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Bharti Airtel Limited, commonly known as Airtel, is an Indian multinational telecommunications
company headquarteredin New Delhi, India .It operates in 20 countries across South Asia,
Africa, and the Channel Islands. Airtel has GSM network in all the countries in which it operates
providing 2G, 3G and 4G services depending upon the country of operation. Airtel ranks
amongst the top 4 mobile service providers globally in terms of subscribers. It had nearly 287
million customers across its operations at the end of December 2013.

Corporate Social Responsibility is embedded in and built upon the values of Bharti Airtel and the
company is aware that it has an obligation to fulfill to society and the communities in which it
operates, and help improve the quality of life for everyone, today and in the future.
At Bharti, CSR is a way of life. Each department and employee strives to be sensitive to the
stakeholders and environment within their work context. The company believes that its success
depends on its ability to develop their employees’ knowledge, skills and experience and hence

Initiatives taken in India 1)Launched in 2006. Talent development and performance management Talent development is essential to handle the ever-changing requirements of themarket place and also to help realize the employees' professional potential. •Talent development and performance management. Presently 187 primary. computers.Airtel’s reward programmes and policies are periodically reviewed through various surveys andchanges made to adapt to a constantly changing business environment and rewards landscape.ithasconsistently tried to create and promotean inclusive work environment for employees ofdiverse backgrounds to help enable them to realizetheir full potential. Rewards and recognition Airtel’s reward and recognition programmerecognizes and acknowledges employees for their exceptional performance.Initiatives like mentorshipprogrammes. Key features of the OTR include sharper talent segmentation using a competence framework. qualityeducation to underprivileged children in rural India with a focus on the girl child. Airtel used the employee engagement survey ‘Airpulse’ to measure dimensions like performance excellence.In 2012-13. rewardprogrammes and other welfareprogrammes such as childcare services. To achieve this objective Airtel has a well evolved OTR. cultural environment and to identify employee expectations.communication and leadership. People policy •Employee engagement. succession planning for critical leadership positions. flexiblework hour options and sabbaticals programmes have been taken by the company. 62 elementary and 5 senior secondary schools are operational. Its keyobjectives include driving and reinforcing Airtel’score values. Employee engagement Open and interactive channels of employee communication are consistently encouraged at Airtel. celebrating successes and drivingcross-functional and peer recognition. The objective is todevelop them into self-reliant individuals with adeep sense of social commitment. •Rewards and recognition. The programmeattempts to enhance the learning levels of studentsby providing quality education with exposure especially to English. focused approach to talent development and periodic talent councils. highlighting stellar efforts andperformances. life skills. talent acquisition. . the Satya Bharti School Programme aims at delivering free of cost.

Airtel concentrates most of its sustainability / CSRefforts and employee volunteerism by actively supporting the education and social initiatives of theBharti Foundation. in addition to contributions from employees . 4)Response to Disaster Bharti Airtel during Mumbai Floods: Bharti Airtel employees climbed up the towers to restore the networks so that our customers could conveniently reach its employees. 1 Crore to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund. In recognition of this. clothes. Money.2)Education and social inclusion through the Bharti Foundation To help children become the leaders of tomorrow their holistic development is essential. Bharti Airtel’s response to Tsunami Disaster: Built a mobile network in Andaman & Nicobar islands in less than 3 months to aid rapid rehabilitation of the island Donated Rs. Bharti Airtel’s response to Kashmir earthquake: Bharti Airtel’s ‘Rapid Response Team’ responded to the Kashmir earthquake by bringing more than 2000 food packets and water bottles to the affected area. woolens and blankets were also collected from employees to distribute among earthquake victims. Created 29 Airtel Crisis Communications centres in Tamil Nadu .

University ofCape Coast. 3) Making healthcare accessible in GhanaAirtel Ghana. cost and effort required to avail of government services in rural Bangladesh underprivileged children. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY INITIATIVES WITH RESPECTTO PLANET .GLOBAL INITIATIVES 1) Empowerment through educationa) Airtel Sri Lanka through its MaduMahaVidyalayam. 2) Airtel Adopted MillenniumVillagesAirtel is in partnership with the Earth Institute. to provide connectivity to 8 villages named ‘Millennium Villages’ in 6 countries across Africa. b) Airtel Bangladesh has an Access to Information (A2I) project with the Govt. improve governance and reduce the time. has funded the construction of a purpose-built Clinical Teaching Facility and Diagnostic Centre for the School of Medical Sciences. Mannar project distributes school books and accessories to talented students. It is hoped that this centre will help to bring the benefits of medical sciences to more recipients. as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. a non-profit organization.of Bangladesh that aims to increase transparency.

