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DePauw Nature Park
Field Guide to Spring Wildflowers

Newcomb, L. and G. Morrison. 1977. Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide.
Little Brown and Company, New York.
Peterson, R.T. and M. McKenny. 1968, 1996. A field guide to
wildflowers, northeastern and northcentral North America.
Houghton Mifflin Company, New York.

About the Author
This field guide was prepared by
Vanessa Artman, Associate Professor of
Biology and Program Coordinator of the
Nature Park at DePauw University,
Greencastle, Indiana, May 2008.
For more information about the DePauw
Nature Park, contact Vanessa Artman at
765-658-4772 or



Boehmeria cylindrical Nettle. Dentaria laciniata Dutchman’s Breeches. Dicentra cucullaria Garlic Mustard. 6 to 8” across. heart-shaped with hairy stalks. photo source: Dana Dudle photo source: Vanessa Artman 2 27 . Hydrophyllum virginianum Wild Geranium. Sanguinaria canadensis Common Chickweed. Trillium sessile Trout Lily. Urtica dioica Snakeroot. with three pointed redbrown lobes. Viola papilionacea Virginia Bluebells. False. Black. Podophyllum peltatum Nettle. Dicentra canadensis Swamp Buttercup. Alliaria officinalis Golden Ragwort. Asarum canadense page 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Asarum canadense Birthwort family (Aristolochiaceae) Leaves are large. Claytonia virginica Squirrel Corn. Impatiens capensis Mayapple. Erythronium americanum Violet. Stinging. Mertensia virginica Waterleaf. Senecio aureus Jack-in-the-Pulpit. Virginia. Arisaema atrorubens Jewelweed. Sanicula canadensis Solomon’s Seal. Gallium aparine Bloodroot. Appendaged. Polygonatum biflorum Spring Beauty. Flower is at ground level between the two leaves. Cup-shaped flower is about 1” wide. Hydrophyllum appendiculatum Waterleaf. Ranunculus hispidus Toad Trillium. Stellaria media Cut-leaf Toothwort. Geranium maculatum Wild Ginger.Wild Ginger Table of Contents Bedstraw.

Leaves are 1 to 3” long. Stems are square.Wild Geranium Bedstraw Geranium maculatum Geranium family (Geraniaceae) Gallium aparine Bedstraw family (Rubiaceae) Flowers are rose-purple. photo source: http://www.innogize. Leaves are deeply and irregularly cleft into 3 to 5 lobes.JPG photo source: Vanessa Artman photo source: Vanessa Artman photo source: Vanessa Artman photo source: Vanessa Artman 26 3 .htm photo source: http://www. Scratchy prickles on stems. 1 to 1½ inches wide. Tiny white flowers are on stalks from leaf previews/1001/50255993. Lower leaves have longer stalks.dkimages. in whorls of 8.

mswin. Plant is 3 to 6” tall. Flowers are small. white with 8 to 12 petals. Leaves have 5 to 7 lobes. The single flower is showy. Juice of stem is orange-red. Flowers are 1 to 1½” wide.jpg 4 photo source: Vanessa Artman 25 . photo source: Vanessa Artman photo source: Vanessa Artman photo source: http://thosedarnsqurls. hence the common name “bloodroot”. Leaves are usually marked as if stained with _macrophyllum.jpg photo source: http://altnature. Plant is 1 to 3 feet Virginia Sanguinaria canadensis Poppy family (Papaveraceae) Hydrophyllum virginianum Waterleaf family (Hydrophyllaceae) A single lobed leaf embraces the flower stalk.Bloodroot Waterleaf. white or bluish.

jpg photo source: Vanessa Artman 24 5 photo source: Vanessa Artman . like a maple leaf. borne above the leaves. Plant is 1 to 2 feet high. Stamens are protruding from the flowers. Sepals are longer than petals. Stem leaves are palmately lobed. Appendaged Common Chickweed Hydrophyllum appendiculatum Waterleaf family (Hydrophyllaceae) Stellaria media Pink family (Caryophyllaceae) Flowers are ½” wide. Flowers have five petals but petals are so deeply cleft that flowers seem to have 10 petals. Stem is hairy. Leaves are short. ovate. small. lavender.Waterleaf.wikimedia. Flowers are Stellaria_media_2003-02-04. photo source: Vanessa Artman photo source: Vanessa Artman photo source: http://commons.

Blue flowers are about 1” long. succulent. 2 to 5” long.usda. are in a small terminal cluster.jpg 23 . Newcomb’s Flower Guide. deeply toothed or lobed. Plant is 1 to 2 feet tall. Each flower has four petals. Stem is smooth. Leaves are oval. Dentaria laciniata Mustard family (Cruciferae) Mertensia virginica Forget-me-not Family (Boraginaceae) White or pink flowers. Virginia Bluebells. Leaves are lance-shaped. trumpetshaped. nodding. illustrator. ½ to 1” wide. photo source: Vanessa Artman source: Gordon Morrison.Cut-leaf Toothwort. showy. 1977 photo source: Vanessa Artman 6 photo source:

suggesting the legs of tiny pants. photo source: Vanessa Artman photo source: Each flower has two inflated spurs. ½ to ¾“ long. illustrator. Flowers droop in a row from an arched stem. Leaves are much dissected. with toothed edges. A Field Guide to Wildflowers. 22 photo source: Vanessa Artman 7 . 1968.htm photo source: the_month/rightframe_wildflowerof themonth. ankles up.jpg source: Roger Tory Peterson. Flowers are white with yellow tips. Leaves are heart-shaped.hiltonpond.Violet Dutchman’s Breeches Viola papilionacea Violet family (Violaceae) Dicentra cucullaria Poppy family (Papaveraceae) Flowers are purple.

fed. Small white flowers have four petals. photo source: Vanessa Artman photo source: Vanessa Artman photos source: http://www. Two broad.shtml photo source: Vanessa Artman 8 photo source: Vanessa Artman 21 .Garlic Mustard Trout Lily Alliaria officinalis Mustard family (Cruciferae) Erythronium americanum Lily family (Liliaceae) Leaves are somewhat triangular or heart-shaped. brown mottled leaves at base of flower Leaves are 3 to 8 inches long. Yellow regions/northern/SevenDevils/ index. nodding. Leaves smells like garlic when crushed. Flower is solitary. ¼” wide. coarsely toothed. Plant is 1 to 3 feet high.fs.

