Estate Kang, Shinyoung Orient Certified Real 82-2-3672-4400 1F, 321, Seongbuk-
(82-2-794-9876) Yongsan-gu Choi, Wonhyo
Agency Estate Agency (82-2-3672-4426) dong, Seongbuk-gu

World Certified Real 82-2-797-0330 229-17, Itaewon-dong, Prime Certified Real 82-2-983-4589 481-24, Gireum 3-
Kim, Jaewoo Park, Kyoosu
Estate Agency (82-2-794-2181) Yongsan-gu Estate Agency (82-2-983-4578) dong, Seongbuk-gu

No. 201, Hanseong Happy Certified Real 82-2-982-1100 707-4, Mia 8-dong,
Reamko Realty Cor- 82-2-749-9959 Kim, Changhee
You, Younghwa Bldg, 28-11, Hannam- Estate Agency (82-2-987-0880) Gangbuk-gu
poration (82-2-749-7959)
dong, Yongsan-gu
No. 102, Susan Triple
UN Certified Real 82-2-792-2558 28-12, Hannam-dong, Susan Certified Real 82-2-906-9911 Apt. Sangga, 817,
Chang, Moonhee Lee, Soonseob
Estate Agency (82-2-793-0741) Yongsan-gu Estate Agency (82-2-906-2704) Chang 5-dong,
No. 204 2F, 36-1,
Green Certified Real 82-2-749-8070
Chung, Seungsup Hannam-dong, No. 102, 263-33,
Estate Agency (82-2-749-8060) Joeun Certified Real 82-2-990-0708
Yongsan-gu Lee, Kyungsook Chang 5-dong,
Estate Agency (82-2-990-0711)
Yoolim Certified Real Chung, Kyoungh- 82-2-794-7633 310-29, Dongbinggo-
Estate Agency wa (82-2-798-0843) dong, Yongsan-gu 7-1, 5dong Sangga,
Dongik Certified Real 82-2-900-9011
Cha, Bogeun 285-5, Ssangmun 1-
Estate Agency (82-2-900-9012)
No. 101, Pungwon dong, Dobong-gu
Hi-Rent Certified Real 82-2-797-7277 Sangga, 302-68,
Ahn, Youngbok
Estate Agency (82-2-795-7077) Icheon-dong, Won Certified Real 82-2-971-0056 323-8, Gongneung-
Lee, Kwonhyung
Yongsan-gu Estate Agency (82-2-979-0088) dong, Nowon-gu

Kangsan Certified 82-2-446-0092 200-1, Guui 3-dong, Yesung Certified Real 82-2-383-2459 21-62, Gusan-dong,
Yoo, Taishik Lee, Jongbae
Real Estate Agency (82-2-453-3646) Gwangjin-gu Estate Agency (82-2-383-2480) Eunpyeong-gu

170 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Directory List• 171

Company Name Representative Tel (Fax) Address Company Name Representative Tel (Fax) Address

No. 101, 28-68, No. 125, Sindorim

Eunpyeong Certified 82-2-353-1123 City Certified Real 82-2-860-5656
Jung, Dawoon Yeokcheon-dong, Eun- Han, Youngjoon Posvill, 26, Guro 5-
Real Estate Agency (82-2-353-1143) Estate Agency (82-2-860-5657)
pyeong-gu dong, Guro-gu

LBA Moonchanho Cheongho Certified 82-2-808-8920 917-36, Siheung-

82-2-392-4040 101-6, Daehyun-dong, Park, Naeyeol
Realty Certified Real Moon, Chanho Real Estate Agency (82-2-808-8970) dong, Geumcheon-gu
(82-2-393-0804) Seodaemun-gu
Estate Agency
No. 104, Hyundai Apt.
Sinhwa Certified Real 82-2-338-1550 180-8, Donggyo-dong, Hometown Certified 82-2-2631-0003 Sangga, 164, Dan-
Kang, Aeli Song, Kyusang
Estate Agency (82-2-322-0576) Mapo-gu Real Estate Agency (82-2-2631-0048) gsandong 2-ga,
B-3, Paradisetel, 159-
Yale Certified Real 82-2-3141-1233
Jang, Deukkul 6, Donggyo-dong, Star Parks Real 82-2-6337-1000 15F, 35-4, Yeouido-dong,
Estate Agency (82-2-3141-1546) Woo, Younsung
Mapo-gu Estate Co.,Ltd (82-2-783-0086) Yeongdeungpo-gu

Tuja Certified Real 82-2-716-5100 118-6, Daeheung- No. 203, Kumho

Lim, Kyungchae
Estate Agency (82-2-713-5456) dong, Mapo-gu Richensia Certified 82-2-784-5655 Richensia A-dong,
Um, Oksoo
Real Estate Agency (82-2-784-5756) Yeouido-dong 61,
Hyundai-Hometown 82-2-0707-4999-002 No. 102, Hyunsuk Yeongdeungpo-gu
Certified Real Estate You, Kyoungmin (82-2-0303-0001- Bldg, 93-1, Hyunsuk-
Agency 0072) dong, Mapo-gu Choeun Certified Real 267-27, Sangdo-dong,
Kim, Youngchul 82-2-584-0046
Estate Agency Dongjak-gu
No. 204, Mok-dong
New-Seoul Certified 82-2-2651-2244 Apt. 7 Danji B Sangga, Samsung Certified 82-2-814-5848 263-11, Noryangjin-
Lee, Harkro Gang, Jiyoung
Real Estate Agency (82-2-2651-9966) 925, Mok-dong, Real Estate Agency (82-2-824-5114) dong, Dongjak-gu
No. 103, Donga-
LBA Hana Certified 82-2-888-6880 town21, 7-312,
LBA Seoul Certified 82-2-2691-1700 1006-1, Hwagok 3- Bae, Jongduk
Lee, Seongmu Real Estate Agency (82-2-888-7880) Bongcheon-dong,
Real Estate Agency (82-2-2692-1113) dong, Gangseo-gu

Woori Certified Real 82-2-887-8009 969-11, Bongcheon-

Hyundai-I Certified 82-2-2695-4998 1029-42, Hwagok- Yoo, Byungchul
Kim, Sanghyun Estate Agency (82-2-887-7444) dong, Gwanak-gu
Real Estate Agency (82-2-2696-7611) dong, Gangseo-gu
No. 105, Daewoo Apt.
Hana Certified Real 82-2-889-7003 Sangga, 1717,
LBA Ilsong Certified 82-2-2601-5660 105-64, Hwagok- Lee, Jinok
Park, Duckmyung Estate Agency (82-2-888-6714) Bongcheon-dong,
Real Estate Agency (82-2-2606-2282) dong, Gangseo-gu

172 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Directory List• 173

Company Name Representative Tel (Fax) Address Company Name Representative Tel (Fax) Address

Banpo114 Certified 82-2-595-5982 M-14, 938, Banpo- No. 309, Woosung

Lee, Dongha
Real Estate Agency (82-2-595-5909) dong, Seocho-gu Hankook Certified 82-2-578-0508 Charactervill, 467-18,
Lee, Heasun
Real Estate Agency (82-2-578-0589) Dogok-dong, Gang-
3-3, Banpo Mido nam-gu
Hanbo Certified Real 82-2-532-7050
Park, Ilkwon Sangga, 60-4, Banpo-
Estate Agency (82-2-536-8524)
dong, Seocho-gu A-106, Acade-
NewYork Certified 82-2-529-2089 mysweet, 467-7,
Park, Insoon
Posco Certified Real 82-2-525-0024 102, 1444-21, Seo- Real Estate Agency (82-2-529-8207) Dogok-dong, Gang-
Bae, Jungsoo
Estate Agency (82-2-587-5911) cho-dong, Seocho-gu nam-gu

