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“its Slimple”

Ingredient Information – Achiote Leaf

A new, effective and safe key ingredient was needed as the foundation for the Slimple
formula. The ingredient is CocaBlast. c is a unique product which uses decoainized coca
leaf extract, obtained from the coca plant (Erythroxylon coca, family Erythroxylaceae).

Slimple with CocaBlast gives quick, clean, and long lasting energy; it is a source of energy
superior to coffee and other highly caffeinated products without the jitters and after effect.
Slimple with CocaBlast is so rich in nutrition that it literally replaces the vitamins and
minerals that are contained in a well balanced mean. Also an excellent appetite
suppressant, Slimple with CocaBlast gives you a sense of fullness and mental well being
while helping you gain control of your energy balance and weight quickly and easily.
CocaBlast is an exclusive Slimple ingredient.

Achiote Leaf (native to South America)

The use of the Achiote Leaf has played an integral medicinal role for centuries by indigenous
tribes throughout much of South America. Traditional uses cover a broad spectrum of ailments
depending on the population’s region of origin. In the Amazonian Northwest, Native Americans
used a decoction of the leaves to support healthy respiration. In the Piura region of Peru,
achiote leaf was considered gentle enough to relieve mild indigestion, yet potent enough to
address liver function. In Surinam, a tea made from the herb was drunk to ease nausea.
Brazilians used achiote leaf to provide relief from heartburn and stomach upset caused by spicy
food. The Cojedes tribe used an infusion of the flowers to stimulate the bowels and aid in
elimination of waste and uric acid from the system.

Today, Achiote Extract is widely used to treat liver and urinary conditions. A properly functioning
liver is instrumental in promoting weight loss and stimulating the body’s metabolism. These
properties make the herb an effective component in any weight loss regimen.

Additional benefits include the relief of heartburn, digestive and prostate problems, internal
inflammation, arterial hypertension, high cholesterol, cystitis and renal insufficiency. The herb is
also thought to strengthen the auto-immune system.

A tea made with the young shoots is used by the Piura tribe as an aphrodisiac and astringent,
and to treat skin problems, fevers, dysentery, and hepatitis. Traditional healers in Colombia
have also used the herb as an antivenin for snakebites.The Achiote leaf is an effective anti-
biotic against a number of commonly occurring bacterial strains such as Streptococcus,
Salmonella and e coli.