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Submitted by: Sudhir K.C
Wittenborg University
Seminar Presented By: Hans Groothuis

Quality Management

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Introduction Quality Overview2
Different definitions of quality

Research Question: The word quality is probably one of the most used and misused words we
know. Give at least three different definitions of the word quality as are used in the
management literature. Prepare your preferred definition of the word quality including a
detailed motivation.

Quality Management


Quality, like truth is in the mind of believer. To define it is to misunderstand the infinite
possibilities we are capable of achieving. There is no universal definition of quality .The
meaning of quality differs on perception, circumstances and point of view of each individual.
However, the meaning of quality can also be different in reference of time and situation.
Furthermore, the word Quality only has a meaning when it is translated into items that are
related to the individual specifications.
Different Definition of Quality:

The word quality is one the most commonly used words that is used for many aspects of life
from product/service; business and also the quality time we spend in our personal relation.
According to Richard E, Quality itself has been defined as fundamentally relational: 'Quality is
the ongoing process of building and sustaining relationships by assessing, anticipating, and
fulfilling stated and implied needs. This can be explained as even those quality definitions,
which are not expressly relational, have an implicit relational character. The focus of continuous
improvement is, likewise, the building and sustaining of relationships. It would be difficult to
find a realistic definition of quality that did not have, implicit within the definition, a
fundamental express or implied focus of building and sustaining relationships.

Although, the definition of quality is considered vague and no matter how often the word quality
is being used in almost all aspect of industries, this report will consider the definition of quality
from some aspect that plays a vital role in fulfilling requirement, be it consumer or entire
Quality Management

stakeholders. The three definitions this report will be considering are based on how they view
quality from International standard organization (ISO), manufacturing and stakeholders.

Quality (International Standard Organization)

In terms of ISO, Quality can be defined as degree to which a set of inherent characteristics
fulfills requirements where the degree refers to a level to which a product or service satisfies.
So, depending upon the level of satisfaction of the consumers, a product may be termed as
excellent. Good or poor quality product and the word inherent characteristics refers to the
features that are a part of the product and are responsible to achieve satisfaction
Quality (Manufacturing)
It can be defined as a measure of excellence or lack of manufacturing defects. It also focuses on
the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bears on its ability to satisfy
given needs. This definition implies that we must be able to identify the features and
characteristics of products and services that determine customer satisfaction and form the basis
for measurement and control. The "ability to satisfy given needs" reflects
Quality (Stakeholder)
Stakeholders are, as the name implies, people with some stake or concern in the process. It can
be defines as the measure in which all attributes and characteristics of a product or services or
process comply with the requirement set by law, design customer and other stakeholders.
Among the three different definition given above, this report consider the definition from
stakeholders view the most preferred because the definition includes with range of relevant
parties the are concerned with quality of service/product and how each stakeholders view it with
different perspectives. Furthermore, the main goals and objective for any organization is
satisfying their stakeholders and definition of quality from stakeholders perspective will help
them integrate their product/service

The word quality is very broad and the definition of quality differs from
person to person depending on their own perspective. In terms of
Quality Management

stakeholders of certain organization quality can be defined as theabilityofa



Quality Management