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Ancient Domains Of Mystery

An Interactive Adventure In A Fantastic World
Copyright 1994-2015 by Thomas Biskup.
All Rights Reserved All Over The World

---------To my parents for always allowing me to choose my path in life.
To Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax for inventing the most wonderful
pastime ever.

Table Of Contents
The Coming of Chaos
The Price of the Game
To further the development of the game...
The Horoscope
Game-related Effects of Star Signs
The Player Character
The Races
The Classes
Increasing Skills
Marking Skills for Quick Selection

Weapon Skills
Weapon Skills and Attack Energy
Experience and Advancement
Magic & Spells
Casting Spells from Books
Known Spells
The Game
The Main Screen
The Monster Memory
The Display
The Player Character Screen
Miscellaneous Commands
The Dynamic Display
The Inventory
Filtering the Stuff List
Beasts of Burden
Saving the Game
How To Start -- A Beginner's Guide


Customizing ADOM
Command-Line Options
Customizing the Keymap

-----------Ancient Domains of Mystery (ADOM for short) is a rogue-like game
which means that it is a single-user game featuring the exploration of
a dungeon complex. You control a fictional character described by
race, class, attributes, skills, and equipment. This fictional
character is trying to achieve a specific goal (see below) and succeed
in a difficult quest. To fulfill the quest, you have to explore
previously undiscovered tunnels and dungeons, fight hideous monsters,
uncover long forgotten secrets, and find treasures of all kind.
During the game, you explore dungeon levels which are randomly
generated each game. You might also encounter certain special levels,
which present a particular challenge or are built around a certain
IMPORTANT: If you are a first-time player you should read the 'How to
start' section of this manual.
The Coming of Chaos
------------------For 6000 years, the world of Ancardia was left untouched by the
incursions of Chaos, but finally the sinister forces of evil and

darkness have found this young and teeming world. In a remote
mountain complex, huge dungeons were formed by great magical powers.
They seem to contain some kind of dimensional gate which allows
terrors from unknown dimensions to enter the world of Ancardia and
wreak havoc.
For years, nobody understood the true cause of sudden ambushes by evil
monsters, incursions by hideous monster armies, and the rising tide of
Chaos. Finally Khelavaster, the great sage, uncovered an ancient
prophecy foretelling the Coming of Chaos -- a dark and sinister time
when the skill, power and valor of a single hero would determine the
future of the world. The ancient scrolls of prophecy hinted at a
remote mountain range -- the Drakalor Chain -- which was destined to
be the final battle ground for an epic fight between Chaos and Order.
Khelavaster quickly made this known to all the intelligent races of
Within weeks, many heroes set out to find the source of the chaotic
forces and destroy it. Khelavaster was among the first to enter those
dungeons. Many heroes have followed him since then but no one has
ever returned from the dungeons. Thus the forces of Chaos continue
their conquest and threaten to defile Ancardia...
You are one of those young heroes willing to risk your life to defeat
the forces of Chaos, gain fame, fortune, power, and ultimately save
your world and your people. After weeks of arduous travel, you have
finally reached the center of the Drakalor Chain and now face the
entrance to those dungeons of mystery which must contain a means to
save your world. You were told to visit a small village by the name
of "Terinyo" and talk to the village elder for he might have the
latest information about the region. Steady yourself and be prepared
to engage in a heroic struggle for the fate of your home world!
The Price of the Game
--------------------ADOM is available for free as long as you honor the license of the
game (either see the file 'license.doc' or type 'adom -b' at your
command-line). If you want to thank me (Thomas Biskup) for creating
ADOM, maintaining it, fixing all discovered bugs, providing support
and generally spending a lot of time on the game and if you are having
fun with the game, please consider rewarding my efforts by sending a
postcard to the following address from wherever you are living:
Thomas Biskup
Zu den Tannen 5
58456 Witten
I *love* receiving postcards from all over the world. Weigh the fun
ADOM gave you against the ten minutes you probably need to
write and send such a postcard -- and if you find that you like and
enjoy the game -- please do it. I'm really not asking much... am I?
To further the development of the game...
----------------------------------------ADOM contains a number of bugs as is normal for one huge piece of
software being developed by a single person (about 135,000 lines of

........ 3 Unicorn ... when the moon shines brightly..... During the day of Darknight all evil magics are very strong while good magics are severely hampered... 2 Wand .. Silvernight is a joyful day (when nobody usually works) and is followed by a night full of feasts and revelries....9. when no moon is visible.... Darknight is considered to be a dangerous day followed by a night filled with evil magics.. 4 Summer .. 5 . One year has 12 months. Twoweek. 2. One moon circles the world...code as of ADOM 0. each with four weeks of seven days each. Salamander . Thus a typical month is structured like this: Day ----1 2. The Horoscope ------------The sky of Ancardia is covered by a myriad of stars.. The inhabitants of Ancardia believe in the magical forces controlling the movements of the celestial bodies. Magic energies influence one's life depending on the time of birth. Each month is named after a particular star sign. 5.8 9-15 16 17-23 24-30 Specific Name ------------Darknight Oneweek Twoweek Silvernight Threeweek Fourweek The following twelve star signs are used to name the months: Spring .de/bugs and should contain at least the following information: 1. Threeweek and Fourweek. The 16th day of a month is called Silvernight... In addition..9 Gamma 13). The weeks are named Oneweek. Bug reports are submitted at http://www..adom. Book . your real life name and your email address the version of ADOM you are using (exact version) the operating system you are using (exact version) a description on what you did to produce the error all dumps ADOM might have created Unless asked you should *not* include any binary files. The first day in a month is Darknight.... 4... there are two special days in each month which don't belong to any week. In contrast.. Thus it's absolutely necessary to send bug reports in to me if you experience problems with the game... 3.. On the day of Silvernight good magics enjoy great advantages while evil magics are severely hindered.

Dragon ..... Beauty.. 1 When the game is started. Messengers.. Unicorn .. Falcon . Inflexibility The game itself begins on the first day of the month of the Unicorn. Force of Personality Cup: Collected Knowledge. Rulership. Game-related Effects of Star Signs ---------------------------------Each star sign has specific game effects which will be enumerated below: Raven ***** Harder to trick by deceptions.. Laws Wand: Laws.. a star sign is determined (together with your character's birthday)... Raven: Death....... Purity. one free skill increase per level. Transition Wolf: Hunt.. Note that some signs are quite variable in the attributes they govern.. Tactics.. Strategy Falcon: Nobility.. 12 Raven .. +2 to initial Charisma. Ferocity... Combat.. messengers will reach you faster.. Community with Nature.. Wolf . Tricks Book: Knowledge. 7 Autumn . Wand **** Lawful tendencies (it's harder to change).... You might want to consider these factors when creating a character. Book **** Lawful tendencies (it's harder to change).. Innocence. Neutral Magic. Dignity Salamander: Magic (especially fire). Camaraderie Candle: Hope. starts out with lawful tendencies but gets +2 to Mana and 10% more power points if neutral initially. Life...... Serenity. Combat Magic Sword: Combat. Loyalty Tree: Tradition..... Might.. 8 Cup . spells for neutral casters are 10% cheaper in power points...... 9 Candle ..... Learning. 10 Winter .. Companion. Devotion. you are faster (+10 to speed).. +2 to initial Perception..... Eloquence Dragon: Ferocity.. The star sign has some effects on the career of the character.. Leadership Unicorn: Grace. 11 Tree .... Finally... Your character will also be slightly favored during the month named after his star sign... +3 to initial Learning... Execution. 6 Sword ..... Hunt. companions are more powerful.. Experience... increased chance to learn spells...... Anger. characters tend to be very lucky on their birthday.

+20% to power points (always). Wolf **** +3 to initial Perception. costs to increase melee weapon skills are reduced by 20%. hard to change to a different alignment once lawful. +5 to initial Willpower. -3 to initial Willpower. will undergo long and hard hours of training to learn a profession and many skills enhancing his chance to defeat evil and finally save the world. +2 to initial Willpower. +2 to Toughness. . learns spells more effectively (20% better than others). +1 to initial Charisma. This character will be chosen from one of the intelligent races of Ancardia. Cup *** Requires 10% less experience points to advance in level. +1 to the initial Learning score. +3 to initial Mana. combat magic is 10% cheaper in power points. +2 to initial Appearance. Salamander ********** Fire magic is 20% cheaper in power points. Falcon ****** Very good at surviving in the wilderness. food is more nutritious for you (by +25%). the gods are more forgiving when asked for favors. The Player Character -------------------To be able to fight Chaos. All these concepts are explained in detail in the sections below. +2 to initial Strength. Dragon ****** 10% increased effects from Tactics settings. +1 to PV. often called the player character (or PC). one free talent. receives one free skill advance every two levels. one free talent. +2 to initial Learning. Sword ***** Positive modifiers from Tactics settings are increased by 10%. +3 to initial Willpower. costs to increase weapon skills are reduced by 10%. +1 to initial Toughness. +1 to initial Charisma. Tree **** It's generally hard to change alignment. Candle ****** Heals faster. you will have to create a fictional character.******* Harder to corrupt by Chaos effects.

HIGH ELF -. Each race has certain advantages and disadvantages and receives different equipment and attributes. Haggling. pointy teeth. engage in musical and romantic affairs and generally have a good time. they move with unsurpassed grace and are among the greatest mana-wielders in the game.Gray Elves are the most noble of all elven races. Trolls are by far the strongest and the dumbest race available in this game. Most races shun them because of this. GRAY ELF -. They live in the forests where they like to hunt. They are also very fast learners (getting a free skill increase whenever they advance a level). High Elves train in the following skills: Dodge. They tend to be adaptable.The Races --------In ADOM. While humans do not have any other special advantages. TROLL -. Gray Elves look similar in appearance to High Elves. Their magical powers are especially noteworthy. You can choose among the following races: HUMAN -. Trolls train in the following skills: Athletics. They also learn very slowly and need a lot of experience points to advance in their profession. and Stealth. they don't suffer from any disadvantages either.Trolls are extremely huge and strong creatures with large muscles. Their beauty is ethereal. nearly six feet 10 inches tall and generally have golden or auburn hair and amber or purple eyes. Humans train in the following skills: Climbing. Their ears are very pointed and their skin is very fair. On the positive side. Trolls are somewhat disadvantaged by their great size (good targets!) and the great amounts of food they need to sustain their bulk. Bridge Building.High Elves are a beautiful race of extremely long-lived creatures. Literacy.Humans are the most generic of all races. Each race also gains some default skills as their cultural heritage (see the section on skills for a complete list of available skills in the game). Listening. suited for every profession and generally well equipped. frolic. a wide variety of fantasy races can be chosen for your player character. Gemology. High Elves are of slender build. they are by far the toughest and strongest race in the game and heal real fast. big horns and a lot of hair all over their body. They make excellent fighters and lousy magicians. and Mining. Food Preservation. and Swimming. they are not very well-liked and somewhat frail. Food Preservation. On the negative side. They are nearly always in a bad mood. High Elves are excellent fighters (and also great shots with their deadly long bows!) and mages. They are of even more slender . although most of them sport silver or golden hair and purple or light blue eyes. partially because of their arrogance and partially because they have had conflicts with most other races in their long history. They tend to shun the other races.

more closely related to animals than to "True Beings". Dark Elves are of very slender frame and slightly smaller than their surface-dwelling cousins. Their breath is misty and their eyes are pearly. Gray Elves train in the following skills: Dodge. Many millennia ago they were exiled into the Underdark after a long and hateful war with the other elven sub-races. they have spawned some very rare individuals who have left their homelands and are eternally remembered in legends and song because of their valor. They are almost immortal and some of their ancient members are believed to have been present at the dawn of creation. Because of their long absence from the sunlight. they appear frightening.Dark Elves are as evil as Gray Elves are beautiful. and courage. having seen many empires rise and crumble within the span of a single Mist Elf's life. Despite their weak physique they are dangerous warriors as the mist-like makeup of their body greatly reduces damage taken in melee combat. than their lesser cousins. Thus they prefer to wear and wield weapons and armaments of precious metals. Mist Elves move almost without sound. Combined with the fact that Mist Elves are a very magical race. They scoff at the views of the younger races and life doesn't mean much to them. viewing them as uncaring beings devoid .if you notice them at all!). Gray Elves despise Mist Elves. their bodies being made from magically solidified mist. But besides their great beauty. They possess great magical talents. MIST ELF -. During the millennia beneath the earth. In contrast. DARK ELF -. they are arrogant and haughty beings. Dark Elves are hated and feared by almost everyone because of their cruelty and lack of mercy. they are almost blind when adventuring in the daylight. Dark Elves train in the following skills: Alertness. Mist Elves are even larger than Gray Elves but thin and frail beings. their hair is of pure white color. and Stealth. Their greatest enemies are their surface cousins. their hair is pearly white and it seems to move with a slight breeze all the time.Mist Elves are a truly ancient race. Additionally they are the most fairy-like of elves. Despite the general evil disposition of this race over the centuries. Their physique is weak and they are not very strong. Dark Elves worship Lol'th. going so far that the prolonged touch of mundane metal burns their skin like acid. pink or yellow. cold and wise at the same time. the evil demon queen of all spiders. they were corrupted by the dark secrets they managed to unearth. They are also even more frail than their lesser cousins. Literacy. Their skin is as black as their souls. Listening. are very nimble and have an excellent perception in the underground. generally disliked by most other races that have contact with them (which is next to no one on a regular basis. like mithril or adamantium. and Stealth. Climbing. literally born from the mists of time. Their skin is almost white. violet. Gray Elves tend to regard all the non-elven races as lesser beings. Their incredible lifespan gives them a very different and aloof outlook on life and civilization as they regard even Gray Elves as mere toddlers. goodwill. Find Weakness. as they like to call themselves.. mostly you will meet Gray Elves in a chance encounter -. which they balance with a greatly enhanced agility and magical powers of which other races only dream.

Listening. hardy and taciturn race.if not drawn towards Chaos due to boredom . Mist Elves train in the following skills: Alertness. others regard them as leftovers from the act of creation itself. HURTHLING -. Detect Traps. They are sturdy and brave. Gnomes are great leather workers and gnomish boots are a quality product every race greatly enjoys (except trolls and maybe hurthlings). Gnomes are famous for their very black humor and their great magical skills. Hurthlings rarely wear beards and generally prefer short-cut hair. called white necromancy by themselves. Mist Elves just chuckle about the antics of their baby cousins. Mist Elves are the rarest of all elves. Necromancy and Stealth. They enjoy their burrows. Most hurthlings prefer to walk without shoes.of emotion and lacking the general elven love for life. Mining. They grow to be an average three to three and a half feet high. You will encounter a thousand Gray Elves before you see one Mist Elf.Gnomes are the smaller cousins of dwarves. Their body is stocky and their endurance is legendary. They are rumored to live in misty areas high in mountain valleys or deep in the hills. They groom their beards very well. They are great connoisseurs of gems and the best gem carvers known in the whole world. brave to a fault. Pick Pockets. Literacy. Concentration. They normally attack each other on sight. have an excellent sight in the underground and are experts at detecting secret doors and traps. Some sages believe them to be physical manifestations of the dreams of gods. and Ventriloquism.Hurthlings are the smallest of the little people. Their greatest enemies are the kobolds living in the tunnels below the mountains. and Smithing. Mining. They are able warriors. Most of them . Mist Elf necromancers are able to create special creatures and engage in an act of creation rather than infusing dead beings with unholy energies. Metallurgy. The dwarven race has spawned the greatest of all smiths.hate undead and are very powerful in combatting them by using their magical powers to wreak great harm upon undead. Gnomes are excellent crossbowmen who prefer to utilize light crossbows for ranged attacks. Dodge. Mist Elves.Dwarves are a small. have a very specific grasp of necromancy. but no known mortal has ever seen one of their settlements. having been lifted from the mists of time themselves during creation. like to farm and sit together to tell stories. They live in rolling hills and wooded valleys. They are about four feet high and not so stocky as dwarves. Their skill in forging weapons and armor is unsurpassed. They (mostly) are not an adventurous people. as is their greed for gold. Their feet are very well accustomed to this as they sport a leathery sole and are covered with thick and bushy hair. GNOME -. Dwarves are especially proud of their long beards and their great craftsmanship with metals. Dwarves train in the following skills: Climbing. Gnomes train in the following skills: Gemology. Their greatest pride are their . DWARF -. although they generally favor short cropped beards. Mist Elves just chuckle and move on at such useless ponderings. They barely grow to be four and a half feet.

These lean and wiry humanoid rats thrive in larger settlements and enjoy interacting with other races. The origins of the Drakeling race are hidden in a past long forgotten. great heat is beneficial for them as it speeds up their reflexes. the drakish scurgar. They weigh 150 to 200 pounds and are covered with blue or green scales. chaos-spawned descendents of plain rats from the dawn of time or just one more example of the abundance of life forms in Ancardia still is a matter of dispute among . Because of their small size and their low strength. Food Preservation. Gruumsh. Find Weakness.Orcs belong to the dark races. the One-Eyed and All-Seeing. DRAKELING -. They speak with a hissing accent and normally wear few clothes (besides their armor and weapons). weighs 130 to 150 pounds and has a gray to black skin. Orcs make good fighters and are also known to spawn mighty priests serving their cruel war deity. they slow down. and Swimming. A hurthling needs six meals a day to be happy and a comfortable bed to sleep in. Drakelings are good at everything. Hurthlings generally mistrust outsiders and foreigners and shun them most of the time. On the other hand. One of their favored sports is tossing rocks (with or without slings) at distant targets -. Drakelings are cold-blooded creatures. created in the same dark pits as trolls. Because orcs mostly live in the underground. They are very deadly shots with a weapon unique to their race. extreme temperatures influence them: when it gets cold. Drakelings train in the following skills: Alertness. They reappeared some years ago and quickly spread across the continent.consequently many hurthlings are deadly shots both with slings and thrown rocks. Orcs shun sunlight. Cooking. Drakelings are able to spit a powerful acid at enemies. Music. as it tends to hurt their eyes greatly. as they reproduce quickly and enjoy plundering. Gardening. Orcs train in the following skills: Backstabbing. Metallurgy. hurthlings are not very well suited to be fighters. Those few hurthlings who chose to be adventurers are mostly very talented thieves. {y} is equal to the PC level divided by 2. Food Preservation. Hurthlings have been known as hobbits in later ages and in other areas. and Stealth. killing and spreading havoc in general. Hurthlings train in the following skills: Archery.Ratlings are one of the numerous yet rarely noticed races. Their breath weapon causes {x}d6+{y} points of damage. ORC -. Whether they are the result of an ancient lich trying to create a servitor race. Their eyes glow red in the dark. and Mining. although this fatigues them. Sages believe that they remained for many centuries in a kind of hibernation which only recently ended.beautiful gardens and the good tobacco they produce.Drakelings are humanoid lizard-like creatures about six feet tall. The average orc is five and a half to six feet high. {x} is equal to the maximum of 2 and the current PC level divided by 3. Climbing. they are very good at detecting secret doors. RATLING -. They mostly are the arch nemesis of many of the intelligent races. Therefore.

Detect Item Status. yellow or red in color. At level 40 missiles attacks have a 20% chance to penetrate armor and at level 50 they are able to hit several targets with one missile. others must be used manually.sages. but each and every ability will serve to simplify some aspect of your adventuring life. Their eyes are either black. Some abilities are magical. gray and a rare albino white are not unheard of. Finally. 18. quick warriors and crafty thieves . although they are still dangerous. some are automatic. Stealth.Archers are deadly shots. black being dominant. At level 12 the range for their missile attacks is doubled. Ratlings grow to about 5 and a half feet in size and weigh 90 to 120 pounds. Haggling. 25. No matter what. Archery. All these special powers are usually invoked (if this is necessary) with the C-x command -. At level 25 missile attacks cost but 600 energy points. Archers are expert fighters in missile combat. At higher levels archers are the most deadly marksmen in all Ancardia. They are .Assassins are a dark and mysterious class. not all of them prefer to use bows. Climbing.if this keybinding does not work for you check your online help (press '?'-'K').acceptance in the latter case meaning careful observation and quick reaction from other races. Fletchery. Special powers are gained at levels 6. Concentration. Additionally. The Classes ----------In ADOM. Survival and Swimming. each and every class will provide special powers to the character once a specific experience level is gained. 40 and 50. This profession is called a class and determines his special abilities and starting equipment (equipment is also dependent on race). every character belongs to a certain profession which describes what he learned in his youth. 12. Listening. they are accepted as skilled traders. The more powerful the character gets. In close combat. Dodge. ASSASSIN -. Although the name of their class seems to imply this. At level 18 they are a lot more productive when applying fletchery. The race of an archer has great influence on their preferred missile weapon. brown. Ratlings train in the following skills: Appraising. some are natural talents. They usually sport brown hair although black. archers are less formidable. The following classes can be chosen: ARCHER -. each class receives a skill package to account for the knowledge you gain during your apprenticeship (see the section on skills for a complete list of all skills available in the game). Climbing. 32. At level 32 they become able to completely dodge enemy missiles. Archers are trained in the following skills: Alertness. rarely missing their targets and trained to hit the vital spots of their opponents. and Stealth. the better these abilities will be. At level 6 a missile attack takes up but 800 energy points.

