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s h e p h e r d

T h r e e h u n d r e d and eighty p a r t i c i p a n t s from 29 countries

a t t e n d e d the 4 W . C . E . E . h e l d in S a n t i a g o , C h i l e b e t w e e n J a n u a r y
1 3 t h and 18th, 1 9 6 9 .
One h u n d r e d and twenty C h i l e a n s r e g i s t e r e d ;
the next largest d e l e g a t i o n s b e i n g of n i n e t y - o n e from the U . S . A .
and f o r t y from J a p a n .
N e w Z e a l a n d h a d five r e p r e s e n t a t i v e s , G. Cooper and C. M .
S t r a c h a n from W e l l i n g t o n , R. S h e p h e r d and W . R. W a l p o l e from
C h r i s t c h u r c h and J. H e a l y , N . Z . G o v e r n m e n t V u l c a n o l o g i s t at p r e s e n t
w o r k i n g on a g e o t h e r m a l p r o j e c t in n o r t h e r n C h i l e .
Of the three
h u n d r e d and sixty papers offered, one h u n d r e d and fifty w e r e
a c c e p t e d for p r e s e n t a t i o n at the c o n f e r e n c e ;
the first four N e w
Z e a l a n d r e p r e s e n t a t i v e s listed above each i n t r o d u c e d one p a p e r .
M r C . W . 0 . Turner of W e l l i n g t o n , V i c e - P r e s i d e n t of the
I n t e r n a t i o n a l A s s o c i a t i o n for E a r t h q u a k e E n g i n e e r i n g h a d the
m i s f o r t u n e to e x p e r i e n c e a m o t o r accident shortly b e f o r e his
p l a n n e d d e p a r t u r e for C h i l e and c o n s e q u e n t l y w a s c o m p e l l e d to
c a n c e l h i s a r r a n g e m e n t s to attend the c o n f e r e n c e .
F e a t u r e s e s s i o n s included r e p o r t s of r e c e n t m a j o r e a r t h q u a k e s
p a r t i c u l a r l y those occurring in 1967 at A d a p a z a r i in Turkey and
C a r a c a s in V e n e z u e l a .
U n f o r t u n a t e l y no a r r a n g e m e n t s h a d b e e n m a d e
to r e p o r t on the I n a n g a h u a e a r t h q u a k e .
T h e r e w e r e twelve t e c h n i c a l sessions a r r a n g e d under the
following headings:
S e i s m i c i t y and S i m u l a t e d E a r t h q u a k e s ,
V i b r a t i o n Tests of S t r u c t u r e s , G r o u n d M o t i o n and I n s t r u m e n t s ,
B e h a v i o u r of S t r u c t u r a l E l e m e n t s , Elastic R e s p o n s e of S t r u c t u r e s ,
L a r g e B u i l d i n g s and S t r u c t u r a l D e t a i l s , I n e l a s t i c Seismic R e s p o n s e ,
D e s i g n of other S t r u c t u r e s , Soils and Soil S t r u c t u r e s , F o u n d a t i o n s
and S o i l S t r u c t u r e I n t e r a c t i o n , D e s i g n C r i t e r i a and R e s e a r c h , and
S m a l l B u i l d i n g s C r i t e r i a and R e s e a r c h .

R e a d e r in C i v i l E n g i n e e r i n g ,
U n i v e r s i t y of C a n t e r b u r y , Chr is t c h u r c h .


As in previous conferences, a large proportion of the papers

dealt with the seismic behaviour of structures or structural
components although on this occasion a significant number of papers
considered special structures, such as dams, and papers on underground pipe lines, suspension bridges and nuclear power plants
were presented.
It was evident that since the last world conference significant
progress has been made in the inelastic seismic response prediction
field but the group of papers dealing with soil-structure interaction
was somewhat disappointing.
On this occasion a group of papers centered attention on the
seismic probability and risk problem but little new was offered on
the subjects of earthquake measurement techniques and seismic
loading simulation methods. The particular problems of pre-stressed
concrete and masonry earthquake resistant design received regrettably
sparse attention.
It is anticipated that the four volumes of conference
proceedings, complete with discussions, will be available later
this year from the 4WCEE Technical Secretary, P.O. Box 2777,
Santiago, Chile, with whom orders should be placed.
(A list of
papers presented at the Conference follows this report.)
The following Officers and Directors were elected for the
next four years:President:
Executive Vice-President:

W. Housner, U.S.A.
R. Flores, Chile.
K. Minami, Japan.
A. Glogau, New Zealand.
N. Ambraseys, Great Britain.
Arias, Chile.
J. Borges, Portugal.
E. Esteva, Mexico.
Krishna, India.
Okamoto, Japan.
Poliakov, U.S.S.R.
Steinbrugge, U.S.A.

