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Things to know
• Ochsner provides its students with 3 free NBME

Timeline to USMLE Step 1
Ochsner Medical Student Association

– 2 under ‘test conditions’ - July 11, 2015 and October
3, 2015
– 1 voucher to be used on your own time

• Ochsner students are required to take the NBME
that are offered on campus.
– Why? Because the CBSE is a strong predictor of how
well students do on the USMLE Step 1 exam and
Ochsner administers the CBSE.

NBME Location
• St Lucia

Location: Sir James Foots Building (47A), room 241 and 341
Arrival time: 8:15am
Exam start time: 9:00am
Duration of Exam: 4 hours 20 minutes
Estimated end time: 1:30pm

• Ipswich

Location: TBA
Arrival time: 8:30am
Exam start time: 9:00am
Duration: 4 hours 20 minutes
Estimated end time: 1:30pm

Make an NBME Account
1. Go to
2. Choose ‘New Account’ on the left hand side
3. Enter all the required information and then
click ‘Create account’
4. You will receive an email asking you to
activate your account. Please activate before
you attend the practice exam


4/07/2015 NBME Exam Day 1. Find a seat and log into your account on https://nsas. Exam time! What to bring • • • • Student ID Your laptop Snacks Optional: laminated yellow paper + dry erase markers • Ear plugs Which NBME to choose? • According to Doctors in Training (only reputable site with this information I found) • Step 1 NBME Advice • Based on student feedback. Payment option.nbme. Select ‘Purchase Services’ 6. Take Forms 11 and 12 to get a good baseline assessment before starting your intensive review period. 2 . We suggest you take these during your intensive review period to help determine if you are ready to take Step 1. Choose a form at Standard-paced. If you cannot attend • Collect your voucher after July 11th at Mayne Medical School or the Ipswich Campus. the following advice is what we have found most helpful to 3. The NBME removed NBME 7 and added a new NBME 17 in March of 2015. 15 and 16 appear to be the best indicators of your Step 1 score. Under the ‘Choose an Exam’ tab. select Comprehensive Basic Science Self-Assessment 4. Check-in and receive a voucher from Shayne Garratt or another member of the International office 2. select ‘Voucher’ 7. Forms 13. Select ‘Place order’ 8. 5. We do not have enough student feedback to make a recommendation about Form 17 at this time.

Get a passport-sized photo and USMLE/ECFMG ID number (https://secure2. so our eligibility period would be Dec-Jan-Feb (or that derivative) • *Prometric test centers are closed during the first 14 days of January!* 3 . • Meanwhile … 1.4/07/2015 What does this all mean?! • Ochsner administration does not expect a single student to pass July’s NBME.It takes up to 5 business days to get your ECFMG ID.ecfmg. select a threemonth eligibility period in which you wish to test – *we must have graduated. but you will soon! USMLE Step 1 Examination • • • • One-day examination 7 blocks of 44 items = 308 MCQs 60 minutes/block 10 minutes break after each block + 15-minute tutorial Registering for Step 1 Registering for Step 1 • You CANNOT register for Step 1 until midSeptember. so do it ahead of time • You apply for the exam through ECFMG • During the application wa) . So. do not worry! Be confident in what you know and accept that you may not know some stuff.

4/07/2015 Once the registration date is announced • A Form 186 signing day will be arranged with Shayne and UQ one or two days after registration you will issued a permit via email  go to Prometric site (website where you choose where and when you take the exam) – Find out your nearest testing site (https://securereg3.prometric.aspx) 4 . – Completed 2 years of accredited school – Verified by ECFMG • Once you are authorized. • We must be authorized by ECFMG to take the USMLE Step 1. so we can all register and generate the Form 186 (verification of ID) to be signed and mailed by UQ – Both registration day and signing day will be emailed/Facebook/announced as soon as OMSA has the dates Note* • Everyone in the ENTIRE world is going to be on the ECFMG website on registration day  technical difficulties • Hang in there and be prepared! • You must may the full amount on registration day! – $850 + $65 (ECFMG admin cost) + $150 (Australia-location charge) • Credit cards may not work. so be prepared to pay with checking account #s • Registration times are US EST! Be prepared to get up early After you have sign Form 186 • Waiting game.

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