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1. Define the terms recruitment and selection.

How do
these processes enable an organisation like Tesco to
get the right people to fill its posts?
Recruitment: Recruitment is the entire process of attracting the
right quality and standard of talent to apply for vacancies and
later selecting them based on their performance in various
selection processes like interviews and group discussions.
Selection: Selection is selecting the most suitable person from
the talent pool to fill in the vacancy available based on various
screening and elimination process (group discussion, Personal
Interview, Technical interview, etc)
These process enable organisation like Tesco get the right people
to fill its posts because these organisations require people for all
kind of jobs ranging from a security at the door to the manager in
the store this requires them to select the ideal people for the role
who match their job description and personal specification. These
also enable them to do it in a more systematic and an organised
manner such that everyone gets an equal chance and selection is
based solely on their performance.
2. Describe how job descriptions and person
specifications are helpful in the selection process?
What other purposes might a job description be used
The job description and person specifications are helpful in the
selection process by helping the applicant in identifying the job
which is best suitable for him and his personality. He could apply
to the job which he/she feels he could do justice to. These are
further enhanced by making tools like job match tool available
so that the applicants could easily find a suitable job.
A job description could also be useful to the applicant to
understand all the responsibilities of the position he/she is
applying for and the various tasks involved in performing the job.
This makes the applicant know in advance if he/she is suitable for
the job before a hands on experience on the job.
3. Analyse Tescos methods of attracting and recruiting
candidates. Outline what you consider to be the main
strengths and weaknesses of one of these methods.
The various methods of attracting and recruiting carried out by
Tesco are:
a. Internal talent plan list
b. Advertising in the intranet for 2 weeks
c. Advertising in the Tesco website
d. Advertising in Google, journals and mass media.

The main strengths of the existing system are that they allow
people inside the organisation to apply for a job and give the first
preference to them and then move on to advertise outside. They
also have a workforce planning which help them identify the
available vacancies and various ways to tackle the problems. I
also feel the Job match tool is strength of the existing system
which allows applicants to easily identify the vacancy which suit
their qualification and personality.
The Weakness of the existing system I feel is the lack of enough
training provided by the managers and other mentors to the
existing employees so that they are qualified enough to apply for
the various vacancies within the organisation and simultaneously
have a career growth.

4. Evaluate the benefits for Tesco of using both

interviews and assessment centres in the selection
There are various benefits of using both interviews and
assessment centres in the selection process they are, the line
managers are able to identify if the applicant is able to do mingle
with the team and is able to perform well in various situation the
applicant might face as part of his job without actually checking
out after recruiting him.
In the Interview process the attitude towards work and their
lateral thinking is assessed and they also make sure that the
applicant would fit the requirement and job description .