Invitations to hold the next conference in 1973 were received

from Italy, India and Turkey, but the actual venue will be decided
by postal ballot of the Directors.
In his closing address Professor Housner drew attention to
the increasing importance of Earthquake Engineering arising from
the increase in the w o r l d s population. He stressed the need to
provide optimum economic protection by means of seismic design and


e m p h a s i s e d that, c o n s i s t e n t w i t h the e x p e c t a t i o n that some d a m a g e

w i l l b e s u s t a i n e d in severe e a r t h q u a k e s , w e need to k n o w m o r e
about the b e h a v i o u r b e y o n d t h e e l a s t i c limit;
specifically how
c l o s e to c o l l a p s e a s t r u c t u r e m o v e s as w e l l as h o w far it is from
y i e l d w h e n in the damage z o n e .
A t t e n d a n c e at the 4 W . C . E .E. p r o v e d to b e b o t h s t i m u l a t i n g
and r e w a r d i n g .
It p r o v i d e d an ideal o p p o r t u n i t y to e x c h a n g e
i n f o r m a t i o n on r e c e n t p r o g r e s s and u n s o l v e d p r o b l e m s .
P r o c e e d i n g s w i l l c o n t a i n r e f e r e n c e m a t e r i a l of v a l u e to all
those e n g a g e d in e a r t h q u a k e e n g i n e e r i n g a c t i v i t y .








Engineering Estimates of Ground Shaking

and Maximum Earthquake Magnitude.


Analysis of Strong-Motion
Accelerograph R e c o r d s .

D . E . Hudson
N . C . Nigam
M . D . Trifuhac

Seismic Risk Studies in the United States.

S.T. Algermissen

Earthquake and Reservoir

J.P. Rothe



Statistical Inference of the Future

Earthquake Ground M o t i o n .

Hisao Goto
Hiroyuki Kameda


W . G . Milne
A . G . Davenport


The Major Influences on Seismic


Allin Cornell
Erik H. Vanmarcke

A Physically Based Model to Simulate

Strong Earthquake Record on Firm Grounds

Octavio Rascon
C. Allin Cornell

Significance of Nonstationarity
Earthquake M o t i o n s .

M . Amin
H.T, Ts'Ao
A . H . S . Ang


Nondeterministic Analysis of Nonlinear

Structures Subjected to Earthquake Excitations.

Jose Penzien
Shi-Chi Liu

Structural Responses to Nonstationary

Random Excitation.

Hisao Goto
Kenzo Toki

Simulated Earthquake Motions for Design


P.C. Jennings
G.W. Housner
N . C . Tsai

An Earthquake M a p of C h i l e .


Seismicity Prediction:

L. Esteva

A Bayesian Approach.

Response of Linear Systems to Certain

Transient Disturbances.


Emilio Rosenblueth
Jorge Elourdy

On the Earthquake Motions

Aseismic Designing.

Kiyoshi Kanai


Characteristics of Earthquake Motion

at the Rocky Ground.

C. Tamura
T. Mizukoski
' T. Ono

Seismic Observation of Rigid Structure

on Various Soils and Its Review.

Kinji Akino
Tokiharu Ota
Hiroshi Yamara

Influence of Geometry and Material Properties

on the Seismic Response of Soil D e p o s i t s .

I.M. Idriss
H Bolton Seed
H . Dezfulian

Experimental Study on the Vibrational

Characteristics of Ground.

S. Yoshikawa
M . Shima
R. Irikura

Control of Train Operation on the New

Tokaido Line on the Occasion of Earthquake.

