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The monthly newsletter for Petroleum Development Oman staff and its contractors

Issue - 436 June 2015

02 Staff In The Spotlight
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12 Earth-Shattering Discovery Ramadan Mubarak

Al Fahal carries an important interview with the new Well Engineering Director Mohammed Al Rashdi.Cyber Crime Awareness 11 . charting the success stories of some of those who laid the foundations of their career at PDO. InCountry Value and talent development. Earth-Shattering Discovery 13 . Submission of written articles without prior discussion is not encouraged to avoid disappointment in cases where a story is not suitable for Al Fahal. LLC Tel: 24700224 Contents 01 . contacts for other photographers will be given. and the signing of a very significant contract to advance the Karim Small Fields and the start of the commissioning of Marmul Polymer Phase II are both covered in depth. Leaders In Their Field 11 .Best of All 09 . This magazine has two more pages to give you even more content to read. which we hope you will find enjoyable to read. please contact the editor.The YPN “Big Brother Big Sister” Scheme  06 . Zumba Zeal 07 .Water Boost For Fahud 03 .Outward and Upward 08 . which is helping to transform the Company into a sharper. as opposed to departmental service.Phone: 246 73977 Email: editors@pdo. Lean. Raoul Restucci Managing Director Editors: David Brown Tel: 24673977 PHOTOGRAPHY: Mohammed Al Abri Tel: 246 76648 Designs: Mohammed Al Mahrezi Tel: 24675283 Arabic Editors: Saleh Al Alawi Tel: 24678901 Ikhlas Al Waili Tel: 24676891 Zahran Al Ruqeishi Tel: 24678508 Design Consultants: United Media Services LLC Tel: 24700896 Printed by: Loay Ent. The event itself was a wonderful occasion which saw just some of our many famous and distinguished alumni return as special guests. LGS Building Breaks New Ground 02 05 06 07 10 . held in honour of His Majesty’s historic visit to our BMF headquarters. safety and environment. COPY RIGHT Please note that no part of Al Fahal may be reproduced without the written permission of PDO. as you know.Marmul Polymer Phase II On Stream 05 . Regards. redesigned Al Fahal. as well as the launch of a new book. We have seen some marked progress on the project front recently. of course. “The Excellence Academy”. When a request for photographic services is judged unsuitable for Al Fahal. who speaks of his plans and thoughts on the challenges and opportunities First Word IF YOU HAVE A STORY Dear Colleagues. It’s a bumper edition which also has a special supplement marking the second PDO Day. including an occasional new column from the Young Professional Network.Well Placed 05 . PHOTOGRAPHY Requests for photography should be directed to the photographer Mohammed Al Abri Tel 246 76648. helpful spirit which is one of PDO’s hallmarks.Tech Talk 04 .co. Welcome to the first edition of a new look. The theme for the day was. Lean. with a strong focus on health.Staff In The Spotlight 03 . Organisations wishing to reproduce articles contained within this issue should contact the editor.PDO Backs Community Education Drive 12 . friendly. Helping The Community 02 . Initially. One in a Million! 07 . Oman’s largest light gauge steel office which was built in just nine months – a tremendous achievement by our Corporate Real Estate Department and contractors. Please note that the photographer’s primary role is in providing a corporate. Finally. US$600 Million Karim Deal 06 . the face of our Coastal operation is changing to ensure staff are able to work in modern and comfortable offices and these pages feature just one more example of this: the opening of the new Bait Al Bushra complex. This was also demonstrated by the launch of the Baader volunteer scheme which has paved the way for our staff to share their expertise and time with eight non-governmental organisations. this time describing its new Big Brother/Big Sister mentoring scheme for new joiners – a great example of the caring. smarter organisation and there were some great examples on show of how it is driving efficiencies throughout the business. something which is especially important in the current volatile oil price environment. A Model Of Innovation 09 .PDO Airports Re-Certified 10 .

Environment Society of Oman (ESO). Oman Association for Disabled Children. said: “PDO is always the first in taking initiatives like this to help and support our aspirations. “This is part of PDO’s continuous support for creating a better world. PR and marketing. The first 80 have already been assigned to eight Omani non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Pipeline Infrastructure Project Engineer Said Bait Shaq. this volunteer initiative will work greatly in having external individuals – such as those who don’t have children with Down Syndrome or those have not been previously involved with the association .” The NGOs involved in the scheme are the Oman Cancer Association (OCA). training. and said: “PDO has a vast pool of skill and capability in many disciplines and we believe we should put some of this at the country’s disposal in line with our obligations as a good corporate citizen. said the group’s aim was to support the development of children through various ways including speech. She said: “I am thrilled that PDO is taking this up. She added: “As we are in the initial stages of setting up a fully operational centre. called Baader (which in Arabic means take the initiative. Down Syndrome Association. communications. There is so much experience in so many different fields in PDO to support these NGOs. Oman Association for the Disabled. Vice President of the Al Noor board. The NGOs will provide 1 Al Fahal | June 2015 EcOman Centre Curator Said Al Saqri. All of us need support and help. said: “This initiative is a platform to bring all the volunteers together. Treasurer of the Down Syndrome Association. strategy implementation and so on. marketing. begin a good deed). We live in a collaborative society. Early Intervention Association. translation and event management. who will be helping the Early Intervention Association. It is also an opportunity to share their expertise and knowledge with other organisations.bring new ideas on how we can develop and move forward with our vision. said the group needed help across a range of areas including social media.” Learning and Development Centre Manager Hamed Al Hadhrami said: “PDO’s  staff initiative to participate voluntarily  to support the NGOs is an indication of their eagerness to improve the lives of those who need support. The selected volunteers will be granted up to seven working days (intermittent or continuous) off work per calendar year to engage in helping organisations in need. accounting. physiotherapy. who is volunteering for ESO. archiving. said: “It is a humanitarian thing to help and I just wanted to help. This initiative is an excellent example of the work environment in PDO where both Omanis and non-Omanis work hand-in-hand to build capabilities and improve services outside PDO. enables staff to help by devoting their time and expertise for free in areas such as IT.” And Sultan Al Sahabi. which offers a home to child cancer patients and their families while they are undergoing treatment in Muscat. finance.” The initiative. a monthly progress report on volunteer participation and the support that has been provided.PDO People Helping The Community A new initiative has been launched enabling staff to volunteer to help community groups Proud volunteers meet NGO leaders Within 30 minutes of a company-wide message announcing the scheme. auditing and assistance in its Dar Al Hanan initiative.” .” Raoul said: “I am delighted we have lift-off on this key initiative that will raise pride and reputation for PDO and create so much value for everyone we support. HR and administration.” Fatma Al Barwani.” Yuthar Al Rawahi. and Al Noor Association for the Blind. At the end of the day. External Affairs Director Abdul-Amir Al Ajmi paid tribute to Managing Director Raoul Restucci for suggesting the idea. 250 employees had stepped forward to participate. President of OCA. sign language and teaching similar to classroom methods. they have a little voice and they need help. and this can assist us in revising our website and planning any new developments we strive to set up. The volunteers also have varied experiences and skills in different areas like IT. Dar Al Atta. with the agreement of their line managers.

