Chapter 1 " Isabella Maria Sophia.

You will be late for your first day at a new school" my ' mom' Renee shouted up at me. Although she didn't have to I would have still heard it if she whispered. I had a quick glance in the mirror to make sure I look decent then ran down the stairs. I stopped when I saw Renee look at me disapprovingly. " You are off to school. Not a fashion parade" she told me. I looked at Keith my 'brother" who was chuckling. " I am not going to school looking like that" I replied pointing to Keith his stop chuckling. I thought I looked okay. I wasn't showing off. I was wearing red skinny jeans. Black knee high ugg boots. A black tank top with lace one the hem and a white long sleeved v- neck t-shirt over it. I thought I looked nice. Not over the top but nice for the first day at school. " Who's car are we off in" Keith asked turning to me. I shrugged I didn't mind which car I went in both of us drove really fast. " You better get off to school. Your going to be late" Renee said as she pushed us out the door. Keith was already by my car so I slid in the passenger seat. We had hit the main round into town as Keith was already going above 100mph. Great. We would get to school it know time how great. Not. School was the most boring part of my existence. If I could sleep I would want to sleep though school, its not that I would learn anything knew. I already have many degrees in countless subjects so it is not if I wasn't going pull anything out of the lessons that would interests me. Maybe I would be able to get out of lessons. Pretend am I. I mean I wont have a high temperature. But them I again wouldn't have a temperature at all being a vampire. Great that plan was out the window. " Bella. Stop trying to get out of school" Keith sighed. I hated when he did that. We was so much a like and we knew each other for so long. He didn't need to put much effort into what I am thinking. I sighed. " But. I hate school. Why can we go back to collage I like it there" I mumbled. I already knew why. The younger we started out in a new place the longer we could stay there. Simple really. Although I don't know if you could call are family simple. My "dad" Charlie he was at work now. He was very good at what he did but I never understood why he did it. He was a surgeon working at the local hospital. He was constantly working with blood. I don't know if I would ever get that kind of will power to work like that. Although human blood it never really tempted me that way. Renee is was a stay at home wife. I knew she wanted to go out and work but I don't think that she could bare to not be there when we came home from school. Keith who I wished wasn't classed as my brother. Is in fact older than me by 60 years. But you could never tell. He was the one who was always playing jokes. The one that you could rely on to crack up at something not funny. The one that sometimes had you so angry you want to electrocute him. Well I guess the last one is only me. But still everyone gets angry with him. But he has good self control when he wants its. But its just that he never seems to want it. He has never strayed from the vegetarian diet. He always has it in him too. " Why do you have to get a girl car" Keith asked me.

" Keith I have three cars you dive this is a normal and it's a mini cooper there is nothing wrong with that" I turned to him. " But come on Bella. I mean it doesn't go fast" he sighed " Its not MENT to. And it goes faster than yours I redid the engine" I was very smug. I didn't think my car was girly. It was a shiny black with a metallic light green roof and racing strips. I loved it. I was brand new. He was lucky I let him anywhere near let alone drive it. But today I could be bother to put up with a fight. I just wanted to get school over and done with. Its so boring having to pretend that I was learning something when I was only there to make me look more human. Its been 100 years sense I was change I don't regret being changed. although it is still painful to talk bout. Keith found me and brought me to Charlie. The change wasn't painful and I didn't go though the normal pattern of a new born. I was calm when ever I got angry I didn't kick off. I just blew the fuses in the house. I didn't mean to its just I have a super natural power. Which I have mastered to keep under control. Most times. Its hard to explain what my gift. I can control electrical stuff. But then I can have electricity come out finger tips like sparks. Or use it as a rope to tie people just or as a shield. Its so weird but what is weirder is when I do so my eyes they go purple. Keith still calls me a freak but then again he can change the weather. Some days make it cloudy. Raining. Snow. Generally he tried not to make his angry get in the way of the weather. The last person that peed him off there car was hit by a bolt of lighting. Which I had to stay well away from as I would be the conductor . I don't think it would hurt but walking away for a lighting bolt that would turn a few heads. We was at school by now. It was only a short drive. About 10 miles which took roughly 10 minutes by the speed my brother was going. I noticed as we pulled up a few heads were turning. New kids. But also were we where parked was the main conversation. It just looked like a sliver Volvo it was. I wondered why people were curious why we had parker there. Well it was an empty space. And its not like anyone owned it. With a sigh me and Keith got out. I could help smile when I saw all the girls round the area turn there heads and was all googly eyed. I waited for Keith to join me. " Your turning heads" I whispered to him as we walked into school. He chuckle. " Your not doing so bad yourself. Some lad have no taste" he rolled and laughed. didn't find that fun so I punched him in the chest. " Your such a nice brother" I said sarcastically. " I know. I am the best. Do you smell that?" he had a more hushed tone at the end. I took a deep breath. There was sweet smell in the air. It was very nice. But that also meant one thing. Vampires. " Keith. Chill out. I don't want you starting world war 3" I said in the same hushed tone. I heard him sigh. " your right. Renee and Charlie wouldn't like us to start a war on the first day" " US. When did I come into this it would just YOU" I turned to him. He rolled his eyes. I hate walking at human speed. So slow. So boring. So. Yucky. Although I was impressed the way Keith handled himself he hates other vampires. I mean the ones that aren't like us that only drink human. He was very angry with them for it. But I didn't understand why its there choose what there diet is. They cant help it if they have a weakness for human blood. That doesn't make them evil. Does it? We had finally gotten to the front

office where we had to get are time tables. Now I don't have to excuse I don't know what class I was meant to be in. so I guess I was going to have to start school all over again This would be great. The one thing that made he unhappy the most is that Keith is saying he is a year older. And according to his drivers licence he is. And yet he only gets one more year left were as I have two. Great. I didn't want to stay here anyway. Only two years. I was interrupted from my deep train of thought when Keith pushed me though the door. I guess I wasn't moving fast enough. " Bella. Keep your head clear" he whispered in my ear. I looked up quickly. The old women at the office desk greeted us with a smiled. " How may I help you" she ask. Her lips hardly moved but there stained with lipstick. Red. Here hair was like in little sausages. Unnaturally orange. Her face was wrinkly with blue eyes that sat deep into her head. Covered in green eye shadow with had know place of a the face of a hooker let alone a receptionist. " We have come to pick up are time tables. I am sorry we are early its just we didn't know what time first bell went" Keith explained to the receptionist. I fact we were early but only by a ten minutes at the most nothing to get over excited about. The receptionist nodded then wondered off into the back room. She came back holding some slips in her hand she passed one to me and then Keith. She tilted her hand slightly as if to wonder what to say. What ever it was she didn't say anything which I was glad about I wanted to get school over and done with as fast as I could. I didn't want to hold it out for much longer. My existence seemed to be getting more and more pathetic. Depressing. Like I have nothing to live for. If I didn't live. If I was alive.

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