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ARMA 3 (Alpha) Field Guide

Note: LMB stands for Left Mouse Button and RMB for
Right Mouse Button. MWU for Mouse Wheel Up and
MWD for Mouse Wheel Down. The rest should be selfevident.


Command Bar
The command bar displays information about subordinate units. Each unit under
your command shows:
- ID: 1,2,3
- Rank
- Specialization
- Vehicle Occupation
- Vehicle Role
- Combat Mode
- Current Orders: Move!
Command Responses
As a subordinate unit, in need of a quick response, press [-] to open the quick
command menu. Here you can select one of the responses to your incoming
- Copy
- Repeat
- Done
- Fail
- One less
- Where are you?
- Radio used for more complex conversations such as support requests
Complex Commands
Assign Complex Commands from the command menu
- Open the Quick Command menu [-]
- Press [Backspace] to open complex commands
Alternatively access specific categories via predefined keys [0-9]:
- Move
- Target
- Engage
- Mount
- Status
- Action
- Combat Mode
- Formation
- Team
- Team
- [Backspace] always returns you to the root menu.
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ARMA 3 (Alpha) Field Guide

Group Type Marker

Various unit types are indicated by an icon. The most common symbols are:

Marks are further labeled by size:

High Comm. Waypoints

Give units multiple waypoints:
- Switch to High Command mode [Left Ctrl + Space]
- Select the unit
- Hold down [Left Ctrl] while setting waypoints
- Edit the waypoint properties, click on it with [RMB] and change the groups
formation or combat style.
High Command
High Command enables commanding squads in the same way the squad
command works for subordinates. If you are allowed to take the role of a high
commander, switch to high command using [Left Ctrl + Space].
Units are represented by NATO markers that vary according to group types and
You can assign commands either in 3d view or on a map. Map offers more
When in command mode you can issue move orders to your subordinates.
To issue a single waypoint without entering the map:
- Select units with [F2-F10] keys
- Open Commands [-]
- Select Move
Issue a waypoint (pie icon) using the map:
- Open the map [M]
-Select the units with the [F2-F10] keys
- Click anywhere on the map
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ARMA 3 (Alpha) Field Guide

Quick Commands
As a commander, you have access to quick commands via the quick command
menu [-]. The menu is context sensitive - commands change according to the
objects you point at.
- Click on a position to issue a move command
- Click on a target to issue an engage command
- Click on a vehicle to order mount
- To change the direction your units are facing, click a position while holding [Left
- To hold fire click while holding [Ctrl]
When you open quick commands the whole squad is selected by default.
- Select your subordinates with [F2-F10] keys
- Use [F1] and [F12] to cycle between groups
- Hold [Shift] while click units to select the entire team
- Select all subordinates with [Left Ctrl + -]
Alternatively, select the unit by pressing [F2] and moving the cursor over the unit
- Hold [Right Ctrl + F2] and point at several units to make a group selection
Side Markers
Units are marked according to their side.

Target Assignment
As a team leader, you can assign targets to your teammates.
Report a target for the whole team by [HOLD RMB]
You can also assign the targets individually:
- Select a teammate [F2-F10]
- Point at the target
- Press [-]
- Choose Attack
Units can be organized into teams for a quick selection. This is useful when
commanding a large number of units.
- Select units
- Choose assign [9]
- Choose a team color from the menu
To select entire team:
- Hold [Shift] and press [F#] key of any team member
White team is used for any unassigned units.

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Explosives Info

ARMA 3 (Alpha) Field Guide

APERS Bounding Mine

The anti-personnel bounding mine is designed for open areas. When tripped, a
small propelling charge launches the body of the mine one meter into the air.
The explosion covers a close area with fragments, killing the whole group.
A classic pressure activated anti-personnel mine. When dug-in, it is very hard to
detect without the help of a mine detector.
AT Mine
An AT mine is the strongest ground mine manufactured today. It is triggered
only by vehicles.
Claymore Charge
A Claymore fragmentation charge is one of the deadliest anti-personnel charges
available. One a timed or remote-triggered detonation, the claymore sends
deadly steel balls in a frontal direction. Effective kill radius is up to 50 meters.
Unlike dug-in mines the Claymore is placed on the ground and is easier to spot.
Explosive Charge
Explosive charge can be placed on the ground. It could set to detonate either by
the built-in timer or a remote detonator.
Explosive Satchel
Explosive Satchel can be placed on the ground. It could be set to detonate either
by the built-in timer or a remote detonator. It is stronger than an Explosive
Charge, capable of destroying whole buildings but it is easier to spot.
M6 SLAM Mine
This mine is a next generation Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition. It is very
effective against light armored vehicles, penetrating 40mm armor from up to
eight meters. Unlike dug-in mines, SLAM is placed on the ground and is easier to
Naval Mine (Bottom)
Naval mines sitting on the bottom of the sea are used in depths of up to 200
meters. Deployed by ships and airplanes, a single mine carries a large load of
explosives and variety of sensors to punish every ship which sails too close.
Naval Mine (Moored)
Moored Naval Mine is the most used naval mine. Deployed by ships and
airplanes, a single mine carries a large load of explosives and variety of sensors
to punish every ship which sails too close.
PDM-7 is an amphibious mine used in shallow waters agains light assault boats
and amphibious vehicles. Fuse placed on the base serves to discourage handling
with the armed mine.