he was rising at 5. Oman is. Here.78km. making a weekly total of up to 220km. Have you won any other international running events? As an individual I’ve won a few marathons. from Ras Al Hamra down to the airport and back. not just the runners but also the critical management. 50. very well suited to both of these activities – unfortunately they tend to take a back seat if I have a big running event coming up. both physically and mentally. physiotherapy and support elements that make it all possible. completing an 18km training run in time for work at around but after Norway it was a bit of a challenge to get used to the heat. I always have one day off running per week – usually Saturday. The work can sometimes be quite intense though. captained the Great Britain men’s team to a gold medal in the Ultra Running World Championships in Turin. unassailable. and I work with a great bunch of friendly. This meant that winning the team gold medals had an even greater impact for me. and finishing 11th out of 302 international starters from 42 countries. When it dawned on us towards the closing stages that we were in with a very real chance of not just European gold but also World gold it was initially a feeling of disbelief. for example. felt that if everything went right on the day we would be serious contenders for at least European bronze (the World and European championships are held in parallel). That was a big moment for the team. In Oman. and also spending a bit more time with my long-suffering (but very supportive) wife. competent and dedicated people. Steve pounds the track on the way to gold What was it like competing at the ultrarunning event? I’ve competed for Team GB in two previous world championships which have been very rewarding. USA and Russia so we tend to go into the events with a balance between ambition and realism. he talks to Al Fahal about his remarkable show of stamina and dedication. it only really sank in when we stood at the podium in front of a cheering audience with our national anthem being played. and it also entails sitting at my desk using a PC for large parts of the day.00am every day. where the top three athletes from each country’s team run as far as they can in 24 hours.If you know of a good subject for Staff In the Spotlight. with the work we have put into building experience and injecting new talent. In preparation for the world championships. and then finishing the day with another 18km run in the evening. I was running around 36 km per day. it was during my previous posting in Norway that I became more serious about so-called “ultradistance” running. However. and. The coastal roads and paths between PDO and the embassies provide an excellent training area. Italy. with Steve himself clocking up an astonishing 252. However. Running is therefore a great PDO People Staff In The Spotlight Steve Holyoak (Production Seismologist) Production Seismologist Steve Holyoak has become a world champion after an incredible feat of non-stop endurance running. I’m looking forward to scaling down the running for a little while and indulging some of my other hobbies. I may even get some of the overdue household chores ticked off the list! Al Fahal |June 2015 2 . The achievement was the most successful Team GB performance in the event of all time. On Fridays I would typically be doing a run of 40 – 50km. either on a team or individual basis. However. However. when peaking for the World Championships. please contact editors@pdo. Team GB recorded a combined total of 770. Steve. How does running help with work as a production seismologist? It’s a very interesting role. Describe your running regime Up until my mid 40s I’d been competing in races up to marathon distance. We had to keep level heads and managed to extend our lead to the point where it was I’m also a scuba diving instructor and really enjoy cross-country mountain biking. of course. ultra-marathons and trail races (including a recent 50km event at Wadi Bih in Musandam). he successfully juggles his demanding job by running around 36km a day. nothing anywhere near the level of the world championships. What other hobbies do you have? On the world stage we are competing against extremely strong opposition from the likes of Japan. Steve joined the Amal Thermal Cluster team last August and is primarily involved in reservoir characterisation/surveillance and well delivery.8km of running around a 2km track. This time around I was honoured to be selected as Team GB captain.

000 people. This technology has a relatively long history and is well proven worldwide. Deployment will not only achieve significant savings in the operating cost. and are forecast to continue increasing. Tech Talk PDO’s operating costs have risen continuously for the past 10 years.600m3 a day.PDO Projects Water Boost For Fahud A reverse osmosis (RO) plant for potable water has been commissioned at Fahud. and the surface tends to deteriorate rapidly with time. The Royal Oman Police new training camp at Fahud will also benefit from this operation. Some critical routes in PDO. it will open new job opportunities for Omanis. 3 Al Fahal | June 2015 . cooking. given the significant reduction in driving time and enhanced road safety standards. process unit where a pressurised membrane produces relatively pure water after filtering out substances such as oils. One of the major contributors to this rise is road maintenance which is costing the Company around US$10 million per year. In addition. there are other indirect savings which have also contributed to the success of this technology. including the future camp expansion which is expected to cater for around 1. The RO system works by pumping raw feed water from bore wells (from a depth of around 200m) to storage tanks and then to a material and compacting it is costly and does not produce roads of acceptable quality. but will also support the organisation in delivering its core business efficiently. It has been employed in two pilot studies in PDO. require re-sheeting three or four times a year on certain sections. PDO has embarked on a mission to upgrade its graded road network within the oil fields by employing a new technology to reduce cost and provide an alternative to road maintenance that is of much higher quality. The pilot was successfully completed in PDO in March 2014 and should achieve up to a 100% cost saving after the third year.” Fahud Delivery Team Leader Abdullah Al Kindy commented: “We feel proud of this achievement for the commissioning of the 2. For example. frac units and other upcoming projects such as Khulud and Yibal Khuff. The plant will support not only the Fahud community but other locations. North Operations Manager Dr Khamis Al Busaidi said: “The plant will provide a big relief for the entire North and Fahud will act as a hub of water distribution point to cover the shortage and will support our colleagues in the drilling and other associated project teams. driving time has been cut by 50% given the improved road condition. rigs. The conventional method of re-sheeting a graded road surface by replacing it with new This deterioration causes a significant increase in journey time and in the wear-and-tear cost to the vehicles using the road. washing and for drilling operations. including the Yibal GGL and Kazzan projects.” Contract Holder Said Al Riyami expressed his happiness at the new solution to meet the demand for water in the North. The facility was previously used as part of the steam plant and is designed to produce a total of 2. Furthermore. PDO is in the process of deploying this technology across its oilfields as it has the potential to replace asphalting for PDO’s most critical and heavily used roads. pyrogens and salts. This new method stabilises and imparts enhanced structural properties to the road base using foamed bitumen and cement by using highly specialised equipment developed and manufactured by the Wirtgen Group of Germany. The stabilised layer is protected by a wearing course of a single or double layer of surface dressing to create a paved surface with a much longer lifespan than graded roads. The plant is producing potable water which will then be used for drinking. such as the 65km BahjaZauliyah link. The first was implemented in March 2013 on 52 km of stabilised and surfaced dressed road between Bahja and Zauliya and the second on 19 km of stabilised road surfaced with asphalt from Bahja to Suwaihat.600m3/day plant which is a big relief for the water issue facing the entire North. Due to the major success of the pilot.