Herbalism.trained to end the life of their opponents quickly and silently. At higher levels assassins get a lot more deadly in their trade. At level 32 barbarians gain a one-time bonus of +3 to strength and toughness. Most of them are below average fighters and don't possess much equipment. Apart from that. At level 50 melee attacks take up but 800 energy points when fighting as a true berserker. BARBARIAN -. entertainers and entrepreneurs. Backstabbing.). bards make fast friends with strange beings at times. from the roughest mountain peaks. What they lack in equipment. Barbarians are very well experienced in the arts of battle and are well prepared to cope with the dangers of the wilderness. At level 40 they become immune to poison. It is said that talented bards are able to calm the spirit of a beast with their ethereal music. A bard starts his dungeoneering life with one loyal monster or animal companion. This chance is based upon the level of the target. Assassins are trained in the following skills: Alchemy. Swimming. At level 18 they can deliver tremendous blows that cause triple damage (for the cost of 4000 energy points). Dodge. They also receive . IMPORTANT: Note that both the mighty and the tremendous blow count only for the first blow. but rather receive a randomly determined group of skills. Survival. and Two Weapon Combat. At level 40 they gain a +10 damage bonus with each melee attack when fighting as a true berserker (which basically means that they have to fight naked. Pick Locks. e. Once a bard has become friends with another being. Alertness. First Aid. BARD -. At level 25 their chance to score critical hits is increased by 20%. the wildest hills and the most remote forests. even if the character is delivering a series of blows (because he wields more than one weapon. Barbarians are trained in the following skills: Athletics. Stealth. Stealth. At level 25 they start to gain +1d4 additional hit points per level. Climbing. Many legendary bards in Ancardia were accompanied by monster or animal companions of equal fame. and switching the tactics rating to the appropriate setting). At level 18 the range of their missile attacks is increased by 30%. Climbing. At level 32 the Dodge bonus they gain is doubled. At level 50 they receive a small chance to score instant killing hits. This is balanced by their knack to stumble upon strange items. Archery. etc. Two Weapon Combat. Find Weakness.g. they more than equalize with their great strength. High-level barbarians are fearsome fighters. Many of them favor poisons to achieve this goal. At level 6 they learn to deliver mighty blows that cause double damage (for the cost of 2500 energy points). Dodge. They try to make an easy living by telling good stories for a meal.Barbarians hail from the harsh northern lands of Ancardia. and Woodcraft. At level 12 moving costs but 750 energy points. enormous toughness and deadly weaponry. without any armor. Detect Traps. At level 12 their backstabbing powers get a lot more deadly.Bards are musicians. Bards are not trained in specific skills (except for Music). this friendship lasts for a lifetime. At level 6 they can create poison from any potion (except for water and fruit juice).

At level 18 they gain a weapon skill level bonus of +1d8 with each melee weapon they wield (determined each turn anew). At level 40 they double their mana point regeneration rate. At level 6 chaos knights begin to regenerate wounds when they become infused with corruption. Dexterity and Toughness . With increasing experience. At level 50 they receive a bonus of +6 to all attributes. Climbing. At level 18 they receive a base score of 80 + (10 * Learning score) + (20 * Mana score) in four randomly chosen spells. Healing. Dodge. Beastfighters are trained in the following skills: Athletics. the more deadly he is in melee combat. they have fallen to the lure of Chaos. At level 32 they become able to exchange positions with hostile monsters. At level 12 they gain +1d3 skill levels in 6 randomly chosen weapon skills. Survival.more skills than any other character class. Now they serve as mighty warriors and brutal fighters on the war-torn battlefields of Ancardia. At level 6 they become poison resistant and at level 12 their wild fighting style makes them stun resistant. The more experienced a beastfighter becomes. Former members of the common races.Chaos knights are the dark war leaders of the legions of Chaos.especially to animal poisons. At level 25 they can summon 2d2 cave bears or silver wolves for the cost of permanently losing one mana point (which eventually regenerates after a lot of time has passed). beastfighters perfect their natural fighting style and their attunement to the wild beasts. They are lost to Law and Balance and their only aspiration is to become the mightiest warriors of Chaos. At level 40 they can stun opponents on critical hits and at level 50 they gain +6 to both strength and toughness. the more effectively they wield the forces of Corruption. At level 25 they receive 6 random skills (or improve their abilities in up to 6 skills). At level 12 they receive a speed bonus of +1d(level) (determined each turn anew). Find Weakness and Two Weapon Combat. At level 6 they receive one additional free skill increase per advancement. At level 18 movement costs them but 700 energy points.Beastfighters are partly mystic. Herbalism. As bards advance in level they become more and more versatile. They are well accustomed to wilderness settings and very resistant to poisons -. Stealth. CHAOS KNIGHT -. Listening. Backstabbing. Dodge. and Swimming. BEASTFIGHTER -. At level 32 they double their hit point regeneration speed. They are lightly armored but extremely tough and fearsome opponents due to their weaponless fighting style. Beastfighters are especially likely to score critical hits when fighting animals in melee combat. partly primitive warriors who excel at weaponless combat. having become corrupted and tempted. The more powerful chaos knights become. At level 25 they receive a random bonus of +1d(number of corruptions) to Strength. potentially usurping their leaders and toppling their reign to instill an even more brutal regime. Chaos knights are trained in the following skills: Athletics. Clad in mighty armors and wielding brutal weapons they slay their foes left and right and cherish the brutal massacres in which they partake.

they suffer 10% less corruption from all such attacks at level 50 due to their close connection to nature. reach. DUELIST -. Concentration. When endowed in this way they receive a multitude of benefits: all duelists receive an extra +1 to-hit bonus per weapon skill rank and +1 to damage per two weapon skill ranks with their weapon. as it only regenerates after a very long period of time). At level 25 their armor penetration probability is increased by +20%.while a high elven duelist might elegantly skewer his opponents with a rapier while darting through their defenses. Literacy. the ability to accurately perceive their surroundings. Listening. while their mental acuity might be the simple zen of knowing nothing but the clubbing. Druids are trained in the following skills: Climbing. All duelists rely on fighting unencumbered and using a single one-handed weapon (and no shields!). Find Weakness. Swimming. letting nothing interfere with their "art". At . Gardening. and strength allows them to lunge at their opponents from an amazing range and smash them over the head before they can respond. Dodge.(determined each turn anew). At level 12 they regenerate power points twice as fast as usual while in the wilderness. Concentration. At level 50 they receive a PV bonus of +4d6 (determined anew each turn). Thus. At level 32 they regenerate hit points twice as fast as usual while in the wilderness. DRUIDS -. along with an appreciation for the fine arts that help separate them from their more thuggish contemporaries. At level 6 they learn to evade wilderness encounters whenever they choose to do so. Duelists differ between races however . and precision in all things. At level 32 their dexterity increases by +12. druids become extremely attuned to nature itself. Healing.Druids are nature priests. It is said that no animal will willingly harm a druid. and Woodcraft. Herbalism.A duelist emphasizes physical and mental acuity. Law. At level 32 corruption starts to work more slowly on chaos knights (only 50% effectiveness if they have 10 or more corruptions. Survival. Athletics. Their specialty are spells of nature and protection. They worship the Old Gods and regard all nature as a holy thing to worship and protect. Duelists are trained in the following skills: Alertness. a trollish duelist's idea of precision might be the simple fact that their size. only 75% effectiveness if they have 5 or more corruptions). At level 6 they require 15 energy points less for melee attacks per weapon skill rank for their weapon. Finally. At level 40 they receive a damage bonus of +1d(level) when fighting with two-handed melee weapons (determined anew each turn). At level 18 they become immune to all weather effects. At level 18 they can glove slap opponents by giving gauntlets to them (for a 2d3-turn stun). At level 25 they are able to summon 1d3 major animals as servants at the cost of 1d3 mana points (an almost permanent loss. They rely on the swiftness of their strikes and their agility to keep them safe from harm. At level 12 they receive an extra +2 DV bonus for each weapon skill rank in their selected weapon. At level 40 they gain a +6 weapon skill rank bonus for all one-handed melee weapon skills. At level 40 they become immune to lightning. and gracefully move through them. Healing. At higher levels. First Aid.

those people started their journey to the location in the Drakalor Chain which might change their destiny -and the destiny of their world. At level 25 they learn about making iron rations from corpses. Herbalism. At level 50 they have become so much attuned to basic nature that all corruption effects are reduced by 30%.Elementalists are magicians specialized on dealing with the four elements: fire. At level 25 they are able to breathe water. Listening.albeit after a very long period of time). Literacy. and Woodcraft. Gemology. At level 32 they can unleash an elemental storm at the cost of 120 power points which fires a random bolt (fire. at level 12 they become shock resistant. Cooking. Concentration. ELEMENTALIST -. starting from the position of the elementalist. Smithing. At level 50 they can automatically burrow through stone (at the cost of 20 power points and 1500 energy).Even among the most average folks. Farmers are trained in the following skills: Archery. Elementalists are trained in the following skills: Climbing.level 50 they receive a +20 speed bonus. Metallurgy. Healing. Fletchery. They are accustomed to hunger and hardship and often have very little to lose compared to the amount of fame they might be able to win. but they possess inner strength and endurance from years of labor. At level 6 they become fire resistant. . After the news about the impending danger had spread throughout the lands. earth and air. Bridge building. the better they adjust to their hard circumstances of life. Farmers are neither great fighters nor skilled magicians. they are probably the best prepared class (except for barbarians and beastfighters) for extensive travels. At level 12 they need only half as much food as everybody else (except for monks who also know how to survive on very little). Survival. lightning or frost) into each of the eight available directions. The more experienced farmers become. This forces them to permanently sacrifice two mana points (which eventually regenerate -. At level 18 they learn to pick herbs with a lot more skill to select the better ones. Equipped with a broad knowledge about herbs and food. At level 6 their carrying capacity is doubled due to their training and experience with moving around great loads during harvest time. Stealth. Their magic thus is somewhat limited in one way and a lot more powerful in other ways. FARMER -. Their spells specifically deal with those elements and their magic equipment reflects this preference. First Aid. At level 40 they gain a +3 bonus to strength and toughness. Elementalists generally use a less scientific approach to magic than wizards usually do. Elementalists normally don't use written magic but employ powers they harness from within. Often they are accompanied by their trusted dogs. there are some valiant and larger-than-life persons who are born to achieve more than their parents and grand parents. too. Haggling. At level 32 they receive better chances to increase their physical attributes and physical attribute potentials. Gardening. water. At level 40 they can summon an elemental as a pet. Experienced elementalists use very special powers provided by their close elemental attunement. and Swimming. At level 18 they are immune to all weather effects. Food Preservation.

Dodge. Starting with level 25 they automatically gain access to the following spells: Calm Monster. Herbalism. Stealth. to treat diseases and poisons and to prevent suffering. Cure Light Wounds. Merchants are neither well-armed nor well-armored and have to be careful in fights. girdles. fighters become more able to efficiently use armor as a means of protection. At level 6 they regenerate wounds at twice the normal speed. shields.masters of the arts of healing. Slow Poison and Cure Disease (with each additional level their knowledge increases). Starting with level 32 they gain 2d3 additional hit points per level. Concentration. At level 40 fighters are able to use a powerful bash attack which causes more damage (+20%) and has a greater chance to stun their opponents. Find Weakness. they are equipped with a sample of items to trade with (or use). and Literacy. charming and experts in communication.Healers are exactly that -.FIGHTER -. With increasing experience. They almost all are very wealthy. well equipped with magical healing items and means to examine patients. Neutralize Poison (again their knowledge increases with each new level). Cooking.Merchants are masters of trade and bartering. MERCHANT -. At level 18 they become able to use both the Healing and the First Aid skill on others (and not only themselves). Healers are not great fighters. gauntlets. Healers are trained in the following skills: Alertness. Most of them are very robust and resistant to poisons and diseases. Swimming. and boots will be improved in this way. they will probably make some great deals. bleeding and poison and gain a +8 bonus to their toughness score. They prefer to save lives rather than to take them. although they are nonetheless able to live through fights. At level 40 they gain access to the following spells: Cure Serious Wounds. At the beginning of their career. HEALER -. body armor. Should they encounter one of the rare dungeon shops. Find Weakness. Athletics. Fighters are trained in the following skills: Archery. This attack can be used against every opponent in the immediate vicinity of the fighter. The downside of this attack is that it costs 500 additional energy points to use. Only the PV bonus of helmets. at level 32 it's +25%. Metallurgy. At level 50 fighters learn to use a powerful all-round attack costing 3500 energy points. At level 6 a fighter gains +7% to PV from such items. Each merchant specializes in trading with a certain type of magical items during their apprenticeship.Fighters are simple warriors who have learned how to best face an opponent in melee combat. at level 12 they triple their recovery rate. . At level 12 fighters gain a +50% bonus to DV adjustment provided by the dodge skill. First Aid. and Two Weapon Combat. cloaks. at level 18 this bonus is increased to +15%. Experienced healers have a vast array of means at their disposal to soothe the pain of living beings. Most of them are well armed and armored. At level 25 their chance to score critical hits is increased by 10%. Healing. At level 50 they almost immediately recover from the effects of disease. Fighters are tough and strong due to their physical training.

At level 6 they learn to quickly recover from confusion attacks. Experienced merchants become true masters of their trade -. very good at dodging attacks and strong of will. Finally at that level they also learn a magic spell that allows them to create new items. Starting with level 18 they gain +1d6 additional power points per level since they manage to unlock previously untapped mental energy sources. Haggling. At level 18 shop prices will be lowered by 40%. Concentration. At level 32 shop prices are lowered by 60%. At level 25 monks become able to change positions with hostile opponents. At level 12 they become able to sense the amount of enemies within a limited area (that is the current level). and Survival. At level 32 they can block some of the corruption they suffer when contacting beings of Chaos.being able to sell almost anything to anyone and also being able to haggle for the best prices. At level 6 monks learn to use a circular kick with which they can hit every opponent in the vicinity (but also all friends. They utilize their mental powers to evoke astonishing effects.Merchants are trained in the following skills: Appraising. Athletics. Herbalism. Find Weakness. Monks need to be unencumbered to be able to use their special martial art powers. Monks are trained in the following skills: Alertness. At level 50 they finally manage to resist some of the damage they suffer when contacting undead: damage is halved (see the section on mindcraft for details). At level 40 they unlock even more unused areas of the brain and from then on gain +3d5 additional power points (cumulative with the bonus from level 18) per level. Literacy. and Stealth. Detect Item Status. mind and spirit. At level 40 they learn to calm monsters by giving away items. Dodge. While they are physically weak. At level 32 they can score instant kills in melee combat against up to human-sized creatures. At level 12 their carrying capacity is doubled. the more they hone their movement skills and unarmed combat powers. Using this kick costs 2500 energy points.Chaos effects are .Mindcrafters use a very exotic and very different magic. Healing. Literacy. Experienced mindcrafters master various mental powers. Monks take vows of poverty at their initiation to prevent distraction by worldly means. Literacy. MONK -. MINDCRAFTER -. At level 6 shop prices for merchants will be lowered by 20%. At level 25 their willpower is increased by +5. At level 12 a normal move costs them but 800 energy points. At level 50 they have become so attached to the flow of the universe that they actually are able to resist Chaos to a certain limit -. Metallurgy. so be careful). Music. They are experts at fighting unarmed. At level 50 their carrying capacity is tripled (due to their enormous talent of organization). Mindcrafters are very rare and only few people have ever heard about them. Mindcrafters are trained in the following skills: Concentration. Gemology. At level 25 they no longer are affected by any kind of weather. Haggling. Herbalism. they are mentally extremely strong and resistant. The further monks advance. Pick Pockets. Gemology. and Stealth. at level 18 but 600 energy points. At level 40 they can do so against humanoids of any size.Monks are able martial artists striving to achieve perfect mastery of body.

Herbalism. Each animated corpse drains 10 power points.. Stealth. if their Toughness at the point of death was 10 or higher.Necromancers are practitioners of the dark arts. Though not very effective in melee combat. Their slaves will follow these commands without questioning. Each animated corpse drains 20 power points. Concentration. Necromancers master all aspects of undeath. At level 50 they finally learn to overcome Death herself and are able to return to the living when killed.. Coming back in this way demands a high price. They lose one-half of their toughness and one-half of their hit points permanently. To invoke a command.. only humanoid corpses can be used in this evil way. Dodge. Paladins are trained in the following skills: Athletics. With increasing experience. At level 6 they slowly develop a resistance to all special attacks from undead (like strength drain or paralyzation). Luckily. but still very good) and in philosophical activities (not as good as priests. The base chance for resistance is equal to 40% + 1% per level of the necromancer. and Two Weapon Combat. Law (if they are lawful initially). Appraising.. At level 6 they can cure disease once per 1000 turns. NECROMANCER -. With increasing experience. At level 18 they can discover the alignment of a beast by simply looking at it. which allows them to absorb the life energy of enemies when fighting bare-handed and wounding an enemy.lowered by 10%. an orc paladin is _very_ different from a human paladin). their spells are deadly and dangerous. Food Preservation. At level 40 they have to pay but one-half of the usual Necromancy cost (see the skill description) when animating undead of a power level up to spectres. lawful ones (if they are . Concentration. At level 25 they can use the dreaded Shadow Touch. Their most horrible power. Necromancers are outlawed and despised in most places and feared and avoided like the plague in all other locations. Due to the nature of these powers. At level 12 they learn to turn undead. they are not able to use them if they aren't in decent standing with their deity.Paladins are noble fighters (from the point of view of their respective race. Necromancers are trained in the following skills: Alchemy. These corpses quickly decompose and turn to ashes after a number of turns. and Stealth. PALADIN -. but. is the ability to animate corpses and use them as slaves. Find Weakness. you need to press 'C-x'. though. Many of them possess blessed items. At level 18 they are able to raise all humanoid corpses in sight as ghuls. paladins gain holy powers fueled by their strong beliefs and their religious upbringing. At level 12 they gain the ability to turn undead (this action costs 3000 energy points to use). Paladins are generally very well equipped by their respective churches. Necromancers are able to command the slaves they create. Necromancy. They are well trained both in physical activities (not as well as fighters. Literacy. At level 25 they receive a protective aura which gives them +1DV per 2 levels against chaotics (if they are lawful). Healing. Swimming. Literacy. At level 32 they can raise all corpses in sight as wraiths (similar to the power at level 18).).

