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1.May the adopter still file a petition to revoke the adoption degree?

What is
the remedy?
2.A filed a petition for habeas corpus before the RTC in Cabanatuan City for
the release of As daughter allegedly being detained by B in Quezon City. If
you were the counsel of B, what step will you take?
3.What body or tribunal has jurisdiction to entertain a petition for the
dissolution of a corporation?
4.May a prosecutor file an information for acts of lasciviousness without a
complaint from he offended party? Supposing the offended party already
executed an affidavit of complaint, is a criminal complaint still necessary to
initiate a proceeding for acts of lasciviousness?
5.A vehicular collision occurred involving the vehicles of A and B. The driver
of A was charged with reckless imprudence before the MTC. A and his driver
in turn filed a civil suit for damages against B and Bs driver before he RTC
for the recovery of damages amounting to P500,000. B moved to dismiss the
civil action before the RTC on the ground that the civil action based on the
crime is deemed instituted with the criminal action for reckless imprudence
before the MTC. Resolve the motion of B.
6.A was charged with robbery before the office of the City Prosecutor. May he
file a petition for bail before the actual filing of the criminal complaint before
the proper court?
7.A brought a parcel to a courier service for delivery to a friend. The
employee of the courier service opened the parcel for inspection without As
consent. The parcel contained marijuana. Is the marijuana admissible in a
prosecution for violation of RA 9165?
8.The police saw a man walking in a wobbly manner, with red eyes and
coming from a place in a cemetery known as hangout of drug addicts. The
police frisked the man and found marijuana. Is the marijuana admissible as
evidence in Court?
9.Explain the two axioms of admissibility of evidence.
10. A, the lawyer on direct examination wanted to prove that there was other

agreement aside from those stated in the contract. He asked the witness - - Aside from what was stated in the contract, is there other agreement
between you and the defendant? If you were the lawyer for the defendant
what ground should you object and why?
Any answers?

1. No more. Remedy is a valid disinheritance.

2. Improper venue.
3. SEC
4. No. It is a private crime so the signature of the offended party is
5. B's motion should be denied.
6. No. He is still free.
7. Yes. The employee is a private person so the search is valid.
8. Yes. Search is an incident of a lawful warrantless arrest.
9. Im not sure with this one but evidence must be both relevant and
10. Violation of the parol evidence rule.