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Newsletter Volume 10 Number 3 Summer 2003


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Unsung Heroines
A principal goal of the Professional Women’s Association departments; all pour their energies into their jobs and are
is to develop awareness throughout the campus community enthusiastic advocates for their constituents.
of the contributions of women to the mission of UCSB. With It gives us great pleasure to celebrate these unsung
this goal in mind, for the sixth year, the PWA asked for heroines on our campus. Each woman was recognized at
nominations of women who might not make headlines but our seventh annual conference on April 30, “Celebrating a
consistently make our campus a better place. We received Decade of Accomplishments by UCSB Women.” We would
nominations from a broad cross-section of campus, like to extend their recognition to the entire campus by
highlighting women working in many different capacities. profiling each of them in this special edition of the PWA
Some toil quietly behind the scenes, and others are widely newsletter. We hope you enjoy reading these brief profiles of
known. All share a firm commitment to the mission of the your colleagues and appreciate the contributions they make
University of California. Many volunteer outside their to the campus and community.

COLLEGE OF LETTERS & SCIENCE One of the highlights of her job is her interaction
Wendy Barker’s face is one of the first faces with students. She relates that every student who
students see when they come to the advising office at walks through the door is different, each with distinct
the College of Letters and Science. Being calm, cool, issues and concerns. Wendy enjoys talking with the
and collected makes Wendy an ideal person to help students and assisting them in attaining their goals.
students understand the maze of campus resources, Because of their enthusiastic approach to work and
grasp the variety of graduation requirements, or face life, she finds supervising and training the thirteen
unforeseen crisis situations. She willingly shares her peer advisors in the College rewarding. She finds the
sixteen years of experience as an advising associate relationships she builds with the peers enriching. She
with new staff members and as the co-supervisor of handles this demanding job, which requires extensive
the student peer advisors. As a multi-tasker, Wendy knowledge of the complex and detailed requirements
is often dealing with several issues at once and always for undergraduates, constant telephone conversations,
does so with a sense of humor. In a single quarter, and mountains of paperwork, with a quiet calm and a
she accepts hundreds of written requests from students sense of humor. Being part of an office that really
and answers a wide variety of phone and in person works as a team, where people care about each other
questions about detailed academic requirements. and are friends, she especially enjoys.
Wendy is known for her good listening skills and for Wendy recently bought a home, which she is in
being a non-judgmental resource person. She is fair, the process of painting and decorating. She is an avid
understanding, modest, and good-natured. reader and also enjoys gardening. For the past thirty
After graduating from UCSB in 1966 with a BA years, she has planned the annual Mother’s Day
in History, Wendy moved to Ann Arbor where she camping trip with friends from high school. Her
worked in the University of Michigan library. She passions are her children, family, and many friends
moved back to Santa Barbara the following year and (and dark chocolate!). Although the office staff would
started working in the College of Letters and Science add that her passions also include crossword puzzles.
as a front desk advisor. In those days students were She has served on the PWA Community Service
assisted at a walk-up window. She worked until 1969 Committee.
when her son was born. Her daughter’s birth followed
“She is fair, understanding, modest, and
Her nominators say that she is “fair,
two and a half years later. When the children were good-natured.” understanding, modest and good-natured. We want
young, she came back to the college periodically to to see her recognized and applauded.” We certainly
help out. In 1985, she returned as a full time advising applaud Wendy, a true unsung heroine.
FINANCIAL AID there are major reporting and reconciliation
Pam Caballero has 34 years of experience at requirements for both the state and federal
UCSB. Her first ten years were spent in the Registrar’s governments. Pam’s daily operations schedule
Office. For the last 24 years she has worked in the includes all these functions and more.
Office of Financial Aid. Her day starts quite early Beyond the operational work, Pam shines when
every morning, she comes in at 6 AM to do operations faced with a challenge. She does not wait for someone
and scheduling. Pam’s service to this department else to try to solve problems. Over the years, she has
demonstrates her dedication to this office and the needs acquired query and programming skills that allow her
of the students. She ultimately touches the lives of every to troubleshoot problems and identify their solutions
financial aid student through the operations process that efficiently and effectively. She always provides great
she oversees. “I don’t know if she is aware of how advice and knowledge about the inner-workings of
valuable she truly is.” She is quick to research issues database. She has been on campus since she was 18
and assist the staff to ensure quality service to students. years old, and has had many years experience with
Her job allows her to bring new and different the mainframe. This experience pays off because, as
perspectives to the financial aid processes. What she one coworker puts it, “There are a lot of people on
enjoys most about her job is the people with whom she this campus, both in Student Affairs and in Business
works. With the rapid changes in technology, Pam says Services, that have less complicated work days
she never has a chance to get bored. because Pam does what she does so well.”
Pam is officially known as the Data Production When Pam is not at work she enjoys being with
Coordinator. That suggests that she is responsible for friends and family. Pam is a private person who loves
running daily data processing jobs. But to everyone the beach and the sun, especially in Morro Bay. She
in the office, she is the “wizard in the corner” enjoys working out and taking long walks with her
surrounded by several computers and keeping sister. She also enjoys quiet moments to create beautiful
everything operational. In fact, it usually takes at least things in her garden or reading a good book. Her passions
two people to do what Pam does when she is gone on include being outdoors, smelling the flowers, and feeling
vacation. Her supervisor remarked that, “My staff the sun against her skin.
cringe when they learn Pam will be taking a few
Pam is a great asset to the Office of Financial Aid
vacation days!” “There are a lot of people on this campus, and they are grateful to have her as a part of their
Pam’s influence extends beyond the office. She is both in Student Affairs and in Business team. We at the Professional Women’s Association
the face behind every financial aid disbursement. The Services, that have less complicated work are also grateful that Pam is part of the team, and part
Office of Financial Aid has an extremely diverse and days because Pam does what she does so of the UCSB community. Thank you Pam for all your
comprehensive electronic operational system. It is many early mornings and every other great
responsible for electronically disbursing about $120 well.” contribution you make. We honor you as an Unsung
million per year to over 12,000 students’ BARC Heroine.
accounts. For most of the programs they administer,