shadow trolls. First Aid. Priests are trained in the following skills: Concentration. mummies. zombies. At level 50 they are able to destroy major undead (liches. ghosts. wraiths. At level 32 priests are allowed to pray twice as often as anybody else. ghuls. When reaching level 40 they become highly resistant to some special melee attack powers used by undead beasts and demons (specifically.chaotic) or non-neutral opponents (if they are neutral) while in melee combat. Survival. With increasing experience priests gain holy powers fueled by their strong beliefs and their religious upbringing. * Subtract MAX(0. At level 6 they are a lot more capable to survive in the wilderness through the means of the Survival skill as they find a lot more food in far less time. At level 18 all spell costs are reduced by 25%. At level 50 they are strengthened by their beliefs so much that all corruption effects are reduced by 30%.Rangers are fighters favoring natural environments. At level 25 they can automatically evade all wilderness encounters. Healing. Note for the special power at levels 32/50: usually your to-hit adjustment for fighting with two weapons is determined in the following way: * Take (Two weapon combat / 20) as a basic bonus. At level 40 they are able to destroy minor undead (skeletons. sickness and paralyzation). They receive magical powers from their gods but are servants for their whole lifetime. Many rangers carry missile weapons. At level 25 all spell costs are reduced by 50%. shadow lords. Climbing. They are excellent trackers and masters at fighting with two weapons. ghost bats. At level 12 rangers are no longer slowed down by terrain effects. master liches. shadows. * Subtract 6 if you are not playing a ranger. ghost lords. (Weight of the two weapons / 10) .6). Starting at level 40 movement costs but 750 energy points. slow shadows. and Music. skeletal warriors. They also become immune to all negative weather effects since they have by now learned to avoid all related problems. corpse fiends and shadow centipedes). Rangers are trained in the following skills: Alertness. Athletics. they are not able to use them if they aren't in decent standing with their deity. The more experience rangers gain. Archery. the more attuned to nature they become. At level 32 they can use a healing touch once per 1000 turns to cure (level . Due to the nature of these powers.Priests serve the various gods. PRIEST -.24)d6 points of damage. Herbalism. vampires. greater mummies and steel zombies). toughness drain. wights. Herbalism. RANGER -. Two Weapon Combat. revenants. Detect Item Status. Many of them carry holy items. Most of them are wearing light armor to retain their mobility but in turn are well armed. Dodge. Swimming. they become resistant to strength drain. At level 18 the range of all missile attacks is increased by +4. At level 32 and 50 the weight of two weapons used at the same time can be doubled/quadrupled without incurring negative effects. Literacy. If you are a ranger of level 32-49 it is . At level 12 all spell costs are reduced by 10%. At level 6 priests can turn undead. and Woodcraft. Food Preservation. spectres. Healing.

finding and disarming traps and other secretive activities. and Smithing. Pick Pockets. At level 6 thieves automatically use the search command on every step they make. lightning strikes and magical protection spells.they might be very vigilant!). Concentration. Find Weakness. Climbing. Disarm Traps. occasionally even discovering highly valuable items. Haggling. At level 32 weaponsmiths become immune to fire. At level 18 they become able to pilfer shops due to their exceptional agility and skill (but take care of experienced shopkeepers -. (Weight of the two weapons / 20) . Weaponsmiths normally are tools of their trade. Wizards are trained in the following skills: Alchemy. Weaponsmiths perfect their skills at higher experience levels. hardened by many are crafty men and women able to repair improve items. At level 12 they get a lot more deadly with backstabbing attacks. At level 50 they are invisible as long as they are adjacent to a wall due to their exceptional stealth (but make sure that you don't carry any light source!). They are strong and hours of strenuous work. Literacy.Weaponsmiths damaged metal equipment and well-equipped and carry the resilient. Concentration. WEAPONSMITH -. Appraising. and Stealth. Detect Traps."Subtract MAX(0. At level 40 their speed is increased by +20. Healing. Most mages spend their lives studying books and conducting arcane experiments in hidden laboratories and thus have next to no time to practice their physical skills. At level 18 they gain a +4 bonus to strength. Thieves are trained in the following skills: Alertness. and Ventriloquism. Highly experienced thieves are masters of stealth.6)" THIEF -. (Weight of the two weapons / 40) . Metallurgy. At level 40 they gain a +8 bonus to toughness. Herbalism. . Athletics. Their great magical powers are balanced by their mediocre fighting abilities. WIZARD -. Detect Traps. Weaponsmiths are trained in the following skills: Appraising. At level 25 they automatically recognize all metal types. At level 50 they automatically know the damage caused by unidentified melee weapons. Listening. At level 6 they become able to melt all metal items into ingots.6)" If you are a ranger of level 50 it is "Subtract MAX(0.Need we say more? For the sake of completeness: Thieves are very good at stealing. trickery and robbery. opening locks.Wizards are masters of the 'art'. At level 32 they manage to pick the best stuff from other folks' pockets. At level 25 thieves learn very deadly (and dirty!) fighting tactics allowing them to stun humanoid monsters with critical hits (a good kick at the right time does wonders). Backstabbing. Pick Locks. At level 12 they can forge items four times as fast as everyone else. They wield great magical powers and are able to create fireballs. Stealth.

but will your PC find out how to proceed on this path? Generally. Dwarves and Hurthlings are lawful initially.: The character has not yet chosen a side. at level 12 all costs are reduced by 20% and at level 18 all costs are reduced by 40%. Starting with level 25 they slowly gain experience in one randomly chosen spell per level. Recharging costs 50 power points per charge. If your character starts out as a Druid. there are neutral beings who apply the best or worst principles of both sides to make up their basic belief system. are creative but also are quite selfish and generally are an unorganized lot. he has a minor tendency towards Chaos. change and upheaval to the world. At level 40 wizards learn to uncurse items. he risks losing one mana point permanently. N. Alignment --------One very important characteristic of the persona you are creating is his alignment. All in all. All other races are initially neutral. but prefers to remain unaligned. Chaotic characters enjoy change. A shortcut describing the current category your PC belongs to will always be listed on the screen to represent your PC's current position. The following five symbols are possible: L+ : The character is extremely lawful. . Nonetheless. C : The character is chaotic. If the wizard tries to overcharge the wand. the welfare of the whole community. many extreme chaotics are quite mad. tradition. the basic axis looks like this: Chaos <-----------------> Neutrality <-----------------> Law In ADOM every being has an alignment. A lawful character believes in law. He can become a Champion of Balance. N= : The character is as close to neutrality as possible for a mortal. L : The character is lawful. He might be able to become a very powerful Champion of Law. At level 32 they become able to recharge wands (but no wand can be recharged more than once by a wizard). order. ADOM depicts the epic struggle between Law and Chaos and your character needs to take sides! Either your PC will side with Law and bring order to the multiverse or your PC will side with the ever-changing forces of Chaos and bring chaos. while Trolls. but prefers to remain unaligned. the system is not as "black and white" as it might seem. he will always be neutral. There even might be a third way. he has a minor tendency towards Law. At level 50 they finally get basic knowledge in all commonly known spells. Lastly. Still. In ADOM these alignments are divided into seven categories. N+ : The character has not yet chosen a side. Some of the more extreme chaotic beings are downright evil. wizards become more and more skilled in the magical arts. alignments represent the basic moral ideas and beliefs of a character. There are many shades. Choosing to be a necromancer also alters your alignment towards Chaos. Your PC's initial alignment depends on his race: High Elves. Orcs and Dark Elves are chaotic.With increasing power. At level 6 all spell costs are reduced by 10%. peace and happiness. Still. This permanently costs one mana point.

these in-between alignments indicate that a change to the alignment described by the second letter might be impending due to your PC's actions.. you might incur some serious penalties. Nonetheless. the alignment is still rated according to the first letter of the alignment description (L for lawful. In the worlds of Ancardia the Gods are a tangible force.but make sure that you are sacrificing at the right altar! This will help you in dire situations. Nonetheless. There are also four "in-between" alignments which show your character's for each alignment. Neutral with tendencies towards Law. Other beings might react in a different manner depending on alignment.N= -. where you might be able to pray for divine intervention and receive some help. They also are known to be fickle and dangerous at times. There is a multitude of gods and each race has at least three major gods they worship -. He might be able to become a very mighty Champion of Chaos.CN -. Throughout the game you have many chances to influence your standing towards your god. Generally.NC --. great piety can bring you the highest honor: your god might declare you to be a champion of his/her religion. But be careful.N+ -. endowing you with great powers and the ability to use artifacts with less risk than other mortals. a different deity is worshipped. The Gods -------Besides the forces of Law and Chaos. It's also said that various miracles can occur at holy sites. remaining in good standing is an impressive feat: you need to sacrifice somewhat regularly lest your god becomes bored and . N for neutral and C for chaotic). The following special alignment descriptions are possible: LN NL NC CN : : : : Lawful with tendencies towards Neutrality..CL A W F U L N E U T R A L C H A O T I C Now the final question: what effect does alignment have upon the game? Depending on alignment. try to find out for yourself.L -.C. Finally..: The character is extremely chaotic.LN --. Their effects can be seen through ancient artifacts they once created for their worshipers and the miracles their priests perform. Thus the complete range of alignment order from Law to Chaos looks like this: L+ -. There are lots of things that can happen.. Chaotic with tendencies towards Neutrality. if you annoy your deity too often..C -.. the Gods of Ancardia are a ruling force in the universe. Neutral with tendencies towards Chaos. Some items might be more or less useful for your character depending on his alignment. insult or annoy them and their wrath will be upon you! Each character in ADOM worships (at least nominally) the deity of his alignment.N.-. You can increase your piety by sacrificing to your god -.NL -.

The score given can be assumed to be the average chance of success in percent when trying an average feat. the faster your god will become annoyed with you. There is always a chance for automatic success and automatic failure.. The gods of the various races enjoy some gifts particularly: Humans: tools of all kind Trolls: rocks. the skill score will be higher than normal. On the skill screen in the game. ADOM will internally always make two skill checks when one was requested by the circumstances and use the better result. A NOTE ON HIGH SKILL SCORES: High skill scores are generally very helpful although they can be particularly effective with some specific skills. Skills are rated as a score of 0 to 100.. Some are available to everyone by default. so be careful with your actions! Skills -----Each character possesses a certain number of skills which allow for actions that cannot be simply described by class. How to do this is described at the end of this section. If you receive a skill due to class _and_ race. the better your sacrifices need to be and the more often you ask for help. Skills can be marked so that you can select often used skills a lot faster. if training material is still required (and thus currently no improvement is possible) or with '(ma)' if the required training material is available. Not all the skills listed below are immediately available to your character. some skills are determined by your race and some by your class.forgets you. Skills that need such material are marked with a [!] below. If the skill score is equal to 100. On the other hand. All skills below marked with a '+' will make ADOM behave in a special way if the score is greater than or equal to 80 or equal to 100. The following skills are available during the game (skills marked with a [*] are default skills available to everyone): . such skills are marked with '(mr)'. gods also dislike certain sacrifices. the larger the better Hurthlings: cooked meals Gnomes: gems Dwarves: gold High Elves and Gray Elves: magical rings Dark Elves and Mist Elves: magical wands and books Orcs: melee weapons Drakelings: musical instruments Ratlings: the ratling gods do not seem to care about anything in particular Such gifts are very welcome and will be of higher benefit to your character's piety. ADOM will make three skill checks whenever requested to do so and will also use the best result. This chance is lowered when trying something difficult and raised when trying something simple. Some skills need training material so that you can improve them. The more powerful you become. If the skill score is greater than or equal to 80. level and race.

at 85 you gain +4 to speed. Archers receive a bonus of +1 to hit per 10 points in this score and a bonus of +1 to damage per 20 points in this score. At 70+ you gain +1 to speed. Alertness [+]: This skill is used automatically. at 95 you gain +6 to speed and at 100 you gain +8 to speed. you need to collect the ingredients required to mix magical potions. Items are rated on the following scale: horrible terrible poor mediocre fair good great superb amazing A score of poor and below should be considered to be a warning. a high skill value grants some minor DV bonuses. at 75 you gain +2 to speed. It is used to raise your physical attributes by training your muscles and movement powers. +2 at 90+ and +4 at 100. Appraising [+]: This skill allows the estimation of the value and power of unknown items. Athletics also affect your speed score. Note that daggers and knives are particularly effective when backstabbing others. All other classes receive a bonus of +1 to hit per 25 points in this skill and a bonus of +1 to damage per 40 points of skill score. It can save your character from some nasty surprises at times. +1 at 75+. It would also be useful to have the recipe for a potion at hand. A high skill value also makes it easier to . at 80 you gain +3 to speed. This skill also slightly increases the range of your missile attacks on a successful skill check (which is done automatically whenever you use a missile).Alchemy: Alchemy allows you to brew magical potions. at 90 you gain +5 to speed. this skill influences your chance to raise a physical attribute. Athletics works especially well for characters with low (< 10) to very low (< 5) physical attributes. It's also *very* helpful when trying to dodge combat magic since high reflexes (as created by a high alertness skill) will help to dodge combat magic with lightning speed. Concentration: This skill influences the time required to regenerate lost magic points. Athletics: This is a passive skill. To use this skill. Whenever you raise a level. Finally. The skill also slightly influences your looks. Handle such items with great care! Archery: This skill increases your proficiency with missile weapons. Bridge Building [!+]: This skill allows you to build bridges. Backstabbing [+]: This skill increases your chance to hit and your chance to score a critical hit when you attack friendly or neutral monsters (or on hostile monsters if they don't notice you). It helps to sense traps and invisible monsters although it is not too effective (which basically means that an active search for traps with the respective skill has a much higher chance of success). Climbing [*+]: This skill is used to climb out of pits and holes.

Find weakness: This skill increases your chance to score a critical hit when fighting monsters. Scores of 75+ allow you to regain mana points a lot faster. +4 for Dodge 66-75. the more points will be added to your DV (+1 for Dodge 1-30. the rate increases again at 90+ and 100. The higher your dodge skill. It also helps to avoid known traps... You need a fletchery set and some wood to use it. +8 for Dodge 96-99 and +10 for Dodge 100). Certain types of food (mainly corpses) decompose over the time and finally vanish. Courage: It is difficult to be a cold-blooded warrior when you are surrounded by dozens of enemies in a horrible fray. +6 for Dodge 84-90. +5 for Dodge 76-83. You need a cooking set to use this skill. It will allow you to remain calm and cold-headed in bloody situations and thus mass attacks by monster hordes might be less effective. Food preservation helps to prevent such food from decomposing. This skill is comparable to the automatic ability of priests (in versions of ADOM older than 0.. +2 for Dodge 31-50.learn new spells. Dodging is also helpful in a minor way for evading combat magic cast on you (Alertness is more helpful since it trains the subconscious reflexes.. First aid [*+]: This skill allows handling bleeding wounds and even might allow you to recover some hit points. +3 for Dodge 51-65.. It also makes it more likely to find corpses . Very effective if used on corpses. Once a certain critical number of attackers is surpassed (two for fighters. which are more important since combat magic is so fast). your PC will receive disadvantages in combat when surrounded and attacked by lots of opponents.. Cooking [!+]: Cooked food is more nutritious and less prone to rot away.9... +7 for Dodge 91-95. you can create new arrows and bolts. food will nonetheless decompose.. . It's a skill you need to learn somewhere *in* the game. If given enough time.. Usually.unless you know this skill. you might spring the trap! Dodge: This skill increases your Defensive Value.0) to discover the status of an item. one for all others). Fletchery [!+]: With this skill. but only if those hit points were lost very recently. if you fail a check badly. Detect Item Status: This skill is automatically used to determine the {cursed|uncursed|blessed} status of items. rangers. Food preservation: This skill is automatically used. barbarians and beastfighters. the monsters above the critical number receive a +2 to hit per such monster and your chances to hit with missiles are reduced by -4 per monster above the critical number. this skill only helps to slow down the process. Detect Traps: This skill must be explicitly used to discover hidden traps. paladins. Disarm Traps [+]: This skill allows disarming previously discovered traps. monks. The 'Search' command also activates this skill. your combat abilities will deteriorate. Be careful. Your character receives a -1 to hit per monster above the critical number.

A high healing skill allows for a quicker hit point recovery. It is automatically checked whenever the need arises.of monsters you slay. Long-term treatment is used automatically. but. Law [+]: Law allows you to notice (maybe) whenever you go beyond law and commit a chaotic act. You'll need to use a pick axe to do that. If your learning score is at least 10 and you are neither a barbarian nor a beastfighter. Healing: Healing covers long-term treatment of wounds and diseases. It can also be actively used to determine the type of metal an item is made from (the item needs to be identified for this). Some people contend that it is possible to tame wild animals if you are a very skilled musician. Literacy [+]: This skill governs your ability to read and write texts. The higher the skill is. Gardening [+]: This skill enables the character to plant herbs and harvest them later. But there is a . you should take care of your skill value in this skill. Gemology [+]: This skill is used to identify gems and separate them from worthless pieces of glass. Herbalism: Herbalism covers both plant and herb lore. Charisma is also important. The higher your skill score is. Additionally. you will receive this skill for free. Additionally. because unskilled characters only will be able to find cursed herbs. Mining [+]: This skill determines your ability in digging tunnels. A character skilled in herbalism will be better able to recognize some of the strange plants that grow in the dungeons. When you discover metal ingots. Listening [*]: This skill makes you notice sounds better. when collecting herbs. Haggling [*]: This skill allows the haggling down of prices for items. It is of great importance to weaponsmiths. but a PC good at haggling probably will have few problems to make a bargain.). the chances to survive wasting sicknesses are greatly increased by a high healing skill. If you want your character to be very perceptive.. It will also make known to you particularly lawful acts. such a character will have a definite advantage over unskilled characters. it allows for automatic identification (not always. the less time you need to dig a tunnel section. the more detailed the results will be. Necromancy: This dark and forbidden art allows the user to create undead creatures which will serve him (or her). This might come handy since some herbs have magical properties. Music [+]: This skill controls your ability to play musical instruments. the price for individual items won't necessarily go down since ADOM drops all fractions and rounds prices.. Please note that although you might have bargained successfully at times. Metallurgy [+]: This skill is automatically used.

No character starts out with this skill'll have to learn it somewhere. Using this skill permanently drains your Mana attribute. the trap will probably be sprung unless you disarm the trap before picking the lock. the material to work with. Additionally it slightly increases the probability to score critical hits on plant monsters. In that special case it can be supplemented by the Survival skill. Survival [+]: This skill allows the character to gather food while traveling through the wilderness. this helps to confuse monsters for two or more turns. You try to project another voice and if successful. minus 4 energy points per skill point in this skill.. you have to find a smithy. The Survival skill also is extremely helpful in ambushing monsters in the wilderness. and finally. Stealth [+]: This skill prevents some monsters from noticing the player character. Smithing: Smithing allows the PC to repair damaged or broken metal items and to improve weapons and armor. although it is said that your Mana very slowly regenerates itself (but this really seems to be a tedious process). Note that fighting with two weapons costs 800 energy points plus the maximum of the weapon speeds for the weapons being used. To fail an attempt to swim can be very deadly nonetheless. It can be very handy since more than one adventurer already starved in the wilderness. Pick locks: This skill allows the opening of locked doors. In that special case it can be supplemented by the Stealth skill.price to it. If a lock is trapped.. Two weapon combat: This skill increases your offensive power when fighting with two weapons. It is hard to use because you need the necessary tools to practice it. Not every monster will carry treasures around. and don't forget to bring the necessary corpses for animation. Necromancers receive a wide variety of choices for the type of undead they wish to create (starting with level 18). not every treasure will be accessible and finally you always risk making your victim very angry (at least if your victim notices your attempt). If you are very good at it you might be able to sneak past monsters or mount a surprise attack. Swimming: This skill enables you to traverse bodies of water. Your chance to hit is increased by +1 per 20 points in this skill. The Stealth skill also is extremely helpful in ambushing monsters in the wilderness. Ventriloquism: This skill can be used to confuse monsters. This skill is very difficult to use effectively. Pick pockets: This skill enables you to steal small items from the pockets of certain monsters. chests and hatches. To utilize it you need some kind of thieves picks. Tactics: This skill modifies the bonuses and penalties yielded by the 'T' command (see the command list) which influences the fighting techniques of a character. Many . Woodcraft [+]: Whoever uses this skill is able to act competently while crossing woods and trying to work on trees. It's also important to note that Necromancers using this skill are a lot more versatile than simple dabblers in necromantic affairs.

profession. level. skills and other things are possible. it might be a good idea to mark such skills as 'Detect Traps'. You are also allowed to raise your skill score when you advance to a new level.Characters born under the sign of Falcon or Candle receive one . Increasing Skills ----------------Skills can be increased in several ways. you will be asked whether you want to use a marked skill or choose from the complete list. among them race. at other times they depend on prerequisites. star signs and special luck) and also steadily gain new talents while advancing in level: every third level a new talent is gained. profession. you might receive automatic increases in your skill score from time to time.woodcutters and rangers learn this skill. Since many skills in ADOM are passive (automatically used). These prerequisites can be highly variable: race. . If you have marked one or more skills and press the 'a' key. Marking Skills for Quick Selection ---------------------------------By using the 'A' command you can mark skills with a number from 0 to 9. you will be able to focus on certain key areas and thus gain access to very powerful yet highly specialized talents. If no talents are available (because you don't meet the prerequisites). This allows you to quickly select skills you like to use very often in a speedier way. Talents ------Each character in ADOM has one or more talents representing inborn strengths and abilities that favor the character in some special way.Every character receives one base talent. your choices are lost. By selecting talents in a special order. 'First Aid' and others. Initial Talents --------------The initial number of talents is determined according to the following rules: . Increasing skills in this way is not very effective since you are normally not allowed to increase your skills by a lot of points when advancing a level. By remaining unfocused you can choose from a wide variety of talents and thus remain flexible. A character receives one or more talents at the time of character creation (depending on several factors. If you practice a skill quite a lot. attribute scores. While talents sometimes are independent of each other. Practicing the skill often and training a little bit (it is said that some skilled trainers are living in the area known as the Drakalor Chain) can help a lot in this regard.