Nambuk Certified 82-2-577-9498 1F, 321-2, Yangje- No. 137, Dogok Rexle
Lee, Ohsung Rexle-Top Certified 82-2-576-5765
Real Estate Agency (82-2-577-9407) dong, Seocho-gu Moon, Jonggyo Sangga, 527, Dogok-
Real Estate Agency (82-2-576-5796)
dong, Gangnam-gu
No. 105, Hyundai
Sinsegye Certified 82-2-545-8844 Sangga, 426, Abgu- Taeyoung Certified 82-2-541-4008 170, Nonhyun-dong,
Kim, Inhyuk Do, Janghwan
Real Estate Agency (82-2-3444-5400) jeong-dong, Gang- Real Estate Agency (82-2-541-4481) Gangnam-gu
Sambo Certified Real 82-2-3445-9857 108, Samsung-dong,
Lee, Kwangduk
No. 102, Kumkang Estate Agency (82-2-540-7170) Gangnam-gu
Mirae Certified Real 82-2-517-8282 Arcade, 455, Apgu-
Sin, Chanyoung
Estate Agency (82-2-517-3720) jeong-dong, Gang- B-8, Daejong Bldg,
Daejong Certified 82-2-565-8800
nam-gu Lee, Wonki 143-48, Samsung-
Real Estate Agency (82-2-565-0505)
dong, Gangnam-gu
Chungdam Zai Certi-
82-2-511-6644 132-8, Cheongdam-
fied Real Estate Choi, Kyungho
(82-2-540-1335) dong, Gangnam-gu No. 806, LGtwintel2
Agency Best Certified Real Hwang, Changy- 82-2-2191-6694
Bldg, 157-3, Samsung-
Estate Agency ong (82-2-2191-6695)
dong, Gangnam-gu
No. 101, Daewoong
G&B Lotte Certified 82-2-548-2002
Park, Soonseo Bldg, 46-20, Cheong-
Real Estate Agency (82-2-540-3953)
dam-dong, Gangnam-gu Samil Certified Real 82-2-543-5885 26-15, Samsung-
Kim, Daegon
Estate Agency (82-2-514-5833) dong, Gangnam-gu
Seolleung-Youk Cer- No. 101, Pungrim I-
tified Real Estate Sung, Taejoong One, 890-54, Dachi- LBA Tukjip Certified 82-2-543-9036 No. 12, 4-4, Samsung-
(82-2-553-6799) Bae, Jongjoo
Agency dong, Gangnam-gu Real Estate Agency (82-2-543-9038) dong, Gangnam-gu

B-110, Woosung Liv- LBA Newstar Park- No. 107, Chunggu

Vantt Certified Real 82-2-575-1006 82-2-541-8866
Jo, Junhee ingtel, 467-10 , Dogok- sangwon Certified Park, Sangwon Sangga, 78-4, Samsung-
Estate Agency (82-2-575-3988) (82-2-541-4012)
dong, Gangnam-gu Real Estate Agency dong, Gangnam-gu

174 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Directory List• 175

Company Name Representative Tel (Fax) Address Newspapers in English
Office-Seoul Certified 82-2-508-2860 B106, 823, Yeoksam-
Baek, Changshik Name URL Tel
Real Estate Agency (82-2-508-5058) dong, Gangnam-gu
Wall Street Journal 82-2-715-5488
Namil Certified Real 82-2-557-0808 703-8, Yeoksam-dong,
Song, Taecheol International Herald Tribune 82-2-727-0114
Estate Agency (82-2-554-3345) Gangnam-gu
Financial Times 82-2-2003-7114
No. 126, Ssangyong
Jun, Youngsuk Certi- The Korean Herald 82-2-727-0114
82-2-581-3318 Platinum, 826-37,
fied Real Estate Jun, Youngsuk
(82-2-581-3319) Yeoksam-dong, Gang- The Korea Times 82-2-724-2114

Onnuri Certified Real Cheong, 82-2-558-0601 317, 690-3, Yeoksam-

Estate Agency Choonsahng (82-2-070-7016-0601) dong, Gangnam-gu High Speed Internet Providers

Excellent Consulting Wireless Internet

82-2-424-1616 1-121, 40, Jamsil- Provider URL Tel Service
Certified Real Estate Lee, Jaechoon
(82-2-424-0880) dong, Songpa-gu
Agency KT 1588-5668 o

SK Broadband 106 o

No. 101, Sangga, 319,
Hanmaru Certified 82-2-448-2002
Chung, Youngjo Macheon-dong, Song- LG Powercom 1644-7000 o
Real Estate Agency (82-2-448-5114)
Dreamline 1566-1212 o
No. 103, Da Sangga, LG Daycom 1544-0001 x
Pureun Certified Real 82-2-408-4833
Bae, Hongmoon 479, Garak-dong,
Estate Agency (82-2-408-3003)

No. 116, Daerim Apt.

Koa Certified Real 82-2-400-5949
Lee, Wonmook Sangga, Ogeum-dong,
Estate Agency (82-2-401-0707)

Corea Certified Real 82-2-400-1310 1F, 51-7, Munjeong-

Song, Wonyong
Estate Agency (82-2-400-3830) dong, Songpa-gu

Lee Jik Sun Certified 82-2-470-8946 148-7, Dunchon-dong,

Lee, Jiksun
Real Estate Agency (82-2-472-4455) Gangdong-gu

176 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Directory List• 177

Credit Card Companies Foreign Banks

Company Name URL Tel Bank URL Tel

Master Card 82-2-398-2200 JP Morgan 82-2-758-5200

American Express Card 82-2-399-2929 Citi 82-2-3704-7000

JCB Card 82-2-755-4977 82-2-2000-8000

American Express
BC Card 82-2-520-4114 82-2-2000-8100

Samsung Card 82-2-2000-8000 Mizuho 82-2-3782-8500

Shinhan Card 82-2-3420-7000 Bank of China 82-2-399-6268

Industrial and Commercial 82-2-755-5688
Bank of China
Korean Banks
HSBC 1588-1770

Barclays 82-2-2126-2700

Bank URL Tel
Korea Development Bank 82-2-786-8503 BNP Paribas 82-2-317-1700

SC First Bank 82-2-3702-3114 UBS 82-2-3702 8888

Kookmin Bank 82-2-783-9653 Deutsche Bank 82 2 724 4500

Shinhan Bank 82-2-756-0505 RBS 82 2 2131 6000

Korea Exchange Bank 82-2-783-8134 ING 82 2 317 1800

Hana Bank 82-2-2002-1111

Woori Bank 82-2-2002-3000

178 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Directory List• 179

Law Firms

Company Name Scale Tel URL Company Name Scale Tel URL

350 Lawyer 40 Korean Lawyers

KIM & CHANG 82-2-3703-1101 KIM & JUNG 82-2-552-7249
50 Accountants 2 Foreign Lawyers lish/index.htm

