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Physics Model Paper – 1

Section – II ( 40 Marks )
Answer all the questions
Q.1 (a) Give reasons: Scissors for cutting clothes have longer handles than blades while
shears for cutting metals have longer handles than blades [2]
(b) Define weight of a body . Is weight scalar or vector [2]
(c) State how the angle of deviation of a ray of light through a prism depends upon :
(i) the angle of prism
(ii) the colour or wavelength of light [2]
(d) What are the two essential conditions for total internal reflection to take place. [2]
(e) Define resonance. [2]

Q.2 (a) An electric kettle is rated 230V – 100W. In how much time will it consume it consume
20KWh of energy ? [2]
(b) Draw a neat diagram of a dual control switch with a bulb in ‘on’ position. [2]
(c) State two advantages of an electromagnet over permanent magnet . [2]
(d) State the principles of working of a dynamo and d.c motor [2]
(e) A 1000W heater raises the temperature of 5kg of a liquid by 5oC in 2 mins. Find the
specific heat capacity of the liquid. [2]

Q.3 (a) Define thermionic emission . [2]

(b) A sample of radioactive substance is kept in a lead lined box with a small opening .
A magnetic field is created around the box . Draw a schematic diagram showing the
deflection of the emissions due to this magnetic field, with the magnetic lines of
force going into the plane of the paper. [2]
(c) A thorium isotope 233Th99 , undergoes an α - decay and changes into radium ( Ra ).
The radium further emits two β - particles and changes back to Thorium. Represent
this reaction in the form of an equation . [2]
(d) Arrange the following in the order of increasing frequencies : X – rays , microwaves ,
infrared rays , gamma rays . [2]
(e) State the 2 factors on which lateral displacement of light in a glass block depends . [2]

Q.4 (a) A ray of light , after refraction through a concave lens emerges parallel to the principle
axis . Draw a ray diagram to illustrate this . [2]
(b) Two resistors of 3 Ω & 6 Ω are connected in parallal across a 12V battery. Draw the
circuit diagram . Calculate the electric energy in S.I units consumed in each resistor in
1 minute. [3]
(c) Draw a labeled diagram of a hot CRT [3]
(d) In the diagram AB = 80 cm , BC = 20 cm. Calculate (i) M.A (ii) Effort [2]

50N B

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Attempt any four questions
Q.5 (a) What is the timbre of sound ? What does waveform of a sound depend upon ? [3]
(b) State three ways of decreasing the frequency of a note emitted by a stringed
instrument. [3]
(c) An electric bulb is rated 220V-60W is working at full efficiency :
(i) State the resistance of the coil of each bulb.
(ii) If two such identical bulbs are connected in series across 220V mains , calculate
1. the rate of conversion of energy in each bulb
2. the total power [4]

Q.6 (a) Give reasons : Water is used in hot water bottles for fomentation and also as a
universal coolant. [2]
(b) In the figure , ammeter A reads 0.3A. Calculate : 6V
(i) the total resistance of the circuit
(ii) the value of R
(iii) the current flowing through R A [4]

(c) Draw a neat labeled diagram of a DC motor. 60 [4]

Q.7 (a) State the 3 properties common to β rays and cathode rays [3]
(b) A lens produces a virtual diminished image of an object . Draw a ray diagram
illustrating this statement . [3]
(c) A heating coil is immersed in a calorimeter of heat capacity 50JoC-1 containing 1 kg
of liquid of specific heat capacity 450J kg-1C-1. The temperature of the liquid rises by
10oC when a 2A current is passed for 10 minutes . Find (i) the resistance of the coil
(ii) the potential difference across the coil . State the assumption used in your
calculation. [4]
Q.8 (a) Draw a neat diagram to show how a prism can be used to deviate a ray of light
through 90o [2]
(b) Fill in the blanks with the words “less than” , “greater than”or “equal to” [3]
(i) In class II levers M.A is always ________ 1 and V.R is _______ 1
(ii) in class III levers MA is always ________ 1 and VR is ________ 1
(iii) in practical machines MA is ________ V.R
(c) A body weighs 600N on earth . What is the weight on the moon where g is one sixth
that on the earth ? Give your answers in S.I units as well as in gravitational units . [2]
(d) (i) An electron has energy of 4.0 x 10-19 J. Express this in eV. [2]
(ii) Define latent heat of vapourisation of a substance [1]

Q.9 (a) The diagram shows an object O and its image I formed through a lens . Copy the
diagram and draw suitable rays to locate lens and focal points . Name the type of
lens shown by you.

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(b) (i) Define specific heat capacity and state its S.I unit. [2]
(ii) State 2 reasons why copper is used as a calorimeter. [2]
(c) A stone of mass 200g is thrown vertically upwards with an initial velocity of 20ms-2.
Calculate the total energy it possesses at a point half-way through its upward
journey. [2]

Q.10 (a) Three resistors R1 , R2 and R3 are connected in series . Derive the formulae Req = R1
+ R2 + R3 for this arrangement . [3]
(b) State the type of prism used to detect the presence of UV radiation . Give reason. [2]
(c) State two advantages of using a total reflecting prism as a reflector in place of a
plane mirror. [2]
(d) In a dam generating hydro-electric power , water falls at the rate of 1000 kg per sec
from a height of 100m. Assuming that 60% of the water’s energy is converted to
electrical energy , calculate the power generated ( g = 10ms-2 ) [2]

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