+3 to hit with thrown rocks and clubs. .+3 to hit with thrown spears. merchants and farmers receive one free talent. AFFINITY WITH POLEARMS -.Characters whose sum of attributes is divisible by 7 receive one free talent (this represents some inborn magical luck or talent).free talent.+4 to hit with thrown boomerangs and scurgari.+2 to hit with staves. AFFINITY WITH SWORDS -. AFFINITY WITH DAGGERS & KNIVES -. AFFINITY WITH THROWN ROCKS & CLUBS -. AFFINITY WITH MACES & FLAILS -. AFFINITY WITH AXES -.Bards. Cumulative Talents -----------------All talent effects are cumulative.+4 to hit with whips. . AFFINITY WITH BOOMERANGS & SCURGARI -.+2 to hit with slings.+2 to hit with bows.Characters with a Mana score of 18 or more receive one free talent.+3 to hit with thrown axes and hammers. e. AFFINITY WITH THROWN AXES & HAMMERS -. .g.+2 to hit with maces and flails.Gnomes and hurthlings receive one free talent. AFFINITY WITH STAVES -.+2 to hit with axes. AFFINITY WITH THROWN DAGGERS -. AFFINITY WITH WHIPS -. AFFINITY WITH CROSSBOWS -.+2 to hit with twohanded weapons.+2 to hit with daggers and knives.+2 to hit with polearms. they add up or multiply (depending on the special effect in question). AFFINITY WITH SLINGS -. AFFINITY WITH TWOHANDED WEAPONS -.+3 to hit with thrown daggers. AFFINITY WITH CLUBS & HAMMERS -.+2 to hit with swords.+2 to hit with clubs and hammers. AFFINITY WITH BOWS -.+2 to hit with crossbows. Talent List ----------The following list of talents is sorted in alphabetical order and gives each talent with a brief description and optionally a list of prerequisites. . . AFFINITY WITH THROWN SPEARS -.

+5 to all initial skill values. Level 1.+1 to Perception. ALERT -. Dodge 75+ DURABLE MAGIC -.all spell durations are increased by the PCs current level times 3. EXTREMELY SKILLED -. Prerequisites: Level 1. Prerequisites: Level 1. BASHER -. Toughness 20+. CHARMING -.+2 to DV. Toughness 12+.+1 to Charisma.+9 hit points. DEFENSIVE FIGHTER -. Prerequisites: Mana 16+. FILTHY RICH -. EAGLE-EYED -. Prerequisites: Mana 24+.Regenerates power points at higher speed. AMBIDEXTROUS -. FAR SHOT -.+1 to Mana. Prerequisites: Very Skilled.+3 to hit and damage with missile weapons. CAREFUL -. Strong Aura.Missile attack ranges are increased by 20%. Prerequisites: Master Packager. BEAST OF BURDEN -. Prerequisites: Level 1. BRAWLER -. Prerequisites: Defensive Fighter.+1 to DV.Twice normal starting money. DEXTROUS -.Carrying capacity is increased by 30% due to the PCs efficient packaging skills and great endurance.+2 to hit in unarmed melee combat. CHARGED -. Potent Aura. EXTREMELY HARDY -. Prerequisites: Good Shot. EXTENDED MAGIC -. Quick.+1 to hit and damage with weapons weighing more than 100 stones.+2 to hit when fighting with two weapons. Prerequisites: Strength 13+. FEY-BLOODED -. Dexterity 18+. Archery 80+. DODGER -. Prerequisites: Level 1. .all spell ranges are increased by 2. Willpower 12+. Prerequisites: Keen Shot.Two times the normal starting money. BOON TO THE FAMILY -.+2 to DV.+1 to Dexterity. Learning 15+. Mighty Aura.+1 to hit in melee. Prerequisites: Very Hardy. Strength 10+.AGGRESSIVE -. Prerequisites: Willpower 16+. Prerequisites: Careful. Prerequisites: Level 1.

Good Learner. Mighty Aura. IRON SKIN -. Prerequisites: Boon to the Family. LEARNED -. Dexterity 15+. HARDY -.Learns very fast. Charming. GREAT BOOK CASTER -. Prerequisites: Tough Skin. Prerequisites: Toughness 10+. Prerequisites: Good Book Caster. Level 1. Level 1. +3% to all experience gained.+4 to Speed. Strong Aura. Prerequisites: Learning 16+. Dexterity 13+. Prerequisites: Potent Aura.Casting spells from books costs only double power points. IMMUNE TO PAIN -. Dexterity 14+.PC is 10% more effective when learning spells from spell books. Prerequisites: Careful.Missile attacks require 10% less energy.Heals wounds 20% faster. GOOD SHOT -. KEEN SHOT -.+3 hit points. Archery 60+. Willpower 15+. GOOD LEARNER -.PC is 10% more effective when learning spells from spell books. . Strong Aura. Prerequisites: Level 1. Great Learner.+1 to PV. LONG-LIVED -. LIGHTNING SHOT -.One point of damage is always negated for all attacks. Literacy.+1 to hit and damage with missile weapons.Prerequisites: Very Wealthy. Prerequisites: Iron Skin. Prerequisites: Level 1. Prerequisites: Quick Shot.Casting spells from books costs only 50% more power points. HEIR -.+1 to Learning. Dexterity 18+. HEALTHY -.Learns extremely fast.the PCs life span is extended by 30%.+2 to hit and damage with missile weapons. GOOD LOOKS -. Literacy. Prerequisites: Learning 10+. Toughness 15+. Prerequisites: Very Quick. GREAT LEARNER -. +2% to all experience gained.+1 to Appearance. Perception 15+. At least one point of damage will be caused nonetheless. GOOD BOOK LEARNER -. GOOD BOOK CASTER -. GREAT BOOK LEARNER -. Prerequisites: Good Book Learner. Prerequisites: Level 1.Receives a special magical item inherited from his family. GREASED LIGHTNING -. Prerequisites: Good Shot.

PIOUS -. Alert MITHRIL SKIN -.+2 to hit and damage with weapons weighing more than 100 stones. Willpower 30+. Mana 15+ MIGHTY STRIKE -. Learning 12+.Carrying capacity is increased by 20% due to the PCs efficient packaging skills. Prerequisites: Steel Skin. Prerequisites: Strength 8+.+9 power points.All Disarm Traps checks are 10% easier. Prerequisites: Keen Shot. Perception 12+.+2 to Speed. NATURAL TRADER -. POTENT AURA -. MASTER PACKAGER -. MECHANICALLY INCLINED . Quick. QUICK -. Prerequisites: Strong of Will. Prerequisites: Aggressive.LONG STRIDE -.Carrying capacity is increased by 10% due to the PCs efficient packaging skills.+2 to hit and damage when berserking. Prerequisites: At least 3 melee weapon affinities.+3 to hit and damage with weapons weighing more than 100 stones. Prerequisites: Powerful Strike. Prerequisites: At least 3 missile weapon affinities in addition to Keen Shot. QUICK SHOT -. MELEE WEAPON MASTER -.+3 to hit and damage in melee combat. Prerequisites: Mana 10+ POWERFUL STRIKE -. Prerequisites: Silver Tongue.+3 power points. Prerequisites: Strong Aura. Prerequisites: Willpower 15+. PORTER -. Strength 13+. Dexterity 10+. Charisma 14+.More likely to evade wilderness encounters.tends to find more gold because he looks more intensely for it.Missile attacks require 10% less energy. Strong of Will MIGHTY AURA -. Prerequisites: Dexterity 10+.Movement costs but 950 energy points. Prerequisites: Porter. .Prayers are 5% less expensive. Less likely to be ambushed. MISSILE WEAPON MASTER -. Perception 13+. Dwarf.+3 to hit and damage in missile combat. NATURAL BERSERKER -. Very Pious.+3 to PV. Strength 18+.Prayers are 5% less expensive. SAINT -. MISER -. SCOUT -. Defensive Fighter. Prerequisites: Basher.Shop prices are reduced by 20%.

Shop prices are reduced by 10%. Prerequisites: Shield Expert. Prerequisites: Hardy. Willpower 15+. Willpower 20+. . TOUGH SKIN -. Prerequisites: Level 1. Prerequisites: Perception 18+.+3 to DV when wielding a shield.Finds more treasure. STEEL SKIN -. Prerequisites: Pious. VERY PIOUS -. SIXTH SENSE -.+4 to all damage healed by spells.+2 to DV when wielding a shield.+1 to Strength.More easily evades traps.All Stealth checks are 10% easier. STRONG LEGS -. +2 to kick damage. SKILLED -. VERY CAREFUL -. STRONG MAGIC -.+1 to Willpower.Prayers are 5% less expensive. Prerequisites: Hardy. Mana 12+. Prerequisites: Potent Aura. STEALTHY . STRONG HEALER -. STRONG AURA -. Prerequisites: Shield Specialist. Shield Weapon Skill 3+ SHIELD MASTER -. Prerequisites: Charisma 10+. Prerequisites: Potent Aura.+2 to PV. Miser. Level 1. Toughness 15+. Prerequisites: Potent Aura. Prerequisites: Level 1.+1 to DV when wielding a shield. Mana 15+. SILVER TONGUE -.+1 to PV. Prerequisites: Learning 9+. STRONG THROWER -. Toughness 12+.+2 range with thrown weapons.Kicking in doors is much easier. STRONG OF WILL -. Shield Weapon Skill 6+ SHIELD SPECIALIST -.+6 power points. Prerequisites: Alert. Toughness 20+.SHIELD EXPERT -.+2 to all damage caused by spells. Prerequisites: Level 1. STRONG -.+2 to all initial skill values.+6 hit points. Prerequisites: Strength 12+.+1 to Toughness. Prerequisites: Careful. TOUGH -. VERY HARDY -. TREASURE HUNTER -. Prerequisites: Level 1. Prerequisites: Iron Skin.+3 to DV when fighting very defensively or like a coward.

For all weapons the following titles of mastery are used. Hand weapons also can yield a bonus to the character's DV. the following numbers are used to mirror the experience of a character with the weapon of his choice (note how different weapon types yield different advantages): UNARMED FIGHTING To-Hit Modifier To-Damage Modifier DV Modifier 0 0 0 0 1 +1 0 0 2 +2 0 0 3 +2 +1 0 4 +3 +1 +1 5 +3 +2 +1 6 7 8 9 +3 +4 +6 +6 +2 +3 +3 +4 +2 +2 +3 +3 DAGGERS & KNIVES 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 +9 +6 +4 11 +10 +6 +5 12 +10 +8 +6 13 +10 +10 +8 14 +12 +10 +10 15 +12 +12 +12 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 .Two times the normal starting money. Prerequisites: Skilled.+3 to Speed.Three times the normal starting money. this can result in increases in to-hit and to-damage ratings.+3 to all initial skill values. WEALTHY -. Prerequisites: Level 1. Level 1. Prerequisites: Quick. Depending on the weapon type. Note that ADOM traditionally assumes that everyone is right-handed and thus your right hand will be your stronger hand. Weapon Level -----------0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Level ----unskilled basic basic basic skilled skilled skilled skilled excellent excellent excellent Mastery Mastery Mastery Mastery Grand Mastery For melee weapons. this means that your skill will increase after a certain number of successful attacks (hits). Learning 12+. This might (in certain cases) result in reduced bonuses if your character for whatever reason prefers to wield weapon in his left hand. Prerequisites: Wealthy.VERY QUICK -. VERY WEALTHY -. Weapon Skills ------------Every character also has some weapon skills he can train. VERY SKILLED -. Weapon skills can only be increased in one way: by practice. Level 1. Basically.

15 +20 +10 +40 . Wielding a shield does not count as fighting unarmed since it impedes your mobility. his DV modifier is calculated by taking the DV modifier of the weapon in the right hand plus one-half of the DV modifier of the left hand weapon. If the character fights without any weapon he will receive DV bonuses but once.other weapons like staves and polearms are built differently). The extra damage is limited by twice your weapon skill (minimum limit: +4). Thus you receive one-half the standard damage bonus from strength as an extra bonus when wielding a weapon of this category (and only this category . 6. 4. STAVES To-Hit Modifier To-Damage Modifier DV Modifier 0 0 0 0 1 +1 0 +1 2 +2 0 +2 3 +3 0 +3 4 +4 +1 +5 5 +5 +1 +7 6 7 8 9 +6 +7 +8 +9 +2 +2 +3 +3 +9 +11 +14 +17 10 +10 +5 +20 11 +12 +6 +23 12 +14 +6 +26 13 +16 +7 +30 14 +18 +8 +35 If a character wields two melee weapons. Missile weapon skills yield a +2 to hit and +1 to damage for every skill level and an additional +1 to damage for skill levels 2.To-Hit Modifier 0 +1 +2 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +9 +10 +12 +14 +16 +18 +20 To-Damage Modifier 0 0 0 +1 +1 +2 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +10 +11 +12 DV Modifier 0 0 0 0 0 +1 +1 +1 +2 +2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +4 +5 CLUBS & HAMMERS To-Hit Modifier To-Damage Modifier DV Modifier 0 0 0 0 1 +1 0 0 2 +2 0 0 3 +2 +1 0 4 +3 +1 +1 5 +3 +2 +1 6 7 8 9 +4 +5 +6 +7 +2 +3 +4 +5 +1 +2 +2 +3 10 +9 +6 +3 11 +10 +7 +4 12 +12 +8 +4 13 +14 +10 +4 14 +16 +11 +5 15 +18 +12 +6 MACES & FLAILS To-Hit Modifier To-Damage Modifier DV Modifier 0 0 0 0 1 +1 0 0 2 +2 0 0 3 +2 +1 0 4 +3 +1 +1 5 +3 +2 +1 6 7 8 9 +4 +5 +6 +7 +2 +3 +4 +5 +1 +2 +2 +3 10 +9 +6 +3 11 +10 +7 +4 12 +12 +8 +4 13 +14 +10 +4 14 +16 +11 +5 15 +18 +12 +6 SWORDS To-Hit Modifier To-Damage Modifier DV Modifier 0 0 0 0 1 +1 0 0 2 +2 0 0 3 +2 +1 0 4 +3 +1 +1 5 +3 +2 +1 6 7 8 9 +4 +5 +6 +7 +2 +3 +4 +5 +1 +2 +2 +3 10 +9 +6 +3 11 +10 +7 +4 12 +12 +8 +4 13 +14 +10 +4 14 +16 +11 +5 15 +18 +12 +6 AXES To-Hit Modifier To-Damage Modifier DV Modifier 0 0 0 0 1 +1 0 0 2 +2 +1 0 3 +2 +1 0 4 +3 +2 0 5 +3 +2 +1 6 7 8 9 +4 +5 +6 +7 +3 +4 +5 +6 +1 +1 +2 +2 10 +9 +7 +3 11 +10 +8 +3 12 +12 +10 +3 13 +14 +12 +4 14 +16 +14 +4 15 +18 +16 +4 WHIPS To-Hit Modifier To-Damage Modifier DV Modifier 0 0 0 0 1 +1 0 +1 2 +2 +1 +2 3 +3 +1 +3 4 +4 +2 +4 5 +5 +2 +5 6 7 8 9 +6 +8 +10 +12 +3 +4 +5 +7 +6 +7 +8 +9 10 +14 +9 +10 11 +16 +11 +11 12 +18 +13 +12 13 +20 +15 +13 14 +22 +17 +14 15 +24 +19 +15 POLEARMS To-Hit Modifier To-Damage Modifier DV Modifier 0 0 0 0 1 +1 0 0 2 +2 0 +1 3 +3 +1 +2 4 +4 +1 +3 5 +5 +2 +4 6 7 8 9 +6 +7 +8 +9 +2 +3 +4 +5 +5 +6 +8 +10 10 +10 +6 +12 11 +12 +7 +14 12 +14 +8 +16 13 +16 +10 +18 14 +18 +11 +20 15 +20 +12 +22 TWOHANDED WEAPONS To-Hit Modifier To-Damage Modifier DV Modifier 0 0 0 0 1 +1 +1 0 2 +2 +2 0 3 +3 +3 +1 4 +4 +4 +1 5 +4 +6 +1 6 7 8 9 +5 +6 +7 +8 +8 +9 +10 +12 +2 +2 +3 +3 10 +10 +14 +4 11 +12 +16 +4 12 +14 +18 +4 13 +16 +21 +5 14 +18 +25 +6 15 +20 +30 +8 Note that twohanded weapons are specifically built to be used with great strength.

not both. NOTE: Fighting with two whips at once is not recommended since this is *very* difficult since you have to avoid getting entangled in your weapons. the more you usually will be able to learn from it. Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Melee 15 25 40 65 105 170 275 445 720 1165 1885 3050 4935 7985 12920 Missl 7 12 20 32 52 85 137 222 360 582 942 1525 2467 3992 6460 NOTE: If your character is fighting too defensively. you will only gain the better skill bonus of the two. the attack would have hit without your shield DV bonus). but instead. The trick is that you can't get a higher bonus to your DV than twice your shield DV bonus (e. If you attack with a weapon you are skilled with. Weapon Skills and Attack Energy ------------------------------Attacking with a weapon without the appropriate skill requires 1000 energy points. After a certain time (a certain number of turns). if your shield yields a +4 DV bonus. the attack energy required is reduced according to the following table: . Note that missile weapons require but one-half as many marks. You also must not fight with berserk tactics (see the 'T' command). Note that wielding two shields prevents spellcasting and also greatly inhibits the usage of ranged weapons. Farmers are so skilled in the use of polearms that they need 20% less marks to increase in their use. Shield skill marks are gained when you manage to block an attack with your shield (e. All other classes need to collect the number of marks specified above.g. When you are using two shields. The following table shows the number of required successful weapon checks to advance to the level in question (after achieving a new level you start collecting marks from scratch). A prerequisite for gaining more shield skill marks is to use a shield that would allow you to benefit from a higher shield skill. the range of your missiles is increased by +1 for every 3 skill levels. if you want to increase your weapon skills). necromancers and elementalists) need twice as many marks as listed above. Rules-wise this means that you will require a lot of speed to fight effectively with these two whips. True spellcasters (wizards. The more powerful a monster is. Missile weapon skills have no effect on the character's DV. Semi-spellcasters (priests and druids) actually need 50% more marks than listed above. he won't get any marks for successful attacks (which basically means that you should not use the 'very defensive' and 'coward' settings of the 'T' command. NOTE: The number of marks required to increase a weapon skill is partially dependent on the class of your character. since two shields are too unwieldy to be used effectively. 12 and 14.8. 10.g. NOTE: A character can hone his melee skills only to a certain amount when fighting against the same monster. the shield skill can't provide more than +8 to DV). The shield skill yields a +2 bonus to DV per level in that skill. he will have picked up all the specific tricks and moves of the monster and will no longer gain any weapon skills by fighting that specific beast.

your constitution and your resistance to pain. Willpower influences your initial hit points and your initial magic points. the better your PC is able to resist attacks affecting his mind. and everything below this is a real hindrance. These maximums can only rarely be surpassed by natural training. The maximum for an attribute is dependent on the base score and the player race. Dexterity is also very important when attacking with missile weapons. your endurance. DEXTERITY: This attribute rates your agility. how good the PC is at increasing skills and how easily magical spells are learned. 13 is a good score. TOUGHNESS: This attribute rates your physical resistance. easy prey for your enemies. A high dexterity score allows you to better dodge enemy attacks and traps. speed and many other things. which is probably equal in power level to demigods. PCs with low dexterity are clumsy and slow-moving. This is a long and arduous process. The absolute maximum for all attributes is 99. 3 is horrible. Attributes are rated as either primary or secondary. The potential maximum attribute scores are based on the initial attribute scores. Your ability to read and write (no. class and race. determines your carrying capacity and influences your chance to hit opponents in melee combat. 20 very high and everything above this of epic proportions. nimbleness. every character is described by eight attributes which represent his abilities by birthright. The following attributes are used: STRENGTH: Strength describes your ability to inflict damage in combat. Only magical methods can exceed these limits with ease. Toughness is a major factor influencing the number of hit points of your character. LEARNING: The learning score describes how easily your character learns new things.Skill 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Cost 1000 980 960 940 920 895 870 845 820 790 760 730 700 665 630 595 Fighting with two weapons costs [800 plus the maximum of the two attack energy values for the weapons in question] energy points (although possession of the Two Weapon Combat skill can lower this). WILLPOWER: This attribute describes the strength of your will.. The higher it is. Every attribute is rated from 1 to 99 (in theory). that's not automatic!) is also influenced by this score. It should be remembered that the average PC is rated higher than normal individuals of his (or her) race because PCs are meant to be true heroes. 15 very good. Secondary attributes are derived from primary attributes and are often greatly influenced by your experience level. 17 exceptional. The initial hit points are also partially based upon strength. . Primary Attributes -----------------Basically. CHARISMA: This attribute describes the personality of your character. 8 is slightly below average. 5 is quite bad. 10 is an average score..