Airtel focuses on reducing the negative impact of infrastructure and takes equal priority to reduce the negative impact of the Airtel’s facilities and data centres.680 base stationswere converted from indoor to outdoor.000Pan-network sites. This endeavor is overand above Bharti Airtel’s initiative to deploy 81% sites as outdoors.eliminating the use of air-conditioners atthese site locations. minimizing waste and focusing on developing innovative solutions that minimize negative environmental impact are some of the important steps taken by Airtel in this regard. tele/online banking andonline/mobile education cuts down travel related . over 1. • Auto TRX shutdown feature has beensuccessfully installed at over 61. Airtel successfully completed the installation of 25 biomass gasifiers. • Airtel’s endeavors to build network with lowPower Consuming BTS has helped to reduce power consumption per BTS by 60% over the last five years. inRajasthan circle. Waste management and Optimization Airtel’s effort is to minimize waste that is generated by its operations and to ensure end-to-end traceability and recycling of both physical waste and e-waste. They reduce the paper usage that results from physical copies of bills and receipts by promoting the use of e-bills and online payment order to replace DG at BTS sites. Innovative initiatives to reducecarbon footprint Airtel’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and the depletion of essential natural resources are focused on converting physical services to tele/online services.The current state of our planet necessitates intensive efforts at conservation. • In 2013. Promoting reduced energy consumption. Telecommunication technology is important because it can provide opportunities that reduce planetary-life threatening emission and waste . All e-waste is recycled as per Waste Electricaland Electronic Equipment (WEEE) norms.Airtel and its network-infrastructure partners continuously evaluate the impact of their business operations to minimize environmental fallout or degradation. Caring for the planet • Energy and climate change • Waste management and optimisation • Innovative initiatives to reduce carbon footprint Energy and climate change In order to address energy conservation and climate change issues. Reducing negative impact of infrastructure • In 2012-13. Helping consumers transfer to tele/online medicines.

.recognized Airtel’s remarkably swift response to a newspaper publication on the plight of the teachers and pupils of the Odumase Presbyterian Junior High School in the Lower ManyaKrobo Municipality of the Eastern Region. Philip Sowah. “This is in alignment with our vision of becoming the most loved brand in the daily lives of Ghanaians by 2015”. who received the award on behalf of the company said “Empowerment of the people and the development of our communities are central to our philosophies and we have not relented in our efforts in giving it a practical effect. to change the lives of ordinary Ghanaians.carbon emission and paper related well as the development of a sustainable community power programme in rural areas. the Managing Director of Airtel Ghana. biomass. The first award . On his part. zero emission batteries. etc. adding “These are not one off activities. and Public Relations campaign Airtel Ghana’s innovative approach to implementing its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives received recognition when the company won all two top awards in CSR at the maiden Public Relations Excellence Awards Ceremony organized by the Institute of Public Relations. He disclosed that to give more value and needed help to Ghanaians.Public Relations Campaign of the year. AIRTEL WINS IPR-GHANA AWARDS Receives two separate awards for best Community. The company received the second award . but a journey we are committed to undertaking for the benefit of the communities in which we operate”. stated that Airtel’s association with the projects was a way of fulfilling one of the company’s core values of creating positive impact in the communities they operate in. Simultaneously receiving these awards in recognition of our effort is a positive feedback which can only empower us to do more”.for its TV Reality Show. Ghana. Managing Director of Airtel Ghana. The journey is ongoing– on the anvil are various technologies like wind energy. Touching Lives. he added. Airtel Ghana had again launched the second edition of the ground breaking authentic reality Corporate Social Responsibility TV series “Airtel Touching Lives 2”. Philip Sowah.the Best Community Relation Programme of the year.

especially mothers of students in our schools Local vegetable vendors. the program also caters to the marginalized sections with 76% of the students belong to the Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Communities and 48% of teachers belonging to the weaker strata of society.97 million. Generation of Employment : The program has helped in generating employment opportunities in the villages where the schools are located: Recruitment of local youth as teachers (some go on to become Head Teachers as well) for the Satya Bharti Schools Hiring of locals as school maids (didis) The Mid-Day Meal vendors are community members. decorators etc. Our Analysis: As we see that the Satya Bharti schools have been successful in delivering education to poor and underprivileged. inaugurations.BHARTI FOUNDATION: SATYA BHARTI SCHOOL PROGRAM     Of the total enrolment at the Satya Bharti Schools as of September 2011. separate toilet for girls. It believes in mutual sharing of best practices of quality education with organizations. scalable and sustainable education models. These problems can be dealt easily by showing a little more concern to the existing policy. 80% students scoring in the top two brackets of holistic development and 50% children having scored above 70% marks (47% during Mid-term) in endterm exams. national events Local materials stationery. construction materials etc are also procured locally    Bharti Foundation has emerged as a role-model in ‘education for the underprivileged’. Bharti Foundation (toward scholarship) – INR 0. Bharti Foundation. one female teacher in each shift and sensitization campaigns have been put in place to encourage parents to send their daughters to school. teachers etc. toward furtherance of its objectives – INR 105. grocers etc. Some of these schools are suffering from problems of lack of teachers & students and careless attitude of teachers. Contributing to the affirmative action agenda of the country. The learning levels of students have shown significant improvement in 201011 with 92% children having scored in the top two brackets in learning levels. . annual events. educational institutions and the state governments to create replicable. earn a large part of their sales through mid-day meal vendors for the Satya Bharti Schools Local hotels also earn money through the trainings of trainers. Specially designed girl-child policy. 48% of the students are girls.. earn from the events at the schools such as sports days.82 million. Students excursions involve local travel agencies earning business through such trips Local event organizers.

