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l Mock
College of
Entrepreneurship and
Accountancys Jerome
Guimmayen and Michael
Blanco, both 5th year
Bachelor of Science in
Accountancy students,
brought Cagayan State
University on the
national roster,
emerging 3rd and 5th
place respectively in the
recently conducted CPA
National Mock Board
Examination held at the
University of Saint Louis
Tuguegarao, January 31February 1, 2015.
According to
CBEAs faculty, both had
been a consistent top
performing student,
making the college hope
for the maintenance of
their standing in the list.
The college also
expressed an
overwhelming feeling for
the achievement the
said students brought
not only to the college
but also to that of CSU.
Meanwhile, CBEA
is preparing 34
graduating BS in
Accountancy that will
participate in the
upcoming 2015 National
CPA Board Exams.
The CPA Mock
Board Examination was
made possible by the
National Federation of

Junior Philippine Institute

of Accountants, held
annually in preparation
for the actual CPA
National Board

CSU holds 6th Annual

Business Summit
Cagayan State
University, through the
initiative of the College
of Business,
Entrepreneurship and
Accountancy, conducted
the 6th Annual Business
Summit with the
theme,CSU toward
ASEAN Integration, held
at CSU Andrews
Campus, March 19-20,
The summit
aimed to encourage
business students
become more highly
competent and to look
forward in engaging to
larger scope when it
comes to business. As
well as helping students
to improve their skill and
for them acquire more
knowledge on the
venture theyre trying to
successful personalities
in the line of business,
namely, Dr. Ronald
Guzman, who discussed
the application of real
life strategies on
business; Dir. Jovy
Miguel, tackling about
dealing with gender,
race and disability
perception in workplace;
Dr. Florida R. Capili, who
pointed out the reforms
in higher education

towards ASEAN
integration; Dir. Mary
Anne Darauay,
discussing the effects of
ASEAN Economic
Community on business
education; Atty. Michael
Tamayao, explaining
business ethical
behavior and corporate
social responsibility; Mr.
Charlemagne C,
Gementiza, who lectured
on some of the new
trends in business; Mr.
Michael Masirag, who
discussed on financial
planning and
management; Mr. Miguel
Lim Jr., who talked about
the effect of ASEAN
economi community on
branding and marketing;
Prof. Jaypee Alegado,
who tackled about CSUCBEA and ASEAN
Integration, were also
invited to share their
knowledge to the
aspiring participants.
Some of the
highlights of the two-day
event were the different
contested events- Team
Building, Business Pinoy
Henyo, Business
Planning Presentation,
Best Campus Ad Video,
and Best Infomercial.
It is also in the
said activity that the
Most Outstanding
Business Sudents were
acknowledged for their
exemplary performance
not only in the field of
business but also have
proven their versatility
on different aspects.
Moreover, a job
fair was conducted to
conclude the said

The summit was

participated by different
CSU Campuses namely,
CSU Apparri, CSU
Sanchez Mira, CSU
Gonazaga and CSU Piat.
Meanwhile, the
next business summit is
looked forward to be
held at CSU Apparri.

CSU patners with BFP

commemoration with
the celebration of the
Fire Prevention month,
Cagayan State
University in partnership
with the Bureau of Fire
Protections, conducted
fire prevention drills,
March 5-6 2015.
On the first day
of the said event,
several staff of the BFP
team held a symposium
regarding some of the
safety tips advisable to
be followed in times of
Meanwhile, on
the second day, actual
drills were
The said activity
aimed to give the
students safety
precautions during fire
The drill also
involved several student
from the College of
Allied Health Sciences.


One thing I have

never contemplated
about, since a new
administration took
place is the possibility of
hearing once again
unbearable issues
involving the
During the 2010
Presidential Elections
Campaign, his
excellency, Benigno
Aquino III truly made a
mark on the Filipino
nation through his
tagline, the Daang
Matuwid, making him
elected on the office of
the Prsident with a
landslide victory, giving
every Filipino who
believed in his advocacy
a wave of hope for him
to curb corruption and
government anomalies
and to finally eliminate
the unpleasant image of
the countrys political
In his early years
of sit on the top of the
ruling body, there is no
doubt that Aquinos fight
against corruption
started at the previous
Arroyo administration.
Statistics also showed
that there is indeed an
improvement on the
state of our economy.
According to them,
unemployment rate was
reduced, paving more
job opportunities to
every Filipino. GNP is
also reported to have an
increase during his
But in the mid of
his term, curves on his
straight path were
suddenly becoming

visible on the eyes of

the nation. Making all of
us think if his SONAs
even addressed the real
state of the nation.
Loopholes just
became very obvious
that the presidents
platform on his Daang
Matuwid was ruined.
The first loophole
discovered was on the
Acceleration Program
(DAP), replacing the
Priority Disbursement
Acceleration Fund
(PDAF), reported
unconstitutional by the
Supreme Court, and was
then is concluded to be
an avenue for the
President to accomplish
its simple corruption
And now another
major issue the Aquino
administration is facing
is the January 24
Mamasapano surge
where an abrupt number
of PNP SAF commandos
After conducting
several senate hearings
regarding the incidents,
names of different
official arouse, notably
the president himself as
the one who broke the
chain of command.
At present, the
issue on the
Mamasapano Surge
continues to progress for
a clear understanding on
who is really to be

government related
issues in the country
nowadays becomes very
alarming. It has been a
major problem for us to
face since its the
credibility to take control
over the countrys
problem that is being
tested in times like this.
But it seems like
its really the
government that should
fix itself first.