PCs with high charisma are outgoing. Characters with high perception are very alert and notice slight details. This value can be positive (which means that you have adequate protection) or negative (which means that you are carrying some kind of cursed items making .they also can't see very far in the dungeons. This value is influenced by race. equipment. and dozens of other factors. Additionally each choice is balanced: if one attribute is increased by an amount 'x'. PCs with high appearance are good-looking and draw attention. The choice is yours. and. Each question will present you with a situation and four choices. in theory. that is!). friendly and easily make friends. MANA: This attribute describes the luck of your character. APPEARANCE: This attribute describes the looks of your character. another attribute will be decreased by an equal amount. burden level. class. it is not limited in its value. The higher the value is. Attribute Generation -------------------Attributes can be determined in two ways in ADOM. The second way is attribute generation by answering questions. Please note that each choice will raise one or more attributes and lower one or more other attributes. while characters with low charisma are disliked by many people and have difficulties interacting on a friendly and easy-going basis. Your attributes will be based on your race and profession and a bit of luck. while characters with low appearance are unattractive or simply ugly but also draw attention (unfriendly attention most of the time. Additionally the forces of Chaos find more resistance with true beauty which results in being less susceptible corruptin for appearance scores higher than 10 and being more suceptible to corruption for appearance scores lower than 10 (basically each point difference requires 1% more or less corruption to transform the character). his attunement to the forces of magic and his resistance to magic. It influences how far you can see in dungeons. The easy way is random attribute generation. Finally perception adds a very minor bonus to your to-hit probabilities in ranged combat. Your selected choice will modify your attributes in one or more ways. Mana is a prime determinant for magical power. 10 is about average. They have superior vision and good hearing. so to speak! Secondary Attributes -------------------The following secondary attributes are used: DEFENSIVE VALUE (DV): The defensive value determines how hard you are to hit. PROTECTION VALUE (PV): PV determines how many points of damage are stopped when your PC is hit by a physical attack. PERCEPTION: This attribute describes the general perception ability of your character. This means that your attributes might be truly exceptional or pretty abysmal. It starts at 1. Characters with low perception have problems finding secret doors. the harder you are to hit. dexterity. hearing noises and noticing certain traps -. Perception is very important. hunger.

and several minor factors. your equipment and several minor factors. How fast you heal injuries depends upon race. To advance to a higher level. There are finite limits to the number of times you might be able to increase attribute scores in this way.. and attributes. Once you have reached your natural potential. and many other things. Only magical means will further enhance your attribute scores. Be careful -. magical attacks. class. The number of skill improvements depends on your learning score. toughness. Whenever you go up a level. your life energy will be drained instead. you get a chance to raise (or lower) your attributes. race. POWER POINTS (PP): Magical power is described by a certain number of power points. Finally. The higher this value is. . you start to heal wounds. no more training of whatever kind will help to increase attributes. try to find out for yourself. you have to collect a certain number of experience points.. A character starts at level 1 (a newly created adventurer) and might be able to advance to higher levels by collecting experience points. Increasing in levels is a very good thing to do because this brings many benefits. you get better in combat.this might kill you! As an added side effect abusing your body by channeling too much magic also might result in a decreased connection to the mana flow of Ancardia and heavily abuses your physical and mental health. You are also allowed to increase your skill values. receive more hit points and more magical power (depending on your class and race).it easier for your enemies to inflict wounds upon you). Generally. To cast a spell (if you are able to do so). Experience and Advancement -------------------------Each PC in ADOM is rated by his experience level. you need more experience points to advance if you are very good in one or more of these categories. your experience level and your actions during game play. which basically means that your Willpower. but there might be other ways to learn. Power is influenced by mana. the better for you! Your maximal hit points are listed in brackets. This value is influenced by your toughness. As soon as your current hit points are lower than your maximum hit points.. traps. experience and willpower. you increase in level. HIT POINTS (HP): Hit points represent how much punishment your character can take before dying. class. Your hit points can decrease through combat wounds. general conditions. you need less experience points to advance if you are below average in one or more of those categories.. Whenever you have earned a certain amount of experience points. equipment. This decision is made by the game and is heavily influenced by your class. Toughness and Mana attributes might decrease over time. If you do not have enough power points to cast a certain spell. How many points you have to collect for your next level is determined by the following categories: race. you have to spend a certain amount of power. Experience points are mostly gained by killing monsters. Your maximum power points are listed in brackets. healing skill. class.

On the other hand.Magic & Spells -------------The world of Ancardia is steeped in powerful magic. elementalist or necromancer) and tries to cast a priest spell or if he is a cleric (druid or priest) and tries to cast a wizard spell. the Concentration skill. or necromancer. your learning score is . the spell costs are reduced by 1 power point per casting.among them the Learning attribute. priest. Note that this reduction can't reduce the cost to a level lower than half the original cost. Although these forces have been far stronger in earlier ages and slowly seem to be declining in might. All magic is fueled by mana. on the other hand. Finally. How well he is able to do this depends on a number of factors -. Power has various effects: it increases the range and/or damage of combat spells. In ADOM the mana attribute of the player character is the major factor in determining how well he is able to channel magical spells (although both race and profession also have great influence on this). the magical energy called the fifth element by some. this number is doubled. this number is tripled. high power with a spell reduces the costs for casting such spells. they are still a major force to be reckoned with. elementalist. The world of Ancardia is the home of many powerful wizards of various schools and specialization. druid. When reading such a book. If the character is neither a wizard. The value 'x' depends on the current power (the better you already are. ADOM uses a special number to describe the current attunement to the mana flow of Ancardia for each and every spell the character learns. Each spell description lists those effects. IMPORTANT: Power can never be increased to a level higher than twice your learning score. Thus this number decreases with each spell casting until it is finally reduced to zero and the character is no longer able to cast the spell. If the character is either a magician (wizard. The character needs to cast a spell 'x' times to increase his power with that spell by +1. Priests are also able to use magical spells very similar to the ones utilized by wizards (although the sources for these powers are very different). a character becomes more efficient in casting a specific spell if he does so very often. Spells have to be learned from books. it heightens the effects of personal and healing magic and so on. the class and more. the less close the attunement of the character to the mana flow will be as his actions change the mana flow and force him to re-attune him by again studying spellbooks. The more often a spell is cast. Training allows him to adjust the various factors involved in casting a spell until he maximizes the gain from such a spell. This learning factor is described by the term 'Spell Power'. the character needs to cast the spell 'x + 1' times to become even more efficient. the harder it is to improve) and can be determined like this: If the current power is '+x'. the character meditates about the forces and magical patterns which are required to create the magical effect in question and attunes himself to the mana flow of the world in such a way as to be able to activate the specific spell. For each 5 levels of power with a given spell. If.

It is decreased whenever the spell is cast (by an amount determined by the power level of the spell. Casting Spells from Books ------------------------It is also possible to cast a spell from a spellbook if you already have learned the particular spell. The following values are possible: x .this is very dangerous. E: x . First the spell name is listed.The spell has a range or radius of 'x'. Since casting a spell from a book simply consists of following the instructions in the book. the spell power for the spell in question is not increased.The spell is cast with power 'x'. The strain imposed by casting a spell in such a way could kill you. D: x . Doing so costs triple the amount of power points usually required. to (range R .1) at distance 2 and so on. your attributes.The spell effect is 'x'.there might be yet unknown powerful castings. But beware -. Known Spells -----------This section summarizes the various spells known in Ancardia. if you are not completely healed. and some other factors). separated by a /.reduced below a certain spell power. the power rating will remain at its current level. If two names are given. takes up 3000 energy points (casting from a book takes more time since you have to loudly invoke the text) and does not reduce your current spell knowledge. you can still cast the spell. It also does not destroy the spellbook after a limited amount of readings. Mostly this will be damage caused or cured. this means "Line of Sight" as far as the PC can see. either. Please note that it should be considered to be but a short summary of the various spells -. You can assume that the modifier is equal to the range R at distance 1. elementalists and necromancers). x . Afterwards effects in P: R: a series of statistics follow which explain the spell more detail. If the range 'LOS' is given. If the term '+R*' appears in the effect value this means that the effect decreases with distance. Following each spell you will notice several numbers.The spell lasts for 'x' turns. the spell is forgotten and you are no longer able to cast it. the first one is the name commonly used by members of the arcane professions (wizards. The first one describes how well you memorized the spell. The second number is the number of power points you need to expend to cast the spell in question. If this number is reduced to 0 or less. If you do not have that many power points. while the second name is the one used by members of the clerical professions . Spell Display ------------Pressing 'Z' will display all the spells you know and some additional data concerning them.

it just helps those die-hard tacticians. Level of the PC. the caster is able to identify a previously unknown item in his equipment. Confusing. Clerical) This spell is the reversal of the Light spell. Clerical) This spell permits the user to launch a bolt of electrical energy from his hands. Clerical) This spell lights up a magically or naturally darkened area. eh? Feel assured that you don't need to understand this to be able to play ADOM -. you first choose the maximum value of your level + 2 and your willpower . the die-rolling notation is used (see the respective section in the manual for details). The minimum function m{x. For them the costs are determined as explained above.(priests.2}d6 + (L + W) / 4 means that to determine damage. Mana of the PC. MAGIC MISSILE / MINOR PUNISHMENT (Arcane) This spell allows the caster to launch a minor energy bolt against his enemies which is able to bounce off obstacles. Be careful as this bolt tends to bounce off obstacles. Increasing power also is simpler for members of those groups. damage and duration for spells. DARKNESS (Arcane. this means that members of those profession groups will have an easier time to understand and learn the spell. which means "take the maximum of x and y". IDENTIFY / ENLIGHTENMENT (Arcane. Example: A damage of M{L + 2. Spell Power for the given spell. Lastly. Effectively. y}. Paladins using clerical magic only pay double the normal cost to increase power. Then you'll find in brackets the profession groups specifically suited to learning the spell. Roll the appropriate number of d6 and add to the result a number determined by adding level and willpower divided by 4. Remaining range points when target is hit. It also uses a maximum function denoted as M{x.2. These formulae use certain abbreviations: W M L P R r - Willpower of the PC. For characters neither having an arcane nor a clerical profession. LIGHT (Arcane. The descriptions include formulae to determine range. It magically darkens a bright area. W . For members of the 'other' profession group. Maximum range (as determined by the range formula). y} is defined accordingly. Clerical) By invoking this spell. LIGHTNING BOLT / DIVINE WRATH (Arcane. Finally. you will find a description of the spell effects. CURE LIGHT WOUNDS (Clerical) . the costs are doubled. druids and paladins). costs are tripled.

The caster is not harmed by the magical energies. DISARM TRAP (Clerical) With this spell one trap can be deactivated permanently. . 1d8 + 1 + P points of damage will be restored. ACID BALL / RAIN OF SORROW (Arcane) This spell creates a downpour of acid in the vicinity of the character. Note that the rain even penetrates walls since the magical energies creating the acid are built up on the elemental plane of Mana and rock or stone on the material plane is no concern on the plane of Mana. The caster is not harmed by the magical energies. consisting of hail and frozen crystals. If cast on undead targets. The caster is not harmed by the magical energies. FIRE BALL / MAJOR PUNISHMENT (Arcane) This spell makes the caster explode in a violent fireball engulfing everything in his vicinity. SLOW MONSTER (Arcane) The target of this spell moves and acts with half its effective speed. Traps are not activated by this spell but rather circumvented. Note that the storm even penetrates walls since the magical energies creating the storm are built up on the elemental plane of Mana and rock or stone on the material plane is no concern on the plane of Mana. The caster must stand adjacent to the door. ICE BALL / FREEZING FURY (Arcane) This spell summons a deadly ice storm in the vicinity of the player. those undead will be damaged. The caster must be adjacent to the trap to be disarmed. The target will be more effective in combat and also enjoys some more luck.This spell cures one minor wound. Note that the explosion even penetrates walls since the magical energies creating the fire are built up on the elemental plane of Mana and rock or stone on the material plane is no concern on the plane of Mana. BLESS (Clerical) Application of this spell blesses one person (no items!). KNOCK / DIVINE KEY (Arcane) This spell unlocks and opens one locked door. The caster is not harmed by the magical energies. LIGHTNING BALL / HEAVENLY FURY (Arcane) This spell summons a violent hail of thunderstrokes in the vicinity of the player. Note that the thunderstrokes even penetrate walls since the magical energies creating the lightning are built up on the elemental plane of Mana and rock or stone on the material plane is no concern on the plane of Mana.

). GREATER IDENTIFY / GREATER ENLIGHTENMENT (Arcane. especially its hidden powers (like the ability to grant special immunities or resistances etc. the caster is unable to control the place of arrival. illness or sickness. 4d8 + 4 + P points of damage will be restored. Only by magical means can the target be discovered. Clerical) This spell allows you to turn cursed items into uncursed items. The caster must be adjacent to the target creature. Be warned: attacks on others will allow them to see you. 10d6 + 10 + P points of damage will be restored. CURE CRITICAL WOUNDS (Clerical) This spell cures a terrible wound. INVISIBILITY / VEIL OF THE GODS (Arcane) This spell hides the target from mortal eyes. There are also several kinds of beasts that are able to see through such magical disguises. Clerical) This spell will detail the powers of one item. TELEPORTATION / ETHEREAL BRIDGE (Arcane) This spell instantly transports the target to another physical location. . 2d10 + 2 + P points of damage will be restored. NEUTRALIZE POISON (Clerical) By using this spell. Clerical) Usage of this spell allows to calm down enraged monsters. the caster is able to neutralize poisonous substances in his blood stream. SLOW POISON (Clerical) This spell slows down the effects of poison in one's body. CURE SERIOUS WOUNDS (Clerical) This spell cures a major wound. Several castings might even succeed in completely neutralizing the poison.CALM MONSTER (Arcane. DESTROY UNDEAD / DISPEL UNDEAD (Clerical) This spell is particularly suited to annihilate undead creatures completely. REMOVE CURSE (Arcane. HEAL (Clerical) This spells heals a life-threatening wound. CURE DISEASE (Clerical) Application of this spell will cure a deadly disease. Without special magical means.

open new passages and slay hordes of enemies. Clerical) This spell allows the caster to hurl a bolt of vicious and deadly liquid at his opponents. Beware -. CREATE ITEM / DIVINE FAVOR (Arcane. only his carrying capacity! You should also make sure that you are not too overloaded when the spell ends. forever. IMPROVED FIREBALL / INVOKED DEVASTATION (Arcane) This spell is similar to its lesser cousin (see above) with the major . It's especially useful in the underground to collapse tunnel systems..his combat strength is not increased.g. Artifacts can't be created but other powerful items definitely are a possibility. PETRIFICATION (Clerical) The target of this spell probably will be turned to stone. MAGIC LOCK / SEAL OF THE SPHERES (Arcane) By using this spell. which sadly are not necessarily peaceful. ACID BOLT (Arcane. FROST BOLT / NETHER BOLT (Arcane.. REVELATION (Clerical) This spell reveals special abilities of the character (e. magical resistances and immunities). Clerical) Application of this spell allows the caster to hurl a fiery bolt at his enemies. Be warned that some locations are structurally too hard to be affected by an earthquake. Clerical) This spell calls a number of monsters into existence. SUMMON MONSTERS (Arcane.. Clerical) Application of this spell will bring a random item into existence. STRENGTH OF ATLAS / LORDLY MIGHT (Arcane) This spell allows the caster to carry tremendous loads. KNOW ALIGNMENT (Clerical) This spell allows the caster to determine the alignment of one target.. the caster can magically lock a door. Clerical) This spell causes an icy bolt to spring from the hands of the caster.EARTHQUAKE (Clerical) This very powerful spell effectively causes the earth to shake. FIRE BOLT / HELLISH FLAMES (Arcane.

some materials are so hard that even magic won't have any effect! BURNING HANDS / BAPTISM OF FIRE (Arcane. FARSIGHT (Arcane. Note that the explosion penetrates even walls since the magical energies creating the fire are built up on the elemental plane of Mana and rock or stone on the material plane is of no concern on the plane of Mana. Clerical) This spell dazes the targets and makes them move with little coordination. Many believe it to be just another type of magic. The arts of Mindcraft and magic do not work very well together. MYSTIC SHOVEL / DIVINE DIGGER (Arcane. Clerical) This spell allows you to penetrate stone in order to dig tunnels. probably slowing down or completely stopping the movements of weaker monsters. intelligent opponents. SCARE MONSTER / HOLY AWE (Arcane. Clerical) This spell increases the range of view of the caster greatly. Mindcrafters utilize their mental powers to generate astonishing effects. Mindcraft --------The art of Mindcraft is a very strange discipline. that is!). WEB (Arcane) This spell engulfs everything in its path in sticky webs. STUN RAY / LESSER DIVINE TOUCH (Arcane. Clerical) This spell is used to create terror and fear within living. Be warned -. MAGIC MAP / KNOWLEDGE OF THE ANCIENTS (Arcane. but the truly enlightened know that it is a very different way of using one's inner strength and willpower. Clerical) This spell instantly slays the target (if it does not manage to resist in some way. . Clerical) This spell engulfs a target adjacent to the caster in searing flames. DEATH RAY / GREATER DIVINE TOUCH (Arcane. Clerical) This spell maps major parts of the currently unknown regions of the area you explore. Only long meditation and inner peace will allow a person to awaken the mental powers within. while magic seems to encourage active and curious minds.difference that it causes more damage and can be hurled at targets far away.

with the difference that it affects all beings within a certain range. PV: + [(L + W) / 8].A mental attack similar to Mind Blast. Teleport Self (40) . . Confusion Blast (1) .so be careful about what might be lurking behind the next wall before wildly employing Mindcraft. DV: + [(L + W) / 5]. Damage: [{(W + L) / 6} + 1]d5. L for the level of the Mindcrafter): Teleport Control (1) . Damage: [(W / 5) + L]d3 Eyes of the Mind (18) .A more advanced form of Mind Blast.A hypersense which allows the character to sense creatures and beings within a certain range. Continuous power. Some powers are continuous and cost power points each turn.A powerful force ball causing a lot of physical damage to beings. Telekinetic Blast (15) . Greater Telekinetic Blast (30) . Damage: [{(W + L) / 8} + 1]d9.A projected force which might shatter doors and is able to damage beings physically.A defensive power which allows the Mindcrafter to heal his wounds.The ability to control your destination when teleporting. Confusion Wave (3) . Your mindcrafter also might want to avoid contact with corrupted monsters.Similar to Confusion Blast.A mental defense.A linear blast which disturbs the minds of your opponents and confuses them. but affects all beings within a certain range. Sages claim that corrupted minds will transfer some of the corruption to the contacting mind. Additionally. Be warned! The powers of Mindcraft come at a price. The number in brackets mentions the level at which the power will become available. It might even be powerful enough to shatter stone. The following special powers are available in the game (W is the shortcut for willpower. harming or killing him. Mind Wave (12) . Their corrupted and insane minds are able to turn the mental powers upon the Mindcrafter.A power allowing the travel to remote places within the blink of an eye. Continuous power.The following sections will describe the mental powers available to Mindcrafters. Mind Blast (6) . Many beings don't like others trying to toast their brains. Artificial and mindless beings are immune to mental powers and undead are a great danger to all Mindcrafters. walls are not able to block the powers of the mind -. Greater Mental Blast (25) . Damage: [(W / 5) + L]d6 Regeneration (35) . he is at a loss. which affects both defensive and protection values of the character.A mental attack trying to destroy the brain cells of the victims. Mental powers are fed with power points and if the character does not have enough power points to activate the power. Mental Shield (9) .