KIM & KIM LAW 10 Lawyers

LEE&KO 245 Lawyers 82-2-772-4377 82-2-755-2980
OFFICES 3 Accountants

239 Lawyers
Hanol law offices 11 Lawyers 82-2-6004-2531
10 Accountants
Bae, Kim & Lee, LLC 82-2-3404-0138
18 Patent Attorneys
others: 21 Darae Law and 13 Lawyers
patent 17 Patent Attorneys
SHIN & KIM 222 Lawyers 82-2-316-4275
ault.asp 20 Lawyers
Sigong Law P.C. 82-2-565-3131
1 Accountants
90 Korean Lawyers
Yulchon Attorneys at 41 Foreign Lawyers MIRAE LEGAL
82-2-528-5237 8 Lawyers 82-2-3482 - 1121
Law 3 Patent Attorneys ndex.htm CORP.
6 Accountants
45 Lawyers
Sojong Partners 82-2-2112-1144
97 Korean Lawyers 6 Accountants =eng
Jisung Horizon 22 Foreign Lawyers 82-2-6050-1635
3 Accountants Dawin Attorneys at
5 Lawyers 82-2-537-1807
105 Korean Lawyers
Hwang Mok Park
6 Foreign Lawyers 82-2-772-2702 10 Accountants
P.C. Law Firm Sunmyung 82-2-559-0946
2 Accountants 7 Lawyers

20 Korean Lawyers More than 10

14 Foreign Lawyers EYP Lawfirm 82-2-531-8062
Lee International Lawyers
57 Patent Attorneys 82-2-2262-6030
IP&Law Group
10 Accountants 22 Lawyers
3 Customs Brokers 6 Foreign Lawyers 82-2-725-7210
2 Accountants
8 Korean Lawyers
Law Firm Chung-Jin 4 Foreign lawyers
(~5376) Lian Lawyers 10 Lawyers 82-2-535-5217
30 Patant Attorneys

180 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Directory List• 181

Accounting Firms Foreign Schools in Korea

Company Name Scale Tel URL School URL Tel

Samil Pricewater- 2,718 accountants 02-709-3369 (Eng.) Yongsan International School of Seoul 82-2-797-5104
houseCoopers 19 lawyers 02-709-0713 (Jap.) German School Seoul 82-2-792-0797

Deloitte Anjin LLC 1800 accountants 02-6676-2530 Seoul Academy International School 82-2-554-1690

982 domestic Seoul Foreign School 82-2-330-3100

accountants Seoul Japanese School 82-2-572-7011
Samjong KPMG Inc. 02-2112-0922
139 foreign accoun- me.asp?lang=kr
tants Lycee Francais de Seoul 82-2-535-1158

Global Christian School 82-2-797-0234

688 domestic
accountants Lycee International Xavier 82-2-741-7688
Ernst & Young 02-3770-0921
90 foreign accoun-
Korean Christianity 100
tants 82-2-772-9275~6
Anniversary Foreign School
DAEJOO Account- Korea Yeongdeungpo Chinese ESchool 82-2-2678-5939
250 accountants 02-3452-2869
ing Corporation
Korea International School
Woori Accounting 82-2-561-0509
80 accountants 82-2-3463-8150
Korea Kent Foreign School 82-2-2201-7091
Baker Tilly Sungto Seoul Hua-chaio Chinese E-School 82-2-776-1688
79 accountants 02-513-0208
Seoul Hua-chaio
52 accountants Chinese M and HSchool
Dasan accountants 02-2193-0141
2 US accountants
Korea Mongolian School 82-2-3437-7078
Ilsin 15 accountants 02-567-9100
Asia Pacifiv International School 82-2-907-2747

Han Kyung Account- International School of Busan 82-51-742-3332

25 accountants 02-552-2671
ing Corporation
Busan Foreign School 82-51-747-7199

Busan Japanese School 82-51-753-4166

Busan Chinese E-School (Kindergarten) 82-51-467-0274

Busan Chinese M and H-School 82-51-467-0275

182 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Directory List• 183

School URL Tel Korean Language Schools
Daegu Global Christian Foreign School 82-53-255-5956
Name URL Tel
Korea Daegu Chinese E-School 82-53-255-4273

Korea Daegu Chinese M and HSchool 82-53-471-1422 GANANDA Korean 82-2-332-6003
Language Institute
Gwangju International School 82-62-575-0900

Taejon Christian International School 82-42-633-3663 Korean Language Institute, 82-41-559-1333~6
Sun Moon University
International Christian School 82-31-855-1276
Ewha Womans University
Seoul International School 82-31-750-1200 82-2-3277-2114
Korean Language School
Uijeongbu Chinese E-School 82-31-829-3481
Yonsei University
Indianhead International School 82-31-870-3700 82-2-2123-8550~2
Korean Language Institute
Gyeonggi Suwon International School 82-31-695-2800
Language Teaching
Incheon Chinese 82-2-735-0039
82-32-761-3468 Research Center
Jungsan E, M and H School
Seoul Korean
Wonju Chinese E-School 82-33-764-4846 82-2-563-3226
Language Academy
Chuncheon Chinese E-School 82-33-254-5196
Seoul National University Lan-
Cheongju Chinese E-School 82-43-274-2204 82-2-880-5483~4
guage Education Institute
Chungju Chinese E-School 82-43-847-2656
Hankuk University
Jecheon Chinese E-School 82-43-644-1579 82-2-2173-2114
of Foreign Studies
Cheonan Chinese E-School 82-41-572-8061
Hanyang Uiversity
Onyang Chinese E-School 82-41-545-2872 82-2-2220-0114
International Language Institute
Gunsan Chinese E-School 82-63-462-2807
Kon-kuk Foreign
Okpo International School 82-55-687-3283 82-2-450-3075~6
Language Institute
Gyeongnam International 82-55-853-5125 Sookmyung Women’s
Foreign School 82-2-710-9165
University Lingua Express
Rainbow International School 82-2-571-2917
International Language School of 82-31-8005-2601

YBM SISA Language Institute 82-2-2003-1762

184 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Directory List• 185

Libraries Book Stores

Name Contact URL Languages Name Contact URL Etc.

The National
02-535- Korean/English/Japa The biggest foreign
Library of 02-1544-
4142 php# nese Kyobo Bookstore literature section in
Korea 1900
Libraries Assembly Korean/English
Library 02-1544-
Young Poong Bookstore
Namsan 02-754- Korean/English/Japa
Library 7338 nese
02-3702- 6002-6002
British Council
0600 korea.htm
Bandi and Luni’s
Centre Culturel 02-317- Branch:02-
Francais 8500 2198-3000

Goethe Institut
9831, 02-734- Has various foreign
Seoul /seo/deindex.htm Seoul Selection
2021-2800 9565 books on Korea

Israel Cultural 02-525- Sells new and used
Center 7301
02-797- www.ko.whatthe- literature, you can
What the Book
2342 order new foreign lit-
Italian Cultural 02-796- erature as well
Institute 0634

Latin American 031-962- Horse Racing
Cultural Center 9291
Japan Cultural 02-765- Name Contact URL ETC
Center 3011
Seoul Race Course 1566-3333 �KRA(Korea Racing
Russia Culture 02-558- Authority) operates
Center 2300
Busan-Gyungnam three race courses
race course �Horse Racing Fans
Istanbul Cultur- 02-3452-
enjoy exciting sports
al Center 8182 .html
Jeju Race course 064-741-9114 and various events

