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6. Record Advantages. Morality dots may be exchanged for
additional experience on a 1:5 basis, down to a minimum of
Morality 5.


7. Assign Merits (10). Merit dots may be exchanged for
Power Level dots on a 3:1 basis.

Because of the great variety in superhuman types—
some have exotic powers, others are simply incredibly strong
or tough, and others still are nothing but ordinary people with
access to vast resources and unique technology—applying
the superhuman template works somewhat differently than
applying other supernatural templates.
All Superhumans automatically receive one dot in
Power Level; superhuman characters also receive a number
of starting experience determined by the Storyteller (usually
150*, but possibly more or less depending on the desired
power level of the chronicle). This starting experience may be
used to purchase traits in the normal manner during step 5 of
character creation ("apply supernatural template"); costs for
traits not listed in the core World of Darkness rulebook are
given below. A superhuman character may use this starting
experience to raise Attributes and Skills above 5 dots.

8. Spend or record any remaining experience. Record
starting Verve (equal to maximum Verve).

Costs listed with an * are used only if the game is being run
with the God Machine Chronicle rules update. Players not
using that system should simply ignore those costs.
Power Level: (8 x new rating) per dot, or 6 experiences* per
Alpha Class Superpower: (3 x new rating) per dot, or 3
experiences* per dot.
Beta Class Superpower: (5 x new rating) per dot, or 5
experiences* per dot.

Keep in mind that, strictly speaking, More Than
Human characters don't ever actually have to have been
human. Robots, aliens, animals and hidden anthropoids are
all viable characters in this game. In order to help make sure
they are viable, the Superhuman template also includes the
removal of any game-mechanic drawbacks that would make
the character 'less than human' for free, unless the player
wishes to take a Flaw** to represent the problem (the most
typical being "Inhuman").

Gamma Class Superpower: (7 x new rating) per dot, or 7
experiences* per dot.

That means that if you're making Fido, The K9
Supercop, you get human-level intelligence and impulsecontrol for free, and the Inhuman Flaw to cover the lack of
thumbs, voting rights, etc. Similarly, the robot gets full human
Morality and a soul upon it's inexplicable awakening to

Power Level is basically just that—a superhuman’s
relative power level in comparison to the other superhumans
of the world. Sidekicks and mass-produced metahuman
soldiers would have Power Levels of 1-3, while demigods like
Superman or Goku would have Power Levels of 9-10. A
character’s Power Level determines the maximum number of
dots she can have in any given power, the maximum number
of Verve she can possess at any time, the number of Verve
recovered at the start of each scene or from acting in
accordance with a Virtue or Vice. However, as the character’s
Power Level increases, so does her ego, ; a superhuman
suffers a penalty to all degeneration rolls based on her Power

The Superhuman template also has a strange way
of occasionally altering or negating abilities that non-human
characters possess, apparently without reason. In other
words, any advantages that the character would have from
being non-human disappear unless they are represented by
an appropriate merit, superpower, or other game mechanic.

1. Record header information (Codename, Real Name,
Concept, etc.) Optional: Choose Superhuman Origin and
2. Assign Attributes (5/4/3). No Attribute may be increased
above 5 at this point.
3. Assign Skills (11/7/4). No Skill may be increased above 5
at this point.
4. Assign Skill Specialties.
5. Apply Superhuman template. Record starting Power Level
(1) and spend starting experience. Note that the experience
spent at this point can be used to increase above 5 dots.

Omega Class Superpower: *Special* Omega Class powers
cannot be taken without alteration. Every Omega Class
power must be given a weakness in order to be purchased,
thus turning it into a Gamma Class power for the purposes of
experience purchases.


Power Superpower Verve / Degeneration
Level Max

Raising one's Power Level is, regardless of benefits,
a huge XP sink, and it's always better to incentivize such
things than to force them. For faster progression, the
Storyteller may choose to use one of the following optional
•Power Level costs a flat 8 XP per dot, as opposed to 8 times
the new rank.
•Characters gain additional XP per session equal to their
Power Level -1.

Verve represents a superhuman’s ability to use his
powers and to exert himself before tiring. Much like
Willpower, Verve represents a superhuman’s inner reserves
and his ability to persevere through adversity. Verve is
measured strictly in points, which the superhuman spends to
activate superpowers and to enhance his performance.
•Many superpowers require the expenditure of at least one
and sometimes more Verve to activate them. A character may
spend any number of Verve per turn to activate superpowers.
•In any situation where a character would spend or lose a
point of Willpower, he may elect to spend or lose a point of
Verve instead. This counts as the character’s sole Willpower
expenditure allowed for the turn; in other words, a character
could not elect to spend both a Willpower and a Verve for
twice the bonus. He may however spend an amount of Verve
on "Heroic Effort" and "Resistance" bonuses up to his Power
Level, increasing the bonus by 1 for each additional Verve
•A character receives a certain number of Verve at the
beginning of each scene, based on his Power Level as given
in the table above. A character may also recover Verve once
per scene for acting in accordance with his Virtue, and once
per scene for acting in accordance with his Vice; in each
case, the character recovers the same amount of Verve as
he does at the start of the scene.

A superpowered character may change their entire
outfit, reflexively, once an action. They also appear to be
entirely immune to wardrobe malfunctions, as well as
penalties related to inappropriate clothing for the given
situation. Clothing fits perfectly, and even characters with no
skill in Craft can make at least one rather durable and easily
repaired dramatic outfit. Armor, if worn, need not have more
than a passing familiarity with the physics governing actual
bodily protection, and need not cover much of the character's
frame at all. Female characters likewise have breasts
capable of ignoring gravity entirely.
Players may always waive these benefits if they deem it
appropriate to their character.

Superheroes and Supervillians are larger than life
characters, and when they play to their larger than life
personae, it can aid their actions and revitalize their reserves.
When a superhuman character enhances the description of a
rolled action or a dodge by adding a snappy one-liner or
similar quip, they add a die to that action, or add one to their
defense after doubling it for the dodge. If using the God
Machine Chronicle rules update, the character takes one
beat the first time they achieve a one-die Stylish Execution in
a scene.
Creative uses of powers, the environment or other
creative actions may allow the player to add two dice to a roll
or add two to a defense rating after doubling for a dodge. The
player can also take advantage of dramatic or comedic timing
to get this bonus. For example, listening in on a villain with a
bug, and choosing to swing through the window right after
hearing them say, "What could go wrong?". In addition, the
character can gain a point of willpower back with this level of
stylish execution.
Particularly impressive and creative descriptions can
be awarded three dice, or add three to a defense. This
garners the character one additional exp point. That exp
award can only be given once per session.
The Storyteller awards these bonuses.
Note that the bonus to defense is applied before any doubling
the defense rating in the case of a dodge.
The Storyteller may allow creative enough
descriptions to evoke small rules' benefits in place of dice
benefits, as appropriate to the situation. Examples of such
effects are combat complications, like knockdown and
knockback, or applying Defense in inapplicable instances*.

For instance, a character who can fly
due to a superhuman mutation would have
the default die pool, but a character who flies
due to having wings would likely use Strength
This is a list of possible abilities that a + Athletics, and a character who flies by
superhuman may have. A character may not
magical means would (possibly) use
have multiple copies of the same superpower, Composure + Occult.
though powers with different Extras do not
Most activation roll dice pools have the
count as the "same" superpower; for example,
Skill listed in parentheses; in these cases,
a character could have Force Bolt 3 with the
there is no penalty for a character using the
Continuous Fire Extra and Force Bolt 3 with
the Damage Upgrade Extra, but she could not power without possessing any dots in the
relevant Skill. In effect, knowledge of the Skill
have both Boost (Strength) 3 and Boost
helps the character use the power more
(Strength) 2.
effectively, but not knowing the Skill doesn’t
make it any harder to activate the power.


Class: The superpower’s Class, which
determines its experience cost.

Action: The type of action (Instant, Reflexive,
Extended, Contested) required to activate the

Range: The power’s short range, usually
given in yards; a power’s medium range is
Type: Tech, Mystic, or Bio. These categories equal to twice its Range characteristic, and its
relate to the character's Superhuman Origin. long range is equal to four times its Range
If not using Origins, ignore them. They
characteristic. Powers with a Range of “Self”
roughly identify weather the power is typically may only be used on the character himself.
Technological, Mystical or Biological in form.
Powers with a Range of “Touch” require that
the character make physical (though not
Cost: Any activation costs (such as Verve,
Willpower, or health levels) that must be paid necessarily skin-to-skin) contact with his
target; if the character is attempting to touch
to activate the power.
an unwilling target, he must succeed at a
Dice Pool: The dice pool for the power’s roll. Dexterity + Brawl roll to do so, and the target’s
In some cases the power works automatically, Defense applies.
when this is not specified the player must
succeed at this roll in order to activate the
power and use it successfully on a target.
When the power works automatically the roll
is used to govern some other aspect of it's
use, such as damage or another measure or
it's effectiveness. The dice pool for a power is
usually an Attribute + Skill + the number of
dots in the power.
At the Storyteller’s discretion, the
Attribute or Skill involved may vary from the
one listed, but the combination given is the
default. This is not an excuse to match all
power pools to one die pool so as to min-max
the character, it is a way of matching the
rational for the power to the appropriate pool.

Area: The power’s area of effect, if any.


Duration: How long the power’s effect lasts.
Powers that have a one-time, immediate
effect (such as Force Bolt) have a Duration of
“Instant,” while powers that are constantly in
effect or which model some lasting change to
a character’s physiology have a Duration of
“Permanent.” Powers that fall between these
two extremes have a Duration listed in turns,
scenes, or some other appropriate time unit.
Some powers, whose Durations are listed as
"Concentration," remain in effect for as long
as a character concentrates on maintaining
them; while maintaining a power in this
manner, a character loses her Defense and
may not move faster than her Speed in a turn
(IE she may not run).

Class: Alpha

Effect: What the power actually does, in
game terms.

Type: Bio
Cost: -Dice Pool: N/A
Range: Self
Area: N/A
Duration: Permanent
Effect: The character's blood is a highly corrosive substance,
and opponents who strike the character in melee risk being
burned by his blood. Whenever a target character comes in
contact with this character's blood (such as by dealing at
least one level of lethal or aggravated damage to the
character with a melee or point-blank ranged attack, or by
attempting to perform surgery on this character), this
character must make an immediate Stamina + Acid Blood
roll, with each success dealing one level of lethal damage to
the target. It is up to the Storyteller to determine whether or
not the target's Defense applies to a given Acid Blood attack.
The Stamina + Acid Blood roll should also be made for
objects that pierce or cut the character's flesh, and at the
Storyteller's discretion, other nearby objects or characters
may also be affected.

Extras: Any specific Extras that this power
may be given, in addition to the general ones Class: Beta
listed separately. Extras are essentially
Type: Mystic
"upgrades" to a power that make it more
Cost: 1 Verve
efficient or powerful. Each Extra added to a
Dice Pool: Dexterity + (Brawl) + Afflict – (Power Level +
power increases that power's Class by one;
Alpha to Beta, Beta to Gamma, ect. A power's armor)
Action: Instant
Class may also be decreased by assigning
Weaknesses to it; essentially the opposite of Range: Touch
Extras, Weaknesses decrease the
Area: N/A
effectiveness of a given power by making it
Duration: (5 + Afflict - target's Stamina) turns, minimum 1
more difficult to use or costly.
Effect: The character is able to fundamentally weaken living
things. Each success on the activation roll incurs a -1 penalty
to the target's physical actions and Speed for the duration.
These penalties can be removed by any effect that removes
bashing damage on a 1:1 basis. Multiple uses of Afflict do not
fully stack, but increase the previous affliction by 1 and reset
the duration. Non-living targets are unaffected.
Extras: None

Class: Beta
Type: Tech, Mystic or Bio
Cost: N/A
Dice Pool: N/A
Action: N/A
Range: Self
Area: N/A
Duration: Permanent
Effect: The character is covered in layers of chitin or scales,
or his flesh is simply incredibly resistant to damage. When
damaged, each dot in Armor downgrades one level of
damage one category.
If the player wishes to be able to switch Armor on or off at the
start of the character's turn, this can be arranged, but he
always starts a scene with Armor off, making him vulnerable
to surprise attacks.
Bulletproof - The character's armor reduces damage levels
as opposed to downgrading them.
Alternate Rule: In more lethal chronicles, the Storyteller may
decide the Bulletproof extra adds the character's dots in
Armor to his armor stat, in addition to downgrading damage
but instead of reducing damage. If the player wants this
power to reduce damage, that's an extra named Impervious
and counts as two extras.
Bypass - This power does not apply to one category of
damage (physical, mental, energy or magic) which must be
relatively common.
NOTE: In the Bloody Knuckles & Domino Masks chronicle,
Armor is an Alpha class power, not Beta.


Only beings not native to the realm of existence they are
currently on may be subject to Banishment.
Creating a ritual area, with whatever trappings are
appropriate to the character's mystic style, aids in extended
rituals of this type. Assume each 1/2 hour of effort put in to
preparation of the ritual adds one die to the roll, up to the
character's Power Level.
At the STs discretion, some beings may require special
materials to be obtained or situations to arise before they can
be banished.

Class: Beta
Type: Tech, Mystic, or Bio
Cost: 1 Verve
Dice Pool: N/A
Action: Simple (takes an action to perform)
Range: Self
Area: N/A
Duration: One scene
Effect: The character is able to temporarily increase one of
his Attributes, selected when the power is bought. When this
power is activated, the character gains one dot in the
selected Attribute for every dot he has in Boost. This is a
direct increase to the Attribute in question, and as such may
affect the character’s derived stats (such as Speed or
Willpower). A character is allowed to benefit from only one
use of Boost for a given Attribute at a time; for example, a
character with Boost (Strength) 3 would not be able to
activate it twice per scene to gain +6 Strength.
Extra Attribute - Power increases two Attributes
simultaneously instead of one.
Mega-Boost - The effect can be activated cumulatively,
stacking up to once per Power Level.

Cost: 1 Verve

Boost Other - The character may use this power on other
people they are currently touching. One activation covers one
person. Alternatively, the character can take this ability in
place of being able to boost themselves. This alternative
does not count as an Extra.

Dice Pool: Intelligence + (Occult) + Banishment


Action: Instant or Extended

Specific - The effect increases a Skill instead of an Attribute.

Range: (Power Level + Banishment) x 2 yards

Highly Specific - The effect increases a Specialty instead of
an Attribute, but unlike other specialties, can go above 1 dot.

Class: Alpha
Type: Mystic

Area: N/A
Duration: N/A
Effect: The character attempts to send a being not of this
world back to where it belongs. To do so the character needs
to achieve successes equal to the Rank of the spirit or the
Summoning Rating of a corporeal being. This can be done as
an instant or extended action, as needed. Any character with
an occult rating equal to the target number required may
participate in the ritual if it is an extended action.

at a cost of at appropriate contested roll (such as Strength + Drive. CYBERKINESIS CLONE Type: Tech Class: Gamma Cost: 1 Verve Type: Mystic or Bio Dice Pool: Composure + (Computer) + Cyberkinesis Cost: 1+ Verve Action: Instant Dice Pool: N/A Range: (Power Level + Cyberkinesis) x 5 yards Action: Instant Duration: Concentration Range: (Power Level + Clone) yards Effect: The character is able to manipulate computers and technology. Clones have the amount of Verve their creator If the piece of technoligy requires power to function.Clones have one less dot in all powers than the originating character. the clones are not as can take any action it could logically take if a person who was powerful as the original character. The character can take control of any device with mechanical. it's always the same one. would travel a grand total of [5 + (4 x 3)] x (4) = 68 feet. Skills. the spent to activate this power -1. as this power communicate normally. or electronic parts. Area: N/A Hive Mind . is up to the ST. or Bio Cost: 0 Verve Dice Pool: N/A Action: Reflexive Range: Self Clones act on the same initiative. if any. Players considering Clone for their character may wish to look over the Duplicate power as well. each clone suffers a -2 trained in it's use was using it to do. If this would cause them to lose a technique. clothing and equipment. Mystic. a Size 5 character with Power Level 2 and Bounding Leap 2. EG. but gains no mechanical While under the character's control the piece of technology benefit in exchange. who makes a running broad jump and scores three successes on the Strength + Athletics roll. Extras: Haste .The clones may act on the turn they are created. up to her dots in Clone + 1 at once. A clone lasts until the end of the doesn't make things fly that can't under their own power). All of the character's final jumping distances are multiplied by the character's (Power Level + Bounding Leap). Each clone is Dexterity + Drive. Degradation . and clones do not possess the Cyberkinesis. least one Verve per clone. and taking one turn. and disappear if they take any damage. the base pool is Wits + Health levels as the original. and must (generally it would have to at least be mobile. Extras: None. and without a roll. scene or until the originating character wills it out of Likewise the object's damage modifier. powers. (The player may opt to give her clones a distinct appearance to suit the rationale for this power. system in question must be powered on to use this power effectively. The Storyteller may well want to impose Clone power themselves.) However. the opponent must make an range. The character may only have a number of clones at a time equal to twice her dots in Clone. existence. each clone has only half as many make an attack with the item. if another character wishes to take control away Effect: The character creates multiple copies of herself within from the cyberkineticist. etc. .BOUNDING LEAP Class: Alpha Type: Tech. Duration: One scene Weaknesses: Effect: The character is able to leap a far greater distance than would normally be expected. roll. A single success is all that’s Duration: One scene required for the character to control a given piece of technology.The clones share thoughts and senses with the originating character.Clones have no Health. If the character wishes to penalty to all dice pools. Class: Beta Fragile . or Intelligence + Computer) and score more an almost-identical copy of the originating character. with the successes than the character scored on her initial activation same Attributes. This power is similar to the Duplicate power. An activation roll of the power can be used to power up the device if it has access to a power source though (usually meaning it's plugged in). Area: N/A Cyberkinesis has an associated Power Tree. Clones share no mental link with penalties due to the appropriateness of the item being used each other or the originating character.

The attack deals aggravated damage. The resistance trait applied is whichever one is appropriate for the activation roll for the power (Stamina for physical attributed powers for example). or Composure Action: Instant Action: Instant Range: Touch Range: Touch Area: N/A Area: N/A Duration: Instant Duration: One scene Effect: The character is able to destroy living things with little effort. the target may be subjected to one stage of the character's mind control. The character must know the target has the specific power to target it.DEATH TOUCH DISRUPT Class: Beta Class: Alpha Type: Mystic or Bio Type: Tech. Mystic or Bio Cost: 2 Verve Cost: 1 Verve Dice Pool: Dexterity + (Brawl) + Death Touch – (target’s armor + defense + Power Level) Dice Pool: Intelligence + (Science) + Disrupt . For every two's Resolve. lower their effective size by one for the purposes of moving through spaces only. If the target takes any damage. . Bio or Tech Area: N/A Cost: 1 Verve Duration: One scene Dice Pool: Intelligence + (Persuasion) + Domination vs. For each success on the activation roll over the resistance roll. Dice Pool: Stamina + (Survival) + Density Control DOMINATION Action: Extended Class: Beta Range: Self Type: Mystic. a less dense character has an easier time slipping through cracks and getting through tight openings. but subjecting a target to multiple stages at once costs 1 additional Verve per additional stage. The second type is chosen at the same time as the first. Action: Contested. target's Resolve + Power Level Type: Tech. In addition. Stamina. The pool of disruption fades at the end of the scene. Extras: Aggravated . Each success on the activation roll creates one point of disruption which rests on one superpower the target has. A truly creative rational could incorporate all three types. In order to use this power. either vocally or through some other means (Telepathy. of the same type. Each time the target rolls to activate that power they have one success negated for each point of disruption on that power. and one point of disruption is removed from the pool. Effect: The character is able to disrupt other characters' superpowers. it takes 1 lethal continuous damage until it succeeds on a reflexive Stamina roll. the character must be able to communicate effectively with her victim.). every two successes increases their Defense by 1.The attack applies a Tilt to the target if it lands. DENSITY CONTROL Extras: Class: Beta Cost: 1 Verve Duel Purpose . Mind control works in stages. Powers that do not need to roll to activate are unaffected. Weakness: Non-Lethal: The attack does bashing damage. each success gained on the activation roll doubles the character’s weight and grants the character +1/+1 armor. If this power is bought as a Mystic power it disrupts Mystic Powers for example. If the character is increasing his density. Afflicting . sign language etc. resistance is reflexive Range: (Power Level + Domination) x 5 yards Area: N/A Duration: See below Effect: The character is able to control the minds of others. If the character is decreasing his density. making this a Gamma power.With appropriate rational the power counts as more than one type. Non-living targets take bashing damage from the initial attack and no continuous damage. or freed from one stage of an opposing mind control. Mystic or Bio Effect: The character may increase or decrease his density. chosen at the time the power is taken and appropriate to the rational for the power. The activation roll is an attack that deals lethal damage.

