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SEORETARY OF "7: ais UG 10 PA 3 RECEIVED Pursuant to the provisions of Article XIX of the Constitution of the State of Nevada, we, the undersigned voters of the State of Nevada, do hereby petition that the certain act of the Legislature of the State of Nevada entitled “Revises provisions relating to governmental financial administration” approved June 1, 2015, be submitted to a vote of the people for their approval or disapproval. ‘The People of the State of Nevada do enact as follows: “THe PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEVADA, REPRESENTED IN SENATE AND ASSEMBLY, DO ENACT 4S FOLLOWS: ‘Stn Tile 3 of NS by ended by dng throw sew cali eon af he prin set as Setons 6, aed ath cpr, les th eaten herve eis wor and ls defied in scons 210 nc, of hi ‘Scan he meaning ned tem tose secon ‘See snc mane ny cy engaged a rene be ened wi hohe of nbn or adap, ier det ‘rine, aay pron r govern xy. Scere 1c Eacegt snot pve a stant "psn ety" meats corpora, pase, proprcol inte Tay congty, tales edo, jot ver, ed-ly pen, bess, pein esocson Jom ck capes dy er pos npgedin a bis. ieee (a) Any pon ober ey wich hs Sut sprite from wig purl othe Conon oro ofthe led Stes he Nevada Contain, (0) Aral pron, nth pean is eagaging a abies ads eure le wih neal Revenue Svc Scedle €Clfom 104), Poitor Los fm Bess oreo suze om, Schedule E(Fom 14) Suypemenl cane fn Los or equaent rms om, or Sedu F (Fr 14), Proitor Loss fom Fning ors le or sesso ‘om frat bases. (@)A govereentl ey. {@.A pomp rico chribl, tera o other orn quis teem orpsaan pera! 1926 US.C§ sate (e) Abuses eit ore pars caper #2 M of NRS, (A cred union nga unde te poisons of hope 69 oF HRS ce Feder Cre Union As. (G)A grr ta as dened by son 671 and 701()S0XE) of earn Ravens Coe, 26 S.C. 6 671 wl 771(430XE), ‘Motte panos and tenis which are maturnlpenss or chases x dserbet econ S013) fe eel evens Code 6 US § 50693) excadng rat sale assess ety print 026 CA. §301.7R140) (ijAtesine of mtr prsca deed by son 701(0XD) feral Revewe Code, 28 US.C § TOUAK39N0), (Selig en abe shes nly pao 26CER 930.7014), (Area ete iretmet ss dfn by eon 156 fh Inara Revenue Code, 26 USC. 156, ands allied eles {trees tt aber tied by srion 656()2) oft ema evens Code, 26 USC. § 862), seep (Gh ren ete vesme ies an apo of sin dc els el ext, tia eal estou r bute purposes, opposed hella tress a Uned prep or ote ens th ety od hea esa ‘Sites ently puso is tn and (G)A linked partment or ther emt at dct tld te rel exes scribed a spay (1s bushes ely purse {oth secon lot rego wheter are] sae invesnent tt os an nee ni (GA rea eae orogens cond sie by selon B5DD af he eral Revere Code, 26 U.S.C. 8500. (8) et ued anderson 41 of neelRevence Coe, 26 USC. § 4010) WA pusve eal. {Apron wast ales wikia hs Sue ar confod tothe owing, tenance end manager of te poole ltreamens oro ke langle vesmens of pros o sty tas business Voss esr as ivesine consis der the nvertnent Company Ast of 540, 1S USC Ss eaeq, amended, end he coll and dsoton he eone fom Sschinvesimen or rom ene ropery physical led ons ths Sn othe pases of his argh "ingle Fovesmen des, witoat aon freien fn socks, bonds, os and te debt obladostlsing wit Tien, ‘bt blair of filed eras, releases us pans patel pplication, unde eas mod Page 1 of $0 Referendum Petition (State of Nevada simi types of ietangible es oan ety tht i repcered an nvetment company onde se Invesment Company Act of 1940, ISUSC. 9p tel etseg (G) pon wo tks part in an ein ld inthis State fora purpose rated 1 the conduct ofa busines andi ot requed © ‘hn sate Bsines Vee peel for eves psi a NRS 380.700. See. *Commerce eae ax ele 1 be pel pursue, Ses. cCre saa" mans sl of poodsby ala who sce paymet forthe goods ta ee Gime Sc 6: "Engepng ne bse” mean Conenecig, ceedetng caning abun, execs of opera anche overs ering tins, andthe igidaton of bares which ior ras easing a bsies whe te fie ods isa ‘ato he pul a conduing ta buses. ‘See. "Goverment en" meas: Tr The Unie Stes nay of ts ninencpomed agencies ad israel, 2 Any incorporated agency nsrometlry of the Unie Ses wholly owed by he Und Stes or by a corporation wll ‘ned by th United Sates. he Ste of Nevada a nyo is unncorprsed agencies and nsrumewlies 4. Any eau, ey, dat ror pois! sabvison of hi Sse See. Excpta there provide in ibeon "pom vven" means he tl moun rized by abuses ea fom aging in bsies ths Stat, wile eduton for eco of goss slo ie expenses incu, ht conus oe froterten of goss ncomenlodig, wou limitation, the fast ae fey rope an any serves eave, anny eb nsf or frgiven a cosieraion, Except a oer provided in suit 3, he tr icles, without iin: (a) Arun reed fom he sl, exchange ote opsion of «buses eis pope: {6} Amounts eld fom he performance of services by a banes ent {e) Arnis reied fom sae e's possesion ofthe propery o capi of busines ny and (@) Any combination of dese anowns. em does ot ice! {yA eed fm esl, exchange, disposition or other ret ofthe ight owe ralemarks ade nae, ptes, fopyrigh and smarts propery: (oy The vive of ath coat allowed he busines ely ed hen by weusoner, {c) The vale of goods services provided ta customer ons complimentary bas. {@) Amounts relize fom a reeston abet, desea ino gale to, set 18, 31,332, 336,337 338,351 Saicrmy 1021 or 1Y0 of te Inter Revenue Code, 16 USC § 18,331,332. 936, 998351, 355,36, 721, 731 tepid the federal ax haesion of te busines ny ander 2 C#-R-§ 30177013, (ehAmoun inde relied fom a edocon ofan expense deacon: (0) The vale of propery or secs donated 13 rompai alos, chral, atemal or aheergaizton ht qualifies 3 te ‘erp rnin parse seton 31(0K3) of he neal Revene Cod, 26 US..§SO(eK3) te donation tx ‘dete pore o he provisions of ston 7) fe Inter Ravenue Code, 26 U S.C § 170); and (g) Amounts hat re ot considered revenue under general seeped aeouning principles. Stuf “Losne mene ay exenson of creditor he purchase In ale ori put a m oerson oF ee om aoe person including, without imitation, parisons and syneatons, See. evade gross revenue" meats te procs revenue fa Dine ety from engaging ins buses in this Sta, es adjusted [ora secan 2 of this nd sited thie tte piven a scton 2 of hs ac ‘ee 10."Noth American instr Clsieation System or "NAICS" ears the 2012 Nek America indus Classifeton ‘Sysem pblised by the Barenu of he Census th Unie Sates Deparment of Commerc. ‘S105, "Panehrouph en" means an eit tht iegrdd ae ni fr he purposes of eer income eatin ot eted 13 paeship forthe purposes fede incor aie Sex 11. Passtvough evens” means: (3) Revere received bya busines clit th required by low rhea yt be ‘vb to anther person or govermesl ey (by Tavs clleted roa thd party bya bn ont and emit bythe bsines eyo a eg suhoiy: (6) Reimbursement for advances wade y abun ny on behalf oF comer or clench an wih spelt sence, ‘ended or wih expect to parhaer good bythe busines ety i caring othe busbess which i eas (@) Revenue received by uns ny tals mandated by conrct razon! be dibued to sneer person or ny the (Scone tap pean ota enpyeofi ines ni. ie wit nan e rents commit: (2) Te to ass of secures nderrien bythe busines enti, a etre othe purpoes of fderalincome xa o¢ Page 2 of 501 Referendum Petition Stare of Nevada (2) Sabconratng payraems nde contract or sabcotect etre io bya busines nyo provide services, Io or materia ‘Smnston ih tate or proposed design, consreln, modeling rendition orp of improvements al propery othe Ioemion fhe boundaries fl pope: (ch Revome recived ty a bse ely tht provides lop services th revenue esived by the busiest enti (0) Meodaed bylaw, nelry dy contrast be dirs o 3 lima by the cians torcy orf anther prion ot eniy ‘on behalf of claimant bythe anus nome icing wiht ation, revene received (ib For amass doe olen repre byte bsies ey, lif Thats section tenor oer conracal btn arsing out ofthe repesentin provided by he {ees owed othe business entity fore pronision of ea eves, Ai) Thr sejet ow sebogaian inert other Bet party eoratulli nd (IV) Tha eget be pio anateanarey who provided legal srvies na mater and wo sot member, panier ‘hatcholer or employee of th bias eat and {Gy Reimbursemen’ ofthe expres nce Wythe bins niyo proviing legal series claimant that are speci oe ‘imac mater a tha re no ener peraig expenses of he business ays Revo recived ty 2 busiest ety at prt ofa aflled group fom another member ofthe lite rsp. 2 As sedin is secon {g)"Aftiiued group" mens a group of wo or mre baie ens, incodng, what ton a business ety esrb in Sttsetion of econ # fhe et each of which s eontoled by ne or mor common owner ar by one or mere members of the ness exit ote tan oun. {Gy once ty” ean th rect orn! owners, conrel or posession of 80 percent or more of buses ety. (6) "Sse commision” meas: {i} Any fom of compensation pido person for engaging ia an act for whch cnt i reqied parse chapter 645 oF NAS; {2a Compenstin pad wastes epreseintv bya picpal in an amount iat is ase on he moun or evel fades le (Sscaltepipl ud ta! the pice equi to ep on tetera Revenue Service Fr 109% MISC, Miscellaneous Income Sec 115, "Secues” means United Stes Tresor seus obligation of United les governmental agence and corperaon, ‘higlans of sae or pllicascbivsen, corporate sock, tords, paripaons in scwcd by mortgages ed by United ‘Stas ors goverment genes, la-becked pci eae) ake instuments, federal finds, ears puchted md sd Ander opreemen eel or tepuchse commercial paper balers sexeplncen,parchased eens of depos, opto, aus ‘Src orord contact oven pcp contacting, wiout nation, saps, and ter in seas snd ‘Sex "Taxable year" means the 12-nonth eid beglaning on lt and ending on une 30 of te following yea. ‘Se 13 -Wage"neans ay remuneration pa for prone, nding, webou ton commision nd bones, nd ‘ermaneraion payable any eum ober thn cash. ‘Sex 13.3 For th purposes of is chp, les otberz indicated, seton efbences are the eral Revenue Code of 198625 ‘reed nd ica faure amendimnts osuch ection nd comespondig provisions ue feral revenoe laws. Stefi. othe purposes of te chape, a bosies a psiv en” ony {@) The sins ted bly company, gener prep, inet parse, ted prmeship or initdailiy med partners, ors st othrthan bins st (by Dating the per for which he pos vevene ofthe busines nity is reported pursuant section 20of his ct as 9 percent ofthe buns ely eeral gress income consists ofthe lowing income: (Cy Dividends interest foegnevreney exhange galas, perdi ant norprodepaymens with spect © oto principal ‘ura option pemioms uh setlenente or terinaon pymens Wh spect eae ininent and income fom 3 Tiedt company. {2) Capit an rom the sale ofl ropery. ss fom the sole of comms raed on commode exchang nd sia fom Ube sale of series; and {Gy Royals, bona or dla cen come rom mines popenies and income fom ther nonoperaing mineral ners ant {ey Tha tusinseny does not ese ore than 0 pecet is ede pros rcome fom condueing bn ave wader bases. Saaz pargragh (0) of obecon the ter come” does tle an: (eRe er {Dhlecone recived by 2 sonopertr fam mera roperes under aint operating agreement ifthe nonopertoris a member ot Mlle group ad sroher meme oft group stb operator ude ha joint operating apres 5. Forthe purposes of praroph cof subse {Gy Encept seer provided ln this subsection, buns eal is “onducting an active ae or bse” (]) The ase beg eared on ty the busines ell nde ono mare ative peat tht form apart fhe proces of CONES imcome or pfu te bane: nity peor ae manapemest and peraing fcon Page 3 of 50 Referendum Petition (State of Nevada (2) Ay assets, ding, wit imitation, ryeie, pens, under adobe inane sts, held byte busines ny ae ‘edn teste deo business foe of more eae uses nies (Gy The onmerahp ayers or onopeaing working resin mineral rights dos oo conse he conc of nective tide or buries (GT paren of comprsnton 0 employee or independent coats for Grncia or gals esonbly necessary forthe ‘pean ofa busier oes not consi the conduct ofan tive rade ruses. (Gh tolcing set on the beard of recor of buries ety doe nob eens he conduct fen ave rade or bse. {G) ase perormedby a snes ent inlade nts performed by persons oui te bales en. inci dpendent ‘Siactors tthe exes that hse persons perform services on Sha fhe snes nll and tose sees cons alo any {at ofthe business ents rade or bss fe, 5. or the prpoe fh chapter, fs busines ny engaging ina business inthis Sei engage in business in mre an ne sie category efor sens 24 o #5, ice of hist te bie ety Sal be deemed abe pinay exgged inthe busines category i which he Highest percenape of ts Nevada gross revenue is ener Se. 6, The Deparment sal T hdmininer an enforce the provisions of hs hapr and may adopt such elton a it deems appropri for hat prose, 2 Depot fers, itera penis it receives porsant thi chapter nthe Sate Treasury for cet the Ste Grea and. Se, 7. Each ron esponible otal ie recor oF baie ey shall: (a) Keep such ecrds 3 maybe acesary to detemine th aout of te lal ofthe busines ety puso he povison of thisetaper (6) reser thot records for 4 yer ul any gation o protein pursuant this chapters aly determine, whichever is longer ond {© he the records avalsble for epson bythe Deparnent oon demand a reasonable nes uring regular asness hors. the Department ny by reglaton seit the type af eceds which ust be ep eden the oun ofthe ably o ‘isin cuity pursue 1h provon of hs caper. The repsaor doped by the Deparment pars os subection must Specify te ype oman tabs nity enpging abies nts tate mut kep inte nora course of is racial ‘Beondkepig forte purge ofeteraning ih noun be commerce wx owed by the busines ety See 18 1 Tower the seuracy of ny etn ile of, Ie ears fied by abs en to detemine he mount of the nme tax rude pid prs thi chapter, the Deparment oF ny person aborzed in rig by the Deptt, ‘nay extn the Boks paper an ects fey een who may be ble for he commerce ax. 2. Any persn who may beable Tarte conimerce ex and who keeps ouslde of hs Sate my boos, papers or records ling teeta sal ay othe Deparment an Amour! ual tote alomance proved for sate offers oa employees generally while avelog oti ofthe State fr ech dy o° {ction threo daring which a employer the Deparenent engaged n examining tos came, pls ay oh etal ‘apenes incurs bythe employee ile eo seis bse fom his ore regu pce of employment 1 examine tote doses Sex 19, The Execute Director may request fom any oe: goverenhl agency or ofce such inforton ws the Exec Direc deems necessary fear ou the provisions of is chap. Ie Exeeuve Director otis ay confident information pursont fo sich equ, he or she sal mann the confidently of Ua ioeatcn nthe ane mane and oth se exe [rove by a forte agency ree from whom he information wes bined, Se 20.1. Fr the privilege of engaging ina busines ints Sate a commerce ie herby imposed pom cach basins ety ariedpurmiant seine 2 049, nave, of each busin ety engaging ina buses in tis Siae rng trie yen salon or before the St uy immedialy Fotowig teen of "aie yar, He with he Dement eprtan for prescbed by the Deparment. The report required ‘by hs subsection mst inl soch information ass eid bythe Deparment A busines oy shal eit wit the reun be tout of commer tx due pasate subsection 5 rorthe proses of ermaig the snout of the commerce tx de parsuntt this chaplr,he isl ep ied by abuses tnt whe Depaimenprsan to sibection 1 art dexgste te bases clgot la which the business nity pia osged A Busi eniy my ot ange the busines segory desirted for at bsies eels the person piso he ‘Deparment io change sch dvgnaon a the Deparment etre hal the busines sm longs par engaged nthe designated busines catego. «Upon writen aplion made befre the don which aye’ of he commerce ax de pursuant this chapier mus be me, the Department nay fr ood ease extend by ot more tan 30 cayethe ine win wich a business en i equied 0 py th Srna ath commerce api daring the prod of extension, no penalty o charge maybe impoved oT pay the commerce tax atthe ime required bul he bases ey sal pay ieee thera of 78 perce! per month om the don (hich the amount would hve been without the exnson lh eof payment, nes terse proved in NRS 360.32 or yeo.20, Se. 21. ncompatng the commerce tx awed by abuses nity usu this hp, he business nity is eid to dtu. fom gross event the lowing amounts, othe etn such meus anced in pss reveneof te bse ety Page 4 of $0 Referendum Petition State of Nevada (a) Any gros seven which his Sits proibied om xing pusvant 1th Consituion ors ofthe United Stes rhe Nevada Conttace (0) Any gros revenue ofthe Duines ety arbi to dvidnds and iter wpon any bons or eure ofthe ede ‘ovement the Sta of Nevado «pliclsubvson of this Sate {@)fe busines ent le requred py a ene fe punt NRS 463.37, the mous of pos rectps ted o determine he mune of tat (ait basins ny equi wo py oxo he net proceeds fom mien extraction an royals subject te excise ta pursuant the provisons of NRS 362100 o 362.40, nclesive the aot the gos proceeds used to deere he aout of fate (6) bsins iy seguir oy the ax imposed by chp 369 of NS, an amount pel tothe amount of the eit tx fai prs hat chapter byte busines ety. Ai) ithe bss ety reared op he tx imposed pursue o chapter 608 of NRS: {U) The smoot of heal income derived rom ies premise rien anal ote caniersions for isurace, tito any ‘omacs sed 6 detrei the amu of he posed pura chapter 6B of MRS: {G) Ary amount ele rom lal come derived rom src premiums pasta o NRS 6408.025; and (G) Gros prentms yon pois o ts eee in hs Se ese by a cor maul ad aos deduce rom such ost premiums odoin the mu of he ax inposed by NRS 6108.02 opon te factory mel prsan 1 NRS 6808053. {@) ifthe basins ny equal py thax imposed pasa o NRS GAC ASO, out Rt Sie remit ‘efined in ht secon wed w deen he amount of a ak. (Gye basins ny ego py the ax imposed porate NAS GHSA.IO, the cut of the premiums a: defned in at Seaton, seo determine the amount of hat wx (i Excepas cers provided by puregaph (the total amount of payens received by aes care provider: (1) From Media Medias the Chiles Heath Inzane Program, th Fund for Hosp Caf tndipent Pesan created Pusu o NRS 478.175 or TRICARE: (2) Far profesional sersics provided in reaton oa worker compensation i (3) For the aca ott the bah car prvier for any uncompenstd cre provide byte heh ae provi, except athe ealh are provider er esives aye ol or pa of hat cae he bean eae prover must ide the amount payment Ins oer ros recip forte calnr quatre which th payne recived. ()iF be basins ny is eagagig ina business is Sue as heal cre provider tha is heath care insta, an aman gua to s0 percent ofthe amounts dsete in parsgraph (ita e received byte heath xe aston. {kof the business enti caging in busines in this Sine aan employe lesng compar, he amount of any payments esved rom aclent conpany for woges, ayo es on ose wages, employe berefis and workers compen bent fr employees lee othe cent company. (The mount of any pas rough revenue ofthe baie enti. {om Theta basis of scares and lun sod by he busines enya deter fr the presto ede income nation. (@) Toe amowat of revenue recsved bythe business ny that ely derived fom he operation of ii ht {Located on propery ewned or kad by te Fedral Government and (2) Managed or oer primarily wo hose members th Armed Forces ofthe United Ses, (0) eres income orton interest once sales. (9) Dividends and dstibuons fom cmporaions and dsibuiv or proportionate shes of etip and income fom pusitough fat. {@) Receipts fom sl, exchange other spoon of on eet described in seston 1221 or 1251 ofthe Ina Revenwe Code, 2BUS.C§ 122 or 1231, without ear th enh ie the busines ey Bld th ase. (Receipts fom a hedging tansacon, a defied in sesge 1221 of enteral Revenve Code, 26 US. § 1221, or tanscton ‘corded hedge soounting teste str Sister No 133 ofthe Fania Accootng lands Boar, Accounting for Desvatve rent an Hedging Ate, othe eta the ramen etered ino primarily to roe aol postion, Ineuling wiiot ination, mangig the iho export foreign creeyfacuation that effect ase, abies, pros, loses, ely or investment in reign pean, intret rte Mcuason oro commodity pric vetsione. Fre purposes of ‘his parnraph expo the aca tre of le fel or tare personal proper anther busines eye mot aps {fom s hedging tantaion ors rasacton accorded hedge aescntng eae. (9) Proceeds recived bys busines ent hal re butt the repayment, mary or redemption ofthe rip of oan, ond, ma fd, cerifete of epost or mares nsrumen. (The pina noun eceved ude reptchase aes or 0 accosn of ny tanscion properly cheatin aoa, {ay Procees csv from te ssmce of the bsines ens ovm Sc, ope, sarap or eal, frm teal the ‘snes emi eeauny sok ors conbuion oth apo the busines ety (©) Pree tectved on coat opments rom insurance plies, except hose proceds eevee the of burns revere Page 5 of 50 Referendum Petit state of Nevade (07 Damages recived real of ighon in exces of amounts th, iresved wit tigation, would wt have been ince in ‘he gee recip th basins ny pursznt oi secion. (0) Bad des expensed for the pepo oF federa income taxation, (9) Rens ad retinas cases. (2) Amour realized fom th sale fn sccount rece the extent th rcp rom the undying wansction wer ince in the basins eins shar of the ne inome of he pte eny, tt ‘nyo estat tenet ncome othe pastve enya ened bythe pov evens of ante bases ny. 2 Aewed inti sen ‘GyChte's Heat nurance Program” mean the progr enblihed purnsn 1 42 SC. $§ 139750101397} nso bovie heh insurance for unnsred chives fo ow income flies ah Ste (6) lem company” has he meaning aserbed ola NIRS 160,670 (6) Employee esingcompeny” hs the meaning scribed on NRS 616B 70. (G) "elt erin ean: (Gy A ede elt as defied in NAS 499.0151;ond {G)A pharmacy scetioed a NRS 32012 (6) "Meh cae provider meas briness ht eciver ny payment ited in pargraph (i) of secon | a ponder ef ely {re ences fcudng, witht ation, ment enh eat soc ("Meticad means the progam esubished pasta Tie XIX of he Social Seewity Act, 42 USC §§ 1396 5,10 provide ‘Src for ot oral ofthe com of eda are rendered o etal of igen ese. (@) "Medicare ears the program o hah isurane forage eons acd persons wih abies enabished purse 0 Tie [XVII of die Sail Secon Ae 2 US.C. $1395 en. ‘Sex. 22 1. lncompating he cominerc tx oe ya bes en the gos revenue of he buses catia ausiedpursant to Seton 2 ofthat, mas be suse fo this Sem acorance wt the flowing es (a) Gros em tnd oye om rel property ae used th Sie te rel proper soa in ths Ste, (8) Ges oven om th sale fel propery are sad this She the rel properties inh Ste (6) Gros ens nd eyelies om tangible personal propery is sased ths Stas othe exe etangle personal propery lected or used in hs Sine (@) Grose even fom he sale of angible pesesal propery i sued this Siae if the propery delivered or ship wa buyer ia ths Stat, regardless ofthe F.0.. pit or any ter condition of le. (6) Gros everae rom the Sl of tesporstion servic shused 1s Sue fb he xgin ad the desinaton plato he taxsporatoe we loeted hs Se (Gro reverse fom the al of any service at teri decribed in thi seon ested. is Sain the proportion ha the chasers enti nthe Sa, wih spect ew was purchase, bers tote purchasers enelieveryhere wih spt 0 WA ‘rs purchase For te puposesof is paragraph, the psi lcation a which te purchaser of sevice imately wes recives Tie bea of he rice that was arcazed panos in detering the proportion fhe bene nS tthe beel tveryere Ith sors of buses ely dont allo the txpayerto determine ta locaton, he bases en may st. ‘ilertive method to sie gros revere pea ths soto the eral meio is resol, conten and lrmly {plied an sported by he rpers cords hse evel xs when te serves rovidet or wii esenble period of ‘in teen. (G) Gros rene oot terse decribed in his tect sited thi Sti the gros recep we om basins conducted in tis ‘Ste Forth arose ofthis paragraph he psa! oan af the purchases pramot in eteminng buses ide in his ‘Site the rears a's basins ent dont allow he buses nyt determine the oan ofthe prc he rss evete ‘tat pot be considered be fom buries Sone nth Site 2th pplication of te provision of uberion I docs nly eepresent he exten of the busts conducted ia this State by & ‘sins enti the Deparent sy authorize he usin enthuse of alerative metodo sising gos revere 1 hi sue, ‘See. 23, Except as heise provided inthis eto, he omer a rue tbe pil by a des ety engaging abuses inhi regal the moun obsned by subsrasing 400,00 forte Neda gos ever of the bsines et i ‘Stable year sad muiplyng iat aout byte rae se ft in setons 4 t 4, ice of tise forthe business xenon in iS S “nbnting$400,00 from te Nevada goss revenue oh busines ently forthe able Seat tl malig ist sou by he fae forth in setion 49 of tia Sc. 24.1. The agar, forest, iting and hang busines category (NAICS 11) inode al sine ete primi cneagedin pista prodocn or sgrclualspport seve, bh, eclg,wiou Tinion growing cps, aisag ‘smal, resting ember ad arvesing hand oer ail om a Tam, anh of bein bi Page 6 of 50 Referendum Petition State of Nevada imitation, farms, roche, des, recoheues, mses, lads 2. Geamples of burns nies inthis nego eae, witou eta 3: This category dss not inca busines nes primal enenged in arcu resewcho ministering poprans for regulating ‘nl conerving and, ner, wlio forest ee ‘The amt of te commerce tax fr buns nity feuded inti ctgory ithe amount bined by abating $4,000,000 from he Nevada gros revert ofthe busines elt or ie aabe year and ailing tha snout by 0.063 percent ‘See 251. Themining.quyng sd ol ud gut eran butines neg (NAICS 1) incall baie ete pia ngged in ining operation nd ning suppor stiles, ncn, wou tation, exracng (6) Nawal occurg mineral sls suchas coal snd ee, (6) Liu minerals, such seu petal nd (6) Gases, sch as raul ps 2 Examples of buses ents in his exegory incu, without ton: (a) eer nis operaig mies, quar raed ue walle on sown acu! orf ots ona cotta, (6) Mining suppor actives, nctaing busines eis tat perform exploration of ther ming services oo, om conc ae tas exept geophysical urvaying mine ite preparion ane canton fel and gs pipelines. 