strengthened with the support of the villageadministration.Jyoti. Teacher’s Day andChildren’s Day 7) Field Trips 8) Participation in External Competitions: Students areencouraged to take part in external competitions EXAMPLE:::Jyoti Yadav. Mathematics.Special days likeIndependence Day. She andher mother. Smt.Already traumatized by this. went door to door. Bhagwatidiscussed the issue with the Panchayat and the Gram Sabha.namely. and requested her support in eliminating this evilfrom their society. IV. Hearing her plea. left with no means of livelihood. Jyoti realized the humiliationand disrespect that widows face in society. While she initially faced a lot of resentmentand humiliation for daring to take up such a sensitiveissue.Students of each school have beengrouped into three houses . II.Shanti (Peace) and Vaibhav (Prosperity) 4) Exhibition Weeks. Dabadwas. Republic Day.Rajasthan was recognized as one of the two nationalhonourees at the Pramerica Spirit of Community Awards2012 for her campaign addressing the issue of Respectfor Widows in Society. BhagwatiDevi.Bharti Foundation CSR Analysis I. making people awareof the plight of widows in the village and requesting their support. Shakti (Strength). Jyoti also witnessed thediscriminatory behaviour her mother faced and decidedto fight for the rights of widowed women in the village. Environmental Science andLocal Language Weeks 5) Sports Day. Smt. V. namely theEnglish.Jyoti visited the Sarpanch of the village. She even convinced the . Alwar. 2) Bal Sabhas.The Exhibition Weeks. III. a student of Class VII at the Satya BhartiGovernment Upper PrimarySchool. VI. After the death of her father.Special assemblies conducted everythird Saturday 3) House Activities. her efforts finally paid off when she was able togradually convert staunch conformists from their pointof view and start mainstreaming such women into thenormal village life.Sports Day is an annual event held across allSatya Bharti Schools 6) Celebration of Important Days. Suitable Learning Environments Cost Consciousness Separate Toilet Facilities for Girls and Boys Availability of Basic Amenities Building As a Learning Aid (BALA) Green Efforts (Details given in the Bharti foundation report) Holistic Development of Children Use of Innovative Teaching Learning Material (TLM) Co-curricular Activities 1) Rang Tarang-Institutionalized in FY 2009-10 as a drawingcompetition. had todepend on others for donations to sustain themselves. urging people to rid their village of this taboo.

Internal Assessments B. Jyoti’s mother is now employed as the main in-chargeof the Anganwadi’s in her village. Monitoring School Performance . Satya Bharti Government Upper Primary School in Dabadwas. Monitoring Teaching Processes and Quality 3. External Assessments 2.Panchayatto provide widows with jobs so that they do not haveto live off donations. Monitoring Students’ Learning A. Award: Pramerica Spirit of CommunityAwards 2012 – Winners National Honoree Runners Up Jyoti Yadav Class VII. With the first to benefit being hermother. Rajasthan Campaign Upholding the Rights of Widows in Society 1.

. the website or presentations in various forums. Employee Engagement a. Individual Partnerships Many individuals. Individuals like Ms. KalpanaMorparia. Mr. have come forward to support our schools withinthe context of their life. A large part of Bharti Foundation’scorpus and operational costs is currently met by theGroup Companies. Chapman Taylor. Employee Volunteering Employee Volunteering Program. is geared towardsbuilding and sustaining the corpus to meet futurefund requirements. Partnerships with Government e. Bharti Group Companies The program.HOW ARE THEY SUSTAINING IT FINANCIALLY I. ACT ACT – A Caring Touch. is an employee payroll givingprogram of Bharti Group of Companies b. Corporate Partnership c. contributing their skills and knowledge. who get to know about our programthrough media. encourages the Bharti Group employees to volunteer with a charity of their choice. Financial Sustainability a. a part of the ACT initiative. set up with the initial endowmentsfrom promoters and associates. b. Mr. Oliver Harmaan d. Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM) II.

all organized blood donation camps. The competition was organised forspecial.More than 6000 children from various schoolsparticipated and over 3000 village schoolsacross Rajasthan participated in the event.DISABILITY TO ABILITY Not disabled – just differently abledOn 'World Disability Day'. Karnataka Circle and UPU Circle. Airtel Centre – Gurgaon. Trees for life . in 2012-13. slum and Thalassemic children. Drops of hope Continuing Bharti Airtel’s Blood Donation Drive across various circles. NESA Circle. Rajasthan Circlehosted the largest ever painting competitionfor children.Airtel Business.

