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for more information. 3

The First Artist of Space.

Born and raised outside Pisa, Italy, Renato Moncini by his own
admission didnt receive a great deal of formal education past high
school. But when you hear the story of his life, you realize that in
many cases, especially his, God given talent trumps anything
learned from a book or in a classroom.
After graduating high school he attended a local vocational school
and subsequently went to work for the Piaggio factory in
Pontadera, Italy, welding Vespa scooters. His interest in both
continues to this day. Driving in for my interview I passed through
gorgeous hand welded iron gates; while parked on the back patio
was a pristine blue Vespa.
At that time mandatory military service was required so Moncini
joined the Italian Air Force as an engineer. Arriving in the United
States in the late 1950s as part of a cooperative air defense
program between the two countries, he met and married the love
of his life Faye, and decided to settle in the States after fulfilling
his military obligations.

Moncini initially worked for a government contractor before being

hired by NASA in 1965 as a full-time illustrator based at the
Marshall Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama. He told me, I could
barely speak Englishand am so blessed for the position I was
able to obtain. Moncinis 14 years at NASA occurred during the
height of our nations space program, We were on the edge of
technology. During this time, he created thousands of full-color
illustrations of space shuttles, rocket launches, technological
machinery and space landscapes as well as rush jobs for
emergencies like the famous Houston, we have a problem
Apollo 13 mission in 1970. Moncini illustrated all the Cape
Canaveral rocket launches and many of his works, to this day,
hang in the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC.

On July 5th the T.L. Norris Gallery presents Renato Moncini: The
First Artist of Space exhibit. The opening meet the artist reception
will be held that evening from 5:30 to 9:00PM. Come marvel over
some of Americas most iconic historical illustrations of the space
race and meet in the person the gentleman responsible for
bringing them to life. The entire exhibit will be open to the public
through July 31st.

Relocating to Greenville to work for Fluor Daniel, Moncini retired in

1993 and now keeps himself busy with everything from gardening;
he grows all his own herbs; to cooking; I left with a bag full of
wonderful homemade raisin cashew biscotti; home improvements
and of course drawing and painting.
By Lee Ann Carter

Rockin A Hard Place is a pilot episode for a new series produced by Hard Place
Productions, LLC. The series is inspired by John Jeters Rockin A Hard Place: Flats,
Sharps & Other Notes from a Misfit Music Club Owner (Hub City Press, 2013), an
intimate look inside the world-famous Handlebar: A Listening Room.

On Friday, June 28th, headline star of the show the Handlebar hosted a Pilot Premiere
and Exclusive After Party for the cast, crew and special friends of the show and club.
With limousines delivering local stars and guests, a red carpet parade preceeded the
Pilot showing and live music party. And Fte was exclusively on hand to cover it all!


Greenville Forward:
Exploring the Vision


Greenville Forward is the nonprofit organization created in Greenville to track and shepherd the initiatives in
Vision 2025. Every quarter, Greenville Forward focuses on one of the seven primary focus areas. This quarter
we begin the exploration of the Innovative Vision. For more information, go to
The Innovative Vision
The vitality of Greenville as the focal point
of the Upstate economy is based on
globally distinctive industry clusters built
around partnerships of major trading companies and research universities, and supported by networks of
firms with specialized knowledge and resources, technical colleges to develop a skilled work force, and an
entrepreneurial infrastructure of capital and resources that promotes the development of independent,
high-growth companies.
The overall objective of this strategy, and its most important measure of success, is increased per capita
income to a level equivalent to other highly productive communities.

Greenville is too restless to be content with its success.

Jim Clinton, Southern Growth Policies Board

Vision Goals: Innovation

Greenville County will attract, create, and retain high wage, quality jobs to achieve a strong,
diversified, and sustainable economy. Per capita income not only increases, but increases at a
rate quicker than the rest of the country.
Greenville Countys existing and future workforce will have the skills and education levels
necessary to succeed in the jobs of the future. This includes increasing the number of residents
with professional and graduate degrees.
The Greenville areas government entities and economic development-related organizations will
establish trusting relationships and partnerships across organizational and jurisdictional boundaries
to engage in joint planning and increased communication.
Greenville has at least five globally recognized industry clusters, as evidenced by strong partnerships
between international trading companies and one or more research universities.
The regions wealth is built by fostering world-class leaders attracted to and developed by the
industry clusters to launch independent, high growth companies.
Greenville will have a culture of embracing diversity, welcoming newcomers, and encouraging
them to participate in the local community and economy.

Greenville Forward was created in January 2006 t help Greenville achieve Vision 2025, the bold
comprehensive, and aggressive plan to create a vibrant Greenville in the next twenty-fie years.
By having a group like Greenville Forward, whose sole
purpose is to facilitate, coordinate, and communicate
the ideas from Vision 2025, the aggressive goals for
Vision 2025 will be kept vibrant, alive and attainable.

Carolina Now

Your Work

Read Lauras
column here

Downtown Greenvilles Art & Light

Gallery curates such a wonderful
collection of local art. I just bought
an amazing piece by Paul Flint that
was inspired by a three-legged
dog named Birdie. The painting is
so full of emotion you can sense
the personality of the dog and the
personal experience of the artist
when youre viewing it. This piece
is signed by Paul on the back.
Why do artists sign their pieces?
Theyre claiming their work.
Its a natural instinct to claim work
youre proud of. When you make
something thats special, that
serves its purpose well, you want
the world to know you created it.

Fte is proud to
be a contributor
to Carolina Now.

Things that are thrown together

just to make money arent usually
claimed. You wont find anything in
Walmart with a signature on it.
Not all of us are artists. But we can all make work were proud to claim. Doing work youre proud
of is infinitely more rewarding than just throwing stuff together because you have to pay
your bills. Doing work youre proud of makes life more interesting. Doing work
youre proud of adds meaning to your daily tasks.
And doing work youre proud of gives you unlimited opportunities
to make a difference.

Mon-Fri at 11am on
The Carolinas CW

Laura MacPherson helps business owners who dont have time to write or who hate writing
(its ok to admit it!) by creating content for websites, blogs, e-newsletters, articles, and
press releases. You can check out her company, Ideally, at
Get in touch with Laura at


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Rush Wilson, Ltd.

