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Q1. series........

Ans: (a) x=12;y=7

find x,y

Q 30. How many squares are there in given 4 by 4

square box
Ans: 4 square + 3 square + 2 square + 1 square
= 30.
Now ,the following are not i order.
3.How many balls of 1cm radius ca be kept in cube of
6 cm side.
Ans: 27.
4. A can do a work in 4 days, B in 5 days.
A ,B,C in 2 days. In how many days C alone can
Ans: 20 days .
5. 55 Rs is didtributed among some girls and bioys.
Each boy gets 25paise ,each girl gets 50 paise.
How many girls?
Ans: 80.
6. 3 taps ,A ,b and c.
(Not clear.Look this type of q)
A can fill in 20 hrs,b in 22 hrs.
C can empty in 24 hrs.
If all r opened simaltanueoslyhow much
time needed to fil the tank.
7.Doctor ......... ____________ pain.
Ans : (c)
8.A frog has to climb 12 m. It climbs 1 m in 1 hr and
drops down 1/2 m. How much time will it take to climb?
Ans: 35 hrs.
9.Theory is to practice
Ans: (d) planning is to execution.
10. 80 heads are there in a zoo.
Legs are 150 (or 160.Look at this type o f problem)
Find no of rabits(i.e. 4 leg things) and no of 2
leg things.
11. A,B are back to back. A moves 4 Km straight,then
turns left moves 1Km again takes left moves 4Km again
left 1Km.
B moves 6Km straght, then left 8 Km.
Find distance b/w A and B.
No answer.........
Afraid..? Just Joked....
Ans: 10Km south east
12. 'rat race' =
Ans) Use less work.
13. Lookk at this type of problem.
Passengers of I , II, III class are in ratio
P1:P2:P3. Fares of I,II,III class are in ratio
R1:R2:R3. Total money is X ( 8050 in our q).
Find share of II class passengers.
14. Some word is coded.Then asked for CARE.

15. Boats problem.Up an down strream speeds were

Look at it in RS agarwal.
16. Age problem
Father said, I was of ur present age when u were
born.Father's age is 64. ? will be the F's age after
10 yrs from now.
Ans: 42 yrs.
17. A can do a work in 4 days, b in 5 days.They
started working alternate days with A first.In how
many days the work will be completed?
Ans: 2

2/5 days( 2 purnankam 2/5)

18. 24 red and 24 blue socks are there in a drawer.How

many socks should be taken fron drawer so thst atleat
to should be of same colour.
Find the answer .I don't know.
Answers were 4 , 5 , 20 like that...
19. 10,000 is population. It increases 20% in 1 year
10 % in second yr.Toatal population after two yrs???
ans: 13,200

------------------------------------sec 2.
ans: (b) runs forever
Q2.main ( )
fun1(int a,unsigned b)
fun2(inta, intb)
how many times it uns???
ans:allof the above three experiments o(--)??
ans:(a)o(logn) (b)o(2logn)
Q5.insrtion sort
ans (a)o( ) (b) o( ) (c) o( )
Q6.diverjort's alsouite
ans (a)o(l) (b)o( ) (c)o( )

Q7.Eedgs,V ventus
ans (A)o( )(B)o( ) (C)o( )
ans :(D) none of the above
ans : (C) it loads ram of dik space
Q10.virtuval distructueres....
nas: (A) no problem in this programme
Q12.a,b,c ......which disturbs structure??
ans: c is disturbs structure
int*&ref,**&ref p;
ans: **ref p
ans: 2 1 1
ans; (A)error (B)compailar default (C)no error.