Plant is 4 to 12” tall. Flower heads are ½ to ¾” wide. illustrator of Newcomb’s Flower Guide. Leaves are mottled. 1977 Flat-topped clusters of yellow flowers are at the tops of the stems. large. Leaves are finely cut. in a whorl of three. Lily family (Liliaceae) Senecio aureus Aster family (Asteraceae) Flower is maroon. Plants are 1 to 3 feet tall. source: Gordon Morrison. photo source: Vanessa Artman photo source: http://picasaweb google. solitary.Toad Trillium Golden Ragwort Trillium Field/photo#502340124777 9260338 20 photo source: Vanessa Artman 9 .

jpg photo source: bp0.JPG photo source: Vanessa Artman photo source: Vanessa Artman photo source: Vanessa Artman 10 19 .hiltonpond. Flowers are AAAAAAAAIw/SqZub1Lk0jk/s1600h/Swamp+Buttercup. Arisaema atrorubens Arum family (Araceae) Ranunculus hispidus Buttercup family (Ranunculaceae) A flap-like sheath folds gracefully over the club-shaped floral spike (the “jack” in its pulpit).Jack-in-the-pulpit Swamp with three leaflets.blogger. shiny yellow. Fruit is a cluster of scarlet berries. One or two leaves are long-stalked. Leaves are palmate with deeply lobed segments photo source: http://www. Flowers are bright. ½ to 1½ inch wide. Plant is 1 to 3 feet tall. at the base of the floral spike.

Plant is 2 to 5 feet bioimages/pages/ pics_i/impatienscape_2.cas. Also known as “touch-me-not” because ripe seedpods pop when you touch them. Succulent stem exudes juice when broken.vanderbilt. photo source: bureaus/naturalheritage/graphics/DSC_0169. photo source: www. orange. ½ to ¾“ long.cas. heart-shaped. illustrator. 1968.state. coarsely toothed. Leaves are egg-shaped. Flower is about 1” long.htm 18 11 .htm source: Roger Tory Peterson.jpg photo source: www. hangs like a pendent jewel.jpg photo source: www. A Field Guide to Wildflowers. Leaves are much dissected.Squirrel Corn Jewelweed Dicentra canadensis Poppy family (Papaveraceae) Impatiens capensis Touch-me-not family (Balsaminaceae) Flowers are

Caution: All parts of the plant. The flower matures into a yellow-greenish fruit.Mayapple Spring Beauty. Petals are white or pink. lance-shaped.jpg source: Gordon Morrison. Even the fruit. photo source: Vanessa Artman photo source: Vanessa Artman photo source: www. 1977 photo source: www. Leaves are narrow. Podophyllum peltatum Barberry family (Berberidaceae) Claytonia virginica Purslane family (Portulaceae) A single white flower. though not dangerously poisonous. Mayapples often grow in colonies. with individual plants connected by thick rhizomes. grows beneath two large umbrella-like leaves.briartech.jpg H 12 photo source: Vanessa Artman 17 . can cause unpleasant 1 to 2 inches in diameter. except the fruit. Plants without flowers have a single umbrella-like leaf. veined with darker pink. ½ to ¾” wide. illustrator of Newcomb’s Flower Guide. 1 to 2 inches long. 3 to 7” are poisonous.

Row of greenish flowers hangs beneath the stem.jpg photo source: Vanessa Artman 16 13 . illustrator. Leaves are more ovate than stinging nettle. A Field Guide to Wildflowers. 1 to 3 feet high.Solomon’s Seal Nettle.static. Plant is nettle-like but has no stinging hairs. 1968. Berries are blue-black. Flowers are ½ to ⅔” long. Leaves are broadly egg-shaped with parallel veins. source: Roger Tory Peterson. False Polygonatum biflorum Lily family (Liliaceae) Boehmeria cylindrical Nettle family (Urticaceae) Stem is slender. photo source: http://farm1.

which often grows nearby.Nettle. Caution: Do not touch! Plant is dense covered with coarse. Black Urtica dioica Nettle family.htm photo source: Vanessa Artman photo source: Vanessa Artman 14 15 . The tips of the glassy hairs are very easily broken when brushed. The large stinging hairs are hollow tubes with walls of silica making them into tiny glass needles. A Field Guide to Wildflowers. 1968. illustrator. source: Roger Tory Peterson. stinging hairs. illustrator. Fruits are round and bristly. Plant is 1 to 4 feet palmately divided (3 to 5 leaflets attached at the same point). leaving a sharp point. source: Roger Tory Peterson. The bulb at the base of each hair contains the stinging liquid.cas. Stem is hollow.vanderbilt. Urticaceae Sanicula canadensis Parsley family (Umbelliferae) Leaves are coarsely toothed. Stinging Snakeroot. Leaves are long-stalked. covered with hairs. greenish. Plant is 2 to 4 feet tall. Leafy bracts are attached at the base of the umbels. Flowers are tiny. heartshaped. photo source: www. 1968. The stinging sensation usually goes away after about 10 minutes and can be soothed by applying juice from the stem of jewelweed (see page 11). which can pierce the skin to deliver the sting. A Field Guide to Wildflowers.