Purveyors of Classic American Style


23 West North St. | Downtown Greenville | 864.232.2761 |


Donough Forde

Old Man Par

is on Life Support
Once upon a time, men were men, dragons roamed the
Earth and a solid seven iron went 150 yards. In those
days a decent professional golfer could make a living
averaging 250 yards off the tee. Those days are gone.
Loki has been set loose and we are living in the era of
urethane golf ball covers and titanium drivers.

Coefficient of restitution, a term which should have

stayed in the lab as technical jargon, is now in common
usage among arthritic 18 handicappers.
As of June 25 2013, according to PGA Tour stats,
there are 80 players averaging over 289 yards

off the tee this season. In 1995 John Daly led the
tour with the freakishly long average of 289 yards!
Cashmere sock wearing beasties now bomb and gouge
their way around the tour on a maniacal rampage
against par and almost as importantly against real
estate. Hammer it off the tee and pitch out sideways to
the green has become standard operating procedure. In
an effort to redress the balance PGA Tour venues have
been forced to lengthen their courses accordingly,
which has only led to more whack-fuc.ery.
This devolution of the game has led to the point where
there are only two forms of tournament golf worth
watching. The Majors and Q School. The Majors
sometimes provide a venue and a setup which can
bring the tourists down to earth and force them to
contend with a course where par is a decent score and
the expectation of humiliation is close at hand.
Venue is secondary to the core of Q School, I would
watch if it were played at The Donaldson Center with
croquet mallets. The drama of Q School is in the
enormity of the event for the players. They are playing

Jack Nicklaus in winning the Open in 1966 at Muirfield

played the tournament only hitting 17 drivers throughout
the course of the tournament. This at a time in his career
where he was viewed as a one dimensional power hitter.
The narrow fairways snuck through rough which was
described as, kilt high purple grain waving in the breeze.
Players were not just afraid of losing their ball from an
errant drive, short caddies were also in danger of being
for their job and the pressure shows in all kinds
of nervous tics, crazy swings and heartbreak.
Dont get me wrong its not just sadism that fuels
my fascination with the struggle of the great players
in the Majors and of the wannabes at Q School.
My interest in the struggle is a throwback to the joy
of seeing the monster brought to its knees
by the hero, and we cant have heroes if we dont have
truly cunning and ferocious challenges for them. I find
it as impressive to see Harrison Frazier shoot 59 in
Q School when facing a mortgage payment as I do to
see Tiger Woods win a US Open on a broken leg.
Right now though its Summer and we are in Major
Season.This year the Majors are being played on some of
the most heinous and devious courses available and
refreshingly these courses do not rely on pure yardage to
protect their virtue.
The US Open which was played over Fathers Day
weekend at Merion was a fantastic event with all the
attributes of a great championship. The course played to a
yardage of just 6,996 yards. The first US Open venue
under 7,000 yards since 2004. Yet Justin Rose, no slouch
with a 296.8 yard driving average, shot a score of one
over par to win by two shots. The classic Merion layout
defended itself with borderline demonic rough and mature
greens which have settled into a complex nightmare for
green readers. The event looked and felt like a Major
Championship. The players trundled along with a vague
look of panic the whole event as if waiting for something
unfortunate to happen at any moment. Perfect!
Muirfield, home of the Honorable Company of Edinburgh
Golfers will again host the Open Championship
between the 14 and 21 of July. Muirfield is recognized as
the fairest of the Open courses. Jack Nicklaus has stated
that Muirfield is in fact, the best of the British Open
courses, Fair can be brutal though, and thats good.


This year Muirfield will play to a yardage of 7,192 yards.

However, in the Open, yardage is relative because the
wind can turn a relatively simple 186 yard par three like
16 into a barely playable rat bastard within the hour. In
2002 Tiger Woods shot 81 on Saturday, the gale was so
severe that the last 22 players in were a combined 130
over par for the day.
In 1987 Nick Faldo
played the final
round at Muirfield
with 18 straight pars
to win by one and it
was an exciting
event to watch.
Beautiful golf
tournaments need
not be flashy affairs.
They are at their best
when they are long nasty and vaguely uncomfortable
struggles. Rather than ripping drives with abandon and
kicking in birdie putts I prefer to see the pros when they
are forced to putt out for a good bogey, wave to the crowd
and trundle their ass over to the next 14 yard wide fairway
hiding amid the corn rows.
Old Man Par is on life support, we should welcome him
with open arms when he makes his brief visits.

By Donough Forde



The last thing on your mind is where youre sleeping tonight. But
for some families thats all they think about. Soon youll see how
one family learns what its like to lose it all. And what its like to
walk in the shoes of many families in Greenville County that have.

Weve been working hard to improve our Fte Greenville App for iPhone and iPad.
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Take a step forward and give today.

Fte it be.

F iction


Its called an English Honeymoon. Tommy began to

explain to his two newfound friends, Johnny and Jessica.
Johnny stood almost 58 when he craned his neck to
its limits. He had sandy blond hair that took a lot of
effort to look naturally tussled. And his big blue eyes
portrayed an innocence that couldnt be faked by even
the finest grifter.
Jessica turned heads wherever she went. She was 510
and all leg. Her chestnut hair cascaded around her
defined shoulders and perfectly framed her porcelain
face. She was amused by Johnny. And Johnny was
head over heels for her.
They were both drawn immediately to Tommy a
stranger with an air of familiarity. He was smart,
generous, good looking, in an interesting way, and he
seemed to know them both intimately. At least that
was the impression they both had after meeting just
two days ago in St. Lucia.
Tommy was there on a business trip. And Johnny had
won the trip in a local raffle. He was always winning
things. Heck, hed put a quarter in the parking meter
and it would pay off five to three. They met up in the
same bar a couple of nights in a row and got to know
each other pretty well. One night, Tommy and Johnny
were talking about life, success, beautiful women and
the like, and soon the conversation turned to how
someone like Johnny could be as successful as someone
like Tommy. Thats when the three of them found a
quiet booth, ordered a couple of drinks and Tommy
told his story.
Its true that Im down here on business, Tommy
began, but whenever Im in a resort area with so much

free-flowin cash, I always like to pick up some extra

scratch, if you know what I mean. Johnny didnt.
Jessica was intrigued.

