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Subdirección de Administración y Finanzas

Proyecto de Bóveda Electrónica de PEP
(Factura Electrónica)

April 2011

Transparency, simplification and Control

Project Phases
Electronic Invoicing
Bóveda Electrónica PEP
Electronic Signature PEMEX
Critical Success Factors
Next Steps


Implement in PEMEX and it´s subsidiaries, a standard process for
transmitting, receiving and managing electronic invoicing that allows linking
to our trading partners with financial and operational areas of the institution
in a comprehensive solution.
Main Features:
1) Bóveda Electrónica (BE) for the Management and Storage of Electronic Documents
2) Electronic Notifications for interaction between the Suppliers and Users.
3) Electronic Signature PEMEX (FEP) for personnel involved in the process.
4) Electronic File Tracking to the compliance of time management.
5) Electronic interoperability with internal and external systems.
6) Electronic operating information via the Internet portal PEMEX.

 Since 2005 established the option to all taxpayers to issue its tax receipts electronically.  According to the DOF and income tax reforms.Background  Survey of transparency and accountability. PEP started issuing Electronic Invoices from May 2008 and received in November 2010.      Excessive regulation Uncertainty in the date of payment Different requirements for workplace Frequent displacement to PEMEX facilities Need to follow up on paperwork. in 2011 that established the obligation of issuing digital invoices (CFD or CFDI). known as electronic invoices. .

• Receiving electronic invoices or  Authorized  documentation. . Current Process • Delivery of documentation in the  source area. • Alternative controls and  countervailing duties. • Concepts and ADDENDA sending  in  electronic reporting. • Accounting Records in a timely  manner. • Duplication of paperwork.Previous and Current Management Current Previous Previous Process: • Delivery  documentation desk without  authorization in Ventanilla Única. • Accounting records after receipt of  the estimation  and invoice Desk.

Original Scope for Reception and Invoicing Management Suppliers SAT Banking Addenda XML Internal Order Generators Recepcion Inspection Estimation COPADE Invoicing Payment Instructions Payments List Witnesses of Payment Electronic Vault (BE) Purcahse Order or Service System Volumes Work Goods Reception Register Accounting Register CXP CXC Payment Programs Compensation Bank of Deposit CXP y CXC COPADE Business Process Thi rd Pa rty Signature Si gnature of Pemex Officer Si gnature of SAT .

Phase I: Receipt and Invoicing Management Suppliers SAT Banking Addenda XML Internal Order Reception. Generators Inspection Estimatation COPADE Invoicingl Documentation Process Purcahse Order or Service System Volumes Work Payment Instruction Payments List Electronic Vault (BE) Goods Reception Register Accounting Register CXP CXC Payment Programs Compensation Bank of Deposit CXP y CXC COPADE Business Process Thi rd Pa rty Signature Witnesses of Payment Si gnature of PEMEX Offi cer Si gnature of SAT .

Phase I: Receipt and Invoicing Management SAT Suppliers ADDENDA COPADE Banking XML Payment Instruction Invoicing Payments List Witnesses of Payment Electronic Vault (BE) Goods Register Reception Accounting Register CXP CXC Payment Programs Compensation of CXP y CXC Bank Deposit COPADE Business Process Thi rd Pa rty Signature Si gnature of PEMEX Offi cer Si gnature SAT .

Paper Process SAT Firma Electronica Avanzada (FIEL) SAT Printing Services Suppliers 4 A Stack of Folio Request paper Folio Paper Estimation or  Invoice Paper PEMEX B Addenda 1 Estimation Signature SAP E‐Mail 2 COPADE SAP Approve d 3 Addenda + Folio 5 Invoice  + Addenda  + Folio (Factura) Paper 6 Payment Process Bank Tax Doc  Factura SAT 7 Passed Validate SAT 8 .