She is able to determine the exact mood of the dream within (Example: Nightmare. • A target can be subjected to any number of stages of mind control beyond 5 to increase the effect's duration. The physical representation of this skill is up to the player. possibly invalidating the command. and taking one turn. except impossible or dangerous commands are allowed. cannot be blatantly impossible ("count all the grains of sand on this beach"). at a cost of 1 Verve. Night Terror. If the command takes longer than one minute to perform and is physically or mentally taxing (such as the aforementioned sand-counting command).). such as "purchase a rifle at the local sporting goods store" or "stand perfectly still for one minute".The target does not realize it was dominated even after the effect ends. with the same Attributes. Essentially.The character need not be able to communicate effectively with her target in order to use Domination. • •Stage 4: As stage 3. the individual is active on the astral plane and their general state. however. Oneiromancy has an associated Power Tree. Duplicates merging together take the average wounds of both. ONEIROMANCY Class: Alpha Type: Mystic Cost: Varies Dice Pool: Wits + Empathy + Oneiromancy Action: Varies Range: (Power Level + Oneiromancy) x 10 yards (This refers to the distance between the target and user of this power. and clothing. the target may make a reflexive Resolve roll each 10 minutes to free himself from one stage of mind control. The character is able to discern the duration of the dream thus far. rounded up. • •Stage 5: As stage 4. . see below) Effect: The character splits themselves into two identical people. Distance within a dream is meaningless. aside from knowing they are in the radius of the power. Equipment important enough to have game traits will not be duplicated in this manner. and cannot end a conflict instantly ("go to the police station and turn yourself in"). the group is treated as one individual for the purposes of gaining or using Verve or Willpower. Multiple uses of or replenishment of Verve in the same turn do not stack. he may make this roll each turn at the end of his turn instead. •Stage 2: The character may issue a single negative or positive command. •Stage 3: As stage 2. or until the source of his domination issues a different command. and likewise does not stack for the purposes of replenishment or expenditure. cannot pose any apparent danger to the target or his allies ("walk off this cliff"). Duplicates remain until reabsorbed. except conflict-ending commands are allowed. such as "don't attack me" or "don't make eye contact with anyone". Willpower is shared in the same fashion. Passionate Dream. DUPLICATE Class: Omega Type: Mystic or Bio Cost: 1 Verve Dice Pool: N/A Action: Instant Range: Self Area: N/A Duration: Permanent (Until merged. which also takes a turn and body contact. Good Dream.) Duration: Scene Effect: The character is automatically able to detect a dreaming target in her set radius. but the target is otherwise free to choose his actions. If the command takes longer than 10 minutes to perform. Skills. Telepathic Domination . also automatically. he may make this roll each minute instead. Commands given at stages 1 and 2 cannot be longer than 10 words. Duplicates share a Verve pool. until he successfully breaks all stages of mind control. powers (meaning the duplicates can duplicate). They simply know that. that the target must not defy. Likewise the user of this power does not know what the sleeper looks like in real life. except the command can be as long and complex as the character wants. as a dreamer.•Stage 1: The character may issue a single negative command (and don't even think about using double negatives!). So long as the character remains dominated. etc. he will resist any attempts to prevent him from following his commands. If following the command would result in direct harm to the target character or his allies. Use of this power does not tell the character where the sleeper is. or any other details about them (though they can make inferences as usual). or if the target is near to waking. that the target must follow to the best of his ability. Each is an identical copy of the originating character. A dominated character remains dominated until his task is complete. Extras: Mind Blank .

Extras: None. use a variant of the flight power. saltwater or blood instead of water. see the Force Bolt power. light. The character may give their creation up to (Power Level) Durability. The Storyteller is the final arbiter of what constitutes a viable Note that this power is very similar to the power Clone. As a guideline. Air. assume Extras: None an element must be physical and must be naturally occurring.The character can only effect a subset of one of the typical elements (gold or glass instead of earth. It is up to the player and Storyteller to determine what constitutes "a significant source" for the action attempted. darkness. due to the static nature of exp costs in the update. and sound. the character must have a significant source of the element nearby. Wood. ice. If the character spends a point of Verve at the beginning of each new scene the created item will continue. . One or more duplicates can train while one or more are otherwise active. God Machine Chronicle Rules Update: If using the rules update treat this power as a beta power. Every dot in Durability grants the character one additional health level. The character may have Duration: Scene a number of bodies at a time equal to his dots in Duplicate + Effect: The character is able to control one specific 1. and must communicate as normal (unless they possess additional powers which would allow otherwise). but only one would get the trait increase until the two merge again. Weakness: Narrow Purview . In order to use this power. the experience points are lost. This power has the side effect of allowing the character to train multiple traits at once. “element” for this power. except that they use the die pool above.The group is treated as one individual for the purpose of taking damage. By spending additional Verve the object may be able to persist. and Earth and Metal respectively). when normal physics takes over. If you are looking to have your character fling the element forward as an attack. “element. electricity. Even if the shape the character wishes to leave the element in is unnatural for it the element will remain in that shape until the end of the scene. etc.Duplicates share no mental link with each other or with the originating character. want to consider that power. Weaknesses: at least some of the time. either may spend points on a trait increase while the other doesn’t. DURABILITY Class: Alpha Type: Bio Cost: -Dice Pool: N/A Action: N/A Range: Self Area: N/A Duration: Permanent Effect: The character is incredibly resilient. Thus if one remains at home while the other travels. Elemental Mastery has a rather large Power Tree associated with it. able to take massive amounts of damage before showing signs of injury. Normal crafting rules otherwise govern whatever the character is making. Water. Should the more learned duplicate die before merging.” chosen when this power is purchased. possible examples include the Players considering this power for their character may also classical Aristotelian and Feng Shui elements (Fire. If you want the character to be able to propel themselves along with the power. Knowledge gained by one is shared by both upon merging. Shared Health .) and cannot have Elemental Instantiation (because otherwise this isn't much of a weakness). The basic use of this power allows the character to craft the element without tools and without damaging themselves. The character cannot manipulate the element if it is part of a living being. ELEMENTAL MASTERY Class: Beta Type: Mystic or Bio Cost: 1 Verve Dice Pool: Dexterity + Craft + Elemental Mastery Action: Instant or Extended Range: (Power Level + Elemental Mastery) x 5 yards Area: Varies Duplicates act on the same initiative. Duplicates share an experience pool. but spend the points individually.

On an exceptional success. I suggest "The target gains the "Emotional" condition. and it is up to the Storyteller to determine how Storyteller characters affected by this power would behave. chosen when this power is first purchased. If the character gains two successes above that which the target rolls. (( You may want to consider this having a more short term effect. Resolution: You willingly indulge in the targeted emotion. Type: Tech. the character ignores 1 damage per success of the chosen type. such as fire or metal. Note that the character has no control over the target's behavior. or a previously calm and placid individual can suddenly explode into a furious rage. and you are liken to follow it. This pool can be added in whole or in part to the character's rolls in a specific way. or Mystic Cost: 1 Verve Dice Pool: Stamina + Energy Absorption x 2 Action: Reflexive Range: Self Duration: Instant Effect: The character is able to draw energy from one type of damage (physical. If the character wins the contested activation roll.EMPATHIC MANIPULATION Extras: Class: Beta Multiple Emotions . or instill a feeling of anxiety into a target who would otherwise have no reason to feel afraid. The emotional changes wrought by Empathic Manipulation fade at the end of the scene. on a successful activation roll. magic or energy).Each 3 dice in the character's bonus pool grants a temporary Health level. the character is able to drastically alter the target's emotional state or instill a strong emotion where there was none previously: mild anxiety can turn to paralyzing terror or true love to apathy. Resolution: You succumb to the emotional state or the scene ends. spontaneously acting based on it. This does not include failed die rolls. then adds 3 dice per damage ignored this way to a bonus pool. the character may reflexively roll Dexterity + (Athletics) + Energy Absorption as a ranged attack with a range of (Power Level + Energy Absorption) x 5 yards. Bio. or Bio Cost: 1 Verve Dice Pool: Manipulation + (Empathy) + Empathic Manipulation vs. Mystic.Whenever this power reduces damage to 0. Extras: Invigorating . Reflect .The character can only absorb damage from effect. he is able to increase or decrease the intensity of an emotion that the target is already feeling. resistance is reflexive Range: (Power Level + Empathic Manipulation) x 5 yards Area: N/A Duration: One scene Effect: The character is able to manipulate the emotions of a target. only her emotional state. Beat: N/A" and on an exception success the target gains the "Impassioned" condition "You are suddenly overwhelmed by an emotion. which is treated as a firearm and deals the same type and severity of damage that was absorbed. Beat: Your character is put in harms way by acting on said emotion")) . or instill a mild version of an emotion that the current is not currently feeling: for example. Weaknesses: With emotional having the description "You characters base emotional state has been altered by supernatural Single Source . Whenever the offer to indulge that emotion come up you must make a Resolve + Composure roll in order to turn it down. they may impart an appropriate emotional Condition. and is expended after use as well as at the end of the scene.The character can only ever affect one emotion. one for every dot in Empathic Manipulation he has. Not to mention Doors take days. First Impression is one that has a long term effect on the game. ENERGY ABSORPTION Class: Alpha Type: Tech. When this power is activated. sometimes weeks to open Weaknesses: Single Emotion . God Machine Chronicle variant: The character may spend a point of verve to add their Empathic Manipulation + Power Rating rating to a First Impressions roll or the rolls to open a Door. Any roll to resist a specific source. mental. temptation based on that emotion gets a -2.The character is able to affect multiple emotions at a time. target's Composure + Power Level Action: Contested. the character could turn passing interest into infatuation or burning anger into mild irritation. most often boosting another power.. chosen when this power is first purchased.

the Storyteller is the final arbiter as to what effect this has ingame. there are a great many benefits to having more than the standard number of hands. the character suffers a cumulative -1 penalty to all grappling rolls for each additional opponent grappled after the first. Bio. Whenever this character attempts to grapple an opponent. The character may still only make one attack per turn in combat (unless Merits such as Fighting Style: Boxing or Fighting Style: Kung Fu are purchased). while the grappler relies on Strength alone to prevent escape. When attempting to lift something while flying. or Mystic Cost: 1 Verve Dice Pool: N/A Action: Reflexive Range: Self Area: N/A Duration: One scene Effect: The character is able to soar through the air. Flight normally requires no dice rolls. They may be retractable. When flying. each success on the activation roll deals one level of lethal damage to the target. of course. Type: Tech. if the character is able to hold multiple automatic weapons and elects to fire a burst as his attack. He may also attempt to grapple multiple opponents at once. Bio or Mystic Cost: N/A Dice Pool: Stamina + (Survival) + Energy Leech . In general. strength isn't useful for lifting. The same applies to attacks that would usually use Strength but are being done from the air. he may add a number of dice to his dice pool equal to the number of dots he possesses in Extra Arms. Storytellers should consider giving characters with this power higher effective Strength for the purpose of holding a grapple. Extras: Coordinated . us Flight + Athletics as opposed to Strength + Athletics. however.As part of an all-out attack using Brawl. the character may add his Extra Arms dots to his dice pool. to a maximum of one opponent for every dot in Extra Arms the character possesses. Discrete . each success on the activation roll instead reduces the character's Willpower point total by one. or Bio Cost: N/A Dice Pool: N/A Action: N/A Range: Self Area: N/A Duration: Permanent Effect: The character possesses more than the standard human complement of dexterous appendages: two added for every dot he has in this's Stamina Action: Instant Range: Touch Area: N/A Duration: Instant Effect: The character is able to draw energy from other characters in order to fuel her own abilities. Variant: The character may be able to drain a different fuel stat. such as Mana or Essence. the character must spend one or more turns doing nothing but accelerating. there are many ways to increase your chance of escaping a grapple or bypass a grapple entirely. The aerial attack isn't limited to the three bonus dice limit that aiming is. strength requires something to push against. if the character has no Verve and no Willpower points remaining. Extras: None EXTRA LIMBS Class: Alpha Type: Tech.ENERGY LEECH bullets fired between each weapon. he may elect to fire all of the guns at once and allocate the Note: In this game. and increases the character's Verve total by one. the Storyteller may require Dexterity + Athletics + Flight rolls in order to successfully perform aerial acrobatics or other stunts. the character should not be able to perform more tasks at once than his Wits or Intelligence (whichever is lower). and they may 'aim' this kind of attack for a number of turns up to their power's rating plus Power Level. She gains a flying Speed equal to her (Flight x 10). FLIGHT Class: Beta Type: Tech. except that the character does not need to have a target until the turn in which they attack. and only if the tasks are not particularly mentally taxing. Furthermore. but as a general rule. . and it does not benefit from rules that further benefit aiming. This effectively works like an aiming. the character may not increase her Verve total above its allowed maximum in this manner. Class: Beta Out of combat. slamming their target with their body. Each success on the activation roll reduces the target's Verve* total by one. To get up to this speed. Flight + Weaponry or Brawl becomes the appropriate pool. or striking them with a limb or weapon. The character can make a aerial attack provided they can get up to full speed before doing so. either converting it to Verve or holding it in the same state. dissipate into smoke or whatever else is appropriate for the rational supporting the power.The appendages may be hidden or unmade when not in use. If the target character has no Verve remaining.

(cannot be taken with the Set Extra.The character's Force Field may absorb damage from only one damage category. the next Verve cost paid by the character in the same scene is reduced by 1. mental. Weaknesses: Ablative .The character's flight method circumvents physics to some degree.The Duration for the effect becomes One Scene. . it is therefore the perfect power to refluff as enhanced reflexes. but should take the form of some sort of connected weapon. or else enhance her unarmed attacks in some way.The character's flight apparatus is visible. The power need not manifest as literal claws. below) The character may activate Force Field to protect someone else within Power Level + Force Field yards. Set . meaning that when first purchased the power has an initiative modifier of -2. Bio or Mystic Cost: 0 Type: Tech or Mystic Action: Reflexive Range: Self Area: N/A Duration: Instant Effect: The character is able to absorb the damage from physical. Area: N/A Duration: Instant Effect: The character can extrude sharp claws from her fingertips. but they fold away neatly. Whenever the character takes damage from the appropriate source. Barrier . Action: Instant Extras: Range: Melee Versatile . an integrated biomechanical jet-pack or be constantly wreathed in a cracking miasma of energy. if the strike is a discharge of psychic energy. Class: Beta Weakness: Cost: 1 Verve Indiscrete . or other conditions to be met. Characters without this weakness may have wings or other visible apparatus of flight. Specialized . This can cause difficulties in flight. summon a nimbus of deadly energy around her hands. it may use the lower of Resolve or Composure for the applicable armor. It has an initiative modifier of (-3 + Force Strike). like fangs. bulky and inconvenient. magic or energy-based attacks (choose two when the power is purchased).Each level of damage absorbed by this power grants a +1 bonus to some future roll involving one chosen Attribute in the following turn. turn her fists to sharp-edged stone. and by the fifth dot it has a +2 modifier.(may only be taken with Set Extra. Charging . somewhere to run for a launch. a barbed tongue or anything else that seems like it would use the same rules. For example.Extras: FORCE FIELD Gravitic Grounding . Force Strike has an associated Power Tree. Dice Pool: N/A FORCE STRIKE Class: Alpha Type: Tech. Variation: Different rationals may allow for a different form of defense to be applicable. and may apply social penalties at the discretion of the ST. The character effectively has a natural weapon which can be used at any time.If at least 3 damage is absorbed by this power at once. It typically looks a bit odd too. The damage rating is equal to the character's Power Level. above) Each level of damage absorbed by this power reduces the field's effectiveness by one until it is activated again. spiked fists. disappear or otherwise aren't an issue unless this weakness is taken. He may sport large wings. requiring extra space. especially when not in flight. They can use Strength in place of Flight for lifting or attacking. Dice Pool: Strength + Brawl God Machine Chronicle Rules Variant: Treat the rating in this power as general armor against the appropriate attack type. This power can of course only be activated if the character is aware of an attack.The character's Force Field may absorb damage from an additional damage category. Boosting . she may activate this power to reduce that damage by one per dot in Force Field. depending on the company.

each success on the activation roll allows the character or her patient to heal one level of bashing damage.GRAVITY CONTROL HEALING Class: Beta Class: Gamma Type: Tech. so the penalties to initiative remain. Each roll takes one turn. the character can extend the range of this power to (Power Level + Healing) x 5 yards. up to the number of dice in her unmodified pool. As a general rule. These Strength adjustments effect combat. Each success on the activation roll allows the character to either increase the gravity of the affected area. When falling. Using the power to decrease the local gravity reverses this effect. or downgrade one level of higher damage. the character or her patient may immediately make an additional Stamina + Resolve roll to try and fight off the disease. Unfortunately.The character need only spend one Verve per roll before rolling to gain the full benefit from Healing. and the character may roll a number of times up to her effective Stamina. If used to treat disease. subtract the number of successes rolled to the distance fallen in yards for the purposes of damage. to treat disease. penalized by the user's Power Level. such as flight and telekinesis. add the number of successes rolled to the distance fallen in yards for the purposes of damage. if the character has insufficient Verve or chooses not to spend it. Effect: This power has three main uses: to treat injury. If used to treat injury. Extras: Efficient . An equal penalty is applied to everyone's initiative. Gravity Control has an associated Power Tree. This power may also be used to regenerate ruined organs or severed limbs. not one Verve per success after rolling. and penalizing all physical actions by the same amount (user included). Mystic or Bio Type: Tech. any excess successes are wasted. athletics effects. each turn. In each case. When falling. Characters with less Strength then the successes rolled are pinned in place (going prone) unless they succeed in a Strength + Athletics check. . If used to purge poisons or toxins. the character must spend one Verve per success in order to gain these effects. adding her successes together. Healing organs does not require the week long rest period. each success put towards increasing local gravity decreases the effective Strength of all in the field by 1 per success. By spending 1 Verve before rolling. with a number of bonus dice equal to the number of successes gained on the Healing activation roll. Using Healing is an extended action. Bio or Mystic Cost: 1 Verve Cost: Varies Dice Pool: Intelligence + (Science) + Gravity Control Dice Pool: Intelligence + (Medicine) + Healing Action: Extended Action: Extended Range: (Power Level + Gravity Control) x 5 yards Range: Touch Area: (Power Level + Gravity Control) yards Area: N/A Duration: Concentration Duration: Instant Effect: The character is able to manipulate gravitational forces. The character may choose to continue healing next turn. and secondary stats as usual. Gravity Control can work as a rational for several other powers. everyone in the field gains 1 effective Strength per success. the poison or toxin is successfully neutralized if a number of successes are gained on the Healing activation roll in excess of the substance’s toxicity rating. This power only takes effect and costs Verve when the character decides to stop rolling. taking a -1 penalty to the activation roll per 5 yards. moving around in lower gravity is strange and disruptive. but doing so requires 5 successes per body part and a week of rest for the patient. and to purge poisons or toxins.

Simple. Another character may attempt to aid the Immobilized character's escape. If the activation roll is an exceptional success. concealment. she must succeed on a Strength + Stamina roll. the penalty to Defense. Extras: . In order for the target character to escape from an Immobilize power. if Immobilize was used to impede the character's physical actions. such as a dance hall full of dancers or a field with lots of plants and animals. All illusions are static. This power has two main uses: restricting another character's body movements and reducing her ability to perform physical tasks. As a guideline. though the character can use additional roles to add non-static features. using the rules for Teamwork as described in the World of Darkness core rulebook (with the Immobilized character as the primary actor).target's Defense + Power Level Action: Instant Action: Instant Range: (Power Level + Illusion) x 5 yards Range: (Power Level + Immobilize) x 5 yards Area: N/A Area: N/A Duration: One scene Duration: See below Effect: The character is able to subvert the senses of others. and she takes the penalty to physical actions (as well as to Defense). a statue would be a static illusion. Recognizing the effect as illusory does not show the truth.The immobilizing agent cannot be attacked to reduce its effectiveness. If used to impede physical performance. or else this technique cannot be used). the target's Defense is reduced by one for every success gained on the activation roll. The immobilizing agent may also be damaged to reduce its effectiveness. but it does tip them off that something is off. that penalty does not stack with the penalty to escape the Immobilize power. Illusions can't respond with knowledge the illusionist doesn't have. if the penalty is reduced below zero. No application of this power may have any tangible effect beyond misdirection.The illusion can be described in terms of a setting. Opponents with superhuman senses might be harder to fool. The size of the illusion cannot exceed (2 + Power Level + Illusion x 2). zero-point energy fields or some other means. Mystic of Bio Cost: 1 Verve Dice Pool: Intelligence + (Expression) + Illusion Dice Pool: Dexterity + (Athletics) + Immobilize . or repetitive motions are still considered static. If you can stop and have a realistic conversation with the jogger. this doesn't end the effect. If an illusion is non-static the illusionist must direct one reflexive mental action each turn toward controlling it. Illusions effect all five senses. one for one. Ephemeral . or one non-static illusion per two successes. Milieu . and the penalty to the escape roll by one. as would a waterfall. either by the immobilized character (if possible) or by an ally. Nonstatic illusions are those which move or interact on their own in a complicated fashion. but an animal that responds to complicated interactions would be non-static. the target is able to escape without making a roll. If someone interacts with a static illusion and gets a weird response. and each level of damage dealt to it reduces the penalty to physical actions. if the interaction is more complicated than what a typical video-game could manage. if used to anchor the target. with a negative modifier equal to the number of successes gained on the activation roll. The immobilizing agent has an effective Durability equal to the activating character's dots in Immobilize. The activation roll can create one static illusionary object per success. For instance. Effect: The character is able to hinder his opponents' movement with layers of ice.The illusion cannot effect all senses. a successful activation roll reduces the target's Speed to 0.ILLUSION Class: Beta Type: Tech or Mystic Cost: 1 Verve IMMOBILIZE Class: Beta Type: Tech. Opponents with more effective dots in Wits than the character's successes will know something is off. it is non-static. Weakness: Extras: Partial Senses . or anchoring another character to a solid object and stopping her from moving around. This means that you cannot take other mental actions while controlling the illusion. In either case. Treat the listed range as a radius. quick-drying glue. A jogger who just runs is a static illusion. the target takes a penalty to all rolls involving physical action (including attack rolls and most superpower activation rolls) equal to the number of successes gained on the character's Immobilize activation roll. Taste and smell are treated as one sense for these purposes. Choose two senses that cannot be duplicated. that's not a static illusion. effectively pinning her in place (note that there must be a solid object present to anchor the target to. or emotionally effecting people in a natural way. the target suffers both effects: her Speed is reduced to 0. Successes indicate how many details you can specify.