What Im about to suggest is a simple, and actually,

fun way to make a few bucks for all of us while were
down here. Its a grift. You know, a con. So, the money
well be getting well, takingpresently belongs to
someone else. Its a crime. And if were caught, there
will be repercussions. He paused for a moment to let
this sink in. Now, if that doesnt sit well with either
of you, please take your drinks and leave the booth.
Ill stay here and finish mine and well go on like
nothing was ever said. However, if by the time all of
our drinks are finished we are all three still in this
booth, then Ill order another round and Ill tell you
what I have in mind.
Johnny and Jessica went through the motions of
thinking about it and talking it over, but they were
hooked right from the beginning. Once they were both
in verbal agreement, Johnny slammed the rest of his
beer, while Jessica took a long, lingering final sip of her
brandy alexander. Tommy ordered another round.
Its called an English Honeymoon, he began, and
it calls for three people. The happy couple, his hands
indicated Johnny and Jessica. And the jeweler in
search of them. This time his hands pointed to
himself. Heres how it works. The honeymoon couple
checks into a small, but expensive hotel. Theyre very
over-the-top excited about having just been married, so
everyone in the place sees them. The bride is wearing a
very distinctive broach when she arrives that she is sure
is seen as well. They get to know the other guests and
pick out the mark. About two days later, the jeweler



shows up and approaches the mark. He says he saw a
photo of the couple in a London paper that said they
were heading to the island for their honeymoon and
saw the broach. He claims its worth $100,000 pounds,
but that theres no way they can know that, or else she
would be flaunting it about. And that hes going to try
and buy it for $20,000 pounds. The jeweler says he
doesnt know what hotel they are staying in though,
and asks the mark if hes seen them. If weve picked
the right mark, hell say no and will try to buy it himself.
Then weve got him.
A slight curl began to grow on the corner of Jessicas
lip. But Johnny was concerned and had some questions.
Well that sounds good and all, but weve already been
checked into our hotel for a few days and weve let
ourselves be known and shes not wearing a broach
and were not English.
Of course, Tommy replied. If we do this, wed set
you up in a hotel on Anguilla. Its just about an hour
away by boat and theres a lot more money on that
island than this one. We could head over tomorrow
and the whole thing will be over before your
vacation ends.
OK, and why does the couple have to be English?
Johnny asked.

its believable anyway. Plus, I dont know what were

looking for in a mark and
You know what? Tommy interjected. Dont sweat it.
It was just an idea. A couple of drunks talking shit in a
bar on vacation is all. He glanced at Jessica. Let forget
the whole thing and get some more drinks. He
gestured to the waitress for another round.
They sat there in silence. Jessica disappointed. Johnny
furiously thinking. And Tommy waiting. Another
round of drinks arrived and after the waitress left
Johnny had an idea.
Hey, he said to Tommy. What if we switched it and
you played the groom and I played the jeweler?
Tommy thought for a minute and the said: So, youd be
the jeweler and Jessica and I would be the couple?
Johnny and Jessica both nodded. Then I can pick out
the mark and tell you who to approach? I hadnt
thought of that, but I think that could work.
All three clinked their glasses and as Tommy raised his
bourbon rocks to his lips, a slight curl formed in the
corner of his mouth.


Its a way for the mark to easily identify the couple,

answered Tommy. We dont want to be too obvious
with any part of this. So, the broach is on her jacket
when she arrives, but never again. The jeweler just says
a London paper and we let the mark put it all together.
Well that certainly makes sense, Johnny replied. The
only problem is, I cant fake an English accent. Not so

C R E AT I V E D I R E C T O R / S T O R Y T E L L E R .
Read more of his stories at

Peace Center


The Renato Moncini Story

T.L. Norris

The First Artist of Space

alchemy [al-k-m]
a power or process of transforming something common
into something special

Comedy Theater


A scene from the cast of Alchemy Comedys Local Legends
inspired by true stories from special guest Haro Setian.
You can see more improv live every Friday night!

Alchemy Improv Comedy is Greenvilles only weekly improv comedy show. These energetic and completely
improvised shows feature different special guests each week.

July 5 - August 3
Opening Reception:
Friday, July 5
5:30 - 9:00 pm

1 Wade Hampton Blvd. Greenville, SC 29609 (864) 991-8645

All shows are Friday nights at 8:00pm and 9:30pm in Greenvilles iconic
Coffee Underground theater. Tickets are $5 for the 8pm show and $8 for the
9:30pm and can be purchased online or at the door with cash or credit. Street
parking is available as well as several nearby parking garages. For a full list of
upcoming shows check the calendar.
Alchemy Comedy also has improvisation classes starting all the time. For details about upcoming classes
and online registration check out our classes page. For any more questions you can contact us via email or
by phone at 864-256-1467.


Whats happening this week

in July Andy and Dave?

Tune in each week as FteGreenvileTV brings you the scoop on

whats happening in and around Greenville. Your host Andy Turner will
keep you posted each and every week on the best entertainment and
get-togethers going on. And Fte Mobile Music Man Dave Galloway
will point you to his live music picks for the week.

FteGreenvilleTV will release a brand new episode every Tuesday.

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the loop. Dont miss out on any great episode!

Are You



Gene Krcelic




Grill Marks

Caf Commentary

Follow Cafe
And Then Some

Find Your

Maureen Abdalla and Susan Smith, Cafe And Then Some

Dont miss Caf and Then Somes latest show...

Mondays Made Better

Wine Tasting
& btls 1/2 price (all day)
Foodie Wednesdays

209 S. Main


Tuesday Rocks
$3 House Cocktails,
$4 off Top Shelf
Tapped-Out Thursdays
$4 Tap Beers,
$2 Domestic btls




Follow Pulse

The World According to Bo-Jo

Each month, Greenvilles least powerful power couple, Tammy Johnson and John Boyanoski, take on topics
facing young professionals everything from dating to business to culture.

A Great Time to Become a Member!

This months topic:

Watching Movies Together

Tammy: Hey do I get paid for writing this blog?