Japanese Nat:Railway
D r . Tatsuo Nishiki
Koichi Tamura
M a s a o Nonogaki

Field Investigation of the Influence of Site

Conditions on Ground and Structural Response.

S. Cherry

The Intensity of Ground Motion of the

Skopje 1963 Earthquake.


Strong Motion Records

William K. Cloud
Virgilio Perez


Studies on the Spectra of Ground

Caused by Nearby Earthquakes.
Scale of Seismic



Maximum Intensity of Ground Movements

Caused by Faulting.










Factors Influencing the Inelastic

Response of Multi-Story Frames Subjected
to Strong Motion Earthquakes.

B . P . Guru
A . C . Heidebrecht

The Effect of Minimum Cross Bracing on the

Inelastic Response of Multi-Story

Robert D . Hanson
William F.B. Fan

The Effect of Gravity on the Collapse of

Yielding Structures with Earthquake Excitation.

Raul Husid

R.* Shepherd

John A . Blume

The Distributed Element Concept of Hysteretic

W . D . Iwan
Modeling and Its Application to Transient Problems.


Dynamic Analysis of Tall Buildings

Founded in Deep Fill M a t e r i a l s .

H . Sexton
R.J. Feibusch
E.J. Keith

Brick M a s o n r y Effect in Vibrations

of F r a m e s .

Simon Lamar
Celso Fortoul

Dynamic Elastic Analysis

in the Design

Structural Dynamics of Cantilever-Type

Torsion in Symmetrical



of Typical New Zealand High-Rise




Nathan M . Newmark

A Study on the Earthquake Response of

S p a c e Structures b y Digital Computers.


Response Analysis of Framed Structures.

Y . Ohchi

Spectrum Techniques for Tall B u i l d i n g s .

Paul C. Jennings

Earthquake Response of
Shaped B u i l d i n g s .



The Ultimate Strength of the Steel

Subjected to Earthquake.


Ben Kato
Hiroshi Akiyama

Torsional Problems in Aseismic Design of
High-Rise Buildings.

Tadaki Koh
Hiromoto Takase
Tsunehisa Tsugawa

Elastic and Inelastic Response of Framed

Structures During Earthquakes.

N . C . Nigam
G.W. Housner

Non-Linear Response Analysis of M u l t i - S t o r y

Structures Including Rocking and Swaying
Subjected to Earthquake Ground M o t i o n s .

T . Odaka
T. Suzuki
K. Kinoshita

Torsional Response of Building to Strong

Earthquake M o t i o n s .

Akenori Shibata
Junichi Onose
Toshio Shiga


Earthquake Analysis of Suspension


S.S. Tezcan
S. Cherry

Estimating Natural Frequencies and Modes

of Arch Dams with the Theory of Plates
on Elastic Foundation.



Time-History Response of Buildings w i t h

Unusual C o n f i g u r a t i o n s .

.John A . Blume
Dilip Jhaveri

Dynamic Earthquake Behaviour of Shell R o o f s .

R.W. Clough
A . J . Carr.

The Nonlinear Response of a Multi-Story

PreR.A. Spencer
stressed Concrete Structure to Earthquake Excitation.
Maximum Deformations of Certain Nonlinear Systems.

A . S . Veletsos

Response Spectra for Elastic and Elastoplastic

Systems Subjected to Earthquakes for Short Duration.


To The Final State of Rectangular F r a m e s .

Ryo Tanabashi
Yiyoshi Kaneta
Tsuneyoshi Nakamura
Shunzo Ishida

The Inelastic Response of a Steel Frame.

W . R . Walpole
R. Shepherd




Pore-Water Pressures in Earth Slopes
Under Seismic Loading Conditions.

H. Bolton Seed
Kenneth L. Lee

Vibratory Compaction of the Soil and

Tectonic Subsidence During the 1960
Earthquake in Valdiva, Chile.

Eugenio Retamal
Edgar Kausel

Densification of Sand by Vertical V i b r a t i o n s .

Robert V . Whitman
Pedro Ortigosa de

Techniques for Field Measurements of Shear

Wave Velocity in S o i l * .

C . Martin Duke

Earthquake Analysis of Earth D a m s .