COLLEGE OF LETTERS & SCIENCE Finally, she came to her place as an Academic Advisor
Joyce Carasa is the Coordinator of Academic in the College of Letters and Science, where she has
Advising in the College of Letters been for the past 27 years. During those years, she
& Science. She is a very quiet, reserved, and caring also served eight years as a temporary advisor in
lady. For more than 30 years she has been a gentle Computer Science.
but persistent voice, serving as mentor and backbone When asked what she loves most about her job,
to the Letters & Science advising staff and Deans. Joyce answered that she loves talking to students to
She provides guidance and answers to questions and help them understand their options, consulting with
concerns relating to student academic affairs. She faculty as they consider requirements, and
trains new advisors and advising assistants, giving implementing those requirements. She also takes
clear, concise training about the details of academic pride in helping students who are having academic
requirements for undergraduate students. She has difficulty.
been an anchor for all of the advisors, providing Joyce’s interests outside of work are spending time
knowledge and expertise in those gray areas that arise with her husband, Alex, and her cats; knitting;
when students have different educational listening to music; watching movies; and cooking,
backgrounds or goals. Sometimes, she will take a including making the best lemon bars in the world.
stance on an issue, which has not been considered by She and Alex have also had amazing trips around the
others, that leads the way to a well-rounded solution. world. Some of her most fascinating journeys were
She is kind and fair, often reaching out to troubled to rural Guatemala, Indonesia, and the former Soviet
students, helping them to get back on track to reach Union.
their academic goals. Joyce is well-loved and respected
by her fellow workers. She should be recognized and Joyce loves coming to work, working with
applauded for her dedication to the people of UCSB. wonderful colleagues, and having small victories
almost every day. Her nominators make it clear that
Joyce started her long odyssey at UCSB in 1962. Joyce is well-loved and respected by her co-workers
She was an undergraduate in Analytic Biology before and want her to be recognized and applauded for her
graduating with a BA in Spanish. She also completed dedication to the people of UCSB. We at the PWA
her MA in Spanish Literature. She was a TA and half-
time Associate in Spanish and Portuguese and, in
“She should be recognized and applauded applaud you as well, Joyce. Congratulations!
1971, became an academic advisor in Biology. for her dedication to the people of UCSB.”
GEVIRTZ GRADUATE SCHOOL OF Additionally, Lynne works as the Director of the
EDUCATION Santa Barbara County Beginning Teacher Support and
Assessment program (BTSA), and she greatly enjoys
Lynne Cavazos brought her passion for science this level of work, where she works with diverse school
education to UCSB in 1992 and has found districts, administrators and teachers, and their different
innumerable ways to contribute to this field at the perspectives. At the state level, Lynne has led formal peer
campus, community, county and state levels. She is a reviews in the required BTSA programs and has served on
special woman who makes contributions in a variety the Cluster 2 Advisory Planning Committee.
of settings year after year. Lynne works in several
different positions, and is involved in a number of Lynne also meets with potential teachers for science,
projects, all of which relate to secondary science to discuss their pre-professional experience, and to
education and supporting teachers and administrators support them in subject matter test preparation. She has
in their jobs. been involved in the development of test-preparation
materials with the Ventura County of Education for the
One of her appointments at UCSB is in the Gevirtz past several years. She, along with a team of four others,
Graduate School of Education as a science education is currently helping to get materials for an on-line course
instructor in the Teacher Education Program. She is being supported by the University of San Francisco.
also working on a project to implement a new teacher
performance assessment program. In addition, she is Lynne also coordinates the Tech Trek project for
Professional Development Coordinator for the new Santa Barbara American Association of University
Center for Equity in Mathematics and Science. The Women. Each year the AAUW branch sponsors a 7th
center is currently working with three teams of grade girl to attend a science/math camp at one of
teachers for the next three years, to help them do five California universities.
research in their classrooms around issues of equity “…one of the most inspirational, energetic, She is seen by coworkers as a wonder-woman and
and access in math and science. professional and enthusiastic educators I have a delight to know in all of her many roles. She has
In conjunction with her work in the Teacher Education ever met…she is a wonder-woman to me.” been described as “one of the most inspirational,
Program, Lynne organized the WEST Group (Women energetic, professional and enthusiastic educators I
Educators for Science and Technology) in 1995. This have ever met.”
Another UCSB appointment is with the Science
professional development group includes women science Outside of her work in science education, Lynne
Education Outreach Team for the Materials Research
teachers who completed the teacher education program at enjoys golf, walking and running. She is a former
Laboratory. Lynne is currently the coordinator for an
UCSB with Lynne as their methods instructor. They meet marathon runner, and enjoys sailing her Sunfish when
NSF funded project called Beyond the Classroom,
monthly at a member’s home for dinner and talk about their she visits Michigan. In quieter moments, she loves to read.
which supports science teachers in Santa Barbara with
work in science education, curriculum planning, professional
developing student projects that focus on blending three Congratulations as an Unsung Heroine, and thank
development, and any challenges they are encountering
sets of standards; technology, language arts and science. you for your many contributions!
personally and professionally.

DEVELOPMENT assignments. She performs the usual duties of an
administrative assistant, but with her own unique spin.
Melissa Dase joined UCSB last fall as an
In her words, she “coordinates the chaotic, schedules
administrative assistant in the Development Office.
the unscheduleable, reaches the unreachable, finds the
Her nominator said that “She impressed me even in
lost, unrumples the rumpled, prompts the tardy,
her interview as someone who took pride in her work
organizes the overwhelmed, and tells her boss when she
and great pleasure in making others look good.” This
has spinach in her teeth!”
is something of a lost art in an era that too often
celebrates stars and leaders over supporters who work The size of a job is irrelevant to Melissa, as she
behind the scenes. believes the investment she makes in doing her job
well and the commitment she has to excellence is what
Melissa’s great talent is anticipating the needs of
counts. She takes her work very seriously, loves the
those for whom she works and stepping up to meet
challenge of working in a fast-paced office, and,
their needs before being asked. Moreover, Melissa
whenever possible, exceeds expectations. Melissa
constantly maintains the highest standard of personal
believes strongly in being a team player, and considers
and professional integrity. She sees both as a source
it a highlight to contribute to the success of her boss
of pride, honor, and self-esteem. She demonstrates
and her team. In fact, that is what career satisfaction
every day the investment she makes in doing her work
is all about for her.
well and her commitment to excellence.
Of course, someone with this much enthusiasm and
There are endless examples of the magic she works
exuberance does not go home at the end of the day
on a daily basis.She almost single-handedly coordinates
and just sit around. She does stand-up comedy at
the scheduling and other arrangements for ongoing
nonprofit benefits and fundraisers, is a bellydancer,
recruitment efforts and has created new systems and
and occasionally is a guest performer with The
documents for tracking that process. She calls herself a
Disposable Boy Toys, a local drag-king troupe. She
‘secretaryasaurus’ because she has been doing this type
finds great satisfaction in sharing her talents outside “…she brings a refreshing breath of air to
of work for as long as she can remember. She has a the workplace and serves as a welcome
of work with her husband, cats, and broad assortment
finely tuned sense of humor and quick wit that works its
magic on her co-workers, bringing stress relief along
of friends. She has a passion for writing, and has the inspiration to others.”
long-held dream of writing the Great American Novel.
with laughter. She believes in promoting a fusion of look forward to seeing her accomplish her dreams.
However, since that has not materialized, she is
productivity, success, and hilarity.
“willing to settle for writing the “Great Canadian Congratulations to Melissa on her nomination as
Melissa is creative, resourceful, patient, diplomatic, Informational Pamphlet” until the novel appears.” an Unsung Heroine, and thank you for your great
and professional in accomplishing her many, varied With her sense of humor and writing talent, we can commitment to serving others.
BUDGET & PLANNING make it possible for reviews—which can involve as many
At the age of 16, Kathy Davis thought of pursuing as 75 people in more than two dozen meetings over the
a law career. Her parents supported her endeavors but course of a couple of days—to occur seamlessly. She is
her mother encouraged her to take secretarial courses, regularly on the lookout for ways to increase her efficiency
just in case. Kathy found that she loved working in an and effectiveness, and she tackles new challenges with
office environment and has been ever since. A career energy.
highlight was when she co-owned and operated Kathy enjoys the challenge of pulling everything
Poundstar Telecom, a telephone systems sales and together. The most rewarding aspect to her position
service company. Kathy has worked for UCSB for six is when the review is finished and all the accolades
years now, one and a half years in the College of come in about the process. In talking about her work,
Letters and Science and four and a half years in the Kathy beams, “I love it. I love my job. It’s still a joy
Office of Budget and Planning. to come to work everyday.” Her nominator wrote,
Kathy is presently an administrative assistant in the “What I most value about Kathy is her sense of
Office of Budget and Planning. She staffs the partnership and cooperation. No task is “not on her
Academic Program Review, UCSB’s program for job description.” We are a team. She helps me do my
evaluating academic departments. Every eight years, job better and her work smoothes the way for others.”
six to seven departments are reviewed, and Kathy is a Her nominator said that “Kathy is unfailingly
key person behind the two-day review process. Her friendly and patient. Those who know her, also know
job is extremely wide-ranging, requiring her to juggle that she is deeply concerned for others’ well-being.
multiple tasks and deadlines with regularly changing She reaches out to people in need and she gives
priorities. Although she works almost entirely “behind generously of her own time to improve our world.”
the scenes,” she plays a large part in making each She is also a caring colleague in the office, checking
review a success. Whether she is making travel on people who are ill, organizing office card-signings
arrangements for distinguished campus visitors, to mark special events, and cooking for everyone. She
typing detailed schedules involving senior often remembers staff members’ birthdays with home
administrators, preparing flawless correspondence for baked goodies. When not at UCSB, Kathy stays
the Executive Vice Chancellor, balancing the budget, actively involved with her church, loves camping with
or tracking student surveys, she excels. Kathy sets the her husband, and has a passion for cooking.
highest standards for herself in everything that she “Kathy sets the highest standards for
We at the PWA are glad to have a person like Kathy
does. Her attention to detail, and her efforts to reaching out to our community and congratulate her
herself in everything that she does.”
anticipate and deal with problems before they arise, as an Unsung Heroine.

