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Identify one specific product type in the two wheeler market. Your client is Hero.

Assess the STP for this product for Hero. Based on the assessment of the
marketing strategy, generate an IMC strategy as well as implementation
program. To keep the project tractable, you may like to focus on a specific
geographic market, and provide a critical points of change in your campaign that
would be needed as geography changes.

Page 1
Title of Your Project
<Title should be informative yet catchy and interesting. Remember it is the tag line of your project>

Your Name, Roll No

Executive Summary
<Executive summary is an overview of your work. It contains the selling points of your work. So cover relevant
and quick details of the background, problem, method of study, and critical aspects and findings. All written in a
very interesting manner>

Page 2
Client Brief
<Present the brief given to you including any changes that you might have done>

<This is the pitch that draws in the reader. Much like the opener to a decision case plus a quick background of
the client, its business and problem. Include only those details about the client that are relevant to your problem
at hand. No need to discuss history, when it is not going to been used in any way>

Page 3-4
Market/Secondary Research
<Present the Need of Research and the process of research towards addressing the clients problem. Concisely
and clearly describe Collection of Data/Information, and Data Analysis/Assessment. What were the Findings
from the analysis of the data or assessment of the information? The phrases in bold are the sub-headings of this
Need of Research
Collection of Data/Information
Data Analysis/Assessment 2

Page 5&6
Campaign Design
<Use any framework, or Logical approach followed in one of the cases and propose the campaign/other output
desired from your project. While you develop this section, stay focused and avoid unnecessary details. Use
information from your market research and generate the report under headings derived from your framework or
any other logical approach that you might choose to use>

Page 7&8
Finding and Discussion
<Discuss the process of execution of your campaign idea if possible and applicable, upto its actual execution
by way of quick audio (radio commercial), Video, Advertisement, Sales Promotions, PR Pitch & Presentation
deck, Publicity stunts and/or a mix of these. Place the actual output as appendix, and provide within text only
the development process and thought behind what was done at each major step in the design of the campaign. If
you could run and pilot test your campaign, discuss the impact and results. Also discuss the deviation that might
have happened from what you expected and the reasons for unmet expectations if any>

Page 9 onwards (no page limit)

A1: <Title>
A2: <Title>
<A set of appendix which should contain, Long Tables, Graphs, Internet Excerpts and
Evidences, Figures and Photos, Checklists and such supporting material that you refer to
in the main report. While appendix space is liberal, be judicious so as to include relevant
and interesting details only>

Market Standing of Hero 2 Wheelers in Meerut :

The Hero 2 wheeler market can be divided into three segments:
1. Bikes: Entry Level (sub 100 cc) segment Hero is strong in this segment
and their main product is HF Dawn. The price point is ~INR 40k.
2. Bikes : Deluxe segment (100-125 cc) segment Hero is very strong in
this segment thanks to their products - Splendor and Passion. They have a
market share of ~45% in the Meerut market. The price point is INR ~ INR 44k
3. Bikes : Premium segment (150 cc +) segment Hero is relatively weaker
in this segment. They have a market share of ~11% in this segment in the
Meerut market. Their main products in this segment are Karizma, Xtreme and
Hunk. The market leader in this segment is Bajaj Pulsar. The price point for the
150 cc bikes is ~INR 70k and 200+ cc bikes is ~INR 82k
4. Scooters: Hero is also weak in this segment. They have a market share of
~13% in this segment in the Meerut market. Their key products in this
segment are Maestro and Pleasure. The price point is ~INR 45k
1. Customer Segmentation: Please create a list of potential customer profiles
keeping in mind the demographic, psychographic and behavioral traits of these
customers. Profiles should be created for each of the 4 segments in the Hero Moto
Corp product portfolio.
Please create distinct profiles for customers with common needs, common behaviors
and other attributes.
2. Unique value proposition: Solving customer problems and satisfying customer
needs with value propositions.
How can we offer bundle of products and services/benefits that can create value for
a specific customer segment. (Eg of typical value propositions are competitive
pricing, speed of service, customer experience etc.) Some value propositions may
be innovative and represent a new or disruptive offer. Others may be similar to
existing marketing offers, but with added features.
3. Channels: To communicate with and reach its customer segments to deliver the
value proposition.
How can SSSM create new customer touch points using IT infrastructure (eg: via
whatsapp/email/messages/QR code scanning or other methods) which can be used

Providing post purchase customer support

Marketing functions [e.g. raising awareness among customer about company,

products and services].