road safety. will remain at the forefront of the region’s oil and gas business. we continually evaluate and map out the areas with high HSE exposure through adopting the risk-based allocation of additional resources to coach and support. We will see a larger shift in our portfolio from conventional wells towards more demanding projects. However. talent development is the main focus area. This requires higher material specifications and different skill sets. because of its people. Lean implementation. maturing Knowledge & Information Management and capitalising on our previous experience are also key to generate more value and make a step change. he become Operations Team Leader for deep drilling activities before being promoted to Wells Function Discipline Leader. Refining our integrated development programme and field coaching for young professionals is key to secure our future. before he took over as head of the Well Operations Department. What are the immediate challenges? The future is going to be very different. tight oil and unconventional gas with high hydrogen sulphide content. higher Due to existing ageing assets we also expect an increase in complexity and in the work volume going forward. Applications of the latest technologies. are our biggest asset. we will maintain the focus on the five must-win areas: Hands and Fingers. This presents a high HSE exposure which is also magnified by the high growth in our activities (19% additional units during 2014/2015). project management. we are providing our staff with the required technical and leadership exposures. contracting. logistics and operations. The first thing I do when I arrive at my office is to go through my emails and operation summary until around 7:15am. There is much excitement all around and my main challenge is to keep the momentum going and to continue improving business performance while safeguarding HSE. grasp opportunities to learn. Mohammed joined PDO in 1991 as an assistant driller. On the other fronts. such as the execution of EOR projects. What is your first impression of the UWD role? The directorate has created competition by bringing in new Omani start-ups and developing local companies. pressure. What is your view of the present state of PDO? PDO is the backbone of the country’s economy. the people commitments and their determination to overcome any challenges and be the best in class. Usually I start my day after Al Fajer prayers around 5:30am. we are in the process of in-sourcing our own hoists and rigs. a position he held until the end of last year. This is an incredibly exciting environment. the expansion of gas production and the implementation of new ways of working. focusing on continuous performance benchmarking. such as enhanced oil recovery. In terms of programme delivery we have seen huge growth year on year. Al Fahal |June 2015 4 . Additionally. The young people joining are committed and enthusiastic. business planning and logistics. How do you intend to address the above? On HSE. What is your advice for young engineers? In UWD we have an exciting long-term portfolio with diverse challenges. PDO is the backbone of the country’s economy What are the opportunities? Any organisation is as good as its people. Therefore. until 2012. After that I drink a cup of tea and then meet different teams in their offices to be close to the “action.PDO People Well Placed upcoming challenges. Can you describe your average working day? I am an early starter. Around 4pm I catch up with my emails and check my calendar for the next day. be careful not to be deterred by frustrated or spiritless people and focus on giving your best to serve Oman proudly. After steadily working his way up the ranks. PDO.” At 8am I return to my office and follow my calendar for that particular day. We just have to equip them with the required competencies to be ready for In terms of strengthening our capability development. He then moved to become Well Engineering Contract Manager. DROPS. we will continue implementing ongoing HSE initiatives such as Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) and the Risk Champion Programme. The talents we have in wells. We need a step change. particularly in the arena of completion and well intervention. We are constantly testing and adopting new technology and exploring new ways of working. Due to business dynamics. The diverse portfolio ranges from frontier exploration wells to factory drilling activities and from in-sourcing project management to commercial. As an operator. we are now in the high-cost business so we cannot continue as if it were business as usual. My advice to young engineers is to see challenges as opportunities for improvement. deeper. various efficiency drivers and tools are also critical to our business to ensure sustained performance. In addition. Lean implementation is also a huge opportunity to remove waste and be more efficient. We almost do everything: engineering. Mohammed Al Rashdi was recently appointed as Well Engineering and Logistics Director. because the dynamics of the business are changing. higher temperature (HPHT). we currently face a formidable set of challenges. Also. We continually look for shortand longer-term technical assignment opportunities. and this requires a strong focus and continuous management attention. lifting and slinging and Process Safety.