COUNSELING & CAREER SERVICES students who come in to see them and she enjoys this
diversity. She especially likes to talk to international
Joyce is one of three staff members who form
students, asking them questions and learning about
an invaluable team of receptionists at Counseling and
their experiences and culture.
Career Services. She and the other two women were
nominated as a team for their tremendous service to Many students comment upon the comfort they
staff and students. Joyce has been employed at C&CS feel when greeted with empathy and concern by Joyce
since November 1985 and prior to that she worked and her other team members in this busy office.
in Central stores for a year. Her initial connection with According to her nominator, these women “create the
UCSB is quite interesting. She grew up in Salinas and spirit that we want to provide for students coming
was living there with her now ex-husband who was a here…warm and friendly.” Whether it is offering
police officer and who had worked with UCSB’s Chief comfort or remembering a student’s name, Joyce
of Police, John MacPherson. After John came to UCSB, provides a warm welcome. Students often write letters
he encouraged their family to move here because he or comment upon the wonderful reception they
felt it was such a great area and opportunity. experience, and this frequently results in invitations to
special events in the student’s life. These receptionists
Joyce is backup for the reception desk and has
have formed a strong bond and support one another
to shift from her self-directed tasks to dealing with
through the ups and downs of their workday.
the frequently chaotic and confusing lobby area
where distressed students come in to see counselors. Joyce’s outside interests include music, oil
With sensitivity and tact, she assists students who painting (she would love to have more time to pursue
are sometimes close to tears, demanding, critical, or this), and the ocean. She laughingly says she was a
unpleasant. Her nominator had this to say, “Natascha, fish in another life because she loves the ocean so
Rose, and Joyce find the fortitude to remain sensitive much, and she surrounds herself with items that speak
to another’s distress when in very pressured situations of the ocean and water – fish, water scenes, shells,
(two phones ringing, eleven students standing in line, etc. She is one of the several mother/daughter duos
three counselors waiting to ask a question, etc.).” on campus. Her daughter, Deedrea, is a manager in
“Joyce credits her zest for life for giving Chemistry. Joyce shows herself to be a proud mother
Joyce credits her zest for life for giving her a
special energy in interacting with people. She is also
her a special energy in interacting with by claiming, “The highlight of my time at UCSB was
a self-starter and tries to do her best whatever the people.” to see my daughter, Deedrea, speak at the Chancellor’s
Inauguration for Staff.”
task. She loves working in such a supportive and
positive environment, and says that all the staff look PWA is happy to honor Joyce as an Unsung
out for one another. Her job brings her into contact Heroine for her eighteen years of dedicated service
with all the counselors at C&CS as well as the to the campus.

COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING to form a network to identify resources for children and
has been able to help children to tap into those resources.
There is no one who better typifies an unsung
heroine than Yvonne Freeman. She is the Academic Yvonne moved to Santa Barbara from Los Angeles
Liaison for the MESA Engineering Program in the about six years ago. When Yvonne relocated with her
College of Engineering. Her personality, energy, family to Goleta, she found the Math Engineering
commitment, and kindness make her an original and Science Achievement (MESA) program and quickly
exceptional woman. It is very hard to distinguish became involved as a parent volunteer at her
between Yvonne’s work and personal life. Yvonne has daughter’s school. She jump-started the program at
been volunteering in developing programs for low- Dos Pueblos High School and began recruiting
income communities and the homeless for the past traditionally underrepresented students for the
20 years. She goes far beyond the call of duty by program. As a volunteer, she has recruited engineering
helping people in every way humanly possible. professionals to serve as speakers and has served as a
guest speaker herself at the UCSB MESA Family
With a Bachelor of Science degree in Agronomy conference. Her presentation, Careers in Agriculture,
from Cal Poly Pomona, she passionately believes that was delivered in both English and Spanish. Yvonne
“No one should go hungry.” She has helped in many presently continues as an advocate of the MESA
programs to advance this goal, such as helping to program both as a parent volunteer and more recently,
develop children’s gardens at schools and encouraging as the MESA Engineering Program’s Academic
programs like “Food from the Hood” at Crenshaw Liaison. Her focus is to encourage and support
High School in Los Angeles. Her education and students in engineering, and to affirm her motto that
knowledge of food systems enabled her to work at a “we all need to have someone who believes in us and
grass-roots level in establishing and developing validates us.” Despite all the great things she does,
community gardens in the inner-cities and housing Yvonne remains a modest woman, saying, “I don’t
projects of Los Angeles County. Yvonne worked believe I’ve done anything special…truly, I feel this
closely at establishing educational programs and “Her personality, energy, commitment, is what I need to do to feel good in my heart….these
activities to sustain the community gardens as well.
and kindness make her an original and programs must reach our minority students in spite
In Los Angeles, she worked in the Office of the exceptional woman.” of the challenges.”
President for the UC Regents. She believes in UCSB is fortunate to have such an inspiring woman
programs that help develop a level playing field and should be able to take advantage of all educational
programs and there should be a bridge between the to honor this year as an Unsung Heroine,
create equal opportunities for children, especially Congratulations to Yvonne!
disadvantaged children. She thinks “all children gap of information and resources.” Yvonne has worked