Still thinking about joining PULSE to take part in all of our events aimed at promoting the next generation of
leaders in Greenville? Then now is the time to do so. We are offering pro-rated memberships through the
end of year. That means if your company is a Greer or Greenville Chamber of Commerce member, you will
pay $35. If you are a non-Chamber member, you will pay $75.
The membership will run through the end of 2013 and includes three Leadership Lunches, three Socials, the
PUBlic Art Crawl in Greer, a Signature Series event, the Annual Report to Members and more. In addition,
potential members can mix and mingle with PULSE members at a special guest bartending night at Sobys
in downtown Greenville on Thursday, July 11, 2013 starting at 5:30 p.m. You do not have to be a member to
attend. We would love to have you come out that night, meet our members and sign up.
PULSE is aimed at young professionals ages 22-39 that live and work in the Upstate and want to network
and gain leadership skills. Learn more at

John: No
Tammy: Do I at least get ad space?

Well, I get ad space

Tammy: Wait, who worked out this deal?


Topic, dear, topic. Lets stay on topic.

Tammy: This argument isnt over, but yes, topic.

Watching movies together. John has horrible

taste in movies. End of blog.
John: Hey!
Tammy: What? Its true.

Um, we are supposed to be talking about the

compromise we came up with to handle our
different taste in movies.

Tammy: That you are not allowed near the

Netflix account?


Greenville Chamber

Business After Hours

Save the Date

July 16, 2013

5:30 - 7:30 pm at Haywood Mall


Other one.

Tammy: Ok. A lot of couples we know have opposing

views on movies whether it choosing what to

watch at a theater, renting something at the

store or even pulling something out of their

joint collections. We actually know people who

fight over this a lot. While, John and I never

fight over movies
John: coughliarcough
Tammy: Not often fight over movies, but we obviously

have some different tastes. I grew up in the

1990s and have a soft spot for Disney movies

from that era. I also like a lot of coming of

movies and even what could be considered

guilty pleasures from the early 2000s. John,

on the other hand, grew up in the eighties, but

loves bad movies from the 1960s and 1970s.

I wouldnt say bad, but yes I do prefer

movies filmed before CGI animation. So what
do you do when a large part of your movie
tastes are as far apart as Republicans and
Democrats? Let me tell you.

Tammy: Hey, I thought I was giving the compromise?

Basically, its a point system to make sure we

are both choosing the same amount of

movies every month. The goal is to have the

same number of points at the end of the

month. Each person gets a point every time

they pick out a movie on their own. Five

points are added if it is from a genre the other

person doesnt like.

For example, if Tammy picks out a coming of

age movie, I get five points because I, the
viewer, have to watch it.

Tammy: Add a point if the soundtrack sucks. However,

three points are deducted if the viewer ends

up liking the genre movie. But if the viewer

walks out, then two points are added to the

total. If unexpected body parts are flashed,

then two points are added.

And that only applies to movies that

Tammy requests.

Tammy: Its not my fault! I didnt know there were

going to be transvestites in Hangover 2 and

that Simon Pegg movie. Then there is a crying

point total.

Babe, we are running out of time this week,

we need to wrap this up.

Tammy: Does that mean we can talk about why your

company gets an ad and mine doesnt?

Tammy Johnson is the owner of Liquid Catering

and The Old Cigar Warehouse and is a former
chair of PULSE. John Boyanoski is the owner of
Complete Public Relations and author of sorts
and current chair of PULSE.




2013-2014 SEASON

Be at the
centre of it all.

by Ken Ludwig
in rep Sept 19-Nov. 16, 2013

by Mel Brooks
Mar 27-Apr 19, 2014

Centre Stage

by Paul Slade Smith

in rep Sept 19-Nov. 16, 2013

by Aaron Sorkin
May 22 -June 7, 2014

by Charles Dickens
Nov. 28-Dec. 14, 2013



A Centre Stage Original

Jan. 23-Feb. 15, 2014

by Phillip George and

David Lowenstein
July 10-Aug. 2, 2014


A Business Diary
If your company has a marketing to-do list, please
add Blog somewhere next to Establish Significant
Facebook Likes and Cultivate Twitter Followers.
It is always something, isnt it? Actually, blogging is
quite important to building your brand loyalty, or at
least that is what a Forbes blog says. According to
Alex Honeysett, blogger for The Muse in 4 Things
Your Brand Can Learn from the Best Business Blogs,
blogging creates a sort of personality for your brand
to which people can relate and become loyal.
Think of it this way: your business blog should offer
tantalizing inside information into the people and
experiences that make (metaphorically speaking, not
necessarily literally) your product. For example, a
two-paragraph story written by the executive,
manager or head honcho about a funny or
embarrassing event during the making of the
business is relatable and enjoyable. Inside information
as told from the assistant about eccentric
personalities in the midst of big, important partnership
agreements is intriguing and fun. Any stories, funny
stories in particular, that create your day and
therefore impact your business are
fair game and will gain you loyal
fans. Customers and clients will
begin to follow the blog and/or
the company because they
relate to what is happening
behind the scenes.

Rachel Broadbent
Fte Development


In essence, you are

creating a diary for your
company, and most of us
with siblings can attest
to reading and
enjoying someone
elses diary. Readers
of your blog will
feel like they

know you, as though they have secret information. It

is, after all, the funny stories, the mishaps, the
successes and emotions that come with the day-today activities that make the company. Seeing a show
or visiting a restaurant because you read that there
was a funny backstage catastrophe that almost
disrupted the whole event is interesting and definitely
relatable. For businesses, happy employees with a
voice should be heard; because if you find their
personality likeable and their stories interesting, odds
are that many others will as well.
It is not suggested that you run out and start a blog.
Sadly, it probably will not be seen, at least not very
quickly. Try getting involved in a magazines blog,
especially a magazine in which you are already
advertising and where a followed blog already
exists. Ask your partner to write up a few paragraphs
about that time when, or spend a few minutes
writing a backstage, behind-the-scenes look into an
upcoming event. Write about what makes you like
what you do, and your customers will enjoy reading
your secret stories.

