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INTERCOM system for Satva , Gotri Flats.

Crystal GUARD- The 24 hours vigilant Society Intercom System designed to make your life
better and to make you feel safe.
Model Number G2K256, company website:

Following are Benefits to our society.


Intercom facility
All flats members can talk to each other unlimited with Caller Line identification.

Super Conferencing:
Involving unlimited number of extension, facilities teleconferencing of committee
members etc. 3 or More number of flat people can call each other on conference.

Watch Man Watch Dog:

Crystal Guard effectively keeps a watch on the watch man. For example, system will ring
the phone, every night at 1 hr interval each at security gate. In case, watchman doesnt
pick up the phone (because he is sleeping or he is absent), time will be noted & at month
end we can get all the details about night time services of watchman.

Chairman's Broadcast:
Message, like a meeting schedule or maintenance charges reminder, etc. can be conveyed
to select or all extension. Wherever the selected extension lifts the handset, the message
would be played.

Vendor Announcement:
Arrival of vendor like Milkman, Electricians and Pastiwala etc. can be conveyed to all
extension simultaneously with a suitable voice message. 9 messages possible.

Advanced Hotline:
Enables you to call to any programmable extension without dialing. Just lift the handset
and wait for few seconds, & phone will automatically connect SECURITY without having to
dial. This can be very useful to Elders or person in emergency needs.

Auto Call Back:

If the extension you are trying is busy, you do not have to keep trying it again and again.
The busy extension will ring back as soon as it becomes free.

Call Forwarding:
If you are visiting some other flat, all your calls can be diverted to the visiting extension
thereby ensuring that you do not miss out on important calls.

Cable Cut Alarm:

A unique cable cut alarm which works on same pair of cable. In case the cables are
tampered the flat No. is displayed at the security display unit along with alarm.

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Visitor Double check:

The security Guard can keep a double check on any visitor visiting a flat owner, and
confirm whether the visitor has reached the flat and is genuine person only.


Daily Alarms:
Extension can be set to ring at a specified time every day. Can be used to set up wake-up
calls or calls to remind you to pick up your child from school.


Reminder Alarm:
Extension can be set to ring at a specified time, so that you do not miss your Train or an
important appointment.


Relay Port:
Enable's to switch ON & OFF the building Passage Light or water pump etc.


Flexible Numbering:
Extension numbers can be given as flat numbers etc. No need to memorize the extension


Do Not Disturb:
There are moments when you do not want to be disturbed. Use DND function of system.

Charges Initial cost + Monthly running cost.
1. Initial cost for the system will be 700 Rs/flat for intercom system for 226 flats. This will include 1
year warranty & all taxes. We will get 226 extensions for flats & 6 extra for security, club house,
party hall etc.
2. Landline phone cost will be extra 400/- for basic instrument. Member can purchase their own
handset like cordless phone etc or caller line display phone.
3. Monthly running cost will be 30 Rs/month if only 50% flats owners has to share the cost. Monthly
running cost will be 25 Rs/month if only 60% flats owners has to share the cost.
4. Monthly running cost will include AMC charges + Electricity cost. AMC will be provided by
company itself.
Call Pick Up: An unattended ringing extension can be answered form your non-ringing phone.
Programmable Feature: Features can be selectively allowed or disallowed to any extension.
Common Numbering
PC Interface: Interface to the computer enabling you to Analyze call details, etc.
Printer: Connects to the serial port of the printer. Print all call, extension wise, date wise,
depending on originating extension, depending on terminating extension, or last predetermined
number of calls.
PAGING: Public address system can be connected to the paging port to make important

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Monthly Running cost workout.

This intercom system will consume 150 W electricity for operation. Based on that:
150 W x 24 hours x 30 days / 1000 = 108 units/month.
108 units x 8 Rs / unit (MGVCL max charges) = 864 Rs / month.
AMC charges are 30,000 Rs / year. So, that is 2500 Rs / month.
Hence, total operating cost (AMC + electricity) = 864 + 2500 = 3365 Rs / month for entire society.
In case, 100% members only have to share these cost, then it will be 3365/224 = 15 Rs/ month.
In case, 60% members only have to share these cost, then it will be 3365/134 = 25 Rs/month.
In case, 50% members only have to pay these charges than, it will be 3365/112 = 30 Rs/month.