3. As uted in saben | andthe em “ming” hci quarrying wel operations an bene ncn, without imitation ting. seeing, bing Notton ad ter rpartion casa perlonned a eine ior 8 par of mining ssi. ‘The srout ofthe commerce tax fora busines en ncluded in ts catgoy isthe amount bined by abating $400,000 ‘om the Nevada gross revenue of he busines ety forthe taxable ear and maipyng that amove by O51 perce. Se. 26.1, Theullies rd elesormunicstions bua eepory (NAICS 22 ad S17, respectively) nde (2) Al business ete primary engaged in providing uly Servle,ielding, wilau lin ee powe, aus gu, sem Spl. wate supply ad sewage removal ad (@)Allbsinee ene pray engaged in proviingtelecommenicaton andthe services ted ott svi, incding wit limitation, lepton. cable and ale ditrbuon servic, nee cess nd ieleconmunialar selling sevice 2: Thiscaiegor does not ince business ells pinay engages in waste mangement ed remediation services at ar decribed inseaton a oftissce 3. The amount of te commerce tax for a business nity lcd inti cgay isthe smount bined hy sabracing $4,008,000 {fom the Nevada ross evenae of the basins ny for he ale year and multiplying hm sown y 036 perce. See... The concionbusies category (NAICS 2) incaes al bsies ene primarily eased nh consacton of balding or eginewing projets, suchas highways and ily stems Busnes ene engaged the pepo sso ew ‘easton ad business emis primary engnged in subd end fea bung stesso are cade ini gay. 2. Examples of tsies ete inthis category ele, wide! iniaion, genera contactors, desig uldes, constuction tmanager eke conncios,jlt-venur contactors, serial ae coro frsale ld specu bullr nd ‘pect bude 3: The amount of the commer tx fr business ny iced inthis categorise smn tnd by sbing 400,000 {fom the Nevo gross evens o the business ny fr the abe yes and mahipying taunt by 0.083 perce. ‘Sec 28, 1. Te manufacturing business exegory (NAICS 31, 32 and 3) ncaes lbs ete rina engaged inthe mechanical, physio chemical wssfrmsion of maa, sasanees or componens ine new rods 2 Examples of buns ents in hiseaegery include, without nan, mit botlng and pater. mater bling and irocesing, es sh packaging, ppl obi, concting on materials owned by Cr, iting ad aed evi ey ined cor rdston, late conveting,giadingo lene: o precio, wood preserving ectopaing, plating, eta et, ‘reaiog ad pling fr the wae, iar work rhs, fabening spn nd ner plays rebuldinsor ‘renanulhuing machinery, hip pir and renovation, machine shops odie reveing. 3: The amount of the commerce tx fra business nity inde inthis category isthe sur bind by sbacing $400,000 {om the Neva ross evens of the bsines erly forthe asl year and maipying tat umount by 0.991 perce. ‘Ste 29, 1. The wholesale de basins xtepry (NAICS 42) ios ll busier ene primary engage a wholecng Imrebndise, general witout ransormation, an reedrng seve leiden othe se f merchande. 2 The amount of te commerce ta fora basins ny included nti etgory isthe anos Obaned by bracing 4,600,000 ifm he Nevada gross evenae of he basins en fr he ble year and mlpyng that sown by © 01 ‘See 3.1 There trade busines category (NAICS 4 48) neal business pial engaged fang merchandise, grerly witout wosforation, und rendering serves inden tthe ale of merchandise, 2°The amount of the commerce tx for a business nll le ded ia th category ie wot lined by bracing 4,000,000 {om the Nova rss evens of he bsies nly fr the abe yes and rpg Ui arte y 0.111 pee. See. 1. The al tansporation busines ctsgary (NAICS 481) nls al businesses primarily engaged proving se ‘atspoation of passengers or agnor ot, sg aera sich as an apan and helper, Page 7 of 50 Referendum Petition 4 Sate of Nevada 2. The amount ofthe commerce na busines ety nad i ths calgory ithe mount obtined by snting 400000 om the Nevada ross evens ofthe busines ely fo the teal ear and maliplyng at arcu by 0.58 percent ‘See 32.1. The tneck sporti business nepory (NAICS 48 icudes al busines esis pal engaged in providing over ‘hevoad tansporaton of cargo wig moor ees, suas tuck and water te. 2" smut ofthe commerce ax rabies ey incleded inthis eategoy fhe uous obtined by sebacting 400000 {fom he Nevada gross event f the busines ety fa he tele ear and mulplyng hat unous by 0.202 percent. See 3. Ther taneponaton bse etgary (NAICS 482) inde al atin nies pearly engaged in posing il. transpoaion of passengers or cera, o both ing raiood eng sock. 1'Ti amount of he conmercs at for abusive en eclued hs catgory ihe amount obned by subst 4.000000 {om the Nevada ross evens of the busines ely forthe tmwble ear and malpying hat wnous by 0.31 pee See 34.1. The other tmspontion buns eepoy (NAICS 40, 485,406,487, 46, 41 and $5) ncaes bushes ets imal copaged {@) Water tarsporato, nlag, wou initin the tanspoation of passengers and cago wing water, (0) Tears end ground pesengertansporaton, nln, wsbou linfaion charter buses, schol uss, Intra bus Transporate, tis and imeusine serie, tee alias, commute ral and api rans (©)Phpelne anspor, incu. without lnitation, wing vansmisie pipelines to ranpor produc, ich sca ol aural ‘i, refled pavleum produ a shry: ()Scoie nd sphtceing trsportin icing, without Eston on land orth we, or inte {@) Stppom sete for tansporaoa, acing witout Un srr contel series, tine ergo binding, motor vile ‘ong ala vihing ad emi snd hip repair and mtnenance nt done ina hiya, ch ing Sryock serie in hater {0 Poa serves, inciding witout ination, the stv of the Unie Sites Poel Service an its sebsontnctars operating Unde a ever sevieeobligtono provide mal sve, deve lees and smal pel, and al pos oie on coat the United Stns Pol Sere; nd (@) Courier and essen sevies, inching witout ition, te proviso finery, loa orien deliver of pres 2nd documents who ean de universal service ablation. 2 The moun of he commerce ix for a buns nity ined nhs calegr is th mount tne by subtrating 4,000,000 orn the Nevada ss revenue of te bse ety fr the wable ear and mlplyng hat anos by 0.129 percent ‘Sex 35.1 The warchowsng and storage busines category (NAICS 293) nies alesis eis primary engaged ia operaing srrchosing and trae flies for general merchanie, refgented gods a other washout: 2 The moun ofthe commere tx for abuses nly iced in hs aegis he mou ated by subescting $400,000 ‘om the Nevad ress evens of he basis ent fr the able year and eulipiying two by 0.128 perce. ‘Sex 36.1 The publishing, software and as processing bsiess catgory (NAICS 311,312,513 bl 318 ices ll business (a) Pblhing, xcept on the tr icding without ion the publishing of nenspupers, magne, ote pedals nd aswel dnectry ad malig lit a ftwae pubing (6) Motion ptr and sound recording cling, wit ination, the production od dsvibuen of mation pcre and ound recordings (©) Broadeasing, except on the Iere icuting, without ito, creaing content or acquiring the igh to bt coment and ‘sbeeqvenly reds the coer and (4) Data procesing, sting and reed series, including, witou into, the provision fins fr hosing and ain frocessing services 2: Theameun fte commerce tt fr busines ny ncudd ints caegor ithe sun bln by substi 400,00 from the Nevada gros evenoe ofthe busines ey forthe table yea and mapyng that amow! by 0.253 percent See. 37. The nance and insurance busines elo (NAICS $2) cde ll busines nies pari engaped in Gasca ‘rrsctonso in liaing cl banscions. 2"The amount a ecommerce tx fra eines entity icloe in his neg ie the moun bine by setting $4,009,000 item te Nevada gross revenue of he busines ely for he teal ea and mlplyng hat soa by 0.111 eee ‘Sec 38. 1. The rel esate and ret and ese busines ealegory (NAICS 53) intedes al bese ens rma engage in ‘etingleasing otherwise allowing te use of tng or mange asses, proving ele eres, managing el exe or hes ellie ring or buying rea esate for thers, aed aprasing real esate. 2 The amount ofthe conmeree tax fora buses entity incded inthis eater i th mou otic by subncting $4,000.00 from he Nevada gross evenueo te busies ety fr the taxable year and mulpyng ht amou by 0.25 percent. S391. The proestralselenfi ard enc teviees urine exepary (NAICS 34 cade Besnee ets pimarly ‘neied i performing profesional, siete nd tecnia actives for oer 2 The amour ofthe commerce ta fora business ent included nhs cep sth mount obined by subtracting $4,000,000 itr the Neva gross evenuto te basis eal for he taxable yes and malin tht acon y 0.181 percent Page 8 of 50 Referendum Petition .||\|.||________—sState of Nevada See 4.1 The management of companies nt eles busines category (NAICS 5) inl el busines ete primary reget (6) Holgi sects fo ether equity interes a comparies nd enterprises fr he porpose of owning 2 conling ners or Infencng management decisions or (©) Administering ovesexing and managing eablishens of he company o ener anda smaly mide he sep oF ‘rpnzational plnning and Gcson ating ele of te company or eneise 1" amourt ofthe commerce tax abuses emi inelued in tis calegory ihe amour obined by sbactng 4.000000 {om he Nevada gross evenue of the busiest ety fr th weble year snd mulplying hat nou 6 0.13 erent. ‘Sex 411 The adminis and support services bsiesetegory (NAICS S61) ines al buses eats rma engaged ie cles the soppont the dayt-day operations of eer oraz 2 The amount ofthe commerce era Busies en ined in this category ithe amount obulaed by subst $4,000,000 Tom te Nevada gross evenue of te busines ety far the tweable ea and mlplyng at mount by 0.154 prem. ‘See. |. The waste manipemen nd remecton servis busines category (NAICS 32) includes al sins nies pinay engage ne coleton,teaimeet end aporl of waste ler 2The amount ofthe commerce tax oa basies en incued in ts cutgory isthe amount obuined by sabuctng 400,000 fom the Neva gross revenue of the bsineseny forthe txabl ear and mlplyng ht roan by 0.261 pee See 43.1. Theedveatoral services business alegry (NAICS 6) telus ll business primal engaged Ia provi Istrtion 2d ining ina wide vary fsb. 2The amount of the commerce tax busines ny included in ts cagory I the amour bined by ebestng $4,000,000 {rom the Nevada gross evenat ofthe busines ety forthe txble yea eed malplyng ut aroun by 0.281 percent ‘Seo4. 1. The bea care and soil sistance tues xepory (NAICS 62} ces al busines! eis pearly engaged rovig tel ear ard vocal estan or atl persone The amonc ofthe commerce ia os busines en nti tis calgory ihe amour cbined by saben 4.00000 from he Nevada gross event ofthe busines ety forthe txable eared malpyng hat unoun by 0.190 percent See 45, 1 The art enealnmest od recreation busines category (NAICS 71) lace al basins nies pony engaged ia peaing fees proving seve ome varied ela chien bd reretea eet of ter pao. 22 The amount of te commerce tx for abuses en iced ahs category sth aur used by sutra 4,00,00 fom the Nevada pros revenue fhe busines ety forte taxable ear and malplyng hat mous by 0.2 percent ‘See 46 | Thesccommodtion Basie enlegry (NAICS 721) nee al Baines ens primal engaged provi lodsng of shore acommedsions for taelers, vacations and other 12 The emt a the coneeree tat for a barnes ently cade eh caleor ithe sant btn by sabating $400,000 {om the Nevada gross evens of the basis ently fr the ttable ea and mallpying tht sous by 0.2 erent ‘Sec (7.1. The food services nd diking ples besines caegry (NAICS 72) nc ll business eis pal engaged in Preparing ment, nck nd beverages osteo far tet on-prenes nde pena consumption. The amount ofthe commerce tax fora business nity fcued inthis caegor Ite amount buined by subactng $400.00 Thom he Nevada gross evenue of te busines en fr he taxable yen end malpyng at sou by 0.194 pret See 4. The ober serves busnss nes) (NAICS 8) ies al buses ents einer engaged in roving serves nt Incas Ia ary the basins core deserves in seatont 21 47, nls, rt Buses eis nti egy are ima engaged in aves uch as repaingequpmen’ and machinery, promoting or odmiiterag reioue sie, ‘animating advocacy, ad proving ry leaning and laundry Services, personal ee serves, et cae vie, peer secs, Bhotcishing services, temporary parking services and ding Servis. 1The amount o ecommerce xf snes elt iced nh alegre mow ose by trating $400,000 from he Neves gos revenue fhe busines ent forth twxable ear and mulplyeg hat moan by 0.14 percent. ‘Sez 4.1 Theunclasfed bases eaepoy ices any Dries ely ot inched nay oh bus eter etblsed by sections 21 48 inhsv, of is act 2 The amount ote commere tux fora business en inched nth category i the sou btn by rating $4,000,000 ‘fom he Nevada gross evenuc of the bsies aly forthe rable yen ard mulpying at amou by 0,128 ere ‘Sex 50 bases enti’ nto of coun for oss revenue fo a taxble ear for he purpose eterna the amour of the commerce owed bythe busines ety mst be the save asthe business's method facouni federal income ta poss forthe buses eral xa yar which acaesl ealends quae I bunts en's method fsecoaning er Feder ocome x purposes charges, etod of counting fr oss revenve pursuant os hapter mb charged aceodighy ‘See 3, fhe Department determines that ay ts penal or interest as been pid more han once ot hasbeen eoneosly oF egy eased o computed, the Depart tal st oh ht et the reser te Deparment and ef the Ste Board of Examine amount alee ip exe of th tnt aly ead the person rm whom Ka called orb whan twas ud Irapproved by te Site Board of Examines, the excess amount cole o paid mist ae: ning ered gas ny amount ‘hen due om he person in accordance wil NRS 360.236, erie othe eran or ioe ces Page 9 of $0 Se. 2.1. Excp as terse provided ia NRS 360238 and 360395: {@) No rfid may bellowed unless lim ri led wah the Deparment win 3 ears afer ast ay of the man allowing the hast mom the taal year for wich be overpayment was made (0) No credit maybe alowed ater th expen a he period spied fr ing lais fr efand uns ci forces led With tbeDeparnet win at pod. 2 Each clam must bea wring and mus sat the specifi rounds upon mich he a sounded 3. Faure woe claim wii te ine prescribed in ns caper eames a waver of demand asin the Sis on account of overage, “¢ Wit 30a ae rejecting any lim in whole rapa. te Deparnen shal eve notice of satin on te lian in the ‘manerpetrbed fr verve of aie oa detleney determination e531: Excpt at tere provided inh eesti and NR. 360.320 or any che epecife at, nee mb psi pon ay ‘overpayment fay moan of the commerce taxa he it tft, an ia aceordane wi the provisions of, NRS 3602537 1 ifthe Deparment determines ta wy overpaynet hes been Rade inenonlor by reson of cess, he Depannest shall tot allow ny ieet on the overayen. ‘Sez 4 1-Ro inunctn, wit of manatee ote legal or eguable process may sue in anys, son or proceedig a any cout ‘pins thi Ste o ain any fice hs Sate a preven’ or ejin he collection under hi china ofthe commerce xO Sy ‘Som oft, pew ov ners rqued to be coed 2 Ne mito procceding ray be meine in any cour ate resover fey moun llegd to tave been vont or ileglly “dzermines or clit ues clam for refind or red a ben Hed ‘S35. 1 Wiha “Odaye er anal decon upon cain ied pursint thi chp is renders bythe Commision, ‘inant may bring a acon ast the Deparment on he grounds sto ithe ci ina conf compete juisdicion a ‘Cron Clg the coum of thi Ste were the cna ese mains Ms ore principal plea ans re oun fn which ‘ny leant proceedings were condced by he Departmen, for the recovery fhe whole or ny part fhe amount wi epee a ‘ich the clash been dallowed 2 Faire to bring an ation within he ime specified constts waiver of ny demand opis te Slate on account of ged ovement See 36 Ilthe Deparmen flo all ace of stn ona clan within 6 months afer he lin is led the eat may onsite tbe nie dzone sd fe an appeal ith the Commision within 30 dap ater he st yo te oman pra the Staman I ogveved bythe dein ofthe Commision rendered o ppel, he laiman may, wile 90 dys rhe deci Feeder, bring av acto gn he Depart on the rounds fons ne cai for he sore ofthe whole or any pao he mount clined a an overpayet. 2 judgment rnd othe plani, the mount ofthe agement us rst be ceed towardany tx due rm the pat 3. The alae ofthe jogment ms be refined othe lain. Se. 7. nny Jaden, eet us be alowed athe ale of percent par anam wp he mse ound 1 have bes iegally ‘lid frm the dat of payment ofthe amu the ate allowance eet on scout of ipsa. oo dae peeing {He dt ofthe end wart by nol are han 30 day. The ae ast be deemed by the Deparent ‘Sez 5A jadpment ayn be endred i favor the plain in any sn rg agit the Deparment o recover ay aut id when the ations brought by orn the nme fan signe of person paying he moun oFby ay person ther ham the eon who pai th mount See. 1. The Deparment may recover a lund o ay part thereof wbichsenoncously made ndsny ered pat there wich it erroneous lowed inan ection ogi na cou of compet jurtion n Carson Cy oC Coy inthe nae ofthe Sate fered 5 The ston must bee in Carson iy or Cask County nes the cour, with th consent othe tomey Gene, orden change or pace of wa ‘The Attorney Gener shal prose the actin, andthe provisos of te Nevaia Revised taut, the Nevada Res of Ci Procedure and the Nevada Rls of Appellate Procedure rein overvice ofsmmons, pleadings, woos, wala appeal are applicable oe proceedings ‘Sex, I any amet in exes of 25 has een lle ermine ether by the Deparment by the pen ling he ew, ‘he Deparnent lca tat it othe Site Board of Examiner and heaters suo e carson of he ou ‘ponte raved ofthe Deparment. 2 fan amount ot xceding 525 has been ley eteraoe, citer by the Depart orb he ers ling the eta, he Deparment, wiht ering hat facto the State Bard of Examines tal authorize the cancion fhe moun upon the records of he Departnent 5.6, The remedies the Sie provide for in hi chpter re came, od wo ation aken by the Deparent rhe Atomey General consties a eeton by the Seo paste ay remedy wo he excuion of anyother rere for which rovison irae in tise. Se, 6, Chaper 360 of NR is herby areded bya hers resection fread flows: Page 10 of 50 |. Escep a theme provided esto on or bee Selene 30 feck evermberd yes, Deprinen sa tein he combined reverse om te tes imposed by chapters 361A and 338 of NRS and he omnes ax peed by ‘estan 206, ichsive of hist er te preceding ial yw except as otlewie provide in ssseton 4 ithe combined even tein paseo susceon | cxsedsby mor an 4 erent the maint of he conbine anise eves rom hs as fora yap by he canoe Foun ‘Sr fecal pear rm io prpaph (of tec oF NAS 35328 ada sdb any ego race by he Lepore tht ats revert aa ete Depa al eerie the rth he ee ped prs o NS 5SG3A.150 nd 338.110, combetn whe evens om he commerce ax ingore hy sens? 6, fist ‘oul ve pnered a combied eens af pean moth he mex nate In kine deletion req it ‘hsecln he Dearest sal reduce her of thaes toc parse 10 NRS 334.150 at 3638.10 fn be proportion tat the acl onoont alected fom echt be reed il er bes het comined nee allied fom bh tes. (rte pees Oca yar 5 Eacept as teri provided in scbrection 4 eecive on uly | ofthe o-umbered year inane foowing te yarn which ihe Depurent mde the determiaondeserbed in saben | the tes of tates imposed pus NRS 363A 30 and 56360 hat re deemied psa o subsection, rosded oh rarest oneshosndh oa cen mt refer be te rte ate tes, oes rt ated in sobseqen fea yee. $C leprstnt subsection 3th rao he exposed pursuant 1 NRS 3638110 1.17 perere (a) Oxprmat rn loge gid eee Steins reins by recon ds and {6} Tarn hess inoted psa o NRS 3A 130 snd 3698110 at ab re jd pent to sbcton3 See. NS 3.297 ih amended rend ws: 560.2957 I. xcept thers provide aia scon nd NRS 360.320 or ay oer speci ne, and ewitondig the Provisions of NRS 360.2935, et must be pad upon an overpayment of ny ax proved orn hale 362, 363A, 3638, 30%, {Tu32.376 37, 377A or3T7Cof NS, orsectons 10 6, cv, of te pov fora NAS 444.050 {482515 oc ay shes provided fr in RRS 385497! he at OF.25 percent per mow on he st ey he lend math {lowing the pro for which ie overpayment ws made 12 Nori or eit ay be made any ners impose onthe person waking overpayent wih espe the sown bing ‘snded or cede rect mat be ps (aytnthe case of rfnd he it yo th ealenar month lowing the date poe wich he on making he overpayment, if the pen hes ot seal Te cam, nlite bythe Deparment tha scan may eed ore te pon which he ci ered othe Sate Boud of Examines whichever seater. {@)intbe case of ced othe same dn sth whiners s computed onthe x othe ant eo which he ett ies SE 61 NAS 36030 her amended ed alo: 5360.30 a pers oea retum ote Deparment i 0 ied wth ie re ot of sy, onion rein or aroun of, carbon o premium eure ob ato the Stat by my pean accortane wih he appesbe Frovbins of hs choper hte 3608, 36, 3A, 338, 36,370,972 9724, 374, S71 ITIA, SIC or 4A ofNRS RS £12313, o chap S85 o 6108 of NAS, or etns 216i cls, ofthis as adminitered waded by the Deparment tay comput an eerie he cust eure be pid upon ts basis {@) The fc contained ne ear, (©) Ary intron wii ts pssewono bt may cone in its posesio:o {@)Resontieesiates of be ano {ne or more éeiezydeermaian may be mae wih eget the aunt ue ooo fo mae ha one pei. 5. naling is eterinaon fhe ant ered tobe pdb Depacnet sal impos inet one omout of ax Setecined ‘abe ue elesed the re dine mer sth RS HOA, nea dilren einer spel poved tyme. 1 the Deparment slings eyo 10 pet in ain ote amount ofa emia mde inte ca oft {ire oFs person les er whe Depormen 5: When anes contd eatin maybe mde a any ine there wiih tin presi a NRS 260.55 i ati asin ot of ea bss, especie of wher he determinations soe bee hed fhe iy. Se: 68, NAS 3A is feeb amended area slows: $3417 Except asoternise provided In NR 36.252 sd 360320, nd ules diferent pay et of interest i specialy ‘ove by sae any pron io fst pay ay ax pve fi in chp 362, 694, 638, 399.370, 372.974 37,3774, 5rtc, 44h o 58 of NRSo sens 206, nv of is ao an fe prove fra NAS 492313, say eon oe ‘sprenmenal ety at ils to pay any fe provided fori NRS 30.787, tothe Sea county whine ine eq, sal ay erat oft nr than 10 perce ote amet of xo wih is owe, as tried by be Dparmen, nan he {Snore sites atthe ae 0.75 percent per