Because Im an old Southern

woman and were supposed to
wear funny looking hats and ugly
clothes and grow vegetables in
the dirt.Ouiser, Steel Magnolias
Its Summer! The time when the tomato starts to appear on the table for every meal.
Well, at least thats how it was at my house growing up. It didnt matter what Mom
prepared, there was always sliced tomato to eat. Sometimes the tomato was the meat
of the meal. Just place between two slices of bread, add lots of Dukes mayo, salt and
pepper, Lunch! Tomato was also a tasty snack in our house, just slice, sprinkle a little
salt (or sugar, if you are my friend Richard Salais) and enjoy.
But, as much as we ate tomatoes, the one recipe I never, EVER, heard of was one for
a Tomato Pie. Um, what? Yeah, I said tomato pie and no, its not a pizza. One of my
coworkers shared this old family recipe with me and yes, I was skeptical at first, but
dagum, its good!

Recipe shared by Laura Cox
4 tomatoes, peeled, deseed and
cut into bite size pieces

1 - (9 inch) prebaked pie shell

8-10 fresh basil leaves, chopped

1 cup grated Gruyere cheese

1/2 cup red or yellow onion, chopped

1 cup Dukes mayonnaise

1 cup grated mozzarella cheese

Preheat oven to 350.
Place cut tomatoes in a colander in the sink. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, toss
and allow the tomatoes to drain for 10 minutes. Layer the pie shell with tomato
slices, basil, and onion. Combine the grated cheeses and mayo together and
spread mixture on top. Bake 30 minutes until lightly browned. Cut into slices
and serve warm.

34 South Main Street

Greenville, SC 29601



Shows to See in June

By Dave Galloway, Fte Mobile Music Manager



The following is provided as a list of shows that I would recommend seeing based
on what is available at this time. While I would love to be a musical phantom ghost
capable of permeating walls and floating though time and space to attend every one,
I sadly will probably not be capable. However, I encourage you to live in the moment,
capture the experience, and share it with us on Instagram @FMM_GVL. Together we
can accomplish the impossible and get at least a snapshot glimpse of EVERY show we
wish we could experience and fuel the fire to carve out a time in our lives to catch those
missed opportunities at a later date.
Additionally, because we want to keep it fresh and interesting, we try to cover various
genres and bands every month. This is in no way representative of everything going on,
but lucky for you, Fte Mobile Music is. Check us out, book mark us, and shout us from the
rooftops! We are the easiest way to find out whos playing where in town. You dig? Cool.

Harry Connick Jr

Southern Soiree
Dark Room Theatre Co | July 10 | 8 pm
First of all, Dark Room Theatre is an awesome place and I love what
theyre doing to support the local scene. Its seriously like youre just
going to hang at your friends house on N. Main. This event sounds like its even
turning into a good ole southern potluck w/boiled peanuts, bbq and the like.
Then theres great music. This particular show features Caleb Caudle, Haley Dreis
and Alexa Woodward. All talented singer/songwriters who will be doing a bit of a
cooperative show backing and supporting one another throughout the night.

Jef Chandler

Velo Fellow | July 11 | 9 pm

Jef is in my top 5 solo artists to see around town. Tasteful covers as well as many
originals. Charles Hedgepath once told me that he thought Jef was one of the best
songwriters hes knownand Charles has known a WHOLE lot of songwriters.

Mason Jar Menagerie

WPBR Radio Room | July 11 | 9 pm

The Peace Center | July 6 | 8 pm

Raw 3 piece blues based rock that throws caution to the wind
and powers through shows at full throttle. The train might get a
little jumpy on the tracks from time to time, but thats what
makes them all the more fun flying by the seat of your pants
on a rock powered engine.

Silky smooth vocalist Harry Connick Jr comes to The Peace Center in

support of his new album Every Man Should Know. This album is
self-described as No Rules, No Limits. Check out the title track here.



Connollys | July 6 | 9:30 pm

These guys keep getting better every time I see them. Though Ive
seen them do an awesome job with various types of covers, they
absolutely nail Grateful Dead tunes

The Marcus King Band

Chicora Alley | July 6 | 10 pm

Marcus and crew rocking out one of their main hometown spots. Itll probably
look and sound strikingly familiar to this clip, for obvious reasons.

Gregory Hodges Band

Smileys Acoustic Caf | July 12 | 10 pm
I first saw Gregory Hodges with Shane Pruitt as part of Flannel Church and
really dug his style. Hes got that raw blues edge but a good bit odatfunk
too. Cool voice as well. I highly recommend checking him out.

Tonights Noise

The Nose Dive | July 12 | 9:30 pm

Upright bass, mandolin and guitar. Really cant go wrong with these dudes.

Grand Re-opening Show

w/Craig Sorrells
Blues Blvd Jazz (spg) | July 8 | 5 pm
So funky-trumpet-man Craig Sorrells apparently
decided he wasnt busy enough playing with
what seems like 30+ bands around town and
beyond, so he took over the original Blues Blvd
Jazz club in Spartanburg. Craig and friends will
be jamming out for this official
grand re-opening and they have a stout
lineup all week long featuring Shannon
Hoover, Kelly Jo, and many others. With all
of the clubs hes performed in over the years,
you can bet Craig will make this a cool place.


The Bent Strings

Chicora Alley | July 12 | 10 pm

The Bent Strings will be joined by The Mobros for this show. The Bent
Strings have been tearing it up for years with their fantastic bluegrass
and their style has evolved into more of a rock sound but with the
same influences that shaped their sound in the beginning.

The Black Keys w/The Flaming Lips

Charter Amphitheater | July 12 | 7 pm
The Black Keys are one of the hottest bands out there right now.
As a result, the Charter Amphitheatre has already broken ticket
sales records. Throw one of the whackiest live shows you can
imagine filled with costumes and neon lights in the mix via The
Flaming Lips and this is one not to miss! Sadly Ill be out of town,
please take some instagrams so I can live vicariously through you!


More July Shows


Folk Impulsion

Dark Room Theatre Co | July 15 | 7 pm

Featuring The Kernal, The Hermit Kings, American Honey and Mountain Homes, this night will
be jam packed with music that harkens back to past times from soul to country twang.

Jason Owens Band

Chicora Alley | July 26 | 9:30 pm
Another one of our around town regulars and he got that way for a reason.
He can play the skin off the drums and even take lead vocals.