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ARMA 3 (Alpha) Field Guide

Action Menu
The action menu is a context sensitive list of available actions. It changes
depending on the object pointed at with the cursor. Icons (various) near the
weapon cursor indicate a new default action.
- Execute the given action directly with [Space].
Other actions are listed in the action menu.
- Open the menu with [MWD] or [MWU].
- Select an action.
- Execute the selected action with [Space].
There are specific slots for special items in your inventory. You can equip and
use Binoculars [B], Night Vision Goggles [N] and others to improve your tactical
You can have only one hand mounted display equipped.
You can change your uniform and bags in Inventory [I]. Different items have
different attributes. Thus replacing uniform, vest and bag will result in a
different visage, load capacity and armor. You can only wear uniforms of your
own side.
Uniforms, vests and backpacks work as a container in your inventory.
To exchange a container:
- Open Inventory [I]
- Point the cursor at a container with this equipment.
- Drag the replacement on the specific position.
Each container has a limited capacity indicated by a load bar underneath its icon.
It is possible that some items may not fit into one bag.
Most doors can be opened.
- Point the cursor at the door until the icon appears.
- Press [Space].
- You can also open/close doors through the action menu.
Fast Equip
When in the inventory, [RMB] click on any item will fast equip/unequip it.
- Fast equipping anything from the ground will move it to its slot or one of your
- Fast equipping anything from your slots or containers will move it to the ground
or an opened ground container.

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ARMA 3 (Alpha) Field Guide

Your GPS keeps track of time, your location, direction and also contains a
detailed map of your surroundings.
- Activate the GPS [Right Ctrl + M] to gain instant awareness of your
- Activate your Inventory by pressing [I].
- Use drag and drop to move items between slots and containers.
- Close the Inventory by pressing [I] again.
This hint also applies to searching vehicles, bags, corpses or just piles of items on
the ground.
To loot a dead body:
- Get close and point the cursor at the body.
- Press [I] to open the inventory.
- Drag and drop desired item into your inventory.
- Use double-click [LMB] to open a bag/vest/uniform on the ground. It will open
to a new tab.
You can easily replenish your magazines without opening the Inventory.
- Approach an ammo box or vehicle and point your cursor at it.
- Open the action menu with [MWD].
- Select Rearm (arrows around gun icon).
This will replenish your magazines up to the default load out amount.
When you are low on ammo, your commander will often issue a rearm order at
an exact place.
Inventory has designated slots for specific items. Drag and drop and item from
your containers. Available slots for the item will be highlighted.
To pick up a single item from the ground:
- Move close to the item
- Point the cursor at the item until the (hand) icon appears.
- Press [Space] to take the item.
Or you can choose to take the item via the action menu [MWD].
You can also move close to the item and open inventory [I]. The item will be
listed on the left side of the Gear window under the label Ground.

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ARMA 3 (Alpha) Field Guide

Damage from bullets and explosives is mitigated by armor. The more armor your
uniform or vehicle has, the less damage is received.
For increased protection dont forget to equip a helmet and vest, as they add
Damage also affects movement and aim. When shot in the leg you will only be
able to crawl. When shot in the arm, aiming will become harder.
When you are underwater without a re-breather for a longer time, your oxygen
supply will start to run out. Tunnel vision indicates you are lacking oxygen and
start taking drowning damage. Go for the surface fast. This damage is also
inflicted in other situations where oxygen level is limited, like in sealed rooms or
while using gas weapons.
Fall and Hit Damage
When you fall down from certain heights, you suffer damage according to your
gained momentum (speed and mass). The same applies to vehicles and also for
being hit by them. The damage caused by hits and falls is mitigated by armor.
This is especially useful while being in vehicles and also for being hit by them.
When your character starts to breathe heavily and is unable to aim steadily or
continue running, he is fatigued. Stop moving and catch your breath for a while.
When fatigued, all actions take longer to complete and the time you can hold
your breath while aiming is shortened. Current load also contributes to fatigue.
Dont stay near fire or you will get burned. Fire damage is a dangerous as being
hit by a bullet. Luckily, your armor protects you the same way.
Vehicles can withstand a fire for a time before taking damage. This time
increases with their armor.
First Aid Kit
The First Aid Kit [FAK] is used to treat small wounds.
- Point the cursor at the wounded soldier.
- Open the action menu [MWD]
- Select treat.
- Confirm with [Space] to use the FAK.
You can even use it on yourself.
FAK is depleted after a single use and is removed from your Inventory.

