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I would be ever so

grateful if you would please see that

this letter came to the attention of
President TrUman. Thank you .
Sincerely yours,

~T~ ;

Aug. 9, 1945

Anne P~

Publicity Director t


34 cAC.OH aT C. ItT.


August 9 , 1946

Dear President Truman

I have never wr1 tten a letter or pro teat
to a Prea1dent before but I aa ill;lelled to C'ite to ,ou now and
tall you how atwmed and a1ok at heart I aa over what our c ountry haa jua t done to Japan and her people- - thousand a or thea
I think 1 t 1a a disgrace that Ailerica &hould
be u ...l . . . 1n such a diabolical thing . Al:lerioa that ... . to g1Ye
eJtaii!Ple to the rest or tl:le world. I waa sorely d1oappo1nted in ,ou
when I read your ""rdat "They may expect a .rain or ruin trom the air
the like or which haa neve r been seen on this earth. It did not
=~J!!e~~e!:"ddent '1'ruman I ban edidred and looked up to aa a ("
I think 1 t 1a :a horr1t,.1ng the way the publ1 o1ty
tor it baa been handled. The picture or '1'1bbate wite , tor instance ,
with her innocent babies in ber lop rece1v1J>a ocngratulationa o v e r the telephone ror th1o ~aatly thing . I am ocnv1nced that thia le ttar or repreaento tbe reeUnga or 1111111ona or other Americana.

I bad be(> ed and prayed tbat Al:ler1ca under your

leaderah1p would be a good exu;>le to the rest ot the world . I don' t
know wbat to think now. It will be with a acre heart thet I roroe
m,-aelr to tune in on wbat ,ou have to aay at t en o'clock tonight .
Sincerely yours,

Anne Pord
Publicity Director

P . s.

'!ll1a 1s a paroonal l etter from me and 1:a not wr1 tten in

the name or the !11'111.