July 19, 2009

Blogs for Ethical Investors
by Ron Robins, MBA* From my globally popular ethical investing website, Investing for the Soul These blogs post useful commentaries related to many facets of green/socially responsible/ethical investing and are written by knowledgeable authors. Blogs that I especially like for ethical investors are marked with an asterisk. Obviously, the opinions expressed in these blogs are those of the authors themselves and may or may not reflect the opinions of Investing for the Soul. (See disclaimer below.) Socially Responsible/Sustainable/Ethical Investing Dorothy Hinchcliffe's FA Green Blog (U.S.A.) "Dorothy Hinchcliff is editor of FA online and FA green, as well as managing editor of Financial Advisor magazine." Finance for a Sustainable Recovery (U.K.) "This is UKSIF’s blog on creating a robust operating framework for sustainable and responsible financial services. It covers laws, regulation, fiscal measures, voluntary standards, skill requirements and cultural norms." *Henderson Global Investors (U.K.) "The blog presents a series of short posts from the Henderson SRI team for our investors and other stakeholders. We aim to share our views and approach on key issues relating to sustainable and responsible investment." *The KLD blog (U.S.A.) "Commentary and insight into sustainable investing." *Social Finance blog (Canada) "socialfinance.ca is an online platform for the community of people and organizations that are actively trying to advance the development of a social finance marketspace in Canada." SRI-Extra (Emerging markets) "SRI-Extra covers the art and science of integrating environment, social and corporate governance [ESG] factors into investment. Comments are global with coverage of emerging markets, especially Africa." *SRImonitor (Canada) "News and views on the world of socially responsible investing in Canada." William's Socially Responsible Investing Blog (U.S.A.) "By William Donovan, About.com Guide to Socially Responsible Investing."

Sustainable Investment (U.K.) "This 'sustainable investment' blog is a way of inviting comment from anyone engaged in sustainable investment on where the 'socially responsible investment' industry should go next and whether/how I can contribute to that." Islamic Finance *Global Islamic Finance Centre (Global) "Sharing the knowledge and information on Islamic finance..." Corporate Social Responsibility Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship (U.S.A.) There are actually three blogs here. (1) Director’s Blog, (2) Center News & Events… new research, upcoming events, corporate citizenship news, and opinion from guest bloggers, and (3) In Good Company: Inspiring stories about how our members put corporate citizenship into practice. For the most current listing of blogs that ethical investors might like to visit, see Blogs Related to Ethical Investing. ----------------------------------------------------------------------*Ron Robins, MBA, is founder, Investing for the Soul, (http://investingforthesoul.com/), a globally popular and respected ethical investing website. He advocates, writes and teaches on the subject of ethical investing. To contact him, e-mail to Ron Robins or call 705-635-3034.
© Ron Robins, 2009. Permissions: Provided full credit, which includes title, my name, and link to this post is given, anyone may print or re-produce this article in part, or in full, to any relevant web page.

Disclaimer: (Website hereafter refers to Investing for the Soul.) This website does not make investment recommendations. Nothing in this site should be interpreted as a recommendation or solicitation to buy/sell any securities or investments. Investing for the Soul is a source of general information and resources for spiritual investing, ethical investing, and socially responsible investing (SRI). Investors should consider their actions thoroughly and consult their financial advisers and other professionals, prior to taking any investment action. This website does not necessarily agree with the opinions expressed in articles on its pages or offered on the web pages to which it might be linked. Such opinions are the responsibility of the writers themselves. Furthermore, this site does not offer or provide any warranties, representations, guarantees, implied or otherwise, as to the accuracy, legality, copyright compliance, timeliness or usefulness of the information, materials or services on this, or other sites, to which it is linked. Also, Mr. Ron Robins is not an investment advisor, nor is he licensed with any professional investment related body, and thus is not able to, nor does he make, any investment recommendations.

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