the scheme is designed to guide new joiners through PDO’s systems. Both pilots achieved technical success. and this will involve infill drilling of the field at a closer well spacing. 5 Al Fahal | June 2015 Hisham Al Siyabi. said: “The deployment of these 19 pumps utilises the full capacity of the plant for polymer injection and will enable us to expand polymer flooding to a bigger portion of the field through 45 dedicated injectors. Marmul-RTQ Cluster Leader. started in 1985 in the south eastern part of the field with a 200m well spacing. The additional 19 pumps. We believe that the BB/BS scheme will definitely compliment the role of a formal coach rather than eliminating it entirely. part of Phase II. was followed by a second trial in 1989 with a spacing of 600m. said: “This is an important milestone for the Oil South Directorate in general and the Marmul cluster in particular. It was decided that a system which did not focus on technical coaching and mainly addressed this struggle could be a helpful and valuable initiative. Additionally. YPN Vice President Further progress has been made on PDO’s chemical enhanced oil recovery journey with the commissioning of 19 pumps as part of the planned expansion of the Marmul polymer plant. operations. polymer flooding will be deployed at the full field scale by rotating the polymer injection capacity over time. the South Petroleum Engineering Manager.” The Phase II deployment is not the end of the journey. a team has been formed to assist Big Brothers and Big Sisters. but it was decided that field-wide implementation would be commercially unviable at that time. dedicated polymer and water treatment plants had to be constructed. Additionally. The process was reintroduced in 2010 through the conversion of 26 water injectors to polymer. Marmul/Chemical Engineering Team Leader. incremental oil realised from this project averaged 950m3/d or 19% of the total production from Al Khlata reservoir on a daily basis. a structured plan was communicated and a carefully designed checklist has been provided and explained as a guideline for them to follow.PDO Projects Marmul Polymer Phase II On Stream The YPN “Big Brother Big Sister” Scheme  Abdullah Al Mamari. it is worth noting. With the initiative being conceptualised by young professionals themselves. Hilal Al Busaidi. will increase that incremental oil gain by another 300 m3/d by the end of 2016. However. the YPN steering committee understood the struggle faced by people coming from different academic backgrounds to start their career and settle in a professional working environment like PDO. Phase lll is currently being progressed. key performance indicators will also be identified to clearly identify success.  The first trial of the scheme has already been launched. There are benefits on both sides. to facilitate polymer injection. Finally.” Jasim Al Ajmi. and contactors. . improvements will be made as it matures by obtaining feedback from the participants. The success of the scheme will be measured by evaluating the continuous feedback and once fully launched. “Phase II commissioning will contribute to the South’s future production growth which has averaged 5% since 2007. The additional pumps augment the existing 26 that were introduced in 2010 as part of the Phase I deployment. Polymer injection in the Marmul field goes back to the mid-1980s. in addition to directing them on how to develop their technical and soft skills. we had to overcome a number of challenges. that while the scheme is still evolving. obtain regular feedback and follow up on progress. The first pilot. added: “To achieve this milestone. That deployment ushered in the start of the chemical flooding of Al Khlata reservoir in the Marmul field that has continued to the present. “A key success factor was the teamwork environment during the execution phase of the project between the project team. Being close to a vast number of YPs and new graduate recruits. Big Brothers and Big Sisters have been selected across different directorates. Phase ll commissioning will contribute to the South’s future production growth One of the major activities on the Young Professional Network’s plate this year is the  “Big Brother/Big Sister (BB/BS)” scheme.   Please visit our Young Professional Network website on the PDO intranet for more information and updates on the scheme. The formal coach will be relieved from the high load of providing day-to-day assistance while the Big Brother or Sister will learn and acquire the required skill set of coaching. Since 2010.

In addition. Raoul paid tribute to the way MedcoEnergi had embedded ICV in its operation to give job and training opportunities to Omanis.  We believe that this additional 25-year contract period demonstrates our success in the last nine years of diligent and successful effort in doubling the production. What we are doing is leveraging the fundamental strengths of both parties and moving towards a deeper. “The purpose of this contract is to maximise.PDO Projects US$600 Million Karim Deal bin Hamad Al Rumhy. It was inaugurated by Ibtisam Al Riyami. However. MedcoEnergi has contributed significantly to the development of Local Community Contractors (LCCs). The extension of the production sharing service agreement contract was signed at an official ceremony at Mina Al Fahal. MedcoEnergi has shown itself to be fully committed to continue delivering value in an efficient way with the guarantee of significant investment. with our current agreement being amended to create a true business alliance.” MedcoEnergi Chief Executive Officer Mr Lukman Mahfoedz said: “We are very pleased to have the KSF contract amended and restated with a lot of improved terms. Managing Director Raoul Restucci said: “This signing represents a new way of working between PDO and MedcoEnergi. People and Change Director and a Change4Life representative and was attended by guests and members. such as water flood. production from the KSF cluster. “In the current tough volatile oil price environment. stronger partnership to deliver long-term value for PDO and Oman. The sum of US$600 million covers the first five years from 2016-2021 – when it is expected around 100 new wells will be drilled . PDO has signed a US$600 million contract with the Indonesian oil and gas company MedcoEnergi to continue developing the Karim Small Fields (KSF) project in southern Oman. the combined efforts have so far generated revenues of close to US$4 billion for the Sultanate. His Excellency Dr Alawi Shihab. The event ran for over three hours as part of the Change4Life campaign which helps to promote health awareness and wellbeing for the community. full field application of cyclic steam.” PDO hopes that the renewal of the partnership will help to increase KSF production from the current 17. as well as leading members of the MedcoEnergi executive team and the company’s partners.  The event was led by licensed Zumba instructors and supported by the RAH Fitness Committee. Al Fahal |June 2015 6 . “We are looking forward to working together with the Government of Oman and PDO in the next 25 years with the objective of increasing production. The event was attended by His Excellency Sukanto. There are currently 160 Omanis working at KSF out of a total workforce of 188 – an Omanisation rate of 85%. enhanced oil recovery. providing an opportunity to grow and gain valuable experience in the oil and gas business. Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Oman. PDO has been working in partnership with MedcoEnergi on KSF to maximise production from a series of 18 depleting small and marginal fields. and eminent members of the Indonesian Parliament. Funds raised by the campaign go towards the purchase of subsidised testing strips for diabetics who come from low-income backgrounds. executing exploration programmes successfully and maintaining safe operations.500 barrels of oil per day to at least 20. not least the viscosity of the oil and the high oil-water ratio in the reservoirs. re-instatement of unconnected fields and more exploration and appraisal. under the auspices of His Excellency Dr Mohammed Ibtisam Al Riyami Zumba Zeal The Ras Al Hamra Fitness Club has held the first Zumbathon in Oman at the Sports Centre. A number of Omanis have also been posted to the Indonesian capital of Jakharta to gain the experience of working to international standards and training as drilling engineers and subsurface and liquefied natural gas (LNG) specialists. spending over US$25 million to date with them. The deal runs until 2040 and builds on an existing contract from 2006.but should then increase by US$80-130 million per year depending on variables such as the production target and budget. Minister of Oil and Gas and Chairman of the PDO Board of Directors. It is currently working with a total of 23 LCCs. The project throws up a series of tough challenges. further support for InCountry Value (ICV) and without compromising on our overarching priority of safety. using the resources of MedcoEnergi. Advisor to MedcoEnergi International and special Middle East and North Africa envoy for Indonesia. in a safe and sustainable way.000 bpd over the next few years through secondary recovery.