Power Amidst Pain

Life without
problems is compared to
a classroom without a
teacher- youll never
learn something.
If theres one
thing that guaranteed in
life, it is the fact that
were all going to face
that point in our lives
when well experience a
situation that will define
our endurance.
There was
this young girl who once
believed in happy ever
after- perhaps influenced
by fairy tales. She was
raised by her parents
picturing a future
without any burdens to
face, just scenarios that
portrays a worry free life
together with her
Days passed,
the young girls being
only child ended as a
little boy added to the
family, making them
more optimistic in facing

their everyday lives

Their life
continued as a family
comparable to those
read in fairy tales,
novels, etc.- only a
picture of a family that
sticks together.
Both children
slowly reach puberty
stage while enjoying
their elementary days in
a barangay elementary
school where their
parents enrolled them.
Theyve been consistent
excelling students in the
school making their
parents very proud of
the way they have
raised their childrentruly a blessing to be
But as hands
of time passed by, life
slowly offers series of
challenges in life anyone
could never
Living in this
growing world seems to
become a little hard for
the family. Its not just
the love that matters
now. Thinking practically
towards the different
aspects in life is the best
way in order to sustain
At first were
just simple
slowly becoming
arguments that turned
out to frequent quarrels,
which eventually led to
an inevitable fall of a
wonderful marriage.

It was very
difficult on the part of
both children to face
such situation- just
watching their parents
go on separate ways
without anything to with
The young
girl just cant completely
comprehend what
exactly was the reason
why theyre suddenly
put into that kind of
situation when all that
surrounded their family
was love and bliss. She
just cant afford to see
their family fall apart.
She never
knew the true problem
until she reached the
age of 14.
unpleasant part of her
knowing the truth is that
no one ever dared to
explain to her the real
happenings; she just
discovered it by herself.
All of the things she
found out were just very
At first, she
didnt let the fact sink in
to her senses for she
always believed on the
chance that someday,
somehow, their family
will be reunited.
The girl
thought of ways for her
parents to consider
The worst
thing she ever tried to
do is rebel. She thought
that keeping the
attention of her parents
on her acts of rebel

caused by the situation

will make her parents fix
their problems. But then
on second thought she
considered that as the
dumbest idea shell ever
A problem will
never be solved by
creating another
She was left
with nothing but to just
accept the fact that
theyll never be together
and that even though
the situation is painful
she must move on with
Moving on
with life has been very
difficult for me. Ive
been through a lot of
hard situation as I grew
old with the absence of
a father, seeing my
mother striving to earn a
living for me and my
brother, and to endure
a life with a broken
family. But as a guiding
principle in life, these
hardships just made me
boost the best in me,
despite all of the pain, I
must keep on moving on
with life, nothing should
be a hindrance for me in
pursuing my dreams.
Instead of taking the
pain as a factor for my
downfall, Ill take these
circumstances as a
motivation for me to be

you have difficulties on

solving it, just feel free
to approach your
classmates or better yet
your professors for you
to have a clear
understanding on the
Listen Attentively while
your professor is

Problems on Passing
Do you have
a not so good
performance in your
accounting subject? Are
you tired of being left
behind? Here are some
of the tips on how to
effectively pass your
accounting subjects.
Read ahead of time
readings do help in
sustaining your
knowledge about a
certain topic. This can
also be an edge for you,
keeping ahead.
Challenge yourself by
solving difficult problems
makes Perfect. This is a
guiding principle. The
more you encounter
challenging problem
sets, the more chances
youll master a certain
Never Hesistate to ask
for help
you encounter a
complex problem and

Always bear
in mind that we acquire
more knowledge on
those people who have
already mastered the
topics, such us our
Have a good health
remember that health is
wealth. Health
conditions also affect
the state of our mind. It
is advisable for you to
have clear sound mind
in studying such subject.
Keep the fire burning
Simple. If youve started
the journey, dont ever
let the opportunity pass
Memorizing vs.
It is possible
that youve properly
memorized all the
concepts but you failed
to understand these
concepts. It is very
important for you to
understand fully these
principles for you to fully
master the topic.

Dont settle for

consistency but rather
maintain persistence
Its good to be
consistent in your study
habits but its better if
this consistency is pair
up with improvement.
Anything is
possible when youre
really dedicated on the
things youre doing.
And lastly.
Praise and faith in the
In every
battle we face in our
lives, He is always
there, ready to help us.