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PATERSON AND LORETTA T. Zderad made that theories? e) what the mean of phanamenalogic nursology? f) what the phenamenal in nursing practice can be influence in patien/ individual healthy g) that the theory can be aplicate in nursing practice? h) what the strenght of theoris humanistic in nursing procces ? 3.READING STRATEGY METHOD S3QR NURSING THEORIES: JOSEPHINE E. Paterson and Loretta T. Read . Zderad Theories Subtitle :  Humanistic nursing theories and the four major concept  human being  health  nursing    phenomenalogic nursology and the nursing process paterson and zderad’s work and the characterristic of a theory strengths and limitations Bold Vocabularry words    dialogue community phenomenalogic nursology 2. Paterson and Loretta T. Questions a) What the purpose of humanistic theories by Josephine E. Zderad Theories about? b) what is human being? c) how the human being and helth can influence to the theories? d) why the Josephine E. ZDERAD 1.Survey The title : Nursing Theories Subheadng : Josephine E. Paterson and Loretta T.

illnes and helthy. g. h. Recite a) humanistic theories constitute from development of behavior humanistic to teach about lived. the methodologi is well developed and the concepts are fully described within the parameters of existetial phylosophy. they believe that the theory of science of nursing develops from the lived experiences of the nurse and the nursed in the practice of nursing. ofthen called the “ third force” in pshycology becouse it was seen as alternative responnse to the two dominant phshcological views. “man is an individual being necessarily related to other men in time and space. and humanistic nursing is it is a practice theory e. 4. the goal of this theories is to understand experience about wellnes. 3). human being are viewed from an existential framework of becoming trough choice. 2). having freedom and responsibility. c. f. and nursing. b) corey says that existentialism identifies individual as 1) having the capacity for self awarness. rather than tryoting to supplant other views. yes. and more else streghts of the thories is always broadens in nursing process aplications. the humanistic orientation tries to takea broader view of the potiential of human being and. phenomenalogy nursology is a methode of seeking to understand to the nurse-nursed experience so that te nurse can be with the nursed in a human and there for healing manner. . and related with other men. phenomenalogy. it is.a. the strong nursing focuse and the theory developed from the lived experiences of clinical nurses and reflects that nursing perspective. that theories of humanistic nursing practice can be aplicate in nursing process. phenomenalogic nursology assumes a perceived health need by an invidual who is involved inintertion with a health care provider. striving to find their own identity while being and relationship with others. the nursing process assumses the presence of a nursing problem that the nurse and client will solve together. is aimed toward suplementing them. Humanistic nursing is an expression of the humanistic pshycology. b.

open to option. 5. and the unique manifestation of their past. having to axperience anxiety or significance of living. c) health is experienced in the process of living. c) human beings are caracterized as being capable. h) nursing is a lived dialogue between the nurse and nursed directed toward the goal of nurturing well-being and more being in the everyday world of men and things. some one become more (more-being) by being relationship with eah other. community and phenomenology nursology. g) nurse have the important actor to increase the degree of healthy. 5). being involved in a search for meaning in life. cognitive or emotional status. d) healthy can make good felling and potential for well-being. valuing. and capable of leaving a lasting impression.4). nurse knowing the . but also for more-being in physical or pshycholog until person’s to be open to the experiences of life regardless of his or her physical. it occurs in responseto a perceived need related to the health-illness quality of the human condition. spiritual. effective. social. f) five phases in phenomenologic approach to nursing. open to option. and the future. preperation of the nurse knower for coming to know. and the unique manifestation of their past. present. e) The nursing situation is a particular kind of human situation in wich the interhuman relating is purposely deracted toward nurturing the well-being or more being of a person with perceived needs realted to the healthillness quality of living f) Peterson and zdeard says nursing practice is unique blend bethwen sience and art. as discussed about. d) nursing implies a special kind of meeting of human persons.Review a) humanistic nursing practice theories is a practice theories becouse they believe that the theory of a sience of nursing develops from the lived experinces of the nurse and the nursed in the oractice of nursing. and the future. in the nursing proces have 3 concept that together provide the basis (or components) of nursing. present. e) the art of nursing is embodied in the interation is ofhen meaningful. they are focus to client health development. valuing. of being involved in each moment.these consept are dialogue. b) human beings are caracterized as being capable.

it can be applied in any nursing situation and leaves the nursing situation always open for examination. becoused the theory is descriptive and genaralizible. nurse colpementerily stnthesisxing known others. and succesion within the nurse from the mony to the parodoxical one. nurse knowing the others scienfically. . humanistic psychology and phenomenalogy upon wich it is based. g) humanistic nursing theoriy is consistent with existentialism.others intuitively.