Lead to Sales Conversion [converting an interested customer to sales]

4. Marketing Strategy and Partnership opportunities: To increase awareness

amongst target group to finally induce sales
What are the potential marketing activities and promotions that can be done to
increase awareness for SSSM amongst the targeted user base? What are the possible
entities that SSSM can partner with to jointly offer services/ discounts/ freebies etc.
such that the combined offer should be irresistible for potential customers.
5. Premium Segment Strategy:
Since the profit margins for the premium segment are the highest, but given the
constraint that Hero products are traditionally weaker in that segment (doesnt
necessarily mean inferior), what can SSSM do particularly to push sales of premium
segment in its portfolio

Hero MotoCorp takes crowdsourcing route(Jan,2012)

The Hero MotoCorp 'Hum Mein Hai Hero' song was one of the most popular advertising jingles of
2011, proof of which lay in the fact that many Youtube users created videos with it as a background
track. This has now paved the way for the next stage of the campaign - asking consumers to generate
content that will be aired as TV commercials.
Anil Dua, senior vice president - marketing and sales, Hero MotoCorp, explained, "Composed and
sung by AR Rahman, the 'Hero' song was released to mark the launch of the new Hero. The song met
with a great response, and was spontaneously used by many viewers to create their own versions.
The thought for the new campaign has its genesis in this ownership displayed by the people. What if
the content for the next film was created by people? What if every individual was given a chance to
create a video that could be seen by others? The engagement program begins with a set of TVCs
created by Hero, using everyday people singing along the Heroes song, inviting others to join in."
He added, "Along with an extensive TV campaign, the initiative is going live on social media. People
are being invited to sing the Heroes song, shoot their video and upload it to and
their video can become a part of the film. And one doesnt have to be a great singer to be a part of the
film, because you have AR Rahman singing for you. All people have to do is to sing and make it
interesting and they may see themselves featuring in the film."
Rahul Nangia, chief creative officer, West and South, Law & Kenneth, said, "The user-generated
content will find itself as a campaign on air. It's a bold experiment from our end, but the truth is the era
where brands can talk to consumers about what they are is over - consumers will decide and shape
the brands now. This is an attempt to make the consumer the centre of the entire communication
process. What you see on air right now is the call for entry phase, which in a fortnight will change to

the 'Billion voices' where consumers shoot videos of themselves which will be stitched together in an
appropriate manner and then put on air."
Agency: Law & Kenneth
Creative: Rahul Nangia, Jonathan Dias
Client Servicing: Debarjyo Nandi, Siddharth Kunkunakar
Director & Editor: Shekhar Kamble
Production: Working-i Films; Producer Samir Tewari & Law&Kenneth Films, Producer - Umesh H
Patel, Tejesh Waghmare
Post production: Avitel Post Studioz
Media agency: Maxu

Hero's mileage advantage makes India go

'Vroom vroom', says new campaign
(Jun, 2012)
Hero MotoCorp has released a new TV commercial which rides on the mileage of its motorbikes.
A film created by Law & Kenneth shows different people gesturing through hand movement that they
are ready to ride a bike - the left hand holds the handlebar, and the right accelerates, to the sound
'Vroom vroom'.
In the end, a man is seen repeating the same action, only this time he does it in a Hero showroom
and on the prompt of the salesman. A voice over explains how India is ready to ride, thanks to the
mileage Hero bikes offer.
Rahul Nangia, chief creative officer, Law & Kenneth India (West & South), said, "The brief for this
campaign was to show how the mileage of Hero motorbikes is superior in every category. There's
enough and more communication about how bikes let you go and discover new places; we wanted to
capitalise on the mileage factor to promote Hero as a national brand and portray that the entire
country rides on a Hero."
Nangia reminisced about the last mileage campaign for Hero, which was released over two decades
ago. He said, "It was the 'Fill it, shut it, forget it' campaign that made Hero a memorable brand in that
day and age. With this new campaign we wanted to create a movement without even using the bike.
We wanted to portray how the signal of racing on the handlebar and the sound of 'Vroom vroom' are
symbolic for Hero."
The campaign went on air on 16 June 2012, and would be on for six weeks.