Similar to teleport self. After passing the title screen. but can be used on other beings. Then you will have to enter a name for the character you are going to play. Please note that you can't restore a game when your character died in that game. restore an old game or page through this manual. This has some influence on game play (in ADOM female characters are more agile. In both cases you will have to determine the gender of your character. they nearly always will bring doom (or so they say). The Game -------ADOM is started by typing adom at your command prompt. Strange mutants have been sighted and formerly normal humans suddenly were horribly changed. otherwise you will be presented with lists for both from which you have to choose.cfg". .Similar to Greater Mental Blast. If you just press ENTER instead of entering a name. but affects all creatures within a certain range. After some moments the game will start. ADOM first of all will randomly determine your birth date. If you allow fate to decide the details. if the variable "Allow_Default_Names" is set to "true" in "adom.Teleport Other (45) . If you choose to create a new character. Rumor has it that the dark magic used by the forces of Chaos and their presence itself have corrupting effects on all living beings on Ancardia and even on the environment itself. Greater Mental Wave (50) . Be prepared to be faced with these dangers and try to avoid becoming transformed into a horrible being of Chaos. your star sign and give some details about the effects of the events surrounding your birth. you will have to choose whether to start a new game. The name has no further influence on game play but serves to individualize your character. male characters are slightly stronger). ADOM will randomly choose the race and profession of your character. Corruptions ----------The forces of Chaos slowly start to get a grip on the world of Ancardia. Although the powers might seem advantageous. The restore option will provide you with a list of available saved games from which you can restore a game. the game will christen your character with a default name. Then you will have to decide whether to choose a specific class and race to play or whether you want ADOM to choose for you.

youth and young adulthood.# #.....###########.. the background of your character will be described.....### #..################################# ######### ####### ######### Geffrey St:19 Le: 9 Wi:14 Dx:12 To:22 Ch: 8 Ap: 8 Ma:11 Pe:15 N= DV/PV: 10/4 H: 27(27) P: 3(3) Exp: 1/139 D: 1 Sp: 100 -------------------------< End Screen copy >----------------------------The first two lines of the screens are reserved for messages which explain certain events and actions./...# ######### #..######.....# #.............. which contains most of the interesting information about your character....# #######/# #...... a (more) prompt will appear... your surroundings and your condition.......############...###############################.. These events serve to detail your PC and influence his attributes...........############# #....# #...# ####/#### #..# #....# #.... you can still use the ':m' command (see below).. If more text is issued than fits into those two lines.......... You are assumed to have just entered one of the major valleys in the Drakalor Chain and from that point on everything is based on your actions.....z@...# #. you also can press ENTER.............. your area of specialization (if available) and your starting age.# ####### #..# ####...... ... The following sample shows how a game screen might look: ------------------------< Begin Screen copy >---------------------------The skeleton fails to hurt you../... you will get to know your class.# #. Finally...# #..# #..###########... If you are expecting many messages in one turn which you don't want to read.......# #......# #....... For each phase certain events are generated. ################ #..# #.......# ######### ####### #.......# ########/#######... To continue you have to press SPACE (or Z)............####...# #. After all this you will be dumped directly into the game.# #...^..%..# ##/############ #.....# #.../....# #...........# #./..# #...........# #.# #..# #.# #..# #..# #.# #.....# ##/########## #..# #.......# #####/### ######### #....# #.>..........<. If you want to look at one of those messages later..##### #.................############..#.######.........# #... The Main Screen --------------Most of the time you will see the main game screen. All messages will scroll through without waiting for a confirmation.. The game will mention your character's sex and race and then detail his life prior to starting his adventure......Next..# ######### #...... childhood..#####################..###..../...#####################...^... Every character lives through four major phases of development: early childhood..

Exp: The experience you have to collected up to now and your experience level. The second number stands for the number of experience points you already have earned. A sequence of up to two characters describing your alignment (more about this in the section on alignment). like monster DV and PV. Sp: The speed rating of your character.The last three lines contain information about your character in the following order: Name: Let's guess what this is :-) St: The strength score of your character. the first number describes your current experience level. Specific characters are used to represent items. If a monster resists a fireball due to its innate magic resistance the character still will believe that the monster is immune to fire (just to name on example). number of attacks. D: The number of the current dungeon level. Wi: The willpower score of your character. Ma: The mana score of your character. locations. P: The magical power of your character. If you have encountered the monster before. g. you will receive information based upon your observations. This also means that your character might mistake powers for something else. the monster memory is not persistent. Optionally the number of turns that have passed can be displayed in this area. To: The toughness score of your character. his Perception score and some skills. average hit points. and other stuff. Pe: The perception score of your character. All lines between these two screen parts are used to display the map of the current dungeon level or wilderness area (as far as you have explored it). Additionally. and special powers. It is important to note that the monster memory takes into account the abilities of your character. Based upon his Learning score. it is more or less likely that the character will learn something from his observations. average damage. The monster memory can be invoked in two ways: either you 'l'ook around and demand more information upon looking at a monster or you invoke the '&' command and enter the name of a specific monster race (e. H: The hit points of your character. PV: The protection value of your character. Le: The learning score of your character. monsters. Only later experiences will remedy this observation. Dx: The dexterity score of your character. Ch: The charisma score of your character. 'goblin' or 'white baby dragon'). This utility helps the player to memorize useful monster data. Ap: The appearance score of your character. Between two games (that . DV: The defensive value of your character. This can be as little as the physical description to as much as complete data about the combat stats and powers of a monster. The Monster Memory -----------------One of the utilities provided by ADOM is the so-called monster memory.

Since observations thus are very subjective.Item Symbols --[ ' ( } * / = " Protective gear. This section explains the various symbols and their potential meanings. This effectively means that a monster can be very different between two games. = * o Road Water Entrance Buildings --. it would be pretty misleading to keep such data between two games. use some sheets of paper and a pen (or pencil). This is so (compared to other games. --. If you want to have a hint through. It is my firm belief that the monster memory should serve to mirror the observations of the actual character and not those of the player. & < _ ^ Rock or wall Open door Closed door Floor. tunnel Forge or other special places Stair leading upwards Altar Known trap = T 0 + | > * 8 Water Tree Pool or hive Tombstone Webs Stair leading downwards Hole Gate --.Monster Symbols --Monsters are grouped into specific categories to make it easier to distinguish them. passage.Map Symbols (wilderness) --^ ~ & " Mountains Hills Forest Plains or Swamp . shields Necklaces Hand weapons Missile weapon Rocks Missiles Rings Books \ ? ] ~ % $ { Wands Scrolls Tools Bracers Food Gold Music instruments from one character to the next) it will get erased. Some symbols have more than one meaning. The Display ----------During game play everything you encounter is represented by certain symbols on the map.Map Symbols (dungeon) --# / + . Symbols are simple colored characters. which keep such a memory) because monsters in ADOM are pretty dynamic. They have varying levels and can gain experience like the PC. The following scheme is used (with some exceptions): a b c d e Ants Bees Centipedes Dogs & other canines magical Eye A B C D E Aquatic beings Bats Chaos creatures Dragons Elementals .

but usually only magic will be of quick help when trying to pass these limits. it will be displayed in red. The upper right half of the screen contains a list of miscellaneous data. from certain potions). The last column shows the total score for each attribute. The next column lists the natural maximums for the attribute scores. Usually (as per default command set) this screen is invoked by pressing '@'. (See the section on attributes for more details. The next line describes the . it will be displayed in green. followed by the current unmodified attribute score. First you'll see the number of the day on which you were born in the Ancardian year followed by your star sign. Then you'll see the *current* month in the game (both by number and by name).) The next column displays temporary attribute bonuses (e. Then the screen lists your current financial status. it will be displayed in brown. If your attribute score is raised.g.g. the name of your deity. due to magical items). It lists all the attribute names in the first column (in yellow. if it's lowered by some means. if not yet maxed out or in brown if maxed out in the natural way). potential debts. if it's equal to the maximum score possible. it will be displayed in square brackets. This is followed by a verbal approximation of that rating. They can be raised by long and hard training. The PC screen is divided into several parts dedicated to certain aspects of the PC. The upper left half of the screen is dedicated to the attribute scores of your PC. First you'll see the current speed rating.f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z Felines Grungy humanoids Humanoids Insects Jellies & oozes Kobolds Lizards Mimics (unused) Orcs Pixies (unused) Rodents Snakes Townsfolk Underdark humanoids (unused) Worms grues (unused) Zombies & other lesser undead & greater demons [ animated armor F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Fantastic beasts Ghosts giant Humanoids Imps & other minor demons (unused) berserKers & barbarians Liches Minotaurs Natural beasts Ogres Plants (unused) Rust monsters Spiders Trolls Unicorns Vortices Wyrms eXtra-planar beings constructs greater undead @ (demi-)humans * will o'wisp The Player Character Screen --------------------------ADOM provides a screen with most of the important statistics you might want to know about your PC. The next entries are concerned with your omens of birth and star sign. If you also enjoy a temporary speed bonus. followed by a column listing special bonuses (e. and the elapsed amount of game time. In all other cases yellow is used.

In order. commands are issued by pressing one or more keys. the state of the moon (full. new. In the middle of the screen you'll see the encumbrance data for your PC. kicking. Whenever you find a description like 'C-x' you are expected to press the Control-key and the key 'x' at the same time to invoke the corresponding command. The following default commands are normally available: C-t a < Z C H T L E c w s ( ) [ > : W ! A B P : b = \ : c $ C-e @ / K : k : m M : w : g Activate trap at current position Apply skill Ascend stairway & Leave location (in the wilderness) Cast spell Chat with monsters Change highlight mode Change tactics Check literacy Clean ears Close door Continuous search Create short character log Create verbose character log Create screenshot Descend stairway & Enter location (in the wilderness) Describe weather Dip (something) into (potion) Display skills and quick-mark skills Display background Display bill Display burden levels Display configuration variables Display chaos powers Display companions Display current wealth Display elapsed game time Display extended character information Display identified items Display kick damage Display killed monsters Display message buffer Display missile statistics Display monster wound status Display name of your deity . both by its number in the current month and by its absolute number in the current game year (so that you can compare it to your birthday). Miscellaneous Commands ---------------------During game play.*current* day in the game. waning) will be described. Finally. you'll see the current encumbrance. the minimum encumbrance to be considered burdened and the respective minimum levels for being considered strained and very strained. The last entry in that section displays the age of your character. and missile combat. you'll see the data for melee combat. waxing. Below this.

. C-p _ Q r & C-r ' O S s F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 Display quest status Display recipes Display required experience Display version Display weapon skills Display weapon statistics Drink Drop item(s) Drop items in a comfortable way Eat Examine environment Explore unknown areas Extended drop Extended pay Extended use Give item to monster Go attack closest monster Go to closest item(s) Go to closest altar Go to closest forge Go to position Go up or exit Go up or enter Handle something Inventory Invoke mindcraft Issue order to companion (reaction heavily depends on your charisma) Kick Look Mark spells Miscellaneous equipment Move to the southwest Move to the south Move to the southeast Move to the west Move to the east Move to the northwest Move to the north Move to the northeast Name monster/yourself Online help Open door Pay Pick up items primitively (fast) Pick up items Pick up items comfortably Pray Quit game Read Recall monster memory Redraw screen Repeat last command Sacrifice Save game Search Set tactics to 'berserker' Set tactics to 'very aggressive' Set tactics to 'aggressive' Set tactics to 'normal' Set tactics to 'defensive' .q R x V C-w W D d C-d e l w? : d : p : u g wm wi w_ w& w* w< w> h i C-i C-o k C-l : Z I 1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 n ? o p .

Whenever you are given the choice to get out of one of those screens by pressing the 'Z' key. gold. If you opt for faster movement you can activate the so-called . ammunition) C-k Switch the required (more) key C-u Unlock door U Use item C-x Use class power m Use special ability u Use tool v View all important PC data C-c View challenge mode setup . you can also press the space bar. simply try to move into the field the monster is standing on.-) It is possible to redefine the keybindings (see the appropriate section of the manual for details). lists. This will result in a melee attack.6 /|\ 1 2 3 To attack a monster. etc. In the game you will encounter multiple screens containing tables. The 'Z' key is always listed in the help lines because of historical reasons (and because it's easier to display than the ' ' . energy. speed. Movement -------You can move into eight directions by pressing the respective number key displayed in the following movement grid: 7 8 9 \|/ 4 -5. Wait 5 Wait w 1 Walk to the southwest w 2 Walk to the south w 3 Walk to the southeast w 4 Walk to the west w 5 Walk on the spot w 6 Walk to the east w 7 Walk to the northwest w 8 Walk to the north w 9 Walk to the northeast F Wipe face z Zap wand For details about the dynamic display see the end of this section.F6 Set tactics to 'very defensive' F7 Set tactics to 'coward' : = Set variable t Shoot/Throw missile : s Swap position with monster C-a Switch auto-pickup on/off C-n s Switch game settings (NotEye only) C-n m Switch message buffer location (only in tiled NotEye mode) : t Switch the dynamic display (turns.

ADOM divides each player turn into a number of segments. move with different speed and are either slower or faster than others. Just press 'w' for walk-mode and the '5' for waiting in place. Something special (e. Being born under the sign of the Raven also helps.'walk-mode' by pressing 'w' followed by a direction key. Some beings are able to gather this energy faster and thus can act at higher speed. Walk-mode also allows the character to wait in place (e. The core notion of this system is that every character and monster has to collect a certain amount of energy to be able to act. Movement will cease as soon as one of the following things happens: * * * * * * * * Your direction of choice is blocked. your Athletics skill.g. Items are lying at your current position..g. Walk-mode will abort if a monster enters your immediate vicinity. Afterwards the CER is reduced by 1000 (in most cases). activating 'walk-mode' is a good way to cover long distances which have been explored before. starving doesn't help either). dexterity (a score of 17 or higher can be helpful). your equipment weight or your hunger level changes or 50 turns have gone by. Each being that passes the '1000 energy minimum' with its current energy rating is allowed to act. Your energy can never be lower than 1 (although this spells certain doom) and is not limited by any value. This rating can be modified by class (monks and beastfighters get faster with more experience). All Player Characters start with a basic speed rating of 100 which basically means that they can act once every 10 segments. To make full use of the vast array of available tactical options. A monster appears in your immediate vicinity. and special items. You are bleeding. You are stunned. satiation level (a full stomach makes you move slower.. alcohol level (being drunk is not a good idea in all cases). encumbrance level (the more you are encumbered the slower you get). If you are using the numeric keypad remember to press NUM LOCK. This will make your character walk into the chosen direction until he meets something of interest. Your hunger status changes. Beings rather act individually. To be able to act once in ADOM your character needs to accumulate at least 1000 energy points. although they are impossible to attain in any .. confused or blinded. A move will bring you into the immediate vicinity of a monster. others gain this energy more slowly and thus act in a slower way. sick or poisoned. ADOM simulates this by using a 'speed system'. Generally. to regenerate lost hit points or power points). you should not use 'walk-mode' when exploring unknown locations. Speed ----Actions in real life rarely are synchronous. In each segment every being on the current level adds its speed rating to its current energy. The only limit is that you can act only once per segment (even speed scores of 2000+ can't help in this respect. a stairway) is located at your current position. Every acting being has a 'speed rating' (SR) and a current energy rating (CER)..

Finally you need to understand that some items don't increase your overall speed score but might limit the energy costs for certain actions (e. simply look at the source code.100] * 2} = 666 energy points). Roleplayers use an abbreviated way of describing the number of dice to be rolled to generate a random number. seven league boots could require you to expend but 500 energy points to be able to move -. If {z} is not mentioned. {z} can be positive or negative. Most monsters also have a base speed rating of 100.most often 4-. This is normally abbreviated as {x}d{y}+{z} and means to roll {x} dice with {y} faces and finally to add the value {z}. this is scaled to a cost of 100000 / {100 + [(100000 / 800) . If you don't understand the formula. Paper games rely on several kinds of dice -. 6-. It either can display the current turn number (an internal game counter). Note that the 'energy cost for the last action' display option does not necessarily show the expected value for energy costs below 1000.thus you could move faster. if your potion of speed results in an 800 energy point cost for movement and due to your class you also would be able to move for 800 energy points. SPECIAL NOTE: If you are setting your tactics level to 'coward' and then simply move around without attacking anything.g. although there are exceptions. it is . This is so because ADOM's internal rating system for action costs relies on relative measurements (e. all the face values are added and maybe a modifier is added or subtracted to generate a total. . Remember this when you try to run away! The Dynamic Display ------------------The dynamic display is used to present detailed information about the actions of the player. 8-.g. 10-. Be prepared to face changing speed monstrosities occasionally. but all other actions would be carried out at normal speed).-)) Dice ---Roleplaying games mostly use dice to generate random events. 12and 20-sided dice are used. Usually the current speed rating is displayed. such a move only costs 800 energy points *if* your hit points are reduced to one-third their starting value or below (panic does that to you since ADOM basically is a heroic game we'll ignore other wound effects). Basically a certain number of dice is rolled. Computers are not limited by arbitrary die forms and thus enjoy the freedom to use any kind of dice imaginable as a random number generator. the current speed rating of the display or the energy cost of the last action of the player character.-) Not understanding it is *not* a sign of being stupid . This is also true for weapon skills which are able to reduce the amount of energy required to stage an attack (see the section on weapon skills for details).

First the item type is . The Inventory ------------Every PC normally carries quite a number of items -. Blessed items are of very high quality and might exert some additional powers. Weapons must be wielded to have any effect. Cursed items cannot be removed when worn and mostly do not function with full effect. If no item was used you will automatically be shown a list with items which might be useful on that body part. every item might list a number of values which further describe the powers of the item. others are found during the adventure. In the following section. 3d13-9 means to roll three 13-sided dice and subtract 9 to generate a number between -6 and 30. 4d4+3 means to roll four 4-sided dice and finally add 3 to generate a number between 7 and 19. If an item was equipped. Uncursed items represent average items.some of them belong to the initial equipment. Items normally have to be identified by some means to get more than just some general information. weapons and armor). The following abbreviations are used to describe the modifiers: CHA DAM DVM MDM MEM MIM PVM ATM - Number of charges remaining Damage dice (given in the dice notation explained above) DV modifier Missile damage modifier Melee attack modifier Missile attack modifier PV modifier Modifier to a specific attribute The following item descriptions are available. They also are susceptible to damage more often.g. bracers and necklaces must be worn to be useful. 2d6 means to roll two 6-sided dice to generate a number between 2 and 12.assumed to be zero. They are more difficult to damage.. items are listed by category with all possible modifiers. Items are generally rated as uncursed. When identified. EXAMPLES: 1d20 means to roll one 20-sided die to generate a number between 1 and 20. try to find out about this for yourself.. If you want to change your equipment (either by wearing an additional item or by removing an item currently used) you simply need to press the letter preceding the body part in question. There might be means available to repair or improve such items. Some items are identified by using them (e. Armor must be worn to have any effect. others have to be identified by magical means. it will automatically be removed. All items worn or equipped are displayed upon pressing the 'i' key. Rings. cursed or blessed. Items also might be broken or rusty.