othr faton of mor Fm he sta fhe man lowing te Page 11 of 50 Referendum Petition (State of Nevada io for which the amount of any port ofthe anoun should ve ben reported ail the dae of payment. The mount any Peni inpsed mus be uct on rduned schedule doped by he Nevoda Tax Cranison WHE es ito cosheraon he {engin of tne the x oe remained vapid. ‘Set 66. NRS 360510 erty tmended wo reads flows: 39010 Kany peen delinquent inte payment of ay tof administered by the Deparment or ia deeminaton hs been ime aps! th peor bleh roi ipa the garment my (@) Note tan 3 years afer payeent became dengue rhe dlernination became Gao (6) Notte than ers air the fat recording fo hat of judgment or ofa cefct contain len fort owed, gives tie ofthe losses «demand wo wana personally o by rege cred malo ay pero, ning, waa Timon any offs or eprint ofthe Ste ray poli subivian or agency of hs Ste ve hia iso er posession ‘or unde sore ono ny cei or ther personal propery belonging the deinuel o vig ay es he delaguen or fon aginst whom odelriatin bas best ade wich emai anpad, of owing ety dette delinquent or ht pene. nthe ‘asf any seo, depunment or agency te Rte mst be iver ote ier, deparmet or agency before he Dpeinen freien the lio the dengue payer the Sate Controle. Aste fe deprnel or apne which eve ch ice mys ay Gowen person Bele Mon ine rate one Deparment [Alle receiving he demand to wana, the pron nlifiedby he demand my ot ns or erwie spot ofthe xis, ther ‘esonal prope. o des in iso ber posesiano anders her conte tthe ie the pereon eve he oie ul he Deparment conse oa trae or ober poston, 4. Every peson sled by a demand oars sal, wikia 10 dye afer recip ofthe demand o tranny, efor the Deportes ‘ofl rato the Deparment al sch ered, ther personal propery o en iso he posession under hi orb anol oF ‘ing by that person win he ie gd nthe mane equcsted byte Deparment. Eee as bere rovided i seen 5,0 Tater note i equied ob served oa person. he propery fhe dlngientaxpyer cori Oa ie of poments ‘edo him oer ke eran i oves oreo ihe payment saline the pyrene othe Depeinet ul here ied by the Deparenen Ihe st of he deinen tepeye ft pld wii I year ar the Deparenen ieee gl Amand 1 tena the Departmen salve note demand to ne othe prsn posible fr making he pyres Infoning him erher a cone to rain uments othe Deporimen or ia torr dy ota th Fyne oe Deparment arene 6 the atic ofthe tingueny seks o preven ihe tans o othe ipso ofa deposit ina bank o eed nono oter ‘eit or peso proper nth possesion rude th conte of bank, credit nin orate dposory iste, te ist be detiveed or mailed to any branche ofc oh bak, ered win or ther deposiaryfsaon a which te depose avd ar at we he reds or ena! propery bl 1-1 any person oie by the noice ofthe celinguacy makes any wane ote ipoon fhe propery debi reuitedtobe wield or transnined, th extent ofthe valu of he propery rte aroun he des ths rarfeed opi hat pron ex Tablet the Sate or any ndeednes due purine caper, cpr 3608, 362, 363A, 1638, 369,390,572 372A 374377, STTA, 37IC o° S44A of NRS,NRS 412.315, or chpler 5S of 6808 of NES or sets? 106, nce, fhe fom he psn ‘nih espectt whose ablation the otic wa given sly by rez oh anata or ber Saperign he Sit wable e ‘erover he indbudsessf the person wth respect to wine obigaon ie nlc war ie See 67,NRS 363A.030 ise amended to ead as lows 3@A030 "Employer I Except s tle povied io hs stso, “employe” mean any rn] (a) Financia isin who is requ to pay acoaron pursuant to NRS 612.53 for any calenda quae wih espe any ‘sos activi of thf isitaton-[-exee) (©) Peso who subject othe a on the et proces of minerals imposed prstan othe provisos of RS 362.10 10 362240, Incase, whether or tthe person srequred to pay hat xia prt elndar yearend whofe rege oy 2 conruon sunt io NRS 612.35 for any calendar quarter with spect ny busses ayo the person The term does ticle a nts bea nonpraitoranzaton oa polka ubdvson. 3. Forte purposes ofthis secon {1 Tea ite inde any eat described in subsection 1 of NRS 612.055 [2 6) "Noproierpniznion” means a nonprofit reigiou, chara tema a ter oranization ht quae as taixempt ‘rgrzaion purseat to 25 US. § S012). {3 ()Polieal subdviso mean any emi deed ie mabscion 9 of NR 612.05. ‘See 68 NRS 3634150 hereby amended ed a lowe 534.130. [Ther] Except as otherwise provided in scion 620 this ac, there ery impoeed am cai x nach paper at thera of2 percent ofthe wages, as defined in NRS 61219, pol bythe employer during a calender cur with espe 0 tmiploymeat a connection with he business atvties of he employe. 2 Theta posed bys ation: Page 12 of $0 Referendum Petition |\|\____s State of Nevada (2) Does ot pply to any person o ote eyo any wages this Stes prohibited from taxing ud the Conon, fs oF treaties of he Used Ste or the Nevada Const, (Gy Mast not be deducted in wine orn pur. om ay wages of persons inthe employment ofthe employer 5. Each employer salon or before the tay of te nth irmediatey llowng ech eld gui fr whi ih emplyer is ‘eae pay comida primo NAS 612.535: (a) ile withthe Deparment a etr n frm reseribed by te Deparment and (6) Remit othe Deparnent any tax ve pusun oh sen rh ean quae $m deermning te amount ofthe tx doe print ohis eto, an employers ented sbi rom ie amount clelted sunt secon 1a credit in an nt equal 9 50 pee of te amount of he commerce tx paid by the poy perso ‘stone 2106: neve, ofthis tr th preceding able year Th ered ray only be sed foray fhe #eaendr quarters madi flowing the end ofthe eabe yar for which he commerce ux ws ai The amount of ce wed for acledor Stoner mays exer he mount elessled purr to subecdon Io tele uae. An) unsed cei ay ot be cared ‘Seva beyond he our calendar quer immeely long he do th asl euro wheh the creme ax mpl, td txpays snot ened to ref of ry une cede Sr. 0, NRS 300.030 isheety send to ead ws flows: 3698.00 [Employer] |. Except as there provided ois sation, employer” means ny employer who equited pay conbuon puss 0 2. The tom doer ot isd (a)'A nancial ntaon [a]: (Gy Any person who subject othe tax on the net proceeds of minerals ios pursuant provisions of NRS 362.1000 560.240 neue, wheter ral he peso require 1 py thaxn e panir lena yew and bo Is requed pay & ‘onion purstnt o NRS 612.535 for ny calender quer with respect ary baies atv ofthe pron (Gyan ining bel {@) Anonproi organization a}: {@)A poll sbision or fy] {Ay person wo does ot supply a roduc or sevice, bt who ony consumes serve. 5. Forth purpose of tis secon: (1) (4) "Paci alan” has he meaning aseribed wo tin NRS 3634080. [2 (“dian ibe nls ay entity described in subsection 10 of NAS 612.055, [3.}te) "Noni orannaton mena nomi rligios, chal, fiero oer oot ha qualifies a exempt orgniaion pursuant 1026 USC. #5010) {1 Potical suavision” means ay en desribed in subseeon 9 of NRS 612055 ‘Sez.70, NRS 3691108 ery smeded wo fad floes 3638.110 [Ther] Except as cherie pote ip secion 62 of tis ac teres herby imposed an exe ax on each enpoyr a ite rat of [3.63] 145 percent ofthe met by which the som ofl he wages, a defined NAS 61190 pi bythe emgage tiring clenar qtr with espe employment in comnecton wise Dine ati Fhe employer] eked 80,000, 2 "The tx imposed by this section (e) Doesnt pol 1 any person or ther enity or aay wages his Sa probed fom ving under the Consiaton laws or ‘reais ofthe United Stes rhe Nevada Cotton (6) Mast note deducted a whole or in pat flo any wages of person inthe employment of he employ Sach employer hal om or bere Ie et ay af the mantel flowing each lens quart for whic the employer ie ‘maured wo pays contution poss to NRS 612.535 {@) Fle witne Deparment etre an form pesrited bythe Deparment nt (0) Remit he Depurtnent any tx doe pratt his cape frat alemdar quant 4: In determining the amount the tx Be pursuit ois etn, an employer senile sbi om he sauce pursant( suscion Ia credit nan anaun equal 0 30 percent th mout ofthe corasece x ui bythe employe usa 10 {ection 216, eisive ofthat rhe preeding table year. The eft may oly be sed fray ofthe lender aan: immediatly flowing tne end ofthe abe yar for which he commerce ax wa paid Te amet fee used for acledar unter may oot nce the amon eclted pasion osbseson | fr tha sense qe Any ore redial be ceed Fervard beyond he oh calendar uae inmednly fling he endo taxable ear for we he commerce a a pd, tna tospaye lot ented oa redo ry wna ered ‘See. 71, NRS 370.165 ibereby amended ed slows: 537013 Tete iserey levied atx upon te purchase or possesion of ares bya consumer inthe Sa of Nevada ote rate of 40] 90 iis per igen. The tx may be represented and precliected bythe fixing of even simp or ler aprovedevience ‘af pyment to each palage, packs or onan n which ares ar sl, The xmas be recollected bythe Wate real, Aly and mst be recovered fom he conser by ange emount ofthe tx ote sling pice. Each person who alls iguetes Page 13 of 50 Referendum Petition | State of Nevada trel stl pomineiydply onthe premises noice ht the tained inthe saling prc nipple der tbe provisos otic Sr. 72 NRS 370.60 is ere amended to ead slows: 370.2601. Al axes diene spose bythe pois of NR 370.001 0 370.40 nde, les ay eed granted as ‘ove by mt be pad othe Deparment in the far of eitances payable the Deparment. 2The Departmen shal: 1s). As companion othe Sat othe cost celle iets snd ces as, ransmit ich month he sum he Leite Species en he ernest modeto paramo mesian | ring te preceding month ithe Ste Tres fo deposi the {rei ofthe Deparment. The deposied money mt be expended by the Deparment tacos wih hs wok prop (@) From te reminanoes made purstnttsabsecen | during te preceding mont, ls he oun armies pura 6 Feraraph (ana each month the pot fhe x nic i guvlen [35 5 mls pe igure tothe Ste Treasure for ‘posto te cet of the Acoust forthe Tx on Cigwrees nthe Sate Genera Find (c) Tremaine balance off peymens each month be Sate Tresure or depos inthe Leal Goverament Tax Distribution ‘Account eet by MRS 360.650, (ahtepor ote Sie Contr monty the abun of cletions. S'the money deposi prsuuto paragraph () ef subsection 2 In he Leal Goverment Tax Disrbuion Acout is hercy ‘prepa o Caran Cty do each othe counties in rportion othe rerpestivepopulstons end mus be redid wo te ‘penive sezount f Caron City and each county. See. 73. NRS 370.350 is hereby amended o read follow: 5370.36 1. Except s otherwise povided a saben 3, oa shee levied and inposed ape the us of aes i his sae 2 The amount ofthe sex [0] 90 mil pe ieee 5. The eee coe no aply where? (a) Nevada eigtete revere stamps ave been ized to cane packages a eu byl, (0) Tex exemption provied fori this chop, See 74 RRS 76100 erty sended ond flo 500 A posal ot coat bans nth Ste voles nd ul epson obsine tebasiner Tice ed bythe Scere of State Ifthe perin e (2) Aci recede ae or annul is withthe Secretary of Sue pursuant, he person mus obtain the sste ‘snes iease ate ine filing te nator nals (@) Not an ety vequred to le ini or oul ist wit the Seectary of Ste puss is til, the peron must ban the ‘ste business ere before conducting abuses ahs State {1 Anapplieion fora sine businest Hees must Be mde opr fom presi bythe Serta of Swe; (0) Se Tone name under whieh he pliant anaes or neds ons busines, ori te pica i an eit opie suan: to isl and on le wid he Secretary of Siete exc ame le wih th Seccyof Sst, heey number ‘Sgn byte Seeretary of Ste ihzown, and the leaton nhs Seo place or laces buiess (©) Be accompanied by fet inthe amount of $100) $20, excep thatthe apples is corporation orgnaed prs o caper 1%, 7.0 88 of NRS, or orsign corporation eqied ost nial or nm i lh be Secretary Sie purse esate {DGENRS he pplication aust be secorpanied by a feo S500; nd (Gn ay therinfrmation tothe Serer of Ste een exer. fe aplicn tment oe oied purse si Vie sod fie with he Secretary of Stata the pit hat no aca ia thi Sito space busines he area of te (epsered age shal be dered fo beth losin this Sate of ple tains 5h aplication mus be signed pursuant to NRS 239.30 by: ia) The oer of busines at sowed by satel pon (b)Armember or parier of m eoclaton parser. (©) general partner of Fed paerhin (a) A muaging pare of ied ability panes. (6) Amanagerormanging mente of ited ably company. {) Anofier of coreratn or some ther person specifically authored by th corporation sig the splicaion 41th appletion fra se sins ers defective nan respect othe fee eed by hs section so pate Secretary (of Sue may return the application fr conection o payne. 5. These sins ees equ tobe obaned pra his section sin dion an Tiers conde business tht must ‘be obtied fom he ea justin i whic the buses is being condcie 6 Forte pupores ofthis chapter, x peo hl be deemed o conde a barnes in th State busines for which the perc it response: (a) sean pore toi ile, ther ha bein organized psn UU) Chapter 82 oF 8 oF NRS 0 Page 14 of 50 Referendum Petition |||... State of Nevada (2) Cheper of NR i te busines i npr eigious, cube xa or ther xparzation that quai asc sxempt ‘xanizaionpursantto26 USC. § 3000 (0) Has fis oar base oF operons in ths Ste, (6) Has reisted agent inthis State or {@) Pays wagescr ote remuneration ow natural person who ems in this State any of he is or which eo she i paid 7. Asse ins scion, repisteedapnt bas the measing eerie tia NRS 77230. ‘See 75. NRS 76.130 hereby amended 1 eda lows 761301 [A Eeap a atherite provided in been 2. pon who spp or renewal fase business ens shal subi fee nthe anu o(S100] $20 tothe Sertary of Sate: (a) Ifa pero x ey reuired lean sna it with the Serer of Soe psn thistle al the tine the person ‘ste anual lit the Serey of Sse, ules he person sobs a certificate orate frm evidencing the sain of he rigor {Willie peron emt on ety required o ean aa it with te Secreary of Site pursant thei onthe st dy of he train hich ie saniveray dato fetes of the te busines eens occ in each en eles the esc aba wien {teen the Seer fSate, test 10 dys blo hat de, ideatng tha the peso Wil not be cobdoctng basis i i Site oer ht dt 2.1 the person appvig fr he enema of ose busines cense pursuant osubsecon | is erpration organized parsean 0 ‘hater 7 TBA ot 7EB of NRS, or foreign corporation eget lea nal rane it wit the Secretary of Steps 2 ‘hapler30 of NAS, hfs forthe eneval oa ste busines cess is 3800 53.The Secretary of Se sal, 9 ys before the st dy fr ling an application fr senewal of these busines cease of pes ‘th eds sat buses lense, provide the pesos wie ofthe Ste bsies eee fee past this section ade ‘einer le the application for renewal egied persian os section, allure af ony pron eel a alc does mol excuse {he person oh pny imposed byl 154 ra peso fa wo Subenhe sual slate buns ene fe equi psa this secon ne nely marae and he persons {G) An en reuire toile an annul twit she Seer of Sate prs ois ite, the pon: (1) Stal pay a penaly S10 in edo othe enue busines Heese (2) Salle deened w have ro complied wih the reoiremen ole an aoua ist with the Secary of Ste: nd (Giese al appliabe proviso relating tte flare Gl ap sal Ui, dng, witout Tato, the provlsons {overing defo and revocation of charter ight a trnsat snes nti Sit, xp tt he pra eq to py the Penal forth ia ibpargrap (0 (G) Neto ent required le a anal is wth the Secretary of Sta, he peso sal py a peal ia he amount of 100i dition ote anon ste busines ens fe. The Scan of Ste shal provide tthe percon a writen notice hat (0) Mas ipetades semen indicating ie amount of esd peraiesoquted pura oh eto nd the ess remaining ‘pai 2} May be provided conc, ifthe person has requested to essvecommunicaions by eleeoic ronson, by electonic til or oer ekevone cammneaton Se. 75.3. NRS 75150 eeby amended trend allows: 710 1 corpora organized pusiat othe avs of his Ste shall, nor befe he sy of th Fst month ete ing of is rls of corporation wih the Secretary of Sater ith corporation hs selected an alraive dot at pursuant to sebzcton omer bere hut slematve de de, Ge wih he Secretary of Season or fared bythe Secretary oF Sale, {iy Tee ase oft corponins (0) The ie amber afte corpoatin,(Fknown; (e) The names und ties ofthe peice, secret and eas: or the equivalent there an fal he icons oft eororaon, (G) The addres, eer esdence or bases of ncn lice an Sector ste, flowing the name thor rdietor and (6) Te sigamure ofan office of he corporation, o some oer person special suai by he eorpoation sige he Is, cing ta the toe complete and accra. 2 The corporation sal anny thereat, nor befor the ast hyo the month in which he aniversary date of incorporation ‘cz neh year if parmant a sbsetn I, the corpora hs Sled an aerate for ling he at eq by ‘tbseton 1 or before th lst ay ofthe math in which the avers dt ofthe arvensis ech yer, le ‘ithe Secretary of Site, on form fused bythe Sete of Sate, an oneal conan al fhe inooatonrequed in ‘been | 3. Each ist equi by sabsection | or2 mus be accompanied by: (a) A decaraton under pena of perry tat (0) The corporation tas complied wit the provisions of baer 76 of NRS; Page 15 of 50 (2) The comprationakaotedgesthat panto NRS 29.30, ie eatgory Clon to hnowingly offer any ls of forged Insoumeat ofl wih the Oi ofthe Secret of Sa; nd (G) None of heofcee or econ deed nh at as been etd inhi with he aul tet of concen te ‘en of any person or eons exring te power oratory of an ocean aberansof ey law conde. (0) sateen as 10 whether he corporation sa pubiey waded company, Ite corporation sa publicly traded company. he exporaion nat ist i Cena nex Key. The Serer ofS alice onthe Serer of Sa’ Inet wets ihe Cel Index Key of corporation provided purstn\ oth argraph and inion esrb he manne in which a amber othe pul may obs fafrmaton concen he comport fom te Secures and Exchange Commision £© Un ting be it equi by: (c) Subset I: the corporation sal py othe Secretary of See a a of [$125] 515. (0) Sebseeten the eorporatn shal py tthe Secretary of Sie, the amount represented bythe ol umber of shares provided ‘erin srl $75,000 oe nnn (812518150 (ve $75,000 ad ot ve 5300000. = (173) 200 ‘Orr $200,000 nd ot over $300,000 nn (275) 300 ‘Over $5000 and at ve $1,000,000 nnn 375} 00 ‘ner 500,00: Forth fist 1,00 00 cnn nee 375] 00 French dna $800,000 Fain (hee pers cwe S ‘Te mata ce whch may be charged pursuant parseegh (6) feng tn al at (81,100) 311125, Siracecar or olfice of corporation resigns and he esinason sot feed onthe annul or mended is of reco and cers he corporation othe eigning decor or ofia ll ayo the Serer of Ses f= of S75 ofthe sia 6 The Serer of Sate shall, 90 days before teas afr ling each sca i reqsied by eto 2, provide each ‘erperaion which required io comply wth he provisions of NRS 78.1519 71183, civ, and whch has obese ‘enguent a notice ote fee de purse 0 subiecton anda reminder eth enna st require by tbecton 2. Fibre of ‘ny comoratono recive aso dts nt exc trom te penal imposed byl, “Lite ite Sed prs tthe provisos of sabeeton | orf defesive nay respect or the ee eked by subsection i ‘tic the Seeetary of tat may el he it or eoretion or payment. Ae anal it oa corpoaion notin deft bch recived by the Secretary of Sue mae than 90 dys before it ue dt all ‘dered ax amended st forthe previous yer and must be accomparied byte aproprat fe as provide in seston & oe Bling. A payment sobre praia oh saben doer at a te requrmens of aubeton 2 fr thea wich he doe dane applicable 5. prion wh ils with he Secretary of Ste ist eqired by subcton | or 2 which enies an offer rector wih he ‘andl intent of onealing te deny of ey person or persons exer he power or abort ofan ocr or decor {arherance of any ela condi is sc the penal et forth in NRS 225.084, 10: For the pupoes oh evn, sooler i pat deemed fo exec ate coir of he ily operaton of acerporion ‘ered solely on he fit hat he cholerae voting cont ofthe corporation. The Secretary of Sate my allow a corporation select an alematve de date or ing the Hist equ by subsection The Secretary of Sate may apt regulon: o administer te provision of bec Se, 36. NRS 7245s herby amended wo rend as follows 73245 No) I Except as there provided in subaeetion 2 0 stk, bods or oer secuies esd by any corporation opined under his apt, nore income or profi hereto, norte rane tere by sigan descent, estamentry disposion robert, Shall be xed by his Sue when sah socks, bond oscars shall be owned by nese of hs Sia oy oon, orporions. 3 Theprovisian of eben Ido ab apy to he commerce ex imposed pra oecint 210 6, inv ofthat Sec 76:1, NRS 9110s herby amended ofa as flows: 101101 Esc foreign corporation dog busiest tis Sate halon obelore th dy of he est moth er the infomation ‘eaued ty NRS 90.010 led withthe Secretary of Ste rf thelr corpoaion ba led a hrmaive de te purse te subsection, on or before tha siemaive do dle, nd amoaly teenie on or bee thes ay af te nth in whch he noiversay dite of te qnietion to do busines nis Site econ each yar Fi applicable, noel that af the ‘omth ia which than versary dae fhe leave edt occrs in each er, ie wi the Serer f Sat is on 2 oem Fash by the Secretary of tae, at cones (@) The names and adress, ier rescence o business, is reside, trata nd treasurer, othe equa hero, ada oF is deters ond Page 16 of 50 Referendum Petition ||. State of Nevada (0) The signe of mofce of he eorprtion ox sme her person pein autor by he corporation sgn he st 2 Each sted puso ssecon {must be accompanied oy (a) Adeloraton under penal of ery tha: 0) The erin coroeon bas complied he rovisons of copter 76 of NRS; {27 recon heist parnt ONES 239.30,1 ewan C ny wining otra seo Fogel insroent ing wt the Offi We Seretry of Ste: {B)Non oe offs record nth ist a ened st wih he ule ine of seeing he ent of ay person or persons energie power or subory of an office or eto narra of an sll cond (@)A Stement so whether oe frig corporation publicly ted compny the corporation publicly waded compart poration mst ss Coal Index Key. The Sere Sine hall ide onthe Secrary oF Stale nema web he Cen Index Key of corporation provided pesun! this seein na isu scribing he mame ia cha member othe ‘li may oti oration concesing te corporation rom he Serres nd Exchange Com son (Te nat eq by sabenion Ihe eomporaton al pay othe Secretary of ita fer ($125) S150, (©) Esch annul ist reqied by subseion Ihe corporation shal pa she Sera of Sn, te anual epresztd byte al -[S123] 5150 tumter of shares provided fr inthe aries i 57500 rs. ‘Oree$75,000 ad a we $00 0 ‘Qrer $200,000 ad ot ver $500 00 ‘Ov $50,000 and ot ve 1,000 000 ‘er 1,000,00: “The masimor fx ich maybe cared pursuant pgp (0) linge ena in (51,100) $1,125. 44: ifadrecor or offer of a crpraon esis nd ie resgnatn i ot reed onthe antl amended lit of Sire and ‘ices the corporion orth esging der oof al pay the Secretary of Site fee 73 wo le he respon. 5. The Secretary of Sat sal 90 dys before he dy fring exch sal ist eure by sae, vie each ‘seperation whichis equi io comply wil the provisions of NR 6.11010 30.175, cle, al which bas at become “dnquet ane of he fee due pra osbeection Sanda reminder oie it prsan asuecon (Fula any exporation to reeive a notice dows ol xcs kom he pealy impose by he protons oF NRS 8.1100 8.17, neve {An anual is fr corporation notin def wich isrclved bythe Seca of Sate veh 50 days before du de hall ‘be dered wn amended to he previous eo and dosnt say the require of obetion forthe ear wie he oe dae is apical. 1A person wo ls with he Secretary of te st eure by subsection | which enifes an fie or dete withthe ‘ude ent of eonceaing the ety oy psan or esos exereing the power or sutbry of oer decor firerace of any ual conduc is subject the peal at fh a NRS 225008, ori i teston 9 loser not seamed Io eer cal conte te dl operations fs corporation asd solely onde ft ht he sor eler hs vting contol of te corporation 9. The Secreny of Sze may allow a foreign corporation selet an alma doe fr ling hen it required by 10. The Serer of State may adopt regulation to dns the provisions of suseeon 9 ‘Set 7615, NRS 82.193 i hereby amended ed as allo: [32153 |, conoraion sal havea eisered npn inte mater provided lo NRS 7.00 tnd 7RO57. The repre agente orpraion shal conply wi te provisions of those sections. 