Extras: Hazard . the opposing characters are able to discern the invisible character's location in some manner and may attack him. and characters who are actively searching for the invisible character must roll Wits + Composure and score more successes than the Invisible character's Power Level. energy. allowing her to keep spending Verve on it. but can be negated by Invulnerability if the source of the immobilization matches the immunity) to a target that he has immobilized. When the character activates this power.The character may render himself undetectable to senses other than standard vision at a cost of one additional Verve per sense. telepathic scanning) will detect the character as normal. effecting all viable targets in a sphere with a radius of 2 yards + 1 yard per additional point of Verve spent in the activation. etc. Note that this damage is dealt to everything the character touches or that touches the character. Shimmer In The Air . the damage is dealt after the attack in question lands). he can deal one point of lethal damage to a target he has immobilized.The effect has a blast radius.While this power is active. including unarmed attacks or weapons that strike the character (in this case. Armor applies to the damage if it protects against character need only one success and don't need to justify their search. and his personal possessions invisible. the character may alternate between these sources up to once per turn as a reflexive action. infrared vision. other characters struck by the character's unarmed attacks. By spending 2 Verve. sinners (Morality 5-).By spending 1 Verve. The source of damage dealt (fire. If this Wits + Composure roll is successful. electricity. at the start of the character's turn. this damage is dealt each turn. while reactivating it is an instant action. and even the ground under the character's feet. Each target requires a separate activation roll. as appropriate. To even attempt this roll the character must have some rational for detecting the invisible character. smell. his clothing. The power typically does not need an activation roll. the damage type. angry ghosts etc. with a -2 penalty due to his concealment. robots/machines. The player must decide when this power is purchased whether the damage type inflicted is physical. This power's duration ends at the end of the character's turn. the undead.Radius . .Only effects biologic creatures. and its duration is one turn per success.The power always requires an activation roll. unless contested by another power. Note that Invisibility only renders the character imperceptible to standard vision. she may switch it on and off at will for the duration of the scene. if this contact is maintained for more than one turn. This is a reflexive action. Weaknesses: Brief . everything within 1 yard of her takes this power's damage minus armor or durability. Mystic or Bio Cost: 1 Verve Weaknesses: Dice Pool: Wits + (Stealth) + Invisibility Limited Means . Range: Self Area: N/A Duration: One turn per dot in Invisibility Effect: The character is able to turn himself. Characters who are not actively searching for him become unable to see him at all.) must be chosen when this power is first purchased. but can only be done on the character's turn and once per turn per target.The character's immolation may be either of two damage sources. the opposing characters are unable to locate the invisible character and must use the rules for Fighting Blind if they wish to attack him. deactivating this power is a reflexive action.Opponents actively searching for the or magical. anything that contacts the character's body (her own gear and clothing excepted) takes an amount of lethal damage equal to the character's dots in Immolation or an amount of bashing damage equal to the character's Immolation dots + 2. mental. Bio or Mystic Cost: 1 Verve Dice Pool: N/A Action: Instant Range: Self Area: N/A Duration: One scene Effect: The character is capable of causing damage to anything that touches her. other methods of detection (hearing. Variable . Extras: Enhanced Effect . the character can deal one point of bashing damage (this cannot be negated by armor. The character may not spend more Verve to increase the radius than his dots in Immobilize. and the character may not do both in the same turn. up to a maximum number of senses equal to the character's dots in Invisibility. Constriction . otherwise. Once the character has paid the Verve cost for this power. INVISIBILITY Class: Beta Type: Tech. Action: Instant IMMOLATION Class: Beta Type: Tech.

Physical Attacks and Energy Attacks. to a minimum of three. Subtract the target's Morality from 8. if the activation roll grants two successes. Type: Tech. JUDGEMENT GAZE Class: Alpha Type: Mystic Cost: None Dice Pool: Composure + Empathy + Judgement Gaze Action: Simple Range: (Judgement Gaze + Power Level) x 5 yards Area: N/A A character cannot have more dots in an Invulnerability than their Power Level." and "mind control" are all viable Invulnerabilities.(The character may elect to be invulnerable to "physical attacks. This causes no harm to those who's karmic burden is light. or virtue of a single person within range." "magic. Duration: Instant A character may buy multiple forms of Invulnerability. These would be a pair of gamma powers. This damage bypasses general damage reduction such as the Armor power." "physical attacks. unless the target's Morality drops later that session. chosen when this power is purchased. vice." and "superpowers" are not. but no more types then their Power Level. or their Vice.The character need not make an activation roll to use this power. Mystic or Bio Duration: Permanent Effect: The character is highly resistant to one source of damage or form of attack.The character and target must make eye contact for this power to take effect. The remaining number is the amount of lethal damage the target takes. This power cannot be used on the same target more then once per session. A target with higher Power Seek The Sin . Extras: Broad Category . Each success on the activation roll tells you the morality." or "energy attacks. Extra: JUDGEMENT BRAND Class: Alpha Type: Mystic Cost: 0+ Verve Dice Pool: N/A Action: Instant Range: (Judgement Brand + Power Level) x 4 yards Area: (Judgement Brand + Power Level) yards Duration: Instant Effect: The target feels the weight of their actions come to bear as they experience a psychic montage of their crimes." "mental attacks. "mental attacks. but "energy attacks.The damage is aggravated. the character can choose one additional target in the area. 7. or 10. The player may activate this power to bless a given roll with a higher chance of success. Dice Pool: N/A Extras: Action: N/A Castigation . For each point of Verve spent.Target's Morality). but it becomes crushing to those who have led a life of immorality. or Bio Cost: 1 Verve Dice Pool: Luck + Power Level Action: Reflexive Range: Sensory* Area: N/A Duration: Instant Effect: The character carries an unstable probability field around their person which they are able to manipulate. they add dice to their pool equal to (7 . . Cost: N/A This power normally has one target." but not "superpowers" or "damage"). Defense. Range: Self Weaknesses: Area: N/A Judgement Stare . the blessed roll would garner one success for every 6. 8. but not Invulnerability to its damage category. The effects of Invulnerability stack with (and are applied after) any penalties for armor. A character's Invulnerability must be fairly specific: "hard radiation. LUCK Class: Beta Type: Mystic. Multiple successes may be spread among multiple targets.INVULNERABILITY Class: Beta Level than the character's dots in Judgement Brand is immune. 9." "fire. and should they need to make a roll to notice any being with a Morality trait. Example: Kryptonians living under a yellow sun develop Broad Category (see below) Invulnerability. For example. their Virtue. and powers such as Force Field. Effect: The character learns the current level of Morality the target possesses. Each dot in Invulnerability negates one damage from any appropriate attack or effect that affect the character. For each success on the activation roll the number required to roll a success drops by one.

one for each standard Skill. In addition. Mystic or Bio Often the system refers to 'effective [attribute]'. Mystic. Type: Tech. they cannot spend willpower on it. but MEGA-ATTRIBUTE cannot effect the same roll twice. Alternatively. and Type: Tech. 5 9s do not count as successes. Players and STs should keep in mind that it is the player. Each success produces the result on the chart below. The character may have Black Cat as a Beta power by itself. It may benefit ends the player wants but which the character doesn't. 2 9-again does not effect the roll. Mystic or Bio Area: N/A Cost: -- Duration: One scene Dice Pool: N/A Effect: The character is able to transform. Cost: 1 Verve Extras: None. Each dot in a Mega-Skill increases its base Skill by 2 dots for the purposes of rolling dice. Extras: Black Cat . outside of the usual turn order. 6 The roll becomes a chance die. 3 10-again does not effect the roll. Successes Effect 1 8-again does not effect the roll. to deal aggravated damage to an object on a 1:1 basis. the character can spend successes to increase or decrease an object's durability or equipment bonus on a 1:1 basis. cumulative. This may be done whole or in part. characters may reduce a penalty on a roll by three per mega dot instead of adding two dice. as the player wishes. As the character isn't aware of the power activating. in this case. character may reduce a penalty on a roll by three per mega dot instead of adding two dice. Thus if the activation roll has two successes. except it can target any matter that isn't part of a character. its cost is 1 Verve and its range is Touch. . and the character does not need to be conscious (*Sensory range. Each dot in a Mega-Attribute increases its base Attribute by 2 dots for the purposes of rolling dice. it would loose the 10-again quality and not count 8s as successes. and the targeted roll has no 9-again or 8-again quality. 4 8s do not count as successes. would mean the range of the character's senses were they conscious). one for each standard Attribute. Mega-Skills do not stack with Mega-Attributes or MegaSpecialties without the Stacking extra applied to all applicable traits. A character may have no more dots in a Mega-Attribute than he does in its base Attribute or Power Level. This power is identical in effect to the Shaping technique of the Elemental Anima power. reinforce. repair or disintegrate inanimate objects. or Bio not the character. or to remove damage from an object on a 1:1 basis. This means the character's normal attribute + mega attribute. Mega-Attributes do not stack with Mega-Skills or MegaSpecialties without the Stacking extra applied to all applicable traits. whichever is lower. Mega-Attributes do not apply to secondary traits.With the Black Cat extra the character may use this power to curse a roll. This is declared in response Class: Gamma to the action being declared.The character can bless multiple rolls in the same turn. refine. skip it. as the player wishes. Alternatively. Action: N/A Extras: None Range: Self Area: N/A Duration: Permanent Effect: There are twenty-four Mega-Skills. MATTER CONTROL Class: Gamma Cost: -Dice Pool: N/A Action: N/A Range: Self Area: N/A Duration: Permanent Effect: There are nine Mega-Attributes. who chooses which pools receive the luck. Dice Pool: Dexterity + (Crafts) + Matter Control MEGA-SKILL Action: Instant Class: Beta Range: Touch Type: Tech. A character may have no more dots in a Mega-Skill than he does in its base Skill. This may be done whole or in part. If the targeted roll doesn't have a given step.

Copying the same trait from multiple sources does not stack. the character’s rating in the ability increases to either the target’s rating in the ability or the character’s own Power Level. MEGA-SPECIALTY Area: N/A Class: Alpha Duration: Two turns per success Type: Tech. the duration of the effect becomes only one turn per success. Power Vampire . and the target’s Defense applies. but increases the highest by 1 dot.Often the system refers to 'effective [skill]'. This means the character's normal skill + mega skill. Mega Specialties do not reduce the number of success as a normal Specialty does. Range: Touch Extras: Stacking. a character must have a matching normal specialty to have a Mega-Specialty. the character must touch her intended target. the effective [skill] is the character's base skill only. Mega Skills do not reduce the number of success as a Action: Reflexive normal Skill does. You remove one dot from the target's pool per your own dots in mimic (i. the character may only copy Merits worth a number of dots equal to or less than her own Mimic rating. A character may only copy a total number of stats up to her dots in Mimic at a time. MIMIC Class: Beta Type: Mystic or Bio Cost: 1 Verve Dice Pool: Manipulation + Mimic When applying an exceptional success to an extended action. unless the character spends a point of Verve. Extras: I Spy . Disregard them in this case. The target regains their trait once the duration of the mimic effect has ended. Mystic Replication .e. Extras: Stacking. and it can copy 'external' merits. or superpowers. Mystic or Bio Effect: The character is able to copy the abilities and powers of another character. the character need not necessarily meet the prerequisites a copied Merit. whichever is lower. touching an unwilling target requires a Dexterity + Brawl roll. Often the system refers to 'effective [skill]'. Abilities gained using Mimic disappear at the end of the duration unless the character spends another point of Verve to extend the duration to a scene. as the player wishes. character may reduce a penalty on a roll by three per dot instead of adding two dice. you can choose to 'take' what you mimic from the target. Specialties are applied.The character's mimicry manipulates fate and memory. or skill). “internal” Merits like Gunslinger or Eidetic Memory can be copied. with no option to extend. Skills. but only to a total bonus equal to the character's Power Level. Cost: -Dice Pool: N/A Action: N/A Range: Self Area: N/A Duration: Permanent Effect: Mega-Specialties are defined with the same breadth as normal specialties. The character may spend one Verve to copy one of the target’s Attributes. the effective [skill] is the character's base skill+specialty only. When determining Availability. when appropriate. to 'effective [skill]'. attribute. or superpowers for each dot in Mimic she has.When mimicking a trait. Specialties are applied. They must succeed in an activation roll. This may be done whole or in part. . but Mega Specialties are not. but Mega Specialties are not. Once she has successfully touched the target. up to normal limits. reweaving society and chance to achieve the effect. In the case of Merits. while “external” merits like Resources or Allies cannot). A character may have no more dots in a Mega-Specialty than he does in its base Skill. In order to use this power. In the case of Attributes.The character need only see her target use an ability to copy it and need not touch the target. Disregard them in this case. Likewise. to 'effective [skill]'. When applying an exceptional success to an extended action. Mega-Specialties do not stack with Mega-Skills or MegaAttributes without the Stacking extra applied to all applicable traits. Merits. unless the character spends a point of Verve. when appropriate. When determining Availability. Each dot in a Mega-Specialty increases its base Skill by 2 dots for the purposes of rolling dice when that specialty applies. but the Storyteller is the final arbiter of which Merits can be copied (as a general rule. This means the character's normal skill + mega skill. without mega specialties applied. with five dots in mimic you can totally eliminate a five dot power. Alternatively. Skills. Mega Specialties stack like normal specialties. When stealing a trait.

a character using the Phasing power is normally unable to breathe while her head and chest are inside a solid object or a liquid.All other superhumans who end their turn in the field lose 1 Verve per success rolled. Once the activation cost has been paid. and will take damage as if they had fallen a similar distance. likewise if a character imbued with a power through Phylactery Creation is killed. the character may switch the field on or off at the start of her turn. there is no guarantee that conditions where the character is ejected will be favorable or even safe.or directly into another character of their choosing.granting the wielder that power at the same number of dots imbued into the item with the Contingent Activation (Phylactery) weakness automatically applying to the power . such as "mages" or "mutants". Essentially a highly specialized form of Density Control (decrease). Extras: None.Target's Power Level Action: Instant Range: Power Level + Phylactery Creation Area: N/A Duration: Varies Effect: For each success on the activation roll. Mystic or Bio Cost: 1 Verve Dice Pool: N/A Action: Reflexive Range: Self Area: N/A Duration: One turn Effect: The character is able to "phase" through matter like a ghost. that moves with her. Assume a character will be thrown through a material in the shortest direction possible when ejected. However. the power returns to its original user. it allows the character to pass through any solid objects with Durability up to her dots in Phasing + Power Level. Characters who run out of Verve or simply refuse to spend it while inside an object will be forcefully ejected if the power is allowed to lapse while inside a solid substance. the user cannot use those powers for herself .NEGATION FIELD Class: Beta Type: Tech. There are strict rules of only one power per item. passing through solids and liquids as easily as through air. Verve Sink . In addition. As with Density Control (decrease). Once channeled. Also. Weaknesses: Single Origin . If an object carrying a power is destroyed. the character creates an area centered on herself. Impenetrable . The character may activate this power multiple times. taking the highest result. Extras: Fixed . inside which all other superhumans are treated as having one less dot in all powers per success rolled. while this power is active. PHYLACTERY CREATION Class: Omega Type: Mystic Cost: 5 Verve Dice Pool: Resolve + Phylactery Creation . within their range. and the character may risk suffocation if she is forced to spend multiple turns inside such an object.not directly.Instead of rolling to activate this power. the dots must be imbued into an inanimate object . it returns to its original user. so she won't fall through the ground. PHASING Class: Beta Type: Tech. the character ignores one success per dot in Phasing from any physical attacks made against her.Attacks made using powers passing through the field take a -1 penalty per success rolled.The field only affects a specific category of superhuman. When this power is activated. and only three powers per character. The character can also levitate (but not truly fly) while this power is active. The power keeps any extras or weaknesses which were applied to it when bestowed upon an object or other character. and to move through liquids and difficult terrain at full speed. and channel it. the character can effectively remove entire powers from their targets. the character is considered to have rolled one success per dot in Negation Field. Through multiple uses. This power can be activated in reaction to such an attack. the user is able to take one dot of one superpower from a target in a power of their choosing. Mystic or Bio Cost: 1 Verve Dice Pool: Resolve + Power Level + Negation Field Action: Instant Range: 0 yards Area: (Power Level + Negation Field) yards Duration: One scene Effect: The character is able to suppress all superhuman powers. or even single and highly successful uses. .

which do not have one another as prerequisites. it is bought as 1-3 separate powers. Extras: Weaknesses: Dice Pool: Power Level + Pluripotence Monotypical Apotheosis: You may only channel powers to create phylacteries if they are of a particular nature. the duration becomes a number of turns equal to the Phylactery Creator's power level plus 1 before the third power dissipates and returns to its original user.Plasticity rating]. 1) Pluripotence costs twice the typical amount of experience points at all levels. and neck a maximum of three yards for every dot in Power Level she possesses. and may be used to represent super-science. Gamma. 4) Each Class of this power (Beta. Gamma and Omega Type: Tech or Mystic Cost: Varies Range: Varies Area: Varies Effect: Pluripotence is an incredibly flexible power. Clarification: Taking the Omega level requires an additional Weakness as usual. leaving the second power until the end of the scene. magic powers.e. so after a while even the most stalwart hero wielding a TRUE villain's power will begin to feel the corruption of its negative influence. the duration of the effect is one scene before the second dissipates. though they may be dispelled by the character that created the Phylactery in the first place . you must make a reflexive Resolve check each time you use the power. breaking the fourth wall or other extremely versatile power sets. only one technique can be performed. To represent this. etc Action: Varies Note: In the Bloody Knuckles & Domino Masks chronicle. and may add her Plasticity rating to all rolls made to grapple another character or to escape from a grapple. the effects of Phylactery Creation have no set duration. . Powers of an exceptional morality (1 or 10) apply a cumulative penalty of 1 to the resolve checks. PLURIPOTENCE (Beta. The player may choose the same weaknesses for each level of the power if they wish. with each failure either removing or adding a dot to your morality (depending on whether the power's original user was good or evil). the player must choose one of the two weaknesses to apply for the appropriate level. 2) The character rolls their Power Level + Pluripotence for any applicable rolls. 3) If multiple techniques exist for the power. If there is no logical way to apply either weakness (Storyteller call). i. legs. with the following changes. with some unique rules.or are one . If a character is given three powers. Thus a normal size person (size 5) with Plasticity 3 could fit through a size 2 opening. meaning that the Power requires a total of three Weaknesses. Beta. Gamma and Omega) Class: Beta. sorcery. there are many ways to increase your chance of escaping a grapple or bypass a grapple object with a power retains it until destroyed. while the grappler relies on Strength alone to prevent escape.and the morality of the power is on the opposite of the spectrum to your own. then the power cannot be mimicked.If a character is given more than one power. and Omega versions are effectively separate powers. Otherwise. Pluripotence cannot duplicate Powers with a Permanent Duration. Each level of Pluripotence allows the character to mimic all of the other powers from the Class below it. She is also able to squeeze her entire body through any opening that would allow a being to pass through which was size [her size . Gamma and Omega) requires the player to select two generic weaknesses (other than Single Technique). Whenever activating the power. biological powers. powers taken in this way retain the morality of their original users. When this power is active. Shock Absorbing . Note: In this game. the character is able to stretch her arms. Duration: Varies (Never Permanent) PLASTICITY Class: Alpha Type: Mystic or Bio Cost: 1 Verve Dice Pool: N/A Action: Reflexive Range: Self Area: N/A Duration: One scene Effect: The character is able to stretch and contort as though she were made of rubber. and a character with only one power bestowed upon them retains it until killed or the effect is dispelled. energy powers. torso. you can only make phylacteries out of mental powers. Storytellers should consider giving characters with this power higher effective Strength for the purpose of holding a grapple.The character also absorbs physical bashing damage equal to her dots in Plasticity. If you are wielding a phylactery .

on an exceptional success. . with a plus 1 to all physical actions . cumulative -1 penalty to attempts to use Raise Dead. to serve her in battle or other tasks. Extras: None One Second Ahead . any time something threatens the character—someone points a gun at her. Bodies reanimated on an exceptional success are sentient. the character may spend 1 Verve and make an activation roll Weaknesses: to impose a -1 penalty per success on one attack made Fresh Bodies: Each turn the target has been dead applies a against her. and once reanimated will only be cooperative with the character to the extent that they would in life. If the character has the Danger Sense merit. On a normal success. On a success. To use this power. Note: Some storytellers may find it necessary to have their characters make a reflexive morality roll when using this power at a penalty equal to half their dots in Raise Dead. A body can only be reanimated once. and a dice pool of 3 for all mental actions. and they arise with 10 verve to spend. treat all superpowers as if they only had a single dot. their powers retain all dots from before death. the character simply pays the appropriate Verve cost. A character can only have a number of reanimated bodies working with her equal to her dots in Raise Dead. Asking a body's corporeal spirit to fight alongside you one last time before passing on is not necessarily evil. the character learns that she is in danger and has a general idea of from what location or direction the threat originates (IE “There is a threat to you on the other side of this door”).PREMONITION Class: Alpha Type: Mystic or Bio Cost: 1 Verve Dice Pool: Wits + Composure + Premonition Action: Reflexive Range: Self Area: N/A Duration: One scene Effect: The character is able to sense impending danger or threats to her person. waiting to ambush you”).if the target is the body of a meta-human. the reanimated target retains all of their stats from before dying. the character also learns the exact nature of the threat (IE “There is a man with a crowbar on the other side of the door. after that it cannot be given life a third time. or she is about to trip a trap—the Storyteller must secretly roll her Wits + Composure + Premonition as she attempts to detect the danger. The character can activate this power as part of an Initiative roll to gain a +1 bonus per dot. while turning a mortal's corpse into a shambling meat-shield is not necessarily good.The character’s Premonition can detect dangers to anyone within [Power Level + Premonition] yards of the character. Bodies reanimated on an exceptional success also retain all merits from their former life.Once per turn while this power is active. Bodies reanimated with a single success do not retain merits or skill specialties. the bonus given by that merit applies to Premonition rolls as well. On an exceptional success. Pushing Daisies: A body must be touched as an instant action to be reanimated. the reanimated body has a dice pool of 7 for all physical actions. Extras: My Brother's Keeper . and actions requiring verve or willpower draw from the character's own verve pool. with a defense equal to half the character's dots in Raise Dead . RAISE DEAD Class: Gamma Type: Mystic Cost: 1 Verve Dice Pool: Power Level + Raise Dead + (Occult) Action: Instant Range: Power Level x 2 Area: N/A Duration: One Scene Effect: This power allows the character to bring life to the dead. depending on how they fluff the effect.if the target is the body of a meta-human. no activation roll is required. though regardless of prior goals are now cooperative with the character (you can bring an enemy back to life with an exceptional success without being attacked by him/her). For the rest of the scene.