COLLEGE OF LETTERS & SCIENCE waiting list. Not surprisingly, everything worked
Terri Guenther came to the College of Letters and perfectly. The pride Terri takes in her work results in
Science as an undergraduate in Sociology, graduating systems that make all of our jobs easier.
in June, 1994. She was originally employed as a Terri seizes every opportunity to advance her skills,
student assistant in the College’s Special Programs which results in the steady improvement of the overall
area in 1993. After graduating, she became the administration of the honors program. Nothing in
Assistant to the Honors Coordinator, where she stayed Terri’s realm is static. She is knowledgeable about
until November 1997. She then headed off to Seattle changes in technology and constantly uses her skills
for two years until sunny Southern California to improve the way we do our work. Because of Terri’s
beckoned her back. She came back to UCSB, working technological know-how, honors program staff are
in the Office of Admissions until the College of able to respond efficiently and accurately to questions
Letters and Science was able to entice her back to from students about their status, to create reports
her old job in the Honors Program. determining continued eligibility, and to track course
Terri found, however, that her old job was in the process statistics and faculty participation. Everyone who has
of changing quite a bit. She designed the first web site for worked with Terri knows her to be an “information
the College in the Honors area and has since constantly magician.” Bill Villa wrote of Terri that, “She is self-
updated it, adding online forms, useful links and directed, efficient, and goes well beyond the demands
enhancements, providing the College Honors Program with of each task she takes on. Terri’s administrative impact
a much-needed, and well-utilized, information center that on the Office of Admissions was significant. She was
reflects the academic image of UCSB. The College Honors effective and innovative, using computer technology
Program has grown by leaps and bounds and she has to advance us to new levels of conducting our
certainly been a big part of that effort. administrative affairs.”
Terri’s job is multi-faceted. She is the person Terri is well-liked and universally respected for her
responsible for administrative support of the College upbeat disposition and her even-tempered, helpful
attitude. She is modest about her technical knowledge,
“She is self-directed, efficient, and goes
of Letters and Science Honors Program. This includes
tracking every aspect of the College Honors Program respectful of her colleagues, and generous in using her well beyond the demands of each task she
records, funds awarded faculty, honors courses and skills to help others. She is warm, considerate, highly takes on.”
community service hours completed by students, and professional, and a valuable representative of the College that were unwanted or facing death. Ideally, it would
quarterly honors contracts. Additionally, Terri is Honors Program and of UC Santa Barbara. be a little farm and sanctuary.
responsible for the high volume of correspondence Outside of UCSB, Terri loves gardening, bird Terri said she was very honored to be nominated,
that goes out to current and prospective honors watching, hiking, kayaking and spending time with but her nominator makes it clear that the College is
students. Last year, Terri was responsible for all the her husband, niece, nephew and the rest of her honored to have an employee who is so warm,
programming for a brand new honors overnight stay extended family. Someday, she would like to have an considerate, and professional. She is definitely an
program, including the application instructions and animal rescue facility that would take in any animals Unsung Heroine!
COUNSELING & CAREER SERVICES apparent ease. She noted that since Summer Session
Rose Mainhardt is one of three staff members has become more popular with students, they have
on the fantastic team of receptionists at Counseling felt that impact at C&CS. This has resulted in less
and Career Services. All three women were nominated down time to focus on other projects, but is something
as a team for their tremendous service to staff and she has taken in stride.
students. Rose has worked at C&CS for four and a Many students comment upon the comfort they
half years and, prior to that, she worked in Parking feel when greeted with empathy and concern by Rose
Services, Housing and Residential Services and and her other team members in this busy office.
Apartment Living. All together she has worked at According to her nominator, these women “create the
UCSB for a total of 17 years, to which she spirit that we want to provide for students coming
commented, “Yikes!” Rose states that she works well here…warm and friendly.” Whether it is offering
under stress, and she learned early on in her career comfort or remembering a student’s name, Rose
not to take things personally. provides a genuine welcome. Students often write
Rose is a calming influence as she deals with the letters or comment upon the wonderful reception they
frequently chaotic and confusing lobby area where experience, and this frequently results in invitations
distressed students come in to see counselors. This to special events in the student’s life. These
requires sensitivity and tact to assist students who are receptionists have formed a strong bond and support one
sometimes close to tears, and who can also be another through the ups and downs of their work day.
demanding, critical, or unpleasant. Her nominator had Rose lives in Buelton with her family, which
this to say, “Natascha, Rose and Joyce find the consists of her husband and two teenage daughters.
fortitude to remain sensitive to another’s distress when She enjoys the lovely commute between the ocean
in very pressured situations (two phones ringing, and the foothills and is inspired by our fabulous
eleven students standing in line, three counselors weather. In her spare time, she enjoys working
waiting to ask a question, etc.).” “…creates the spirit we want to provide for outside, camping, and home decorating. Now that her
Rose loves working with a variety of students students coming here…warm and friendly.” girls are older she would like to take some classes
and considers every day a different adventure at the through Extension or adult education and discover
front desk. She displays a genuine care and concern for a student at five minutes to five o’clock. Rose also some hidden talents.
for students’ well-being that is very reassuring to enjoys the challenge of keeping the many C&CS staff Congratulations to Rose from PWA. We are
them. She considers it a highlight to assist a student on track. Keeping a calendar for one person can be a delighted to see her dedication and genuine concern
in need even after the office has closed, and she has supremely frustrating task, and yet Rose manages for students recognized by this nomination as an
been known to go to great lengths to find a counselor numerous calendars with great satisfaction and Unsung Heroine.

SUMMER SESSIONS workers and many rely on her as someone that they can talk
Silvia Marquez was hired as a casual employee by to and be “mom” away from home. One of her students
Communication Services in September 1995 to do said “I feel lucky to have had her as my superior…she has
customer service data entry. Having just finished been a professional co-worker, a helpful supervisor, and
Business College, it was a natural transition. Then now a good friend.”
Silvia was hired by the Billing Office as a casual Outside of work, Silvia is very family oriented. As
employee that led to a career position as a customer a single parent for more than 23 years, her two sons
information specialist. She excelled at providing were the single driving force in her life. She always
timely and useful information to assist students made sure that their needs were met and is rewarded
needing help with billing and registration processes with their successes as young men. She even managed
and provided resources and tools for students to assist to acquire two daughters in her lifetime. Danny’s
themselves. If a full-time job wasn’t enough, Silvia fiancé, Chantille and Gabe’s girlfriend, Missy, have
worked a year for the Santa Barbara Airport at night. been part of the family for many years. “They are the
Labeling that job as an interesting experience, she daughters I never had.” Silvia was very active in
actually was one of the people on the tarmac bringing sporting events for her sons when they attended Notre
in the planes! Dame and Bishop Diego High School. Silvia was
After three years in the Billing Office, Silvia sought involved with fundraisers, auctions and running the
career advancement and was hired by the Summer concessions for the schools.
Sessions Office. She is the program coordinator and in Work is fun for Silvia! She is a member of the
this capacity she does data entry, email and web League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)
responses, marketing, event planning, and outreach fairs. of Santa Barbara, which works to bring about positive
Surely you have noticed her in the SAASB quad, social and economic changes for Hispanic Americans. She
handing out literature and goodies to prospective summer is also active in the Coalition of University Employees
session students. To quote her nominators, “Silvia does If ever a motto exemplified a person, “Live (CUE), working for the campaign Fairness and Respect for
it all! She is one of the most energetic, caring and All. Aside from her UCSB career, her balloon décor and
approachable women we have encountered in student
Life to its Fullest – Every Day’s a Friday”, event planning business keeps her very busy. Ten years from
services throughout our time at UCSB.” certainly that is a true reflection of Silvia’s now, Silvia hopes to be able to focus on event planning,
When asked what she likes most about her job, approach to life. teaching others the skills necessary to become entrepreneurs.
Silvia didn’t hesitate to say that she likes the variety As a recipient of one of this year’s Unsung Heroine
of her work along with the interaction with people. walks of life. Silvia is a shining example of a person awards, we congratulate Silvia Marquez on her
She loves being able to provide good customer service who wants to make her customers happy. She believes that accomplishments and recognize her as one of the
and having the opportunity to meet people from all you “get back what you give out.” She supervises student special women that belong to our UCSB community.