2 Upn notation fom the Adminis oe Real Este Division ofthe Depren of Bans ad nds tht corporation ‘sich ia uni-omneasoiton as defned in NRS 116.011 168.090 fas aed wo reise panto NRS 11631158 160.625 or fae o pay the fees urs ©NRS 11631158 o 1168.62, the Secreto Ses deem the coperon bein eta, are ovperaton is deemed bein del he Administ nies the Seceary f Sete corporations rested pursuant HRS 11631158 oF 1168625 an pi the flee pratt NRS 116.1155 o 1169.62, be Secreta Ste Stal reistte the orporaon the corporation comps with he reuiement or reilemen provided nh ton nd NRS 75.180 od 7.185. 5 A corporation i ebjec othe provition of NRS 715010 7.185, ncaive excep The fe fring et (S25) $50, (0) The peal ded for dtu is $50, and (6) Te fe fr reinstatement $100 Page 17 of 50 Referendum Petition State of Nevada ‘See, 162. NRS 82523 hereby amended ead flows: 252 | Bae orepn sonra arporation Sing bans this State shall om or bere teas ay fhe fest meth afer he Mig ofits epleain fr repsraton asa oelgnvonproft corporation wit ie Seer of Sato ifthe espn nonprofit ‘coporation a sled an aerive dh dt part 0 sebyecion 9, ono ore hat aleave Ge de, rd oun Geseater no bee the ast ay afte month in whch ce emversary dat ois qual ieation odo buses inthis Sie oxeurs i each yea ‘on fapteabe ono blore be ln ay ofthe month wich he ances dl oe sematv ede oscusn each year, le withthe Secretary of Staten ston for fished bythe Serer Site, tht comin a) The sme the feign orp cameron (@) The fle umer ofthe frign nonprofit corporation, if row: (6) The somes nd ies ofthe present, te senretay and he erro the eaivalen there adel ie ecors fhe sgn Tenpit corporaion (G) The adres, eer siden or bsnee, of the pein, secrtary and wesc, rhe equal tee and each dre of {he Eeiga nonprofit cooraton and (6) The signe ofan oie ofthe foreign npr corporation or some ote person special eure by he orean ‘opti corpraton sign te ist, cerffing tat he st soe, compete ad accra. ‘Hazan tes pesunn to is secon must be tecompane ye ration ude penalty opr hat {G) Te ereign noni omoratn as complied withthe provsions of chapter 76 of NR, {@) The foreign onprofit corporation slnowiedges tat purse NRS 259,30, ks ctegyCflony to knowingly offer any lls xg inset fring wih the Ofer fhe Seren of Sie and (@)None ofthese o esos ne let ar been ete inthe it withthe flit of concealing te dea of any person or pron exessing the powe or authori of noice or direc fihrance of ny ula conf, 5. Up ing teal sad eae asl Ips to Cis seco, he lregn soap apraion must ay Woke Sere of Stags eof 1525 350, The Secrey af Se shall, 60 days before the st dy fr Ming each nea lis, provi ch fein nonprofit corporation ‘which is required t comply with he provisions of NRS 2.53 to 12.239, incusiv, nd wih has no become delinquent, 8 oie ‘the fs due pra a subsection 3 anda reminder tol the at equ parsuai osbsecon |Full of ny eon soar arpa 1 eccve aie dees no exes it om the pena inposed by the provisions OTNRS 82.529 6.529, ins be i be ed purse tothe provisions of essen | defective oth fe requredbysebecon 3s at pad te Serer of State may Feta he i fr conection o pone {An amon i fra reign nonprofit corcain nat deal ht received bythe Secretary of Site moran 90 days before de ae shal be deemed an amended to the prevous ear 2nd does ot say the request of subsection | forthe Yeo thio abe dae dt apple LA pron whe les with te Steretary of ite st persia his section which identifies an ocr ordre with the fraudulent et of orcealing he entity of ty persn or persons exercising the power rari of afc recor ‘arrance fen elofal ond is sujct othe esl forth in NRS 225.08, Forth purposes of thssction, member of ereign nerf corporation isnt deemed execs cul con fhe ily pean he fognnonprai earporation Based yon th et tat the meer hs von conta of he frig npr soporton 3-The Secretary of Se may low frig nor corporation sl an aerativ utd fr fling hein ist eure by ‘Nisseeine 10. The Seren of State may adopt regulation to anise he provisions of subset 9 ‘Set 76.25, NAS 84110 s hereby amended to ed as flows: 10 I. Every corporation sole mt haves epstered ae nthe ne provided in NRS 7L.050 and 78.097. The reiteed ape shal copy wh be proilns of those sections. 2A conration sl subject othe provisions of NRS 7815016 7.15, nsive excep ha: (a) Te ering isi (525) $30, (0) The penalty ded for deat s $50; and (6) The efor easenent is 100. Se. 76.3. NRS 86263 serby amended to red a follows: 16.263 1. lites company salon or befee he st dy ofthe ft month afer lig ots ics of opin rh he Scrty of ito the ite ity eompy ba slated an lertive dae pret scbstton 1, o8 before ht leave due dt, le with he Secretary of Ste ons om fished by the Serr Sat, st hat consis (@) The name ofthe lined company (0) The le umber ofthe imied-bity company, Ihaown, {e) The nanes nd ils fal ofits manages, thr vo manager ll ots maoging menbes: (@) The ade, ier esideoe or Business of ach marager or managing meer Ise, fllowing the rane ofthe manage of managing member, and Page 18 of 50 R Petit state of {6) Te signature ofa mange or managing member ofthe nied compan, o soe ote son special uae by the ies iy company sign he tering that he it ire complete ed acute 2h lite ably company ol heres, on before he Is dy the most in wc ihe ravers dae of is ‘rgmizaton cea. pestaet wo subsecton I, tbe inlet orpay bas selected an nerve edt fr ing the st ‘spud by abet |, am before the last ay ofthe month wc he aversay de he ara du ee occ ech ‘ele whe Serta of St, om Kr arsed bythe Secretary of Sat, nema scotia of efron fae in sbsecton S'Exch it equ by seston | and 2 must be sccompaied by a declaration unde penal of erry tha: (4) Tae ie eompany has complied with the provisions of chapter 76 of RS: (0) Thelinitedaby company etaledges that prs NRS 239330, eeparyC felony to knowingly fer any le ‘eloped insert ring in he Oxo the Seeery of Stead. {@) None ofthe menogerso mags members Henifdl the st has bee enfin ei wth he Fase ier of ‘Socelng the deny of ny person persons eer he power oratory of @ manager or maging member ia furbeance of ‘ay wal eondoct. 4 Upon ing (a) The ial it eure by sre , he inte bility company sala a he Sear of Ste fe of [S125] $150, (6) Exch nme by susceon th ited company shall py othe Secretary of Sites ee of S125) S150, Sit amanager or managing member of iniesiaily comny rege andthe signin is at fected onthe alee imended in of manger tnd managing merber the led company othe resping manager ormansgig member hall Fy tothe Secremy of Ste er of $75 eth eignaion (the Seeeay of tae al 90 ays before tea ay fr ling each st eqled by subsection 2 provide each Hintelbiiy Conary which equled 1 comply wih he provisions of his ston, and whch hasnt become delinquent ana ofthe fe doe nde subsection aos einer ithe at ere by subeson > Flue of ty company lo eee anole does ot Nase iom the pena imposed bylaw. 41th abe pusn the provision of sbectin Io fete o the fe equi by shen 4s not paid te Sete of Stn my return he it fr coreton o pane {An anal iar linet company nota Gta ese by th Secreta of Ste mre han 90 day bef i due ae ‘hal be deemed on snended it fo the pena ea 5° pecan nb ir wath the Seen of Sie ist equ by sebeston | or2 which denies a manage or manging member With he aude! tet of eoncelng the entity of any peeon operons exacting the over or abo of a mune of ‘managing memter i frtbernce Oey nw andl sje! tthe peal set forth im NRS 225.088. [0 For the purposes of this secon, a members not deemed o exes aul carol fhe ily operations of iite-iliy ‘many based sll te ft hat the mene fas voting contr ofthe lnited-abilty company. THe Serr of Sse may allow a intel, compar tse a ara doe efor ing heist eure by taineton | [2 The Serer of Sn may adopt elation io administer he provisions fsubsstn I ‘Set, 7635.NRS 865461 is herby amended to ead as allows Gi Exc foreign inte tintin company doing bons inthis State hal ono before te at uy of be est mom afer the lingo ts aplieston forest as oven lil bit eompuny wi te Serer of Sate fe feign ied Tbiiy company has selaved on aleratve due dnt puts o subsection 10, oncr befor tha ematve de date, and amu ‘heen no before th as dy of te month in wich the aniversary ae ois qualification oo bases in is State oars n ‘eh eon ifaplieabeson or beet ast yo he moth in whch te aalversay date of he erative due ae ores ‘eh ger ile wth te Serer of Sn at on for arsed bythe Stray of Stat comin ) The me of the feign lintel company: (0) Thee amber ofthe fori linied-blty company, ikaw; (c) The names ed ties ofl ss manages o,f ere sno manager ll is managing members (G) Tro adres eider eden or business, of each manager or maogig member ied pasianl 0 pargragh eh and (e) The sigue ofa manage or maragng meer fhe feign iia company, oF some eet peson specially tutored by te, complete ae see. 2 Each it ed pre this eson must be accompanied by 9 desaraton under pny a pear tha (a) The foreign ttedablty company bas cmp wi the provision of ater 16 0f NAS: (8) The foreign ited abl company nekowledges Ut parson t NRS 239.30, it sa calgory felony o knowingly offer ‘ny ise or forged insrusest ring With the Oo he See of Sse and {@) None ofthe managers or manaping members Kei inthe ths bees ete inh it wh the aude int of ‘concealing the enti of any person ox persons exeesng the power or uti of a manager or managing member in futerace of ‘ny nla conver. 3.Upen ing: Page 19 of 50 Referendum Petit State of N (s).The intl i resus section, he foreign niet company shal pay othe Secretar of Sea fe of S125} Sis, (Esch sara t equired byt soe he reign Hedy company sal oy othe Seramy of Sine fee oF[S125] Sis0. 4a manser or managing member of foreign Kaedlailiy company resigns and he esgation so fed on he nel tineded of angers an easing members he foe ie abiliy company or he resigning manage of analog ‘members pay othe Secretary of tne ke S750 Mee signin "The eee of State Sal, 0 ays before te last ay for filing each am ist required ty ths eto, provide exc oregn inet ompany which felted comply wi the provisions of RS 26.5461 045.5468 ince, nd which as not ‘econe delinquent nate of the fr do aration 3 and a eninder eh Is required purus to subsea Flore of any frei lnted-sblty company to eevee nate does ot xcs om the penal pose by the provisions of YMRS 66546110 6.568, ince tbe i tobe led param the provisions of subsetin | s defective the fe required by subsection 3st pai th ‘Seca of Ste may return he is fr conection oF payment 7-An anual it for a feign bei company mtn defo whichis reeived by the Secrery of Ste more han 9 ys {efor sd tesa be deemed 0 amended it forthe previous ear and does nla he eucenents of is eto or he arto which he doe dats applieabe. EA person who es wth th Secretary of Ste a ist equ by tis sen which ene manager or managing meter with ‘he aude net of concealing the ety of ny person or penons exerting he power er auhay of «manage 0 maoeg. ‘member in farthersoweof any ua fel ears abject oth penalty fr in NRS 225088. 3 Forth purpose of seton, a member na deed to exerci atl onl of te daly operons of ign Tied compay based solely on he fst hat he mere ba voting conta of De frig idly compar. 10. The Secretary of Ste rayallwa reign lenis company Slec an aerate de de fringe nil Bt required by this setion U1 The Secret of Sse may adap epulatons io administer he provisions of subsection 10. See 164, NRS 17310 hereby ended to ead a follows: 73101, A reisred lied prs on obeflre he et dy ofthe fit month fete ling ois ceifese of ‘eperaion with he Screayof Sao, the eiercdimiediblty parineship hs selected nseratve dn posto ‘breton on or before ht stern due dead anualy terete ono efor the las dy of he mth which he eniveray date te lig of crite of relsation wih Ihe Secretary of Sacco, appiale, on belo the lt {ay ofthe month in which he analverary dato the serve de occurs ineach ear, wi he Secretary of Sta, on a ‘em urised bythe Serta of Ste, is ht conan (a) Te nae of he reper limes ibility presi, (0) Theil amber ofthe rire ines. pareertip, I kzoun: (6) The names ofall of managing aes {G) The adress, cider residence or busiest of ach maraging pres and {6) The sigmtareof« managing porter fe egiere ie. ailty panne, o some oe person specie sued by the eiseed ined prnerhiposgn eli certhing ta test st complete and acer, Each st led purse {oti subsecton met be scampi bya delrstion nde penalty of perry tat he eiseredliniedityparneahip ‘pled wit he peoviion of hope 760 NAS, abe eitered lined ty parwesupaloowdgs fat puss 1 NRS 338530, itis etegoyC aloe io knwingly of nyse ot forged isomer lng inthe OMe of the Secretary of Sate and ‘anon ofthe managing partoce Wee inthe lit Bs been ened inthe Ui wih he adler itn of onceaing te italy fay ener ens ers pms rary gre i tee yen cn {c) Te nk equi by sbcaion Ihe regs ied pares hl ayo he Seer of Sea feof {si2s] iso egired iia panes shal py lth Seereary of Ste a fe of (6) Exch annals required by subsetion [sins] iso. 2a managing pres of repr lntedisbitty prmerhip resign pd he signa ot refed onthe nel or tesended it of managing partner, th relstered led eb paratsip ofheesgngmanang paras a othe Scorctay of Stata fee of £75 oleh eigen 4. The Seretary of Sie shal at as 90 day bor te last ay For ling cach oma is requ by sbretion 1, rovide ote ‘ested lnited-lailtypariseship x oie ofthe ee depuration 2 and remind 1 file the anna is required by bec Thea of ny eed ied prwesip eve sate ds eee fom oping he Provisions of tis section. TTT ob ed preva tothe provision of saben |e delete, othe fe eqie by subsean 2s ot pl he Seereary of Sate may ret he ist fr cretion or payment Page 20 of 50 Referendum Petition (State of Nevada xan i hats ley sepa lint by pare which nn del more a 90 dy fre iti hal te decd an tended is fr previ er nd dor ene euemens of asec forte yer wh oe SA pen oo es with he Serr of Si a kl et or nied by stecton | wich es managing rr vib rien et of oes he ety oy peach pos eccting he power story managing retin uteri fey uf cond sabe oh pets oth a NRS 725.08, The Secreary of Sine may allow tested teint pares sl an tenatv ut dt fr linge ‘equ by subsection | 5 The Serearyo Sine may sop regulations to adiniser the provisions of sabes Sen 76s, MASE fey amended ora ws {7541 Each fog exinered lined pares dig buses inthis Ste skal o oer he st ay fhe es ‘ont afer ig ot splcaton fr gaston ssid e-btiy parent whe Scr of Ste Gre eign ered lied paerhip hs ceed a aerate ate pursat osteo 9 oa bf at Sheraive do ne nd enualy era on or befere tees ry ofthe moh whch he sive ne ft quae © Ao bsness ins Sat occrs a each yao applet on eft ast dy of he monn a ic event the emntv de dt cea n each ere withthe Seren OF Sate ito frm fad bye Sera of Sneha connie (a) Terane ofthe foreign eter linia parvestin: {8}. Te fe umber of be fon repstered key panes kxown, {e)Thenanes fal manag pre (a) Te addres, ier idence o bso of ack massing pre and {e)The signe of maging pret fhe rin reed ined panei, oc some oer pena pecisly Strid he feign etre tei parmersp op thei cern tt he etre cob cate 2 Ech is file prs hs ston mast be xcopy ecaraton toe aly oper (a) he eign eared lne-ey panei compo wih prov of eae 6 of WAS, (0) Te frig registered lite Tail parership crowed tha usin MRS 22330, tsa eaegry feloyto Knowingly of yf o forged arent fo ign te Oe he Seeay of Se: and {@ Nine of he manogig pers ated test as ee ete othe it ite Fale inet f concealing he in fy person ox pass execs te poe oar os managing print abe of wl cone 3. Upon ig: (fii eed yen, eee ina peni l yiteSeoty fStata S125) 3150, (0) ac anal ist eu yh secon. arcign pte lity pannhip shal ay tthe exer oF St fe erisiasysis0 ‘Citsmansping poe ofa fran regi iied-tiiypannehp resis andthe resignation io eee on mal amend at of aging arrears lncdaiy Prac or emai pare Sel aye Seer or Stata feof 575 eth resgnaion 5, The Scetary ofS shal 90 days before thst ay oiling ech anal ist eure by subsection |, prove to each ign ‘elsred ited-ablty paris wich seated comply wih he provision oF MRS 8736110874, nd whch ‘as become delet sco fe doe pura o subsection and reminder eh Tit eq puss sbeeton | Fale fy feign reitered ited by parterhp reeves oie des ot exces it om be peahy imposed by ie provisions of NRS 87541194754, ncae™ CTP ito be ed pro he provisions fabri 1 idee othe fe eid by seein eo pi te ‘Serer of Sayre hit fr orton or emt 1sAnsnal ia orafegn eee ed bit penne notin defn which seccved bythe Seceryof Ste mre than 9 des before is be de Sal be dane an amend rhe previous eb and Joes ose regents | Subscon | foie yar which ted dat sata person io ie wh Sere of Ste ml irs iste by sien | wich idee managing arn with the rule itet of concealing te wi o ay peso ox pesos exercising the power and auto of managing Fare in ahrane fy ual ends sujet he pray sr NR 250, 5th Scere may low fren egisred ie ait parnerhp ole a ermine do ef ling the ued by tse. 10. The Srey of So may oop repuaons to nse te provisions of subsection 9 ‘Sec 165.NRS 7A20 ahercyamened ore a ows 87290 IA lite panes shal oo before he st ey fhe es month rhe ng fits cerca fined prmhip wih th Serer of Seo ithe lie pate bas sled nara d Ene prs ston 10,08 Sr fre that erative or Gn anual tree or eee st yo the mowth in whi aniversary dt be ge 21 of $0 Referendum Petition |\|\|\|\|\\____ State of Nevada Alggor ts cerifiente fed parnestipoccus o,f applicable, ono beer the fst yo th month which easier dnt ofthe ernie de dt cecar in enc ear, le witb Serer of Sat, on form urined by he Sere of Sie ‘tat conaine (2) The me of the ied pears: (0) The ie number of be ied panei, i kao, (c) Tae nme fal of ene pars (G) The acess, cer estence oboe, f ech gear paren and (6) Tee gnats of gear pare ofthe limited arnhip, or some ober person spell euorad by the ined pareership ‘0 sign thelist cerljig tat he ist ue, complete and acura. Each led puto otis subsection mast be accompanied ‘by detain ander peal of perry tht he nt partnership hs complied wish prvistans of chap 760f NR, ha he limited partnership acnowledges ta pursuant o NRS 238.330, acaegry C felony tokaaingly fan ase or frped inant fring in the Office ofthe Secretary of Sut, nde ofthe gener partners enti in te it has ben. iene athe list whe fale! neat of concealing the eyo ny person of persons exerSing he over or aor of {ene partner in utberane fay unl conc Escenas eters provided in susecton uid partes shall pon ig: {c) The inl st equed by subteton py tothe Sec of State a fe of (812518150 (©) Each nal st egies by subeston I pay to the Secretary of Se a feof $125] $150 SA elstred lead ited parershp shal yp Ming (g) The ntl it equi by sobseton py tthe Sexe f Sate a feof [$125 5150 (6) Each anna at equied by subsection | pay tothe Secretary of Sea eof [S128] $150. 41a general parser ied partnership resigns aod the sition iol elected onthe aaa or amends of ene rors he ted partershpo teeing ener paer dl a othe Sere of Sat fro 75 wee eign, "Th Secretary of te sll 0 days before east dy for ing eon ist requed by subsection I, provide to exh ited area wih rege o comply wil the provisien th sean and whieh ha ot become delim, ois of ee Ste prs othe provisions of subsection 2c 3s ppopeate, nda eniade le the annul ist ele psu subeion [alr of ay ted paren eceve nize doesnot exam he psa impored by NIRS 874 300. ie is tobe fed parson the provisos of sbeesan | defective oh ee equced by subacon ors ot pal, the Sere f Site moy Fe he ist for earecton 7A naa ist for ited prisersip nox nef at received by he Secretary of Ste more than 90 dys before ts ue date ‘hal be deemed as amended Us forthe previous yea and dosnt sey he eqieent of scsection 1 ote year wich ihe fe dts apa {LA lng nde arsana this eto does not say he provisions AF NRS BTA 240 and may ao be substi flags suited pusiot to NRS 874240, 5. person wh ils whe Serer of State a it equ bysbsecso 1 which identifies general prin with the cet inet concealing he dey of ay person or persons tersng he power or au fs general pase a harance of “lol conc ben othe peal st orth in RS 25.088 10. The Serer of Sate ray allows ied partner sl an Serie doe dt foiling the ini it ered by ‘sbscton The Secreary of Sate may adopt requltos to administer the provision of subsecion 10 ‘Ses 76.55.NRS TA.S6D is hereby amended read a flo TAS 1 Esch orsign ited prea doing busines in thi Soe hall oo before thet yo the Gr mnth afer he ‘ng oft plan fr rogiaon a fri ed puruchip with he Seereay of Sate or the org ed parehp sled ay erative da die parsuct omen Sono before tt sermtve ede, anny tear nor bere ‘he as day of he mnt io which te eniversary dite fs quaieaton odo baie in ths Site oa n each yao ‘plate ono before the ast ay of te month i whch ts aeiveray dat ofthe eave due dt occurs in coh Year ‘the Secretary of Sate ions fr arises by the Serer ofS tht comin: {@) The nae ofthe frig ied partershp: (0) Toe le urbe of be forig ited porters, i ou: (6) The names fal is general porters (4) The addres eter esience or busines of ach general partner 2d (6) The sigratare of general partnr fe regs inset panei, or same oer pct pecially autre bythe frin ne presi to sin he is, cen tht thei ste, compe ad ect 2 ach ist ed prs 1th seston mst be econ by aeration ude pray of pry that (a) The foreign Hite pannersip as complied wt be provisos of cher 76 of HRS (6) The foreign lined presi ako wedges hat prs o NRS 239330, i 2eaegaryC elon enone oe ay ale forged insrumen for fing inthe Office ofthe See of Sse; ad Page 22 of 50 (e)None of te genera aes idee inh it as been ete in thi withthe Fale tent of concealing the emty any person of psoas exercising the poe: or auoiy of greral pure in uence of ny lawl conduc. 5. Ups in ia) Te inn i required by his secon, te fran ined parr sal pa othe Serta of Ste ae of 5125.1 5150. (b) Each ancl ist equi by this seon,te foreign lined panei shal poy tthe Serer of Sate eof (S125) 5150. 4 Ifa general pare of fr limited parr ress an th esgnati ot flected on the nme ametded st of ener arn the feign ited pari rhe esising general pare shal py tothe Serer of Sie a ee of 575 file Thevcsigation a he gener! pare 5th Sere of Sate ball 90 dns before te at ay for ling ech soiree ty ube I, provide cach ign lee parneri, wich segue to comply wi the povsos of NR 874.560 lo B7AEO, incsve and whieh has mot become delinquent oie of te ee de estat o subsection 3 wad eminge fo eth ist required pursue subseron Flr of any foreighlimiedpartsesip a eceive a sdce don a exes rm he pel posed by he provisions oT NRS S7A.360 0474600, icsive 6 ibe lt be fed parsaat ohe proiions of seston I i defective othe required by sbeston nt paid the Steer o tne may fem he St frees epee 4A anual i fora frig lined partnership nm eal wich esved by th Seceay of State mae than 90 days before is de uve sal be dered un amended Ist othe previous year ad does no sal the requtements fsb | forthe ero ‘eich the edt appease 5A person wes wih te Seca of Ste a is equed by his seton which eniis gear parnr wi he aden intent of conceaing the identi of oy eon or person nig te power or aor fe neal paroe i fuerte ay unlawl cond subject othe pena se Toh NRS 25.084 Te Seeeny of See ay lw a eregn lined paresip sole an ahernatve de date rng hi st equ by tha secion 10. The Serr of Sate may adopt resins o adie the provisions of saseton 9. See. 765. NAS 8395 hereby amended read a lowes 12395 1 Ted paeship shal oxo before the st dy ofthe fst month fe he gots ceric of lined paneip wis ie Serer oF Sate or ifthe inc parineship as selected on alematve due de psu 0 sbsecton 10, on of ere at ‘eastive du dan anally therefrom or before the ast ny he nih ow the ravers deo the Figo i ‘ene of limited parneshp exes r,ifapliabe on or before the as dey of the mont in wich he aonivesr dae o he slarative du te cecors in each er, i wih the Serer of Sat, ona fr used by he Secretary of Sa, that (a) The name of thine pastneeip, (0) The file numberof te ed pares (e) The names fal of ts gee panes (a) The adres ier estene or bse of ach evra paer and (6) The sige oF general pare of he nied parr some ote person spec etorzed bythe ined pares 1 sgn he is cringe st sre complete and accra Esch et led puro the ubection mit be aecompaied bya dectrsionuner peal of priya the ite parmershp hs coneied wi the provision of cape 76 of NRS, ha the med panneaip ackrouleges tht pursuant to NRS 259.330, tego) Clon fo msngy offer ny feo aged sen fr ling te Oi ofthe Seretary of Sue dat soe fe gener pares ened ne sas becn ‘ete nthe et withthe dente of concealing the ety fy pezon or prsone exerci the power ae of (pete panne nfaernce of any ania coe scepter provided in susectn 3, linked paren stall, pon Sig: (@) The nat equi by subsecon I pay the Secret of Sia fe of (S123 130. (@) Esch ena goby subsection I pay othe Serer of Stee of [S125] $0. 