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Name: Muhd Izzat Syahmi Akmal Bin

2) Mixing method of concrete : manually and using machinery. Method test for fresh concrete:1) Slump Test 2) Cube Test The batching method of concrete. Producers of casting and placing concrete. Method of curing concrete. a) Volume method. which has long been used to work at construction site.Student Number: 17DKA15F1086 Works of concrete preparation at site:1) Batching method of concrete : volume method and weighing method. .  Using the measuring box and the conventional method. Method of concrete transportation on site and batching plant.

33m X 0. a) Manually. Volume of cement is calculated based on the volume of one bag / weight of cement and sand as well as for coarse aggregate  measured by volume of the same bag. 1) Types T – drum are lean  This machine are used drum for mixing the materials of    concrete. When mixing are finish the concrete will be throut. Example :Mix ratio (1:1.33m = 0.035m ) b) Weigh method   Using the principles of the scales. The ratio of each substance is calculated based on the volume of  concrete.8 X 50 kg coarse agg. Can’t to used of efection for the high workabability.33m X 0. 2) Types NT – drum are not lean ( Cylinder ) . Suitable for control purposes in the laboratory for testing purposes.9:3. b) Machinery. Mixing for are small quantity mixture.    Mixing by hand. = 190 kg Volume of water = 25L The mixing of concrete.5 1 bag cement X 50 kg = 50kg 1. This method can not be used for work that requires accuracy  because of the volume of concrete depends on its density. The angle of casting is 40 to 60 .035 m The measuring of box is (0. Density of cement (BS = 1442 kg/m ) to determine the measure of box : 1 bag cement = 50 kg/ 1442 kg/m = 0. The shape of machine is cone and spin in one direction.9 X 50 kg fine agg. = 95 kg 3.8) and W/C = 0.

Used for large quantities concrete. wood and other materials. c) Pump     Fast method and economical if careful planning. Using pipe 6” to pumped from the mixing place. The concrete mixing well throut at bottom part of machine. Used on difficult to utilize lorry and transport machine. b) Chute    Tools to transporting concrete from height to the lower place.   This machine Types T. Transporting method of concrete on site. Have two type is plunger pump and press pump. The drum spin in vertical part. Can carry as long 30m – 50m vertically and 300m – 500m   horizontal direction. a) Wheelbarrow   Used for concrete transporting in small quantity. Chute limited for 3m and diameter is 300mm. Made from PVC pipe. . Used to transport the concrete metarials such as cement and aggragate.

Size of skrip is 1394kg @ 12. a large of skrip should be used to make it more economical.57m .  Concrete mix must be near at site. Use skrip depend on load of size. . 2) Tower crane     Used for building higher than 30m.d) Crane Have two types: 1) Mobile crane. Procedures of casting and placing site. The concrete include in large container have a trap door at bottom. 1) Mobile crane  Used for project large and in the construction of high  structures less than 30m. 2) Tower crane. If the concrete placing high.

 This method is used in the factory to accelerate the curing process. Slump test Purpose :  To determine the workability of concrete at site . For structure concrete wall and column must be placing in layer   thickness 450mm. Materials that may damage the color of concrete can not be used. This method is suitable for concrete work on the floor.   Flooding or spray on the concrete surface with water. b) Cube test. Avoid for cold joint.  Sweeping chemicals such as silica compounds in the concrete surface to prevent water loss from evaporation. wood dust ). Must be placing in a uniform layer by layer for avoid separation  materials. plastic. Testing on workability of concrete a) Slump test. wood dust.  Covered with sacks wet. especially for pre – stressed concrete. d) Using a vapor steam. b) Flooding or spraying with water. sand and other wet  materials. Method of curing concrete a) Covered with wet metarials ( sacks. Concrete must be compact before the next layer. plastic. c) Sweeping with chemicals.

Clean of the surface of the cone. Circular tamping rod 12mm. Procedure :  Prepare materials for the concrete mix according to the mix ratio as   directed. Ruler steel and concrete mixing equipment. Procedure : . Flatten the top and clean the concrete surface. Apparatus :   Concrete. Include the concrete mix into the cone of 3 layers and each layer      compacted by 25 times using a tamping rod staffing until full. Slowly and carefully remove the cone next the concrete mix. then lay on flat base plate. Repeat the testing with add water cement ratio. Concrete. Cube test Objective :  To determine the workability of fresh concrete. Place the rod horizontal at cone and concrete slump.Apparatus :     Cone and base plate. Measure and record the distance slumps the concrete. Cube consistometer machine.

The time is noted. The glass disc attached to the swivel arm is turned and placed on  the top of the concrete in the pot.  simultaneously. The electrical vibrator is switched on and a stop-watch is started. placing the slump cone  inside the cylinder past of the consistometer. When the concrete fully assumes a cylindrical shape. A conventional slump test is performed. Vibration is continued till the conical shape of the concrete  disappears and the concrete assumes a cylincrical shape. . the stopwatch is switched off immediately.