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ARMA 3 (Alpha) Field Guide

A few hits usually results in death but for now you are just injured (blood drop
icon). Your condition affects your view, aim and speed, but it is treatable.
Now, call for a medic:
- Press [~] to open fast commands.
- Report Injured.
Alternative call procedure:
- Press [5] for status reports.
- Press [4] for Injured.

Infantry Control

Adjust Pose
Adjust your stance by pressing [Left Ctrl] and;
- [W], [S] for rise or crouch.
- [A], [D] for half-step sideways
This will help you to stay in cover more effectively or shoot over obstacles more
easily. Adjust works in all stances.
Combat Pace
Combat Pace is a move stance with weapon raised permanently to a shoulder. It
trades movement speed for situational awareness and faster reaction time. This
is particularly useful in urban areas. Use [C] to toggle on and off.
Combat pace and lowered weapon stance are two independent body poses. Try
switching to the combat pace [C], lowering your weapon [2x Left Ctrl] and raising
it back [2x Left Ctrl]. You will return to the combat pace.
You are now dead. There is nothing you can do besides restarting the mission
from a save point or from the beginning. Better luck next time.
In multiplayer you will be able to see who killed you.
- Aim down and move forward [W] to dive.
- Ascend with [X].
- Descend with [Z].
- Move with [W], [A], [S] and [D].
Equip a re-breather to a vest slot to supply oxygen for longer dives. For clear
vision underwater, equip diving goggles to the goggles slot.
Fast Travel
Fast Travel is the method for quickly getting through a safe area.
- Open the Map [M].
- Select Fast Travel and choose a destination.
Alternatively, use Fast Travel through the Action Menu:
- Open the Action Menu [MWD]
- Select a spot to travel in the map.

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ARMA 3 (Alpha) Field Guide

Free Look
Free look enables you to move while keeping awareness of your surroundings.
- Hold [Left Alt] and move the mouse left and right to look around.
- Tap [2x Left Alt] to toggle Free Look.
Free look represents turning the head sideways and up or down. Thats why you
cannot look directly behind you. The works the same in vehicles usually only a
commander has a 360 view.
Lean Sideways
Lean to peak around corners and still have most of your body behind cover.
- Lean Left, hold [Q]
- Lean Right, hold [E]
You can also lock the character into a leaning position by pressing [2x Q] for left
or [2x E] for right side.
Use the lean keys to roll while in the prone position. Try it: [Z], [Q], [E]
Use basic controls [W], [A], [S] and [D] to move around and explore the
surroundings. Use the mouse to rotate and adjust the direction.
Press [undefined] to sprint away from danger or towards cover. Sprinting
increases your fatigue a lot.
Sprint works in all stances, try using it while crouched [X] or prone [Z].
To decrease the enemys chances of detecting and hitting you, use different
- Crouch with [X]
- Go Prone with [Z]
Crouching and going prone also stabilizes your aim. To stand, simply press the
Crouch/Go Prone button again.
When prone, you cannot use launchers.
Stepping Over
When passing a low obstacle, step over it with [V] to shorten your route.
Default movement speed is run.
- Hold [undefined] to move more slowly and silently in a tactical pace.
Tactical Pace is best for moving slowly while maintaining a steady aim.

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ARMA 3 (Alpha) Field Guide

Chat Channels
To communicate with other players, you can use one of the text channels. Press
[/] to open type input. Cycle channels by [.] and [,].
- Global to all players
- Side to your faction
- Command to your faction commanders
- Group to your command group
- Vehicle to players in the same vehicle
- Direct to players in a close distance
Team Switch
Team Switch enables you to switch between playable units.
- Open the Team Switch window [U]
- Select a unit to switch into
- Press the Switch button
Press [undefined] to switch directly into the next unit.
Voice Channel
Build in voice chat provides an option to quickly communicate with your fellow
soldiers. If a microphone is set up, press and hold [Caps Lock] to start
broadcasting. The voice chat follows the same rules as text chat, so remember
to switch channels by [.] to talk privately to your side.