5: Aepsered lintel fined parr shal, up Mg (The inl ist quire y sabreon I pay tthe Secret of Site eof 8125] $150, (6) Each anal it equiedby subsection I py othe Secretary of See of S173] 200, 4 fa general pres ited pannesip sigs andthe resignation mt reece on the saual or amended st of geen paras the Heed partes ofthe resigning general purer hl) the Scretry ofS fof 75 ole he reipaon. $e Secretary of Sue sal, 90 ays befor th ast dy Fr ing cach anna at requ by subset 1, provi fo exe ited Farnesip whichis eqied o comply wt the provisions of Wis sean, ad which hs mot Kecome dling, aie oh fee ‘seperate ovis of sine 2% sper, rind etal tered porn etn ar of ny ime prise 0 recive a note does ot xcs am ihe penalty imposed by NRS 8800 tft lpr povioneaceesion dvr ered by seton or ist ue ‘Sect State may etre st eoreion or yee. itkaoum ge 23 of $0 Referendum Petition |... Siaie of Nevada 7-An ana i or ined parsers ot in ela tas eee by the eee of Ste more than 90 ay beri oe date ‘halle dered an aended lt forte previous ear an oes not iy the requirements of sbseton Ifthe ero which he ee di i applabe. TCA fling mae purus sctin does ot tte provision of NRS 68.355 ad may nt be substed fr Hingssubined sant to NRS E0333. Bea person wh is wi the Serer f State it required by ebsetion | wich denies peer purine with be fault ict of concealing he Henny of any person or persons exercising th owes oaths ofa geerl pare in farhersnce of any ‘wl conduc sujet the ens fon NRS 225.088 To. The Secretary of State may lows Hinted prac tselet an shematv ue dete Fig tenia ist requed by TT The Secret of Sate may adopt elation to administer the rovisn of subsection 10, ‘Sez 76.65, NRS 84.91 is hreby amended tread allows: S911. Gach ig ited perp doing busines he Sat salon or Before he st dy of he fst month fer eng oft aplication or repsaton aa een lied prsership wi ibe Secretary ofS cite feign lied panei hes ‘Slee a leave doe de pursean to sebsction 8, on oboe that leave due dt and anual teeaer ono beet iat dy fhe mots in whch he ives dt i gulieation odo buses in his Se occurs in each ea, pial, ‘noe the at yo th moth in wih the save dete of th erie du steers each ear, wih he Src of Sate a ona form fried by he Secraay of Ste da comin {@) The aoe ofthe fri linked purines, {0) The le mumser ofthe feign med partnership, knonn: {€) The ames fal is ener parnes, (G) The acres, iter esience or snes, ofeach general per aod (6) The irate of geeral pare fhe lpn Unie parsers, or same oer pron specially euthorzed byte fren lie parsers sign he i cerita theists te, complete nd nec. 2. Each it le porn oh seton mus be sezorpanied by declan under petal of peru ha (6) Tae osgn Ente partners as comoied with he provision of ples 76 of MRS; The frig nied parershipackoowedpe tat poseant 9 NRS 25930, he x calegary Cony wo knowingly oer ay fe 1 rgd rumen fr ling he Office fhe Sere of Sten {G) None of general purer deified inthe t as been Mei inthe et withthe aude inet of concealing he enicy ‘fany person or pean exercing the power or ule ofa general panera furtherance of ay anal con 3, Upon ing he nal Uist required by his section, the frig tinted partes sal oy he Secretary of Ste fe of S125 150 (©) Each nl it regres by sein, efi nied paruesip shal pay oe Secretary of Ste a eof 8123.)3150 ‘Cra gene pate oleate parmeshp resins andthe resignation sn reieted on the anual or amended tof {ener partners th fori fied partnership or ie eining gene parner shal yay the Secreta of Sta fee $75 fle ‘fe esignon othe eo paer The Seeeny of State sal 90 ny before the last hy for ling each ana i rece by sobre I provide teach ign ined panei, wich egied o compl ithe provson of NRS B59 o BESS, alse, and which has ot become dinguet noice of te ex de pune subsection Sand a render le he ls required pursanto subsection 1 Fl of fy reign ied pene to recsve smote doe ot ents from he penalty nose by he provsans of NRS 6139116 B55, nls. {ie ibe ed purse tthe provisions of subsecion | sdfeie othe fee eqied by subsection 3s at paid the Stretary of Sae may Feta heist fr eareton payee ‘Tc An anal i fora forint parmeshpntin def whichis esived by he Secretary of Sue mare han 90 dys before ie dete hal be deemed un smenced lt ore pevios year td oes ot st the requirements of subsection | forthe ero rich the die dt i appiste. ‘A petson wh swith the Seetetary of Sie it eure by this section which iets general parr with he adler inet of conecling he niyo ay perion oe pena exercising he poe or uta of genta pr abet of ay lol cnet suet othe eae ohn NRS 275.008 5° The Seersay of Sate may allow Friga Lined parneship osc an raved ste fr fling he itl ist required by thisstction. 10. The Secretary of Sate may adopt regulations an ‘Set. 16.7. NRSHBA.600 sere amended 1 rode flows {HA.0 1. A basins nt med presen hi chap salon ble he st dey of he fst month fe the ing fis erifete of tus wih he Screay of Sto, be bsiness ust hs selected an llemnlve ue date pasta to subsecion 00 ‘or before tha altealive de ate, and annually refer on or before te at ay fhe moat wc he aves fe ‘gots cesta test wi the Srey of Sate xcs, le wih he Secretary a Sie ce, applicable, on oF before the ast the provicion of bastion 9 Page 24 of 50 Referendum Petition State of Nevada yo th maha which the aniversary di of he eraive doe doce each yes ona om fished bythe Secretary of ‘Se lt sped bya ee one tases o by Some ter person specific eutorzd bythe business st ign it that enti ese Sd sect adress fa et one tes Each lt ed para ois saben mst be accompanied by 9 felon ude penal of perry a (a) Tae besness eta compled withthe provisos of chapter 76 of NRS; (6) The busines tet atoledges that posit NRS 239330, isa.eagaryC felony to knowingly fer ny eo rgd Snarament for lig a he Oe af the Serer of Sie and (©) None of theres Sete i the ist has Been ested i the is withthe ule ent of concealing the Ket f any fern opens ets th power orouoriy oft ein barney wal eda. Upon ing: (a) The inl at equ by subsection the business rast hl py tothe Seeretary of State a fof [$125] 5150, (8) Exc ema it eq by sabsson Ihe basins ras shal pay the Secretary of Stee of 31258150. 2 Fansts ofa buses rt resigns adie rergnation rt relied on th sore or aended st of was, the bases st ‘rte resgning esl pa a he Sertayof Stata fer of 575 Hee esigation {The Seer of Ste sal, 80 as bore east ay fr ling each amu is required by sbsecin |, provide wo each buses tra whic i requled comply wi the provicons o NRS BEA 5000 SUA 60, acksv, nd Which as at become linguet, 2 etic ofthe fee parce saben? ad reminder fle hist required pus subsection Fale of bases Urs tovecrve ce dest exam the pest impo byl Annes ifr bins rt ot nea which recived bythe Secretary of Ste ore han 90 days before its du thalbe deemed an sended it fo te pevoes eu A peso ws withthe Seren f Se 2 it or anal et eqied by abucton | which denier eve with the ‘adobe ten of onceaing the ety fey persone persons eneriing the power oratory of sien farther fay Unlawful cone abet othe penny et orn NRS 25 088 “For the proses oth scon person he benef ome i mt deemed exerts stl conta ate diy operations ‘fa basins st based sll om theft hat he eran sa benef ove The Secretary of State may low bsies tr to slet an rate Gu dat fringe inl Kit equi by subsetion 1, 5, The Seraay of Sue may opt regulon to arise te provisos of abzcionB. See. 765. NAS BEATS is hereby amended wo read as flows! 194.732 | Esch reign busines ist doing busines nhs Sts, or before he st dy of he ft mnt aie the ing oF ls applicin fr eto ea reign btines tt wth the Secretary of Staite rig basins st ns seed a larmve do he prsan to subsection 10,98 belie Dat aerate due dt, and anally tere ono before te last by the ont in which he snalversary due ts quaificao do busines in this State ocusneach year applicable, on cr ‘eto telat ay of the month in hich be anivenay te fhe alma due dle orers i each ere wih he Secreta of Seis on form used byte Serer of Sie, hat onan: (@) The same ofthe reign bases st (0) Thee suber of he freign business st, kom, (6) The name ofa lest oxeof ts tsees, {G) The addres ier esidence baie of the tse fisted pursuant poaprgh (2); nd ) The signature eof fei snes ra sme the pesn spealy shred bythe frig uns ‘Sanh i, cet tha thefts ee, complete and teat 2 kach ki rau be led puso thi seston mat be accompanied by secaraton under pnaey af ery tha (a) The foreign eines tro has complied wh he provisions f caper 7 NR (9) The foreign business tt acknowledges tha psu o NRS 239330, isa eegory C felony tokwowingly fe any alse or Forged iene for ing inthe Oo te Sexetany of Ste and. (6) None ofthe resided the it ae ben enti he st withthe aden inet of concealing he esi of ny ‘peton or perio exes the power or aubocy oF tse in fuerace of any ula cont 3 Up ig (a) The nial it eqpiced by thi ection the frig ans tt sal py tothe Seereary of Staaf of (S125 $150. (8) Exch sama ia required by his ecto, th foreign business st shal pay tthe eee of Ste a fof 5125) 5150, 40x rte offen basins ts eng and te esigation ot ected onthe aul or amended Uist ruses he feriga bose tat orth resigning tase shal py the Seceloy of Seo of $75 flee resignation The Secretary of Ste sal 90 ap before th et cy fr ling each eval it equ by seen 1, provide each xen business tas ic requ to comply wide provisos of NRS S8A 73210 BUA. 73, ichsive, ad whith has wot become felinguenta notice of eee de prea to subiecton 3 anda emider leh st eguled para subsecan | Fare of ty foreign busiest receive pace does ne exc rm he peat inpose bythe provisions of NRS BBA 7320 HEAT, incisive Page 25 of 50 Referendum Petition State of Nevada 6.1 Hobe ed prs othe provisos of ibe | is efecto eure sbrecton 3 ot pai the Serer of Sate may rer ht for orecton of peek "An annel list fo foreigner no tel which eid by the Serta of Ste mare han 9 dap before dae date sl be deemed an mended for he previous year ond does wa sal the queens sbsectn | fr the ear Which the dodo applies. {CA person who Fes te Secret of Sate alist required by his etn which identifies true with he adult inte of | ‘onctlng the enti of ay peo pean eersng he powe or ular of sen rherane of ny wll eondct ‘Ssajet to tbe penal et fh a NRS 725.084 8. Fert puporer oft erton a pson who isa beefial nneris ot deemed exercise sca cena ofthe daly operations ‘fa foreign bases ast based lly on the fc ale pon bene ovne. TO. The Secretary of Site may lo frig butts rt fo lect an llerav de date og te nals eure by this sec. 1. The Secretary of Sate my adopt eulains oath provisions of ssbetion 10 Se. 76.4. NRS 68250 hereby amended read fal: 19.350 1 Except otherwise proved in sbrecton 2, profesional asain shal, ox or befre the ast hy of the Fst anh ‘tert linge ac rhs of asians the Seratay of Seo te poeta sseation het an ales ‘epson subsection 7, on or Before th leat oe dt, nd amulet one before he ty othe mows ‘which the aniversary dt ofits ergaizaton curs a each yar oi plicBle ona beth as dy ofthe month in wie tbe {iiversary dato haere de date crus in each yen, le with he See of Ste Tis shoving te eames nd adresses, ‘iter reece or bens, of meters and empayesin be profesional essen and cenig tha ll memes and ‘enlayees are cence io reser pression evict Sie. 1X protean! sxocision organized end pace prs ote provisos of tis chapter and NAS 673.49 hall, ono bere ‘hela ayo thet mont ae the ing os ares of esciion wih be Secretary of Sue ite profesional scion ‘sleet an sherman ded stan sreton 7, on or eft sematve de dt, dasa Ieefer ono Beare ‘heat yf th month which th aeiversay date fs rnin ccc in each year of applicable, ono bef the ast ‘ay ofthe month avi the enlveriary ct oh herve dt seri enh eae wth he eceay f Stae 4 (@) Showing the names and adres, ber siden or business, ol members ad employes of te poesia! ssciaton who tec zesed or eerie uharied by aw to rende profesional servic Ins Sa: (©) Certtying har al members aa erplayes wh eer petessonl servicer ieasedor eri ahora by lwo ender rofsinal servic inthis State and (c)Cer¥ing tha al mens who are ot censed te ener profesional service inthis Sut do nt ender peso service on ‘halt te profesional asin exept ae ethorzd by Im. 2. ac it led porn thi vecon mst be: ie) ade frm fished bythe Serer of Sate ad mat wt coin sy cao other information ep tha expresey fale fr by his etn. {by Signed bythe chief executive oie of the profesional asoiaton ory sme cher person specifically aharied by he ee fxceative oe ign lt (6) Accompanied by deleraon under penal of perry that: (The professioal usocaon has complied wit the provision of caper 760fNRS; (2) The profesional sociation sknowiedges tht prion © NAS 239 30, itis eaegoy Cony to browingly oer ay fie forged nananet fo ling inthe Of of he Seca of Ste amd {G) None of be meates or employees deed athe Ist hs teen ented in this wih te adalat inemt of conetag he en of any perso persons exercising the power or uo ofa menberor poy in uthermce fay naw conc. 4 Upon ing (a) Te il et equied by this ssive the professions sociation shal py tothe Serer of Stef of [$128 S180 (0) Est annuals requied by hs section te profesional esoiaton hl pay wo the Secretary of Sine fer of [S125] 150. 5 person wholes with he Secretary oF Site a inlet ran it reed by hi ecton which eis a mere oan employer of profesional etaction with he vl inten of once ie ett Oop or pean xen the ove: tthoriy of meer er employes fihenace of ny ula cond is sibjet te peal ot fon NRS 225084, {rte purposes otis sein» person isnt deme o exerci tela conta ofthe daly operations 3 potessonl ‘ssaciaon based oly othe fat tha the peso holds an ones ineet nthe profession asoeion. 1.eSeretary of Site may alow a proferonalszociatn fo cles am aermtiv de dt ing the nil it eid by hie {The Seeretaryof Sn may apt reutions amis the provisions of ssn 7 ‘Se. 77. NRS 90.420 ishereby amended tread lows: ‘90420, The Administrator by order may dey, suspend or revoke any les fn any essed person, inthe actives ovemed by his ape ta an epae ened person may peo in hs Se, ar a8 aplcan ot eensed penn fo soeaon wih Page 26 of 50 Referendum Petition 4. State of Nevada ‘a censed broker-dealer or invesmert advise oar from employment witha license broke desk or investment advisers pron ‘iho a parser ae cect ae represnnve neuen vse or presente ofan inves adver Peaa8 ‘ecuying sr sso parmigiano for an applic or oesed pro ithe Adina Gds th te order ‘Sinthe pubic eet nda thot or ceed person oh xe Os brokers or iavesmen adie, ony pair, er, decor ales represent, vesinen ier repcienatve of a investent adver. or pean oxi «i sas x performing so ncn ny pron det one contoing the broker investment rie o an ster Stent ot ny peson dey ornare conoing terse sp (2) siete plieatn fr censing with he Alsace which, ois fete do af any ate afer agin te ease fon ordr denying efleivens, war incomplete repo conseeda tenet ha was. aight of heen Snr which wa ade, er misnding wih apt ios ari ce (© fas vied oe aed comply wih provision his cher es tow or fomery in eto egulaton order apd or Sived andr hcp, (Chsthe sabjet of ojdicaton ox dsrinnton fe oie nd oppor fr heaing wii the es 3 yar by ascites gency or sdinsrar of onthe ato a cour of compete jardin tt he pen ised th Searles Ac 93. th ‘Sterns Exchange Aco 93h vesen Advises Act of 194, the lnvexment Company Af 180, he Comme Exchange Act ote secre aw ny oer ate, ol Ibe es costing he ion oh sate tw wood conse ‘lato of is chord the ac akan pace nis Se {Gitar bern convicted ofa elon or, wine previous 0 years has Ben conic o isgeneano, which ihe Aminisior a (Ih tovtes the prcas or sl securing ils oth making alse repo bey, py, bury robbery or forapirany commit of he reggae (2) Ares ou of he condoct of snes ss baker dae, ivesine adv, eposory insta insoce company o ay, {G)tovotesthelnceny thf ober. extortion frey courting fle corse embezlemen, feel Eonvenion or misappropaton of mons o serra oan 1o coma nyo he regi ose (S)tovoles mor tet: {6 Isorts teen ernancly or temporarily enone yay ou of compete eiicion ules the oder has een vacated, om ‘etna an invesen aise, representv of an nvesmen adver, ener, boke-l or aa alitedperon or Cpleyer of on vesme! compen, epsiory ital or rac! company or fom ening ino ode ay Conde or pratt conection wih ay of We fregsng ceo in conection wh he phase ese fey, {sorta ben the subject ofan oder o be Adin, nes he ore bas ee oe, denying, suspending o evoking the pesos iene keer ales rpesentave, vesine adie, represent osm nese ave arr ge {@)Isorhasbeca tie sbject ofan of be flowing order which er fund wii the Sea ness odes been vocated (1) An order by he secures ageney ox dnt four sate, jritictios, Canainproviee terion the Commodity Features Tein Comision o bye Scares nd Exchange Commision ors conga raul geney of rer oun, ‘tered ler ice nd opportuni for heig eying suspending oevking ie peo’ ene ae broke aes ‘eps, vesinet sie, epesettve oon ivesnen ver ser get {@)A sspeson or exon fom mente in or asolaton wih member of seegorogmizaion, (G) An order by a selevgulaory organization dx pois the person fom serving, inden oor spec pid as 2 Principal rin supervary copay win usnes or ranean which amc of sl eploy orton, (Gyaroder oft Unied Sites Pon Servic elaine au: (3) Atorder toca sd desist entered fer atc nd oppor fx ecg by the Administ he sears agency oF Sansa of sod ste, jason, Candin prone o erty the Serer an Exchange Commision ors compare reglaory gzcy of ner oan te Canmodiy Furs Tada Comision (6) An order ye Commodity Furs Trading Commision denying. pending or evoking evan vde the Commodity Exchange Act (0) Has engaged until or dshonest proces in the secues business, {i sinsolven here snc tht inblies exceed ete rn the ent fat bligaion camot be ma they mate, bat the ‘misao yo eter an ore apis a okereer or invesient dvi nder hs pragnphwiboat fang of insalveny as tthe beer dele or invesent vise, (Has fad io pay atx requed psu the provisions of capt 363A of NRS [osc 210 6, naive his ac (Is deemined bythe Adina compe wit NR 90430 nto be gue feb oak of iig experince Sd knowiedge of the seers basics oF (Os fled reson to supervise ls eset, employ or epesniaiv ofan invesinent aie. 5. The Administ nay no rst « proceeing onthe bs o's fit or ransacton known oe ior wn the ens beae tffcve unless th proceedings lasied win 90 ays rsa theese Page 27 of 50 Referendum Petition ||. State of Nevada 2. Aine in hn pli enpenan io anger in eine chad ain a broke ir pene tein arr pareve ior trop rad ay ‘Sony or seed Ge coo of a come, memo or urn rant boned resol arch be ‘immer may oy ray he speion ree eee Sete S00 cy tendo ex ows S001 icy a ober proved netton sion nd eco led with oobi ye Admini wesc ‘tamaton we ane Br be amen 2 Ee char peti i aeclon 3 an &dNRS 299015, lowing ina ad eco dot coe pate toate msn td a one {Sintmelaner ner be! ye Annan como it ivesipnon coming oie volo is Shot nt { hntn orcs fd ithe Adina cemecion ipsa steed wr fs chap os mpon {overs 90390 sch consi ni sere or com oes oman pon fa which pron eed ‘edie wseed cam of pile confer ye. 5th Admansror my sooty africa comes with eves be ‘oyatomey Gee orn tii stay be epee presen ines ede sep nd (Oprenan Tes rein cargo porns ofchaper 3EA FR] de Sponges Sogn of 1 The Amin my dl ay ifomatin sda comcion iho nvesiaton pret NS 9020 he ‘eu andusinns sped monty afRS 90.70 bees he pres fa cl 2Etinacaan enn esgton or roel t ehing ey or nse oa Spur oe prin x preci mei coe sn sear of meton Succape dor stsce ny va or enthany pig ning common ey one pation oer. SM RRS 28 wheray Sede et lowe [En i eaepts rie povided in tan tr dg anon wil yh Depress ‘ried he pre pre sacton Gof Ss 8 bee fred ae [inghy] Cne Fed Ferma NS ae Deparment salen omy the Ste Bors of Exons Ue aot of he bss $epieneralpvrans sre ecole heey te pre on opens ea eng amd ‘Stroy mast dered mony proved isso. any pom gvernel eve cole sco mbt ny th coin be ed provi in NAS SIBes TOG on hedonistic fa each coy ms mae he coy se dara it achcouny be ny Gurnson mato sal goverment pc Sart rene arc. ore pao Stealsng ic unun fne tagovermertal svete he cum eha eee y cch ical poem hander di eth df cnet corted prt sbioe? {Ta Seto edt ue ead pr ONG SULA he ele tapining oy 199 a ee ‘heel des nating eto cts sere itemeeabled pea NRS 38 5 or ‘eae ye beso on a7 aterm os dete ny a er ger an ee ‘eh ss et ring iy 15 heir tab ed oni be ana eo ets £ermatng ne derbtons th natn he resin ory rece ret rch omy m8 Signe seal Goverment ex aston tou eed NAS 30050 fr aon oe orrmens es ‘es and ene ins tin ewch coy urs te provisions SNES 60 10 wn 360 00. Anon oy bi pvermenal ever roa eserpet prey ne al Yee 1987198 mas conn tobe ahd oh ony ngs eb mot me nel ‘Tye Depart Sale toms of ee vernal sees eet coy sho is ‘Aveda tart 46)" dri sth mening cdo iti 360.608. {8)-loaTeovenean he he manne rd 8 NS 36 0 {)-Reiedercalece fret coy means {eerie bn goverment called oes bette prove of he 75 ofS, the ott ‘ein ore coy be on ving poeta ‘Caso City 87 pet Lite wom 3. 12 pee ‘Chri 321 pent Ly ‘Ca 325 percent Mineral (Doogis 282 percent Nye. Elko = 1331 peren Pesing Esmeads 252 pret Storey = Page 28 of 50 Referendum Petition State of Nevada Ee e310 percent Washoe n= 12.24 ptcent ‘moldt 2.25 percent Wale Pine 3.66 prem ander reed {@) Fra ier ai and supplement governmental series axrecived or alse by the Deprime the our tubule o ‘ach coonty tae onthe ebay reponse vile for whieh he x a al ("Speci ave” as the mesg seed itn NRS 360.650 Seu 723, NRS 492141 herby amended rad lowe: {55.181 | Eng eeteriz provided in suet 5, afer deducing te smownt wed by he Deparment andthe scart ‘ceded othe Deparment pun aubecon Gof NS 46260, he amour ansfeed othe Sse General Fund wd he ‘Stat chray Pad pursuant to NRS 48216, the Deparment sl ei monty tothe Sine Beard of Examiners he amount of ‘he bai and supplement goveronestlvevices ne colt fo ech cout bythe Deparment nd Ks agents drag the ‘teeing mony adh money mast be dtributed monly as provided in secon. ‘aay supplemental goverment siesta ellie fr county mst bese ony othe couny, tobe ese s proved in NNRSI?1.065, 371.085 ond 371.00. 