A . K . Chopra
M . Dibaj
R.W. Clough
J. Penzien
H.B. Seed

Vibration Test of a Structure

by Pile Foundation.


K. Kubo

Effect of Size and Shape of Foundation on

Elastic Coefficients in a Layered Soil M a s s .

Shamshe Prakash
B.M. Basavanna

Some Special Problems in the Design of

Deep F o u n d a t i o n s .


Dam Foundation Interaction During Earthquakes.

A n i l K. Chopra
P.R. Perumalswam

Dynamic Analysis of a Structure Embedded

an Elastic Stratum.





Some Effects of Substructure and Adjacent

Soil Interaction on the Seismic Response
of Building.

J. Kazuo Minami
Joji Sakural

Yashimasa Kobayashi
Jap.National R a i l w a y s .

A Method of Analysis for the Evaluation of

Foundation Structure Interaction.

Edward L. Wilson

Jai Krishna
Shamshar. Prakash
S.K. Thakkar

Soil Structure Interaction of the Elevated

Tower and of Concrete Footings.

H. Kishida
K. M a t s u s h i t a
I. Sakamoto

On Vibration Characteristics of Fill Dams

in Earthquakes.

Isao Minami

On Earthquake Response of Elasto Plastic

Structure Considering Ground C h a r a c t e r i s t i c s .

R. M i n a m i
T. Koborl
Y . Inone

Seismic Analysis of Earth D a m s .

Hatano T.
H . Watanabe

Equivalent Lumped System for Structure

Founded Upon Stratum of S o i l .

Robert V . Whitman

Elastic Soil Structure

J. Khanna

Mechanism of Earthquake Damage to

Embankments and Slopes.
A Study of Earth Dam Models Under


Earth Pressure Distribution Behind

Retaining Wall During Earthquake.

Shamshar Prakash
B.M. Basavanna

Vibrations of Earth Dams During

I.M. Lavrov
G.A. Lyamzina
S.V. Medvedev



Conventional Foundations and their

Earthquake Problems.

William T. Wheelej

Oscillations of Tower Like Structures with

Account of Inertia and Elasticity of Solid

B.G. Korenev
V . A . Illjichjov
L.M. Reznikov





Earthquake Measurements in and Around

a Reinforced Concrete Building.


Study on the Large Scale Displacement

Vibration Tests for the 1/25 Scale of
the 17 Storied Building J.N.R.

Chikaaki Ueda

Vibration Tests and Test to Failure of

a 7 Stories Building Survived a Severe

Issao Funahashi
Katsuhiro Kinoshita
Hiroyuki Aoyama

Observed Earthquake Responses of B r i d g e s .

Elichi Kuribatasi
Toshi Iwasaki

Vibration Studies of an Arch



Periods of Buildings of Mendoza



Juan S. Carmona
Jose Herrera Cano
Shunzo Okamoto
Katsuyuki Kato

Use of Resonance Method in Mechanical

Modeling of Seismic Effects on Structure

Sh.G. Napatvaridze
P.A. Gutidze

Summarized Report of Dynamic Tests of

High-Rised Buildings and Co-operative Plan
for Large Scale Vibration Test in Japan.

The Group for

Dynamic Tests of
High-Rised Buildings

Dynamic Response of a 90ft Steel Frame Tower.

N . N . Nielsen

Resonance Testing of Multi-storey

Infilled F r a m e s .

D.V. Mallick Ph.D.

Investigations into Earthquake

of Large Panel B u i l d i n g s .




A Research Program on the Earthquake

Resistance of Shear Wall Buildings.

A . C . Heidebrecht
W . K . Tso

A Vibration Test of Large Model Steel

Frame with Precast Concrete Panel until


Low Cycle Fatigue Under Multi-Axial


Koji Mizuhata


H . Sandl
G. Serbanexcu
S .V. Polyakov
B .E. Denisov
T . Z H . Zhunusov
V . I . Konovodchenko
A . V . Cherkashin


On the Aseismicity of Precast Curtain Wall

Seiji Watanabe
Shozaburo Shimaguchi

Damping Capacity of a Model Steel


D. Rea
R.W. Clough
J.G. Bouwkamp
U. Vogel

The Coupling of Reinforced Concrete Shear W a l l s .


