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ASPIRE Community Day School

English 7

Instructor: Mrs. Heidi Ackerman
Office hours – M,T, Th, F 8:00-8:30
M-F 3:20-3:50
Phone: (951) 929-3071

Course Description:
Language Arts encompasses reading, writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills that
are foundational and necessary for all self-expression. You will be expected to apply
current skills and knowledge, as well as what you acquire throughout the year, to express
yourself in a unique, composed, coherent, and logical way. It is important that you
develop your own style and voice within the guidelines of appropriate and well-thoughtout speaking and writing choices.
❖ To inspire, prepare and connect all students for high-school success.
❖ To provide the skills and knowledge necessary to compete in the 21st century.
❖ To encourage collaboration, to make meaning of any text, and to communicate effectively in
speech and writing.
Unit I: From Print to Performance
Unit II: Reading Informational Text
Unit III: Painting with Words
Unit IV: We All Need a Hero
Unit V: Time Capsule
Unit VI: Newspaper
Semester 1: Coraline by Neil Gaiman
Semester 2: The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
Classroom Expectations:

Be in the classroom and seated when the bell rings.
Follow directions the first time they are given.
Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
Use appropriate language; no put-downs, teasing, or other inappropriate words.

all parts of the homework must be complete. Cheating Policy-Cheating qualifies you out of your own education. When turning in late work. Fire/Earthquake/Emergency. However. will tell the class when it is time to get ready to go. you have two options: *Read silently. As we walk together.Classroom Procedures/Expectations: A. *Work ahead on homework. we will remain calm. Handing in Homework. and leave the classroom. and walk to the appropriate place as one group. you will enter the classroom quietly. Handing in Late Homework.. Extra Time. If so. Ackerman the following four things: 1) Be silent 2) Be still 3) Track the speaker 4) Have your hands free E. Don’t forget to read all directions and refer back to the rubrics. don’t forget to grab the restroom pass before leaving the class. hold up your bathroom pass during the year.Homework must be handed in to the appropriate place when it is requested and before you leave class for the day. L. After you have finished your work and checked it. and we are here to learn. check it over. Ackerman. not the sound of the bell. G.For emergency drills and real emergencies. Please do the coursework and do not expect extra credit to compensate for a poor grade. Ackerman says.For homework to be considered complete. F.Late work will only be collected for a week after the original due date for a 50% grade reduction. B.Mrs. she will hole punch your bathroom pass.If you have successfully completed your class work. Grading Policy: . The minimum punishment for cheating will be a zero on the assignment and a phone call/email home. H. C.After shaking Mrs. Extra Credit-No extra credit is given unless it is an opportunity available to everyone. End of Class Dismissal. If the student has accumulated any M(s).” then students may leave the classroom or talk with Mrs. Ackerman’s hand. ensure that you write the original due date of the assignment and the date that the assignment was submitted. Entering the classroom. Bathroom: The best idea is to use the bathroom during break between your classes. Mrs. *Check the tic-tac-toe board for opportunities. “Have a good day. no students should separate from the class group. I.” At that point you must give Mrs. J. grab a Chromebook and begin working on that morning’s bell ringer. Submitting Late Projects/Essays-Every day past the due date of a project or an essay will result in a reduction of 10% from the final grade. if you need to use the bathroom during class. Mrs. Before leaving class. However. K. D. When Mrs. then they must complete the coursework for a 0 prior to participating in the extra credit opportunity. Ackerman if they have any questions. Cheating doesn’t help you learn. Ackerman will say “Welcome” and the class will respond by saying “Back. Homework Completion. extra credit is only available if the student has completed every assignment throughout that quarter/semester and does not have any M’s in the gradebook. Welcome Back! In order to get the attention of the class after group work. Ackerman will let you know whether or not you can go to the bathroom at that time.

4. A’s chair for the day 20 Star Bucks: “No Homework” pass Consequences for Choosing to Not Meet the Expectations: 1. or after school meeting with Mrs. 3. Complete a behavior think sheet (due during the next class meeting). My Commitment to You: . Ackerman (and possible call/email home). 5. Miley and call/email home. 3. 4.Quizzes 35% . and call/email home. 5 Star Bucks: Extra bathroom pass 10 Star Bucks: Listen to music in one class period (during independent work time) 15 Star Bucks: Mrs. Ackerman.Class Participation 5% . during-lunch. The joy of learning Verbal praise Positive notes. 2.10% . After-class. Consequences for choosing to meet or exceed the expectations: 1. Projects and Essays 20% . speak with Mrs. 4. emails or calls home Notes of recognition to student Star Bucks Tickets How you can earn Star Bucks: *birthdays *outstanding behavior *helping a classmate *volunteering/participating in class *hard work *going above and beyond the expectations What you can earn with Star Bucks Tickets: 1.Major Tests. 2.Preparation 30% . Verbal or visual warning. 3. Meet with Mr. 2.Homework *Subject to change.

I will work to create a positive and encouraging learning environment for our classroom. I will return your homework. Mrs.Each day I will arrive and be prepared for our class. quizzes. The reason I am here is for you to be successful in your academic careers. I am extremely grateful that you are in my class this year and I can’t wait to get to know you in our time together. You can expect to be challenged to pursue excellence this year. tests and projects in a timely fashion. Ackerman School Year 2015-2016 – Signature Sheet . so please ask questions and come in for extra help. With Gratitude. Truly.

Statement of Conduct: I have read the two-page syllabus for English 7. I am so excited to start this new school year and get to know a whole new group of young men and women! I want our classroom experience to be as positive for everyone as possible. I agree to take full responsibility for my behavior and my work this year in order to create the best possible environment for myself. ready to give my best effort. Ackerman 8-10-15 . I also understand that this class will require my being in my seat and prepared by the beginning of every class. my teacher. I will make myself available for student help and parent support.. and my classmates. and I am sure that you want the same. In addition. Parents: please review the course syllabus and statement of conduct with your child and sign on the second line. Students: please read and sign the first statement below.Due Back To Teacher: ___________________________________ Dear Students and Parents/Guardians. Mrs. Student signature Print Name Date ______________________________________________________________________________ ______ Parent signature Print Name Date ______________________________________________________________________________ _____ Teacher Responsibilities: I will honor and strive to foster student dignity in my daily classroom activities and I will teach subject content with expertise and attention to detail. I am asking that everyone starts this school year on the same page and makes the commitment to hold ourselves to standards of excellence. I understand the class rules and expectations.