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To purse a challenging career in an organization of repute, which provides excellent work
opportunities, where my Construction, conceptual, communication, analytical, leadership and
planning skills can be effectively utilized.

Work in a harmonious environment that encourages teamwork and nurtures development

Professional Qualification

B.E in Electronics and communication Engineering (2008-2011)

: Anna University


: 70%

Academic Qualification
DECE-April 2008


: Noorul Islam polytechnic college,


: 73.67%

HSC (2006)

: ST. Bernadette’s HSS-March 2006


: 57.91%

SSLC (2004)

: ST. Mary’s HSS April 2004


: 69.4%

Professional Experience 1) CLIENT: OIL and NATURAL GAS CORPORATION. Assembling &Commissioning of Siemens fire alarm panel.  Resolving technical issues with Contractor related to Instrument Installations where required.  Installation of Smoke Detector (HFP-11).  Calibration of Field Instruments like LT.  Leading the contractor from construction phase to commissioning phase to complete the systems and priority wise sub systems. INDIA COMPANY: TATA PROJECTS LTD. . Control Philosophy  Cable termination as per Cable schedule &JB schedule.  Understand the construction documents like Cable schedule..  Erection and Commissioning of PLC (Honeywell) Panel.  Loop checking & Functional checking as per Cause&Effect. RPM Fire Fighting Telephone as Per Construction documents.  Supervise & monitor Contractor’s installation of Field Instrument & equipments. Responsibilities: (INSTRUMENTATION)  Review of P & IDs.  Preparing Bill of Material require for day to day construction activity for project execution.  Programming for Smoke Detector & Control Module Using DPU. MUMBAI. HTRI-R. PT Etc.  Hand on experience of HART (375/475) Communicator for Calibration & loop checking. MCP (HTRI-S). and Reports related all construction Activity. Fire & Gas and vendor Package PLCs. Cable Schedules and Instrument Installation Drawings and review of Interfaces between PLCand Electrical switch gears.  Supervising cable Tray Installation Activities Responsibilities: (FIRE&GAS DETCTION SYSTEM)  Installation.  Supervising the cable laying Activities as per Drawing and Cable Schedule.  Installation and Commissioning of Deluge System. INDIA POSITION HELD: E&I ENGINEER PERIOD: Feb 2013 – Till date PROJECT EXECUTED: FIRE WATER NETWORK. Checklist. ONGC URAN.  Preparation of Documentation like RFI. Loop Diagram.

 Ensure Compliance at all times with the Company’s Environmental Health and Safety Procedures.  Prepare work Schedule based on the Scope of work.  Prepared cable cutting scheduled for 50 KMs. HT Panels.  Installation of DBs like PDB. As well as occupational health and safety regulations similarly compliance with Security.  Documentation like RFI. . UDB etc. Cable Schedule.5. Electrical Items availability status as per the Bill of Materials.  Installation of 7. etc.  Installation & Internal Wiring of PMCC Panel.  Testing of LT.  Check and Identify the Material required for Fabrication/Erection.  No Load Test & MRT of LT and HT Motors.  Known the Operation of 22Kv/6.  Assists as required in the preparation of Electrical related Construction work Procedures.  Ensure safety at Work Spot & Obtain work permits before starting the works. Bill of Materials. Checklist.  Supports other disciplines for the work front & completion of project timely. Hook up drawings.  Supervising installation activities.  Cable lying as per SLD&Cable Schedule. Responsibilities: (Electrical)  Review of Electrical Drawings &SLD.  Installation & Internal Wiring of 6.  Check the materials.6Kv Panels 2) COMPANY: NEWOWN INSTRUMENTS DESIGNATION: JUNIOR ENGINEER PERIOD: MAY 2011-JAN2013 Responsibilities: (Electrical)  Report to the nominated Project Manager. Control Philosophy. which are related to the works. 1MVA Transformers. Loop checking & Functional checking as per Cause Effect.  Study and Understand the Documents like Electrical Schematic.  Installation & Internal wiring of 22Kv Isolator panels. Reports.  Termination of Control Cable as per Interconnection Schedule.6Kv Switchboard.

Do Inspection for the works executed and rectify the faults immediately. Check the Work front availability at the work spot . If work front is not available inform client to release the fronts at the earliest. Explain the Work clearly to sub – Contractor / Skilled Technicians to start the work. Check the work front availability status.  Loop checking & Functional checking. signal and field cables as per schedule  Installation of Cabinets and consoles  Testing& Termination of all cables  Preparing materials according to drawing  Installation of cable tray supports and tray routing as per given and typical drawing  Stub up installation as per given and typical drawing  Jb’s installation as per given and typical drawing  Installation of field instruments as per P&I drawings  Involved in preparing for cable cross section.  Preparation of Bill of Material. Key skills  MS OFFICE. Loop checking for cables to be checked to ensure proper connection and proper working of Electrical Items.  Preparation of cable drum cutting schedule. power.  Microprocessor & microcontroller Personal Skills  Excellent Leadership Skills . Submit the monthly progressive bills to Concerns Dept & Get certification from client for the works executed. Responsibilities: (Instrumentation)  Cable tray installation under access floor  MCT frame installation  Laying of internal earthing. Plan and prepare erection Schedule and inform contractor to mobilize the manpower and manpower and tools accordingly.         Follow up with Sub-contractor for manpower and Tools/Tackles mobilization. Inform Sub – contractor to start the work and supervise the work whether they are executing the works as per Standard drawings and documents.

Place : Date Yours faithfully. Hindi. Address : Ottapanavilai.O) K. intellectual sharpness. Personal Particulars Father name Date of birth Passport no : Mr. Bruce Johny) . Good safe-player. Pin No 629159. R. Tamil. : (J. Kanyakumari District. Ritapuram (P. Declaration I hereby assure that all the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge.Jaya Kumar : 20/07/1989 : K3015167 Languages known : English.K.Dist.