COUNSELING & CAREER SERVICES potlucks. Consequently, the lunchroom at C&CS is
known as a place where laughter and food ease the
Natascha is one of three staff members who form stress and trauma of difficult days.
an invaluable team of receptionists at Counseling and
Career Services. All three women were nominated as Many students comment upon the comfort they
a team for their tremendous service to staff and feel when greeted with empathy and concern by
students. Natascha has been employed at C&CS since Natascha and her other team members in this busy
September of 2000. She was drawn to the job by the office. According to her nominator, these women “create
newspaper ad that stated, “energetic person to run the spirit that we want to provide for students coming
front desk, need excellent people skills.” She describes here…warm and friendly.” Whether it is offering comfort
herself as an extrovert with a good sense of humor, or remembering a student’s name, Natascha provides a
and felt this was the job for her. warm welcome. Students often write letters or comment
upon the wonderful reception they experience, and this
She deals with the frequently chaotic and confusing frequently results in invitations to special events in the
lobby area where distressed students come in to see student’s life. These receptionists have formed a strong
counselors. This requires sensitivity and tact to assist bond and support one another through the ups and downs
students who are sometimes close to tears, demanding, of their work day. Natascha considers Rose her rock.
critical, or unpleasant. Her nominator had this to say,
“Natascha, Rose, and Joyce find the fortitude to remain Natascha has had a variety of other jobs prior to
sensitive to another’s distress when in very pressured working at the university. She was a cake decorator,
situations (two phones ringing, eleven students standing medical biller, and salesclerk at a comic book store.
in line, three counselors waiting to ask a question, etc.).” This diversity of jobs is also mirrored in her passions,
or as she said, “I have too many passions!” She loves
Natascha says she loves the interaction of singing karaoke, cooking, reading, watching films,
working with a diverse group of people. In her own listening to music, and laughing.
words, “I’m a multi-tasker and people pleaser, so
answering questions and meeting the needs of Natascha is pursuing a BA in film here and is excited
students and staff is right up my alley.” She likes to about the career opportunities that will be available to
make sure a job is done right and that everyone has
“She likes to make sure a job is done right her once she has her degree. She appreciates her
their needs taken care of. She considers the reception and that everyone has their needs taken coworker’s encouragement and faculty support of her
desk the heart of the office and a way to connect with care of.” academic goals, and considers the ability to work in such
everyone on a daily basis. In addition to assisting a caring and supportive office the highlight of her career.
students, she schedules appointments and is part of Congratulations, Natascha. You have touched many
the C&CS celebration committee, which plans lives with your compassion and commitment to service.

CHICANA/O STUDIES DEPARTMENT Diane loves working in Chicana/o Studies and feels
Diane Mercado is an energetic young woman who that the day does not end at 5 pm because the
recognizes the positive parts of life and commits department members are like a family and sometimes
herself to helping others. Diane quietly toils behind it gets very lively with staff, faculty, and students
the scenes, and yet she contributes critical services, working on various projects late into the night. She
advice, support, and mentorship to UCSB students, enjoys how everyone, professors, grad students,
particularly those of Latino/a descent, assuring their majors, etc, pitch in to help one another, whether it is
intellectual and personal growth, in addition to a mail out, reception, or exhausting every possibility to meet
contributing to the development of a better campus the needs of the students. The highlight for Diane is Chicana/
environment. o Studies itself because she feels it is an exciting realm to
work in since it is so meaningful and permeates many aspects
She is a remarkable woman with a keen intellect,
of Latinas/os lives; political, historical, economical, social,
superb office skills, steady dedication, and a
etc. She also finds interacting with her other staff members,
compassionate spirit. Moreover, Diane gives
the faculty, and the students to be a highlight every day.
generously of herself and her expertise. In doing so,
she enriches the lives of UCSB students and the Diane finds a strong connection with Latino/a
University community. As one professor, Roberto students and other people of color. She feels that the
Cantú said, “Diane makes every person around her more education a person has, the better they can
feel so important; this is a talent that few people have.” understand where they stand in this world and can
work against outside factors not within their control.
Diane serves as the Administrative Assistant in the
For this reason, Chicana/o Studies is very critical and
Department of Chicana/o Studies, and is a graduate
rewarding for potential Chicana/o students.
from UCSB with a BA degree in Chicana/o Studies
in 2001. She coordinates school visits and outreach Diane enjoys volunteering for organizations that
activities for high school and community college work towards social and economic justice. She would
transfer students for the department. She organizes like to work in public policy that can help create these
panels, round table discussions, and art exhibition changes. Her career goals are to apply for a
tours. She is extraordinary to work with since she Fellowship and eventually go to Graduate School to
participates in the broadest array of minority outreach work on a Masters in Public Policy in 2005. She hopes
activities, all of them interesting, worthwhile, and
“I feel very fortunate to work with such a to one day hold a government office or work with a
service-oriented. One coworker, Martha Barajas says person as Diane, for she is a heroine in the grassroots organization.
of Diane, “I feel very fortunate to work with such a true sense, as she expects nothing in The Professional Women’s Association is thrilled
person as Diane, for she is a heroine in the true sense, as return.” to honor Diane Mercado as an Unsung Heroine and
she expects nothing in return.” thanks her for her many contributions.
CHICANA/O STUDIES DEPARTMENT contributed greatly to the growth of the department
and facilitating faculty to work with undergraduate and
Pat Morrison originally came to UCSB in 1969 as an graduate students to experience university research.
undergraduate who eventually received her B.A. in
Comparative Literature in 1973. While she was an Pat has always been involved in the performing
undergraduate, she spent a year studying in Bordeaux, and creative arts. She was a board member and
France through EAP and learned to speak French fluently. performing artist with the Mime Caravan and was an
Little did she know how that experience would help her original founder of the Summer Solstice Parade and
when she returned to campus almost 15 years later. Festival from 1973-1985. She has trained and
performed in modern, Afro/Brazilian, jazz, ballet, folk
In 1984 she became a UCSB staff member in the dance and mime and has recently become a volunteer
Dept. of French & Italian and worked as the for the Santa Barbara Dance Alliance, a non-profit
Undergraduate and then the Graduate Assistant for organization that fosters the awareness and quality
five years . She then moved on to Public Affairs where of dance and other performing arts in Santa Barbara.
she was office and finance manager for nine years.
During that time, she attended CSU, Northridge full- She has been a licensed Marriage and Family
time and completed a Master’s degree in Counseling therapist in private practice since 2000 and very much
Psychology. She also completed 3,000 hours of clinical enjoys interacting with people and helping them get
internship, and passed her written and oral exams for their lives back on track. She said that one of the
the Marriage and Family Therapist license on the first highlights of her professional career was receiving
try. She became an MSO in 1997 when she was hired her M.S. degree and passing her licensing exams. Her
by the Office of Development. Since 2000, she has experience and skill as a therapist is greatly
served as the MSO for the Department of Chicana/o appreciated by all who know her and has assisted her
Studies. She really enjoys working in Chicana/o Studies, in every area of her campus life.
and they love having her there. As one of her nominators In her free time, she enjoys movies, reading,
wrote, “Pat’s compassion, insight, and generosity touch
“She is simply one of the most amazing
exercise, and staying current with trends in
all those she comes into contact with.” Pat especially women I’ve ever known…” psychology. She also enjoys spending time with her
likes the intellectual stimulation of learning more about excellent MSO who performs all the responsibilities husband Bob and traveling to New Orleans and
another culture. of overseeing a growing department and is moreover an Washington to visit her step children.
Pat’s dedication to her everyday work goes far advocate of the Ph.D. program in Chicana/o Studies— One coworker and friend said, “I have known Pat
beyond the call of duty. Her ability to work with the first of its kind in the University of California system. since she came to campus 19 years ago when we
diverse people and help others to feel empowered, is In addition to her duties with the expansion of the worked together in the Department of French &
well known among all who work with her. She is Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies, Pat has Italian. She is simply one of the most amazing women
grounded, kind, and insightful in her every become increasingly involved with faculty I’ve ever known and is truly an Unsung Heroine!”
engagement. And her work responsibilities are development and grant funding for ongoing research We at the PWA agree and congratulate you Pat.
profound. Pat takes on a wide range of responsibilities projects, which usually means she works beyond a Thank you for all you do.
in the Department of Chicana/o Studies. She is an normal eight hour day. Her efforts in this area have

