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Steven Paul Jobs was born on 24 February 1955 in San

Fransisco,USA.He was a businessman,he was an
American entrepreneur,marketer,and inventor who was
iMac,iTunes,iPod,iPhone,and iPad while he was doing his
job.He was hard worker and he never give up.

Steve Jobs

Created by:
Abdul Wahid Al Wahdi.
Jobs holding an iPhone 4 at Worldwide Developers
Conference 2010




Steven Paul Jobs

February 24, 1955
San Francisco, California, US


October 5, 2011 (aged 56)

Palo Alto, California, US

Cause of death

Metastatic Insulinoma


Palo Alto, California, US

Alma mater

Reed College (dropped out)


Co-founder, Chairman and CEO,

Apple Inc.
Co-founder and CEO,
Founder and CEO,
NeXT Inc.

Years active



The Walt Disney Company

member of

Apple Inc.


Zen Buddhism (previously Lutheran)


Laurene Powell

Name :
Dwi Novit
Alvian Nur Ismail (14)
Soebiharto (27)
Class : 11-6

Paolo maldini is a
football player on 1978
until 2009. He play as a
Defender on AcMilan
Italy. As a Defender on
histeam, he has tobe
strong,brave, and
skill.every football team

certainly has a captain, and he appointed as a captain in

his team (AcMilan and Italy). As football player, he was
training on stadium his team. And now he is a legend of
football in the world.

Anggun Cipta Sasmi






Struggle in

Go abroad


Her name is Anggun Cipta Sasmi, she is singer. She was born in Jakarta
her career started since she was child. Her first performance is when she was
7 years old. Now she has 9 albums. She made 5 albums in Indonesia. She
said, I think music is kind of business, kind of success. When she was 21
years old she tried to challenge the international. People around her are
against her. The people pollute her but she doesnt want to be polluted. If she
wasnt brave enough, she wont be here right now, in Paris. Thats why she
left Indonesia and headed for Europe. At first, it was complicated and she
was scared. But she keeps this in mind, If I want something, I give myself a
chance to make that happen. Her best album is Snow on Sahara, she made it
in French. He had been working on album in French for more than 10 years.


Created by :
Muhammad Robby Firmansyah
Agung Hanifanto Rahardjo
: 11 - 6

Class : 11 - 6

Ricardo kaka starting his carier in football since age of 15 . The first club who
entered kaka is saopaulo youth club .when he signed to the So Paulo youth club. His
bright career was brought to a halt only three years later. When he swimming he had
accident and cause his fractured a vetebrate neck was broken. Because the accident kaka
had problem Doctor said kaka couldnt play football again. But the mirracle god was
change kaka could play football again.
Kaka made his profesional debut with sao paulosenior team in dramatic fashion.
In the closing minutes of a tight game he scored two times sealing a win for his club. The
performance pro ved to be start of succesful rookie year that would see him score 12 times
in just 27 games . In 2003 kaka left his home country and moved to milan. For milan he
had cost $10 million a sum that the clubs owner labeled as peanuts compered to the
tallent was geating. In millan kaka Show his performance in 197 games and made 70 gols .
In 2007 year kaka became the leagues top scorer and led his team to champions league and
club world cup tittle. In addition, he was named european football of the year ,Fifaworld
cup best player and FifaWorld Player of the year. After that he moved again to the Real
Madrid club and he had cost $ 78 million. When he played in madrid kaka often sick
cause that he only show his performance in 70 games and only made 20 gols. Kaka more
brighter in Ac Milan than in Real Madrid.
But now he moved again to the ac milan for two years he said he was very happy
can came back to ac milan . He also dreaming in his dream he heared the songIn recent
days, I dream of hearing hymns sing my name at the San Siro. The song sung by the club's
loyal supporters. He had a bunch of ideals play here, and it is essential that he can perform
at this year's World Cup. Now, he just want to perform as possible with Milan

Name: Lia Pramissela

Putri Laila Aulia