SAT Electronic Process Certification SAT Approved Suppliers (PAC) for CFDI Suppliers Suppliers XML Estimation or  Invoice PEMEX XML Invoice  + Addenda 1 Firma Estimacion SAP 4 XML 2 COPADE SAP 3 Addenda XML 5 Tax Doc Factura XML  or  Paper 6 Factura +  supporting  docs Payment Process Bank Approved SAT 7 .

SAT Electronic Process Project Working Now Certification SAT Approved Suppliers (PAC) for CFDI Suppliers Suppliers XML PEMEX Invoice  + Addenda Estimation or  Invoice XML 1 Firma Estimacion SAP 4 XML 2 COPADE SAP 3 Addenda XML 5 Tax Doc Factura XML  or  Paper 6 Factura +  supporting  docs Payment Process Bank Approved SAT 7 .

Once Coporate autorized us. we added the following data: N° de contrato y moneda . Pemex Exploración y Producción has been defined ADDENDA with the following information: Addenda:  1001303625|5500086293|NUM REMISION 11|SMEX|0000313335|205064|930258 N° COPADE/Pedido/N° Remisión o Estimación/VU‐Región‐activo/Clave Acreedor/Ficha funcionario que elabora COPADE/Ficha funcionario que firma COPADE.Addenda "Commercial information of interest is not tax itself to provide additional information on the operation of business" Pemex and it´s subsidiaries through the Bóveda Electrónicasends an electronic notification (e‐mail) to our trading partners with information about concepts and the ADDENDA to process your electronic invoicing and sent through the Electronic Vault.

These concepts PEP w ill issue an invoice or make the deduction either fiscal or contractual (SEFUPU) . Amount of credit notes.Electronic notification of concepts and addenda Includes concepts of payments and deductions Invoicing amount.

XML file Concepts and Addenda CONCEPTS ADDENDA CONCEPTS OF LETTERS OF CREDIT  (Requires XML CFD or CFDI for each  item) .

Coding of Payment and Discounts .


Bóveda Electrónica(BE) URL:  http://www.html 1 2

Access of Bóveda Electrónicaof Extranet of PEP Us er Pa s word .

Electronic Invoice Submission Choose and Click the Receiving Module Electronic invoicing Press browse to attach the XML of CFD or CFDI to be sent .

. addenda sent by PEP.Electronic Invoice Submission Select the XML file of the electronic invoicing that corres ponds to the concepts. If your XML does not contain the addendum of PEP in this box you can enter. Press Send.

so click Browse to attach the file to each item. then press Send .Electronic Invoice Submission To ask at this time to attach the XML file for each term credit note.

Electronic Invoice Submission Notification of your invoice and credit notes have been received in Bóveda Electrónica(BE). .

Otherwise . . if your invoice was rejected should correct the error and resubmit.Notification of acceptance or rejection If your invoice has been accepted after this date is programmed to payment in accordance with the payment policies of his contract.

Emission Model of Digital Certificates .

SUR RMSO RMNE SIDOE UPMP Be certified to all users involved in the process of receiving electronic invoicing.500 end-users. NORTE R. to issue the electronic signature of PEP. to 1. Proyecto Bóveda Electrónica Dueños de SEDE Procesos It has a daily capacity to certify approx.Objective and Methodology Certify approx. (20 users x 4 Correspondents) SCSM R. being a prerequisite to be registered with authorized signatures for proof of payments and deductions. 80 users in Sede Mexico and Regions. It has the participation of the Regional Change Management Responsible for logistics Training and Help Desk on IT Usuario Usuario Validación Clave (KU) Final (UF) Logistica Convocat oria Instructor es Grupos Material UNIVERSIDAD Confirma ción Calificaci ones Difusión VIRTUAL .

Statistics FEP Certified Register Agents Electronic Signature Issues Total: 76 Total: 1. 218 .

Statistics COPADE . 417 COPADES Authorized and Signed Electronically Suppliers with Electronic Invoicing Electronic Invoicing Receivied in BE .BE Electronic Invoicing from Dec.2010 to Mar-2011 Total: 111.