The renewal of the partnership underlines the Company’s commitment to building the capacity of young Omanis across the Sultanate through a range of tools and methods. and they are put in situations where they can develop an appreciation of risk. As well as giving guided tours and shows to families. In addition. internships and scholarships. conferences and events. His Highness said: “We are grateful for PDO’s continued support and welcome its volunteer mentors to our unique educational experience where they can interact directly with the youth and Omani wilderness for a memorable experience. ecology and the solar system. leadership. The trips stretch the youngsters both mentally and physically. small and medium enterprise support. The Company agreed a three-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). with 280. “We have a number of appealing interactive models and exhibits.000 people have visited the Oil and Gas Exhibition Centre since it opened in 1979.PDO Places One In A Million! PDO’s Knowledge World attraction has received more than one million visitors from home and abroad The Muscat complex. We aim to offer a warm welcome to our guests and the staff are pleased to see so many schoolchildren – 70% of our visitors – come through our doors who are eager to learn more about earth science. as well as excellent facilities for exhibitions. These include practical training.000 to the EcOman since 2011. we seek to empower Omani youths by providing them with unconventional and transformational learning opportunities. the Planetarium and EcOman Centre were donated Outward and Upward by PDO as Gifts to the Nation. which was signed by the His Highness Sayyid Faisal Bin Turki Al Said.000 going to the Planetarium since 2000 and 32.000 have used the facilities for meetings. female empowerment programmes. Outward Bound Oman provides them with a unique platform to innovate. and we noticed a marked increase in foreign visitor numbers after the Ministry of Tourism kindly began publicising the attraction on its website. something which is done to mark every five years of His Majesty’s reign. reward and responsibility for themselves. A total of 425. Planetarium and EcOman Centre. it also provides a range of other services including workshops. PDO announced that the latest Gift would be a public aquarium in Seeb to commemorate the 45th anniversary. External Affairs Director Abdul-Amir Al Ajmi said: “We are delighted that so many people have visited the Knowledge World over the years to learn more about oil and gas exploration and production and other important PDO focus areas such as environmental stewardship and sustainable energy. others and the environment. the environment and astronomy. Patron of Outward Bound and Managing Director Raoul Restucci.” PDO has renewed its partnership with Outward Bound Oman (OBO) to provide support to the organisation in its mission to equip Omani youths with practical life skills. interesting and fun way and our Planetarium offers visitors a fantastic multimedia experience of the wonders of the universe. students and tourists. Raoul said: “It is imperative to acknowledge that a nation’s future lies in its youth.” “Both Omanis and international travellers to the Sultanate have enjoyed their time with us The Oil and Gas Exhibition Centre. Last year. “The Knowledge World offers a fascinating experience to visitors. conferences and events. which explain things in a clear. 7 Al Fahal | June 2015 Over 200 students from across the Sultanate benefitted from adventure trips into the desert or the Omani Jebels in the first three years of the partnership. These expeditions enabled them to experience the country’s beautiful landscape whilst developing skills such as communication. lectures and exhibitions. As part of our social responsibility efforts. Under the terms of the agreement PDO will provide funding and volunteers for OBO activities. and create opportunities for themselves to lead the way. teamwork and discourse. offers information and education on the hydrocarbon sector.” . a further 270. consisting of the Oil and Gas Exhibition Centre.

PDO News A Model Of Innovation The Study Centre has launched a ground-breaking technique to determine the target recovery factor for fields being developed under water-flood or enhanced oil recovery The Study Centre project team The PDO Tubes Model tool. PDO’s Tubes Model is an innovative method and tool developing and harnessing cutting-edge technology. Since 2014. “Such understanding is a key enabler for unlocking the significant potentials in PDO’s hydrocarbon resource base. This tool provides a quick method for the screening and ranking of different recovery mechanisms. The initial development was followed by rigorous validation on both analytical and numerical terms in 2013 and then came vetting and approval from experts within and outside the organisation. This patentpending technique has been presented at numerous external and internal forums and is considered an ‘industry first’ when it comes to calculating recovery factors based on analytical techniques. once again. A web-based version was subsequently developed in the latter half of 2014 and released for general use in February. involving mainly reservoir engineers and production geologists. Development of the tool started as part of the water-flood thematic study in 2012 in the Reservoir Solutions and Sub-Surface Consultancy (USR) team. The tool and the techniques underpinning it are examples of innovations in PDO. to produce such a tool all the way from concept to reality. and innovative thinking of both petroleum engineers and IT specialists. USR Team Leader Salim Al Mahruqi said: “This neat and time-saving tool is in line with Lean initiatives in PDO and it is a clear demonstration that PDO. the tool has been actively used in contingent resource workshops as a means of identifying the ‘gap volume’ for the field or prospect being discussed. which is based on an innovative approach developed in the centre. In addition. reflecting the continuous drive for advancing technologies and developing novel solutions for addressing technical and developmental challenges. took teamwork. it improves the effort of determining what the top-quartile recovery should be by incorporating geological and fluid/rock-based information in the assessment. UIID and UIIE) to release the web-based version. but most importantly enables the development of an in-depth understanding of recovery processes at macroscopic and microscopic displacement levels. and will therefore help in the identification of reservoirs which require a more ambitious development plan or a different recovery methodology. dedication. The tool was the result of multi-disciplinary team efforts in the Study Centre from both the USR and EOR (USE) teams.” Study Centre Manager Sultan Al Shidhani said: “PDO’s Tubes Model is an innovative method and tool that not only provides better estimates of potential oil recovery levels. describes the total Recovery Factor as the net result of macroscopic and microscopic displacement efficiency. “Since the team published their first results in Shell TechXplorer in 2013. is leading the way when it comes to innovative thinking. This was then followed by close collaboration with the Information Management and Technology Department (UIIB. Indeed. achieved through expert and collaborative work. it generated considerable interest from other Shell operating units.” Al Fahal |June 2015 8 .

