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AMERICAN GAMING -* ASSOCIATION August 11, 2015 XYZ XYZ XYZ Dear XXX, Asan elected leader in Nevada, you understand that casino gaming is the lifeblood of the state’s economy. And as you engage with presidential campaigns and candidates, officially or otherwise, we urge you to impress upon them the importance of supporting gaming, an industry that contributes $53 billion to the Silver State’s economy, supports 425,000 jobs and generates nearly $8 billion in tax revenue. In fact, direct gaming taxes make up 47 percent of the state’s ‘general fund revenue. The American Gaming Association (AGA) and the Nevada Resort Association (NRA) collectively represent the vast majority of gaming entities in the state. Through the AGA’s Gaming Votes initiative, we are educating presidential candidates as they travel through Nevada about the benefits our industry provides and ensuring gaming employees ~ voters ~ know which candidates support them and their industry Some candidates require more education than others, and you can play a tremendous role in this ‘education process. No matter which candidate you prefer in the upcoming caucuses, each of them will boost their chances of winning the Silver State by taking a stand in support of gaming. We encourage them to meet with stakeholders who -ctly benefit from our industry, such as charities whose programs would not exist without contributions from casinos. Urge them to publicly demonstrate an appreciation for gaming by visiting a casino resort or gaming supplier facility. A back-of-house tour would provide a firsthand look at how thousands of hardworking employees power the industry. It would also provide an introduction to thousands of voters With nine in ten American voters approving of gaming, candidates’ presence in casinos and gaming supplier facilities will only boost their chances of securing more votes ~ not just in Nevada, but nationwide. In the key states of Colorado, Florida, lowa, Michigan, Ohi Pennsylvania and others, gaming supports more than half-a-million jobs and $75 billion in economic activity. As you know, decisions and comments from federal officials can negatively affect gaming — as well as Las Vegas overall and the hardworking Nevadans we employ. For example, in a speech shortly after he took office, President Obama discouraged business travel to Las Vegas and other destinations—and his comments cost the industry hundreds of millions of dollars in the midst of the Great Recession. It's our responsibility to get ahead of potentially harmful comments and policy proposals by ensuring elected leaders fully understand our business. At the end of the day, everyone in Nevada will benefit from a proactive approach. The AGA is beginning to compile a voting guide for gaming employees that will include candidates’ views of gaming and other business issues—such as immigration, tax reform and cyber security—important to our industry. While we will not endorse a candidate, we will ensure gaming employees have all the information needed to make their decision during the caucuses this winter and on Election Day in November 2016. Your counsel will play an important role in shaping candidates’ strategies and positions. We encourage you to take advantage of this chance to show your candidate the ins-and-outs of our dynamic industry and introduce them to the thousands of gaming employees who are also voters. Sincerely, A tin Geoff Freeman President and CEO President American Gaming Association (AGA) ‘Nevada Resorts Association (NRA)