Sarah Clanton Schaffer

DJ King Harold Soul Party

Smileys Acoustic Caf | July 18 | 6:30 pm

Check out Sarahs article for more information on this one.

The Kelly Jo Connect

The Nose Dive | July 19 | 9:30 pm
One of my favorites! If these guys cant make you move,
check that pulse.

The Velo Fellow | July 26 | 9:30 pm

DJs arent always my thing, but how can you resist a freaking Soul Party??

Marcadamia Nuts


Southern Culture | July 20 | pm

Sweet vocals that immerse you in the songs story.

Lionz of Zion
Chicora Alley | July 27 | 10 pm
I could be a little off on the timing, but this is
probably the first show back from the Vans Warped Tour. Help welcome
back our hometown heroes who are probably rocking faces in the
Northeast as you read this. Follow their tour on the Fte Blog here. We plan
on posting video clips and more from the road!

Listen to Ill Meet You in the Backyard

Taylor Moore

Southern Culture | July 21 | 10 am

This multi-instrumentalist is highly entertaining and probably has more
random instruments than you can imagine. Ironing board Steel Pedal
guitarCheck. I thought the following review was great:

The Swingin Richards

The Nosedive | July 28 | 10 am

Speaking of welcoming someone back, THIS guy has been touring

around Asia from Hong Kong to Thailand. Stay tuned for more details
on that, Ive already been highly entertained from following his
Facebook posts and I plan on collecting all of the best tidbits from
Taylor to share in the following weeks.

Justin Johnson

Part of the attraction lies in the way he combines authenticity with

virtuosity. His stage kit is a mini-museum of unique stringed instruments
with humble origins the cigar box guitar; the one-stringed diddley
bow. However sophisticated or crude, no instrument sounds humble in
Johnsons hands. ~ Benjamin Bullard - The Cullman Times, AL

Smileys Acoustic Caf | July 27 | 10 pm

The Jaywalkers! See, I told you that you wouldnt regret being at
Smileys for the next band of the night.

WPBR Radio Room | July 20 | 9 pm

Angela Perley & The Howlin Moons

Smileys Acoustic Caf | July 27 | 6:30 pm

I havent heard this band but had to pick them solely based on their name. HAH! Plus, you wont
regret being their for the next band of the night

Rust on the Carousel

Rust on the Carousel hails from Asbury Park, NJ and is gaining national
recognition. This summer they are embarking on a national tour with Dead
Poet Society and theyre making the Radio Room one of their stops! Take a
listen to both bands EPs via the Rust on the Carousel or Dead Poet Society
Facebook pages.


Doug Jones

Southern Culture | July 28 | 10 am

Doug Jones everybody, Doug Jones! The front man of Cravin

Melon delivers his quirky and fun tunage . Doug is a really
entertaining guy and has recently blessed me with one of my
favorite new song lyrics Flying is better than girls that fill up
sweaters. See what I mean by fun and quirky?

The Nose Dive | July 25 | 9:30 pm

You know these dudes, they can cover anything and do it well. Always something to sing along
toeven if youre embarrassed (ahemnot that Ive ever sang along to Adele with them or
anything, just saying.)




Outdoor City Events


Because everyone needs an excuse to have a tasty beverage and soak in

some sun along with some great live music, the City of Greenville delivers!

Friday, July 5
Improv (Alchemy) 8:00 & 9:30pm
Wednesday, July 10
Jersey Boys (PC) 7:30pm*
Thursday, July 11
Next to Normal (CS) 8:00pm*
The Comedy of Errors (USF) 7:00pm*
Les Miserables (FRP) 2:00 & 8:00pm*
Jersey Boys (PC) 7:30pm

TD Stage at The
Peace Center Amphitheatre

Friday, July 12
Next to Normal (CS) 8:00pm
The Comedy of Errors (USF) 7:00pm
Jersey Boys (PC) 8:00pm
Improv (Alchemy) 8:00 & 9:30pm
Les Miserables (FRP) 8:00pm

Most Wanted Bluegrass Band | July 10th

Southern Crescent | July 17th
Sean and the Boogie Children | July 24th
Chasing the Blues | July 31st

Downtown Alive
Stereo Reform | July 11th



Luke Cunningham | July 18th

Benton Blount | July 25th

Main Street Fridays

Derrick Dorsey Band | July 5th
NuSound | July 12th
20 Point Turn | July 19th
Cosmic | July 26th
Robbie Ducey Band | Aug 2nd

Saturday Market
Kellee | July 6th
Don Axsom | July 20th



Saturday, July 13
Next to Normal (CS) 8:00pm
The Comedy of Errors (USF) 7:00pm
Jersey Boys (PC) 2:00 & 8:00pm
Les Miserables (FRP) 2:00 & 8:00pm
Sunday, July 14
Next to Normal (CS) 3:00pm
The Comedy of Errors (USF) 7:00pm
Jersey Boys (PC) 1:00 & 6:30pm
Les Miserables (FRP) 2:00pm
AUDITIONS: Annie (SCCT) by appt.
Monday, July 15
AUDITIONS: Annie (SCCT) by appt.

Thursday, July 18
Next to Normal (CS) 8:00pm
The Comedy of Errors (USF) 7:00pm
Jersey Boys (PC) 2:00 & 7:30pm
Les Miserables (FRP) 2:00 & 8:00pm

Thursday, July 25
Psycho Beach Party (D. Globe) 8:00pm
Next to Normal (CS) 8:00pm
The Comedy of Errors (USF) 7:00pm
Les Miserables (FRP) 2:00 & 8:00pm

Friday, July 19
Psycho Beach Party (D. Globe) 8:00pm*
Next to Normal (CS) 8:00pm
The Comedy of Errors (USF) 7:00pm
Jersey Boys (PC) 8:00pm
Improv (Alchemy) 8:00 & 9:30pm
Les Miserables (FRP) 8:00pm

Friday, July 26
The 25th Annual Putnam Co. Spelling Bee
(ECP) 8:00pm*
Psycho Beach Party (D. Globe) 8:00pm
Next to Normal (CS) 8:00pm
The Comedy of Errors (USF) 7:00pm
Improv (Alchemy) 8:00 & 9:30pm
Les Miserables (FRP) 8:00pm

