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Students and families of Orange Grove Middle School, I would like to introduce myself, I

am Deputy Mo Othic with the Pima County Sheriffs Department (PCSD). I will be the
new School Resource Officer (SRO) at Orange Grove Middle School. After six years the
PCSD has brought back the program with twelve Deputies being assigned to various
middle and high schools throughout the county.
I have been a Deputy Sheriff for 15 years and I have had many assignments including
being a SRO for four years assigned to Cienega High School, Ive also been assigned to
the patrol division, Criminal Investigations Division, and the Training Section. I have two
sons who both attend school in the Vail School District. I coach two baseball teams which
keeps me pretty busy.
My main goal this year is to be a positive influence on the students and to be more of a
mentor than the enforcer. If you see me on campus please come up and introduce
yourself or just say hi. I am a resource to the school, students, and parents. So please feel
free to contact me at the school anytime.
Looking forward to a great year ahead,
Deputy Othic