186 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Directory List• 187

Domestic Airlines Hospitals for foreigners outside of Seoul

Name URL Tel

Korean Air 82-1588-2001
Name URL / Address Tel
Asiana Air 82-1588-8000
Jeju Air 82-1599-1500 Ajou University Medical
San 5 woncheon-dong, Suwon, 82-31-219-4311~2
Hansung Airlines 82-11599-9090 443-721 Gyeonggi-do
Cheongsim Medical
460 Songsan-ri Seorak-myeon, 82-31-589-4641
477-855 Gyeonggi-do
Gachon University Gil
1198 Guwol-dong, Namdogng-gu, 82-32-460-8216
Medical Center
National Cacncer
09 Madu 1-dong, Ilsandong-gu, 82-31-920-1934
Goyang, Gyeonggi-do
Bucheon Hospital 1174 Jung-dong, Wonmi-gu, 82-32-621-5554
Gyunggi-do, Busheon-si

Inha University Hospital

International Health- 7-206Shinheung-dong 3-ga Jug-gu, 82-32-890-3300
care center Incheon

188 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Directory List• 189

Busan Daegu

Name URL / Address Tel Name URL / Address Tel Kyemyeong University 194 Dongsan-

Boomin Hospital 380-4 Deokcheon-1-dong, Buk-gu, 82-51-330-3000 Dongsan Medical Center dong, Jung-gu, Daegu
Yeongnam University 317-1 Daemyeong 5-dong, Nam- 82-53-623-4114
Medical center
Good Gang-An Hopital 40-1, Namcheon-dong, Suyoung- 82-51-625-0900 gu, Daegu
gu, Busan
Hanmi Hospital 82-53-593-4106
248-9 lgok-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu
Inje University Pusan
Paik Hospital Gaegeum Busanjin Busan

Parkside Rehabilitation
82-51-629-8000 Name URL / Address Tel
Hospital 731-1 Daeyeon-dong, Nam-gu, Busan
Ulsan University hospital 290-3 Jeonha 1-dong, Dong-gu, 82-52-250-7220
Good Moonhwa Hospital 899-8 Beomil-2-dong, Dong-gu, 82-51-644-2002
Kosin Medical Center 82-51-990-6155 Gwangju
34 Amnam-dong, Seo-gu, Busan

Name URL / Address Tel

Chosun University hospital 588 Seoseok-dong, Dong-gu, 82-62-220-3770
Name URL / Address Tel
Changwon Fatima hospital 212 Myeongseo-dong, Changwon, 82-55-270-1259 Chonnam National 8, Hak-dong,
641-560 Gyeongnam University hospital Dong-gu, Gwangju 344-2 Sinyong-

Kwangju Christian hospital 82-62-650-5691
Gyeongsanbuk-do dong, Iksan, Jeonbuk

Name URL / Address Tel
Kumi Cha Medical Center 855 yeonggok-dong, Gumi, 82-54-450-9870
730-728 Gyeongbuk

190 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Directory List• 191

Jeollabuk-do International Moving Companies
Name URL / Address Tel Name URL Tel

Jesus hospital 300 Junghwsan-dong 1-ga, 82-63-230-8114 Asian Tigers Transpack 82-2-3489-2500
Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Jeonbuk
Allied Pickfords 82-2-796-5961~2 KTMS 82-31-917-5411
Wongkwang University
344-2 Sinyong-dong, Iksan, Jeon- 82-63-859-0123
Hospital Zimmoah International(Busan) 82-51-441-2400
Tongin International 82-2-385-7551

Daejeon Hyundai Shipping 82-2-722-8000

Name URL / Address Tel Corea International Logistics 82-1588-5824 1306 Dunsan- Pumex 82-2-333-6533

Eulji University Hospital 82-42-611-3000
dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon Chosun Shipping 82-2-773-2244

Konyang University Gasuwan-dong, Tongin Express 82-2-723-0123

Hospital Seo-gu, Daejeon Ace Shipping 82-2-3142-3100

High Relocation Worldwide 82-2-795-2604

Kokusai Express 82-2-3143-6555

Sea Road 82-2-771-3311

Calspress (Busan) 82-051-512-1212

192 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Directory List• 193

Home delivery companies Major Life Insurance Companies

Name URL Tel Name URL Tel

Korea Express 82-1588-1255 82-2-2169-0899,
Korea Life Insurance
KGB LOGIS 82-1577-4577 82-1588-6363

ePOST 82-1588-1300 82-2-3787-7000,

Allianz Life Insurance
Dongbu Express 82-1588-8848 82-1588-6500

CJ GLS 82-1588-5353 82-2-900-3114,

Samsung Life Insurance
SC Logis 82-1588-0555 82-1588-3114

ILYANG Logis 82-1588-0002 Hungkuk Life Insurance 82-1588-2288

Kyoungdong Express 82-1588-7475 Kyobo Life Insurance 82-1588-1001

UPS 82-1588-6886 Tongyang Life Insurance 82-1577-1004

DHL Korea 82-1588-0001 82-2-2017-6700,

Metlife Korea
FedEX 080-023-8000

Prudential Financial

Shinhan Life Insurance 82-1588-5580

PCA Life 82-1588-4300

New York Life Insurance

ING Life

LINA Life 82-1588-0058

AIA Korea 82-1588-9898

194 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Directory List• 195

Events in Korea

Name URL Tel Name URL Tel

Hi-Seoul Festival 82-2-3290-7150 World Ceramic Exposition Korea 82-31-631-6501

Hwacheon Sancheoneo Festival 82-1688-3005 The Korea Traditional Perform- 82-707-506-2848/6~9
ing Arts Festival
Ice Festival
460-2170/460-4870 Gwangju Biennale 82-62-608-4114

Hwacheon Trout Festival 82-1688-3005 82-54-840-6398/

Andong Mask Dance Festival
Jeju Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire 82-64-2751~4/ Pusan Internation Film Festival 82-1688-3010
Festival 728-2894
Gwangju Kimchi Festival 82-62-613-3641~2
Gyeongnam Goseong Dinosaur 82-80-2006-114

World Expo 82-2-557-6776

Gyeongju "Korean Traditional 82-54-748-7721~2
Drink & Rice Cake Festival

Korea Floritopia 82-42-606-5581~4

Jeonju International Film Festival

Chunchon Mime Festival 82-33-242-0585

Daegu Herb medicine Festival 82-53-253-4729

Hampyeong Butterfly Festival 82-61-322-0011

Hadong Wild Tea Festival 82-55-880-2375~9

Yeoncheon Old Stone Age Festival 82-31-839-2561~3

Boseong Tea Festival 82-61-850-5223~4

Jirisan Herb Festival 82-55-970-7701~4

Boryeong Mud Festival

Hansan Ramie Fabric Festival 82-41-950-4020

World Ceramic Exposition Korea 82-31-631-6501

196 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Directory List• 197


Nation URL Tel Nation URL Tel

Afghanistan 82-2-793-3535 Ecuador 82-2-739-2401
Argentina 82-2-797-0636 Egypt 82-2-749-0787 El Salvador 82-2-753-3432

Australia 82-2-2003-0100
rean/home Finland 82-2-732 6737
Austria 82-2-732-9071 www.ambafrance-
France 82-2-3149-4300
Bangladesh 82-2-796-4056