Depending on how this power functions. though it does not reduce the class of the Power) The player must choose which of these is the case with their character. First. every turn at the start of his action. rather than choosing only one. This power only goes up to 5 dots. Does it tell you what powers a character have? Does that cost a success?)'''''. or downgrades one level of lethal damage. Versatile Regeneration . Coming back from the dead is a harrowing experience. taking the character's action for the turn.REGENERATION Class: Beta Type: Tech or Bio Cost: 1 Verve Dice Pool: N/A Action: Reflexive Range: Self Area: N/A Duration: Instant Effect: The character heals much faster than ordinary humans. or Bio Second Wind .target's Resolve Class: Omega Action: Instant Type: Mystic Range: (Power Level + Scan) x 5 yards Cost: One permanent dot in this Power Area: N/A Dice Pool: N/A Duration: Instant Action: Reflexive Effect: The character is able to discern the powers and capabilities of a target. The second benefit is that one month per dot can pass before resurrection is no longer an option. . Characters who do so will need to roll for degeneration.Aggravated damage may be downgraded as well. the character will resurrect at the end of the scene provided the conditions allow it. with the minimum waiting time being (5 . Perhaps they resurrect with crippling amnesia (penalty to skills and some merits) or the body of a baby (penalty to attributes and size).Resurrection) days. Extras: None Weaknesses: Death's Toll .The character doesn't come back whole. but their Resurrection will always depend on a Contingent Activation (as the Weakness. a character with this power always stands a chance of coming back. The character automatically heals one level of bashing damage. they will still die of old age if the Chronicle lasts long enough for this to matter. SCAN Weaknesses: Type: Tech. The ST should work with the player to determine the specifics this entails. The exact rational for this power will vary between characters. These effects may be mixed. but the Storyteller always provides a way to restore the character even if it isn't convenient or obvious. per dot in Regeneration. This power is reflexive. If the character with this power does not have the Ageless Merit. or superpower '''''(The description is unclear. no matter how many pieces he may have been blown into. Extras: Multiple targets . Range: Self Area: N/A Duration: Permanent Effect: No matter the hardship. If the death was particularly disturbing.The character may elect to allocate her successes amongst all the possible targets in range. so a character who has 2 lethal levels of damage and 4 dots in regeneration may downgrade both levels to bashing and heal them in the same turn. the Storyteller may elect to describe this rating in qualitative ("He is extremely skilled with all melee weaponry and is a master of swords" = Weaponry [Swords] 4) or quantitative ("His augmented strength is 120% of the human maximum" = Strength [including Mega Strength] 6) terms. Should conditions not allow the character to resurrect. If all 5 dots in this power are taken. Cost: 1 Verve Class: Alpha RESURRECTION Dice Pool: Intelligence + (Investigation) + Scan .This power must be deliberately activated as an instant action. they allow for a faster resurrection. Skill. the ST may impose a penalty. it's a hassle. Aggravated damage heals at the ordinary rate. so the character heals regardless of whether he is conscious or not. Each success on the activation roll allows the character to learn her target's rating in any one Attribute. Whatever it is. their allies have more time to change the situation. Enemies who know of this contingency will most-likely seek to ensure it doesn't occur. Mystic. Extras: Dots in this power effect the process in two ways.

Essentially. they may continue to do so for one verve. or having a distinctive odor. the changes persist for one scene. as well as all other means of identification that does not rely on the character's mental state (such as telepathy) or spiritual state (such as a character identifying another soul through magic). The character may cancel their shift. Beta. Additional scenes cost one verve per. successes on the activation roll are added to successes on attempts at disguise or impersonation. such as holographic projections and identity-oriented illusions. and the abdomen counts as three. robotic. they must pay an additional verve when they pay to sustain the power at the beginning of a scene. and choose to continue shifting next turn. Yes. •Shift any one dot in Physical Attributes around. and the character may roll a number of times up to his effective Stamina. Treat this flaw as if the character does not have Shapeshift Alpha for mechanical purposes. •Negate one point of wound-penalties. with each of the later versions including the earlier. The character will still smell the same. to a (functional) minimum of zero. A character using Shapeshift in this manner is able to make two of the following changes for every success she gains on the activation roll. reverting back to their normal form. If the player only wants to revert part of their form. however. this would also count as an extra. This is an allor-nothing reversion. The new form must still be very vaguely humanoid. Such a feature might be the inability to change the character's distinctive coloration (think Beast Boy or Plastic Man). •Stop bleeding or hemorrhaging other bodily fluids. very lucky shape-shifter might have a chance at surviving decapitation. There are three versions of this power. living or dead. •Temporarily regain the function of a lost limb or other organ. scars or other esoteric means of identification. biological. assume the entire torso of a human being counts as two organs. •Reattach a severed limb or organ. The character may choose to take an obvious identifying feature as a weakness for this power. This allows them to hold the form for the rest of the scene without a roll. this does mean that a very. Alpha Version The simplest use of this power is simply to look like another person or similar being. Beta. other then the brain (because you would be dead before you got to activate the power). and may still be recognizable through distinctive birthmarks. Bio or Mystic Cost: 1 Verve. Not that this does not heal the damage that severed it for the purposes of health levels. plus one for every dot in Shapeshift she possesses: . Gamma or Omega Type: Tech. Gamma Version Using this power. Should the target resist treat this as a touch-based attack using the die pool of the activation roll (thus defense would apply). look at the result. Once a character has shapeshifted. at any time as a reflexive action. provided it is entirely one piece.SHAPESHIFT (Alpha. or they may pay the cost. If the character chooses to retain the shifted form while retaining a replacement limb or organ. For simplicity's sake. Thus if you have Shapeshifting Gamma you also possess Shapeshifting Beta and Alpha. Other then the kinds of powers detailed in the Gamma version of the power. If the character succeeds on the activation roll. •Make the form appear to have two dots less or more Strength or Stamina. see below Dice Pool: Stamina + (Survival) + Shapeshift Action: Instant or Extended Range: Self Area: N/A Duration: One scene Effect: The character is able to alter her physical form. but doing so requires another activation roll and the expenditure of another Verve. Shapeshift Alpha can be used to simulate powers that aid disguise but don't actually alter the character's physical form. they must activate the power again. •Hide up to three health levels of wounds. Extras: The character may also shift thier scent. Shapeshift cannot allow the character to emulate other super powers. she is able to shift her appearance to that of a human or humanoid of any gender. and these may stack: •Increase or decrease her Size or species Speed factor by one. unless the character's very distinctive mark just happens to resemble what they are trying to impersonate (like if Beast Boy tried to pass as a green lizard). no Attribute may be reduced below one in this manner. the character may shapeshift again before the end of the scene. •Add two dots in a physical merit or enhancement merit. increasing or redistributing muscle mass and growing claws or armor. without making any more significant physical changes. Beta Version The most complex (and most flamboyant) use of Shapeshift is to alter the character's body size and shape. Using Shapeshift is either an instant or an extended action. but it can be used as a rational for buying those powers with experience points. a character can turn almost anything. Gamma or Omega) Class: Alpha. Each roll takes one turn. making it impossible to recognize her through cursory visual examination. Additional turns of shifting cost only time. The character may pay the cost once and shift for the scene. •Increase or decrease a Physical Attribute by one. If the character wishes to stay in their assumed shape after one scene. If the character can alter the appearance of another person (requiring touch and a second activation roll). A character using Shapeshift in this manner is able to make one of the following changes for every success she gains on the activation roll. not Verve.

If the shapeshifter is mechanical in nature (usually a rational for the distinctive feature drawback). Those within count as blind Extras: None. blocking three senses or forms of detection per purchase. and Teleport aren't. The Cost to activate becomes 1 verve per turn to an unwilling victim or 1 verve per scene to a willing one. This can be area of effect are blinded. Examples include smell. Essentially. and medium.The character can only take on scored.•Take one dot in a purely biological Alpha or Beta superpower. superpowers acquired in this manner must be activated as normal. Beta shape shifting does not include Alpha and Gamma does Sensory Deprivation Field . The only options the character can shift are their Size trait and Physical traits. For each success the character gains on the activation roll. Bio or Mystic Cost: 1 Verve Dice Pool: Dexterity + (Stealth) + Shroud Action: Reflexive Range: (Power Level + Stealth) x 5 yards Area: (Power Level + Stealth) yards Duration: Concentration Effect: The character creates a field of dark shadow. •Trade any two dots in Physical Attributes or Size for dots in Alpha or Beta biological superpowers. Grow . vat or similar item. Ending the power is automatic and reflexive. and they do not have the Alpha options. or mystic sight. It can be given the same weaknesses.The shroud may block other senses or forms of detection. for the purposes of combat if more then two successes are Weaknesses: Single Shape . Force Field. and can choose not to roll at all if they wish to take the minimum. but can be a Tech Power if taken with a Contingent activation with respect to a chamber. They are treated as having a minimum number of successes on the activation roll equal to their Power Level. except the player does not make a list of powers to acquire this way. nebulous energy or some other vision-obscuring This version functions as the Gamma version. The Storyteller is the final arbiter of what powers can be emulated with Shapeshift. These powers must be activated as normal. The only options the character can shift is their Size and Physical traits (upward or back to normal). Ending the power is automatic and reflexive. The character pays for them as normal. The character may not spend more successes effectively opaque. with verve. They are treated as having a minimum number of . Shrink . Omega Version successes on the activation roll equal to their Power Level. SHROUD Class: Alpha Type: Tech. it is impossible to see through the area covered by the shroud at all. but does not have to roll for On an exceptional success. Again. they may be activated in the same turn as the Shapeshift action is taken.This is a weakness for the Beta level power. and characters caught within the on any one thing than his dots in Shapeshift.This is a weakness for the Beta level power. and they do not have the Alpha options. Players looking to do so may want to look at the generic weaknesses normal vision. Unwilling victims subtract their power level from the activation roll. detection. or trying to see through it.The character may activate Shapeshifting on others rather than themselves. and they do not have the Alpha options. cloaking mist.This flaw is viable for either Beta or Gamma level shape shifting only. no Attribute may be reduced below one in this manner. Normally Shroud only effects used to create were-creatures or power-up forms. psychic Size Change . they may copy Alpha and Beta powers with a plausible mechanical rational as an extra. the shroud is so thick as to be activation. any characters (friend or foe) within the area of can choose any biological power spontaneously. motion tracking. multiple times. (such as infrared or ultraviolet). things like Claws and Armor are appropriate. This power must be taken from a premade list of one power per dot in Shapeshift. The character can only make changes to Extras: their form as described in that class's description. They do not substitute their rating in Shapeshift for their rating in the appropriate power. The activation always receives one success per die in the pool. but for one additional Verve the activating character may also have it obscure other types of vision Contingent Activation and Convergent Activation. receive a –1 penalty to all sight-based perception rolls. Variant: Transmutation . but if an action is required to activate them. and uses the default listed die pool. and can choose not to roll at all if they wish to take the minimum. One Class . The distinctive feature option for the Beta version of this power is also an option for the Gamma version. Transmutation is a typically a Mystic Power. a single predefined shape. The only options the character can shift is their Size and Physical traits (downward or back to normal). This Extra can be taken not include Alpha or Beta. while powers such as Mental Blast. the shroud.This is a weakness for the Beta level power. though they can be activated simultaneously to the Shapeshift power. hearing.

though Compassionate Monster (below) may allow this to be upgraded to 'mere' premeditated murder. It is the Storyteller's call weather use of this power under the Heart's Blooded extra qualifies as being a lesser sin then general torture. up to the number of dice in his unmodified pool. The ST should raise or lower the Summoning Rating relative to how much more or less powerful the custom entity is.SKINCHANGER SUMMON MINION Class: Alpha Class: Alpha Type: Mystic or Bio Type: Mystic Cost: 0 Verve. if applicable. or just chop them up and dine upon a chili made from their flesh and seasoned with their tears. Alternatives may include templates based upon Spirits as defined in the core rules. Additional turns of summoning cost only time. use the spirit's Rank. The exact way in which this happens is left for the ST and player to determine. . Modifications made to the character's stats by this power must be associated with the taken form. The Summoning Rating is the number of successes needed on the activation roll needed to bring the being forth. Heart's Blooded . The summoner may want a to take some variation of the Domination power or the Banish power too deal with that. beat them to a pulp and absorb the victim through the skin. To add a shape the character must kill the current 'owner' of the shape in some specific and gruesome fashion taking no less then fifteen minutes to complete. Using Summoning is either an instant or an extended action. unless extending duration (as per Shapeshifter) Cost: 1 Verve Dice Pool: Manipulation + Survival + Skinchanger Action: Instant Range: Self Area: N/A Duration: One scene This power. The character may only take on the shapes which currently exist in their "Library". and the character may roll a number of times up to his effective Stamina. The stats of the creature are based upon a template for an animal out of the World of Darkness Animal Stats or an alternative one approved by the Storyteller. Mechanically this means buying additional templates at a cost of 1 per experience. Creatures summoned in this way are not under the control of the summoner. start with one of the templates provided from either source. but other Mystic heroes can be involved in a teamwork effort towards the summons. adding his successes together. They must then assimilate the new shape in a process also taking no less then fifteen minutes. and start with only their natural shape in their library. Greater Summons . except for the changes noted here. Dice Pool: Intelligence + (Occult) + Summoning Action: Instant or Extended Range: (Power Level + Summoning) x 2 yards Area: N/A Duration: Until banished or killed Effect: The character is able to summon a specific type of supernatural creature. Players should keep in mind that this power in no way offers any exemption from the Degeneration rolls it will inevitably cause. If using one of the templates from the link above. operates exactly like Shapeshift Beta.The victim need not die suffering. The character may choose to continue summoning next turn. cut their head open and study their brain. This must be an extended action. When creating templates of your own. The player starts with one template and may learn additional templates by either studying the creature they are based upon or researching them by occult means. the Summoning Rating is equal to the Size of the template. and must be a sapient organic being. not Verve. must suffer. The character may skin the person alive and crawl into the resulting skin-suit. Extras: Compassionate Monster . Most of the templates used for Greater Summons should represent sentient creatures. If using a template based upon a spirit.Less then sapient creatures are now valid targets (it doesn't have to qualify as a person). Every summoned entity has a Summoning Rating. Each roll takes one turn.The character's successes on the activation roll count double. Whatever the case the victim must die. Extras: Group Summons – Any character with a Mystic power can choose to let the character with this power guide them through a summoning ritual for the minion. Standard use of this power requires torture in some form.

All objects count as Size 0 for the •The character’s Speed is multiplied by the number of dots purposes of lifting or determining range. before reduction. to move objects larger than this. Telekinesis may also be used to attack or grapple a target directly. •Outside of dramatic time. Extras: Fling Sky High . she has in Super Speed. compelling nearby animals to converge on his current position. triples it etc." "only deer.The activation roll ignores Defense. the activation roll counts as the character’s attack roll. in such a situation. Those benefits are: Size Matters Not . move. tasks the character undertakes have their time for completion divided by the number of dots in this power plus one. SUPER SPEED Class: Beta Type: Tech. Super Speed must be normal distance. very fast. Super Speed has an associated Power Tree. doubled for aerodynamic projectiles as normal. A character may also use Telekinesis to hurl an object she is capable of lifting. and costs one Verve. The character may elect which kind of animals the summons affects. Thus. and may move objects outside the original range of the power if so desired. IE a character with Super Speed 1 doubles her Speed. Bio. Most characters who have this power will use it to tame. Once the summoned animals reach their destination. or portion of an hour.SUMMON ANIMALS TELEKINESIS Class: Alpha Class: Beta Type: Mystic or Bio Type: Tech. or Mystic Cost: 1 Verve Dice Pool: N/A Action: Reflexive Range: Self Area: N/A Duration: One turn Action: Instant Range: (Power Level + Telekinesis) x 5 yards Area: N/A Duration: Instant Effect: The character may telekinetically lift. .Moving an object straight up counts as Effect: The character is very. and the target’s Defense applies. the range of such a projectile is (character’s Dexterity + Athletics + Telekinesis – object’s Size) yards. an hour long task with Super Speed 3 takes 15 minutes. This effects running speed and special speeds such as Flight identically. Bio or Mystic Cost: 1 Verve Cost: 1 Verve Dice Pool: Composure + (Animal Ken) + Animal Mastery target's Resolve Dice Pool: Wits + Composure + Telekinesis Action: Simple Range: (Power Level + Animal Mastery) x 5 yards Duration: Until arrival Effect: The character issues a telepathic summons (possibly in conjunction with a bird call or a wolf's howl). The character uses her Wits in place of Strength for the purpose of holding a grapple this way. hunt or otherwise use the animals they summon. A character may move any object she can lift up to ten yards per dot in Telekinesis plus five yards per additional success. The Verve cost for this is equal to one for every hour of time. they will revert to their normal behavior. with each success allowing her to move an object one Size larger. the target's Defense applies to the activation roll. a character with Super Speed 2 Unavoidable . Attacks made in this manner do bashing damage. When attempting to move another character as an object. The character may move objects of a Size up to her Telekinesis without difficulty." One success on the activation roll is enough to call most of the viable animals within a radius equal to the character's (Power Level + Summon Animals) x 100 yards. activated each turn to gain it's benefits. plus one." or "my pet dog. though a character’s telekinetic abilities may serve as justification for her purchase of the Flight power. or hurl objects through the air. Telekinesis does not grant a character the ability to fly. such as "all predators. Moving an object straight up counts as double the distance. Please read about the Power Tree before editing this power. the character must make an activation roll.

intentionally or not. a character reduced to 0 Initiative may not act in combat at all this turn. Mass Teleport . Having one's mind broken into is an even more traumatizing experience. they can see. and is likewise more likely to provoke a breaking point. Failing the roll gives the Storyteller the entertaining option of choosing the destination of the teleport. Mystic or Bio Cost: 0 Dice Pool: Resolve + (Empathy or Intimidation) + Telepathy Action: Varies Range: (Power Level + Telepathy) x 10 yards Area: Varies Duration: Varies Effect: The character is also able to communicate telepathically. This power should be modified accordingly). The character cannot. Type: Tech or Mystic Ignore the Telepathy Merit in the core rules with More Than Human. the character not only counts as having failed his activation roll for the purposes of determining where he ends up. even if he can see through it. as he is simply unable to keep up with the speed of events happening around him. The target character is aware of the link being established. Forcing entry into someone's mind is an invasive act. Long Teleport .The character may teleport up to one additional character for every dot in Teleport and Power Level he possesses. or creates some sort of compromising medical anomaly. If so. penalizes the roll by -1. especially in individuals who are particularly guarded and private. If he rolls more successes than the attacker. such as several hundred feet above the ground or underwater. and if he chooses.TELEPATHY Class: Gamma Type: Tech. the telepathic character must gain at least one success on Wits + Empathy + Power Level minus the targets Resolve + Composure + Power Level (Normal non-rolled resistances only include one attribute + Supernatural Resistance. Dice Pool: Wits + (Science) + Temporal Manipulation Telepathy has an associated Power Tree. Extras: Combat Teleport . Each additional 10 yards Duration: Instant . perhaps even taking on personality traits or values of one another.The character may teleport twice as far for the same cost. altering their ability to act and to respond to the world around them. without passing through the intervening space. TEMPORAL MANIPULATION Class: Beta Once the link has been created. Each success on the activation roll reduces or improves the target’s Initiative and Defense by 1. Weaknesses: Flash Step . as a dodge. he also teleports into a dangerous situation. to another. If the character teleports 5 yards away or less into a location Temporal Manipulation has an associated Power Tree. to a minimum of 0 each. The character establishes a mental link with her sapient target through which the two characters can communicate. at the ST's option. there is no activation roll. negating the attacker's successes with his own. The player may choose to buy off these penalties at a cost of one verve per penalty. To teleport up to 10 yards or into a location they cannot see requires at least one success on an activation roll. and may prompt a Breaking Point for some individuals. whether or not they share a common language. he may contest one attack with a Teleport activation roll. he may attempt to contest the contact. Range: (Power Level + Temporal Manipulation) x 5 yards TELEPORT Area: N/A Class: Beta Type: Mystic. and is able to mentally time events Effect: The character is able to travel instantly from one point with the accuracy of a stopwatch. teleport into a space they cannot occupy. prompting another roll.The character may teleport reflexively once per dot in Teleport during his turn. he teleports to his intended destination after the attack is resolved. it remains in place until either the character severs it or the target tries to push them out again on subsequent turns. In addition. On a dramatic failure. Any character with dots in Temporal Manipulation possesses an extremely accurate internal clock.The character actually does pass through the intervening space. and cannot teleport through any sort of cover. she always knows exactly what time it is. Characters that loose Integrity due to telepathic communication are likely to develop 'interesting' psychological states. Tech or Bio Cost: 0+ Verve Dice Pool: Wits + (Investigation) + Teleport Action: Instant Range: Self Area: N/A Cost: 1 Verve Action: Reflexive Duration: One round Effect: The character can slow or speeds the passage of time around the target.

he character may apply one dose of any poison he creates to his own hands or an object he can touch. Bio or Mystic Action: Instant Cost: 1 Verve Range: Self Dice Pool: N/A Area: N/A Action: Instant Duration: One scene Range: Self Effect: The character is able to synthesize deadly poisons from his body. Extras: The character can choose to remain attached to the target until end of scene. or may swing up to 10 yards per success. Area: N/A The character can use this power to cling to a wall or ceiling. he may redirect the attack at a target of his choice. or Mystic Dice Pool: Dexterity + (Athletics) + Tether Cost: 1 Verve Action: Instant Dice Pool: Wits + (Science) + Vector Manipulation Range: (Power Level + Tether) x 5 yards Action: Reflexive Duration: Instant or One scene Range: (Power Level + Vector Manipulation) x 5 yards Effect: The character is able to extend a chain or web that pulls things. or until he ends the effect reflexively. but not forcefully poison another character. Extras: None . If the character has insufficient Verve or chooses to create fewer doses. the target's Defense applies to the activation roll. When this power is activated. That opponent's turn ends immediately. When attached. the character may use this power to move that opponent up to 3 yards per success on the activation roll. Attempting to break the character's grip is an instant Strength roll contested reflexively by the character's Strength + Tether. The poison has toxicity equal to the character's dots in Venom and one method of delivery of the character's choice. Area: N/A Duration: Permanent Effect: The character has the option to trade one power of the same Type for another. the nature of this power forbids changes to its class. Once per turn as a reflexive action. whenever an opponent within (Power Level + Vector Manipulation) yards of the character makes a melee attack or moves too quickly. the character and target cannot move apart. Bio. it can move up to its Speed in the same action. VENOM Class: Beta Type: Bio VARIABLE ARRAY Cost: Varies Class: Gamma Dice Pool: Intelligence + (Medicine) + Venom Type: Tech.In addition to the normal effect. but only one of them can have any effect at any given time. Extras: None. The character can pull a loose object of a Size up to his own Size or his dots in Tether + his successes rolled.TETHER VECTOR MANIPULATION Class: Alpha Class: Gamma Cost: None Type: Tech. If the target is fixed and capable of supporting his weight. The player chooses two Beta powers or three Alpha powers. using the activation roll as an attack roll. the remaining successes are wasted. Whenever a ranged attack passes within (Power Level + Vector Manipulation) yards of the character. the character pulls it to himself instead. If the target is loose. When attempting to pull another character with this power. The character has those powers with the same number of dots as Variable Array. Duration: Instant Effect: The character is able to alter the direction of projectiles. Redirect Anything . whichever is lower. On a successful activation. The character is immune to any poison he creates. The character can switch between these powers at the cost of 1 Verve once per turn. If the target breaks free. the character creates one dose of poison per success and spends 1 Verve per success. the character anchors himself to an object. Using this power counts as a dodge action. until his grip is broken by force. but cannot move freely across such a surface unless he has the Wallcrawler merit. the character either pulls himself to it.