POLICE DEPARTMENT for herself and is quick to defer praise to others.” Working
This is Norma Ortiz’s 26th year at UCSB. She with the police department, she has been an investigator
began work here June 14, 1977. Before becoming a and a crime prevention officer, and has been assigned
police officer, Norma served the campus for ten years some of the more sensitive investigations involving the
in Transportation Services. She started by washing victimization of women and children. She has taken a
cars and pumping gas and worked up to oil changes special interest in the community’s youth, and has sought
and tune-ups on University vehicles. out ways to befriend local children. Colleagues and
supervisors alike rely upon her, not just for her technical
In the hopes of becoming a commercial truck
skills, but also for her personal skills. She knows a lot
inspector, Norma applied for the California Highway
of people on the campus and has gone out of her way to
Patrol. In addition to meeting university standards for
stay connected over the years. One of the best things about
being a police officer, she had to meet or exceed physical
her job, according to Norma, is helping people. Mindful of
and psychological standards established by the State of
the importance of progress, she recognized early a need the
California, as well as pass a rigorous background
department had in the computer world and took it upon
investigation into her personal life. After all that, she went
herself to become technologically savvy. She now serves as
to a five-month police academy, where she was repeatedly
a resource and support person for the department.
and rigorously tested for academic, interpersonal, and
physical skills. For every 25 people who try to get a job as a Norma is here because she has chosen to stay. She
police officer, only one is successful in completing the has successfully undergone two back surgeries and
process. Norma successfully graduated from the police is a cancer survivor. Others might have chosen to retire
academy and she has spent the last 16 years serving the under similar circumstances. Outside of work she
campus with the UCSB Police Department. enjoys camping with her family, fishing, and
barbequing on the weekends. She always strives to
Like other police officers at UCSB, she has worked
“live life to the fullest every day.”
her fair share of nights, weekends, and holidays, both
on campus and in Isla Vista. She has juggled her Norma was chosen by her peers as Officer of the
personal life as a wife, mother, and grandmother Year in 2001 and we are honored to recognize her as
around her professional responsibilities. Chief “She is an informal leader. Much of what well. She is a great addition to our campus
MacPherson wrote that Norma “…is an informal community, unquestionably an Unsung Heroine.
gets done she does quietly and without Congratulations!
leader. Much of what gets done, she does quietly and
without fanfare. She never seeks attention or recognition
ORIENTATION PROGRAMS found her passion in serving others and helping teach
Kim Parent is the type of supervisor everyone students how they can serve as well. She is grounded
dreams of. Her nominator stated: “Her cheerful in a loving family where she was nurtured and given
approach and attitude always kept me motivated on the freedom to find her passion. She feels that her
the job. In addition, I always felt like I could approach family have always supported her. Coupled with the
her with concerns or feedback regarding the mentoring she received from staff at all three colleges
Orientation program. If I ever asked her a detailed where she has worked, this support has enabled Kim to
question that required research, she would always follow be a person who always finds a way to encourage others.
through and get back to me as soon as possible.” When asked to talk about her accomplishments, she
Kim stepped right up and did an outstanding job answered that she finds it very satisfying to help students
during her first year. She really valued the input and and parents transition to the next phase. As incoming
feedback from student employees who worked for freshmen and their parents visit the campus during the
Orientation the year before, and even created a returning two-day orientation, Kim and the Orientation staff step
staff committee to help encourage that dialog. in as families reach the cusp of transition, that place
Kim has been at UCSB twice, once as an undergraduate where parents have to let their students go and where
and now as the Director of Orientation Programs. She was students start the exploration of their role as adults. As
an undergraduate from the fall of 1992 until the spring of she spoke about this, it was apparent how deeply she
1996, and then returned to UCSB in March of 2001 in her felt that this was an important moment and how
professional position. During her absence, she received her passionately she wanted to help ease that transition.
Masters in Education from the University of Vermont and Besides her passion for serving others, Kim is also
was an Assistant Director of Orientation, and spent time at an avid gourmet cook, a hobby she shares with her
Purchase College in New York as their Orientation and husband Scott, and loves to be outdoors as much as
Events Coordinator. But she credits UCSB and her student “[She is] keenly interested in student possible. She feels lucky every day to be here and
involvement here with starting her on her career path. development…her passion [is] serving even stated that she still “feels like I’m on vacation”
As an undergraduate, Kim was involved as an others and helping teach students how they in Santa Barbara. She and her husband enjoy traveling
Orientation staff member, a Career Peer, and a Campus can serve as well.” and visiting many parts of the United States,
Learning Assistance Services peer. She stated that “the especially New England, where his family lives.
student involvement impacted her quality of life and that of
orientation experience was key to opening up the world of Kim is a positive person who loves to laugh, smile,
others by enriching her academic experience and leading
service to others.” She found that her student involvement and have fun. She seeks every opportunity to help others,
her to serve others.
complemented her education and taught her how to balance truly enjoys her collaboration with many units on campus,
in and out of the classroom experiences. She also found her Keenly interested in student development, Kim and loves the common purpose she finds at UCSB.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS & SCHOLARS Tanya’s work is such that she must frequently
April 1, 2003 marked the 34th anniversary of Tanya respond to unexpected demands and situations. She
Plant’s employment at UCSB. She has worked 23 of is masterful in her ability to reset priorities and deal
those years in the Office of International Students and with the unexpected while also completing routine
Scholars (OISS). The many unsolicited letters of praise and tasks. Tanya keeps the “big picture” of the office’s
thanks received from UCSB faculty and international workflow in mind. Tanya’s use of the computer and
students and scholars about the superb job that Tanya does electronic resources is remarkable and has enabled her
are just one measure of Tanya’s service and effectiveness. to be extraordinarily productive. Furthermore, Tanya is
That these letters cover a period of over two decades attests forward thinking and has laid out plans for further
to Tanya’s sustained level of service. The praise for her work developing her section of the office web page, which
comes from all over campus: “[Tanya] clearly understands has already garnered unsolicited praise from
the regulations, the issues, and practical strategies for immigration attorneys and others outside UCSB.
successful completion of visa problems. This strongly affects Tanya has played a significant but unrecognized
the morale of my students and staff, and has enabled me to role in helping to recruit and retain some of the best
recruit top students out of prestigious universities.” and brightest students and scholars from around the
“…simply superb, one of the absolutely top, top, top people world who have contributed to UCSB’s stature as a
on the staff at UCSB.” “We could not do our job without world-class university.
Tanya.” “I am very grateful to people like Tanya. They really
For Tanya, the most enjoyable aspect of her job is
go out of their way to make this process as easy as possible.”
the people. “Everyone is outstanding, amazing, and I
Her achievement is all the more remarkable feel privileged to help them do the work they’re doing.
because her workload has more than tripled in her It is wonderful to work in such a fascinating field. It
time with OISS. As if this were not enough, Tanya is difficult and challenging but in many small ways,
has had to deal with an ever-changing, unpredictable I’m able to facilitate things for some fascinating and
bureaucratic environment that involves one state and “…simply superb, one of the absolutely top, important people.”
three federal agencies. top, top people on the staff at UCSB.” Outside of work, Tanya’s priority is her family.
Tanya sets a very high standard for conscientious, into overdrive and has remained there. Tanya has been Together, they participate in Aikido (Tanya has a
courteous service to the various client constituencies a rudder for the office during this period. Her wise purple belt), play Irish music (Tanya is learning to
that use the services of OISS. She is able to anticipate advice and perspective have helped navigate the ever- play the Irish flute) and play computer adventure
the many needs of individuals and departments in the changing demands on the office’s staff and resources. games. In addition, Tanya cares for numerous pets,
process of hiring a foreign scholar. She has helped Indeed, her calm, reassuring manner and sense of humor including tropical fish, and is an avid orchid grower.
hundreds of faculty and researchers with academic have stabilized the spirits of all her co-workers as they Congratulations to Tanya from the PWA! We are
appointments at UCSB to obtain permanent residency. deal with the confusing, cumbersome new regulations all fortunate to have such a dedicated and
After September 11, the pace of work in OISS went issued by the government. knowledgeable person at our campus.
ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES accessible and civil environment for all. Linda is a
Twenty years ago, as an undergraduate student carrying strong advocate for people with disabilities and is
a full load of classes, Linda was hired half time as a Senior committed to assuring that accommodations are
Typist Clerk in the Executive Vice Chancellor’s Office. She available for those who are in need. Linda is
was the epitome of a non-traditional student—a full time particularly fond of the committees in which she is
student, a part-time employee, and most importantly, a involved. She finds pleasure in the process of bringing
mother of two sons, ages 12 and 13. people together and utilizing the strengths of all to
work toward a positive outcome. Linda cites that her
Upon receiving her Bachelor’s Degree, Linda
career highlight up to this point was being a part of the
joined the staff in the Office of the Vice Chancellor,
negotiating team that, over a two-year process, resulted
Administrative Services working half time. Linda
in the Goleta Water District providing reclaimed water
entered Graduate School at UCSB where, in just three
to campus. She is also very pleased at the increased level
years, she earned two Master’s degrees, one in
of teamwork that is now occurring across divisions.
Counseling Psychology, the other in College Student
Personnel. Once again, she accomplished this while Linda is a kind soul. She always operates with a
working and parenting two sons. high level of professionalism and integrity. She cares
about people and is a superb facilitator in situations
When Linda completed her graduate studies, she
involving dispute resolution and crisis intervention.
increased her time in Administrative Services to 30
Her endless dedication to people and to UCSB is
hours per week and began her private counseling
genuine. Numerous times, faculty, staff, and students
practice. Today, Linda continues to balance her
have come to her for assistance. She always welcomes
position on campus while counseling. She serves as
them to her office, often with a hug, gives them her
the campus ADA Compliance Officer and
full attention, and guides them with her knowledge
Whistleblower coordinator. In addition, Linda works
on how to handle sensitive situations. She makes a
with divisional departments with organizational
difference in people’s lives each and every day.
development, and is a member of the CARE (Civil and
Responsible Environment) team, which is committed In her free time, Linda enjoys gardening; visual
to providing and maintaining an environment in which “Linda is passionate about working with arts including painting, needlework, decoupage, and
all members of the UCSB community are able to work and helping people, ensuring that UCSB quilting; and is an avid reader. Because of Linda
without fear of uncivil behavior or violence. provides an accessible and civil Raney, UCSB is a much better place for students,
faculty, staff, and visitors. In the words of her
Clearly, Linda is passionate about working with environment for all.” nominators, “it is with honor and deep respect” that
and helping people, ensuring that UCSB provides an
we at the PWA salute Linda as an Unsung Heroine.