Belarus 82-2-2237-8171 Gabon 82-2-793-9575

Belgium 82-2-749-0381/4

Germany 82-2-748-4114
Bolivia 82-2-742-6113

Brazil 82-2-738-4970 Ghana 82-2-749-8982/3

Brunei 82-2-790-1078 Greece 82-2-729-1400

Bulgaria 82-2-794-8625 Guatemala 82-2-771-7582

Cambodia 82-2-3785-1041 Honduras 82-2-744-7563

Hungary 82-2-792-2105
Canada 82-2-3783-6000
coree India 82-2-798-4257

Chile 82-2-775-1246 Indonesia 82-2-783-5675/7

China 82-2-738-1038 Iran 82-2-793-7751

Colombia 82-2-720-1369 Ireland 82-2-774-6455

Congo 82-2-535-1262

Israel 82-2-3210-8500
Costa Rica 82-2-707-9249
Italy 82-2-796-0491~4
Cote d' Ivoire 82-2-3785-0561
Japan 82-2-2170-5200
Czech Republic 82-2-725-6765
Kazakhstan 82-2-391-8906
Denmark 82-2-795 4187
Kuwait 82-2-749-3688
Dominican 82-2-756-3513 Laos 82-2-796-1713/4

198 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Directory List• 199

Nation URL Tel Nation URL Tel
Lebanon 82-2-794-6482~4 Saudi Arabia 82-2-739-0631/4
Libya 82-2-797-6001 Singapore 82-2-399-5570

Malaysia 82-2-2077-8600 Slovakia 82-2-794-3981

Mexico 82-2-798-1694/5 Spain 82-2-794-3581~2

Mongolia 82-2-798-3464 Sri Lanka 82-2-2966/7

Morocco 82-2-793-6249 Sudan 82-2-793-8692

Myanmar 82-2-790-3814/6

Sweden 82-2-3703-3700
Netherlands 82-2-737-9514 aspx

New Zealand 82-2-3701-7700 Switzerland 82-2-739 9511~4

Nigeria 82-2-797-2370/3280 Thailand 82-2-790-2955

Norway 82-2-767-2650 Tunisia 82-2-790-4334

Oman 82-2-790-2431 Turkey 82-2-794-0255/3778

Pakistan 82-2-796-8252 U.A.E 82-2-790-3235~7

Panama 82-2-734-8610/2 Ukraine 82-2-790-5696

Paraguay 82-2-792-8335 United Kingdom 82-2-3210-5500

Peru 82-2-757-1735~7 USA 82-2-397-4114

Philippines 82-2-796-7387 Uzbekistan 82-2-574-6554

Poland 82-2-723 9681 Venezuela 82-2-732-1546~7

Portugal 82-2-3675-2251 Vietnam 82-2-739-2065

Qatar 82-2-798-2444/6

Republic of 82-2-792 - 4855
South Africa

Romania 82-2-797-4924

Russian Federa- 82-2-318-2116~8

200 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Directory List• 201

Chambers of Commerce Contact Information of Government Bodies and Semi-
governmental Organizations
Nation URL Tel
Agency URL Tel
American Chamber of Com- 02-564-2040
merce in Korea Korea Agro-Fisheries Trade Corpo- 82-2-6300-1114
(British Chamber of Commerce 02-720-9407
in Korea Korea National Housing Corp. 82-2-738-3114

Canadian Chamber of Com- Korea Tourism Organization 82-2-7299-600 02-554-0245/6
merch in Korea
Korea National Oil Corporation 82-31-380-2114
Seoul Japan Club 02-739-6962 Korea Water Resources Corporation 82-42-629-3114
EU Chamber of Commerce in Korea Electric Power Corporation 82-2-3456-3114 02-725-9880
Korea Land Corporation 82-31-738-7114
French Chamber of Commerce 02-2268-9505/7 The Korea Chamber of Commerce &
in Korea 82-2-2102-3600
Korean German Chamber of 02-3780-4600 The Federation of Small Business 82-2-3771-0114
Commerce & industry

Korean Swedish Association 02-388-7440 The Korea Chamber of Commerce & 82-2-1566-5114
Aukstralian Newzealand Cham- 02-889-8371
ber of Commerce in Korea 010-8805-3229 Korea Financial Tel ecommunica- 82-2-1577-5520
tions and Clearings Institute
The Korea Chamber of Com- 02-6050-3114
merce & Industry Korea Commercial Arbitration Board 82-2-551-2000~19
U.S. Commercial Service Korea 02-397-4535 Seoul Business Agency 82-2-749-0381/4
02-3451-3611 Korea Export Insurance Corporation 82-2-399-6800
Swiss - Korean Business Council
Korea Exim Bank 82-2-3779-6114
The Belgian-Korean Business Korea Accreditation Board 82-2-2113-8500 02-749-0381/4
The National Assembly of the
NOTE 82-2-788-2114
Republic of Korea
International Chamber of Commerce
President Office 82-2-730-5800
The Korea Chamber of Com- 02-6050-3114
merce & Industry

202 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Directory List• 203

Agency URL Tel Foreign Investment related Bodies
National Intelligence Service 111

Financial Services Commission 82-2-2156-8000 National

Fair Trade Commission 82-2-2023-4241 Name URL Tel
Ministry of Strategy and Finance 82-2-2150-2150 Invest KOREA 02-3460-7545
National Tax Service 82-2-397-1440 Office of the Investment Ombusman 02-3460-7635
Korea Customs Service 82-2-3438-1114 Ministry of Knowledge Economy 1577-0900
National Statistical Office 82-2-2012-9114 Ministry of Strategy and Finance 02-2150-2114

Ministry of Education, Science and korea Chamber of Commerce & 82-2-2100-6118 02-6050-3114
Technology Industry (KCCI)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade 82-2-2100-2114 Small Business Corporation 02-769-6700
National Police Agency 1588-5644 Samsung Economic Research Insti- 02-3780-8000
Ministry of Knowledge Economy 82-2-1577-0900 tute (SERI)

Small and Medium Business Admin- Ministry of Foerign Affairs and Trade 02-2100-2114 82-42-481-4365
istration Korea Communication Commission 02-750-1114

Korean Intellectual Property Office 82-42-481-5072 National Tax Service 1588-0060

Ministry for Health, Welfare and Korea Customs Service 1577-8577 129
Family Affair korea National Statistical Office 02-3012-9114
Ministry of Labor 82-31-345-5200

Ministry of Land, Transport and Mar- 82-2-1599-0001
itime Affairs

204 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Directory List• 205

Provincial gs on Seoul’s business environment.
Support Centers for For-
eigners •Daily living services, such as dealing
Name URL Tel
with inquiries related to daily matters
Seoul Metropolitan City 02-20 in Seoul, the information fair and
Incheon Metropolitan City 032-440-2114 1. The Seoul Global Center Seoul Town Hall meetings.
Busan Metropolitan City 051-120 •International exchange services, such
The Center provides foreign language as various cultural exchange events,
Gwangju Metropolitan City 062-120
services in business consulting, public Korean classes for foreigners, the
Daegu Metropolitan City 053-803-0114 administration and information for for- Seoul International Student Forum
Daejeon Metropolitan City 042-600-3114 eigners. Quicker and simpler public ser- and community service programs.
Ulsan Metropolitan City 052-229-2000 vices for foreigners! •Cultural exchange services to pro-
mote cultural diversity.
Gyeonggi-do 031-120 ■ The Center offers Consulting,
Gangwon-do 033-120 Assistance and Administration
Chungcheongbuk-do 043-220-2114 Services 2. Seoul Global Village Centers
Chungbuk Internet Trade System 043-220-3264 •Location: 3rd Floor of the Seoul Press
Center, 25 Taepyeongno 1(il)-ga, A total of five Global Village Centers are
Chungcheongnam-do 042-220-3114
Jung-gu, Seoul tailored to the needs of the foreign pop-
Jeollabuk-do 063-280-2114 •Tel . 82-1688-0120 ulation in Seoul. They were established
Jeollanam-do 061-287-0011 • to resolve the inconveniences foreigners