Saturday, July 20
Psycho Beach Party (D. Globe) 8:00pm
Next to Normal (CS) 8:00pm
The Comedy of Errors (USF) 7:00pm
Jersey Boys (PC) 2:00 & 8:00pm
Les Miserables (FRP) 2:00 & 8:00pm
AUDITIONS: 13-14 Season (WHT) by appt.
Sunday, July 21
Psycho Beach Party (D. Globe) 3:00pm
Next to Normal (CS) 3:00pm
The Comedy of Errors (USF) 7:00pm
Jersey Boys (PC) 1:00 & 6:30pm
Les Miserables (FRP) 2:00pm
AUDITIONS: 13-14 Season (WHT) by appt.
Wednesday, July 24
Les Miserables (FRP) 2:00 & 8:00pm

Saturday, July 27
Psycho Beach Party (D. Globe) 8:00pm
Next to Normal (CS) 8:00pm
The Comedy of Errors (USF) 7:00pm
The 25th Annual Putnam Co. Spelling Bee
(ECP) 8:00pm
Les Miserables (FRP) 2:00pm
AUDITIONS: The Little Mermaid, Jr.
(GCT) 10:00am
Sunday, July 28
Psycho Beach Party (D. Globe) 3:00pm
The Comedy of Errors (USF) 7:00pm
The 25th Annual Putnam Co. Spelling Bee
(ECP) 3:00pm
Wednesday, July 31
Les Miserables (FRP) 2:00 & 8:00pm

Tuesday, July 16
Jersey Boys (PC) 7:30pm
Wednesday, July 17
Jersey Boys (PC) 7:30pm
Les Miserables (FRP) 2:00 & 8:00pm

West End String Band | July 27th

Don Axsom | August 3rd




(PC) Peace Center

(WHT) Warehouse Theatre
(CS) Centre Stage
(SCCT) SC Childrens Theatre
(FRP) Flat Rock Playhouse
(EFP) Easley Foothills Playhouse
(FIRE) Fountain Inn Rep.

(GLT) Greenville Little Theatre

(SLT) Spartanburg Little Theatre
(TLT) Tryon Little
(GCT) Greer Childrens Theatre
(D Globe) Distracted Globe
(444) Studio 444
(ECP) Electric City Playhouse

(OCT) Oconee Community

(BABT) The Bird & Baby Theatre
(WS) Walking Shadows
(CLT) Clemson Little Theatre
(GLOW) Greenville Light Opera Works



The 2013 Summer Event

Survival Guide:
Dont forget the necessities. Stay hydrated and bring along sealed
water bottles (if allowed in venue). Bring lawn chairs or a blanket to
lounge on and dont forget to charge your cell phone.
Do your research. Study the map of the venue, stage
layouts, and read the FAQ on the events website. This
will make traveling a breeze if you know the best place
to park, the best entrance into the venue, and what
items you are allowed to take to the event.
Have a game plan. Know the time and place that your
favorite bands are going to play so that you dont miss
out on anything. Most events now have free apps you
can easily download and personalize your own event
schedule. Contact your friends ahead of time and
designate meeting points and times in case someones
phone runs out of battery and they wander off into the
abyss. Wearing bright clothing or even a flower in your
hair may help friends spot you in a crowd.




Sit-N-Spin offers a high-end professional recording environment for

commercials, full-length albums, demos or voice-overs. We also write
custom music for advertising or leasing, as well as produce regional
and national artists to help them record the best product possible.
Keeping costs low and overhead down, and not inflating the cost to
record, has allowed us to work with thousands of happy clients. Past
clients include Hewlett Packard, Dell Computers, Bank of Travelers
Rest, WROQ Rock 101, Platimum Rap artist DMX, Grammy winner
Yon Rico Scott, Whitney Walters, Charles Hedgepath, The Note Ropers,
and numerous other local, regional and national musicians.

Wear the proper attire and dress in layers.

Ladies: We all know that heels are cute with skirts and dresses for
summer, but when I think outdoor music show there are two things that
come to mind: grass and dancing. Getting a heel stuck in the ground is
funfor no one. You dont need brand new expensive shoes or clothing,
just something comfortable that you can dance in and have a great time.
Gents: We know you dont need much, but be sure to bring along the
Gold Bond.

By Tara
Fte Mobile
Music Intern

Protect yourself from Mother Nature. The one thing about

an event that you can never predict is the weather. It may
get cooler at night or start raining, so pack a poncho or
bring a bandana. Bandanas are great to prevent dust, to
wet and put behind or neck, or wear on your head.
Lastly. Dont forget the bug spray, allergy medicine,
and a first aid kit, which are great to have in any
situation that Mother Nature may throw at you!


Find out why Sit-N-Spin has become the Upstates premier recordingstudio.
Visit our website
or call 864.414.4855 to schedule a tour of our studio.
recordin g
s t u d i o s

730 S Pleasantburg Drive

Suite 107
Greenville, SC 29607




Clide On
The Road
The World from the Eyes
of a Traveling Musician.

Lynne Clide
on her
summer tour
through her
new blog
on the


Great prices on gently used, name brand and

designer clothing, accessories, home dcor and more.
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Safe Harbor
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AromaTherapy *

PLUS Sugar
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Featuring BioFreeze
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3714 Pelham Rd.

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Open 7 Days: M-F 8am-10pm, Sat 8am-8pm, Sun 1am-8pm



*See clinic for details. Each clinic is a member of the Massage Envy network of
independently owned and operated franchises. 2012 Massage Envy Franchising, LLC.

1 East Coffee Street (of course)
Downtown Greenville



Come hang out in our newly

remodeled homes. and have
recently been overhauled for a better
Our new Fte home page (at left) is
your one-stop address for access to all
that is FteWorld. Pay us a visit here
and get a preview of the current issue,
instant access to all of our social media
outlets, a link to download the Fte
iPhone/iPad app, a place to sign up for
email blasts of all things Fte, and a
way to download our Media Kit.
Fte Mobile Music even has a new web
page (below). Here, you can access the
easy-to-use local, live music calendar
on your computer that youve come to
love on your phone.