crippling wounds. For the sake of cinematic style. over time. . Alternately. this makes many will also ignore a target's armor if that armor is not specifically powers effectively free. as usual. such as a Brawl attack with Claws active). or until they heal a point of bashing if they do. The power's activation roll the target merely becomes unconscious for the scene if they counts 7s as successes. or provides less protection against other a weakness the Storyteller is willing to accept for the Class forms of attack. CANNOT KILL This power. it might make an opponent dizzy and unable to fight back. If the power has a way to deal lethal damage. STUNNING The character hits so hard with this power. it now deals lethal. otherwise hinder the character's opponents. the character can choose to be able to augment the power using Health LINGERING DAMAGE instead of Verve. whichever comes first. applied as a penalty to the activation roll. the Invulnerability power does not affect whether or not a target is pushed unless specifically noted. Beta to Gamma. if The character is able to activate her powers almost it previously dealt lethal. This Extra DAMAGE UPGRADE may not be given to powers whose activation involves an Favored by villains and morally-dubious antiheroes. decrease on that power. Taking this extra allows the character to add dots to the a Dexterity + Brawl roll. extended action. A power with a Range given in yards has its Range doubled. The Storyteller is the final arbiter of whether or not a given Extra may be combined with a given power. and its medium and Not all Extras are appropriate for all powers. if the power previously had a duration of one scene. touching an unwilling target usually requires This power is capable of amazing feats with a little push. the target loses its next action. Touch gains a Range equal to the character’s (Power Level + superpower rating) x 5 yards. Note that effortlessly. :) extremely quickly. it now deals aggravated. taking 1 bashing damage for 1 dot. If a bashing damage The character is able to get spectacular results with level would be converted into lethal. Yes. to a minimum of zero. A power with this Extra may be activated as a reflexive action. Range: Self becomes Range: AUGMENTABLE Touch. but a large number of the ones that designed to resist the power or element. If the power previously had a duration of one turn. Each temporary the superpower. or the appropriate resistance trait may be dot costs 1 Verve. more punch. Whenever damage dealt by an attack involving this power equals or exceeds the higher of the target's Size or Power Level. INCREASED RANGE The character is able to project the effects of his powers to a greater range than normal. the target is pushed a number of yards equal to 5 + the power's dots + the attack's successes . 1 lethal The character is able to deal even more damage damage for 2 dots. or 1 aggravated damage for 3 dots. have no power level. One turn after the is not appropriate for characters with access to Regeneration power is activated. EXTENDED DURATION The effects of the character's powers persist for longer than usual. LUCKY SEVEN does not cause bleed over into lethal. giving it longer range. whichever is less. A power with Range: sense. an unwilling target may also receive a reflexive Power Level + resistance trait roll to resist the power's actual dots. An exceptional success also renders the target prone. a reduced Verve cost etc. On a successful attack involving the power (even indirectly. Any power with a duration of longer than one scene has its duration doubled by this Extra. nor to powers which cause damage to or this Extra allows a character's powers to deal horrible.EXTRAS Extras are optional abilities that can be used to enhance a superpower. up to the normal limit + 1 or doubling the Storyteller’s discretion. Such armor always are really useful to make free are Gamma. At power for a single turn. Use common long ranges increase accordingly. The character is able to activate her powers Might come in handy for heroes that are averse to killing. takes damage of the same type equal to the successes from a pool equal to the power's dots + 2. If the REDUCED VERVE COST power previously dealt bashing damage. which must only deal bashing damage. A power with this Extra has its Verve cost most superpowers capable of dealing aggravated damage reduced by one. it must QUICKENED ACTIVATION be removed with a weakness somehow to take this extra. Alpha to Beta. when this extra is added. each character damaged by the power or other Verve-free healing. its duration increases to one scene. rather than an instant action. it does not happen. and the target’s Defense applies. The following are generic Extras that can be applied to a number of different superpowers. its duration increases to 24 hours or until the character next sleeps. Each Extra added to a superpower increases that power's Class by one. and that requires either costs more. and this power almost every time. Gamma to Omega. This option damage and have an instant duration. This extra can only be applied to powers that deal Damage taken from this extra cannot be reduced. FORCEFUL The character's powers can force opponents to move. This Extra may only be applied to a power that directly deals either bashing or lethal damage.the target's Size. players and Storytellers are encouraged to come up with their own extras to supplement this list. This list is not exhaustive.

While the power is active. If multiple powers linked with this weakness require an instant action to activate. in love. If neither is the case. then the cost is paid in health only the first time in a scene. If this lowers Resolve or Composure (and levels. with the STs permission. This version of the weakness means the character looses 6 dots from no more then two attributes. The power with this weakness is dormant. then the reduced cost will apply to further uses in the scene. A low activation cost for a power drain or loss of control. others will not function (or only function) under certain conditions. indoors. ACTIVATION COST COSTS HEALTH The power's activation cost is paid in health levels rather then Verve. though the Storyteller may allow it for particularly steep activation costs and certain powers. and only needs to be paid once per scene. when another specific power is activated. and so on. This is advised only if the power has a one or two Verve activation cost or if it has a scene long duration. when betrayed. This list is by no means comprehensive. This can lower that attribute to zero for the purposes of rolls and Common activation costs: Verve. lowing the power to Class one (an exception to the usual rule which only allows one weakness to reduce the Class of a power one step). If this lowers Resolve or Composure (and thus Willpower). while singing. STs should make sure that the condition needed is neither too stringent nor too easy to deal The character is able to regain health from the with. after which the cost is paid normally. it will only reduce the items (used up when activating the power). the are activated. it will only reduce that score by four dots. Gamma Power would take 3 Weaknesses to make into an Alpha Power. if the power only costs health the first time in the scene because of the expense. Examples: A trigger. Examples: Dawn or Dusk. The character either cannot move in the turn they The first class level dropped takes one Weakness. or the target not being a certain kind of thing. afraid Note: If using the GMC rules. wand. The DEBILITATING Storyteller is the final arbiter of whether the cost is enough to When the power is activated. The Storyteller is the final arbiter of whether any given drawback is significant enough to reduce a power's Class. beneficial. aggravated health levels (one is thus Willpower). power suit. Generally cannot be combined with the Permanent weakness.Lots of other possibilities exist. it will only reduce that score by two dots. If almost always sufficient for the Class decrease). A all-out attack) in the turn they are activated. raging. in water. choose a power with this Extra. . this Weakness should be attached to an appropriate Condition. they may. it causes some kind of qualify for a Class decrease. In both cases the weakness cannot be applied to attributes which would be rendered less then zero. A specific event must occur. An appropriate condition may involve something not being present. or to powers with an instant duration. amulet The character must be in a kind of specific place. it will only reduce the score by three dots. Those powers may only be activated together once this weakness is selected. can we?) However. consumable this lowers Stamina (and thus Health). The cost can be nearly anything. doing so grants diminishing returns. Examples: calm. bashing health resistance to rolls. CONTINGENT ACTIVATION A condition must be met to activate the power. Note: The conversion from Verve Cost to health cost prevents the Reduced Verve Cost extra from reducing the health levels taken! (we can't have people getting free lethal Force Bolts without any downside at all now. the character heals one point of a very limiting condition which is treated as two Weaknesses. some of them rely on devices that a character could be powers. and others simply have a shorter range or weakness must have the same duration. with the sun shining on them The character must be in a specific emotional state. All powers linked with this parted from. the player can choose to take 'Highly Debilitating' as two weaknesses. so choose one penalty when this weakness is first applied. score by one dot. For each point of lethal damage dealt by usable very rarely. bashing damage or downgrades one point of higher damage. If this lowers Stamina (and thus Health). lethal health levels. in an appropriate laboratory. players and Storytellers are encouraged to make up other weaknesses to add to it. The following is a list of general weaknesses that a power might have. or must give up all Defense (as if making an second class dropped takes an additional two. this weakness may be A power can have any number of weaknesses or limitations attached to it. For a Class three power. Some examples include: A specific object must be in the character's possession. the that is normally permanent might count as an extra instead! character has three fewer attribute dots in one attribute. If the player intentionally wants the power only to be wounds she causes. Examples: A holy site. less kick than other powers of that type. and requires an additional activation cost above and beyond any other normal requirements to be able to use it in at all during a scene. VAMPIRIC WEAKNESSES CONVERGENT ACTIVATION This weakness must be applied to two or more Not all superpowers function as effectively as they could.

it now deals lethal. The character's Verve pool is permanently reduced by the amount of Verve required to activate this power. Whenever a Permanent power would interfere with the character's actions. This Weakness is not suitable for all powers . The cost of using a power with this Weakness increases by 1 Verve. the target's Defense applies as a penalty to the character's activation roll (or applies twice if it already applied). such as Entropy Control or Cyberkinesis. he does not activate the power that turn. he takes a penalty equal to the number of dots he has in the power. This weakness may only be given to powers that deal lethal or aggravated damage. This weakness may only be applied to powers that can be activated as a reflexive action. DOUBLE-EDGED The power's activation can backfire. The character's powers are less versatile than normal.DECREASED DAMAGE PERMANENT The wounds dealt by this power are not as grievous as they could be. he must roll Resolve. . This damage bypasses all forms of damage reduction. if the power previously dealt lethal damage. Whenever the character wants to activate the power. A power with this weakness may only be activated once per scene. Whenever the character attempts to use this power on a target. a small earthquake. or the ability to do lethal damage usually warrants a Class decrease. or must make a roll to do something that normally wouldn't require one. he may not learn or use any other listed technique.the player should decide with the Storyteller whether the Power may be made Permanent as a Weakness. This may apply to powers which have no Verve cost to begin with. or some other physical representation--a physical representation that's easy to see and doesn't move particularly fast. OBVIOUS The power's activation is very difficult to miss. and cannot gain any bonus to this roll. but that counts as an extra. Stamina or Composure depending on the nature of the power. The character is unable to "turn off" the power when he wishes. Perhaps he steals health from everybody he ever touches. If the power previously dealt aggravated damage. This also may be applied to an attack power that allows a choice of damage between bashing and lethal: this locks the power into one or the other. ONLY WORKS ONCE The character's power needs time to recharge in addition to its activation cost. Typically this effect is one that most people would not need a roll to notice if they are within a city block. which will remove the Class decrease. Loss of either the ability to pull punches. The power occasionally fails for no reason. and its medium and long ranges decrease accordingly. DO NOT COMBINE THEM. If he fails. this is still worth a Class decrease if used on a power that normally does lethal. Generally a duration of at least one scene is required before adding Permanent. If the player truly wishes to render their power unable to kill. it now deals bashing. This weakness may only be given to powers with a dice pool. This weakness may only be applied to powers that have multiple techniques available to them. This weakness cannot be applied to permanent powers. a shockwave in the air. It may be accompanied by brilliant pyrotechnics. SLOW ACTIVATION It takes more than the usual amount of effort for the character to use her powers. The character can activate the power only as an instant action. Note: Since bashing damage to a character that is incapacitated spills over into lethal. this can be arranged. This weakness can only be applied to a power with a Range given in yards. or permanently looks like a hulking pile of rock. LOW VELOCITY UNRELIABLE INCREASED VERVE COST The character's power manifests as a ball of energy. DECREASED RANGE SINGLE TECHNIQUE The power simply doesn't work at long distances. Each 1 rolled in the power's dice pool deals 1 lethal damage to the character. Astute readers will note that Decreased Range is not exactly the inverse of Increased Range. and is automatically deactivated after one turn. glass-shattering noise. or anything else the ST deems appropriate. The character has access to only one of the listed techniques for the power. or possibly a dodge action if the power has an out-ofturn trigger. The character's power takes a non-negligeable amount of time to activate. The power has its range halved. but pays no cost and can take a different action.

or gunshots with Firearms. as both merits. Each dot adds one to the character's Size and for each dot after the first.) "Plants" is considered mechanically one language for the reason. Language(*) In More Than Human players the Languages merit is expanded. except that the merit can go up to 5 dots. They must have at least one dot in this skill. Players can elect to learn the language of animal groups as opposed to species (learning 'felines' instead of house cats. Unseen Sense (***) Mechanically identical. with similar stacking benefits. Stunt Driver & Crack Driver Both these merits are folded into the Piloting Style: Wrecked Ride. It functions. Furthermore. With the right rational characters can learn the languages of animals. except superhumans can take it. and both functions can be used in the same turn. This is treated as an Enhancement Merit. This is to balance the utility of the merit with human languages (animals will typically have less knowledge and comprehension. if the character possesses Skillful Dodge they may use it with weapons that do not use the Weaponry skill. the merit decreases the character's defense by one. the character adds his effective Stamina to dice pools that attempt to heal him. Weaponry Dodge and Brawling Dodge In More Than Human. Thus characters may use thrown weapons to dodge with athletics. With the 3-dot version. This is technically a superpower. The merit costs one dot. Purchasing the Polyglot Merit for animal languages allows the character to speak with all animals. and the trigger can be any one thing the Storyteller allows. the cost is reduced to 2 dots. these merits are replaced by the merit Skillful Dodge. Giant (*+) As there are a number of particularly large super humans. for example). and includes fungus (scientific classification be damned). but is considered a merit for purposes of exp and mechanics. essentially. . Fast Reflexes & Fleet of Foot Mechanically identical. Quick Healer (** or ***) Seeing as the benefits of this merit are handily trumped by various powers in this ruleset.ALTERED MERITS The following merits from the WoD corebook are given alternate rules for inclusion in games of MTH. which can be found on the Fighting Style page. When doing so the character substitutes whichever skill is appropriate to the skill. the Giant Merit works as follows. so an animal language is not considered as useful as a human one.

for the twodot version. In both cases these effects do not stack with other effects that give an x-again benefit. though they may allow the character to perform feats that push the plausibility of what a human being is capable of. and lasts a scene. {Skill Specialty} Assertion (* or **) PREREQUISITES: For the one-dot version. Applicable Skill (*****+).ENHANCEMENT MERITS Enhancement merits play upon the idea of the 'peak human'. Applicable Specialty. Applicable Specialty. & Power Level (******+) Effect: This merit gives the character the 9-again rule with the selected specialty at the one dot level. thus they have high prerequisites. While active. Applicable Skill (***+). and lasts a scene. & Level (*****+) Effect: The player may buy this merit for each skill specialty separately. & Power Level (***+). While active. Enhancement merits are typically used to boost a narrow focus of development. Perfection of {Attribute} (* to *****) PREREQUISITES: Applicable Attribute (dots twice or greater then merit level) + & Power Level (dots twice or greater then merit level) Effect: This merit costs a willpower or Verve point to activate. Applicable Skill (***+). The bonuses for Perfection of {Attribute} stack with those of Perfection of {Skill}. EQUIPMENT MERITS New equipment which is unique to the character or requires it's own part of the system is appropriate to create a merit for. as opposed to the super human. Applicable Skill (*****+). None of their effects are technically supernatural. Applicable Specialty. With the one dot version of this merit the player may add four dice to a roll with the applicable specialty when spending a point of Willpower or Verve instead of three. With the second dot in this merit that bonus moves to five dots. all rolls made for that specific ability add one die to them for each dot in Perfection of (Skill). 'Generic' superhero stuff isn't. check . Perfection of {Skill} (* to *****) PREREQUISITES: Applicable Skill (dots equal or greater then merit level). For the two-dot version. {Skill Specialty} Mastery (* to **) PREREQUISITES: For the one-dot version. & Power Level (***+). & Power Level (twice or greater then merit dots) Effect: This merit costs a willpower or Verve point to activate. Applicable Specialty. For equipment. all rolls made for that specific attribute add one die to them for each dot in Perfection of {Attribute}. and the 8-again rule at the two dot level.

object or protecting it. the same time. or Intelligence 3+ PREREQUISITES: Base. weapon. but other special traits of a costume might be. Perhaps there is a cave beneath his house in which he's set up a lair. special) Effect: A Base is a safe. or improve their durability by two per dot. your character seems particularly inclined toward property damage. they should look to the Tricked-Out Ride Merit. Great time and effort is spent in finding appropriate Bases. the Airship is grounded. This means themes cannot be applied to items found in the field unless they are substantially reworked. subtract Power Level from the object's Durability. they can't possibly buy it. heirloom. A warehouse might have requirement above as an Availability rating. Base (* to *****. use the merit adds two to their effective Resolve when bearing the Safe Place merit in place of Base. Requiem for rules to apply to Bases. Characters may pool their Resources to achieve this minimum if they share a theme. but might offer barely enough space to hold the character's specialized equipment. ect). the equipment has an enhanced equipment bonus when used for its intended purpose by the character with this merit. This bonus is equal to the rating in this merit minus one. God Machine Chronicle Rules Update: Treat the Resources All Bases are not created equal. plan his actions. but might not have sufficient security to drive away intruders. In either case. or all three. Demolitions (**) Airship (special) PREREQUISITES: Effective Strength. Individuals may share a theme. If the player characters are expected to regularly travel beyond the reach of a simple airship. When holding the chosen object. Amplifying Object (*) PREREQUISITES: Superhuman Effect: One of the character's powers is improved by a specific object. Any object can be enhanced to increase there equipment bonus by one per dot. but if they don't need such a thing. So great is its importance that the character possessing this If using the God Machine Chronicle rules update. A signature look might include painting the equipment in the colors of the character’s costume and placing their personal insignia on it (batarang. the character gains a +1 bonus to the chosen power's activation roll. See the "Sanctum" Merit from Mage: The Fetish Object (*) Awakening or the "Haven" Merit from Vampire: The Effect: Often a religious icon. or the character's Base has an Enhanced Item (* to *****) additional detachable room. Likewise. Themed equipment must be prepared as such. The object may also be an Exanimaic . or even to parallel universes.the Super Equipment section. Such an Airship should have a tale to tell. If for some reason the prerequisites are no longer met. at ST discretion). If the object is stolen. Players should avoid simplistic enhanced item If the Base and Airship are one and the same. or the character just knows how to make/choose/use quality stuff. A hidden basement in the character's house might be hard for others to breach. Effect: Magically or technologically improved objects are not uncommon in the world of MTH. recuperate from injuries. The equipment must have the character’s ‘signature look’. Effect: Choose one: the character's entire Base is mobile in defiance of all physics. the Storyteller may allow the Airship to take them there at no extra cost. and combined Resources 10+ or Unlimited Resources. or simply rest while he's not saving the world. bat-shield. Equipment Theme (** to ****) PREREQUISITES: An equal level of Resources or the Gadgetry Foresight merit. If the character(s) simply want a flying vehicle with gadgetry. or almost any other set of descriptors the player can devise (with ST approval). The chosen object must be custom-made or otherwise very difficult to replace. Based on the rational provided the cannot be upgraded later unless both merits are upgraded at ST may require a certain amount of a given merit (such as resources or status). treat this merit as another Base with one-quarter the surface area. and their value is represented by two factors: Size and Security. like 'It's just a really good gun'. Characters who share a Base pool their Resources to achieve this minimum. it may work on similar powers. Effectively. The ST will most likely veto fast as a typical passenger plane. Effect: Through force of personality or natural talent. a fetish object is of great importance to its bearer or protector. Effect: The character has a substantiated theme running through their gear. for most. If the Base and Airship are separate entities. Such an Airship cannot have more dots than the Base that services it. Most likely they have a Code Name and powers related to the theme. Note that an airship as this merit describes it is a base of operations with the needed amenities for living. this merit costs rationals. secure location in which a character can train. Signature gear as many dots as the Base to which it applies. and this theme either reinforces their resolve such that it actually manifests in better performance. sufficient space. and will want a background story mostly just looking cool. through time. bat-underwear. and will almost always have their costume patterned toward their theme (armor ratings are not enhanced by this merit. the Airship flies as PREREQUISITES: Varies. or he has access to a special penthouse in a skyscraper. When the character would roll to see if they damage and object. penalties to a normal item can be removed on a two-per dot ratio as well. making travel easier but certain forms of equipment.

The ST may choose to limit this selection based on what the character they can normally afford with their resources. -2 A tool only makes sense in the loose physics of comic books (Bat Shark Repellent). The player selects any vehicle found in any of the WoD books (with ST permission). It can be given languagerelated merits by adding that merit's cost to it's own. The activation roll is Gadgeteer's Foresight + Power Level. despite all likelihood. It was. -1 The item requires established fictional materials (Kryptonite. it isn't necessary to quantify exactly how much the character is worth unless the player or Storyteller desires to.000 a month in disposable income and millions. Vehicles can be 'nested' within other vehicles this way. Effect: The character uses this merit when they notice they just happened to have or are able to quickly craft an obscure item that would be useful in the given situation on their person. It has a pool for mental and social actions equal to the character's dots in this item. Installing them in a car would make the car a Tricked-Out Ride (**). Generally. the item is hidden nearby. expensive.Object. -1 The area/character has sustained significant damage. at most. If using the God Machine Rules. For this character. Caltrops cost **. alternatively. Likewise the item cannot be larger than the level of this merit in Size. -2 The item requires unestablished fictional materials (the soul of a ginger). -3 The area/character has already been searched. Effect: The character has procured a specialized and highly modified custom vehicle. but 'training time' time is still required to build the vehicle. if they are in their home or somewhere they frequent. such as the specific key needed for a specific door. if the player pays for them as such. on a one to one . according to Armory. to make a car that talks to you. -2 The item requires exotic materials (Gold. they may treat the dots in that merit as additional dots in this merit as well. and those effects do not stack. In other words. and thus cannot be used to cause damage directly. Allies (Military). Characters can pool their dots into a single vehicle if they like. every dot in Theme adds the equivalent of three dots of resources to this merit. -1 If doesn't seem like there is enough room for the item. in game terms. Contacts (Black Market). such as combining it with Tricked Out Ride. the heir to a Intelligent Object (*+) massive hereditary fortune. the Storyteller can apply a penalty to the roll. Each of those dots is equal to one dot of resources if the player where using a normal version of the item. or. one success is all that is necessary to confirm it's presence. or even trillions of dollars in assets. or otherwise become unusable after Power Level turns.000. and an Advanced Security System is ****. Unlimited Resources (*****) PREREQUISITES: Resources 5 Effect: The character has access to vast wealth: at least $1. and can't roll physical actions. it's not a question of whether or not she can afford any given be anything. -1 A tool which may or may not exist. Backing (Military). Items produced with this power break. The character(s) may repurchase the merit. but physically could (Horse Attracting Whistle). or some combination of these. The character might be the beneficiary of a huge trust fund. This merit cannot produce unique and specific items. the character is able to temporarily increase their Resources merit by spending Verve. Some situations may take some rationalization. replace references to Resources with Availability. The lowest Theme rating applies. It knows one language to start with. Adamantium). so it must be relatively simple. and equal or better total of the following. billions. Dice bonuses granted for Stylish Execution count as double when using this power if the character comes up with a particularly creative way of acquiring the item in question. hidden well enough to be missed in any searches and uneffected by events. This object can corporation. but which definitely exists (lock picks). even a vehicle or building. and can't attack by itself. For instance. Lastly the item cannot be a weapon or armor. Tricked-Out Ride (*+) Gadgetry Foresight (* to *****) PREREQUISITES: Equal or better Resources dots. conceptually. unusual or if circumstances otherwise make it unlikely to be on hand. If your car can eject a motorcycle. If the item is reasonably likely to be possessed by the character and on hand. -4 Installation is assumed to be free (and possible). An intelligent object has full control over its own functions. If the object is rare. If the character also has the Equipment Theme Merit. Argon). use the motorcycle's resources in the example above. The item also cannot require any new game mechanics to function. Possible (Cumulative) Penalty Guidelines A tool used only for a specific job. merit + 2 + its own equipment bonus if applicable. and the character's background. it's a question of how soon she can get it. the owner of a multinational Effect: One object in the character's possession has a mind of its own and can communicate with people*. Even characters with Unlimited Resources can't order something like this 'off the shelf'. This merit can be part of another merit if applicable. All characters contributing to this merit must possess the Theme Merit for this secondary effect to apply. Each dot allows the player to add three dots worth of gadgetry to their vehicle. are consumed. but will not move by itself unless designed to do so. If the vehicle is destroyed the merit is lost.