Occidental. The teams. It is a moment of great honour that our airports have the same level of certification as some of the best airports in the world. aerodrome manuals. case histories and methods. maintained. said: “There were two main objectives – to share our best practice and to learn best practice from others. The certificate has been issued for two years ending March 2017. • Final re-certification or refusal based on the audit findings. with the example of ESP on-the-job-training. Weatherford and Halliburton. Meanwhile. a committee member for the forum and lead organiser for PDO’s booth. teams across all PDO airports at Fahud. The conference and exhibition focuses on the increasing use of artificial lift (AL) technologies in oil production operations throughout the region and offers a chance for dialogue and discussion among new and existing users by sharing best practices. see what all the other companies and professionals are doing and learn from practical experience.” And Production Technologist Ahmed Al Hinai ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation). took part in the second panel session examining where the innovative AL technologies to tackle the challenges of national oil companies would come from. including electric submersible pumps (ESPs) progressive cavity pumps (PCPs). Production Technologist Abdullah Al Awaid and Production Programmer Hamed Al Abri presented papers on ESPs and PCPs. PDO delegates also outlined the full range of AL mechanisms used by the Company. and Marmul had to ensure compliance in 24 different domains such as safety.0 and LOWIS (Life Of Well Information System) and showcased the new PDO gas book titled Oman’s Invisible Energy. The re-certification process comprised the following major steps: • Submission of the expression-of-interest for re-certification by PDO to PACA • PACA assessment of the application along with the aerodrome manual inspection • PACA assessment / audit of the aerodrome facilities and equipment said: “I was looking at dual ESP technologies – running one and having a back-up . The two-day event featured an exhibition on related technology and services and forum discussion sessions. led by Suhail Al Sheibany. Production Programming Team Leader – North. worked diligently to ensure that all the necessary steps were taken to ensure that the audit and re-certification process went smoothly. Minister of Energy and Industry for the State of Qatar. It was held under the patronage of His Excellency Dr Mohammed bin Saleh Al Sada. and PDO has been an active participant since its creation. Logistics Manager Sulaiman Al Shaqsi said: “I am proud of the teams that worked on this exercise so tirelessly and the results speak for themselves. sucker rods and gas lift technology and some of the challenges faced in the field. service firms and academia. I would like to congratulate all the individuals who played a part in this re-certification process and I hope we can maintain the same level of compliance at our airports. This means that all of the airports operate fully to standards as specified by the was doing in terms of talent development in this important area of our operations. runway friction testing and inspection records. and attracted a range of leading oil operators and service companies. experiences.” Adi Naamani. including the Kuwait Oil Company. and operated by PDO. the process holder for Passenger and Quality Control Management.” The Company booth showcased the range of AL technologies used by PDO as well as the in-house real-time well surveillance tools Nibras 3.PDO News Best of All Staff put PDO firmly on the map at the 8th Middle East Artificial Lift Forum (MEALF) in Qatar MEALF is a bi-annual regional event attended by Gulf Co-operating Council operating companies. Atika. Qarn Alam. the Public Authority of Civil Aviation (PACA) has formally re-certified all the airports owned. checklists. “It was a great networking opportunity and made me more motivated to work harder. In order to ensure audit and re-certification readiness. The 12-strong PDO team won the prestigious award for the best exhibitor booth and also participated in two panel sessions and gave two technical paper presentations. such as extending run life.talking to the vendors and meeting other oil companies and learning from their experience to see if there was anything we could replicate in PDO. ESP Subject Matter Expert (SME) Atika Bimani addressed the issue of attracting the AL experts of tomorrow by taking part in a panel discussion titled ”Where Will The Supply Of Future Talent Come From?” Summing up PDO’s involvement in the event. Company Site Representative Moosa Al Rahbi said: “It was my first conference in PDO and it was a great experience to be able to enhance my technical knowledge in artificial lifts. “We think we achieved both while at the same time conveying the message of what PDO PDO Airports Re-Certified After a thorough audit process which ran for over two months. Schlumberger.” 9 Al Fahal | June 2015 .

money AbdulRahman Al Kiyumi The Anti-Economic Crimes Department investigates various types of economic crimes in Oman. and concealing Last year. the losses from internet scams and cyber crimes in the Sultanate came close to RO 1 million. Those who would like more information can contact iSecure@pdo. the loss was RO 365.” He explained that cyber criminals employ hightech methods in conducting. Col. UIIC1 aims to organise similar events in the future. Col. although the financial loss and complexity of cyber crimes are way greater. This seminar was part of an overall Information security awareness programme (iSecure) which the UIIC1 team is championing. The most common types of cyber crime in Oman are: fraudulent commercial websites. fraud. Al Fahal |June 2015 10 .622. Lt. co-ordinating their activities across international frontiers. while the losses from breaching and hacking online accounts ran to RO 489. On unauthorised online purchases alone. such as human trafficking. Al Kiyumi urged the public not to respond to any suspicious phone calls or email messages and added: “People ought to be very careful when conducting financial transactions and using electronic means online. and making it very challenging for the authorities to detect and catch them. and scam lottery wins. phishing emails tricking people into providing sensitive information. Lieutenant-Colonel AbdulRahman Al Kiyumi. The session included a video of a real-life operation of the surveillance and arrest of internationally known criminals in Oman. the proceeds of. currency forgery. he said: “When people hear about cyber crimes they don’t usually fathom the seriousness of those crimes like they do when hearing of burglary or the physical theft of items.000.” Speaking at an awareness session at the BMF building organised by the Information Management and Technology Information Security (UIIC1) team.PDO News The Saih Rawl Depletion Compression-2 plant at night (Picture by Civil Construction Engineer Haitham Al Kalbani) Cyber Crime Awareness A top Royal Oman Police officer has warned staff to be on their guard against cyber criminals who are making a fortune by preying on people online. their crimes. said the public sometimes underestimated the impact of computer crime. The crooks used an advanced method of installing malware on ATMs which then enabled them to send an SMS command to the ATM’s software to dispense cash. and organised attacks targeting Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). head of the ROP’s Anti-Economic Crimes Department.

From networking with other attendees it was clear that we are much more advanced in some areas such as real-time operations and process control than most of the Shell upstream companies. and Managing Director Raoul Restucci signed the agreement committing to greater co-operation and coordination.” These showed how the Company has managed to embed process control within day-to-day operations and in major projects and demonstrated the huge subsequent benefits. John Hofland. Control. His Excellency said: “The agreement will provide opportunities for graduates of the “We will join forces on a number of programmes which will raise standards for both pupils and teachers. indicating how automated processes were delivering greater efficiency and productivity. Seven Company engineers participated in the Process Automation. Delegates from across the world took part in the summit under the banner of “One PACO . His Excellency Dr Hamood bin Khalfan Al 11 Al Fahal | June 2015 Raoul said: “We are pleased to be able to work even more closely with the Ministry of Education to support the schools in our concession area and maximise the opportunities they provide educationally. There are many upstream sites that want to learn from PDO in terms of the PCO discipline organisation set-up. who have a shared aspiration but are at the start of the journey to generate business improvement with upstream process control optimisation. India to share their knowledge. process control. from instrumentation to systems. PDO Backs Community Education Drive PDO has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Education to create a cadre of education professionals from its concession area. modelling and optimisation and people matters. Undersecretary for Education and Curricula at the Ministry. The task force will also oversee the preparation of educational programmes for school support staff in the concession to improve their efficiency and prepare awareness and guidance programmes on health. added: “There is a huge potential for other sites learning from PDO’s best practices.Delivering Value”. and the way our PCO discipline brings value to the business. and Optimisation (PACO) Global Learning Conference in Bangalore. PDO demonstrated its leadership in Process Control Optimisation in presentations covering the organisation and work processes. Lean initiatives. and new developments such as leak detection methodology. “One very important benefit was to see how we compare with other companies within Shell.” PDO Process Control and Optimisation (PCO) Support Salim Al Mawali said: “PDO’s contribution was very well acknowledged within the wider Shell PACO community. Regional Manager PACO at Shell India Markets Private Ltd. Among other joint plans is the use of Block 6 schools in the evenings for social.PDO News Leaders In Their Field PDO’s digital oilfield expertise has been hailed at a major conference as a beacon of best practice for others to follow. and everyone wants to learn from it.” The event also offered a learning opportunity for the team in terms of understanding PACO tools and processes. drilling automation and the application of real-time optimisation in upstream activities. said: “The PDO contribution to the PACO learning conference was very valuable to the participants. safety and environment for students and their parents in elementary and secondary schools. the supporting software and applications and business impact. general diploma certificate to get a scholarship in the field of education in order to prepare teachers from the people of the concession area to help stabilise and localise the teaching profession in the area. cultural and sports activities.” His colleague Rohit Paranjape. Harthi.” “Process Control Operation Support within PDO” and “MDPro in PDO.” . Participants were exposed to the entire automation landscape. It was widely acknowledged that PDO is one of the most matured Shell EP sites in the world. learn best practice and discuss future challenges and innovations. Company experts contributed significantly to the gathering. There was high interest from the audiences. Our mantra is: ‘We only succeed if the communities in which we operate succeed’ and this agreement is further evidence of our aim to serve Oman beyond the safe and efficient delivery of oil and gas and to be a good corporate citizen. Principal Automation Engineer at Shell Global Solutions International. vocationally and socially. The sessions were highly interactive with active participation from all the Shell business units and joint ventures.” A task force from the two sides will look at allocating a number of PDO-sponsored scholarships to students from the Block 6 concession area to train as teachers so they can work there. giving three presentations: “Process Control & Optimisation in PDO.