Evaluation of Inelastic Seismic Deflections of

Reinforced Concrete Frames Based on the Tests
of M e m b e r s .

Hajime Umemura
Hiroyuki Aoyama

Seismic Behaviour of Reinforced

Frame Structures.

Vitelmo Bertero
Boris Bresler


A Method of Dynamic Model Test of

Arch Dam.

Experimental Results of the Dynamic

of Multi-Storey B u i l d i n g s .




Repeated and Reversed Load Tests on F u l l Scale Steel F r a m e s .

Lauren Carpenter
Le-Wu Lu

Low Cycle Fatigue Fracture Limits of Various Kinds

of Structural Members Subjected to Alternately
Repeated Plastic Bending Under Axial Compression
as an Evaluation Basis or Design Criteria for
Aseismic Capacity.

Minouri Yamada

Research on Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete

ConstructionsUnder the Effect of Seismic Load.

G.N. Kartsivadze
L.N. Avalishvill

The Experimental Study on the Dynamic Behaviour

of Reinforced Concrete Frames.

Toshio Shiga
Jungi Ogawa

An Experimental Study on the Horizontal

Restoring Forces in Steel Frames Under
Large Vertical L o a d s .

M . Wakabayashi
T. Nonaka
C h . Matsui




Bearing Capacity of Building Materials

Under Dynamic Repeated Loading.

S .V.





Research on the Behaviour of Steel

Beam to Column Connections in the
Seismic-Resistant Structure.

Takeo Naka
Ben Kato
Makoto Watabe
Masami Nakao

Reliability of Steel Beam to Column

Connections Under Cyclic Loading.

E.P. Popov
R.B. Pinkney

Seismic Behaviour of Steel Beam to

Column Connected Subassemblages.



Variability Analysis of Shear Wall Str\ ctures

Jack R.


An Approximate Method of Static and

Dynamic Analysis of Core-Wall B u i l d i n g s .

Sukenobu Tani
Joji Sakurai
M i c h i o Iguchi

Design of Beam Column Joints for Seismic

Resistant Reinforced Concrete Frames.

W . Gene Corley
Norman W . Hanson

Seismic Moment Resisting Girder

to Diagonally Aligned C o l u m n s .

Sadaichi Terada
Akira Tsuruta


Antiseismic Design of Multi-Story

Frames b y Plastic M e t h o d s .


Oscar de Buen

The Use of Steel to B.S.968:1962 in the

All-Welded Frame of a 19 Storey Building.

G. Cooper

Studies on Mechanisms to Decrease

Forces Applied to B u i l d i n g s .

Kiyoo Matsushita
Masanori Izumi


Study of the Behaviour of a Hanging

Under the Effect of an Earthquake.
Absorber System" for Earthquake



Carlos Jose Oto

Larios and others
Y.'P. Gupta
A . R . Chandrasekaran





Earthquake Analysis of Reservoir Dam

A n i l K. Chopra
E . L . Wilson
I. Farhoomand

Study on the Earthquake Proof Design of

Elevated Water T a n k s .

Y . Sonobe
T. Nishikawa

Hydrodynamic Pressures Generated by Vertical

Earthquake Component.

A. Victoria Flores
L. Herrera
C . Lozano

Seismic Design Criteria for Nuclear


Nathan M . Newmark
William J. Hall

Water Dam Seismic



H. Sandi

Seismic Forces and Overturning Moments

in Buildings, Towers and C h i m n e y s .

Steven J. Fenves
Nathan M . Newmark

Seismic Design of Traditional and

Reinforced Concrete Buildings.

J. Ferry Barges
Artur Ravara


Factors to b e Considered in Calculating

the Input Earthquake Force to Buildings.

K. Matsushita
M . Izumi
Kuang-Jui Hsu
I. Sakamoto

Comments on the New Chilean Seismic Code

for Buildings.

A . Arias
R. Husid
J. M o n g e

Criteria for Earthquake Resistance Codes

b a s e d on Energy Concept Draft Design

Cismigiu. A l .
Titaru. Em.
Velkov. M .

Large Size Structures Testing Laboratory

and Lateral Loading Test of a Five Storeyed
Full Size Building Structure.

