Rosalie’s dream come true?

Alright guys, this is a new story, tell me if it’s good enough to write more!! I don’t know why but I had this urge to go to Forks, Washington, so here I am in the only minute mart in Forks collecting things for my new old Victorian house. My name is Isabella Marie Swan and I am a vampire. Yes, I said the word vampire but you see I’m not the ordinary type of vampire as I have many gifts and by that I mean hundreds. Teleporting, a shield, mental compulsion, power of all the elements, shape-shifting and many more. I was born a long time ago, my father was Royce King and my mother was Rosalie Hale. They never got married though because on my mother’s hen night she disappeared or died and my father was mysteriously murdered on his wedding night. How do I know all this? The maids talk. My grandfather looked after me; his name was also Royce King. When I said he looked after me I meant he ordered the maids to look after me. I had made quite a relationship with the maids and butlers. It’s sad that they had all passed away. I pushed my way through the crowd to get outside after paying of course. It was going to become sunny in a few minutes, so I used one of my gifts to make myself normal with blood in my veins, colour and warmth for my cold, marble skin. I did everything so I wouldn’t end up glittering like a chandelier when the sun came out. I did all of this in a matter of seconds, sometimes you got to love being a vampire. Just as I was climbing into my black, sleek Mercedes the sun came out, proving that with me being clairvoyant I am more reliable than the weather forecast; it said there will be dark clouds with a slight drizzle all day. Ha! Yeah right! I drove home in a matter of minutes and parked my car in the garage. 6 cars. I had 6 cars in there; I don’t know how it all fit. I had a black, Italian Porsche, a jeep, an silver Aston martin, my Mercedes, my black Lamborghini and my yellow Lamborghini. I have two Lamborghinis because I couldn’t decide which colour I wanted so I bought both.

I brought the food and other necessities into the house. I clean and basically slaved over my house to get it exactly the way I wanted it. I finished in an hour. The sun was setting, it was beautiful so I decided it was the perfect time to go out hunting; it’s a vampire thing. I ran outside with my vampire speed until I was in the middle of nowhere. Don’t worry I wasn’t lost or anything; I’m a vampire I can’t get lost. A mountain lion, perfect, I purred. I got into a crouch and waited. I was about to pounce when it fell to the ground. A man with reddish brown hair stood next to the fallen lion, sucking at its neck. Ah! A vampire. Why didn’t I smell him, he was close enough why didn’t I smell him. I must be ill. I moved out of the shadows then, he sensed me and quickly threw the lion away as if it was a packet of crisp. He moved. I blinked and found him in possession of my neck. I looked up to his face. He was a man who could drop a girl in less than 10 spaces without even a glance. He was a…a very beautiful man. Like WOW!!!! I soon realized he still had my neck in his hands. “Er, do you mind?” O my god! I think that came out rudely, damn it! “Who are you?” He asked but let go of my neck. However he grabbed my right hand and held on to that. I mean can a girl get some space? It’s hard enough to have a beautiful person in my presence but does he have to be touching me?! I know that sounds perverted but it’s not it will drive me mad! Is this his gift? I searched my mind, no it’s not. If it had being his gift it would now be mine too; oh did I mention I have a gift that when other gifted people are near me I can take their power. I could hear running and they were becoming louder. They were coming this way. There were four of them. They burst out and stood in an offensive way as if ready for attack. One of them had gold hair, good looking and obviously the leader of the coven. The caramel haired lady next to him was his mate; I could see she held a sort of motherly figure. There was a short black haired pixie with a confused look on her face; the last was a male, blonde hair with a certain calm dangerous look on him. Just then, I felt as if I had two extra powers. I looked within myself and found that I could now manipulate emotions and mind read. Cool! “Edward, let her go,” The leader said with calmness, ah! A peace maker.

“But Carlisle, we don’t know who she is-” The beautiful man’s name was Edward, it was nice, it suited him. Carlisle was the leader. Huh. “Edward,”Carlisle said a little sterner. Edward let me go and took a few steps back so he was in line with his family. They look more like a family than a coven. “I’m Carlisle Cullen, this is Esme Cullen, Edward Cullen, Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale,” he pointed at all of them as he spoke. Hale. There are other Hales in the world, I assured myself. “What’s your name?” Carlisle asked gently, as if I was a porcelain doll. Two people emerged from the bushes. One was a bulky male with short curly brown hair and the other was beautiful. She had pure blonde hair which came up to the middle of her back, which was the same as my hair except my hair is normally brown. She was someone you would see on a fashion magazine or on Sports Illustrated. The new comers turned to look at me. I could see her perfectly now and…no-no… “Mom?” I could feel my heart freeze. No it couldn’t be her, other people can just end up looking like other people, if that makes sense, but that was the thing it didn’t make sense. I tried not to come out as an idiot so I composed my face and apologised. “Sorry, you look like my mother,” I tried to smile it off but ended up frowning, I looked away. There was a big lump in my throat, I swallowed. I turned back to Carlisle and tried to answer his earlier question, I could feel shock pouring out of everyone but then it calmed down. Jasper. “My name is Isabella Marie Swan but I like to be called Bella,” I don’t know why but I felt like I had to say my full name. “Bella, this is two other members of my family,” he pointed at the male, “This is Emmett Cullen and this is Rosalie Hale.” He slowly pointed to my mother’s look alike as if testing my reaction. Rosalie Hale. That’s my mother name. Rosalie still looked shocked, disorientated. I looked at her. She was staring at me. I saw the big lump in her throat as she swallowed with difficulty. “Baby, are you ok?” Emmett asked staring back and forth between us. Baby?! Oh, they must be together. His eyes were on Rosalie; she was frozen but still staring at me. He looked at me and growled, “What did

you do?!” He ran at me. I put my physical shield around to protect me. Rosalie came out of her daze and screamed. “Don’ttt!!!!” It was too late; he tried to smash into me and got thrown to the other side of the land we were on. Everyone was shocked and in awe? I guess they never saw someone do something like that before. Rosalie ran to me, “Are you ok?” She looked too worried, it was kind of nice. I nearly started crying…I miss my mom! “I’m fine,” I said. Emmett came back and looked angry, “That’s not fair! I want a rematch!” “Bella,” Carlisle called me back, “How did you do that?” He looked at me, as if I had done something incredulous. I shrugged. “It was a physical protective shield.” “Can I ask you something?” “Shoot.” “Why did you call Rosalie, Mom?” “Like I said, she looked like my mother,” I shrugged again not wanting to show them I was an idiot; they had to find that out by themselves. “You know what? Let’s all sit down and tell our stories.” Esme said, sounding like a nursery teacher. We all sat down.

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