Suppliers Benefits SIMPLIFICATION: Schedules Documents Copies Displacement Reviews Times Previous Step Electronics Management Established Additional or extras Required Physical delivery Manual Subject to Schedule No timetables No documents Do not exists Internet Electronic 24 hours SAVINGS: Costs documentary Managers Monitoring Logistics Excess paper Necessary Timely. Discretionary Duplication management Electronic record Automatic Agreed  Standardized .

to have a standard procedure. registration and payment / collection of invoicing.Pemex Benefits • Promote compliance with SOX law. storage and retrieval of information by replacing documentary invoicing and livelihoods. schedules and costs of agency. copying. distribution. • Administrative simplification automation. the validations tax (SAT). operational and financial. no traveling. among others. • Strengthen the transparency of operations to minimize contact between the creditors / debtors and the staff of the institution. time management and accounting records. using an electronic window that controls and monitoring integral to the process of generation. validation. • Significant savings in printing. • Support our commercial partners. among others. . authorization.

Install the certificates of PAC's are allowed to work with.  Resistance to change. Establish help desk to support the problems presented.  Change Management to establish the media communication in the         organization and external. The third party must validate the XML file structure with SAT. . Consider and test all possible scenarios. Provide the required training for the electronic media. Breaking the paradigms in the work of implementation.Critical Success Factors Lessons learned:  Start on a date when the pressure is lower cost and registration. Endorsement and Support of Information Technology Verify that the personnel involved have its digital certificate prior to start operations.

Actualiza Orden de Servicio Update Service Order 43XXXXXXXX Orden de Serv.Next Steps Aplicación (es) Contratistas Contractor’s Application Phase 2 Materials  Group Phase 1 Finance Realiza Trabajos en sitio Perform work Bóveda Electrónica Firma de Pedido Signed Order Factura Tax Document Phase 3 UPMP Aprueba Boleta de Campo (Generador) Approve Field Ticket Aprueba Boleta Campo (Estimación) Pro Forma Invoice Autoriza (ADENDA) Adenda Factura y Datos de la Adenda Tax Document & Adenda No Ajustes Pedido Asociado Adjustments Si ¡¡Automático!! Manual Contrato MM con Anexo “C” Contract with Anexo C Elabora Pedido Asociado (Orden de Serv. Interna Internal Service Order * PO = Purchase Order f or Serv ices and/or Materials ¡¡Automático!! Crea hoja de entrada y Aceptación Create input sheet 20XXXXXXXX 1XXXXXXXXX Manual Codificación de deductivas y sanciones COPADE 1XXXXXXXXX (sustituto CABYS) ¡¡Automático!! Registro de Factura y Deducciones Invoice Register 512XXXXXXX 172XXXXXXX 19XXXXXXXX Proceso de pago Payment Process .) Prepares PO Aplicaciones Instituciones Institutional Applications 43XXXXXXXX Doble línea de control Pptal.

covering all needs as the following: • CFD and CFDI (Evolved of Sat Requirements) • Connection AS2 and Web Services (B2B). PPQ. • Integration of Information Technology Direction (corporate) • Refinement of strategy of Bóveda Electrónica consolidating just one Bóveda for all Pemex Group.Conclusions • Reorganization of PEMEX. • Integrate all in just one bóveda • Migration of bovedas from PEP. • Working together with OFS-Portal and members. . REF. • Deployment and Stabilization • Selection of Consultant to install Boveda Electrónica. • Develop New Phases of the project. and CORP.

com Lic.esquivel@pemex. Horacio Leal Martinez Lic. Jaime Esquivel Rodríguez jaime. Alejandro Cordero Lopez Lic.Contacts Name Email . Martin Hernández  Córdova martin.cordero@pemex.hernandezco@pemex.

One issue of WIN to WIN There is a case of technology.  but EVOLUTION The Environmrent Thanks you. .

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