Gyeongsangbuk-do 053-959-0114 might face and to help boost a mutual

■ Details understanding between foreigners and
Gyeongsangnam-do 055-211-2114
•Comprehensive administrative ser- locals.
Jeju Free International City Office 064-710-2114 vices, such as certificate issuing ser-
vices, issuing of credit cards, mobile
phone connection services, tax con-
sulting, and driver’s license services.
•Business services, such as business-
related consulting services and briefin-

206 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Directory List• 207

cultural performances and events.
■ Overall Mission of the Seoul
Global Village Centers Location: 3rd Floor of the Seoul Press
•To integrate the efforts of the various Center, 25 Taepyeongno 1(il)-ga, Jung-
administration agencies for foreigners. gu, Seoul
•To provide daily basic living informa-
tion about such topics as banks, hos- ■ Details
pitals, drug stores, convenience •Cultural exchanges
stores and transportation. - Cultural exchanges to promote mutual
•To open Korean language classes understanding of both foreign and
and cultural classes for foreigners to Korean culture.
promote mutual understanding • (E.g. programs to allow foreigners to English, Japanese and Chinese.
between foreigners and locals. experience traditional Korean culture - The Seoul Center for Culture & Tourism
•To engage in community services for for- ■ Ichon Global Village Center and joint programs with foreign cultur- operates travel agencies, money
eigners and to build foreign communities. •Tel . 82-02-796-2018~9 al institutes in Korea.) exchanges and Internet services for the
• - Korean language classes & foreign convenience of foreign tourists.
■ Yeonnam Global Village Center language classes - You can also file complaints regarding
•Tel . 82-02-6406-8151~3 ■ Itaewon-Hannam Global Village - Programs to boost cultural diversity in the tourism services provided in Seoul
• Center Seoul and can be referred to the relevant
•Tel . 82-02-796-2459~60 (E.g. events for multicultural families, public agencies.
■ Yeoksam Global Village Center • educational programs to eliminate cul- - The Seoul Center for Culture & Tourism
•Tel . 82-02-3453-9038~9 tural prejudice) is also a venue for performances and
• cultural events, such as Young Samul-
•Myung-dong M Plaza, the Seoul nori (Korean folk music accompanied
■ Seorae Global Village Center 3. The Seoul Center for Cul- Center for Culture & Tourism by four percussion instruments), con-
•Tel . 82-02-2155-8915 ture and Tourism certs for Hallyu stars, and signing
•Tourist information events.
Need some information about the main - You can get information on tourist
tourist attractions and cultural events in attractions, shopping malls, and travel
Seoul? packages provided in multiple lan-
Seoul is a city full of excitement and a guages.
variety of activities all year round! - Just call 1330 (Korea’s tourist informa-
The Seoul Center for Culture & Tourism tion call center) or 1588-5644 (BBB
provides you with information about Korea), and you can get tourist informa-
sightseeing, throughout the city, and tion provided in 17 languages, including

208 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Directory List• 209

4. Multicultural Family Sup- cultural understanding). •Healthcare Services: Medical check- cultural tour programs, programs for
port Centers - Door-to-door services are provided ups, free treatments, help with admis- promoting cultural diversity, and initia-
(e.g. Korean language educational sion into the health insurance mutual tives to provide support to foreign
Seoul is launching various initiatives to programs, childcare support pro- benefit association. communities.
support multicultural families in an effort to grams). •Welfare & Cultural Services: Korean
aid their integration into Korean society.
•Other Services : ■ Migrant Workers’ Centers
■ Details Interpretation and translation services,
Name Seong dong Geumcheon Eunpyeong
•Main Services : community services, initiatives to elimi-
- Education (e.g. Korean language edu- nate prejudice related to multicultural Location Hongik-dong Gasan-dong Nokbeon-dong
cational programs, educational pro- families, and services to raise awareness Tel 82-02-2282-7974 82-02-868-5208 82-02-359-3410
grams for couples and families). about cultural diversity.
- Culture (e.g. programs to promote Name Gangdong Guro Yangcheon

Location Seongnae-dong Garibong-dong Mok 1(il)-dong

■ Multicultural Family Support Centers Tel 82-02-478-2555 82-02-6900-8000 82-02-2643-0808

Name Dongdaemun Yeongdeungpo Yongsan

Location Hoegi-dong Dangsam-dong Hannam-dong

Tel 82-02-2282-7974 82-02-868-5208 82-02-359-3410

Name Dongjak Seongbuk Songpa

Location Sadang-dong Bomun-dong Macheon-dong

Tel 82-02-478-2555 82-02-6900-8000 82-02-2643-0808

5. Migrant Worker’s Support ■ Details (services and programs to

Centers help migrant workers settle in Korea)
•Educational Programs: Korean class-
Whenever migrant workers encounter es, IT educational programs.
problems, they can visit one of the •Counseling Programs: Advice regard-
migrant workers’ support centers in ing any labor, legal or other issue
Seoul for assistance. related to living in Seoul.

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KOTRA Alliance Serviced Residence Hotel

Residence Tel / E-Mail Form Size(㎡) Discount Price Residence Tel / E-Mail Form Size(㎡) Discount Price
Studio Deluxe 1 40~46 1,400,000 Studio 41 3,528,000

Studio Deluxe 2 53 1,700,000 Deluxe Suite 52~56 4,032,000

02-6730-8006 /
SOMER- Executive suite 60 4,536,000
Studio Executive 66 1,900,000
Deluxe 85~115 6,804,000
Premirer 185 10,332,000
Studio Premier 83 2,300,000
Han 02-2280-8002 / Studio 57 3,300,000
Suites One Bedroom
73 2,800,000 M- One Bedroom Suite 80 3,750,000
Deluxe 02-3480-6004 /
Chere- One Bedroom 87 4,200,000
Two Bedroom Deluxe 106~116 3,100,000 ville Suite Premier
Two Bedroom Executive 132~149 3,600,000 Two Bedroom Suite 116 4,750,000

Two Bedroom 02-6290-0234 / 56.1 80,000

172~185 4,500,000 Provista
Premier 62.7 90,000

Premium Double 1,920,000 1 Bedroom 66 4,950,000

02-1544-3040 /
Stay7 Deluxe Double 210,000 2 Bedroom Deluxe 72.6 5,500,000
2 Bedroom Executive 132 6,050,000
Single 1,500,000
2 Bedroom Premier 6,380,000
Double 1,650,000 02-6262-8880 /
Hyundai Fraser-
02-3406-8014 / 3 Bedroom Deluxe 6,600,000
Resi- Twin 1,800,000 Suites
dence 3 Bedroom Executive 7,700,000
Triple 2,100,000
3 Bedroom Premier 8,800,000
Family 2,250,000
4 Bedroom 9,900,000
suite 66 120,000
Penthouse 132,000,000
Human 02-553-0050 /
D/suite 72.6 140,000
Star Ville 02-539-9080 /
CasaVille Studio Double 18.6 1,650,000
R/suite 132 250,000

Deluxe Double 1,900,000

02-3466-7000 /
02-6288-3304 / Oakwood On request
Coatel Executive suite 2,700,000
Coatel Suite 3,600,000 Seoul 02-6202-3662 / Studio Suite 57.75 2,000,000
Residence Studio Twin 57.75 2,000,000

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Guide to Living in Korea 2010


・Provinces in Korea
・Time Differences
・Subway Maps
・Calendar, Holidays
・Investment Service Team
・Map of Korea
・Korea Business Centers (KBCs)
4. South gyeongsang

Area: 10,517㎢, population: 3.13 million.