1 aon of he ae vere zrvie tx receive or olected each county mast be made tte cout scot inti wiki each county bef ny dstbuions made toa loa goverapet, special dtc renee src Forte purpose ‘feaeulating he rout ote basic govermentl ences ax tobe due othe county School aie the aes levied by each incl government, ec dist! end energie dist are the produ a is ceried valuation, deteminedpuran subsection? (of NAS 361405, on sax ate, established pursuant o NRS 361435 forthe fal year bepnng on aly 1 1960, excep hat he ta ‘ae for shoo diss, tudnp he rate acbutable ose et servi, isthe te established psu io NRS 361455 fx ‘he fal year beponing cn July 1 197, but ithe rae abuse aves eb servic in any seal yar rent to its te Foe the ise yar begining on uly 97th higher ate mus Be we 0 determine te sou nibutble det sve. ‘Aer making he oto: sath in ubseton 3, the remining ney received or alee a each oay mast be Aepoted eh Local Goverment Tax Distribution Account reed by NRS 360660 for drban 1 ea goverment, sec ‘rie ag enerpite lari echcouty prs tothe provisions of NRS 360580 and 360690, 5: An amount eq tay asc governmental serves ax bed oa redevelpmen ope nthe Fal Year 1987-1988 mast onus be dsb otha apne a nga i exists but ms not be nerd 6 The Deparment shal make Gstnbutons of te bi goverment services ax rel to couny soo dsc. 4 Aswed eh secone (6) Enerprise dibs the meaning seibed 1 tin NRS 360.0. (@) "Local goverment” as he meaning esevbed it la NRS 360.40. (6) Received erclleied foreach cot” mes (1) For the bai overt eres tat cole on vehicles subject tthe provisions of che 706 of NS, the aout ‘ermine for each county based ea he allowing percenages (Carson Cy 07 prea Li enon 3. Esmerida 25 pect Sorey 019 percent Eureka 310 percent Washoe onan 1224 pret Humboit 8.25 perent White Pine 5.65 percent Lande 3.8 percent (2) oral char take an uppemersl goverment series xacived or alec by the Deprimen, the nat bbl fo tach county based on th cout of repisration ofthe vice for which the tax was pai. ("Special ise” has the meaning serie Lin NRS 360.650, ‘See. 25. NR 492.181 ishereby amended rea Flows: {2181 |, Except a cleriz provided incoberon Safer edoing the amount wield by be Deparment a the noun ‘xed ote Deparmen passant saben 6 of NRS 462180, adie amon estes to [the Ste Geveal Fund and he] ‘Stat Highy Pond parson © NRS 482182 te Deparen sale mony fo the Sse Board of Examies he amount of ‘he bs und sopoleental governmental svies ne collected fo eash county bythe Depend He agente dng he ‘eceing mom adh none mst be dribled monty as provided in is section. Any spplemental governmental seve tx ella for scanty mst be disoed ony othe coun, o be wed as povided in ‘NRS 371083, 371.065 ond 371.087, 3, The stribton ofthe basi goverment server tx received or alte foreach couny must be made lo the covet scoot are within each cou befor ny dsrbuion i made to local goverment, special dst or enterprise dsr. For he pepose ‘of eakeaating the amount the bal governanal ervces tx we dsbted othe couty School dis, the aks levied by each Page 29 of 50 Referendum Petition Stare of Nevada logl goverment psi dst sd ener rit ete product of cert valion detemined puss o subsection 2 OF NR 361405 x rat, enti pursuut lo NAS 361485 fre zl yar beginning on Jl 1, 14D, hep a he ax ‘efor tol dts elaine rat erbule oa dit’ deb servic, ithe at eslblised prs to NRS 35.455 fo the fica ear belaing on uly 1978, asthe rte lbuabe wads debt servic in any fal years reer han rae {orth eal year Begining only 1, 197, he higher ve must be sed odin teat abl 1 deb Serie. 1 Aer making the dbs shin abeetion 3, the remain ney recived or alle or each ouny ms be ‘epoted inthe Local Goverment Tax Daribton Account crested by NRS 360.50 or disebuon olclpovermens, pci ‘dcice and enterpie Sit within each cunt pursue roiions of NRS 36080 and 360.690. Svan amount gel ary base governments servicer ax rbd redevelopment epee inthe Fal Year 1987-1988 ‘ona be Gxtibuted ott ageney long tenis but ust ot encase {6 "The Deparment shal ae aaon ofthe asc governmental ervins wx ayo cout school sis. 7. As wed ints ston (6) "Enerprie dri hte meaning serie niin NS 360.620. (0) "Lore! goverment” hs the ean scribed in NRS 360.640. {ey Received er elected foreach cours” meat {U)For ie ta goverment secs tc called on vb abject the provisions of caper 706 of NRS, he amount ‘dened foreach counybaedon he lowing prenages ‘Carson Chy = a percent Lincle 312 percent ‘Chareil»—-521pereert Lyon von 290 perce (Ga onc 2254 percent Minera 2.40 percent Dovghan- 282 percent Nye nn snonae 409 perce Eh 31 percent Persing 7.00 percent Exmerida 252 pean Strey =~ 019 erent, Eure 310 perce Wasson 12.2 erent Humid 8.25 percent Wie Pine 5.65 erent Under 9.8 percent (2) oral ier tei and supplement goverment serves tax recived or called bythe Depa, he amount able to fach county based co the county of repsaton fhe vehi fr whieh he x was ald {@) "Special ert” asthe meaning seb vn NRS 360630 Se, 78.7, NRS 482102 herby ended read as flows: 42,12, After deducting the amounted bythe Deprtent nthe amount redid othe Deparment pent subsection ef NRS 482180 ad before carying ou he provisions aFNRS 422.18 each month, he Deparment ta diet he Ste Conller tors tobe Sn [ghey] General Fund from the proved fhe arc goveriera serves xc collected bythe Deparment, ‘df agents daring ke preceding moth th moun insted parsant thi section Except a other provided i saben 3, the amount eae o be wasted prs o subsection | om the base goverment vies tux impored on veces epee in arconaee wi (4) Sabeetion lof MRS 37.060 bases onan ge of {U)One year, isn sum equal io 1 perce of hose proceeds; (2) Two yea, a sar equal 12 pret thoes reeds {@) Thre years, sa sum equal 13 erent of thre (Four ears isa sm equ 15 percent of those proceeds: (5) Five yr sum equal 01 pect of ose proceeds {G)Sixyers isa sum equal 022 prenof thor proces: (0) Seven year sa sn eal 129 prea of ose poceds; (8) Eigh year sa sm pul 40 perc of those proces and (9) Nine Yeas or mae ie sum equal 67 percent of ove proceeds and (0) Subsection? of NRS 371.060 based wom an age of. (1) One yen, su eq io 12 perce of se proceeds, (2) Two yea sa sm equal o 1 pret of those proceeds: (0) Tee yer, i sim equal 18 perce ofthese proceeds (4) Four yeas asm esl percent of tore proceed {3} Five year sum eqn 1 25 perce of hose proceeds 46) Se years, ise sum equal 0 30 percent of hove proceeds, “(0 Seven years isa sm equal 03 peri of those proses “lah years, in sm eqal 037 pecan of thas proceeds “O) Nine years asm equ 640 erent shose proceeds: and {00} Ten yar or more, fa sum egal io percent thas proceeds. proceeds of Page 30 of 50 Referendum Petition ||| State of Nevada 5. The amount egeied ob rarafered paral subsection | Fm he proceeds ofthe basi overt cevices tex impos on ‘bile o which te minima amour ofthat tx apples puso! opp (b) of subseion 3 NRS 37.06 «sum equllo {3 percent of ove proceeds Seq TAS, NRS AUD 16 sere amended a ead slows: 42,182 |, Ae deducting he aroun wield bythe Deparment ane amount creed othe Deparment pursue to sibseton SoFNRS 242.160 na bear crying ou he provisos oF NRS 48718 each moat, the Depriea sal det We Site Coarler, louanterto the: (@) Sate Geter Fund om he proceeds the basi goverment serves tax ole by the Deparment agents rng the preceding mont 539 percent ofthe amount need pursant this secon (©) Ste Highway Fund fom th proceeds of the basic govermectal serves tax called bythe Deprent nde agents ring the preceding moni 30 percent ofthe amounts insted pus thi section 2 Beep as thers prided subseco ,he aunt regret be watered pra sbeetic 1 om te proceed of the tase govern eves tax imposed on vetielesdeprecae in accords wi (a) secon 10! NRS 71.060 bed upoe an geo (1) Ove year, isn sum equa Il perce of Dose proceeds, (2) Tw years ia sequal 1 paeet of thot proceed; (3) Thee years, isa sum equal to 13 percent of ese proses, (4) Four yess asm gel 15 pecan of tore proses (5) Eve yar asa equa 18 pect of hoe proceeds, (6) Sic years ina sum equal io 2 pecan of hare reat (7) Seven years su sum ul o 29 percent a ose proceeds, (8) Eph ers iran equal o 40 percent of tore proceeds and (9) Nine yeas or mre su ego 67 percent of tse proceeds ad (b) Section 9 of RS 37.050 breed pon an geo (0). One year, a su elo 12 pee of ose proceeds, (2) Two yeas, a sum equal oH perce of thee proceed: (G) Tree yes ia som equal 18 perce’ of hse proceeds (4) our years i aun egal to percent of tov proceed; {G) Five yuri sum equal 0.26 percent of thas proceeds (6) Si yer is msm equal 030 percent ofthoee proceeds (2) Seven ears, issu equal 33 percent of hore proceeds, (8) Eigh years sa sum qual 37 percent hose proceeds (9) Nine eas, su ql 40 percent of hove proceeds end (10) Ten years or mor isa sum ental o 19 percent of those proceeds. 5 The amon requ tbe trantenedpursan io sseton | rom the proceeds ofthe bt goverment tries imped on ‘ebiles to which the mise amount of at a applies prsae to paspeph (bof subsection 3 of MRS 37-060 su senegal. percent of hose proceeds See 789, NRS 482182 hereby mended tread a foe: ‘828 Aer deducting the mount wil bythe Deparment nd te amount credo the Deparment pursuant sesecton Sof RS 48.180 ad before aryig out the provisoas NAS 48218] each mah the Deparment Sal dies the Sate Cone ‘oumsterioitel: (@) Ste General Fund fm th proceeds ofthe basi goverment verve ax collected by the Deparment and i gems Ging he ‘eceing mon 50 percent ofthe anon idcnd prsean oh econ. (6) Site Hghy Fund fom the precend ofthe ase goverment series tx collected bythe Departmen snd i ago dig the peceding mont [50 percen ol the amount need puerto esion. 2: Except a oterse provided in ebizeion 3, he runt requred to be tanfeedpursan to svbieton | from the proce of the bse goverment eves ax inosed on vies depreciated in acedaace wit (a) Subseeion oF NRS 371.06 bed upon an oe oF (0) One years sue eq wo 11 pet of ose proceeds, (2) Two yar ia sum equa 2 perce o tow proceeds {G) Thee yer, st sm egal a 13 percent of tose precede, (@) Foor years, sa sum equal to 1S percent of thse proceeds (5) Five year sum egal 1018 percent of thor reeds, (6) Sinyears isa sum egal 022 percent hose proceeds (2) Seven years, sa sum equal 29 percent of ore proceed, (8) Eph years ras equal o 4 percent of those proceeds and (9) Nine yeas or mare, isn sum eq 67 pce of hoe procees nd Page 31 of $0 Referendum Petition State of Nevada (0 Sseecon 2 of NRS 371.060 tse upon a age of: in qi I2 percent of tse proceeds (8) Nine year ia sim equal 0 40 percent (40) Te years or mare, i sum ena 43 percent of hese proceeds. {he mount required ob esered parte osbsectn | Bor the proceeds ofthe ai goverment serves tax imped on ‘eles ooh the inna amount of hat a applies purse paragraph (b) of ebeetion 3 of NRS371.060 carom el 0 1S percent of hose process, See 79, NRS 604A is ech amended 10 ead as lon 044.300 |. Fe Commisine has reason Bele tt grounds fr revoration or uspeno of licen exis the Commissioner ‘hal ive 25 dae ween note whe lees sng he contemplated acon ae gamer, the ouster and set dt or ‘heaing. 2. Alte concasin of hearing, te Commissioner hl: ig) Emer wien ver eiberismsing the charges revoking the zene or suspenog he license fra period of mt more tha ys which period mst nce ry prior emporay Suspension. The Cormisione sl en copy of te order ot cease by repsired reared al (©) Impose upon the Beeston adisisratve fine of wt mor than $10,000 fr exch vileton byte icense fay provision of is ‘Sapte or any replat doped puraan tere (Clif iets imposed psn his section, emer such order sis necessary 0 recover the cots the proceeding ncaing invesignve cos nd store’ es the Commision: 3 The rounds far evoculono suspension of ots ae hat {ay Thecese has fled fo pay te aml Tiense fee, (0) Thelcese, ter knowingly o wou any exer of due cre prevent Ut has lated any provision of hs chapter o ay lawl elation doped pose thereto, (6) The lcensee has ied pay 2a as required puss oe provision of hapter 363A of NRS [0 sections 2161 inaiv, ofthat (@) Any fc or condion exists which woud have used the Commisionein denying he nse’ original apliction ora eee pursan to te provion of i chapter ot (e) Te leenee: (0 Failed pen an office forthe conde of he busines uted by his or her cas within 10 days ae the dt the ices tes tsued or £2) Hs filed to remain open for he condi ofthe busines fora prod af 180 days witougpod cee herr. {Cry revocation or supe apples ny 1 th foes pried oa paso ore procaroficefor nach gm for reveal or suspension ex 5 An order suspending or revoking cease becomes eectve 5 das ale being etered ues the ore specifies these ora sty ngrme, ‘Sez 20, NRS 612.265 ihre amend 1 ead as lows 612265 |. Excepseerns provided in this scon and NRS 238.0115 ad 612.642 formation bined rom any emplying nit eon pursaat the adrinsrton ofthis copa my determination as oe Benefit ghs of ny person cone Sd may oot be esclsed rb open pul gpestion nat une whch woul eves he peas or emayng vis ey. 2 Any lina a ipl epesnative ofa clits ened wo information fom the record oh Division th exe neesary forthe proper presentation ofthe clan's chim nay proceeding pursuant 1 this chope. A claimant or an employing ‘hi fot ened to formation fom the records ote Dien for any ahr purpore 5Subjetta sued restedons asthe Adminsvator may by elton presrb, the lfomnaton obied by he Divison may be made esis: (2) Any ageney ofthis ory ober sate or any Cdera apecy charged with the ainisatin or enforcement favs reaing ‘nemploymentcorpesatog, public assent, wore eampenstion obo and industrial elains othe maitennce fe ‘System of pale employment fees, (0) Any sat or loa geney forte efrcement of cil supp, {e) Te nara Revenue See of he Deparment of te Treasay; (@) The Departen of Taxation; ad Page 32 of 50 ‘Referendum Petition |. State of Nevada (e) Te State Comrncto Boudin the performance of is dt oenorce the provisions of chapter 624 of NR. lformaton ‘hind in commen wth admiration of he Dison maybe made vale to pssons roel for poses propre ‘othe operation fe public employment service ora pubic assance progam. 4 Upon ten request nade by a pubic offic of a goverment, he Administ sal iri fom he ears of tbe Divison the mame, aes ad place of employment fay person ltd ihe eat af employment ote Divison. The request ‘st ores scary numero the person boa whom he eqs ie mde ndcoininntnemen signed by he proper "tory othe al goverment crying tt he request sade slow the pope aay tenes owt recover nao ‘higaion owed the ol povernmes Exep aches provided in NRS 2590115, the information bane by he ee ovement is condeil ad may not be sed or dosed fray purpose ther ha the collection of deb or oigaton owed 0 Sat oa goveramet. Te Administ mey charge a esnable fr forth cost of providing he eqursted information. 5.The Admiistr may push ootieriz provide nfrmaion onthe names of eployer their adres, type ola of ‘asin or industry ad th pponinatemunber of employers payed by exch such employer, ihe information eased il ‘Sst enemployed persons ota enployment or ile general rein deveoping tnd dveriing te sconoml eet of ‘hs Site Upon request by asia agency whch ble denonuate ta is ieded ue of he fora wl bei the reid of is Sat Aninistor may, in dono te nformation Kise in his saben, dso te raber of ‘plays employed iy each employer and th ial wages paid by each employer, The Adminsar may cage ae fo cove ie ‘cual oss of any edie expenses ela ate agen. The Adastra may feguke he sate agency ocr wing athe agency wil ake Sls nessa o muti he conden o he information and preven ts wauborzed dco. {6 Upe request therefor, the Adminstrator sal furs any agency of ie United Sites cared wih he ninisration of ob ‘woke or esse troegh public emplyment and may fish oat site geney snarl erg, he rane, adres ory ‘csepation nd erploynen sats a each iio of bene ad th repens iho ater Bnei pra iz cape. {-Tortehera corre cin! avesigaon techie eacentve oro any ew elocement agency oft Seay ah ‘nes rqut the Admnar tt he Amira iy om the records f te Divito, the am, dre on plas of {ployment of ory paso ised inthe records f employment of ihe Divi. The request most st othe socal secur name ‘the person about whom the requests made and coma tent signed by thee execaiveoier etiing tha he equ {sade wo father criminal ivesignon cael being contd by te none. Upon recep of ach request the Admit Shal fais the formation equesed. The Aamisaar may charg ae cover the aca oss of ny Fete aasve pens, isan tothe provisions of ubection She Administra hal provide it contig the names sd adres of employes tnd ifortion regarding he wages pad by each employer othe Deparment of Tesalon upon ese, fore in verifying eam {orth tes imposed parson to chops 363A ad 3608 of NRS [andthe chapter consisting o sens 2101, else, of is ct The Adminstrator may carpe afew cover he cul cous fay reed smiiravecepeses 5: pvt carr ht proves indice nh Sisal ino the Ara it contig the mas of ach erin ho received bnefisprsuan to char 616A lo 6160 inlsv, caper 617 of NRS cringe preceding month and Fecue tat te Admini: compare te information so rove wits th ecards of he Divison repung persons Cig, ‘nefits urs hs heir fo these period. The infomation brite bythe private ca must be ea form tried by ‘he Admlnsatr and mus coma the soll seurty tare of exch sch pean. Upon eit oh eq, he Admits "hall make sch compirian ad, appear om he ifrnaton ube ht persone Smuaneesy ling benefits der thischaper and unr chapters 616A 10 616D. nls or chap 617 of NRS, he Administ shal notify he Atorey Geer zante eine een sy The Admin al eo cover acl cone of ey aed 10. The Admiitorray request the Compl of he Coren ofthe United Sines cause on examination ofthe coneees of ‘ny eur o report of ey matoral Barking socaion reedred pursuant athe povons Fhe caper, and may in cooection ithe equs ane any sich report ar ret the Conpelieoftbe Cureey ofthe Uni Sues soi in eon 35(o ofthe Iemal Revenue Code of 1958 1 fay employer or member ofthe Board Review the Administra ny employe ofthe Admini, in tim a ie ovis ois secon discloses formation obined fom ry eplayng wi or person inthe semination hi chap, of ay poson wo has ciioed ast of applica for work, rf clanens or recipen of bene pornos capers or ‘emis the ue ofthe ist fo any oll prpese, eos sui fa pros misdemeanor, {2-Allleters, reports or commantations of an Kin, rl or write, fromthe employer or employee to eah ote othe Division or ny of agent, representatives or employers ar privileged and ms net be the sje mae orbs ay last ithe ee, ‘poor communications wre, an dlivred or pepe portant oe regirement of te chip. ‘Ste 4, NRS 168.012 shreby amended. veda lows {616B.0i2 I. Except as theres proved nis eton nd NRS 29.0115, 668.015, 6168021 and 616205, information ‘bined om tyne, employer or erployef cnt and may ot beds rb open publi nspecton aay ‘manner which would reveal the person's dey, Page 33 of 50 Referendum Petition (State of Nevada 2. Any listo gl epesntative of te claimant etd 1 ifmaton fom the record fie ners, othe exten necexary forte proper resetton fa lim nny proceeding ander chp 6ISA io 616D, seve, rchaper 617 of NRS. 23h Bison an Admins ae ened infra oth records ef the iser which sees forthe perfrmane of is. The Adrinsaor may by regulation, presi te manne in which chews confdeial information maybe made alle: (a) Any epecy ofthis any ther ste charged with be ariniraton or efrcement of a etn industri inure, ‘nemploymet empession ple estan or aor aw nd indus laos (@) ary at or oa gey Yr the efrcemen of i suppor (6) Te neal Reve Servic of he Depainent ofthe Treas, {@) The Deparnen: of Tato: ad (6) The Ste Conracoré Board inthe performance fk dso fre the provisions of caper 624 of NR. Information ‘sane in comeion wih he diiain of program of inca issrance may be made salable operons or agence for purpose appropriate othe operation of « popram of nasal surance 1 Upon wren request mae by publi ofee of lal governs, fs sal fais om is ecords the ame, aes and ise of enploymen of ny pein led nts recor, The resus mst set oh he oll eer abe of he person abou ‘whom the equ s made and contain semen’ ined by proper euhory of the laa goverment cei a the requests ‘male low the proper ube to enforces law recover det or oigaion owed tthe lacl goverment. Except as obese ‘provided in NRS 239.015, he nforation obtained byte locl goverment is confidential acd my rte ved or esl fer any Dror ther tha the callccton a» 6 religion owed he loa goverment The narra charges tensoaable fee rhe ft of proving the eqused information. 'Tortrters cron erimial invention the cit exzetv officer of any nw enfrcement sgmcy of this Siate ay subi the ‘Administ writen request forthe ane, eres nd place of employment of ny person fed ne records ofan ee, The ‘equst mus cto he scl secur unter othe peso ou hm he eqs mode ud contin a sateen signed by he ‘oefexecatve oe eying tha the rust mad afer crn! nvegaon ere being conducted bye age ‘Upon receipt ofa eqs the Adminisrator hl inset the ete fais ie nrmatin reise. Upon ree of och lnswetion the inte hl furnish he norton requested. The insure my charge a etsoabife 1 cover any elated ninistntve expense, 6 Upon request bythe Deparment of Taxation, the Adsnsratr sal provide: (a) List consiing th names and adestes of employes: and (0) Otter intarmation concerning empayes aleced and muntuined by the Administrator or the Division cay ou the purposes of ‘hapter IGA to GI6D, nclsive or chet: 617 OF NRS, to the Deparment fo sn vering eta fr he ses pone uran' to capes 363A and 3EDB OF HRS [and the ptr conitng a seeions 21 I incisive, of tis ac. The Aanisvaoe Int cages renanabl ef over any read drains exenes 1 Aay peson who, avian of his atten, dlosesnarmatinobnne om Gs elaimans ot poleboldesoabisin ais. of cman or pleyoliers nde chapter 616A G16, ince, or chp 617 oF NAS and wes oF emit the we te fOr {ny poll purposes, sully of poss isdemeano. {Allee repos oeonmnicatos of ny Kn, lo writen om the sre or any os Bens, repesesves ‘employes ae privileged and mst nb he subject mate orbs for any awe the leer, repo communieston i writen, Sent delivered or prepared puri othe reuirerentsf ehpter 616A 1 616D nce, oct 617 oF NRS. 8. The provisions is cond prob the Ades othe Divino long ay sonpropsey intention ‘saing tan uninsured employe of proto instal sree, ‘See 12. NRS 6450.060 fs ereby amended reads flows. {6150.06 1. Sujet the adnistrave consol ofthe Deir ofthe Deparment of Busines and Indy, the Conmisioer hall ‘erie general supervision and eon ver morgage brokers und mortgage eget dong busines is Sate 2 Inadion tthe ues imposed upon him oer by aw, the Commissioners (3) Adopt eplations {()Seting fh the equements fora esr aeque omneriip of ora beef inert a aloe eer yin on rel propery. The reulatns must code, wit tate, the main nancial conor atthe ivestr must omy Wid Eetoe Becoming an investor. (2) Esablhing rezone limitation and pines on ont made by 2 mongage broker oder. ocer, mange spe trloye of he mortgage broker, (©) Adopt any oteregluons hat re cess te cary cut the provisions of hs caper, excep loan brokerage es. {e) Conduct sch investigations asmay be necessary to deteraie wheter ny person hs vad uy provision of scope, ‘regulation sdoped parse wo scope ora one ofthe Comision. (Except acters provided in subsection 4, conduc an anual examination of ech mongnoe tok doing busines in his Se ‘The anal exaination mst nla wba! ition 9 formal ei revew with he watgage bk. The Commiesone al sop repulsion prsereg Page 34 of 50 Referendum Petition | State of Nevada (1) Standard for determining the rating ofeach mongage broker basd upon the ress ofthe neal rains; and {2} Procedures for resolving any cjctons mae by he morgage ober te eas of he ance xan, The ress the Sia exainton my oe opted io publi nspeton pursuant NRS 638.090 unl aera pido ie sey the Conmisianero determine any cjecons made byte mogage ber. (©) Con sch te examinations, prod or speci su ievesgons and heigs aay be neces forthe fice Ssoinisraon fhe ows hs Sue oping marage kes nd morgage agente. The Conmisione sah sop reais Specifying the gee iene dt wl be flowed wien pele or spec asl of amangage Woke indeed puso Bis chapte. {0 Casita conden cei records nd information obit byte Divison wien those mates re oine fom 9 {gpicmmeralapeney upon th express condone remain cone is praph doesnot xen y: (iT Laine Avion 6) Be pees Toit ney cay piso caer 3A FNS] so? 6 ino {@) Conduct uh examination ad ivesigon a ae neces tenet morgage ker and mongag ages met he ‘rues is chp robs ett inf pen ss beaten ng tas 3: Fo each sei ult avestgnion or examin 2 mongige broke of morse ager