MIM) [DVM. the last line of the screen will display the current filter and the possible commands to select a certain item type. PVM] <wand> (CHA) <melee weapon> (MEM. PVM] <armor> (MEM. The following keys are used to filter the items in the backpack: [ & . PVM] <helmet> (MEM.which stands for all items). you still won't know the number of charges of a newly found 'wand of magic missiles' (although it will be correctly identified in all other respects). so that only certain item types are displayed and it's easier to find the item you are looking for. PVM] <cloak> (MEM. Whenever it is possible to apply a filter to the items in your backpack. which means that the item is poisoned. ( } / { = all wearable items all amulets and tools all bracers (this is an exception to the 'image rule' since some systems wait for a second key to be pressed after the '~' used for bracers and this would make this feature somewhat tiresome to use). which means that the item in question grants the specified bonus to the mentioned attribute. Any weapon can be followed by (p). Therefore ADOM contains a mechanism to filter the list of items in the backpack. the number of charges for wands will only be visible if you zapped that specific wand successfully or identified that specific wand. MIM) [DVM. PVM] <missile weapon> (MIM. this depends on the specific item. At times you need to retrieve an item from that backpack and this can be a very tiring process if you are carrying a large number of items. DAM) [DVM. PVM] <shield> (MEM) [DVM. you can select a certain category of items by pressing the symbol which usually represents those items. all melee weapons all missile weapons all missiles all musical instruments all rings . you also have a backpack which might contain large numbers of items (directly viewable by pressing 'I'). Filtering the Stuff List -----------------------Beside those items you carry directly on your body (which can be viewed by pressing 'i'). MIM) [DVM. MDM) [DVM. Not all modifiers always appear. MIM) [DVM. PVM] <boots> (MEM. Finally. DAM) Any item (in theory) can be followed by {ATM}. PVM] <girdle> (MEM. then the possible modifiers follow. PVM] <missile> (MIM. In all cases (except for '#' -. The kind of visible modifiers can be determined by the type of brackets surrounding them: <bracers> [DVM. MIM) [DVM. MIM) [DVM. In other words: if you identify 'tin wands' as 'wands of magic missiles'.listed. PVM] <gauntlets> (MEM.

\ ! ? " % $ * all wands all potions all scrolls all books all food gold all gems Beasts of Burden ---------------While many players seem to enjoy carrying around heaps of stuff. To buy something in a shop. Wishing ------In ADOM you might encounter magical wishes. The risky environment is made up for by the huge gains possible by selling rare (and even magical!) items to heroes venturing down the dungeons. to very strained and to overburdened) to mirror this fact. Each burden level comes with a growing need for food. which can get damaged and further burdens you. you will be expected to look around. The to be so many thieves is done by using the you probably will have You can also sell items in a shop to raise more funds. ADOM uses several burden levels (from burdened to strained.g. This in turn means that you probably will have to carry more food. If you carry a lot of stuff. to leave the item(s) behind. Wishes are a powerful form of magic which allows a variety of effects. Since most of them are carrying large amounts of gold. but remember that at times shops might contain important or powerful items. you'll get hungry sooner. on potions or scrolls). Needless to say that only daring and powerful merchants are willing to undertake the risks of opening shops deep in the dungeons. the trade seems to be going very well. You can wish for abstract things . adventurous merchants have opened their shops to provide supplies for the various bold adventurers exploring the dungeons. Not every shop will buy everything as most of them are rather specialized (e. ADOM supports two types of wishes. barter and buy stuff. this is not really recommended. you have to pick it shopkeeper then will block the exit (there seem around nowadays) and wait for you to pay (which 'p' command). If you enter a shop. The shopkeeper will immediately tell you how much he is willing to pay and then you can decide whether or not to accept the offer. just drop that item. up first. If you want to sell something. If you do not have enough money. Take care! Shops ----On certain levels of the dungeon. You can leave without buying or selling anything.

* Take care about your satiation. 1d8+6). be careful! Saving the Game --------------To save a game in progress you just have to press the 'S' key and answer the following question with a 'y'. This is a special feature of all roguelike games. How To Start -. Note also that your save file will be deleted if your character dies. money. At times it even pays to talk to so-called monsters. Generally three free megabytes should be enough for any one game (no matter how deep you venture). If you choose that option a tiny menu will display the available games to be restored (if there are any). you can only wish for very general items.g. just start ADOM and type 'r' on the option screen. and other things. Finding enough food to survive is important in ADOM. but you would rather have to wish for long swords or mithril plate mails. If you do not want to wait for a certain item. it's not possible to wish for 6 blessed long swords (+6.A Beginner's Guide ---------------------------------ADOM is not a simple game -. health. Since wishes are powerful but not very precise magic. wealth. The game will be saved and you can restore it later to continue your game. The 'C'hat command is an absolute necessity to get anywhere in the game. You should make sure that you have enough free space on your disk before saving the game as ADOM will otherwise crash. For example. To restore a saved game. Levels with lots of monsters or items need more space. since ADOM features many powerful and rare items. Angband and Rogue in that it offers a lot more detail and uses a different approach in certain respects. You can also wish for items.and concepts like friends. ADOM is also very different from other roguelike games like Nethack. but in the beginning this might be a bit difficult. just wish for it as soon as you receive a free wish. Depending on your screen resolution even less games might be shown (e. 16 under DOS). This should be sufficient for most purposes. If your wish is not formulated precisely you might get something other than what you are expecting -. Once you learn the tricks you'll have no problems to cope with this. Please note that this menu only displays a maximum of 20 saved games (without telling you that there might be additional saved games). You need about 30000 bytes plus 12000 bytes per level that you have explored. The following advice might be helpful for both the hardened veterans of other roguelike games and beginners of ADOM: * Try to talk to people. Such wishes can be very useful. You are expected to win without ever dying. Make sure that you don't carry too least if you are really trying to win and don't just play to have fun and pass some time. Note that the game will quit upon saving. Being burdened .

has been shaped by the input of literally thousands of people. and that. Thanks (in alphabetical order) for their efforts in testing pretty buggy alpha software and enduring endless program crashes go to: * * * * * * * * Thomas "Where are the keys to those doors?" Dembach Kilian "Do this. Brinski Jochen "That's not the fault of my Amiga!" Terstiege . If you are in dire straits and need help... * Pleasing your gods by offering sacrifices is a wise thing to do. * Not every monster is meant to be defeated. * Remember the 'T'actics command and also remember to run away. It's possible to kill everything but don't be surprised if some opponents put up a _very_ tough fight.. Sorry to the many others I forgot to mention .in no particular order . and that. maybe you should look elsewhere first.(or even strained) means that you'll get hungry more often. enter a wilderness area first.. and that. At this point I'd like to thank my great testers. * If a dungeon seems to be impossibly difficult. which . Many people were involved in the creation of the initial version of ADOM so long ago..." Guenther Tim "Lord Gek" Jordan Stefan "Infocom Man" Jokisch Nicole "Rabid Dog" Lubinski Michael "Wow. Appendix A: Credits ------------------This section has grown quite a bit over time. * Remember that it is possible to enter any wilderness area by using the '>' command. I doubt that one person would be able to devise such a fun and complex game like ADOM (if you believe the folks out there) on his own. * There is a number of places and situations in ADOM which require the careful use of tactics. Doing this in coward mode probably is a good alternative to dying in a hopeless fight.those folks.. * During the game. Come back on a better day. you should refer as often as necessary to the online keyboard map ('?'-'K') and this manual ('?'-'M'). whom I still remember for their contributions. If you feel the need to drink potions.over the years . zap wands or whatever while traveling through the wilderness and ADOM won't let you.. This is especially true for ADOM.. * Make sure that you have at least read the introduction in this manual so that you understand what the game is all about. they might listen to your prayers. * Know when to fight and when to run. Below you will find . who sacrificed their precious time to test the work of a madman. I can eat corpses?!?" Niewoehner Jens "I generally don't like games" Spitczok v..your inspirations will live onward through ADOM nonetheless.

* Cenk Ergan. for providing the new official ADOM FTP site and for providing web space (I yet have to use :-} ).adom. for providing a termcap entry for Linux. motivated and enthusiastic guys who have been instrumental in the resurrection of ADOM and who forever will be immortalized in ADOMs history (in kind of alphabetical order): * Lucas while debugging Windows 95 to make it work with ADOM and for his endless zeal in searching for bugs. for proposing the largest UI reorganization ever (with very specific ideas and in a most inspiring manner) * Boudewijn Wayers.the awesomely talented.roguelike. * R. which seems to solve the color problems many people seem to have. * Sandra Whiting. * Erwin Mascardo. for maintaining the FAQ for ADOM. for doing all the work necessary to create the newsgroup rec. ideas. for creating a TeX-based manual for ADOM. * Erwin Andreasen. * Daniel Quaroni ([email address redacted]). the most awesome roguelike add-on ever. for his tireless efforts and support while porting ADOM to the Amiga. for being the first FAQ maintainer. most awesome Co-Maintainer ever * Zeno Rogue. for being one of the first two spoiler file maintainers and helping to get them started. without which ADOM never would have had a graphical interface Miscellaneous credits (for inspiration. mystery man and master programmer behind NotEye. * Jochen Terstiege. masterful musician and bard * Krzysztof Dycha. for being a wonderful proofreader for the manual and for creating a Winword-based manual. * Jason Konrad MacEachern. for providing some space on his FTP site for this game and for creating the first ADOM WWW page. * Dan Shiovitz.* Andreas "Where's the 'fclose'?" Willenbrink Special thanks have to go to Team ADOM . more testing and similar contributions) go to: * Krzysztof Ciupka. * Thomas Friedetzky. * Richard Fowler. Dittmer. for creating another Winword-based manual (and he was the first one to do so). . for maintaining the spoiler files for ADOM. Direct all questions to [email address redacted]. genius artist and the man behind the graphical face of ADOM * Jochen Terstiege.

I usually don't . Ken Iwasa. Nimmo. * Evan Gibson. * Eric Bazin. Katie E. Stephen Mackey. Greg Wheatley. Joni Toivanen and Conrad Brekke. Derek Ludwig. * Jurriaan Kalkman. Don Stauffer. Barry Kearns. * Thanks to the "Epsilon"-Testers of ADOM 0. Raymond Martineau. Adrian Bancilhon. Gerry Kevin Wilson and Krey Younger for providing (some really great) suggestions. Evan Gibson. for providing additional songs for the Mad Minstrel. Andy Williams. * Michael Allchin for being the first one to send a postcard (see the introduction in this manual or section E of the general readme file for more information about this topic). Julian Day. Jeff Goodson. * Mike Sands from New Zealand. Cameron Lay. Adam Horowitz. Philipp Lucas. Teemu Kokki. Stefanie Woll.ideas. for being the first to provide some great songs for the Mad Minstrel. Richard Fowler. Andy Williams. Barry Kearns. Derek Ludwig. Joshua Malmquist. Greg Wooledge. Raymond Martineau and William Tanksley.* Simone Heidenfelder. R. you wouldn't believe the bugs he managed and manages to find in ADOM -. * Raymond Martineau. Stefanie Woll. Tim Jordan.9 Gamma 9 (Richard Fowler. Erwin Mascardo. * Dave Decot (for a certain scroll -.wherever you are. for being the most persistent and innovative bug reporter I ever had to suffer from (boy. Bill Hodgeman. Frank Duphorn. * Special thanks to the "Epsilon"-Testers of ADOM 0. Chris Ingersoll) without whom that version would have been delayed even more. John Rowat.0.9. Perttu Laurila. * Jonathan Santaana.0 who made sure that I finally got it finished and provided very helpful input while suffering through a number of prereleases (in no particular order): Markku Rikola. Jonathan Santaana. for her help in creating the star signs for did great work (in no particular order): Lana Bowman. for proofreading many of the text files. John Lame. Paul G. Dittmer. A few names are missing and will be . Bridget Farace. contact me) * Many thanks to Greg Wooledge. * Very special thanks to the prerelease testers of ADOM 1.9.9 Gamma 10 who put up with five prerelease versions and helped to ensure that Gamma 10 will be a hallmark of stability for versions to come -. Christian Schlittchen. Martin Gelter.and weird . Olivier Benard. Aaron Dutton. Olli "Shader" Juhala. Christian Caesar. Kahane and Olaf Weber for doing some low-level debugging in 099g7 to find the cause for an annoying crash. DeVincentis. Aaron Dutton. for providing a launcher interface to ADOM for OS/2. Sehorn. Matt Chatterley. for sending the most original postcard I have received up to now (although Richard Fowler is a close second). * Evan Gibson and Jeff Goodson. Nicholas Kenyon.-). * Thanks to Boris Blazevic for giving me the decisive hint for fixing one of the most annoying bugs ever. David G. Joseph W. And for being a constant source of great .

added once the respective persons (you know who you are) get around
to send me their full data. Folks, you are missing out on something!
* Special thanks to Martin Gelter for providing the decisive hint required
to find the nasty color bug in ADOM 0.9.9g9 and g10.
* Thanks to Dravid Brady for a very interesting discussion about cheat
protection features.
* Thanks to Mike Anderson for some ideas on maze generation.
* Thanks to the late Robert E. Howard for a great poem about a (the?)
Mad Minstrel, which was added to ADOM 1.1.0 at the suggestion of
Benjamin Keller.
* Darren John Grey for being one of the staunchest and most
perseverant supporters of the resurrection of ADOM and for providing
fantastic background stories for Chaos Knights.
Credits for the monster memory
-----------------------------First of all, I have to thank all folks who pushed me again and again
to add this feature. You were all right... it adds so much to the
game that it was really worth it.
Then there were many who provided descriptions for monsters or refined
existing monsters -- thanks to all of you since you have really helped
to make ADOM a much better game:
Josef Addleman, Ryan Allan, Laurence R. Brothers, Matt Chatterley,
John M. Cho, Torsten Edelmann, John Thomas Flanagan, Florian Gerich,
Chris Ingersoll, Stefan Jokisch, Chris D. Koeberle, David Loewenstern,
Dwight McDowell, John Michaud, Tom Nowacki, Adam K. Rixey, Tom
Sanders, Katie Sehorn, Ashe Stickney, William Tanksley, Adam Taylor,
Aaron P. Teske, Kevin Wilson, Greg Wooledge, Peng Zhou
Special thanks in this respect go to Richard Fowler and Stefanie Woll
for doing so many monster descriptions that I'm still marveling at
their enthusiasm and perseverance. Richard in particular wrote up
more descriptions than anybody else without ever complaining -without his extreme perseverance and talent, ADOM 0.9.9 Gamma 7
probably would have taken a lot longer to complete than it took in any
Another slew of special thanks go to Ronald Neumann, who provided me
with 264 (!) wonderful monster descriptions for ADOM 0.9.9 Gamma 13,
which were used to replace a few of the older ones and add variants to
many descriptions.
Credits for providing additional question blocks for attribute determination:
----------------------------------------------------------------------------Marek Baczynski, Tim Daniell, Tyler Davis, Julian Day, Bruce
Greenwood, Juuso Heimonen, Greg Howard, Olli Juhala, Jurriaan Kalkman,
Yves Lorat, Jonatan Semenoff, Fiera Smith (Katie Simpson, sorry, had
to do it ;-), Juha Suvanto

Credits for additions to the source code go to:
----------------------------------------------* William Tanksley, for providing a new random number generator for ADOM
with lots of possibilities and for many helpful comments about improving
the source code in general.
* Raymond Martineau for patching the DOS version of PD Curses to
remove an annoying bug related to pressing keys quickly and getting
stuff displayed on time.
* Ross Morgan-Linial for suggesting to use run length encoding for
save files in times long gone by - when the game really needed it.

Credits for inspiring program features:
--------------------------------------* Special thanks have to go to the ADOM Sage team, who innovated a lot of
cool features for ADOM in form of the Sage add on. We try to add more and
more of them to the core game but some have us so awed that it still will
take a while. Thanks, guys - you rock!

Credits for various minor tidbits of ideas go to:
------------------------------------------------Jon Abbott, Shawn Adams, Atte Aholainen, James Allen, Ryan Allen,
Anders Andersson, Brian Angeletti, Julian Arnold, Ola Augun, Ben
Bagley, Charlie Ball, Ian Barkley-Yeung, Jason Barnes, Petr Bartos,
Thomas Beaumont, Florian Beck, Ian Michael Bell, Holger Bettag, Adam
Biltcliffe, Jakob D. Bindslet, Tobias D. Bindslet, Robert Blair, Sam
Blanning, Erik Bock, Erik Inge Bolsø, Douglas Bonar, Mike Bowen, Lana
Bowman, David Brady, Tristan Brightman, Jackson Bross, Laurence
R. Brothers, Liam Bryan, Harald Büsching, Jeff Butler, Paul Byrne,
Massimo Campostrini, Christian Caesar, Bennett V. Campbell, Brian
R. Carl, Dave Carr, Matthew Carson, J. B. Cattley, John Copley, Melvin
Curran, Nikolaus Davidson, Zachary Sundance Davies, Julian Day,
Gregory Dean Dearing, Robert DeLoura, Paul Derbyshire, Alexander
Deubelbeiss, Simon Devet, Alexander Dressler, Alexander Deubelbeiss,
Noah Dowd, Leen Droogendijk, Nick Duffek, Martha Dumas, Kieron Dunbar,
Aaron Dutton, Torsten Edelmann, Thomas Ellis, Martin Fanta, Robert
Fermier, Mike Ferry, John Thomas Flanagan, John Fouhy, Richard Fowler,
Lucas French, Petey Gee, Martin Gelter, Florian Gerich, Daniel Giaimo,
Jeff Goodson, Michal Gorski, Morris Greenberg, Nicole Hall, Sami
Hangaslammi, Richard Harang, Jori Heiskanen, Chris Herborth, Tuomas
Hietala, Eben Howard, Mark Humphreys, Eugene Hung, Robert Hutchins,
Ville Huuskonen, Chris Ingersoll, Ignacio F. Ivern, Christopher Jeris,
Robert Johnston, Charles Allen Jones, Olli Juhala, Jurriaan Kalkman,
Joel Kamentz, Jonathan Katz, Dan Kaufman, Barry Kearns, Chris Keiner,
Benjamin Keller, Richard Kenan, Janne Keskinarkaus, Eino Keskitalo,
Kai Kinnunen, Sami Kivela, Teemu Kokki, Antti Kokkonen, Edward Kolis,
Bojan Kopitar, Karl A. Krueger, Tero Laiho, Jeff Lait, Timo Laitila,
Luc Lam, Viljami Lappalainen, Nicholas Lawson, Tommi Leino,
Pierre-Emmanuel Leonard, Tommi Lind, Timo Lindfors, Björn Loesing,
Daniel Lundberg, Sami Luoma-Pukkila, Mark D. Mackey, Kevin Magee,

Magnus Malm, Joshua Malmquist, Aziz Manva, Dan Martin, Raymond
Martineau, Paul Marshall, Joe McCauley, Michael Meadows, Russ
Melanson, Justen Meltz, Ed Morris, Paul L. Mosquin, Lee Morgan, Al
Morgan, Ross Morgan-Linial, Juergen Neitzel, Ronald Neumann, Michael
Niedecken, Tom Nowacki, Uriah Otting, Dirk Jan Out, Kyle Elisabeth
Overstreet, Brian J. Parker, Mikko Parviainen, Päivi Pasi, Lauri
Pekkarinen, Nick Pelis, Kent Peterson, George Petryk, Thomas Pittman,
Brian M. Pope, Darren Purdy, Dustin Ragan, Tommi Raina, Ted Rallis,
Anand Ramakrishnan, Martin Read, Markku Rikola, Ian Roberts, Thomas
Reyno Robertson, Carlos Gomez Rodriguez, Will Rogers, Dmitriy
Rogozhnikov, Daniel Roth, John Rowat, Daniel Rutter, Osku Salerma,
Jussi Salomaki, Igor Savin, Zach Schaible, Andrew Schoonmaker, Edward
Schwank, Katie E. Sehorn, Linus Sellberg, Richard Sheaves-Bein, Mark
Shipton, Piotr Sieklucki, Petri Sihvola, Jan Silander, Aaron
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Varrio, Simon de Vet, Naumov Vladislav, Ryan Vurlicer, Tim Wadsworth,
Eva Walterson, Markus Warg, Olaf Weber, Mason Wheeler, Steven
A. White, Alexander Wilkins, Andy Williams, Dan Williams, Stefanie
Woll, Johann Wolovich, Martin Woodard, Greg Wooledge, Leszek Wronski,
Scott Yost, Lev Zakrevski, Vadim Zeitlin and Peng Zhou
Credits for bug reports go to:
-----------------------------Matti Aalto, Are Gunnar Aarø, Travis Acton, David L. Adam, Josef
Addleman, Adina Adler, Fernando Espinosa Aguilar, Steven Aitkin, Ben
Allen, Jason Allen, Mats Andtbacka, Erwin Andreasen, Brian Angeletti,
Craig Arnold, Julian Arnold, Antti Arola, Erik Aronesty, Sergey
Arseniev, Alex G. Arzamastsev, Jon Åslund, David Assaf, Robert Au, Ola
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Robert Farnik, Yee Foo Fatt, Michael C. Ferguson, Robert Fermier, Mike