Unplugged moments:
Nangia recalled a few anecdotes from the shoot. He said, "The cast comprised of ordinary people,
there wasn't a single professional actor among them. A couple of funny incidents happened while we
were shooting. For instance, the laugh of the Bohri girls was not an enactment. They were actually
laughing on something funny that happened on the set and we happened to be rolling the camera at
that time. We liked the spontaneity in the shot and therefore used it in the final edit."
Client: Hero MotoCorp
Agency: Law & Kenneth
Creative: Rahul Nangia, Jonathan Dias
Client servicing: Debarjyo Nandi (vice president), Siddharth Kunkunakar (senior account executive)
Director: Shekhar Kamble
Production: Working-i Films, Law & Kenneth Films
Producer: Samir Tewari, Umesh H Patel
Music: Amartya Rawat (Bobo)
Post Production: Pixion
Media agency: Maxus

Hero MotoCorp unveils new logo (Aug 2011)

Hero MotoCorp unveiled its global brand identity on 9 August at a star-studded ceremony in London,
in order to tap into a global audience.
Dr Brijmohan Lall, chairman of the New Delhi-headquartered Hero MotoCorp Ltd., said We have
made a new beginning today which is filled with a lot of promise. While we will always look back with a
lot of satisfaction at our achievements over the past 25 years, we will also now strive to replicate this
glorious performance on the global stage. While we have been able to achieve all this due to the
contributions of all our associates, be it our dealer friends, suppliers or employees, I have no doubt in
my mind that we would not have possibly reached where we are today without the trust of our
customers. I wish to thank them from the core of my heart and assure them that the Customer will
continue to remain at the core of everything that we do in future too.
Unveiling the new logo of Hero MotoCorp and the new theme song Hum Main Hain Hero, the firms
MD and CEO, Pawan Munjal, said, The new brand hero epitomises continuity and change in equal
measure. While its fundamental values and enduring beliefs ensure continuity, the new proposition
and identity also signal change. The new logo stands for the new face of India that youthful energy
and can do spirit. It is in its true sense the Indian Catapult which signals that while it is deeply rooted
in Indian values, it is also poised to go for global expansion - a leap of faith.
While Wolff Olins created the new brand identity, Law & Kenneth has been tasked with giving shape
to the communication of it. Speaking to Campaign India, Anil Nair, CEO and managing partner, Law &
Kenneth, said, The teaser campaign will start by 11 August and the multimedia campaign will break

on 15 August. The film is a collaboration between AR Rahman (who has composed the theme song),
and film-maker Anurag Kashyap (who has directed the film) and Law & Kenneth.

Hero MotoCorp debuts Hum Mein Hai Hero

campaign (Aug 2011)
Post the launch of its new identity on 9 August, Hero MotoCorp is spreading the word about it
with a new campaign created by Law & Kenneth. The campaign began on Independence Day with a
120-second film, featuring a theme song called Hum Mein Hai Hero (which is also the new baseline),
composed and sung by AR Rahman.
Talking about the overall positioning of the brand, Anil Nair, chief executive officer and managing
partner, Law & Kenneth, said, Hero MotoCorp is all set to become the first Indian global brand. It will
represent the Indian spirit and drive, across the world. The communication brings to life the global
positioning of Indian Catapult, mirroring the potential that every Indian holds within himself.
The film, produced by Red Ice and directed by Anurag Kashyap, depicts the stories of individuals who
realise that the Hero lies within them. Some of the moments shown in the film feature a young
gymnast representing India at an international tournament, a young dancer about to compete in a
reality show, and a man determined to climb to the top of a fort inspite of his exhaustion.
Saying that the communication is based on an emotion rather than a product proposition, Rahul
Nangia, creative director, Law & Kenneth, added, We wanted to keep the insight universal, but the

tone very Indian. It is about big and small challenges that we overcome every day, without even
realising that we are doing something extraordinary.
The campaign will run in all languages, across all TV channels, leading newspapers and outdoor. It
will also be extended to interactive media and will eventually involve user-generated content as well.
The song and video are available for download using a QR code released in various dailies.
Client: Hero MotoCorp
Agency: Law & Kenneth
Creative team: Rahul Nangia, Pritam Shettigar, Jonathan Dias, Divakar Shetty, Viren Saigaokar, Tanvi
Pradhan, Biraja Biswal, Shahid Shehzad, Akriti Goel
Client servicing team: Sanjiv Gauba, Debarjyo Nandi, Ashish Chattoraj
Films department: Umesh Patel, Tejesh
Production house: Red Ice Productions
Director: Anurag Kashyap and Robby Grewal
Producer: Gary Grewal and Darshan Gokani
Line Producer: Gurmeet Sodhi
Assistant director: Siva R
DOP: Amithabha Singh, Rajeev Ravi and Arvind K
Editor: Shweta Venkat
Costumes: Neepa S