If the character's gear is permanently stolen. the player must pay the applicable exp costs. For instance. requires maintenance the character can't manage. 'Could three people carry this?' If the answer is yes. STs should look at the character's gear and ask themselves. the Storyteller should reserve the right to restrict the character's use of Unlimited Resources. use each dot in this merit beyond the first as if it was an additional person. even a character with this level of wealth can be held accountable for her actions. Status. Furthermore. Resources. the ST may require the player to have other merits to help justify where the character found someone who could sell the item at all. At two or more dots the player divides the amount of space the character has used up by their number of dots in this merit. Players should outline how this carrying capacity is created. unless someone swipes her utility belt. the ST may rule that you are Leveraged by the owner of the item. The ST may make exceptions to this for rare or particularly hard to carry objects. Politics. This merit is identical to the Unlimited resources merit. the character never runs out of her special smoke bombs. or is just fated to end up being detonated. Note that if you acquire an item temporarily (you didn't pay exp for it) and that item is destroyed or lost in the course of play. and has the following PREREQUISITES: A total of 7 in any combination of Allies. the character has learned to alter their gear and/or create hyper-efficient ways of carrying it on their person. or even if it would just derail the narrative. however. so as to circumvent these limitations. they only lose the benefit of this merit until they can re-stock. when judging how much a character can While there is no precisely defined limit to how much a character can carry in terms of gear. or even remove the Merit altogether. as it is vulnerable to tampering. With dots in this merit. throwing knives. This merit doesn't represent the physical means of carrying so much as a knack for figuring out how to pack a personal armory. With three dots. the ST can use the rating in this merit to help act as a guideline. no form of ammunition or fuel the character carries ever seems to run out without a specific reason. and a character who uses her fortune to cause trouble (and even those who don't) will almost certainly attract the attention of other powerful characters. At one dot. Likewise. As a guideline. Story elements will remove it from the character's hands one way or another. Exactly what is available to be bought is. this merit is replaced by the Ascendent Acquisition merit. Larceny. for instance. as always. Computer. the thief only benefits from the theft until they empty out the cache. Likewise. Walking Armory (* to *****) PREREQUISITES: None Effect: Usually a character is limited in what gear they can carry by the common sense limitations for physical space. this merit doesn't do anything to stop an enemy from taking action to steal or sabotage the character's supplies. God Machine Chronicle rules update: If using the rules update. in the hands of the ST. Backing. Essentially. carry. Note. if the character foolishly squanders her fortune. a character with three levels in this merit can carry it. If the character wishes to hold on to the item. or Power Level. This increase applies to only one purchase. Either the item is rented or must be returned. The player simply never needs to keep track of how may bullets. except that it boosts the character's effective Acquisition rating.basis. and that this forms a limit to how much this merit can be used inbetween sessions. packets of web-fluid or etc the character has used. that being richer than God does not equate to being God. Purchases made with this merit are assumed to be temporary by default. Note that Verve is not recovered between games. .

one language the character knows is replaced with a language group to which that language belongs. The descriptor 'for normal communication' excludes things like ciphers. if the character takes no physical rolled action in a turn. Language 1+ Effect: The character multiplies the effect of her Language merit. OMNIVISION (***) PREREQUISITES: Effective Wits 5+ Effect: Whether by incredibly sharp senses. the character is keenly aware of her surroundings at all times. If the character concentrates on opposing the intrusion (going prone) the effects are doubled. For one dot. and sign languages. computer languages like binary. or their mind is in enough of a disarray to make intruding on it difficult. The trance lasts for one round per two dots of Power Level. Effect: The character has either received training to block out psychic intrusion on their memories. With the 2-dot version of this merit. such as poor lighting or invisibility. She suffers no ill effects from being surrounded in combat. the character can take actions directly related to attacking. . This merit does not allow the character to activate two Powers at the same time. Reading the languages the character does not have the normal merit for requires a successful Intelligence + Academics roll. The character can effectively converse in any of those languages. and cannot be ended prematurely. For two dots. but it does seem to be well-represented in superhero stories. but does not grant any special form of perception or precognition. the character can try to provoke the fury once a turn. since activating powers is not purely a mental action. such as drawing a weapon. This merit may not seem terribly realistic. those accessing the characters memories add 2 to the successes necessary to do so. With the 2 dot version this becomes a +4 to the target number. they must make a successful Composure roll in order to vent their aggression on an inanimate object instead. While in this state the character must attempt to attack a living (or at least animate) target every round. While the state can only be entered into once a scene. this Merit allows the character to perceive normally in every direction at once. a sixth sense. In order to enter the Rage. rounded up. and it is impossible to sneak up on her under normal circumstances (though extraordinary circumstances. may allow the character to be snuck upon as normal). PSYCHICALLY SECURED (* or **) PREREQUISITES: 1 Dot: (Effective Intelligence + Resolve+ Composure 3+. or a literal 360 degree field of vision.MENTAL MERITS AURA READER (*+) PREREQUISITES: Superhuman Effect: The character automatically detects the Superhuman template in any person he sees within 5 yards per dot in Aura Reader. and can roll Wits + Aura Reader reflexively (but only on his turn and once per turn) to detect a person's Power Level at that range. the character can take any number of mental actions reflexively. Alternatively. with the resulting addition of health levels and willpower dots (not points) while in the Berserker state. rounded up. Characters who qualified for the merit (only) through dementia cannot. 2 Dots: (Effective Intelligence + Resolve+ Composure 6+. Characters who were trained to do this may let their guard down to allow in those they wish. the character must fail a Composure roll (some berserkers use mind-altering substances in order to intentionally levy penalties to this roll). While in this state they suffer no wound penalties and add half their Power Level. and Availability 4) or a severe dementia. the character can take completely mental instant actions as reflexive actions and perform two extended-action knowledge tasks at once. If no being the berserker wishes to harm is nearby. With the 4-dot version. the character may speak any language created by the same species for normal communication. With 1 dot. The character must still roll to avoid surprise in the case of ambush or similar situations. charging toward an opponent. to any All-Out Attacks they make (see World of Darkness pg175 for rules on All-Out Attacks). BERSERKER RAGE (*) Effect: Once per scene the character can enter a trance-like state of frenzied aggression. They likewise add their Power Level to their Stamina and Resolve (the Rage is a kind of focus). and Availability 2) or a mild dementia. or pushing a vat of boiling oil toward the end of a ledge under which someone happens to be standing. Failing this roll requires them to attack whoever or whatever happens to be nearest. POLYGLOT (** or ***) PREREQUISITES: Effective Intelligence 3+. MULTI-TASKING (* or **) PREREQUISITES: Effective Intelligence 4+ or Wits 4+ Effect: The character can compartmentalize her mind so that she can hold more than one distinct train of thought in her mind simultaneously.

shockwave. and can be purchased multiple times.PHYSICAL MERITS AGELESS (*) REFLECTIVE SHOT (**) PREREQUISITES: Lightning Dodge. this beam has a maximum range of (Power Level + Bioluminescence) x 5 yards. but not bright enough to blind anyone who isn’t exceptionally sensitive to light. the character may make an immediate attack roll against another not immune to unnatural aging they do not need to the opponent. such as using Super Scent to tracking attempts or noticing a subject is nervous on an empathy roll by hearing their heartbeat pick up. This allows the character to see anything which would become visible under a black light (ultraviolet). If more then one weapon is used. the to forced aging. they may add up to half their merit dots to rolls for other information-gaining actions. this light is bright enough to see by. SUPER SENSES (*+) PREREQUISITES: Superhuman Effect: One or more of the character's senses is enhanced. If an opponent makes a ranged attack this is the preview of other stats on the character sheet. While advanced age would conceivably allow character has to spend a point of willpower or verve. they are able to reflexively roll Dexterity or Wits . SUPERVISION (*) PREREQUISITES: Superhuman Effect: Superhumans often demonstrate enhanced vision abilities. . PREREQUISITES: Superhuman BIOLUMINESCENCE (*+) PREREQUISITES: Superhuman Template Effect: The character is able to emit light. down. This character may apply his Defense to firearms attacks. this character's Defense may also apply in other situations where Defense doesn't normally apply. This merit can be bought up to four times (taste and touch can be bought together as one purchase). When this power is active. In order to use this Merit. Dexterity. The character may project a beam of light similar to a flashlight beam or glow from all or any part of her body. In addition. Weaponry Dodge Effect: The character has honed her defensive skill and reaction time to such a degree that she is able to reflect Effect: The character does not age and is therefore immune projectiles back at their attacker. Spectrum Vision . Insubstantial attacks cannot be redirected in this manner. The ST may require this merit (or grant it + Weaponry. sight. against this character and scores no successes on the attack Note: If the character is immortal but is. then a character with super sight (***) can see for four miles. the lowest damage rating of any applicable weapon is used.The character can see the entire visual spectrum of light. this character succeeds automatically.whichever is higher . If multiple attacks are valid to be rebounded. Wits & Stamina 7+ Bioluminescense is technically a superpower. the basic dice pool is the character's Dexterity purchase this merit. If a player can rationalize how. the character can illuminate a radius equal to her Bioluminescence rating in yards. if current visual conditions allow the character to see a mile. her action to dodging. For example. or (when combined with Weaponry Dodge or Brawling Dodge) deflect them with a melee weapon or even snatch them out of the air with his bare hands. Assume the increment of distance the character can apply the sense to is increased by one per merit dot. This merit gives the character one of the following forms of special vision. the player with this merit uses one die roll to apply to all of them. they double their pool. for one reason or roll. but is written as Effect: The character is able to anchor herself to the ground. STABILITY (** to *****) PREREQUISITES: Combined Effective Strength. be holding an appropriate melee weapon and has to dedicate a character to have a variety of merits and built up powers. at the attacker. When the character is forced to roll to avoid going prone. or gravity blast) would force others to roll to keep on their feet. as it is actually this weapon which is rebounding long enough time-frame for aging to matter. The reflective attack roll is made at the bottom of the initiative order. At the Storyteller's discretion. and she counts as having the same weapon as for free) for games that are supposed to take place over a her attacker. The player chooses which sense when the merit is purchased. Dark Vision . While standing on a firm surface. hearing and smell become effective to greater distances. PERFECT BALANCE (**) PREREQUISITES: Effective Dex 5+. LIGHTNING DODGE (**) PREREQUISITES: Effective Dexterity 5+ and Effective Wits 5+ OR the Super Speed power Effect: The character's reaction time is so quick that he can literally dodge resist.The character requires little to no light to see. and when conditions (such as an Earthquake. she may divide any forced a merit so that the experience cost would be more movement she is subject to by her dots in Stability and round appropriate to the limited utility of the power. When the character is forced to automatically go prone (as per certain skill tricks or powers). Effective Wits 3+ Effect: The character's sense of balance is spectacular. Rolls that normally focus on the sense in question add a die per dot in this merit.

such as electricity or a magic ritual. powers. These are covered under their own rules. The character eliminates most penalties for observing events at a distance. and imposes a -1 penalty to non-area attacks made against the character.and recognize temperatures by sight (infrared). this means most walls and clothing.The character has distance vision equivalent to someone using a moderately good pair of binoculars (x 25 magnification). though he will begin to bleed to death as normal. should try the power Force Strike. UNLIVING (* or **) PREREQUISITES: Superhuman Effect: The character is differently alive to say the least. Many forms of technology emit wave forms the character might see as well. Players looking for weaponized vision. A character with the Super Speed power may replace one of the bulleted uses of that power with a weaker version of this merit. Remember that this is a merit. UNSTOPPABLE (*** or *****) PREREQUISITES: Effective Stamina 5+ or Effective Resolve 5+ Effect: The character's pain tolerance is so incredibly high that he can continue to fight after taking injuries that would have dropped lesser creatures. which must be acquired regularly.The character can look through substances which aren't sufficiently dense. If the character's Size increases due to powers. X-Ray Vision . Dense metal or stone structures block the character's vision. Each dot in this merit reduces the character's Size (including Health) and Speed by 1. such as walls and ceilings. At the Storyteller's discretion. like heat ray vision. and so the alternate form of sustenance must be easier to come by then normal food and water. A character with the five-dot version of Unstoppable does not lose consciousness even when all of his health levels are filled with lethal damage. TINY (* to ***) PREREQUISITES: Superhuman. In addition. and get the Force Shot Power Tree Merit (making the attack ranged). he will still lose consciousness and begin to bleed to death if all his health levels are filled with lethal damage. The Unliving state may be a rational for many other merits. such a character only stops moving when he dies (IE all his health levels are filled with Aggravated damage). However. Telescopic Vision . Typically.The character is considered to be equipped with a microscope. the character Is treated as being equipped with a scope. particularly slippery surfaces or adverse conditions might require the character to make a Strength or Dexterity + Athletics roll to maintain her hold. not Giant Effect: The character is smaller than a person has any right to be. At the first dot of this merit. though they may still purchase the merit separately and have it function as written should they wish. Without it he suffers from the normal penalties for deprivation. and simply have the shot emanate from the character's eyes. whether or not the surface has handholds or would normally be climbable. In this case it only applies while the character is using Super Speed and in motion. . and can easily read text on a computer monitor from a distance of up to 100 feet. A character who has the three-dot version of this Merit does not have to roll to remain conscious if all his health levels are filled with bashing damage. the other effects of this merit disappear for the duration. At two dots the character is immune to normal diseases and toxins. his need to eat and drink is replaced with an alternate form of sustenance. Microscopic Vision . flaws or permanent Conditions. A character with this Merit can cling to any horizontal or vertical surface without need for handholds and can move along such surfaces at her normal Speed (including the ability to run along walls and ceilings). when using ranged weapons. such as armor or lead. The player is granted some leeway in creative uses for this power. Dwarf flaw. to a minimum of 1. WALLCRAWLER (**) PREREQUISITES: Superhuman Effect: The character is able to cling to sheer surfaces.

Being on a reality TV show generally Each dot in this Merit imposes a -1 penalty on any attempts won't. may not be taken at character creation Effect: Some heroes. A criminal who always leaves clues to her crimes in the form of riddles is following a Code. death itself may be rescinded. In order to possess this power the character's exploits themselves must have made them famous (or infamous). humanity will qualify. they loose this merit instead (but may repurchase penalty from Cipher should apply in a given situation. one does not have to be superhuman to possess this merit. Such an action generally only works once per scene. but it is supernatural in nature. it). The character still needs to make the needed Larceny rolls. Mechanically. paying lip service to a Code will not give any benefit. This is a vague qualification. they say. but possibilities include tampering with government documents. The storyteller ends the merit identifies that your defenses are at least somewhat up the arbiter of what ultimately happens. When the character activates that power. players should use the Cipher merit above. a Code regains the character a spent point of no concern for their material needs. are the most commonly recognized type of Codes. the exact details of this process fundamental nature of humanity or another sentient are left up to the player and Storyteller to decide. They will automatically WP or Verve whenever that character adheres to their Code be able to find all the needed makeup. he may reflexively make an Intimidation roll against each enemy within 5 yards. CODE (free) The heroic Codes held to by some heroes. It Keep in mind. they can devise. mechanically effective. original. and it is not appropriate for all games. they can prepare a ruse with Mechanically. Intimidation 3+ use the Alternate Identity merit. or any other contrived scenario identity-protection must take this merit. but any similar rule an individual holds to sincerely can form a Code. and coordinate with their allies. not indulgence. can't ever be killed. he can't change back to normal and try again. except that the character gains Willpower from resistance. but population of great number. destiny or what-have-you 'corrects' the event. Storytellers should be very stringent about what it takes to Players are always free to use whatever secrecy measures qualify for this merit. It's simply that having which ends up with the character alive. Since the power in a Code comes from the conviction involved with it. Super Effect: The character has made an internal promise to his. . This effect represents not so much a power as an unusual status within the universal group-consciousness. props and etc without in a situation where doing otherwise would be beneficial to difficulty. players should not assume it is available without consulting God Machine Chronicle rules update note: If defending the with their Storyteller. identity. A Code with more restrictions will come into play more often. Technically. If they know someone is coming into a scene.SOCIAL MERITS ELITE THESPIAN (*) PREREQUISITES: Any of the following: Resources 4+. Effective Wits 4+. a Code is similar to a Vice. Allies related the the theater 2+. it is necessarily so: Anything which gives the character a entering the Witness Protection Program. but will also inhibit the character more. with multiple prohibitions and requirements or just a single one. to learn personal information the character has worked to When the character would normally die. the existence of this merit doesn't mean that wasn't really the character. character's true. something which speaks very closely to the his life from public scrutiny. Mega Larceny 3+. CIPHER (* to *****) Likewise. or the character had planned to every character who wears a mask or uses other methods of fake their death all along. The Enlivening Pathos represents this. or simply putting on permanent place in the psyche and culture of most of a mask and costume before heading off on an adventure. and adhering to this promise bolsters the character’s EFFECTIVE: A character with this merit likes to set the spirit. If enough hearts and minds are bent upon the identity a given person represents. such as Batman's refusal to use a gun. PREREQUISITES: Presence 3+. they say. yielding more willpower. Fate. the fame must be associated with something Effect: The character has made some effort to hide details of primal. that character. and this benefit can be derived more than once a scene. luck. Effect: The character's transformation is frightening to behold. scene. or Power Level 4+ herself. or would seem to keep hidden.or Speed 2+. ENLIVENING PATHOS (****) PREREQUISITES: Fame 3. and some villains. can never die. God Machine Chronicle rules update: Breaking a code is a Breaking Point. It is up to the Storyteller to decide whether the have died. giving you the benefit listed above. If creating new or additional identities HORRIFIC TRANSFORMATION (***) (such as for a character who has no normal human identity). This merit must be linked to a power that changes the character's appearance. they simply never need to answer the questions "Where are you getting the materials for that?" or "How are you going to finish that in time?" Nothing physically created with this merit effectively lasts. with attempts to breach those measures STs are within their rights to not allow it into their games and handled on a case-by-case basis. Codes can be complicated or simple. Breaking a Code causes a degeneration. and they have a little time to set up.

except each dot after the second adds an additional average retainer instead of the normal benefit. The character may add their Power Level to that roll. targets which cannot understand the target or are simply emotionless cannot be effected by this merit. until it expires at -0. the character can taunt as a reflexive action once during his turn.LARGE AND IN CHARGE (*) PREREQUISITES: Size 6+. this means the character will usually get at least a +1 to their roll). Expression or Intimidation 3+ Effect: The character is able to bait enemies into focusing their attention on him for a moment. this merit still yields the benefit of adding one’s Power Level to the roll. Side Kicks without any particular powers should use the normal rules for Retainers. Note: If the Chronicle focusses on undead a great deal. sentient machines. with the following addition. Though it shouldn't really need to be mentioned. God Machine Rules Update note: The 'Taunted' effect counts as a Tilt. they may disallow it entirely. At the two-dot level by brandishing a holy symbol or reading aloud a scriptural or mystical passage. HENCHMEN (** to *****) Effect: Your character has the loyalty of one or more expendable grunts. Henchmen may be replaced at a rate of one per week. TURN UNDEAD (* or **) PREREQUISITE: Status (*+ as some form of clergy. the target takes a -1 penalty per dot in Taunt to all actions. Keep in mind Side Kicks don’t have to be human. Effect: At one dot. and will flee the area for at least a scene. If the character has an effective Manipulation of 5+. Each turn this penalty reduces by one. Intimidation 3+ Effect: The character's sheer mass lends credence to their threats. the ST may wish to increase the cost of this merit to 2 or 3 dots. does not fit in their chronicle. While any character may try to intimidate a self-aware undead creature. By spending 1 Willpower or Verve. and takes at least a turn to evoke. Treat this as the Retainer merit. or as some sort of agent of the divine or diabolic). and can be sentient pets. the character gains a bonus equal to the difference between their size and the size of their target. then the penalties for multiple taunts stack. sentient machines. If he rolls an appropriate social action (usually Manipulation + Social skill vs target's Composure) and succeeds. You may add one or more dots to the merit's rating. . this merit allows the character to make a social roll to terrify undead creatures just like they were trying to intimidate a living human. Both levels of the merit can be made more potent by adding additional turns to the evocation. and can be sentient pets. (Since the merit requires a minimum size 6. This merit never results in a penalty to the Intimidation roll. This more powerful effect costs one verve or willpower. For each turn added the player adds a die to the roll. if the ST feels this kind of merit. When attempting an Intimidation roll. the character can degrade and damage undead creatures through force of personality. Nothing stops the character from taunting them further. or whatever else the ST feels is appropriate. Treat this as the Retainer merit. and the average human is size 5. Alternatively. with the character continuing the liturgy or flourishing the symbol dramatically for that time. Keep in mind Henchmen don’t have to be human. SIDE KICK (** to *****) Effect: Your character has a loyal companion in their adventures. Persuasion. Successfully intimidated creatures temporarily regain their once-powerful sense of selfpreservation. On an exceptional success they will flee the area for at least a day and a night. TAUNT (* to ***) PREREQUISITES: Manipulation. or whatever else the ST feels is appropriate. for each dot added the Side Kick may have up to 30 experience points which can be spent on powers and/or merits from these rules. with it's religious/spiritual overtones.