The crater is about 1. The wells of the Hazar oil field are shown in the background 24 km away Meteoroids are pieces of rocky and/or metallic debris from asteroids and comets flying through outer space. USA. “The crater is currently buried at a depth of about 2. 2. sending tonnes of rock into the air.4km.900m below ground. so it is larger than the Ras Al Hamra camp! “The crater has the characteristic central peak and raised rim around it of a so-called ‘complex’ impact crater. there are no exploration prospects above or under the feature.” 3D view of the Hazar crater.000 years ago with a velocity of more than 40. as sea levels rose over the landscape.6km in diameter and 150m deep and exhibits a raised rim.” Barringer crater in Arizona. USA. so unfortunately. Fawarra North The world’s best preserved meteorite impact site can be found in northern Arizona. It must have been quite a dramatic explosion. The impact is estimated to have occurred 50. However. René was mapping a 3D seismic reflection survey over the field in the Bahja Rima cluster when he noticed a striking circular feature almost three kilometres underground. the crater got covered with carbonate platform deposits burying it to its current depth of almost 3km under the ground. René explained: “Currently. “Oman would have been very different when this happened – the surface would have been covered in rivers. we will probably never sample it with a well. “Over the years. He said: “The crater is 125m deep and has a diameter of 2. Occasionally they hit planets and moons creating large craters upon impact – and those that hit the Earth are known as meteorites. A second wider ring with a diameter of 3.6km can also be observed.PDO News Earth-Shattering Discovery Principal Geophysicist René Frijhoff has discovered a huge impact crater made by a meteorite around 250 million years ago near the Hazar oil field.000 km/h Al Fahal |June 2015 12 . The Hazar oil field is 24 km away from the crater and an exploration well. Based on the dimensions of the crater it is estimated that the impacting meteorite had a diameter of more than 30m. was recently drilled at a distance of 9 km.

sustainable and adaptable solution to suit our needs. both the air conditioning and heating costs are significantly less than a standard building. At its peak. just because we have done it that way for 30 years?’” Real Estate Operations Excellence Team Leader and Real Estate Corporate Function Discipline Head Mohammed Al Riyamy said: “This building is a showcase where PDO standards have been challenged to such an extent to deliver value both in terms of cost and time. It is officially classed as a ‘temporary structure’ but is guaranteed for 35 years. ALEMCO and Fahmy. it cost a third of the amount of a conventional building the same size. All of the steel production was done in Oman and the furniture. Bait Al Bushra (House of Good News) was named in honour of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said’s glorious homecoming in March. it will house staff from the Corporate Security and Electrical Engineering Departments and from the State Audit Institution. Initially.000 Lost-Time-Injury-free manhours. We have maximised value with a sustainable solution. particularly the Project Engineer Chris Sowerby. 600 workers were involved in the construction but the project was completed in budget. including vegetarian. which are geared towards oil and gas facilities. At US$16 million. Infrastructure Director Sami Baqi paid tribute to the contractors and sub-contractors and added: “We broke ground on 29 July 2014 and built this LGS office within nine months.” Chris said: “The building addresses the requirements for quality office space and is a quick. on time and recorded more than 338. This challenge will pave the way for delivering real estate standards and we expect the first set of standards by the end of the year.” The project team departed from PDO’s standard long-build specifications. The 9. vegan and gluten-free options. Amazingly fast! “Thanks go to the Corporate Real Estate (UIB) team. to speed up the construction of the ‘non-hydrocarbon’ facility. The office complex project at Mina Al Fahal was awarded and built in just a year and has space for 612 staff.PDO News LGS Building Breaks New Ground PDO has completed construction of Oman’s largest light gauge steel (LGS) office building in just nine months.600m2 two-storey structure is made from 450 tonnes of steel and has over 600 workstations arranged in an open office style. “The look and feel are in line with our open office principles and consistent with the continuing development of workplace standards going back to the construction of the BMF building. attended by Managing Director Raoul Restucci. soft furnishings and glass were locally sourced. for his passion and dedication.” 13 Al Fahal | June05 . 62 rooms. 20 collaborative areas and a cafeteria serving healthy food. Chris said: “A lot of departments in PDO have challenged themselves to get this building finished and it has shown that we can do things more efficiently and effectively if we ask ourselves: ‘Why do we have to do it this way. Built on sustainable lines. with full access for the physically challenged across the ground floor. The contract was the biggest executed for PDO by Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) contractor Carillion Alawi and subcontractors Blizzard Brothers. At the red carpet opening. six break-out areas.