Go ahead and check

them both out right here
in the magazine with our
live, working pages.
And as always...
Fte It Be!

Hang with Chelsey in the video above
to see all you need to know to make
the best of Fte Mobile Music, THE
way to find out whos playing where in
Greenville. Wanna take a test run first?
Go ahead and click on the mobile
phone to try our working version.
on your smarthpone for quick and
easy access to what bands are
playing where.


Hanvey Time Capsule


Hanvey Time Capsule

Video Facebook

Curtis Hanvey



Main Street

When The Shine

Dont Sell
I must say that I had other plans for this months video but I
so enjoyed the experience I had capturing Chuck Johnsons
band Charlyhorse, that I simply have to share it with you now.
This Charlyhorse tune is titled When The Shine Dont Sell
and tells a very interesting story about mountain economics
and feeding the family when the shine dont sell.



This video was captured at the Peddler Steakhouse in

Spartanburg, SC at a well packed house. If you get a chance
to see Charlyhorse live at a venue near you, go. You will enjoy
your the experience and have an evening to remember.

Curtis Hanvey

Kelly Jo
I first met Kelly Jo years ago, when she came into my studio to
cut a demo. She was super chill and laid backtill she started
singing. A strong-as-hell voice and her uber funky guitar, I was
instantly a fan. Well, a few years have passed. And in that time
shes been busy, back and forth from Nashville, TN working with
acclaimed producer Roger Ryan, making her latest record. The
album is due out fall of this year, and is brewing curiosity and
excitement among her local and regional fans.


Kelly Jo

Kelly Jo plays all types of venueswhether its solo shows at a

local coffee house or bar, or headlining clubs and festivals in the
Southeast with her band featuring Kelly Jo on guitar and vocals,
Curtis baker on bass, Douglas Knight on sax and guitar, and
Jonathan Christopherson on drums.
For more info go to
Kelly Jo will be Performing at Spittoono in Clemson Aug 22, 8 pm.



Tech After Five


~ Your neighborhood pharmacy and soda fountain ~

Pedal Chic

Go visit my buddy Kelly Odom at

The Pickwick Pharmacy & Soda Fountain

at 3219 Augusta Street Phone: 864-277-4180
Find them on Facebook too!

Tech After Five is a series

of free to attend, sponsor
supported, professional
networking events for
tech professionals and
entrepreneurs and the
people who can help
them reach their goals.

greenville charlotte charleston asheville columbia

coming soon: atlanta savannah dallas

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7:30 am
8:00 am
9:00 am




Driving Business.

September 25
TD Convention Center
8am-7pm One Day Only

Meet Customers

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Motivati n
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Reinventing The Wheel

By Chris Manley
What would you do with $11.6 million? How about $11.6 million per day? (Before you stress your mind too much
multiplying, thats $2.1 billion a year.) I could think of a lot of things. Thats how much Apple spends on research
and development...$11.6 million per day. Since Apple only launches new products a few times a year, those are
expensive ideas!
You and I might not be dealing with ideas at that cost (unless Tim Cook is reading Fte), but these gargantuan
numbers are something we can learn from. New ideas cost serious money. They can be enormously profitable,
though. Consider only two cents on the dollar at Apple are spent on R&D. That means that $11.6 million per day
on new ideas is generating approximately $580 million per day.
Recently I spent some time thinking about new ideas. While driving by a movie theater marquee, I noticed a number
(mostly 2) appeared on exactly half of the movies listed. Two others were sequels just named without using a
number. That made three-fourths of the movies at the theater not new. The content was new, but the idea was not.
It was simply a continuation of the previous story line.
Theres something we can learn from this. Sequels have flopped in some cases (The Land Before Time 13 brought
a close to the series), but generally they continue to be money makers. Out of the fourteen highly acclaimed Pixar
films (including Finding Nemo, Cars, and Up), the highest grossing opening weekend honors go to Toy Story 3. We
already knew Woody and Buzz Lightyear by that point. It was a new story, but not a new idea.
Can you imagine how expensive completely new ideas would be for Apple? For the past few years, the best Apple
products have been anything but new. Theyve been version 2s or 3s. The iPhone is now in version 5. The iPad in
round 3. iOS (the Apple operating system) has run out of feline names to name itself after in its latest reiteration.
These arent new ideas, but theyre just as (if not more) profitable than the original idea.
Ironically enough, Steve Jobs was the founder of both of these companies. He knew the value of
a great ideabut also understood well that great ideas can always be built upon. That
principle he applied to what became the most valuable company on earth and one of the
most successful film production operations of all time (along with Disney, who bought Pixar,
and that of George Lucas, who executive-produced the very first Land Before Time film).

through Sept 2nd.

Book now for fall birthday

parties featuring
Adventures with Clifford
The Big Red Dog

So why seek to reinvent the wheel? New ideas are great, revolutionary, and
certainly necessary, no doubt. But when it comes to your business and
how you seek success, why not take note of whats working and
make your own version 2 of it and apply accordingly?

Member discount available.


2 free months with purchase or
renewal of annual membership.
Hurry, offer ends July 14th.




Adventures with Clifford The Big Red Dog was created by Minnesota Childrens Museum together with Scholastic Entertainment. (c) 200_Scholastic Entertainment Inc.
SCHOLASTIC and logos are trademarks of Scholastic Inc. CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG and logos are trademarks of Norman Bridwell. All rights reserved.

New ideas are great, but theres no need to reinvent the wheel.
Chris Manley is the co-founder of Engenius, a web design and
digital marketing agency in Greenville, and the co-founder of
ReWiGo Ministries, a nonprofit serving elderly, disabled, and
low-income people with housing needs. He lives in the Upstate
with his wife and two children, where his eldest child (at age
two) can operate an iPad better and faster than either parent.
You can reach him at


FHA, VA, & Conventional

USDA Rural Housing &
South Carolina Housing

Purchases and Refinances

Primary residence,
second homes &
investment properties
NMLS# 399159

Going beyond charity by educating, investing and lending.

Call 864-991-8504 or click to learn more!

Share Fte with a friend.

They may need some COOL added to their day.






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of greenville

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of greenville

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