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Alcohol is the drug most commonly used and abused by adolescents. It is responsible
for the 3 major causes of death in this age group: motor vehicle accidents, unintentional
injuries, and homicide. In fact, postmortem studies show that in 45% to 50% of violent
deaths involving adolescents, alcohol had been consumed by both victims and perpetrators.
Yet, alcohol use and abuse is the most commonly missed teenage diagnosis. Although it is
illegal for minors to purchase alcohol in most parts of the United States, many adolescents
say that getting alcohol is "very easy or fairly easy."
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1. The underlined word in the text (perpetrators) means:

People who have committed a crime
Police officers

2. According to the text, we can affirm that:

Half of the teens who drink drive badly.
Half of the teens who have violent deaths have drunk.
Half of the teens who drive drink alcohol.
Half of the teens who have drunk alcohol don’t drive.
Half of the teens in the world drink alcohol.

3. Adolescents don’t have the permission to buy alcohol in most parts of the US
a. but they think it’s not difficult to do it.
b. due to its obscenely high price.
c. because they don’t want to lose their social responsibility.

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A que conclusão chegou o Professor Dave Strayer em suas pesquisas? _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ .6.