Appendix The second largest industrial area in

Korea following the Gyeonggi-Incheon
Industrial zone. The coastal area from
Ulsan to Sacheon city is the core of the
South-East Coastal Industrial Zone with
the heavy chemical industry accounting

Provinces of Korea 2. Gangwon province for a major part. Known for beautiful
sceneries, it used to be the location for
Area: 20,569㎢, population: 1.46 million. the Silla and Gaya kingdoms. Nowa-
1. Gyeonggi province Divided into two areas of Yeongdong days, there are abundant tourism
and Yeongseo traversed by the Taebaek resources thanks to stimulatory policies
Area: 10,190㎢, population: 11.45 million. Mountains located in the east central for various industries and tourism busi-
This is where Gyeongin (Gyeonggi- part of the peninsula. Gangwon Province 3. North gyeongsang ness.
Incheon) rail way, Korea’s first railroad, has plenty of famous temples, cultural province
and Gyeongin (Gyeonggi-Incheon) assets and natural tourist attractions.
expressway, Korea’s first highway, pass Currently there are three national parks Area: 19,024㎢, population: 2.59 million.
through. Its location is very important for and three provincial parks designated Abundant tourist resources and roads
transportation development as it is a and developed by the government and with high development potential, this
metropolitan area closely interrelated municipality, along with 23 tourist attrac- area’s tourism resources have been
with the city of Seoul. tions for citizens and 19 tourist resorts. developed by dividing the region into
three parts: Gyeongju-East Sea zone,
northern Andong zone, and Daegu vicin-
ity zone.
There are international airports, including
Daegu International Airport, with flights
to Shanghai, Osaka and so on. Domes-
tic airports are Pohang, Ulsan and
Yecheon airports. Marine transportation
includes Pohang-Uleung Island and
Hupo-Uleung Island.

216 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Appendix• 217

5. North jeolla province 6. South jeolla province

Area: 8,050㎢, population: 1.77 million. Area: 12,036㎢, population: 1.81 million.
A place known for splendid ancient cul- South Jeolla Province has Dadohae
tural assets especially in Jeongju and known for islands dotted along its
Wanju. There are beautiful sceneries coastline. Thus, it has an abundance of
with plenty of cultural sites and natural fish, including hairtails, anchovies, yellow
tourist attractions. It is famed for its rich corvinas, mackerels and gizzard shads,
cultural tourism resources including thanks to cold and warm currents. The
relics of ancient countries including coastline reaches 6,592㎞ with 1,979
Baekje; Donghak movement relics islands. Seas, not only close seas, are
around Jeongeup; National Parks in shallow and ebbs and flows show a big
Deukyu Mountain, Jiri Mountain, Nae- difference, thus making wide mudflats.
jang Mountain, and Byeonsan Peninsu- Its bay surrounded by the peninsula and
la; Provincial Parks in Daedun Mountain, islands make waves low, offering good
Mai Mountain, Seonun Mountain and conditions for sea farming. Seaweeds, 7. North chungcheong 8. South chungcheong
Moak Mountain. oysters and brown seaweeds produced province province
in coastal seas of Wando are famous
nationwide. Marine manufacturing Area: 7,431㎢, population: 1.45 million. Area: 8,597㎢, population: 1.95 million.
industries are active as well. Located in the inland area of the central Four different seasons, mild but conti-
part of the country, it has a continental nental climate overall. Located in the
climate swinging very much between southern part of Korea with a coastline
extreme cold and heat, cold and dry in in the west, middle range latitude area
winter due to north-west seasonal belonging to temperate seasonal wind
winds; and humid in summer due to zone. Gyeongbu (Gyeonggi-Pusan) rail-
south-east seasonal winds from the way crosses the nation from south-north
northern Pacific. But from a nationwide and its branches of Honam and Jang-
perspective, its climate is more mild, hang railways. Railroads run across
between northern and southern halves South Chungcheong Province in a circle
of the peninsula. National Parks with with Gyeongbu and Honam express-
beautiful sceneries include Sokni Moun- ways running in parallel. National roads
tain, Wolak Mountain and Sobaek start from Gongju city, the geographical
Mountain. The total area reaches center. The roads link metropolitan and
88.91km2. National Parks have cultural Daejeon areas; and Honam and metro-
assets that attract many tourists. politan areas.

218 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Appendix• 219

11. Daegu

Area: 885㎢, population: 2.45 million.

Surrounded by mountains, it has a basin
climate. Low rainfall and very dry. Very
hot in summer and very cold in winter,
with big temperature differences. Its
topography captures the heat in the val-
ley (as the city is surrounded by high
mountains). Known as the hottest region
in Korea.

12. Incheon

Area: 964㎢, population: 2.65 million.

9. Jeju island trading seaport. Thanks to excellent nat- Songdo Inpia construction which started
ural conditions and rapid development in 1994 is under way with its completion
Area: 1,847㎢, population: 0.55 million. of the then domestic economy, it rose to scheduled for 2020. Songdo New City
A geographical point connecting conti- become one of the best seaports along creation project establishing public dis-
nents of Russia and China and seas of the Pacific. It is an international business tricts from 1 to 6 is attracting keen
Japan and south east Asian countries. city with ferries trip between Busan and attention. It plans to adopt high value
World-renowned for beautiful natural Simonoseki and flights available for added IT industries to reorganize the
sceneries, Island’s tourist are rated Tokyo and Osaka. current distorted industrial structure too
among Korea’s 10 best places. Called much focused on secondary industries.
“Oriental Hawaii” and “Bali of the Far At the same time, it plans to improve the 13. Gwangju
East” thanks to natural attractions featur- city’s competitiveness by growing as a
ing southern climate and volcanic action global IT hub and expanding employ- Area: 501㎢, population: 1.41 million.
sites and unique natural environment. ment population. The 5th largest city in Korea following
Seoul, Pusan, Daegu and Incheon, it is
the biggest in the Honam area. Adminis-
10. Busan trative and corporate management func-
tions are concentrated as it has been
Area: 759㎢, population: 3.51 million. the center of administration, military,
Korea’s second largest city and the best economy and culture of the Honam

220 •Guide to Living in Korea 2010 Appendix• 221

inland area.
14. Ulsan
fisheries area.

Area: 1,056㎢,
population: 1.09 million.

•Guide to Living in Korea 2010

area. It is maintaining its status as the

natural sceneries of the East Sea and

Korea. Located in the central part of
The most representative industrial city in
Honam Plain, Imhae Industrial area and

lages by the green belt. It is known as a

rated from agricultural and fishing vil-
East Asia and southeast tip of the penin-
surrounding areas of the breadbasket of

tourist attraction surrounded by blessed

town, and surrounding cities. It is sepa-
sula, Ulsan is a mild climate harbor city
and consists of the old town and new
center of Homan economic zone with
15. Daejeon

convenient place to live in.

Area: 539㎢, population: 1.51 million.