ALUMNI ASSOCIATION of the alumni who walk through the Association’s
doors personally know her and think of her as the
To many, the Alumni Association is synonymous
heart and soul of the Alumni Association. Through
with the name Mary-Jane Salcido. Mary-Jane
all of these contributions, Mary-Jane has become known
attended UCSB, met and married her husband of 41
as the mother of the office. This speaks to the care and
years here, and has two sons that are also UCSB
concern with which she approaches all her duties.
alumni. Prior to graduation and since, she has made
UCSB her second home. One could definitely call Mary-Jane is also the office morale booster. She is
Mary-Jane Salcido “Ms. UCSB.” Mary-Jane arrived always the one to remember birthdays, going away
here in 1958 as an undergraduate and has been gifts, or retirements. Her nominators said that “Given
involved with the campus in some way ever since. the tremendous spirit and commitment that Mary-Jane
During her undergraduate years, she was President has shown UCSB, we feel that she is an outstanding
of Delta Gamma and has since maintained a candidate for the Unsung Heroine Award.”
connection to that organization. After her Mary-Jane’s connection to UCSB is even deeper
undergraduate years, she became part of the advising than her volunteer and work involvement. Her entire
team for Delta Gamma. She has been an advisor on immediate family is also UCSB educated. She met
and off throughout the intervening time until her present her husband here and he is a UCSB graduate. Both
role as Chapter Advisor. She has given countless hours her sons and two daughters-in-law graduated from
to counseling young women on a variety of issues. UCSB as well. It is not yet decided that any of the
In her professional capacity, Mary-Jane has been three grandchildren will be UCSB graduates, but if
working at the UCSB Alumni Association for eleven family history is anything to go by, they may well be!
years. As is typical for Mary-Jane, she was involved In addition to her passion for UCSB, Mary-Jane is a
as a board member of the UCSB Alumni Association devoted bridge player, having been a member of the same
for many years before becoming a permanent staff bridge club since 1963. She is also involved in a book club,
member. In her present position, she is responsible the Junior League, the Historical Society, and the P.E.O.
for organizing the Riviera Reunion, the 1955-1965
Mary-Jane stated that she feels fortunate to work
class reunion, the alumni awards program, the Board “One could definitely call here and believes in the product of higher education.
of Directors activities, and the activities for the past Mary-Jane Salcido “Ms. UCSB.”
Board of Directors, or Valhalla events as they are Perhaps the best way to capture the essence of Mary-
called. In addition to all of these activities, Mary-Jane Jane is to say that she thrives on connection to friends
keeps Alumni Executive Director, Peter Steiner, and family and has an abiding love for UCSB.
some, but always endeavors to go that extra mile to
organized. She loves her work and it shows. She make sure the job is of the highest quality. Her We at the PWA are thankful for Mary-Jane and
always goes above and beyond what is expected of dedication and loyalty to UCSB is truly amazing to her dedication to UCSB. Congratulations to an
her. She never stops at what may be adequate for observe. That may be part of the reason that most all Unsung Heroine.

COLLEGE OF LETTERS & SCIENCE that I depended on her to perform numerous complex
tasks depending on tact and a broad knowledge of
Carole Self has been working on campus for 33
the campus. Her performance has been stellar and the
years, 28 of those years in the College of Letters and
tasks she has been given go far beyond the duties that
Science. She is currently the Executive Assistant to
might be demanded of someone in her position.” Year
the Provost of the College of Letters and Science. She
after year, disasters have been staved off because of
has tackled every task along the way with patience
her meticulous planning and foresight. Another
and a strong desire to learn. Carole has the ability to
nominator wrote that “her wealth of knowledge
keep her head about her during a crisis. Her strong
regarding policy and procedure is legendary, and is
work ethic and high standards for accomplishing a
beautifully complemented by her invaluable sense of
well-done job are demonstrated on a daily basis. As a
history.” The same individual went on to indicate that
team player, she is willing to assist in tasks that are
Carole never loses sight of the people behind the
outside of her daily responsibilities. Some of her
policies she interprets and is always kind and
responsibilities include organizing annual
considerate. Carole is alert to details and works
commencements, participating on all levels of the
quietly behind the scenes to make things happen and
Fulbright Fellowship program, facilitating agreements
assists others in their work so that everything gets
between UCSB and international campuses, managing
done quickly and efficiently.
the Critical Issues program and the National Endowment
for the Humanities Summer Fellowships, archiving Her overwhelming contributions to this campus
Letters and Science administrative papers, and serving will be missed as she prepares for retirement in the
on various administrative and search committees on next few months. Carole is looking forward to
campus. Just to make a list does not give justice to the traveling, volunteering, and finding ways to advocate
hours that Carole spends making sure that events run for senior citizens. She is an unsung heroine both
smoothly, international visitors feel welcomed, faculty inside and outside of this campus. Carole exceeds in
and student needs are met, and the relevant historical “Her performance has been stellar and the conscientiousness, scope, and effectiveness of any
papers of the campus are handled with care. demand or description that might conceivably be
tasks she has been given go far beyond the designed for her position. The campus has benefited
Carole makes a significant impact on those with [call of] duty.” immeasurably from her presence here and the PWA
whom she works. One nominator wrote “I can testify
salutes her as an Unsung Heroine.