To better understand direction codes (bearings):
- Use your GPS [Right Ctrl + M] or compass [2x K]
The direction matches the 360 system. North is marked as 000, East as 090 and
so on. Coordinates are also visible on the map.
Clock position is often used for a relative direction. When you receive such
information a simple clock icon appears.

- Open the Map by pressing [M]

- Zoom the Map in or out with [MWU and MWD].
- Try hiding or showing map textures or centering on your position. Buttons are
located on the top toolbar.
- Close the Map by pressing [M] or [Escape].
- The Map can only be used if you have a Map or GPS in your inventory.

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ARMA 3 (Alpha) Field Guide

You have a new task. Tasks are mission objectives received from the Command.
To open mission tasks:
- Open the task list [J].
Alternatively, you can access your tasks in the Map.
- Open the Map [M] and select Tasks.
Goals from the active task are marked on your screen. To select a different task
as active:
- Open Tasks [J].
- Click on the task.
- Then click on Set As An Active Task.
Waypoints mark a location you are ordered to go to by your team leader or a
task. All waypoints and go-to orders will be shown by a marker in the scene.
When moving in a formation, a formation marker will also be shown on the
screen but without any distance or description.
Task related Waypoints (cut pie icon) are shown on the map. The display of the
waypoints depends in the difficulty settings.


Artillery Ammo Types

Artillery operates with different ammo types:
- HE shells: simple explosive ammo
- Flares: used for signaling
- Smoke shells: for signaling or screening
- Guided: heat seeking shells
- Laser guided: precise, guided by laser designator
- Incendiary: great against infantry
Artillery Support
Artillery is a precise strike effective against well defended or armored targets.
- Point at the target
- Press [-] or [0] to enter the command menu
- Select Communications [8]
- Select Artillery Strike
- Choose artillery
- Select a type of ammo
- Select the number of rounds
The artillery support will then confirm the request and report the splash.
The procedure is the same for other supports, just choose a support instead of
Artillery Strike.

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Vehicle Control

ARMA 3 (Alpha) Field Guide

Changing Ammo
Some vehicles come with various ammunition for different uses. To change the
- Open the Action Menu [MWD]
- Select the option to reload the desired ammo type
Commander in vehicles issues orders to the driver and gunner. Commands are
displayed in the message log for crew-members to carry them out.
- Issue move commands by pressing move buttons [W], [A], [S] and [D]
- Control acceleration with [E] and [Q]
- Issue fire commands by pointing at a target and pressing [Tab]
- Switch gunners weapons with [Left Ctrl + F]
- Commander can acquire manual fire with []
- This is best combined with the optics view [RMB]
As commander or pilot, you are in control of the vehicles countermeasures.
Press [G] to launch countermeasures when you see an incoming missile or a
when a missile lock warning appears.
- Press [Left Ctrl + G] to switch countermeasures fire mode
- [W] and [S] are used for acceleration
- [A] and [D] are used for steering
- You can also use [Q] and [E] for a steady slow speed or fast forward
Third person view and free look might be useful when driving
- Switch to the third person camera with [NUM Enter]
- Switch to free look with [Left Alt]
Entering a Vehicle
To enter a vehicle:
- Point the cursor at it until a (steering wheel) icon appears
- Press the default action key [Space]
- Open the Action Menu [MWD]
- Select Enter
You will be given a seat associated with a role in the vehicle. For example enter
as a driver to drive, enter as a gunner to shoot. Certain roles might not be
available for some vehicles.
Different roles in a vehicle have a different action icon indicating the default
Use them to quickly determine the role you are taking by
entering the vehicle.

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ARMA 3 (Alpha) Field Guide

Get out or Eject

There are two ways to exit a vehicle, both accessible from the action menu.
- Get out (tent icon) stands for a proper exit when the vehicle is at a full stop and
it is safe to get out.
- Eject (full tent icon) can be used to exit anytime, including when moving or in
air. Obviously, Eject might come with some situational consequences.
Helicopter Take-off
- Start the engine by pressing [Q]
- Hold [Q] to increase throttle and gain altitude
- Hold [Z] to decrease throttle and lose altitude
- Maneuver the helicopter sideways with the [Mouse left] and [Mouse right]
- Pull the nose down [W] to gain speed and up [S] to lose it
- Use the rudder [X] and [C] to rotate left and right
- Use the mouse to control the helicopter smoothly
Most vehicles contain a top down radar, which provides information on the
orientation of the vehicles turrets, targets and incoming threats.
- The relative heading of the turret is displayed with a light cone
- Targets are marked with colored icons