Toshihiko Hisada
representing Joint
Committee on Housing

Earthquake Simulation by Shake Table.

Enzo Lauletta
Aldo Castoldi

Design and Research Potential of Two

Earthquake Simulator Facilities.

J.B. Bouwkamp
R.W. Clough
J. Penzien
D . Rea

Selection of Design Earthquakes for Nuclear

Power Plants.

Joseph A . Fischer
William J. Murphy

Hydrodynamic Pressures on A r c h Dams During


Bhaskar Nath
B.Tech. P h . D .

Dynamic Stresses of Underground Pipe Lines

During Earthquakes.

Akio Sakurai
Tadashi Takahashi

Studies on the Earthquake Resistant Design

of Suspension Bridge Tower and Pier System.

Ichiro Konishi
Yoshikazu Yamada

Some Long Span Construction in Earthquake

Regions and Choice of the Structure on the
Basis of Wave Dynamic Theory.

V . A . Bykhovsky
F.V. Bobrov
E . S . Medvedeva

The Effect of Seismic A c t i o n on the Dynamic

Behaviour of Elevated Water T a n k s .

Mihail Ifrim
Christian Bratu

Earthquake Engineering Research in the United


N . Norby Nielsen
William H. Walker

Study of Earthquake Resistance of Boilers

and Recommendations for their Design.

Pavlyk. V . S .

University of Chile-University of California

Program in Earthquake Engineering.

Martin Duke
Augusto Leon R.

Dynamics of Extended-in-Plan Structures

Strong Earthquakes.

M . F . Barstein

A Probabilistic Model for Seismic Force D e s i g n .

Jack R. Benjamin

S. Moran Garcia

The University of Illinois


M . A . Sozen
S. Otani
P. Gulkan
N . N . Nielsen


Earthquake Response Analysis and Aseismic

Design of Cylindrical T a n k s .


The Problems of the Reliability a n d Optimality

of the Earthquake Proof Structures.






Seismic Behaviour and Design of Small

Buildings in Chile.

Joaquin Monge

Strengthening of Brick Buildings

Seismic Zones.

Jao Krishna
Brijesh Chandra


Seismic Classification System for Old

Buildings in New Zealand.


Repairs on Power House and Boilers

Structure Damaged by 1965 Earthquake.
Ventanas 115 MW Steam Electric Station (Chile)

Santiago Arias
Victor Arze
Jaime Bauza

On One Method of Increasing the Seismic

Stability of Brick Buildings.

A . I . Churayan
Sh.A. Djabua

Restoration of Stone Buildings


Ras skazovsky V . T .
Abdurashidov K . S .



Earthquake Engineering as an Aid to Insurability.

Frank Alberti

Seismic Failure and Repair of an Elevated

Water Tank.

Elias Arze




Observation of Damages of Industrial

Firms in Niigata Earthquake.

Heki Shibata
Sumiji Fujii etc.

Macroseismic Observations From Some

Recent Earthquakes.

N . N . Ambraseys

Structural Engineering Aspects of the

1967 Adapazari Turkey Earthquake.

Rifat Yarar
Semih S. Tezcan

The Koyna, India, Earthquake.

G.V. Berg
Y . C . Das
K.V.G.K. Gokhale
A . V . Setlur

Lessons From Some Recent

in Latin America.

Luis Esteva
Octavio A . Rascon
A l b e r t o Gutierrez


The Caracas Earthquake of July 29, 1 9 6 7 .

Official Seismic

The July 29, 1967 Venezuela Earthquake

Lessons for the Structural Engineer.

Henry J. Degenkolb
Robert D . Hanson

Behaviour of Tall Buildings During

Caracas Earthquake of 1 9 6 7 .

J. Ferry Borges
J. Grases
A . Ravera


Damage Mechanisms and Design
from C a r a c a s .
This Session was devoted to the special papers prepared




R . I . Skinner

Implications on Seismic Structural

Design of the .Evaluation of Damage to
the Sheraton-Macuto.

M . A . Sozen
N.M. Newmark
G.W. Housner

Caracas, Venezuela Earthquake of

July 29, 1 9 6 7 .

Diego Ferrer F.
Lloyd S. Cluff