‬‬ ‫وحضر حفل االفتتاح الرسمي للمبنى‪ ،‬حيث بسط السجاد األحمر‪ ،‬المدير العام‬ ‫راؤول ريستوشي‪ .‬‬ ‫وبطريقة البناء هذه‪ ،‬يكون فريق المشروع قد خرج عن مواصفات البناء القياسية‬ ‫التي طالما اتبعتها الشركة التي تستهدف منشآت النفط والغاز‪ ،‬وذلك‬ ‫للتسريع في بناء منشآت “غير نفطية”‪.‫أخبارنا‬ ‫“بيت البشرى” يعيد‬ ‫تعـريف معـايـيـر‬ ‫البنــاء في الشـركـة‬ ‫أكملت الشركة بناء أكبر مبنى للمكاتب في السلطنة باستخدام الحديد‬ ‫الصلب الخفيف وذلك خالل تسعة أشهر فقط‪.‬وأشاد مدير البنية األساسية الزميل سامي باقي بالمقاولين‬ ‫الرئيسيين والمقاولين من الباطن‪ ،‬قائ ً‬ ‫ال‪“ :‬لقد بدأنا العمل في ‪ 29‬يوليو ‪،2014‬‬ ‫وتم االنتهاء من أعمال اإلنشاءات بالبمنى في غضون ‪ 9‬أشهر‪ .‬بسرعة مثير‬ ‫للدهشة!”‬ ‫“نتوجه بالشكر إلى فريق اإلنشاءات العقارية ونخص بالشكر مهندس المشروع‬ ‫الزميل كريس سوربي لشغفه وتفانيه”‪.‬يصنف رسميًا على أنه‬ ‫“هيكل مؤقت” ولكنه مضمون لمدة ‪ 35‬عامًا”‪.‬وقد تم إنتاج كل الحديد في سلطنة ُعمان‪ ،‬وكذلك األثاث‬ ‫والزجاج تم توفيرها من مصادر محلية‪.‬‬ ‫‪ 13‬الـفـحـل | يــونــيـــو ‪2015‬‬ .‬وهذا التحدي سيمهد الطريق إلعادة صياغة االنتهاء من معايير‬ ‫العقارات ونتوقع أول مجموعة من هذه المعايير بحلول نهاية العام”‪.‬‬ ‫وكان هذا العقد هو األكبر للشركة والذي يتم تنفيذه وفق اإلدارة المتكاملة‬ ‫للمرافق من قبل شركة كاريليون علوي والمقاولين من الباطن بليزارد براذرز‬ ‫وأليمكو وفهمي‪ .‬‬ ‫تم إسناد مشروع مجمع المكاتب في ميناء الفحل وتنفيذه خالل عام واحد فقط‪،‬‬ ‫ويتسع لـ‪ 612‬موظفًا‪ ،‬مع تسهيالت للمعوقين في الطابق األرضي بأكمله‪ .‬‬ ‫وقال كريس‪“ :‬هناك الكثير من الدوائر في الشركة التي تحدت نفسها في إنجاز‬ ‫هذا المبنى‪ ،‬وتبين أننا يمكن أن نفعل األشياء بكفاءة أكثر وفعالية أكبر‪ ،‬وإذا‬ ‫كان لنا أن نسأل أنفسنا‪ :‬لماذا يجب علينا أن نفعل ذلك بهذه الطريقة‪ ،‬لسبب‬ ‫أننا فعلنا ذلك على هذا النحو لمدة ‪ 30‬عامًا؟”‬ ‫وقال رئيس فريق التميز في العمليات العقارية ورئيس فريق التخصص‬ ‫الوظيفي لإلنشاءات العقارية الزميل محمد الريامي‪“ :‬يبرز هذا المبنى قدرة‬ ‫الشركة على أن تتحدى مواصفاتها إلى حد تحقيق القيمة في ما يتعلق بالوقت‬ ‫والتكلفة‪ .‬‬ ‫وتم تسمية المبنى “بيت البشرى” تخليدًا للذكرى الميمونة بالعود الحميد‬ ‫لحضرة صاحب الجاللة السلطان قابوس بن سعيد المعظم‪ ،‬حفظه اهلل ورعاه‪،‬‬ ‫إلى أرض الوطن شهر مارس الماضي‪.‬‬ ‫وقد تكلف إنشاء المبنى ‪ 16‬مليون دوالر‪ ،‬وهو مبلغ ال يتجاوز ثلث قيمة التكلفة‬ ‫لبناء مبنى بالحجم نفسه بالطريقة التقليدية‪.‬‬ ‫وقال كريس‪“ :‬يوفر المبنى مساحات مكتبية عالية الجودة ويفي بالمتطلبات‪،‬‬ ‫وهو حل سريع ومستدام وقابل للتكيف مع احتياجاتنا‪ .‬‬ ‫“الشكل والمظهر يتماشيان مع مبادئ المكتب المفتوح ومتوافق مع معايير‬ ‫التطور المستمر لمكان العمل التي ترجع إلى فترة تشييد مبنى بيت ميناء‬ ‫الفحل‪ .‬‬ ‫ويتكون الهيكل من طابقين بمساحة بناء قدرها ‪ 9600‬متر مربع‪ ،‬وقد احتاج لـ‪450‬‬ ‫طن من الحديد‪ ،‬ويوجد به ‪ 600‬محطة عمل مرتبة وفق نمط المكتب المفتوح‪،‬‬ ‫كما يحتوي على ‪ 62‬غرفة‪ ،‬وستة أماكن لالستراحة‪ ،‬و‪ 20‬مكانًا للعمل الجماعي‬ ‫غذاء صحيًا‪ ،‬بما في ذلك وجبات نباتية‪ ،‬ووجبات خالية من مادة‬ ‫وكافتيريا تقدم‬ ‫ً‬ ‫الجلوتين‪.‬‬ ‫وفي ذروة المشروع ‪ ،‬شارك ‪ 600‬عامل في البناء‪ ،‬وتم االنتهاء من المشروع في‬ ‫حدود الميزانية المعتمدة له وفي الوقت المحدد‪ ،‬كما سجلت أكثر من ‪ 338‬ألف‬ ‫ساعة عمل دون أي إصابة مضيعة للوقت‪.‬وفي‬ ‫البداية‪ ،‬سيضم المبنى موظفين من دائرة األمن ودوائر الهندسة الكهربائية‬ ‫ومن جهاز الرقابة المالية واإلدارية للدولة‪.‬‬ ‫وقد روعي في بنائه أسس االستدامة‪ ،‬حيث أن تكاليف تكييف الهواء والتدفئة‬ ‫أقل بكثير من المباني القياسية‪.‬لقد تم تعظيم القيمة مع توفير حل مستدام”‪.