The specific number of dots in this merit measures the difficulty required to survive. the skill specialty used as prerequisite now covers multiple skills. or can be reformed in the character’s soul. It can be no greater Size then the character. he truly feels the path of the Samurai. and a suitable rational. the merit removes any penalties provided by the environment in question. Storytellers should veto applications of this merit that simply allow a character to have unlimited access to a potent weapon or object. only the Storyteller can decide whether a Favored Foe is specific enough. high altitude environments require inner ear adjustments and changes to respiration. in fact. The player doubles the dice bonus that their character gains for Stylish Execution whenenver the action matches their Virtue or Vice (chosen when the merit is purchased). Generalist (* to **) PREREQUISITES: None Effect: The character quickly grasps the nuances of new situations with respect to applied skills. The object is either indestructible. etc. Favored Foe (*) PREREQUISITES: One specialty of a matching type. Effect: Some superhumans are fine-tuned to fight a specific sort of enemy. when it matches their personality.GENERAL MERITS Compound Origin (** or ****) PREREQUISITES: Superhuman. Exanamic Object (*) PREREQUISITES: A related Code (*). With an action. Effect: The character is specially adapted to survive in one environment humans cannot normally survive in. however. Verve Reserve (*+) PREREQUISITES: Equal or better Power Level Effect: The character can use more powers before getting tired. such as the arctic or a desert. It is. Favored Foe adds one die to all skill pools when dealing with enemies fitting a descriptor such as The object may also be a Fetish Object and/or an Enhanced "undead" or "giant". One dot makes the character comfortable where a human could live with difficulty. Item. A spirit-warrior would likely have this object manifest as a weapon or armor. Superhuman Template Effect: Sometimes an object can become so integral to its bearer that to lose it would be a fate worse than death. It must always be central to the character’s identity. the character's body is altered in whatever way is needed to survive. magic or mental damage instead of physical damage when they take this merit. this is reflexive. Each dot in this merit removes the one die of penalty to untrained skill rolls. but cost increasing effects do. the character can acquire a third Origin by buying the four-dot version. Aquatic environments provide gills. The character may place this object within their soul. chosen when this merit is first purchased. deep in his heart. He will not. In a more general sense. part of their soul. they may then draw this object back into physical reality. if the player pays for them as such. provided that. Effect: The character has the mechanical benefits and drawbacks of two Origins. causing it to physically vanish. the character’s soul is tied to an object irrevocably. As always. it's acceptable for a kid from inner-city Manhattan to manifest a katana. The bonus for a dodge is applied after doubling defense when the character's Virtue or Vice applies. The player may choose to have it deal energy. Other times an individual may dedicate themselves so strongly to a vocation or cause that their soul actually manifests this urge in physical form. a musician as an instrument. If they have the Quick Draw merit. Essentially. Power Level 3+ or 5+ for the four-dot version. Experience cost reducing mechanics do not stack. Each dot in Verve Reserve adds 1 to the character's maximum Verve. or half that in Mega Survival or Power Level. Mechanically. but need not be something the character has easy access to. even if he has no knowledge of martial arts or Asian culture. For example. manifest a suitcase nuke. Five allows them to walk around on the moon. . Environmental Adaptations (*+) PREREQUISITES: Survival equal to the level of the merit. Virtuous/Vile Style (*) PREREQUISITES: None Effect: The character has a special flair and is especially good at capitalizing on the benefits of the superhuman method of stylish execution. but exotic items are still reasonable provided they apply in a spiritual sense. It resists wear and similar degradation. if broken. With appropriate rational. or a physician as a medical bag. Either way.

Wits. Composure. Fighting Style: Super Strength (* to ****) PREREQUISITES: Both Mega-Strength rated equal to the merit or greater. Power Level Levels 3-4: Effective total of 15 dots in the above traits Level 5: Effective total of 17 dots in the above traits Naming the Prey (*): The character is granted a specialty in stealth related to any target they identified as a target (in or out of character) in a previous scene. rolls made by others to detect that the attack is happening are penalized by the dots in this merit. the character can use his full Strength on melee all-out and charge attacks. One Kill (*****): The character gains the 8-again has Gravitic Grounding. rounded up. specialty. He makes one attack roll and applies it to Note: The cost of this merit is listed as 'special'. since it is effectively the next level of the Grappling Fighting Style Merit. Determine it's cost in that manor. Brawl+Strength 7+ Flyby Attack (****): If the character takes no other actions on his turn. he gains a +1 bonus to Strengthbased attacks that turn. to his Defense instead of the normal +2 bonus. Whoever rolls fewer successes takes bashing damage equal to the difference. This must be a previous scene specifically so that the character is hunting the target. that when beginning a grapple he can immediately make overpowering maneuvers. Fists Collide (***): If the character has not acted this turn. provided the prey also has a 0 defense. as if he had the Gravitic Grounding extra during those actions only. Forceful Drag (**): When the character grapples with and overpowers a target of a Size up to his effective Strength. . His pool for this attack is Dexterity + Flight. He must fly at submissions and grabs. The Barrel Roll (***): While flying. The benefit for Naming the Prey now includes a specialty in Weaponry and Firearms related to the target. The benefit for Naming the Prey now includes a specialty in Brawl related to the target. each target. he imposes a -1 penalty to non-area attacks against him until his next turn. Total Effective air add the full Flight rating. for each 3 yards he moves. Acrobatic Attack (**): While flying. Line of Sight (**): Environmental and situational penalties not related to a superpower or merit are reduced by the character's rating in this merit. successful or not". The character is also granted a stealth specialty in "When attempting to leave the scene of a successful assassination I have committed". This 9-again quality does not stack with other x-again qualities. Silence (***): After the assassin has attacked their target. also at -3. Dots in Mega Strength or spend a point of Willpower to make a special area attack that Mega Brawl may be used to negate these penalties as deals bashing damage and ignores Defense but not Armor. If he One Shot. When the least 5 yards before and after attacking. now does stack. provided the prey also has a 0 defense. character initiates a brawl they may choose to take a -3 Sonic Boom (*****): As part of a Flyby Attack where he flies at penalty. This 8again quality does not stack with other x-again qualities. The character is also granted a stealth specialty in "When attempting to leave the scene of an assassination attempt. the character can contest a non-ranged Strength-based attack with his own Strength-based attack. Fighting Style: Assassination (* to *****) PREREQUISITES: Levels 1-2: Effective total of 13 dots in any of the following: Dexterity. not just naming the each foe in a combat sequentially. he can fly up to 1. after doubling Defense. of Willpower to add 1/2 his Flight dots. Medicine. he can force the target to move with him that turn. Dodge attempts in mindPREREQUISITES: Fighting Style Grappling 3. or to gain a Fighting Style: Grappling (extension) Defense equal to 1/2 his Flight dots against a non-area attack INSTANT HOLD (special) that normally ignores his Defense.5x his flight speed in a straight line Such is this superhuman's fighting prowess when it comes to and attack once at any point in his movement. normal. the character can spend a point 9-again quality from Capitalize however. Stealth. If successful they may immediately make an least 10 yards before and after attacking. Wielder (*): If the ST agrees that an object can be lifted and used as a weapon by the character. he gains a +1 bonus to those quality on any attack which applies their Naming the Prey attacks. Capitalize (****): The character gains the 9-again quality on any attack which applies their Naming the Prey specialty. Meteor Charge (****): When charging as part of an attack. the character can overpowering maneuver. successfully or not". and the radius is Power Level yards.STYLE MERITS Fighting Style: Aerial Combat (* to *****) PREREQUISITES: Equal or better rating in the Flight Power Evasive Maneuver (*): If the character flies at least 10 yards on his turn. they may reduce a penalty to wield it by the character's Power Level. The character is also granted a stealth specialty in "When attempting to leave the scene of an assassination attempt I have committed.

This “dodge” does not actually require the character to move. The cosmetic effects of the damage are still in effect. but the bonus is one higher then it would normally be (so they still need to be close enough to be cover in the first place). If they hit a stable obstacle during this movement. The character may not exclude any person or object. Slam (**): When this character makes a brawl attack. Piloting Style: Wrecked Ride (* to ****) PREREQUISITES: Drive + Power Level equal to or better than the rating in this merit.they may choose to knock the target up to one yard per the character's effective Strength + Power Level. Defender’s Will (****): When the character spends WP to boost their defense. Penalties to handling the vehicle are reduced by the driver's Power Level. Stunt Roll (**): Should the character be ejected from their vehicle. The character makes a Strength + Brawl attack roll and applies the result to every damageable target within Power Level yards. Treat dots in this merit as Armor for that turn if the character is thrown from their vehicle. Impact Stance (***): The fighter adds 1/0 to the armor rating of any armor they wear provided they get their natural defense applied at the same time. Shockwave (***): Such is the character's strength that he can damage nearby opponents and objects by striking the ground they stand upon or clapping hands together to send forth a thunderclap. Damage At Bay (****): Damage done intentionally to a vehicle while in motion now can be delayed as per Driver's Durance. is delayed. Characters may dodge only with an appropriate Stylish Execution. prone to the drama of a heroic protagonist. As this is a Brawl attack. If held prone / inactive. it in fact requires the character not to move more than their [size-1 feet] on their following turn. Once the scene ends. Characters in this effect radius may apply armor and cover against this attack. but may not apply normal defense. Armor To Armored Hide (*): The character gains no defense or speed penalties due to the wearing of armor. Slam applies. Strength 3+ PREREQUISITES: a total of Effective Strength and Demolitions 5+ Effect: Dots in this merit are added to the character's Strength for the purposes of meeting the minimums required to wield a weapon. Some individuals. and which wasn't done by an attack or other intentional effect.Fighting Style: Tanker (* to *****) Fighting Style: Wrecker (* to ***) PREREQUISITES: Stamina 3+. Distracted Driver (*): Characters may drive a vehicle and reflexively take another action. Brace the Way (**): Allies may always claim the bearer of this merit as cover if the bearer wishes. Sabotage to a vehicle still harms it as usual. but must spend a willpower or verve point to do so. the character may strike as if they weren't. they can mitigate the harm done by the inevitable landing. Sabotage to a vehicle does not take effect for Power Level turns of operation. They also receive their normal defense against ranged weapons at medium range. the bonus is increased by one. Note: This merit set replaces Stunt Driver and Crack Driver One Inch Punch (*): The character negates all penalties to free movement when making a Brawl attack. The Storyteller decides weather the target stops at the obstacle or passes through. Adamantine Stance (*****): The character may choose to dodge in such a way as to double their armor rating instead of their natural defense. synergizes with their vehicle to the point that they may sometimes manage to hold them and their ride together by sheer force of will. they take 1 bashing damage. . as usual. if he has as many successes as the target's size or stamina whichever is higher . The amount of cover is dependent on the physical arrangement of all concerned. God Machine Chronicle rules update: Impact stance creates a general armor bonus. Driver's Durance (***): Any damage done to the vehicle your character is driving. all delayed damage takes effect.

the more deadly and powerful your Nemesis. The flaws listed below function in the same way as the flaws listed in the World of Darkness core rulebook. and take control of the character for an entire scene. for each turn of exposure. ALLERGY The character is violently allergic to a specific substance or condition. This flaw only provides experience if the character is hindered by it . . replace the Flaws above with the following persistent conditions. As written. hellbent on destroying everything you've ever loved and burning every acre of land you've ever walked on. and begins to physically weaken if exposed to this allergen. They may also be a murderous psychopath with terrifying powers and nigh-limitless resources. they loose there powers when they lie). The passenger could conceivably shut down any power it is associated with. They may be mostly harmless. methods. The specific nature of the passenger and what it wants is something the ST and the player should come up with together. IE. Weather or not the character can heal at all. They have the same descriptions as the flaws above. Resolution: The character is permanently cured of her vulnerability. DEPOWERING There is a certain condition or substance that causes the character to begin to temporarily loose their powers. a lifelong opponent. such as leprosy. INHUMAN The character either has some physical abnormality which makes them appear less then human. Resolution: The character must have their nature fundamentally changed so as to no longer have the extreme allergy. DEPOWERING This Flaw becomes a new Persistent Condition. Beat: The character fails a critical roll due to the wound penalties of the allergen. It could be an alien symbiote. superhumans often possess great foibles and weaknesses that serve to temper their strength. They may be a machine. In others. you may find certain mutual foes may seek to assist you when it is to the detriment of this Nemesis . UNNATURAL For one reason or another. that character gains an additional experience point.NEW FLAWS For all their powers and abilities. PERSISTENT CONDITIONS If using the God Machine Chronicles rules update. the Lex to your Superman. ALLERGY This Flaw becomes a new Persistent Condition. The Joker to your Batman. robot. the more difficult to achieve. any time the flaw comes up during gameplay and significantly hinders the flawed character. and/or they actually are something non-human (alien. What matters is the passenger is the source for at least some of the character's example might be Magneto helping the X-Men to defeat the Sentinels. who later returns to abduct the hero's love interest. a demon. or anything else the Storyteller will approve. PASSENGER Your character is a host to some other intelligence. Note that many other merits and flaws can be coupled with this one to represent the nature of the character. and increases by one for each time the passenger resists in a session. a Nemesis. ect) but are close enough to both be a viable character and use the rules presented in this system. The penalty starts at the Power Lever of the character. In some settings. a spirit. this flaw must be obvious or known be an issue. or is unable to make the roll at all in a critical situation. the character would take on one -1 penalty to all actions. the Leader to your Hulk. NEMESIS Your character has an arch-rival. the more famous you are by extension due to being the number one object of his hatred. goals. and how they do if they can. This can either be instantaneous and last a scene (for example. undead. a natural enemy. the more often it will yield exp. The capabilities. your character doesn't heal naturally with time. must be set up with the ST before hand. and with the most harrowing of arch-enemies. On average. a sapient virus. Whenever the character wishes to act in a way contrary to the desires of their passenger. it may be nearly impossible for this merit to come up. or simply have a condition. thus this could be used as a rational for a weakness for any associated power. and it has an agenda. and does a bashing level. This flaw applies only if the character's nature is in some fashion repugnant to most of humanity. the Claw to your Death Defyin' Devil. and renown of your Nemesis is determined collaboratively by you and your ST. a hero weakened from allergen exposure might be unable to pursue a fleeing villain. Remember. for example. such as the Marvel universe. or the bourbon to your Iron Man. cumulatively. Typically. giving a penalty to the action. the passenger will add a permanent point to the penalty they can levy. it has some control over their use or other aspects of the character's life. such as the Green Lantern Corp. causing them to have to deal with social stigma or outright hatred. Beat: The character fails a critical roll due to the Depowering. mutants may have enough stigma associated with them to have this flaw. Should resistance result in a dramatic failure. or it can cause their abilities to fade gradually until the issue is resolved (a kryptonian looses one dot from all superpowers pur turn until there is no kryptonite nearby). the passenger can choose to resist. but enjoy one-upping your character.

use the Embarrassing Secret. use Notoriety. INHUMAN If the character keeps their nature secret. Resolution: Your character's nature is fundamentally changed or augmented in a radical enough way to make natural healing possible for them. but potential Conditions include Disabled. Resolution: Your Passenger is permanently removed. had time to heal. Mute. Fugue. they take on additional Conditions. Beat: Gain a beat when you are wounded. A player and ST should work out how this manifests. When some of these are permanent conditions they are temporary when created by the Passenger. Deprived (the Passenger can alter the character's biology. possibly). Beat: As per resolution of the gained Condition. or Leveraged. When your character disagrees with their passenger enough for it to become a problem.PASSENGER This Flaw becomes a new Persistent Condition. . If the secret is revealed or not hidden to begin with. and are still in danger before regaining health. Otherwise persistent conditions end when the Passenger is appeased. UNNATURAL This Flaw becomes a new Persistent Condition.

Well-made or highly reliable devices may impose a penalty on the activation roll. assume these penalties are cumulative each minute. such as by someone with the Intuitive Programmer merit. This ability carries with it a strange side benefit. Skype with someone else's face and voice might impose a -1 penalty for instance. while a multi-spectrum surveillance system and motion tracker powered by its own AI abnormal means. represented by a meaningless strand of letters and numbers. OVERLOAD (*) PREREQUISITES: Cyberkinesis Effect: The character is able to shut down mechanical and electronic devices. not images. at the Storyteller’s discretion. and this partially includes security software. she can connect to it as if she was using an entirely lag-free device. Intuitive Programer Effect: The character essentially has a Wifi brain. This allows for the creation of false data in numerical and language form only. sounds and other input-dependent information. FOOL (* or **) . Success on this roll under Telepathy. at least. except under probably not impose any modifier. Effect: The character may (re)program software in a device they currently are manipulating using Cyberkinesis without actually knowing the programming language required (or any programming language). Assume failure means the dupe get's wise. the character must succeed on an activation roll. with a She may choose to allow access to her mind as a hotspot for negative modifier based on the complexity and reliability of anyone with a capable device. just much much faster and at range. or either of these machines could be made to record nothing but static. such as having a telephone conversation using someone else's voice. Adding a crowd in the background might lead to a total -2 penalty. Another character examining such altered information may attempt to see through this illusion. to do so. The Cyberkineticist won't even know what programming language was used unless they care to check. Any attempt to evade or disable security software has a +3 bonus. on an exceptional success. Additional penalties are levied the longer the charade goes on. a tape recorder could record a conversation that never happened. This give the added bonus of not letting on that the system is being manipulated to any watching parties. the character can plant wireless network connection while it is on. For purposes of mechanics treat the character's rating in Cyberkinesis as a rating in Telepathy. This connection can be Prerequisite: Shadow User turned on and off at will. In order to use this technique. The character may communicate with artificial intelligences as if they had Telepathy. SHADOW USER (*) INTUITIVE PROGRAMMER (*) PREREQUISITES: Massive Alteration **+ PREREQUISITES: Cyberkinesis Effect: When using Cyberkinesis on a computerized system. The ST may want to impose penalties for complex deceptions. DISTANT SIGNAL (*) PREREQUISITES: Cyberkinesis Effect: This merit extends the range of Cyberkinesis. the device in question: a typical security camera would The character's mind cannot be hacked. On a successful activation roll of Cyberkinesis or if already controlling the device. For example. Use the rules for forcing telepathic contact might impose a penalty of –4 or –5. Interactive real-time deceptions. Assume that the time for the task for any computer-related action is divided by the rating in this merit +1. the opposing character must roll Wits + Resolve and score more successes on the roll than the cyberkinetic scored on the activation roll. changing the 5 yard increment to 100 yards. the system no longer needs to be on. A dramatic failure will let the mark know who they are really talking to. Any security software not disabled or evaded will not raise any kind of alarm until the system is powered on. or using someone else's face while using Skype. Computers 1 Effect: After taking control of a computer system with Cyberkinesis the character is able to manipulate a computer at inhuman levels of speed and precision. allows the character to control the information recorded or transmitted by the device. the device breaks permanently and will not work until it is repaired.Power Trees Cyberkinesis MASSIVE ALTERATION (* to *****) PREREQUISITES: Cyberkinesis. Any penalties to the roll for accuracy of transcribed data the character has access to or derived from information the character has access to are reduced by the rating in this merit. a security camera might be made to transmit a false image. Assume this merit can create/remove/alter only as can be done with a keyboard. and online users may notice her as Effect: While manipulating a device. She may choose complex false images and readings in surveillance equipment to project a network name or allow her brain to be or communications devices. the target is rendered inoperable for the duration of the scene. WEBRIDER (*) PREREQUISITES: Distant Signal. require the second dot in this merit. Any rolls to conceal forgery in data also have their penalties reduced by the rating in this merit. Anywhere there is an internet signal.

they require orders from the character before they create a 1 foot. In either case the winds continue as long as the character concentrates on them. Spending a point of verve at any point in that time multiplies the remaining time by 10. Activating this merit costs 1 verve and it has a radius of 2 x (Power Level + Elemental Mastery) yards. The radius always centers on the character. and enough material on hand. Naturally. as per the element in question). With the three-dot version the gale erupts and dies away immediately. the flood not stop until either the task is completed or they have been waters recede at no faster than 2 feet per turn. They last as long an other creations of Elemental the area would normally hold the liquid. Even then. The quake lasts a turn. The damage inflicted is 1-3 levels as per the Tilt. They may take on whatever cosmetic touches their naturally liquid. they will character ceases to concentrate on it. Everything in the radius is subject to the Earthquake Tilt. but determined by the character spending 1 to 3 verve on the effect. as per the Environmental Tilt. approximating a given creature the player must roll one success per point of size. CHILL/BAKE (* or ***) PREREQUISITES: Elemental Mastery with an element associated with either heat or cold. It costs one verve to activate. The ice persists until it would melt naturally. The radius for the effect is 2(Power Level + Elemental Mastery + successes rolled) yards. The radius is always centered at the point the character was when they activated the merit. Power Level 2+ Effect: This merit builds upon Golem. speed 1 flood that does not abate until the will do anything. ELEMENT SENSE (*) PREREQUISITES: Elemental Mastery with an element that is PREREQUISITES: Elemental Mastery naturally gaseous Effect: The character can automatically sense their element and it's quantity. and subside at the same rate. The character must be in the radius to do this. This can be the whole area or a selected portion of it. This lasts for as long as the character concentrates. Each success on the activation roll results in 1 grade higher winds (as per the Tilt's grades). Power Level 3+ Effect: The character creates a small. Automata created by the Animation technique are effectively causing the Flood Tilt. Effect: The character creates an area of heat or cold (choose one when the power is purchased. Each success allows the character to mindless. ICE-SLICK (**) PREREQUISITES: Elemental Mastery (Ice) or other appropriate element. causing the Heavy Rains Tilt. she multiplies her successes by her Power Level to determine their maximum size. naturally liquid. of one grade per turn. Golem creation is either an Instant or Extended action. Use the profiles from the World of Darkness Animal Stats as the basis for a golem's stats. GOLEM (***) PREREQUISITES: Elemental Mastery 2+ Effect: The character creates an approximation of life out of their chosen element. the character may animate DOWNPOOR (**) PREREQUISITES: Elemental Mastery with an element that is more then one golem. with a severity equal to the successes rolled. yards.Elemental Mastery QUAKE (*** to *****) PREREQUISITES: Elemental Mastery (Earth or Magma). Now when the character rolls to animate golems. localized earthquake. if destroyed. To animate a golem Note: In temperatures in the scene are such that the liquid element would no longer be liquid. and they have no immunity to the effects. If they have enough successes. The effect is the same mechanically. and once they have begun a task. Those materials must all be within (Power Level + Elemental Mastery) x 5 yards. Elemental Instanciation Effect: The character rains down upon the area with their element. FLOOD (**) If the elemental material is not in a mobile shape. With the two dot version of this technique the winds build up at a rate . Elemental Instanciation creator wishes in doing so. For a point of Verve they can remove the need to concentration for 30 minutes. The radius for the effect is 2 x (Power Level + Elemental Mastery) Mastery. with the target number being the minimum number of successes needed to create any number of golems the character can attempt to create with the materials on hand. Effect: The character covers an area in slick ice. and has a radius of 7 to (merit dots + Power Level + Elemental Mastery) yards. any golems PREREQUISITES: Elemental Mastery with an element that is made from it must take an action to mold themselves into one. GALE (** or ***) MASSIVE ANIMATION (***) PREREQUISITES: Golem. and they have no immunity to the effects. purity and similar details automatically. Effect: The character creates Heavy Winds. the effect lasts only a turn. it still does. The Extreme Heat or Extreme Cold Tilt is applied to those in the radius. The radius always centers on the character. inflicting the Ice Tilt on an area no larger than 2 X (Power Level + Elemental Mastery) yards. The radius is equal to up to Power Level X Elemental Mastery in yards. Effect: The character floods the area with their element. This effect lasts up to 1 minute (20 turns) per success.

