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2 Seize Opportunities
Entrepreneurs who have the power to see and seize the opportunity to have the
opportunity to have the efficiency to find and identify business opportunities that
Able to seize opportunities both to expend the market , assistance to business interest
and other.
Competency is a key factor for success and business viability. This ability will help
entrepreneurs start business and enable the business life-lasting
1.5.3 Endurance
Attitude determination and perserance cab be seen through the action of entrepreneur
as follows ;
Do not feel sick looking at ways to achieve without defeat.
Always strive to overcome obstacles that may hinder the achievement
1.5.4 Information
Individual attitudes are able to search for information is do their own research or
survey to obtain information and feedback to provide goods or services to satisfy
customers access to specialist services for business development and market research
to make analysis
Information and feedback obtained will be used to enhance the experience , improve
performance and business.
1.5.5 High Work Quality
Tendency to produce or sell product of high quality
Always compare the quality of work produced with the quality of the work of others
that are at par or better
Not merely to solve a task but will complete the task with excellence and quality
High quality work which can guarantee customer satisfaction.
1.5.6 Commitment Towards Work Agreement
Willingness to make personal sacrifices to complete a job to take full responsibility
in resolving a job
Showing a concern for satisfying customers need always ensure that every promise
made especially with customers , suppliers and other parties met as agreed.
1.5.7 Efficient
Always find a way to do something with a lower cost or with a shorter time than
Always concerned about the estimated costs and benefits of an improvement , change
or an action
Business efficiency will increase profits and reduce wastage and cost . This will help
business success.

1.5.8 Systematic Planning

Planning and arranging the steps and divide large task into smaller and easier
Make plans to overcome the expected
Value and choosing the best alternatives to an action
Taken in a systematic and logical approach to achieving goals
Entrepreneur of sytematic planning can improve the performance and achievement of
business goals.
1.5.9Creative Problem Solving
Find a smart steps to overcome the problems as best as possible
To find and produce new ideas or innovative solutions
The action taken will be able to solve problem and to create employee loyalty to the
1.5.10 Self Confidence
A belief in the abilities and capabilities to get what they desired
Expressed confidence in the ability to solve a task or meet a challenge
Not afraid to try and not afraid to fail
This attitude will inspire the confidence of others to entrepreneurs and business.
1.5.11 Assertion
Dare to voice their opinions or ideas directly to other
Willing to take action despite having to face oppositions from other parties
The nature of entrepreneurs will be able to guarantee strict control of the organization
1.5.12 Persuasion
Personal skills and can show others the quality of information and experience
Entrepreneurs need to have one of the power source or combination of these resource
as a strategic influence on customers , employee and the entire industry (stakeholders
to the business , employee ,customers ,supplier ,financial institutions ) and the
markets affected by it .
1.5.13 Power and Authority
Tend to think of strategic that can influence others without deceit for a business goal
Entrepreneur must be able to influence the workers and the venture industry in order
to achieve his vision.The five aspects of influence thatcan be used :
Influence on the absolute power
Influence based on the power to punish
Influence based on the power to give rewards
Influence based on the expertise
Influence based on the power to show good examples / model.