Patrick Joseph Horn

They said it would never happen, and here I’m sitting

honkered down putting towels

around the cracks in the wall that we built closing ourselves in this old musty cave, as the world outside burns like a furnace. We saw it coming months before the rest thanks’ to the insight of our church who had some serious connections with the man upstairs. We could not all fit before this hit us, but those brave souls who stayed behind will always be considered our heroes, our men of renown. I was willing to stay out but the elders decided I needed to be here because of a need for a recorder,…a sort of scribe, a witness to tell the story for you to read thousands of years later. Anyone could write, I suppose, but they needed me for other reasons of which will become apparent sooner or later. For the moment we are just glad to be in one piece after the terrible shock of the first blast. That thing rocked the Earth to it’s very foundations and melted everything within a hundred miles into a giant multi-media piece of plastic….everything! I saw pieces of people encased in glass alongside cars and beer cans all sealed tight by tons of melted glass, steel, and dirt which were instantaneously melted to around 10,000 degrees Celsius in an instant. Flesh didn’t even have time to vaporize before the glass had encased them like bugs in amber. What was just another Autumn day turned into a nightmare when they bombed the nuclear plant in Iran without warning, and set off a frenzy of retaliatory missile launches from the former Soviet Union. One of the missiles had a nuke tipped warhead by mistake and it hit targets in five continents and obliterated 1/3 of the United States in a millisecond, along with Paris, Rio, Amsterdam, and the Grand Caymans are completely gone. As this news was being broadcast even the station telecasting was hit…you could see it in slow motion as the scene was flash frozen on the screen like a photograph. The building, studio lights, and that poor girl… We had already prepared when we heard the Israelis clamoring for blood because Iran had once again threatened them with annihilation and when they protested to the U.N. the world turned their backs on Israel and actually laughed at them in public on C-Span. Our church had some really intense fillings of the Holy Spirit and a lady who was well respected, and very conservative began prophesying the events so clearly and assuredly that we took her serious enough to find a spot and stockpile supplies. One of the members of our church had a big cave on his land which was perfect to create a base for survival out of. It had three underground streams, and was surrounded by granite mountains all around and had a single route to it’s entrance. Inside it had high spots for safe quarters in the event of massive rains. Good thing as we found out later. Man, I can’t believe all of this really happened but neither could the rest of mankind as they worried about the economy and all, while the wars raged everywhere, and the mass murders were rampant. It was time for sure. The world was getting out of hand. The rapture hasn’t happened yet so I wonder wuz up? Maybe this is just the beginning and it’s not bad enough yet, or maybe I missed out? I am one who said I’d stay if I could any how, but I always thought I would have a choice. I guess I did have,…a choice that is. I remember a friend who always used to preach in the book store all the time about the things…as he would say which were coming. And I would think he was nuts or one of them Jesus Freaks or something. I noticed he stopped coming to church after all of the commotion started with that old lady and all. I figured he was a phony, and decided to high tail it before he got discovered. Or else he was scared, ….yeah,…that’s got to be it! He was scared. Kinda like me, as the smell is creeping

through the towels filling this cave from top to bottom with that terrible dead fish smell, It is almost unbearable, but it has to be better than out there. Yeah, the sound was unforgettable…like a giant sheet tearing in a microphone and then a thundering bass so deep and powerful it broke bones just from the vibration of some of the survivors here in the cave! And the screams which were so loud and so sudden you could hear the whole Earth as it screamed. The light even penetrated the cave far enough that one guys is blind as the bats that are in here with us and he just peeked back after he heard the sound…that horrible, soul wrenching blast from hell itself! I’ll never get it out of my head,…never. Either the bombs are still dropping or there are some pretty massive quakes happening because we keep getting shook off our feet every five minutes or so as the cave floor seems to liquefy and tremble and bury half our water bottles in a solid quicksand sort of. Really bizarre this stuff going on around here. Sometimes we hear what sounds like steam screaming from a teapot only to realize it is water in the granite walls of this cave shooting out under high pressure from cracks that formed after the first quake. I hope this place holds up! According to our watches which don’t seem to be working correctly at all except for an old fashioned one some old man has, it has been thirty days since we first came in here and we are going to see if we can send a couple of guys out today to check things out. I think I’ll go for sure just to get some air. So out we go and I am shocked to see the canyon walls polished like tombstones, yet naturally smooth and curved, like they were glazed in an oven or something. As we climb out the ground is smooth as glass also yet it has a non skid feel to it, from all of these sharp rocks everywhere sticking out of this plastic like dirt,….kinda look like teeth. Millions of teeth are everywhere coating this plastic walk way like they washed down from somewhere. As we made it to the top of the gully I was shocked beyond description! The world that I used to know, the forest, the lakes, the cities off in the distance, the blue sky, the wind,….were no more. The landscape resembled a marble like blob of every color imaginable for as far as the eye could see, which was to the horizon in every direction! Our little gully was just a shadow compared to the eerie landscape which sat motionless under a chocolate brown sky which stank like burnt plastic and with a hint of meat cooking, but not a good smell for sure. Way off in the distance where a city used to be,…Denver, I believe, was an orange neon glow and the sun was no where to be seen,… just a weird, brown glow where the sun should be. I figured it would be cold, but it’s actually quite warm, with all of the cloud cover I suppose it’s holding in all the heat. As I was walking I tripped over a rock which when I looked down I realized that it wasn’t a rock at all, but a skull half buried in the plastic dirt which looked like marble and was everywhere as far as I could see. So I sat down on that skull weary, wore out and pretty much whooped with the thought that we had no hope to find anything alive out here in this strange plastic land. I began to realize that that rapture thing must of already happened and I missed out and now I’m stuck on this plastic planet to wait for the hand of death to come get me and my pals. Or worse, maybe we are dead, and this might be hell? I dunno anymore! Me and my friend headed back to the cave and told everyone what we had seen and the woman all cried as the other guys just stared at us like we were lying or something. It

didn’t matter, we weren’t goin no where for a while. We could last about six months before we would run out of food, and the water still seems ok in this cave, for now. Who knows, maybe someone else somewhere else made it through like us? Maybe we are just in a bad place too close and the rescue teams will be here soon. Maybe…just maybe. I didn’t here a sound outside though or a wind or feel a breeze. It was like the Earth had died and took us with it or something. It has been around five months and we do daily trips topside to the bowling alley as we call it. The sky is only darker now, and we can’t tell day from night. It’s always the same no matter what time we go out. It’s like there is no time. In fact, we haven’t seemed to age either, and we have not had to cut our hair, shave, or cut our finger nails either. Really weird. And, it’s like our food supply never runs out, it’s always more boxes appear as we use one up underneath another one is waiting. We stocked up really good I suppose. Five years have passed and we have come to the conclusion as crazy as it seems that the universe has forgotten us, just left us to sit here and go on and on forever and ever. We haven’t changed a bit. Our food supply is always the same, the water still flows. The sky is still a dark brown. Every thing is the same…. I’m the last one left. Everyone else has given up and killed themselves one by one through the years. It has been perhaps a century and still I’m the same. I won’t quit though, I know there is someone coming…aren’t they? Aren’t They???!!!

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