Tanzania and Kenya where Connect To Learn is now active AIRTEL AFRICA A commitment to the Society Despite the company’s growing commercial success.” pledged to plant 2. Secondary school fees and other schooling costs covered by their multi-year Connect To Learn scholarships Change speech As we continue to receive reports from the field we are reminded of the impact that education has on a person's life and its significance to these girls from rural communities in Africa who may not have been able to attend secondary school without these scholarships.Under the project Million Trees Gurgaon. CONNECT TO LEARN – Bharti Airtel contributes heavily and provides technology and communication support to CTL which is helping in following ways: CTL scholarships in sub. This drive saw the participation of over 200 employees. Gurgaon. To date. the company has adopted 30 schools through its ‘Our School’ initiative across the continent. Connectivity in Brazilian Schools through CTL Connect To Learn Launches in the Arab World Some 5. As part of this initiative. From the Amazon to Rio. Manchester United and Arsenal. Earlier this year. We remember that these funds not only provide school uniforms that make them and their families proud and school fees.Sahara Africa. . Airtel Centre. the company also kicked off its second season of the Airtel Rising Stars tournament – Africa’s largest grassroots football tournament that aims to nurture and develop local talent from a grassroots to a national level.000 saplings in the bio-diversity park. Airtel remains focused on making a positive impact on the communities in which it operates. in collaboration with ”I am Gurgaon. Airtel works with the respective Education Ministries in each country to identify schools in need of refurbishment and educational facilities in order to create a better learning environment for students. The tournament is supported by worldrenowned football clubs.000 students now have access to quality education through partnership with telecommunication operator Bharti Airtel. but also create dreams and encourage hope for a future life free from extreme poverty. throughout the Millennium Village sites in sub-Saharan Africa: in particular Ghana. with plans to adopt up to 45 schools by April next year.

changes to the policy environment (such as taxation and regulation). GOING GREEN  It has reduced the number of telecom sites running solely on diesel by more than 50% by overcoming the challenge of lack of grid connectivity through use of innovative models such as Hybrid Battery Bank. whilst Airtel will package and deliver the appropriate mobile solutions to support their livelihoods and enhance their efficiency. Under the agreement. In addition. Airtel will also co-finance initiatives and projects promoting the empowerment of women and the girl child. Airtel believes that entrepreneurship and the development of the private sector are essential to achieving economic development and poverty eradication. UN Women will identify the farmers to be covered under this initiative. This means no telecom site of the company will rely solely on diesel power 24 hours a day. greater social interaction and opportunities for economic development. which will enable women farmers to access real time information related to weather. as well as other areas. Airtel aims to create positive community impact. Airtel Africa will establish a Farmer's Information System. available support services.GENDER EQUALITY IN AFRICA Airtel Africa partners with UN women  Airtel Africa signs MOU with UN WOMEN on initiatives to promote the empowerment of women and girls  Airtel will establish a Farmer’s Information System which will provide real time information to women farmers through its network in Africa As per the MoU. Mobile connectivity gives rural communities access to education. Airtel will also offer Internet protocol messaging services and closed user groups. By 2013. the company aims to completely eradicate the constant use of diesel to power its network. . banking facilities and opportunities to increase trade. Under this agreement. By connecting rural communities through its mobile networks.

the implementation of all key initiatives – increased grid connectivity. the . CHNGE TENSE : 105 solar sites have already been set up in Niger reducing the use of diesel generators from 24 hours a day to a meager 3 to 4 hours. battery hybrid and solar/wind power .com/dataquest/feature/191286/airtel-goes-green . AIRTELs green data center in Mumbai Green data centers. which are environment-friendly and energy-efficient. Compartmentalization of hot and cold air reduces losses in HVAC and carbon reduction. Other than this. Water based chiller systems were deployed to achieve maximum cooling efficiency yet reducing the energy consumption. In the short span of two years. It also uses air balancing tool and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in the data centers which help in optimizing the air flow in the data center.. the latest technology (IGBT based) modular UPSs are also deployed at these data centers which create less power losses.dqindia. All DG sets used at these locations comply with the regulations laid by the Central Pollution Control Board.will mean that Bharti Airtel will be using 35% less diesel on average to power each site. use the state-of-the-art BAS system that ensures the building facility climate is within a specified range. http://www.