hl py ae based o terse ised pra oNRS 6S 200. {The Commision may coe exon it fore ui ene ee Received ating inthe st smal exeinatonth mec eso deerme by th Commisione, {Shi nha ny ove chang few codhbe ss a onl cranes elowe yan Stones fe monet broker, (Chase hd ony complains eeved bythe Divina ele in ay anise atn by he Dison and {@) Dae ot maisin ny trs scout puso NRSG4SB.170 or GASB.17S or srange ans inde y pate ver. Se. 43- NAS USB 670 1 herehy amended read a flow {64506701 Except esoteric povided in NRS 658.650 {For each viltion conmined by an splican for ices rd psu s caper, hehe o the applicant sed a Tees, tb Commision may impose epon ihe aplasia ne of nt moe ha 25009 ie applica: (1) His owing mae oc emsed tobe made othe Comisoner aye representation of ae ak (2) Hs speedo wield fom the Conmisione ay infrmaon wich he applicant poeser rd which submited byte ‘Spplicar wul tae rendered the spit Ineligible tobe ened pret ote povsns fh chp (Bas vie any provision ofthis hater, regulation doped purses per rn ore of te Comming fn ing nd iinghis ore appaion fra ees or ding the cous of evento fH rhe splint cet {@) For each violin conmined by mogage broker, th Commisonr may impos: up te mogge bok an aensve foe vt mor tan $25.00 ay spend, revoke or los condom pen he moage brokers ee oy Go Boy ithe Inongge broker, wher ort ing abc (Disimobvent 2) s gro neg or nomi in prfrming sy ator wbichihe morgage ker iseqied to be Kent prsat tothe provisions of hcp (8) Does ot conc his ore busines in scodance wi hw oss vlad ry provson ofthis caper, regula afoped urn otis chapter moder of he Commision {Gyn sch Sci codon tthe mone: bor cant cone i bse wih fey tht rer eestor (5) as mae a marl misereseation i cometon wither rnsacon governed by ths caper, (6) Ha spread o wil fom a cnt ny mati ats dato norato ‘ling tay tmnsaton governed by he pwovbions of is cher which ie morgage broker knew ob be cx of esse ge (7) as roving mde or cused tobe made tote Commissioner an ase epson of materi rs speed or ‘ied om the Commisooer any information which he mora broker posses and hich ised by he Ser, nul ve rendered he nongge baker ciple tbe ened pesaanto he pesseasetinc cape (Hs fled wo secoun pons interested far al money receive oat eon. (8) reed pei sn xaminaton by the Conmsoa is ore bok, rh refs fe, witina ‘easomble times any fort or make ny repr hat ay De requed by th Conmisionr pram the provisions Fh cape oa eau doped prt oh cope {0} as bees envied of or entre rored tee pe of uty rola contendere 1, floy ina domes reign or tiliary court wii the 7 ers andl pecding he it of espero any sac ely led st of (raul, ditoney oa breach of rs, oa peo money leer 1 bea 2 mongae broke, as described ia paragraph (dof selon 2, Page 35 of 50: (10 Has refed or ile poy, wih a resonable ime any es, assessments, cos or expenses thal he morgage brokers ‘eued to ay purssanl to scope ofa regulon adopted prea o his chapter, (1) Mas fied sail me by aces which as been edced wo jeden (3) HAs filled acount for ro em 2 ney of client ihn easonabie ine fer 2 eqest fron acoustingorenia {19 oom my rr per fae wh bo omar ened he en ey eFO6EH Sirorber ue te (5) Has enggal nay te conduct consiuing a deceit, fault or dishonest busses practice: (16) Hs rpetedly vied the policies ad procedure of he morgage baker, (17) Has filed o exer resonable soperision dco over te ives of mongnge gets required by NAS 6458.46, (18) Has inerased «morgage agen commu at at would because fe revecao the ens he morgage baker, wther or mt ie mong agent commis tea (19) Has employed peo ss mortgage agent of storia spent be ssid wih he mongage broke sa morgage agent ‘Statine when te mangage ker kaw ori igh ofl the rounding ft nd eeumsanes, reasonably sou fae ow tha the person: (isd Ben convicted of retro greed enter ple of uly ool contendere, a lny ina domes, foreign or ‘nt court within he 7 years immeitly preceding the de of plication, oat ay tine i uch loy imolved an co Fd, “Tshoney or atbreach ft moral pide or money landing er (a) Had teense or epson asa mongge ages monpage bunker, mongng broker or rein morgage om originator ‘evoked nhs St or yee jation or ad a fencers ens or elton evoked wid he inmedaely, reeedng 10 years, (Go) Has voted NRS 6450-557 (21) Hes alld o py tata resus pursue oe provisions fap 36 of NRS [i recone 26 ecasive o hi, (22) Has, recy onde, pid any commision, fs, points or any ote compensation a remuneration forthe series of ‘mortgage age! tou peso te thane morgage gee Wo: (leanemplyee oforasoised wih he mongese ber or {athe merase gens reed register wih tbe Reps, ean employe of nd whose sponsorship has ben entered wih he Regis byte mortgage broker sree by subsection 2 of NS 64SB.450. (6) For each vishtion commited by a morgage agen tne Commissioner nay impos ponte mongag genta administrative ne ‘ot more than $25,000, may suspend, revoke Orla conians won te morgage ages Heese or ay 4 bol the oNSgE ‘gent hetero ot acting eh (i) te gossy negligent of neampat in perorning aay et fr which be morgage get is requted 1 be ceased persan othe Proviso of his chapter {Bots mateo nace wireresenation a conection with any trmmcion govern by i chapter, (3) Has suprssd oe wie om elena ae facts, dato ote formato elatng to ay ans governed bythe [provisions o tis caper hie the maigage agent net by the execs of esate igen, shold ve kaon, (hs raving de ot ee dete Coie ny he psn fat et ered ited fom the Conmisoner any infomation which ie mangag agent poesses ad which sebmied byte manga gem, ‘eald have ended te mongage get tlle be lensed paraat fo the proven of hs ape. (5) Has been convicted of or entered or agreed to ener ale of git role contendere, ony in a domes, fin ce ‘liar coun within the 7 years mel receding the dso he pica, oa ny time such oy ivsved a eof oud lahore or struc of wot orl eyes money ase (6) Hes ied wo secoan for orto rem ay money of cle win resonable ane fer eqs for an sesounting or remit: (7) Has commingled he mone or ote propery ofa ist wh Ns oc her own has camvened he money or proper foes 1 Wisorhec ow we, (G) Has engaged in any ther conduct constng deci auiulet or dishonest business practice; (9) Has valued NRS 6150557, (0) Has repeatedly vied he policies an procedures ofthe mongage broker with wham he mongage get is aseledo by ‘ito he she is eplyed: (i) Bas, deal o indirectly rexeived any commito, es, pins ray ote compensation a remuneration fr hirer Serves usa morgage agen (From a peson ether tha he morgage broke wih whom he morgage agent associ o by whom he or seis employed of (a fe morgage gst squire oe registered wih the Rit, rm a person cbr than he mongage broker by whom the !moigage agent employed andon whose bhal pensrship was entered as requed by subsection 2 of NAS G45B 430 ce (12) Hes vated any provision o his caper, 0 repstaton adopted purse this chapler or a order of the Commissioner ot as {sited of offered oasis another person fo commit sich volon Page 360F $0. Referendum Petition |\|\|\|\|\\_ State of Nevada 2 This sotion doe ot probit brokering ofa commercial os hough he cooperation of we or moe meigage broken so iong sch tansacion sot nconsient wit ay of proven o hs caper. SH NRSG15E 300i herby amended tread a flows (6438.00 1. Sbjct tothe admire eon of he Direc of he Deparment of Buns nd Insite Comisione shal serie general supeiion nd con over mesa bakers doing buses nti Sie in adi tthe eter dates posed upon im ot he yl, the Cammisione shal (a) Adopt reulaions establishing reasonable inition nd guidelines onan mae by a morgage asker ta director, ofc “employe ofthe morggs taker. (6) Adopt ny cer regulations ta re necessary lca ou te provisos fis cope, xcept so of. {6} Conduc seh investigations maybe necesuy wo deternine whee ary peson hs vaaed ny provision ofthis caper, 0 ‘quan adopted prt oh chapter or anode of the Coroner (G) Except seers provided in ssecon 4, conduct a imal examination of each morgage bake oing business ini St {e)Conaict sek oer examinations, perio r spoil ud, invesgaton nd hens ns maybe neces or thee ipinlseatlen ofthe avs of tis Sr regarding mortage bakers (Classy as condenal enti recos ad inforanton obtained by the Division when those mates ae obtained fem 2 [sovermentlageaey apa te exes codon hal hey remain confides parrapa doesnt ini examaaion (The Lepistatve Auer: (2) The Deparmen of Tatton fnesesry cay out the provisions of hater 363A of NR ad sections 20 6, nls, of thee (@) Conduct such examinations and imestgnions as are necessary oensure tat morgage bankers mee the requirements of his ‘apterfo bsniga Tees, bth tthe tine of te aplicaon fr ens and herefer on connuig basis. 3. For each spel ai, nvesgaton or exon mogge backer shal ay «fe baked onthe rae enh pursue 0 ‘nas 6sr.20, 4. The Commisoner may conduct bien examinations ofa morgage banker ised of anual examin, described in parapaph (of subsection 2, i he morgage Beker (a) Recta rating nthe it nal examination hat meets decoldderminedby the Commisioner (6) Has not had any adverse change finan condition sine te last nna examination, shown by Seana statements the Imengage banker and (©) Has ot hod any complains recived by he Division hat ested in any admnstrsive stn bythe Division. Se. 65. NRS 64SE 690 abreby amended to rea allows {456670 |. For each volon commaed by an applic, wheter tthe apices sueda ces, the Commision may lnpose ponte applicant an adnate fine of ot mor thn $25,000 Ue apace: (G)Hss knowingly made or cased io be made oe Commisione any le represenaion of meri ft (©) Hes sipressed or wield om he Conmisine any nforntlon which he applicant poseses aod which i sabmied by the ‘splican, would have rendered ibe applica ineligible be licensed puna 1 the povisnso ths choger: oF (G) Hs violated any provision ofthis hapa regolaion doped person 1 this copter ran rer of the Corson in ompleting ad ling his cher appliaion fr eleanor daring the course ofthe venga of hi othe pplication fr cee. 2: Forexc violation conmited by aces, the Commision may impose won the lente an administrative ie of at more than $25,000, may suspend, evoke or place coeons won the ces, omy do bth tbe ener wet oot ing a ch: (@)Isinsohen: (6) 1s grssynelige: or ncompset in peorming any at or which the icensee is requd to be ceed pursuant the provisos ofthis chapter, (6) Does ot concur her busines in acordance with Iw orbs ised ay provision of hs chopt, regulation adopted purantt this chapter or an order the Commissioner, {lein su fant conon that the ieee ene contin inosine with fet tio er enone: {@) Hes mae a material representation a conection wth any amin governed by thi chaptce {Hs suppressed or wield lm acti ny material fats dts rch iaflomaion fling tan wasnton gover bythe provisions of his cher ich he snes knew, bythe exer of resonable gens, soul ave km {G) ss knowingly madeor caused be me othe Commissioner ny fae rerestntion of rer or hae spprened or ‘ibeld fm the Commissioner ay imation which ie cesee possess end whic sated by the Hesse, ould Sve ‘endeed he ces inl be Icensed psn tthe provision of hs chapter, (0) Hes filed secoum to pesos interested forall money received for ars acco, (se ese to pei a examination by the Commisenr oft or her beak nde ark refed rile, within 2 ‘easnale ince frish any Information or male ny rpor th maybe equied y the Commoner prsantohepoins {his chpir or eplaton oped pura hi chap Page 37 of 50, Referendum Petition ||| State of Nevada (0 Hs been conte of or etre or grsoenter plea of ol contender, ony na dome, orig ori cour ‘he 7 years edaely preceding the ate of tbe appaon or at any ine sch ony nolan et of Wad, cowry ‘ra eae of rast moral uritude or money laundering (0) Has efisedo aed pay, win a eascnble me ay xs, sessment, oso expenses tha he eases equiedo pay ct is cher or elton doped porsan fo he capter {tse pay atx rece pursuant the prvison of cape 334 of NRS [or eton 1 6 achive, o is ac, (Has aldo sais ucatm mde yale which bas bres edced wo judgment, (a) Hs ed econ or orto ret ty money ofa cet wah resonale ine er 3 request oan accouting or ei, (0) His ites NRS 6456557, {p) His comming the money or ter propery ofa chen wits orkerowm ora converted the maney or propery thr to Mscrber own ase or (@) Hiss engaged in any oer conduct constuing »decehi, aulenor dishonest business racic. Stan onder hat noses sips and te findings of fr and eoacisions of uw supporing at oderare pb records See 86. NRS 658.151 is erty amended wo reads fllows Sh151 1. The Comaushoner may fot ake possesion fe busines an propery ey depose stata whieh hs Teor tile $6 0S eples wes i spears tht he depen nsitton: (a) Has lod bar or my lappa het (0) tsconduetng is buses in an arathoraed or unsafe manne. {gin nal moin cones or iste. {@) Hasan impainsent of ts stocolders or member eq {eset py i eon n corer wih Ber on wc sch eps ere ceo ha refed gay folders of cries of indebeecnec or invent in ccrdoce with he ems yon wich hose eine of indeed: Inveineet were sol, (fas become o sin ieuinest danger of becoming ters inslvet () Has negleed or refed to comply with te terms of nfl ere ofthe Commissioner. (0) Has esd, pon proper demand osu a reco, alas nd concer for pectic ed ex ‘ried examine ofthe Commissioner (Has made vous assignment of ses to mses (U) Has ied py taxa requed usu othe provisions of chapter 363A of NR [or vetlons 1061, inclusive, i 2 TheCommisoner alo may forth ke pszsso oh business and property f tay depot neon ow i ‘oti 56 OF NRS applies whe it appears that he ice of he posto, aston have refsed oe examined upon oth ‘aulieg sas ‘See 47. NRS 685133 is horhy amended tread a flows: (6651531 The econ nd infomation deserted in NRS 665.130 may be dled (@) An agency ofthe Federal Goverea ante ae We regulates te itll iain whch isthe sujet of he ‘eons or nfonmaione (0) The Dieecior of the Deparment of Gant 4 Indy forthe Dresio¢s cone ees (6) The Sate Bourdof Fence for coe ue te rept or her nfermaion nee ort ‘arom i dieser ies {The Deparest of aati sein caring ou he provisions of chapter 36IA of NR [an the caper coining of Sections 2106, nelsve of isn (6) A ent hic ues or gris Spores (A public officer aaorzed investigate criminal charges in connection wth th aftr oft deposion nso; (a)A person preparing npropsa lor merging wih o acu sation ot hlg company, bat cay ar nace of he ‘dsclsue has bee given tothe institution or olig compan (3) Any person to whom te subject ofthe eport has ethorad the dslsure: (0 Any ater pon ifthe Conmisione:dermins afer notice ed oppor for earn hat lsu inthe public interest tnd otweighe ny penal harmo the depostory ing ad sceKolde emembers depron credhors ond {Ay courin proceeding intited by the Commision conerig the nea iain. 2 Allthe eps mate avaible pusian this set renan he propery ofthe DvSsion of Financial Institutions, and pean, agency or autor to wom the reponse made avaiable, or nyo, dietx o erplayee tee, may dslse any ofthe por o refomation contained herein, excep pled Pail mater hat det not ilo he aie of yore peven orconeaion. ‘See 88. NRS 669.75 i hereby amended oe slows (649.275 |. Th Commissioner may reqie a ease wo povle a ule fancllsaament reparedby a independent ceri bic necountn eensed odo bsies nhs Sate tion of appoint or State Bond of Fiance to Page 38 of 50 Referendum Petition || State of Nevada 2.On the our Monthy ia nausry ofeach er, each ieee hl sbmit tothe Commissonr is of soeolder required wb inlined parse 0 prgrph 6) of eben | of NRS 7.105 ot it of members rque tobe maltaned pean ts Forapaph (eof subsecon | of NRS 623, veried bythe president ora manager, apropriae, 5-The Is of mens eqied to be inane pursuant o paragraph (ao sbetion of NRS 6261 mut incde he percentage ‘ofeach mers’ ners he company. a aon othe eqaremens fr in hat eto. 4. Beeps otherwise provided in NRS 239.0115, oy document subsite presario is ones. This when oes ot iit he examin fay ocunest by he Deprimen’ of Tatton Incest cutout provisions of sens 210 Si icv, of hiss ‘Sei 48, NRS 60.2125 is hereby amended trad a flow: (669.2025 1. The Commisioer may iets Epa ation frit iit roceeingso ak possesion of the buses nd propery of ny real rt company when i sppens tha heres compan’ (@) Has ited charer or ay state federal ns apliae othe bases ots company. (©) is condcng ts bases nan uated o unsafe mane (e) 1s nan enor sound conn trometer bsies, (@) Hasan ipaiment oft setbolses uly (@) Has reftd payor nse secount ass it account hers required by he ems the acount governing nstumens (as become nave {) Has neleied or efsed te comply with the terms fs al order of he Commision (8) Hat refed, yon proper demand, to submit is vecods, luis und concer for nspeton ad examin of n appined ‘nuborined examin of he Conmisone (Has made volar ssgrmen of ts ses resis, conservator, eee or reir without complying wi NRS ‘69230, (a) Hasmmace itso tral isrpeset te erst conpny 2. The Commision alo my fornia proceedings wo uke posession of the buses and propery of ay nat compeny when appears that th ofits company have refused ob examined ues oul reguding he afar. See. 90, NRS 669.247 is ereby amended to read a flows: (669.2847 |. Ihe Commision has reason elie ht grounds for evocation a siento of ene ei the Commissioner Shag ast 20 doy writen nti oe eases sting the contempt nd in gener te grounds heft St ‘hie fora hearng 2 Alte conlson a hang th Commissioner al (e) Enea writen order smissing he charges, evoking the cent or srpending the ies fra priad of ot moe tan 6 ys, hic period must ict ny prior esporary sespensan. The Commision shal sexd a copy of te order i the cee by Tester orceriied nal (©) Impose upon the lienee an ainisrative Gi of ot more ha 10,00 fresh voation by he licensee of any provision of iis sapteror any replat doped pusan thee. (6) ies inosed pursue wissen emer sch order as i eesay recover the cos oh proceeding. ining hi er lvesgatve ott ate es. 3. The grounds for evocation or pension of ens ae th (a) Theleese as failed pay the aul eee fet (0) The ces, ier inowingly or wikou ay exerci of de caret revenue ay provision of thi cope ray fequatoe adopted paras thereto or ay Ina order he Disa of en astons, (0) ents edo poy sega prat te provisos ape 394 oF RS [or ston 216 nhs, (4) Any fat or conto exis wich would have usted he Commision in denying the iene’ orginal apiaion fora Tcense pursuant the provisos ath chpler or (o)Trefcensee (0) Failed ope noice fr he condut of he bine authorized by hs rr ces within 180 ays eth date the iene ‘sia of 2) Has led o remain open forthe conduct ofthe busines fr a peti of 30 days witha ood cose rf. 4: Anode suspending or revoking license becomes efeive 5 days afer being ered une the ner spies ober or 3 stay is gram ‘See 91. NRS 669.285 isheceby amended o ead as ol: Page 39 of $0 Referendum Petition |. State of Nevada 669285 Exeapt as oherise provided in NRS 2399115 any appliation and personal or Sanco ecords brite bya person peru the provisions f his chapter ad an pesna ot Gece records oat documents obaled by he Divison of Financ nto puso as exminationor au condi by te Division are content and ray be dilosed oly [The Divison any aborted employe of he Division nd any sate Fea agency investigating cves covered under he provisions ofthis chop, an ‘The Depaant of Tato foe we cayag ou he provisions of eins 24061, inv, ofthis ac and 5A penn the Commis the Canmore drt, determines tht ne teres ote pue hat woo be poled by disclose outweigh he rest of ny person nthe confdetal famation el being ile. ‘Sex 92. NRS G&PA310 is eet amended ora flow: 694310 1. Except as cthervise provided inthis section, any applein and personae ancl records sabe by peron Peano the provisions of his chp, ey personal func records ter ecumensobaned byte Division of Financia. [estatons pram oan exinaton or sult coodcte by he Division pursue 0 scape day be rate flomaton ‘eligi aly wus company re confiderial and may be dsclose oy: (@) Tye Division, any authored employer of the Divison ant ste or fer agency invesigaingstvites replated para 6 ‘his caper) (0) The Deparment of Taxation fr its ws in caring ot the provisions of sections 216 incase of tick nd (e)Anyotter person he Comision inte Commisine”sdasetion, ceternins tal he eres oh pala [nformton otweigh he ners of he person abut whom He information perans i ot losing te nero 2-The Commoner shal ge th fay tat eompay to whch he infration rests 1O-deypiorwriten not of en isos confident information rely oeitet to a peson print to paragrep [()] of sabecon | Ay fly st, fompany whic receives ack nalice ay bert oe dcesr ofthe content alormation wil be allode he ph 0 3 bearng in sezordance wit the provision Of ape 2338 of NR. any ut eompeny requ bering. the Conmlsonr ‘ay ol evel confident infermaion prior the conchsion othe hearing an wig, rior to dserinaton of ay conden Information, the Conmisionr sll que» writes agement nto revel he one information by he pry ecetving he ‘confides infrmato, nn event al he Commoner Slot conden invention fo the peter ui ny compaior of {ny penal eompetior of only vst compe Shot in thr chapters tended to prec s aw enforcement office from pining acer to oterize conden record by Sabena cour order, sar vara or te lanl mens, Notwitanding any oer provi of ts chptr, the Comenironer ‘hal hve the blo sare nfrmaion i ther out of st ot eel eg wih whom he Deptt of Business nd Ina haa greet reprint Sharing of infomation, Noting fn th chp ntened fo presde my agency of th ‘State pining access otro confidential recrd in accortsee wih ay appzbl an ‘Sez 93. NAS 673404 (hereby ended tread allows: {673,484 The Commision moy aie notice and baring Suspend or revoke the char of any association fo: {Repeated tlre bie by he provisos o his cape or heregulin doped teeter 2 Pareto pay ata as equved psn othe povsons of haptr 363A of NRS [or stons 210 I, ins, fh at. See 94 NRS 678440 i herby amended rend a low: 6754401. the Commision has reason to belive that rounds for evocation or upension of ane eit eo she sal give 20 days writen notice othe eee ting ie contested ction and im Geer, rounds therefor and se dae fra beng. 2. Athe condsion oa hang in Commision hal igh Emer writen oder eer dzsig te charges revoking the esas, or suspending he cease fora perio ft more than 60 ‘ys prod must incldeay prior temporary sspenion. A copy fhe oder mas be sn ype ox cetfed mathe cence (©) pes won the Hicensee an admsseatve ie fot mere the $10,000 fr ech vation by the ent oar provision of thi ‘opter or any lawl esto doped under. (e)lfs ines posed purer othe scton, eer ach order a nessa recover the ot ofthe proceeding iodlghis of beravestigaive cos and atomey es. 3. The rounds for revocation or suspension ofa eease 2 hat: (a) Telicense as allo 1 pay the anual ene fe, (0) The leemee, eter owingly or without sy exec of oe caret revert ht ile any provision of thi cap or ny lew regulation adopted nde (0) elses leo pay seid pra othe prvi ope 334 oF RS] ees 2 bee, isa (@) Any fact or condition exists whch would have juste he Commisoner in denying the cease’ rg spicon fora license hereunder, oF (6) The applica flo open en ofc foie cond ofthe busines authorized under this chaplr win 120 days ae the ate ‘he Heese was sued, or has aldo remale open rhe cnr te bint foe perio of 120 Sys wit ood eae theron slesing he Page 40 of 50 Referendum Petition State of Nevada 4. Any revocation or person plies cy othe iene granted person frie panel ffice fr which grounds or tmvoeniono sapesson ent Shnorder nependingorreokng ce eames fen aye fer ring ener herpes oe ora stays aed Se. 93.15 677510 isherey amended o eda flows £77310. fhe Commisione fas reson bebve ot rounds or revcsionospersio of ice exi he or he sl ive 20 ny writen ote ote hear ising costed mon aan genes pour hereon ea Catora eg. 2. Ate eonlaon of ero, th Conmisone (ch Emer ten oder ee smisig te chars, or revoking he ices, suspending the ices for prod rot more {0 day which prod ma nce any plo enpersy sper. A copy of the order mabe ety eee rend malo te one. (nose sponte ene a dniisive Ge oft more thes 0.000 each volaton bythe ete of any proven of is ‘ope or eny wl repulsion dete purine, {@)iTa ne impose print fo eto, ener ch order is ees o recover coef be proceeding, nig is or ber investgive conan tomey’ es 3: The pounds for eect or upeston of ease oe ha {G) The ieee a fled a pay te mal esse es (©) Te lice, citer knowingly or witout ny exe of ue cr wo preven it as vied sy provision ofthis caper. o 207 tno eguiaion oped pera heeo, (6) Th heme bas ldo py aa reured prs othe rovislens of cbpter 34 of RS ioscan 21061, ine, sts ce (G) Ary factor condition exis which wold ave asi the Commissioner in ening the nese’ aplication fara licens bereméer or (6) The spice fled ope a off he cond fhe ies arad unde hs hp whin 120 dye ah ate fhe lem wes sed ore edo remain open orth ond he barns for prod 129 wit pod cae Sere 4. revocation or suspension appli nyo te cen granted toa person forthe price fr which rounds fr ‘moron or stperson ex Snorer supencg or evoking icense Becomes effective S days ar being etre unless the otr species bere or ay roe See. 96 NAS 108.037 is ey amended tread flows: 608.057 [Payment 1 Ereptas cher provided in sbection 2, payment by an nue ofthe ax impaicdby NS 648.027 sin eo al wes impor by the Sito yy, town county oon premhans ropon cs oF ued of fm, vege er xs The proviso of barton do a apy othe comme tk ipod pret tothe rvs of tos 216, inne hi at ex 97, NRS 6834.45 is hereby amended to ead fObows: 534451 The Commoner ay reson «cere o ceric puso hitch may ace any pe whom 2 licens rere sued past this chapter on proton spend he pean for nt mora [mo oF evoke refit rerew hier her ere or eee, oF may pos an sisave e otk ry combina the eel tn, Teron or mere of he loving csr \broidng cores, misting comple opal ete information ie ir kr apices 2 Vig aw replangisrec, ving elton ode eSpace Commsane or an equiva ofc of PObtinng renting obi tse ugh mires od, 4 Manpprorinting, converting ox improper wioling money or propery recived inthe couse of bn of inane. 