** or ***) PREREQUISITES: Elemental Mastery. Sentient undead (such as vampires and revenants) are also immune to this technique. the character can negate one level of durability or add to it per success. this temporary power may be replaced by another non-rolled Alpha power appropriate for the character's element. with a single success being enough to craft a target that would normally need 3 successes. causing them to disintegrate. The first dot negates all bashing damage. While in this shape. the player may attempt to create their item or golem at a -4 penalty. she can also conjure it from thin air. At the Storyteller's discretion.1. as well as one temporary dot in Durability for solid elements or in Plasticity for non-solid elements. A character with this technique no longer requires a significant amount of her chosen element nearby in order to use her Elemental Mastery power. She may use her dots in Elemental Mastery in place of either Strength or Brawl when making unarmed attacks. Alternatively. Successes can be put towards the following alterations on a mass of the given element up to (Elemental Mastery x Power Level) cubic yards: •Irradiate/Cleanse: The character may spend two successes to render a substance radioactive or corrosive. Golem Effect: The character may shape their manifestation of the element as a projection of thought rather than craft. up to the character's dots in Elemental Mastery . the second negates all lethal and the third negates all aggravated. water for blood). and these attacks deal damage of the same type as her elemental attacks. the character fights like a force of nature. . each success on the activation roll grants a +1 bonus to Armor for solid elements or to Defense for non-solid elements. The normal rules for targeting an object apply. each success on the activation roll deals one level of aggravated damage to an object. with a -1 penalty for every additional 1-3 additional successes that would normally be needed. and this technique may not be used on sentient living creatures. ELEMENTAL INSTANCIATION (*) PREREQUISITES: Elemental Mastery 3+ Effect: The character is not only able to command her chosen element. even with the Vital Force merit. In other words. such that proximity with the substance deals a level of lethal or bashing damage each turn. •Toxicity: The character may increase or decrease the Toxicity of a substance at a rate of one point of Toxicity per success. The player may try for more challenging snap creations. The character may also increase or decrease the lethality of an already hazardous substance at the rate of one level of lethal or bashing damage per success. Elemental Immunity Effect: The character spends a point of verve and rolls Intelligence + (Science or Medicine) + Elemental Mastery. DESTRUCTION/REINFORCEMENT (*) PREREQUISITES: Elemental Mastery Effect: The character is able to undo the molecular bonds holding structured objects together of their chosen element. the player makes a normal power activation roll. Spending 1 Verve and rolling Dex + Athletics + Elemental Mastery.VITAL FORCE (*) PREREQUISITES: Elemental Mastery Effect: The techniques of this power may be used on living creatures if the elemental type is appropriate (bone for earth. Any resistance granted adds Stamina and Power Level to the resistance pool. the magic empowering them is too strong to be overcome by this power. (DIS)ENHAZARD (**) PREREQUISITES: Elemental Mastery. SNAP INSTANCIATION (**) PREREQUISITES: Elemental Instanciation. EMBODY (***) PREREQUISITES: Elemental Immunity 2+ Effect: For 2 Verve the character transmutes her body into a humanoid-shaped instance of her element. ELEMENTAL IMMUNITY (*. Power Level equal to twice the merit level. Effect: This merit protects the bearer from harm done by her chosen element. if the element is in the form of an object with Durability. if the normal target number for the extended roll would have been 13. In addition. creating a shaped object or faux being almost instantly. While in this shape the character automatically passes any roll involving Composure which does not relate to the activation of a power. Rather than crafting the element as an extended action like a normal craft roll.

including information that does not have FARTHING (* to *****) a clear sensory source. a breaking point. She is limited to passive observation in the latter case. Dramatic failure can cause psychological harm to one or both parties. She may return to her body at any time. a breaking point. dependent on the nature of the dream. Fabricate Dream Effect: This technique is identical in effect to the Domination power. It may sometimes even contact individuals outside of the dimension the user is in. If the character has a reason to suspect that their target is asleep while outside the usual range of Oneiromancy. Use the individual with the best stats for resistance as the primary target. FABRICATE DREAM (*) PREREQUISITES: Share Dream Effect: At the cost of 1 Verve. This can be highly disorienting. but may cast themselves as any object or creature that could conceivably symbolize their real self. but alerts the target to the fact that it is artificial. while walking within a dream. either from the waking world or the dreaming one. She may observe events in the Astral. If the target knows the character. Power Level equal to merit attempting to communicate with or glean information from the Effect: For each dot in this merit the range of this power is target the ST may require appropriate rolls and levi penalties multiplied by 10. this penalty may be further added to. dreamlike state. or peek in on our plane to spy on events there. ASTRAL PROJECTION (**) PREREQUISITES: Share Dream Effect: At a cost of 1 Verve per scene the character may send their spirit through the Astral Plane. as determined by the storyteller. The Oneiromancer cannot totally hide their presence in the dream. If the character is PREREQUISITES: Oneiromancy. This technique has a range of (Power Level + Oneiromancy) x 10 miles. the character using this power appears as themselves. and her mind is projected to any location within range. Beyond that there is no limit to the range of this power. . at the STs discretion. The character rolls Manipulation + Empathy + Oneiromancy – a 1 to 5 penalty related to the emotional potency of the dream. either 'clicking' into it or sliding it seamlessly into an existing one. The ST may decide that being in even more exotic localities then a parallel dimension block the use of this power or not. If the dream is a replay of an actual memory. A dramatic failure on that roll may result in the Souless persistent condition. Only characters with the Oneiromancy or Telepathy powers can see or hear her projection.Oneiromancy SHARE DREAM (* to **) PREREQUISITES: Oneiromancy Effect: The character walks in the dream of their target. and cannot act on anything except through the use of other Oneiromancy techniques. resulting in the Shaken or Broken SLEEPWALK (***) PREREQUISITES: Share Dream. the character enters a defenseless. the character may alter or create an entirely new dream. or import is happening on the Astral plane is up to the ST. The character cannot hide themselves in the dream. Rolls to use Sleepwalk may target all sleeping individuals in the range of the power. provided they make a successful activation roll. or whatever spiritual weirdness the ST feels is appropriate. While in the dream. NOCTURNAL MIGRATION (***) PREREQUISITES: Sleep Walk. they may attempt to enter their dreams at a -5 to the activation roll. using a normal activation roll. from 1 to 5. or some other related problem. Farthing 3+ Effect. they may roll Wits + Empathy + Oneiromancy to recognize the character altering their dream. except it only affects a dreaming target while the character is within their dream. and substitutes Oneiromancy for Domination in activation rolls. though cosmetic effects alter to match the context of the dream. What. especially if the dream is an emotional one. Conditions. if anything. While this power is active. Failure allows the dream to be crafted as usual. While within the dream they are aware of everything the dreamer is aware of.

It cannot be aimed. . and three dots allows for Long Bursts. Deafened. and Medium Bursts take an additional two. Armor Piercing (* to *****) PREREQUISITES: Force Strike Effect: The Armor Piercing quality is applied to the character's attacks when using Force Strike. two dots allows Medium Bursts. Each shot costs 1 Verve. a sonic blast from the mouth. Melee ranged use of the power remains free. The attack has armor applied but ignores Defense. Like all Power Tree Merits. Thus at 3 dots the range is 60/120/240. At a cost of 1 Verve the attack effects everything in a range of (Force Blast + Power Level) x 2 yards. Homing Bolt (*) PREREQUISITES: Force Shot Effect: The projectile ignores cover and shields. At two dots the Tilt is applied on three or more successes. The pool is Dexterity + (Athletics or Firearms). Force Shot (* to *****) PREREQUISITES: Force Strike Effect: The power can now be used as a ranged weapon with a range increment of 20/40/80 per dot in this merit. Force Blast (* to *****) PREREQUISITES: Force Strike Effect: The power can now be used as an indiscriminate blast radius effect. a mystic life-bolt from the heart chakra. Short Bursts take an additional point of verve. a force wave thrown from a punch. The rating in the Merit is equal to the Armor Piercing rating. It is a projectile when used this way. Cold or Drugged Tilt. One of these is chosen at the time the merit is purchased.Force Strike Tilting (* or **) PREREQUISITES: Force Strike Effect: The Strike carries with it the chance to apply the Blinded. and Long Bursts take three. if an Exceptional success is rolled on the attack. Rapid Fire (* to ***) PREREQUISITES: Force Shot Effect: The character can use the rules for autofire when attacking with this power. and does not remain part of the character. Heat. One dot allows for Short Bursts. These options can only be used with the ranged effect of the Power. this must match with the rational for the power itself. The player should consider how the attack manifests for purposes of description or circumvention (laser beams from the eyes. etc).

Gravity Control GRAVITIC GRASP (*) PREREQUISITES: Gravity Control Roll an activation roll. Effect: The basic use of the power may now be made as an extended action with a target number of up to four times the character's Power Level. Return To Sender Effect: This merit builds upon Return to sender. REVERSE GRAVITY (*) PREREQUISITES: Gravity Control Effect: The character manipulates an object or other character's gravitational field to make it fall upward. Each attack after the first negates one success from the activation roll. RETURN TO SENDER (*) PREREQUISITES: Gravity Control Effect: The character sends a projectile back to it's point of origin. The character must be eligible to dodge at the time they use this effect. and any attack which is reduced to 0 successes may rebound just like in Return To Sender. Power Level 3 GRAVITIC TETHERS (**) PREREQUISITES: Gravitic Grasp. though not armor. with each success negating one of the successes of the attacker. Use of this technique on a willing target as a means of locomotion is not recommended. except The three dot version does not loose a success per attack. SKY FALL (**) PREREQUISITES: Reverse Gravity. The player rolls a normal activation roll. The field lasts the rest of the round and costs a verve to activate. and the roll is GRAVITY WELL (***) penalized by the target's Defense (but not armor). Power Level 3+ Effect: The character may now apply Reverse Gravity as an area effect. The character may use this effect to defend themselves or someone else. Each individal in the field applies they defense separately to see if they are caught in the effect. with a radius equal to the base power. and the target may apply their defense. but must be aware of the projectile. Each success on the activation roll moves the target 3 yards straight up. It is an instant action costing one Verve to use on any one target within (Power Level + Gravity Control) x 5 yards. that is may be applied selectively to a single target within (Power Level + Gravity Control) x 5 yards. If there are any successes remaining. . who must defend against it as if it where an attack with that many successes. or spend 1 additional Verve to keep it weightless at the apex for one turn. Power Level 3+ Effect: This merit modifies the original power. They do not have to be physically capable of a dodge at the time. The character places a field around themselves or a target of their choice as a dodge (they need not be physically capable of a dodge). the object has been flung back at the attacker. This effect on a living target is an attack. REPULSER FIELD (** or ***) PREREQUISITES: Gravity Control. and it takes their action for the turn. Effect: The effect is as per the basic use of the power. just like a dodge. The character can opt to apply the field selectively to anything in the radius. The successes from this roll are treated as a dodge roll for all incoming projectile attacks. at which point the character may either let the target fall back down and take damage normally. Prerequisite: Gravity Control.

CELERITY (*) PREREQUISITES: Super Speed Effect: The character may take additional unrolled actions each turn. Please read the relevant part of the discussion section before editing this merit. All of these actions resolve on one die roll. up to as much as twice their dots in Super Speed. Wined-Up Effect: While Super Speed is active the character gains +1 Defense and Initiative per dot. In addition. Note: Rolled and unrolled actions can be mixed. rolled or unrolled. Each action added this way costs one Verve. and then subtracting one die for each rolled action. but move with certainty and grace. FLICKER-FLASH (**) PREREQUISITES: Super Speed 2+. ALACRITY (**) PREREQUISITES: Super Speed. Each two unrolled actions added this way cost one Verve. the character is able to take a number of additional rolled actions equal to their dots in Super Speed. the character cannot move further than twice their multiplied Speed in one turn this way (otherwise their potential movement would increase quadratically). the character may trade one of their rolled actions while using Super Speed to make a stealth roll. If the character had a Strength + Brawl pool of 7. slamming their target with their body.Super Speed ADROIT COMBATANT (**) PREREQUISITES: Super Speed. To get up to this speed. Note: Characters can activate Super Speed at any point in a turn. While using super speed the character suffers no penalties to stealth rolls. Power Level 3+. The Stealth roll is applied to all action the speedster takes in that same turn. the character must move at least 5 yards. punch out two goons. This effect can be used only with an activation of Super Speed and the penalty to Initiative is applied after the bonus to initiative Super Speed grants. the speedster would roll 2 dice for the attacks (7 – 2 rolled actions. . then make a single melee attack as an instant action. one unrolled). WINED-UP (*) PREREQUISITES: Super Speed Effect: The character can make a special dash attack provided they can get up to full speed before doing so. so a character with three dots of Super Speed could move across a warehouse floor. minus the highest defense 3). Actions involving multiple dice rolls such as Gunslinger attacks cannot be added this way. even if they do so in a circle. This does mean that some characters may see the wined-up attack coming and choose to alter their actions based on this information. If the character can fly. using the lowest applicable pool with the highest applicable penalty other than. Celerity Effect: On the turn they activate Super Speed. or striking them with a limb or weapon. but resolves it on their penalized initiative. such that her actions barely register to those moving at normal speed. The player declares this action on their Super Speed initiative. Alacrity Effect: The character has begun not just to move quickly. they can apply this merit to a mid-air attack with the same mechanics. This merit specifically allows only actions that would normally be unrolled when preformed at normal speed. with one goon having a defense of 2 and the other of 3. including during someone else’s turn (which can be useful for defense) and before rolling initiative (unless they are surprised). pick up a hostage and run out the door in one turn (2 rolled. Each point of penalty translates to a +1 to the damage modifier for the attack. The player takes a penalty to their initiative of up to the character's Super Speed dots. However.

A single success on the activation roll allows the character to detect her target if he is anywhere within (Power Level + Telepathy) miles. or an extra-dimensional being. The character may extend the range on the effect by adding another 10 yards for each -2 penalty they apply to the roll. On a dramatic failure. or +8 'Guarded'. though an Exceptional Success allows the changed information. of another. Prerequisite: Telepathy A dramatic failure on the roll applies the Distracted Condition. On a successful activation of this power the character applies the Confused or Distracted Condition to their target. The success. such as an A. The character is aware of both the location and the nature of each detected intelligence. rendering the target unable to detect next roll to be for free. the character must make an extended activation roll and score a number of successes based on the chart below. however. Effect: The character is able to flood the target's mind with psychic noise. for example. A character targeted by Mind confusing the target or alerting him to the memory alteration.I. the attribute values above reflect current values. +4. although the target may eventually realize that his memories THOUGHT DETECTION (*) are incorrect through interaction with other characters. thoughts or memories (such as mnemonic devices for remembering passwords) will be left intact. In order to use this technique. the character is able to track a target from a great distance by focusing on his mental activity. not only is psychic intrusion. may contest each roll the chosen memory or piece of information altered.their thoughts on a subject. she is able to alter any single memory or piece of character using the Mind Probe technique may make a information in the target's mind. the character will learn the qualities of the intelligence ("highly advanced and extremely logical. the character must A secret identity is typically Vitally Private. The using the Mind Probe technique. familiar intelligences on the other side of the wall are humans." or "similar in strength to a human but completely unfamiliar") but will not recognize the manner of entity to which they belong. she would be able to recognize that the primitive minds in the floorboards belong to cockroaches and that the more advanced. the target's player applies one of these conditions to the telepath. refers to an individual intentionally hiding Once the character is familiar with a subject's mental signature. the activating character is immediately aware of his exact location in relation to her.activating character's Telepathy rating) roll to become aware of the If the character wins with an exceptional success. and if successful. Effect: This power allows the character to alter the memories 'Where the bomb is hidden' is typically Guarded information. once this is done. Time and familiarity may modify the activation roll. FARTHING (*) PREREQUISITES: Telepathy Effect: The range on telepathic effects is doubled. above. Probe may make a reflexive (Wits + Composure . A single success on the activation roll makes the character aware of every entity with at least the intelligence of an insect within (Power Level + Telepathy) x 5 yards of her. Mind Probe 'Vitally Private' refers to potentially damaging information. In order to use this merit. it becomes Guarded & Vitally Private. each additional success on the activation roll doubles this range. If the character knows someone is going through their mind looking for their first find and learn the information she wishes to change secret identity. Activating this technique costs 1 verve. which may end up and each roll takes one turn. Target Typical Thoughts Private Vitally Private Repressed/Amnesic Condition Traumatic Guarded Psychically Secured Successes Needed Target's Resolve +2 Resolve + Composure Resolve + Composure + 2 2 X (Resolve + Composure) Modifier +1 to +5 +Target's Subterfuge +2. any related maximum number of rolls equal to the character's Resolve. MIND PROBE (****) PREREQUISITES: Telepathy Effect: The character is able to read the long-term memories of her target. The technique has a range of (Power the memory alteration without outside help. but any with a reflexive Resolve + Telepathy + Power Level. so players may character may make an activation roll to alter the memory. An alternative use for this power is to remove the altered memories. preventing action. typically because they suspect someone wants to know the truth and the subject doesn't wish them too. changes caused by use of this technique are permanent. Prerequisite: Telepathy. Prerequisite: Telepathy Telepathy The target takes on the Altered Memories Condition. When faced with an unfamiliar intelligence. and has a range of (Power Level) yards. If try to produce circumstances that will lower the effective the character wins the activation roll with an ordinary values before attempting to enter a subject's mind. 'Private' refers to anything of a personal MEMORY ALTERATION (***) nature the subject wouldn't speak aloud in most company. On an exceptional success both may be applied. This effect would allow an individual to recognize an impostor. The memory Level) yards. provided they had met the individual previously. . If the target character is in range and his brain is functional. restoring the originals and resolving the Condition. Each roll related memories will also shift and alter to accommodate the costs one verve. MIND HAZE (*) Effect: The character is able to expand her awareness and detect nearby mental activity.

The pool is Intelligence + (Medicine) + Temporal Manipulation – target’s Stamina. Situations may arise that a character cannot fix. When the activation roll fails. and the character may roll and gain successes a number of times per scene up to her Stamina (including any bonus for Mega-Stamina). so a time traveler must be careful. if the character gained the point by removing an object that they later picked up. Power Level 3+ Effect: Each success on the activation roll increases or decreases the target’s physical age by one year. A time traveler particularly prone to paradox will simply vanish if their entire morality track is filled with Divergence. One is that the character must attempt not to alter the already established events (so sometimes it's easier not to know).Temporal Manipulation AGE ALTERATION (****) Perquisites: Temporal Manipulation. while his mental maturity. the character can choose to move up to one turn into the future or past. Mark this point by putting an X through the character's top-most Integrity circle. The character may remove a point of Divergence by fixing any violation of the above rules. Each remaining success freezes the target for one turn. If the circle that would be marked is a filled in dot. this simply indicates that the character's attempt to set up events failed for some reason. After rolling. forward or backward. meaning the target may not be able to use that knowledge or those skills to full effect. this has on the target. Each successive use of this power on the same target during the same scene has a cumulative -1 penalty applied. Power Level 2 PREREQUISITES: Temporal Manipulation. as the character must still make the attempt later (The attempt will then remove the Divergence. the character checks for degeneration. For example. HOP (***) PREREQUISITES: Temporal Manipulation. The die pool is Resolve + (Drive) + Temporal Manipulation. SLIPSHANK (**) PREREQUISITES: Hop Effect: The character can hop in a 'playing it forward' manor. lest time travel break their mind and eventually eject them from reality all together. While frozen the target cannot act or be acted upon. comes with certain rules. If a character violates one of these rules they begin to diverge from the 'trajectory' of time. Each additional point marks another circle below that one. STOP TIME (**) Effect: Stop Time does just that—stops the passage of time around a target. . at the STs option. That character cannot regain this point of Integrity while that level is still marked with Divergence. by choosing to take a point of Divergence to assign a future use of time travel they plan on. Time travel. and they will have the point of Divergence until they go back in time and put that same tool in that same drawer. Note that only the target’s physical body is changed. a few moments. except when moved by an outside force. For each success on the activation roll. The verve is still spent and the Divergence is still gained though. the player may declare that their character finds a tool they need in a drawer they have never looked in. however. and benefit from it at the moment. because they will use time travel to put it there later. the Storyteller is the final arbiter of what effects. they can fix the situation by replacing the object without being seen by their earlier self. Power Level 2+ Effect: The character jumps through time. and his superpowers remain intact. On an exceptional success the character may jump up to an hour or scene in either direction. or occasionally as much as an hour. and gain a 'Divergence' point. even small-scale time travel. his knowledge level. The character rolls their Intelligence + (Science) + Temporal Manipulation. Each roll requires 1 willpower. the immature brain of a child or the aged brain of a geriatric may not function as effectively as that of an adult. Each hop costs 1 verve. they may allow a 'played forward' action to take up a downtime action. Extensive use of this technique on the same target may cause the character or the target to take degeneration rolls. When they actually take the action. the point of Divergence is removed. Each roll takes one turn and 2 verve. For instance. If the Storyteller uses the "Matter of Resolve" optional rules for downtime actions. if any. subtract the target's Power Level from the successes rolled. They will find the tool there when they look. once the character has failed). Using Age Alteration is an extended action. Another is that they must avoid paradoxes in general.