Daejeon subway line is completed, this

cation and culture will become a very

from Pusan, 169㎞ from Gwangju.

city of commerce, trading, industry, edu-

Located 167.3km from Seoul, 294㎞

Called the “middle city” for being located

at the heart of South Korea. Once the

Time Differences
Rome Manila Seattle
London / Athenae Carracci / Seoul Sydney Midway Denver Chicago New York
/ / George Rio de
• Paris / Baghdad Teheran / Yangon Bangkok Hong Kong / / Okhotsk Wellington / Honolulu • San / / /
Calcutta Town Janeiro •
Madrid / Cairo / Tokyo Melbourne Samoa Francisco Phoenix Mexico Miami
Berlin Beijing
-10 -9 -8 -7 -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 T +1 +2 +3 +20 +19 +18 +17 +16 +15 +14 +13 +12 +11
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
17 18 19 20 21 22 23 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
18 19 20 21 22 23 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
19 20 21 22 23 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
20 21 22 23 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
21 22 23 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
22 23 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
23 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 0
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 0 1
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 0 1 2
4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 0 1 2 3
5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 0 1 2 3 4
6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 0 1 2 3 4 5
7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 18
12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

※ Times marked by a ■ translates into the next day for Korea. ※ Those observing“summertime”add one hour.
※ In Europe,“summertime”is observed from the last Sunday of March to the last Sunday of September.
I Seoul / Incheon Subway Map I
I Pusan Subway Map I

I Daegu Subway Map I

Calendar 2010 Holidays
January 1 Seol-nal (New Year’s Day)
JANUARY 1 FEBRUARY 2 Koreans celebrate both the solar new year and the
S M T W T F S S M T W T F S lunar new year. In addition to January 1st, the 2nd
is also a holiday. The first day back at work after
1 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 the holidays is usually a time of speeches looking
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 forward to the coming business year. Investment Service Team
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
March 1 Samil-jeol(Independence Movement Day)
17 18 19 20 21 22 23 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
March 1, 1919, marked the beginning of the
24 25 26 27 28 29 30 28 Korean Independence Movement On this day, In this era of globalization, Korea is preparing to be a business hub of Northeast
31 independence fighters announced Korea's
declaration of independence from Japanese
Asia as well as of the world. One of the engines accelerating this process is the
foreign investors and businessmen working in Korea.
MARCH 3 APRIL 4 colonialism. In response, Japanese police and
military forces killed and injured thousands of The Investment Service Team of Invest Korea, KOTRA would like to express its
S M T W T F S S M T W T F S unarmed protestors.
1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3
appreciation for your efforts, as we are well aware of some of the difficulties you
April 5 Singmog-il (Arbor Day)
7 8 9 10 11 12 13 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Because of the devastation and deforestation
experience living and doing business in Korea.
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 resulting from the Korean War, the Korean
21 22 23 24 25 26 27 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 government designates April 5 as Arbor Day and Improving the Living Environment for Foreign Investors
28 29 30 31 25 26 27 28 29 30 made it a time for all the citizens to plant trees and
other plants. Decades later, the forests have We have been working with the Korean government, and specifically with the
returned. Nowadays, citizens still plant trees and Ministry of Knowledge Economy in establishing the Five-year Plan(Since 2003)
flowers and clean up the surrounding hilltops and
and the Three-year Plan(Since 2008) for improving the living environment for
MAY 5 JUNE 6 mountain areas, and the day serves as a reminder
to respect nature and the environment. foreign investors, which addressed a variety of inconveniences in the areas of
1 1 2 3 4 5 May 5 Eorini-nal (Children’s Day) education, housing, medical services, transportation, immigration and culture &
Children are the center of attention on this day as telecommunications. The implementation of specific improvement tasks such as
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 their parents shower them with presents and take
9 10 11 12 13 14 15 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 them on outings. All the theme parks, department providing Korean language class for foreign investors and issuing Investor
16 17 18 19 20 21 22 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 stores and family restaurants are crowded with Express card are already under way.
23 24 25 26 27 28 29 27 28 29 30 children and their parents on this day.
30 31 June 6 Hyeonchung-il (Memorial Day) Complimentary Customized Settlement Service
June 6 denotes the day set aside for citizens to
7 We support foreign executives and their families who are newly-arrived in Korea
JULY AUGUST 8 remember those who died for their country.
Civilians and soldiers alike are honored in for their easy settlement in an unfamiliar environment. This service is available
S M T W T F S S M T W T F S ceremonies held throughout the country,
1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 especially at Seoul's National Cemetery. even before you are heading for Korea. Any foreign executives and their families
4 5 6 7 8 9 10 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 August 15 Gwangbok-jeol (Liberation Day)
who have decided on living and doing business in Korea can communicate with our
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 With the official surrender of Japan to the Allied staff to get the necessary information. The range of support includes education,
18 19 20 21 22 23 24 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 forces on August 15, 1945, the 35-year housing, medical service, immigration and culture/communication, etc.
25 26 27 28 29 30 31 29 30 31 colonization of Korea by the Japanese came to an
end. August 15, 1948 also marks the
establishment of the Republic of Korea. Trouble Hotline
10 To meet various needs of foreign investors’ everyday living in Korea, Invest
Seotember 22 Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day)
On that day we make offerings of grain and fruit KOREA launched a Trouble Hotline service. Staff of Invest KOREA will answer
S M T W T F S S M T W T F S from the first harvest of the year to our ancestors.
1 2 3 4 1 2 Along with Lunar New Year's, it's Korea's biggest the phone calls from foreign investors and their families and provide the
5 6 7 8 9 10 11 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 holiday when family members who live scattered in requested information.
distant places get together for a reunion. Chuseok
12 13 14 15 16 17 18 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 is August 15th according to the lunar calendar.
19 20 21 22 23 24 25 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Seminar
26 27 28 29 30 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 October 3 Gaecheon-jeol (Foundation Day)
According to legend, the god-king Tan-gun We organize the Seminar for Easy Settling once a year and invite prestigious
founded the Choson Kingdom in 2333 B.C. This scholars and opinion leaders with knowledge and experience as speakers. In
day fills citizens with nationalistic pride over the
NOVEMBER 11 DECEMBER 12 4,000 year history of Korea. this way, we are providing various information and tips for living and doing
December 25 Seongtan-jeol (Christmas Day)
business in Korea. At the same time, participants can take an opportunity to
1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 Although not yet as commercialized as Christmas network with each other.
in America, the large number of Korean Christians
7 8 9 10 11 12 13 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
ensure that this is a time of celebration. More and
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 more businesses have begun putting up
21 22 23 24 25 26 27 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 decorations and selling Western style Christmas
28 29 30 26 27 28 29 30 31 cards. Due to its proximity to the end of the year,
many Koreans prefer to give New Year gifts Appendix• 227
instead of Christmas gifts.
Culture Tour
We organize an annual Culture Tour. The purpose of this program is to offer
foreign business executives of foreign-invested companies and their families an
opportunity to explore "off-the-beaten-track" cultural and historical sites of
Korea, while engaging in casual networking and fellowship.

We also e-mail on request the Investment Service Newsletter, which offers up-
to-date news on FDI laws, regulations and policies; as well as useful information
for you and your family on living in Korea.
In addition, the Investment Service Team publishes the annual Guide to Living in
Korea to provide essential information on living in Korea.

Contact Information (Investor Support Center)

Phone: 82-1600-7119 FAX: 82-2-3497-1611

Guide to Living in Korea

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