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July 14, 2015

Mr. Dale Hedman
Director of Statutory and Infrastructure Programs
Connecticut Green Bank
845 Brook Street
Rocky Hill, CT, 06067
Dear Mr. Hedman
This letter is in response to your letter of July 13, 2015.
Greenpoint Energy Partners (“Greenpoint”) and its development partner, Camco Clean Energy
(“Camco”), remains committed to the Ansonia Anaerobic Digestion facility (the “Project”). Since
Greenpoint and Camco decided to jointly develop the Project, the funding for the Project was never an
issue, with considerable funds already spent on the detailed design, engineering and permitting of the
project, and further funding waiting to be committed.
What is an issue is the City of Ansonia's commitment and support to the Project. Despite our repeated
attempts to address the concerns raised by the City Council, the City never signed the Site Control
Agreement that we needed in order to file the necessary permits. Numerous emails and phone calls to
the City have either gone unanswered or unreturned, with no heed to the 3 + years that we had devoted
to the Project and how close we were to being “shovel ready”. We simply could not continue investing
the time and money into the Project without a positive affirmation from the City that it would honor the
original terms by which Greenpoint was awarded the Project back in 2011 - which includes a signed
Power Purchase Agreement - and certainly not without the Site Control Agreement being signed, which
is needed for the permit applications. This is despite the numerous economic development and clean
energy benefits that the Project would have bought to the City: significant private sector investment,
jobs, expansion of the tax base, energy savings and energy security.
We welcome the letter sent by you yesterday. If it should prompt the City to take one last look at the
merits of this Project, and perhaps sit down with us and you and agree a way forward, then that would
be a welcome development.
Yours sincerely,

Chris Timbrell
C.C. Mayor David Cassetti, City of Ansonia