5: nenonaly representing ems ofan acl oc proposed ona! oe apiion or sane 6 Conviton ofa ns 1: Admiting or eng und ave commited an ai rade prac oo {Lin ase sore or dahon proces or amoral ncmpce, etnswonhies or ancl nego in the cond of boss Sn ree 9. Dens, sspersion or evocation of ies sa roduc of asin, oi equivalet in any beste, erryo ovine To. Foging ser ane ws pletion nee oy her cna ling the ecco of insane trope ing meso te efeence teal oan an examination Friese led omen, 12! Knowing) aceplng busines rete sree mo lesen, 13, Fallngto comply wih an sonia joa eder imposing 2 ition ofc sport. Page 41 of 0 Referendum Petition | State of Nevada Falling to pay 2 5 required prs tthe provisions of chapter 363A of NR [0 Sctions 2 6, ncsve, of isa. Ste. 98.NRS G36C.360 sboey amended 0 ead as allows {860.360 The Assoeaon is exept fom ayes fal san ol es vied by his sine ray ofits polite sbavisans, cept ts on propery [andthe commerce tax mposed pura sections 21 6I isi of is, Se. 99. NRSGH7A.130 is ere amended oad os follows {617A.30 The Asolo isonet fos payien of al es andl tans levied by th Sto any he avin, exept Levi on elo personal propre 2Llmposed pram oe provisions of chapter 363A of 3638 of NS] sections 6 cave of it Sec 10. NRSGHIC.210 is hereby amended read solos (G48C.210 1 Aer noe, and sar aearng requested he Corisioner may sped revoke, rest ise or fae renew Feense under this hater te Commisioner ds a. (@) Thee was material mepresenton Ine applica fr he eens; (0) Thelicensee ran ffcer puree, member or sigcat manogeril employee hs ben coaviced of faulnt or dhonet practices, eset fal administrative ation fr disqualification, or elhervise show obe wnustwory oe ncompeie: {Gj prvice of aia! eee hs engaged ins pater of uressonaie payment to vasa {@)Theapplca or cense as ben fund ily o guy bat metal leo pleaded gully, ally but meslly Hr oko tenet 1, flyer ademeatrinvaving fod orgy, enbezlement, cbining money ude ale reterses,Iceny, xonion, conspiey te deta or any eine inveting mr tude, wheter mt alge onvton as bem entered by ‘becour (G)A provider of vaical seement has entered inc a vail sealemet in orm mo approved pursuant o NRS 8.220; (QA provide of vias setlerens a alle 0 hnor ogo ovina! element ora preter vial Setlemen (@) The licenee no longer meets requirement for iil censure, (0) provider of val selena asigned, astro: pledged vacated policy 2 penon ther tan another provider 'eened under hs caper a puchcer ofthe vnal element ra pei orgnion, (The applicant oc leese bas povided mally unr fafomation oan rer Ut ed picy hat the sb of wna! setlenen, () The aplicat or cease has ied to pay ax as requied psu 1 the provisions of chapter 363A of NR [or setns 2 61. jochsive of tis act (4 The applicant oF cense has vole a provision ofthis chpter aber applicable provisions: (0) The apolca ot Gene ba sted in bad ut wt reid to vitor. 2. sspension imposed fo gronds et forth in pragrgh() or ()of subsection | must nt exceed a pid of 12 months. 5. he Commisioner kes con a escrbed In saben the appa or lenee may apply in wag for bering etre the ‘Commistone to determine the resonable of the ston ken by the Commision, ase 1 the provisions of NRS 798.310 1967837, nchsive. ‘See, 101, NRS 694450 is erey amended 1 read as flows: {84.450 1 Except as herwice provied inthis etn, a captive insure shal pay tthe Divison, ot ethan Mach | afeach ear a tac atthe rate. {a) Toss of percent om he es $20,00,00 of is et dvs reins (0) One-tnof percent os the next $20,000000of tnt ret premised (©) Seven-fve oust of | pecet on exch sional dol ft et res prem. 2. Erep as there proved in his section, captive sure sal pay vote Divisio, a eran Mach 1 of cach era a aseot (@) Tee hundred weny-ve hounds of | percent on he ft $20,009.00 of eveve fom attuned ence premivms, (©) One handed fy owsndths of | prea on te nest $20,00,00 of revenae fom tamed eerrnce penne nd (6) Tweny-ivehouandts of I percent on each alonl dir of venue rm asumed resurance premfans. The on ‘elsuane premiums pursue 9s sbsecon mast mtb vied on prem or Fk ot prion of ke which ese to ‘uation on ade: batspustantosbseton I-A copie sre nl ogee oy an) ensrance prec ax pent this subsection on revenue elated the restpt of ase by the captive insurer nexcang or be espn of los eserves ond ‘er ible of coor ins hats ude commen ownership ad onl wth ihe capve suerte arson part 2 plano scone the operation ofthe ther nue the ret ofthe pares tothe uansaction 16 enewor als Sch Easiness withthe captive are 51th sum ofthe tas ob paid bye coptve sure clued parantsibtsion | and i stn $5,000 ia ay given yor the captive ise shal pay ata of $5,00 fa tye. The maxim gee fray year st ot encod S175,00. “The maxim oggregt tx be pid by Sponsored eapive sure app ony to enc protested cel nd dor oo app othe sponsored captive sues avo 4 oor more captive insrers under commen cwneshp and contol mst eax asi hey wee ingle captive incr. Page 4 of 50 Referendum Petition State of Nevada 5. Nowithstnding ay spc state the con and excep as terse provided i his saseton, eax provided fry his Sesion const ll he mxescollecle pasa othe lave eS fom 3 capive inser, td no secpan ox ohet teres nay be levied or collesied fom a capive insure byte Site by ay coun, cy or munity itn is Sta enep for tates imposed pursuant chapler 362A or 3638 of NR or sections 216 cue of his acta od Wore nes healer fon propery lose inthis Sie usd in the production of come by e cape suet {6 Twen-fve erent fie revenes collected om the tx imposed parson his section must be epsed wih he ute ‘rea oe othe Account fo th Reultio nd Saper of Capive Inter resid pursseto NRS 94.460, The reruining 75 percent the rvenie collected mst be depois with he Sn Treaster far ered the Sate Geral Fd ‘.Acoptive sue tats sed aces prsant ths chapter afr aly 1 2003, ened receives nowefunsbl credit of ‘S000 applied agaist he parent aes owed by the captive srr fr teint erin which heave rawr nc ny Fy Fer the papmeat of tes pst oils secon. A copie lnarer senile os norefundbl cred para t hesecon not ‘moran once ser the Captive sue nll Viennd psa tte cape. {TAs wee inthis soto wes the conten otherwise ree? (3) "Conn ownership and on meas: (@) tne ease stock insure, the ret or indiet ownership o £0 percent or more ofthe catstandng ving sock of wo or more ‘rparions by he sume ember or members. (Gyinie cus ofa mata itsre he det or indirect erp of 8 percent or more of hsp nth voing power Of to oF ‘moe corporations by he ue member oF members (©) "Ne crc premiums mean he diet pemiums collected or concer on policies rconrets oiasrance writen by 2 "otve insure ring the preceding calencryear less the ont palo pleyolder true pemias,ncloding Sides 2 ‘raborbed remit opium deposi retuned or creed w porynoir Sec. 102, NAS 6954550 sereby smeded wo read a lows (F3A.550 Every sci eguniad or icesed ver ths chops is ee decal tobe &carsble and beneolet inition and is ‘ramp rom every st county sic, manip and cool a ther ian he commerce tax imped prin osecons 2 ly Inclesive ois et nd ates on rel propery and fie equipment. Se, 13, Section 16 chapter, Sates of Nevade 2008, 23th Special Session, s last amended by chap 512, ts of Nevade 2013, page 325, sheety ancnded to ead slows: Sc. i. This seton nd sections 2,4 14 and 15 of is tt become fectve upon pasage nd approval 2 Sections to 1, nsiv, of ths become elie on anny 12009. 3: Sections 4nd 61 12 nchsive of this at expe by Una on Jus 10,2008, {Seeds 1,3, Send LJ ofthis at became fetve on ly 1200 5 Seaton, 2,3 and Sof this wat expire by mtn om Jane 30, (2015) 216, See 104 Seton 2of cape 395, Stes OF Nevada 209, st amended by chapter 51, hereby nnenled oad slows: See. 20.1. This ection and section 19 of hs ac become effective upon paiage af prov, 2: Sets | and 2 o i become elective oh Jl 1, 2008 5. Seton 3 iis at becomes elective July 1209, ad expires yin on une 3, 2011 4 Seniors 6to 12, nse, of hs ct become effete on uly 1, 2009, an ex by iat on ie 30,2015) 5. Seto 45, 13,14 15,16, 17 ap 1 of hit Become fete (3) Upon passage a apgrovl fr the purpose of efoming any preparer adminsrative sks tha ae essary leary out the provon of his ean (0) 0n September, 2002, forall eer purport. Section 5-5 nd 1S ofthe at ect fective cn aly 1,215, 4. Seaton 18 of hs ct expe by lnitaon on ane 2, 2015) 2017 Se. 15. Secon 175 of smper 44, Statues of Nevada 2011, 8 amended by cape 18, Stas of Neva 2013, a pge 46, hereby amended o read allows: ‘See, 73. The amend roisions of sein 12.7 of iss: | Doe ppy wor aft any determination of gos yell or et proceeds requied pursuant to NAS 3621019 362.24, neve, 1p 306 i inating sn deteiing gros yield and wet proceeds pwn to NRS 362.0010 362240, neve, forte calendar Jat [2016] 201 an ach exencar yr hrc. ‘Sex. 106, Seton 19 of ciple 49, tats of Nevada 201, amended by cope 18, Sates Nevade 2012, 2p 3424 rey mended o read los Se. 19:1. This section and sections | wo 12 incase and 13 10 18, ins, of his ct become eesive pon passage an approval. 2 Seton 125 ofthis et becomes effetve 0 Jamar , 2012 ‘Sesion 27a isnt becomes eesti om Day | (2016 2017 Page 43 of 50 Referendum Petition = State of Nevada ‘Sex, 107, Seaton of cpler 476, Saas of Neva 2011, a8 mended by hale SI, Saute of Neve 20 hereby ance ed es allows: ‘See (51. When preparing its etfat ofthe tx du roma axpayerpasint to NRS 362130 during the lends yar [2016 3017, te Deparment of Tsation sal edie te uous oh txt ram the taxpayer by he amu (a) Any estimated pment ofthe nx made by oom bbe f the taxpayer durig te culendar year [2015] 216 pursuant io NRS. 532115, tht serdogreaon ana 2015) 206; and (© Any esd ere to which be payer may beeline of any previous overpayment ofthe, 2 Netwitanding ay provision of NRS 362.170 othe come. {Tae smoun appapried cach coun prea fo ta son fr stbation oh county during te calendar yar [2016] 2017 ‘Rut beredced bythe amount appropiate cnt pursuant 0 tt et fr taro othe coon daring the clear ear [20152016 exlaing any porn ofthe amount eppropried ote county paruant to that section for distribution othe omy ring th sen year (2015) 2016 which seule os ro ram tee of sy penal dinars alltel bythe Deport of Taxation frente poymen of xs dsbwed he coun (©) neleaitiog the mown required tobe pprtoned 1 cach cl goereent or aber locale pursuant subsecon 2 f ht Seaton forthe elendar year (2016) 2017, he county treasurer tal reduce he ment que 0 be dtermied pass fo Daraeraph (oot subsection fe tat cledar erty the amour Getensined pursuit paragraph oe alendryear bots ors ‘See 10, Seton 17 of hate 476, Statutes of Neva 2011, as amended by chapter SI, Stats of Nevada 2013 a pge 342, rey amend to red fallow See 171. Ths secon nd sions | and 71 16, lnchav, ofthis at become efferv upon passage nd approval. 2: Sections 45, and] and 63 of his nt become eet on Jl 1,201 3. [Sesion] Sto 4 [ad 65] ofthis ct [become] becomes eine on Jl , 2011, and expire expe bylimiaion on Jue 30, mas, {Seton $f his ct Becomes letv onthe deta the lace ofthe spate sezoum eqied by beecion oF NRS 408.235 isredved wo ze Se. 109, Secon # of chapter 373, States of Nevade 2013, a pag 1982, hereby anended trend allows: ‘See 4 Thisaet ecomeseffesive on uly 1, 2013, aa expires by Hinton on ane 30, [215] 2017 ‘Sec 110. Nowisancing he provisions of sections? I, nlsv, of hs ete Depainet sal wave payment of ay pena ‘rineret for ese’ alae imey ia report or py the corer tak pues io sins 206 nv, fh tor ‘ny hare wo comply wth the prvisons hse sectns, wich occ befor Fabry 15,2017 regres of when the Deparment este determination that the pain file Mle eport rp he commerce tx, ithe ae: |. Occared epi the eso’ eecise of ordinary care; and 2, Was ot ienonl othe rest of wi nel. ‘Sez. 11 Ary rte ofthe fax pod by NRS 3634.10 or 363.110 determined prs o section 62 ofthis act doe ot spy ‘ny aus du fray perio ending ano efor ure 30 of he earn which the te bacome fete. Set 12 Te amendroryprovisons of scons 610 7, cui, of hit nl apply tates ot for ny prod ending on or betore Jue 30,2015 Sex 1131. The anerdtory provisions ofeton 71 and 7 of his apt to ign o which 2 stam is ined on or er uly 1) 2015, egal othe date on which wholes dese pice the mp fom he Department of Taxation. 2 Atte inthe scion {G) "Stamp" haste meaing ascribed to ie NRS 370.038. (0) "Whole deter” fas the mening sre oi NRS 370055 Sec 1.1. Tissesion nd sections 10310112, nls, ofthis bese effenve upon paage nd approval. 2 Sections 110 8 incusive, and 79 103, inclisive of hia become elective: (@) Upon passa sod approval fer the othe purpose pefonming any preparatory aminsratve tusks tha are necessary to cay out {he provisos thisact and (©) On uy 1, 2015, fall ter purposes. 5: Sarton 7-1 apd 78.7 of that become elective om ly 1,215 4 Sesens 763 and 76. hi ae become eflesive oo Ju 1, 2016. 5 Sesion 785 and 78.9 ofthis a become flee ca Jay 1, 2017, 1 poge 3427, Page 44 of 30. Referendum Petition | (State of Nevada DESCRIPTION OF EFFECT AN ACT relating to governmental financial administration providing forthe impostion, administration and payment of commerce tx on the Nevada gross revenue of certin business eis engaged In buiness in his State revising provisions governing the ate and calculation ofthe psyol tx imposed om ceain businesses in this Sie; revising rvisions governing there and distribution ofthe excise ax on cigarettes revising provisions governing the tle busines license fee revising provisions governing te fee imposed on certain business ents for fiingan intial or ‘snnua ist extending the prospective expration of erain requirement regarding the advance payment nd compuation ‘ofthe tx onthe net proceed rom cenain mining operations condocted in his Sate; removing the prospective expiration of cern requirements regarding the imposition of the local school suppor tx; revising provisions relat tthe allocation ofa cerain poo of the process of the basic governmental services ax; emporarly extending the expiration the fe forthe provision a specialty cour programs fellsring a conviction fora misdemeanor offense of diving ‘vehicle unde the in lence; and proving oer mater properly eating thereto. County of. (Only registered voter ofthis county may sign below) Petidon District. (Only registered voters ofthis petition district may sign below) Page 45 of 50 Referendum Petition State of Nevada DESCRIPTION OF EFFECT AN ACT relating o governmenaal franca administration; providing forte imposition, adminisration and payment of ‘commerce tax o the Nevada ros revenue of eran business emis engaged In business in his Sate; revising provisions governing the rate and calculation ofthe parol tax imposed on cei busineses in this State revising provisions governing the ate and disbuton ofthe exis axon cigarenes; revising provision governing the site busines licence fe; revising provisions governing the fe imposed cm certain busines efits Cr ling an intial or annual i; extending the prospective expiration of erin requlrement egrding the avance payment and computation ‘ofthe tx onthe et proceods fom certain mining operations conducted inthis Stat; removing the prospective expiration ‘of certain requirement regarding the imposition ofthe local chool suppor tax, revising provisions eltng fo the lloaton of ceria porion ofthe proceeds ofthe base governments sevies tx; empoarily extending the expiration ‘ofthe fe forthe provision of specialty coun programs following a conviction fra misdemeanor offense of ving 8 ‘vehicle under the intuence; and providing other raters properly relating tert. County of__(Only registered voters ofthis county may sign below) Petition Disc (Only registred voters f ths petition district may sign below) Page 46 of 50 Referendum Petition | State of Nevada D [AN ACT relating to govermenal financial administration; providing forthe imposition, sdminsttion and payment of ammerce ax onthe Nevada gross revenve of certain busines enties engage in business in this Sia; revising [rvisions governing the rae and calculation ofthe puyol ax imposed on cena busneses in this Stat; revising rvisions governing the rae and ditrbuton of te excise ax oneigaretes; revising provisions govering the state busines ieee fe; revising peovisions governing the fee imposed cn eran business ets foe ling on inl or anna is; extending the prospective expiration of certain requirements regarding the advance payment and computation of theta oa the net roeeds frm certain mining operation conducted in his State; removing the prospective expiration ‘of conan requirements regarding the impastion a he osl schol suppor ax; revising provisions relating (othe allocation of certain portion ofthe proceeds of the basic governmental services ax; temporarily extending the expiration ofthe fee forthe provision of specially court programs following 3 conviton fora misdemeanor effenseof driving a ‘vehicle under the influence; and providing other mater propel relating hero County of, (Only registered voters of this county may sign below) Petition Dixie (Only registered voters ofthis petition district may sign below) Page 47 of $0 [AN ACT relating to goverumental financial administration; providing forthe impsition, administration and payment of ‘commerce axon the Nevedn gross revenue of erin business ents engaged in busines his Sate revising ‘rovislons governing the ate 8nd ealultion ofthe puyol tx imposed on eetin businesses inthis tate; revising [rovisions governing the ae end tribution ofthe excise ax on igarentes revising provisions govering the ste ‘busines cen fs revising provisions governing the fee imposed on cen business ents fr fling an iia or nua st extending the prospective expiration of certain requirement regarding the vance payment and computation ‘ofthe tax onthe net proceeds fom ceain mining operons conducted inthis State; remavingihe respective expiration ‘of conan equremens regarding the imposition ofthe local school suppor tx; revising provisons relating the | allocation ofa certain pan of the proceds of the basic governmental vies tax; temporary extending the expiration ‘ofthe fe forthe provision of specialty court programs lowing a conviction fer amisdemeaner offense of driving & ‘ehiele under the inflenes nd providing other mater propery relating terete, ‘County of__(Only registered voters of this county may sign below) Petkion Dit (Only registered voters ofthis petition district may sign below) Page 48 of 50 Referendum Petition |. State of Nevada FI AN ACT eigenen oll wari: roving tr engin snstnon mpm commerce ix onthe Nevade gross revenue f certain busines entes engaged in busines inthis tate; rev proses govering tele and eaclaton of the payolax iposed or cain espe in his Ste revng provisions governing te rate and disrbuton ofthe excise axon eigarees; revising provisions governing the site busines lcese fe; revising provisions governing the fe imposed on cern busines ents fr ling an intl or nna lst extending the prospective expiration of ceria requirements regarding the advance payment and computation ofthe tx on the net proceeds from cea mining operations conduced inthis Sate; emovig the prospective expiration of cenain requirements regarding the imposition of the lol schoo! suppod ax revising provisions eating othe allocation o certin portion of te proceed of the basic governmental sarees tx; temporarily extending the expiration (ofthe fe fr te provision of specialty cour programs fllowing a convicfn fora misdemeanor ofese of diving ‘chile under the influence; and providing ater mater propel reaing hereto. County of, (Only registered voters of thie ecunty may sgn below) Pelion Diet (Only registered voters of this pation district may sign below) ~ LE Page 49 of 50 Referendum Petition |. Ste of Nevada DESCRIPTION OF EFFECT AN ACT relating to goveramentl financial administration; providing forthe imposition administration and payment ofa Commerce axon the Nevada gross revene of erin busines enles engaged in business this Sate; revising provisions governing the rate and calculation ofthe puyol tax impose on ceria busneses inthis Sats revising provisions governing the ale and disibution ofthe excise axon ciaretes: revising provisions governing thesia Eisiness eens fee, revising provisions governing the ee imposed on certain business ens fr fling an inal or annul is extending te prompectve expiration o erin requirements regarding the advance payment and computation (ofthe tax onthe net proceeds ror cern mining operations conducied in his State; removing the prospective expiration ‘ocean requirements regarding the imposition ofthe forl schol suppor tx; revising provisions relating tothe Allocation ofa cern parton ofthe proceeds othe basic government services ax; temporal exiending the expiration ofthe fe forthe provision af specialty cout programs flowing a conviton fora misdemeanor offense of diving a ‘ehlle under he influence; ang providing other mater property eating thereto. ‘(Only registred voters of this county may sign below) (Only registered voters ofthis petition distrit may sign below) Sateen, AFFIDAVIT OF CIRCULATOR STATEOFNEVADA ) > ‘COUNTY oF ) (rit ae, beings duly sor nde peal of t iy, depo andy (jar reside a {prin set, chy and; () at am 18 years age ake (3) Bal percnalycelsied Wis docu A) Wat all enatrs were fd omy presence (5) hat he urbe of srt fed thereon fs (6) Ti each person who signed had an opportnty bere sgnng 0 ete fll he ae or solaon oe WHE he Inintive or eferendun demoed ipa of Crear ‘Subsrited and snort aimed before me his ayo, by ‘Wary Poi pram sulhodae io aie alk Page 50 of 50

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