HOUSING & RESIDENTIAL SERVICES job of taking over the most critical management
position in Ortega during a crisis. She used her
Terry graduated from UCSB in 1972. She then exemplary people skills to constantly communicate
traveled to Cleveland, Ohio to complete a dietetic with career staff. Working closely with the General
internship at St. Luke’s Hospital. After a stint as a Manager and new Student Personnel Manager, Terry
Registered Dietitian at LAC/USC Medical Center she helped to rebuild both the part-time student and career
began work in Dining Services in October 1978. Terry staff morale and achieve excellent customer service. She
worked her way through many management positions spent a great deal of time in the kitchen and dining
in Dining Services including Student Personnel service area modeling customer service skills, and she
Manager from 1978 to 1980. During that time she performed on-the-job training for under-trained staff and
hired, trained, and scheduled over 130 part-time was a key player in turning around numerous problems.
student staff in various roles from server, to cook, to
supervisor, to student manager. Terry has continued as a Production Manager at
Ortega since then and trained a new Production
Terry was then promoted in 1980 to Production Manager that came to Ortega when Carrillo Dining
Manager, where she supervised 20 cooks and bakers. Commons was closed for remodeling. Terry has also
She also handled over $1 million a year of food continued to be the main systems administrator for
purchasing and $200,000 a year of equipment the Cbord system. She became the point person for
purchasing. She wrote and revised recipes and the entire Dining Service Department to implement
oversaw production for nearly one million meals a a new version of the program, training over 20 career
year, including a challenging array of conference groups managers on how to operate the system, which had
that consisted both of adult and teenage customers. On been changed significantly from the previous version.
a typical day the dining commons serves 500 breakfasts,
800-900 lunches, and 1200-1300 dinners. Terry is a dedicated, caring, and focused
professional who has one of the broadest managerial
In 1982, Terry was promoted to General Manager perspectives in the department. Part of her energy
of Ortega Dining Commons, and oversaw the entire “Terry is a dedicated, caring, and focused
level can also be attributed to her personal hobby of
operation for six years until she left on maternity leave professional.” competing in triathlons. She was the winner of the
in May 1988. Terry returned to work in January 1989 Santa Barbara Triathlon in 1984 and 1985. Terry and
and worked half-time for the next ten years. She was, Ortega Production Manager, filling in twice for a
Production Manager out on a temporary leave of her husband have also competed and completed the
however, incredibly productive and oversaw the entire Hawaii Ironman Triathon on numerous occasions and
Cbord Menu Management System for all of Dining absence. She used the opportunity to not only perform
the manager’s duties, but to bring an energetic, once biked across the country. She also enjoys baking,
Services. This program consisted of different knitting, reading mysteries, and exploring the world
menuing, purchasing, and inventory systems for each positive, and fresh attitude to the job. She applied
some of her central office expertise to Ortega and of food in all kinds of restaurants.
of the three dining commons, as well as recipes
individualized for each unit—a total of 4,000 recipes. solved some long standing production problems. Terry Terry says one of her focuses is “to help people to
This was an enormous task involving a great deal of was also instrumental in helping a number of career have good diets. In my job I can do that by helping
skill, energy, and dedication. Due to her strong staff improve their performance. people to eat well.” In her roles at UCSB, Terry has
experience and focus, her performance easily doubled Terry became the permanent Ortega Production been doing that and much more. The PWA is happy
that of the average staff member. She worked as the Manager in November 2000. She did an outstanding to congratulate Terry as an Unsung Heroine.

HOUSING & RESIDENTIAL SERVICES at the top of her list. Jackie enjoys being surrounded
Jackie Treadway began her career at UCSB in 1989 by a wonderful and talented staff.
as the Associate Director of Residential Operation in She has made many contributions to UCSB in the
Housing and Residential Services. This year, Jackie last 14 years, including working on many committees
was promoted to Director of Residential Operations. within Housing and Residential Services and campus
She oversees the Physical Facilities aspect of wide. Jackie feels like the PWA has made a big
Residential Operations, including maintenance, difference in bringing women on campus to the
custodial, conference services, and grounds. forefront. She is also a Sunday school teacher for the
As Director of Operations, she is an astute, kindergarten class at her church. Her hobbies include
energetic, and imaginative leader. She is a positive interior decorating, reading mysteries and
force in leading a staff of 160 career employees. As a biographies, taking walks, and international travel
gifted leader, she has created opportunities for her (her favorite destination is Vienna).
diverse staff. The “Cross Training Program” she began Jackie Treadway is a friend, mentor and leader. Her
in 1991, where lower level employees are cross- nominator wrote that “she is a truly gifted person who,
trained, demonstrates her commitment to their if you spend time with her, will help you to discover
professional and personal growth. As a result of this much about yourself.” She is a woman who is very
program, many employees have been promoted to committed to the mission of the University of
higher level positions. She strives to be a strong California. The Professional Women’s Association is
advocate for employees. thankful for someone so committed and congratulates
Jackie has an open door policy and is always ready Jackie as an Unsung Heroine.
to listen. Regardless whether the questions are of
business or personal nature, she is there for her staff.
She knows most of her staff on a first name basis.
When asked what aspects of her position she enjoys
most, problem solving and resource management are
“She is an astute, energetic, and
imaginative leader.”

OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR special Student Affairs committee that recognized the
JoAnn Trento is the supervisor of the Student entire Student Affairs Division. JoAnn loves the
Services Unit in the Registrar’s Office. She has been students and, with the assistance of her hard-working
the driving force behind this unit for more than 17 staff, helps solve problems on a daily basis. She
years. During this time, she has weathered numerous juggles many deadlines but always has time to listen
campus dramas and provided assistance to thousands to a concerned student or parent. With such a busy
of students. Her calm demeanor and gentle guidance career, it is hard to imagine that JoAnn has time for
provide a wonderful environment in which to work. cooking, baking (including her famous cheesecake),
One of JoAnn’s coworkers said that “JoAnn’s reading, shopping, and gardening. She is the mother
flexibility and openness make her a joy to work for.” of two daughters (one is currently a UCSB student)
who have brought her much joy as she watches them
JoAnn has worked in academia for the past twenty- grow. JoAnn is one of UCSB’s hidden treasures, who
eight years, ten of those years at UCLA. The last quietly gives to this campus and its students every
seventeen years, she has been in the Student Services day in ways that should not go unnoticed.
unit in the Registrar’s Office here at UCSB. With all
of her knowledge, experience, and dedication to Thank you JoAnn for all your contributions to our
serving students, one can see why she is a critical campus community, and congratulations.
player in the day-to-day interactions between students
and the office. Even as a supervisor, she works daily
on the front lines of the office. Her mantra is one of
team effort in order to serve the students. This service-
oriented attitude coupled with her longevity here has
afforded her the opportunity to develop strong
relationships with many departments on campus.
Outside of work, volunteering for commencement
over the past 18 years has been a way for her to give
back to the campus and see all the students, who she
and her office have helped reach their dreams and “JoAnn is one of UCSB’s hidden
graduate. In addition, she has served as co-secretary treasures, who quietly gives to this
of PWA; volunteers as a reader for incoming students’ campus and its students every day in ways
essays; has participated in the mentorship program;
and has served on various committees, including a
that should not go unnoticed.”

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