Mikko Parviainen. Sami Hangaslammi. Jason C. Gibson. Christopher Lee. Piotr Figiel. Michal Gorski. Richard Kenan. Iiro Hietala. Hauser. Mario James. Parker. Teemu Helppi. Jarmo Muurim"aki. Jani Kivisola. Edvard Majakari. John Flanagan. Jan Erik Mydland. Elmar Kolkman. David Howdon. Tuomo Hämäläinen. David Loewenstern. Lewis Futrell. Jan Lagerman. Jesse Gillis. Oskar Linde. Blair Nilsson. Evan Gibson. Paul Labuda. Stephen Lin. Keir Novik. Paul Matlock. Katy Mulvey. Tom Nowacki. David G. Jens Kessler. Joseph R. Richard Fowler. Jerry C. Stephen Mackey. Robert N. Risto Koljonen. Dean Fitzgerald. Juha-Pekka Laine. Yrjo Sakari Niemela. Jaakko Kalliosalo. Shea McNamara. Jim Hunziker. Tom Hanlin. Derek Ludwig. Jeff Goodson. Scott Vander Laan. Stefan Jokisch. Eino Iivari Ii. Terry C. Chris D. Matthew Grove. Mikhail Moldavskiy. Moilanen. Daniel Giaimo. Antti Kuusela. Christopher Jeris. Dan Martin. Jussi Laakso. Robert E. David Gerber. Philipp Lucas. Yuri Kopylovski. Joe Giroux. Alan Gallauresi. J. Kevin Magee. Janne Keskinarkaus. Tuomas Lintunen. Jouni Hokkinen. Lang. Malte Helmert. Janssen. Markus Niemi. M. Dan'l Danehy-Oakes. Richard J. Martha B. Bruce Alan Greenwood. George Leidolf. Nicole Lubinski. Emilia Linden. Justin Larue. Eric Hilsdale. Sheldon B. Georg Oberwinkler. Tomas Lundqvist. Timo Majuri. Mark Mackey. Iris Hupkens. Stanislav Muhametshin. Josh Jersild. Richard Harang. Michael Meadows. Lindauer. Jukka M. Thomas Houser. Murphy. Rafal Grymuza. Karl A. Jamie Gannon. Perttu Laurila. Johan Forsberg. Tom Kronmiller. Asbjörn Jensen. Paul Marshall. Kenneth . Jens Gislev. Beth Moscato. Griego. Christopher J. Heiskanen. Niilo Paasivirta. Daniel Nielsen. Eric Robert Jablow. Tuomas Kilpeläinen. Ronny On. Chris Mathews. Boris Paleev.Ferry. Bartek Kijanka. Jacob Morzinski. Matt Kracht. Jurriaan Kalkman. Tim Jordan. Jarkko Heino. Panu Klemola. Manuel Gebauer. Ashley Garrett. John McGrady. Eric Fuller. Svante Gerhard. Jason Monson. Anders Olin. Paul L. David Hall. Mosquin. Martin Meldrum. Jukka A. Raf Janssens. Benjamin Keller. Ville Lehtinen. John William Harris. Jeff Lait. Paul Houghton. Robert Hutchins. Howard Katz. Tom Parker. John Hutton. Peter Kosinar. Tommi Leino. John Fouhy. Gunnar Opsommer. Kapouch. Johan S. Miikka Kulmala. J. George C. Lena Pammer. Michael A. McCrea. Firman. Dag Trygve Truslew Haug. Martin Gelter. Gottfried Herold. Steve Flynn. Edward Kolis. Tomasz Lisowski. Dennis Householder. Charles Allen Jones. Diane Hutton. Jens Markmann. Paivi Pasi. Robert Kazmierczak. Ammon Lauritzen. Tommi Lind. Mark Mercer. Eino Keskitalo. Haag. Gibson. Nicholas Lawson. Peter Nadeau. William Gauvin. Miika Linden. T. Alexander Ovchinnikov. Timo Kiviluoto. Lauri Ilvas. Lisa Maynard. Karel Karlik. Bryce Greathouse. Ben Thomas Galehouse. Ivar Nilsson. Jani Kärkkäinen. Ilkka Lindblom. Christian Lassem. Juha Krapu. Raymond Martineau. Teemu Merilöinen. John Lame. Galen Morgan Moore. Mikolaj Konarski. Laux. Tony Leneis. Craig Lay. Toni Nikkanen. Patrick Hjelt. Sampo Koistinen. Harri Heinisuo. Clark Lawton. Timo Laitila. David McGrath. Bojan Kopitar. Aziz Manva. Paul Firth. Jaakko Lämsä. Matthew Maclean. Lapo Luchini. Sascha Hatzl. Michael Niewoehner. Eric Olsen. Jesse Christopher Hadden. Koeberle. Mikko Karonen. Dale Ondeck. Justen Meltz. David Lodge. Barry Kearns. Rob Ingersoll. Morris Greenberg. Chris Ingersoll. Uriah Otting. Brian J. Juha Kerätär. Rob Palkowski. Dave McKee. Adam Horowitz. Jonathan Michael Greenberg. Robert Johnston. Jankun-Kelly. Shawn Oakey. Eugene Hung. Patrick Goguen. Olli Juhala. Jori Palomäki. Erwin Mascardo. Lin. Antti Niemela. Walter Hafner. Jason Melancon. Matti Karppanen. Ari Hyttinen. Tyler Novak. Yen Nguyen. Juhan-A Nakkalajarvi. Cody Hatch. John Mark Hawley. Jolson. Jonathan A. Philipp Hendricks. Markku Hunnakko. Krueger. Joe Groszkiewicz. Jefferson Ng. Chuck McKenzie. Marko Musnjak. Ville Leminen. Kahane. Richard Graham. Evan Kaye. Joshua Malmquist. Nuutinen Juha. Lee Morgan. Aki J. Timothy K. Kullnat. Kris Parker. Jason Haley. Lin. Karl Hiller.

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boots. Otherwise ADOM expects to find something that looks like this: <variable> = <value> For example a line might contain the following text: Name = Big Bang or Recovery = 400 ADOM recognizes a certain number of variables which have a specific meaning. if you have an appropriate key. Strings which contain whitespace must be enclosed by ' (see above). If the line starts with a '#' it is considered to be a comment and will be ignored. Each variable must have a value of a certain type. girdles. Auto_Pickup *********** string containing the symbols of items chosen from the following categories. Invalid variables will be highlighted in red color. which are to be picked up whenever you move on a field containing items of that type: [ * o ] Armor. The following variables are currently recognized: Allow_Default_Names ******************* true. The default is 'true'. ADOM variables also can be set during the game with the ': =' command which requires the user to enter a line in the format explained above. false: ADOM will automatically ask you whether you'd like to lock a door while closing it. By default this variable is set to 'true'. gauntlets and helmets Gems Rocks Tools . false: defaults to 'false' and allows you to determine whether the default names provided by ADOM for you will be used or not if you press ENTER when asked to input a name. Auto_Lock_Nearest ***************** true. Auto_Open_Doors *************** true. Auto_Lock_Doors *************** true. Allowed types are strings. the targeting code (used for missile weapons and a few spells) will automatically use the nearest monster as the new target. shields. By default this variable is set to 'true'. false: if set to 'true'.Generally a line in the configuration file can start with or without a '#'. cloaks. if no monster was locked before. numbers (only integers) and Boolean values ('true' and 'false'). false: will ask automatically whether you want to unlock a locked door (if you have the appropriate key).

Auto_Swap_Neutral ***************** true. ADOM won't try to determine the appropriate door in the vicinity of your PC when you try to open or close a door.Paladin c .Farmer o . The default value is 'true'. Class ***** any of the available classes Class_Mask ********** string consisting of characters chosen from the following list: a . false: determines if your PC automatically swaps places with neutral beings.Merchant n .Priest h . Check_Item_In_Hand ****************** true.Healer k . The default value is 'true'.Ranger d . Base_Delay_Factor ***************** number: determines the number of hundreds of a second ADOM delays actions (like two steps for a fireball.Mindcrafter .Monk j . a torch or a melee weapon.Weaponsmith l . The default value is 'true'.Archer m . etc. The default value is 10.Wizard g . false: if set to 'true' you will be asked if you want to wield an item other than a pick axe.Thief e .Assassin f .).Fighter b . To prevent input errors ADOM only accept values in the range of 0 to 100. false: if set to 'false'.' ( } / = \ ! ? ~ % $ { " Necklaces Melee weapons Missile weapons Missiles Rings Wands Potions Scrolls Bracers Food Gold Instruments Books Auto_Select_Doors ***************** true.Bard i .

It can be easily enhanced with your own additions (see Appendix E. The file 'adom. 'Message Customization'). The default . Display_Key_Code **************** true.Elementalist t . false: if set to 'false' the player icon '@' will be displayed in white -. The default value is 'true'. The default value is 'true'. The default value is 'false'.Druid r .Duelist If you choose to randomly select your class (with the 'F'ate option during character creation) the classes in 'Class_Mask' won't be selected. Compact_Kill_List ***************** true. false: if set to 'true' any key will be accepted when the '(more)' prompt is displayed. false: if set to 'true' the final kill list will be compacted by printing more than just one killed monster type per line. Colored_Menus ************* true.1.otherwise the color is dependent on your class. If you change the parameter to 'true' you get the behavior of ADOM 1. false: if set to 'false' you won't have to endure the colored menus (and yes.msg' contains the basic configuration.Barbarian q . Fast_More ********* true.Beastfighter u . The default value is 'false'. The default value is 'true'. Colored_PC ********** true. Fast_Missile_Readying ********************* true. Thus you can cross out certain classes you do not like. Exit_After_Save *************** true. false: will prompt you whether you want to add a (heap of) missile to your missile slot when the missile slot is empty. The default value is 'true'.Necromancer s .1 back.p . false: if set to 'true' the output of colored messages and additional customizations (like message suppression and replacement) is activated. there probably will be configurable colors for the menus at some point in the future although it's pretty low priority for me). false: determines if ADOM should be exited after the current game is saved. Colored_Messages **************** true.Chaos Knight v . false: if set to 'true' you will see the keys you pressed during a multi-key command. Setting this variable to 'true' is equivalent to pressing 'C-k' once at the start of the game. The default value is 'false'.

whichever is lower). The default value is 'true'. Font_Name ********* string: specifies the name of the font that ADOM will use (only supported on Windows and OSX). ADOM will select the gender for your character. Item_Status_Color ***************** One of the following constants: blue green cyan red magenta brown light gray dark gray light blue light green light cyan light red light magenta yellow white This definition determines the color of inventory entries that have been successfully identified.value is 'false'. Font_Size ********* number: specifies the size of the font that ADOM will use (only supported on Windows and OSX). if no monster was locked before. ADOM will not create ghosts during the game (player ghosts are only supported by the Deluxe version). false: if set to 'true'. false: if set to 'true'. the targeting code (used for the look command) will automatically use the nearest monster as the new target. Fated_Gender ************ true. false: if set to 'true'. false: if set to 'true' ADOM will beep (or flash the screen if beeping is impossible but flashing is possible on your system) if the hit points of your character fall below 20% (or 15 -. By default this variable is set to 'false'. The traditional setting is 'light gray'. Low_Hitpoint_Warning ******************** true. Message_Buffer_Size ******************* . Ghosts_Deactivated ****************** true. The default value is 'false'. Look_Auto_Lock_Nearest ********************** true. The default value is 'false'.

Gray Elf e .Dwarf g .Troll c . false: determines whether the player will be allowed to determine the PC attributes by answering questions. The default value is 'false'. false. Race **** any of the allowed races -. The default value is 'false'. the minimum value is 10 and the maximum value is 500.Dark Elf f . The default value is 'false'. Questioned_Attributes ********************* true. your height and weight will be printed according to metric units. Metric_Measuring **************** true. No_Book_Spellcasting ******************** true.High Elf d . The default value is 'true'. false: if set to 'true' all games in which you quit will also be recorded in the highscore. if set to 'true'. determines the number of steps that will pass when you use the 'walk mode' to search in one place (see -> Continuous search via 'w s').Hurthling i .A number. Name **** the default name for your PC Nice_Stuff ********** true. false: if set to 'true' the stuff list will display cursed items in red and blessed items in green. The default value is 'true'. The default size is 100 lines. The value is required to be between 50 and 10000. the default value is 50.Drakeling k . Persistence *********** a numeric value. which describes the size of the message buffer in lines.don't forget the ' for races like High Elf Race_Mask ********* a string consisting of one or more of the following characters: a .Gnome h . false: if set to 'true' you no longer will be prompted about whether to learn a spell from a book or cast it from the book. Quitters_Allowed **************** true.Mist Elf l .Orc j .Human b .Ratling .

The default value is 'true'. determines whether a randomly rolled character will be used each time you start ADOM. Show_Achievements ***************** true.. Reverse_Message_Order ********************* true. The default value is 'false'.. true means that the latest messages will be displayed at the bottom. false: determines the order in which the messages are displayed in the message buffer. The string contains one character for each set of information to be included in the log file. the default value is 50. It still keeps track of them internally.) Background of the PC Spells PC data (attributes. . determines the number of steps that will pass when you use the 'walk mode' to wait in one place. the minimum value is 10 and the maximum value is 500. Random_PC ********* true... Reload_Missiles *************** true. . ADOM will query you.If you choose to randomly select your race (with the 'F'ate option during character creation) the races in 'Race_Mask' won't be selected. The following options can be used: a: b: c: d: e: i: k: l: m: s: w: Achievements (attribute changes. false: if set to 'true'. The default value is 'true'. false: if set to 'false' ADOM will not display any achievements you get. Recovery ******** a numeric value.) Effects of corruption Items in the inventory Kill list of the PC Skills Items in the backpack Screenshot Weapon skills The default is: 'dbim'. whether you want to equip another missile once you run out of ammunition. Sex *** male. female Short_Log_Format **************** string: the string is used by ADOM to create a log file. 'true' is the default value. Show_Blood ********** . false means that the latest messages will be displayed at the top. false. Thus you can cross out certain races you do not like.

false: if set to 'true' ADOM will abort from Walk-Mode as soon . The default value is 'false'. Sorted_Skills ************* true. The default value is 'true'. Be careful about what you do since ADOM does not check your definition and using 'cursed' or 'blessed' is possible. false: if set to 'true' ADOM will ask you if you want to view all your effects of corruption after you receive a new corruption. false: if set to 'true' ADOM will display some newbie advice during character generation. The default value is 'false'. The default value is 'true'. Show_Newbie_Advice ****************** true. Verbose_Level_Messages ********************** true. Show_Corruption_Prompt ********************** true. false: if set to 'true' the skill list will be ordered alphabetically. false: if set to 'true' ADOM will display blood splatters (only available in versions with graphic tiles). false: if set to 'true' ADOM will display all experience points the PC gains. The default value is 'true'. You can define an alternative by using this environment variable. Stop_Walking_At_Corners *********************** true. Starvation_Warning ****************** true. ADOM internally does not care about the format of the two strings (and which one is longer). if set to 'true'. Uncursed_String *************** string: some people don't seem to like the word 'uncursed' ADOM uses to describe an item that is neither cursed nor blessed. Show_Experience *************** true. false: if set to 'true'. ADOM will beep if you are in danger of starving. The default value is 'true'. Walk_Carefully ************** true. The intention of these two environment variables simply is to allow the user to have two different means of creating a logfile. otherwise only on the first time. Moral: he who confuses himself gets what he deserves. too.true. The default is: 'sdbwcleimka'. false: defaults to 'false'. The default value is 'true'. level messages will be displayed whenever you enter a special level. Verbose_Log_Format ****************** string: This string has the same format as 'Short_Log_Format'. false: if set to 'true' your PC will stop at corners if the walking mode is used.

you need to call ADOM like this: adom -k -r (It's important that the '-k' is set before the '-r'!) Appendix D: Customizing the Keymap ---------------------------------ADOM allows you to customize the keybindings used during the game for invoking commands to a certain extent. Otherwise such equipped wands will be you spot a hostile monster. Customizing a keymap to a very specific system requires quite . The syntax for calling ADOM with options is: adom [-b] [-c <file>] [-d] [-D] [-h] [--help] [-k] [-l <name>] [-m] [-n] [-o] [-r] [-s] [-S][-t<maxnum>] [-T<maxnum>] [-v] Important note: If you have changed the default keymap.kbd' -s: display the complete highscore -S: dump complete highscore to 'hiscore. false: if set to 'true' ADOM will ask whether to zap wands currently equipped in the left or right hand. The default value is 'true'.txt' -T<maxnum>: save RNG series test in 'rngstest.txt' -v: display the current version of ADOM. If you initially do not have a configuration file. Zap_Wands_In_Hand ***************** true.kbd' in your data directory (call 'adom -d' to determine your data directory). but would like to have a reference file of the original bindings. Appendix C: Command-Line Options -------------------------------ADOM can be supplied with some command-line options to make it do certain things. ADOM will create one for you.doc' -t<maxnum>: save RNG test in 'rngtest. Up to now the following command-line options are supported: -b: display the license for the game binary -c <file>: force ADOM to use <file> as configuration file -d: display the directories being used -D: display meta-game data -h: display the available command-line options --help: display this help text -k: use the standard keymap -l <name>: load the saved game <name> -m: use monochrome display -n: forbid ADOM to use any configuration file -o: print the used compiler options -r: create keymap reference file 'keyref. The default value is 'true'. which should answer all questions. When ADOM is started it searches for a file called 'adom. This file contains a description of its syntax.

brown. 'Customizing ADOM'). white Directives are valid until they are changed by another directive. so we recommend to use Sage for this task. light cyan. Appendix E: Message Customization --------------------------------Message customization is a new feature available since ADOM 1. they are considered comments. green. dark gray.kbd'. light magenta. which contains the current bindings and can be printed on any line printer. yellow. If you would like to have a printed reference of your own keymap bindings at hand. Check it for the details about how to define new keybindings. . light red. You can easily customize it for your own needs. cyan. you can enter adom -r at your command prompt. Please note that you can match both the input and output format of messages. e. You can use the following directives (starting with a ':'): no_skip allow_skip regex no_regex replace suppress All colors supported by ADOM can be used as directives too: black. light blue. It already contains a useful default configuration. Lines starting with a '#' are ignored. red. All message customizations are configured in the file 'adom. This will make ADOM create a file called 'keyref. All other non-empty lines are considered messages that have to match the message format used by ADOM. You can also specify messages that will enforce a '(more)' prompt after they are shown.g. blue. Note that customization is possible only to a certain extent.msg' in your data directory.e. (Thanks to the ADOM Sage team for inspiring this feature!) It allows you to color. To enable message customization you have to make sure that the ADOM variable 'Colored_Messages' is set to 'true' (see Appendix B. light gray. replace and suppress messages (i.2. magenta. If a line starts with a ':' it is a directive that influences the current state.some work on your side if you want to use special keys and such stuff (you will need to know the ASCII codes your system generates when a special key is pressed).0. In case of a regular expression you can only use the output format. if you use ':yellow' then all messages that follow are colored yellow until you (for example) use ':red'. light green. text displayed by ADOM). Currently there is no easy way to determine both message formats with ADOM itself.

A detailed description of the directives: no_skip ******* If this directive is used.g. ADOM uses POSIX regular expressions. a '(more)' prompt will appear afterwards. e.*' to match all messages that contain the text 'ADOM'. Use this directive to ensure that you don't miss important messages. old message|new messages suppress ******** You can suppress messages by adding them after the 'suppress' directive. :no_skip :yellow Congratulations! You advance to level %d. allow_skip ********** Deactivates the 'no_skip' directive. replace ******* To replace a message you have to add a line that consists of the old message followed by a '|' character and followed by the new message. This is the default. so you should move the suppressed messages to the end of the file. . no_regex ******** Disables the use of regular expressions. Example: You can use '.*ADOM.' matches any character and a '*' matches the preceding character zero or more times. regex ***** Message lines have to exactly match the output format of ADOM. you can use a regular expression.wikipedia. you can check the full specification here: http://en. Please note that there is no directive to 'unsuppress' messages. This is the default. The following example shows how to display the level advancement message of ADOM in yellow. If you don't know the exact format or if you want to customize several similar messages at A '. all subsequent messages will need to be skipped by explicitly confirming a '(more)' prompt. Because 'no_skip' is used.