Refuel and Rearm

Vehicles are rearmed and refueled anytime they happen to be in a vicinity of a
fuel truck or a repair truck.
Switching Seats
While in a vehicle, you can change you seat and role:
- Open the action menu [MWD]
- Select a different position
Usually you can choose from driver, commander, and gunner. When in a vehicle
remember to use optics [RMB]. They differ for each role and provide a
significant advantage.
Some positions might not be available in certain vehicles. Switching is not
available while in the air or similar situations.
Unguided Rockets
Unguided rockets are fired directly in front of the vehicle. As a pilot, you have to
adjust the position or angle of the vehicle to change the aim of the unguided

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ARMA 3 (Alpha) Field Guide

Vehicle Info
In the top left corner is the vehicle info panel. It displays the name of the
vehicle, damage indications
, fuel bar and current speed, heading
and altitude.
Damage indicators are split between vehicle hull, instruments, tracks, wheel,
engine or rotors. Damage is indicated with color. Once an icon turns red, the
corresponding part of the vehicle is no longer functional. If a gas tank is
damaged the vehicle might even explode.
Weapons in vehicles work similarly to infantry weapons.
- Fire with [LMB]
- Zoom with [Num +]
- Go to optics with [Left Ctrl + RMB]
- Switch weapons and fire modes with [F]
- Reload different ammo with [MWD]
Some vehicles have guided weapons. To mark a target, point at it and hold
[HOLD RMB] or use [Tab].

Vehicles Info

Assault Boat
Inflatable boat, often nicknamed rubber duck, is a lightweight boat constructed
from tubes containing pressurized gas. Inflatables typically come in lengths
between 2 to 7 meters. Due to their speed, weight and portability, inflatable
boats are used in diverse roles but mostly as landing craft.
Hunter is a Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected (MRAP) vehicle manufactured to
provide the troops with enhanced protection. The armored hull can withstand
light weapons and protects the crew against land mines and improvised
explosive devices. Even though the heavy armor and powerful engine cause
increased fuel consumption, ti has been favored by frontline troops over the
lighter vehicles for its easy maintenance and good protection level.
Armed version of the sturdy Hunter MRAP vehicle is fitted with a Remotely
Controlled Weapons System turret. The turret is fitted with the universal
12.7mm heavy machine gun or the multi-role 40mm Grenade Machine Gun. The
armed Hunters are used for troop transport in combat zones, as light
reconnaissance vehicles or even in fire support role in COIN operations.
The Ifrit is a new Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected (MRAP) vehicle designed
and manufactured in Russia. Its strengths lie in reliability in extreme weather
conditions and crew protection. The Ifrit can be fitted with a RCWS turret and
armed with a heavy machine gun or grenade launcher.

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ARMA 3 (Alpha) Field Guide

The Ka-60 Kasatka is a transport and utility helicopter primarily developed for
the Russian Air Force. The helicopter was intended to replace the Mi-8 and can
be used for reconnaissance, transporting a full squad with combat gear and
special operations. Armed version of Ka-60 carries a Gatling cannon and DAGR
guided rockets.
A light single-engine helicopter used in special operations by the US Army since
the Vietnam war. The MH-9 Little Bird is mostly used for special forces troop
transport with two outboard benches.
Quadbike is an All-Terrain Vehicle with low pressure tires and handlebars for
steering. Military uses Quadbikes for reconnaissance and to access terrains
difficult for heavier vehicles.
This V-shaped boat with two powerful jet impellers excels in speed and
maneuverability. It is used by both BLUFOR and OPFOR as a coastline guard boat
and for special operations. Speedboat has a front-facing, remote controlled
GMG turret. OPFOR version is commonly equipped with HMG in the rear, while
BLUFOR speedboats are armed with a mini-gun.


Night Vision
To use Night Vision, you need to have NV optics mounted on a weapon, helmet
or vehicle.
- Press [N] to cycle through available view modes.
Use IR flares and laser pointers to mark objects and locations when using nightvision. They will remain unseen by the enemy but soldiers with NV will be able to
see them clearly.
Peripheral Vision
Peripheral vision indicators (glowing ball icon) represent units outside of your
current view angle. These transparent dots change with direction and distance
of the units.
On lower difficulties, the dots will stick to their units anywhere on the screen
making it easier to distinguish between friends and foes.
Tactical View
Tactical view [NUM .] is enabled whenever you are in command of a squad or a
vehicle. Switch to it to better manage your squad.
Thermal Imaging
Thermal Imaging can provide a valuable tactical advantage. If you have Thermal
Imaging sight or binoculars:
- Use [N] to cycle through available TI views

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ARMA 3 (Alpha) Field Guide

Third Person View

Third person view can give you an increased tactical awareness of your
- Press [Num Enter] to switch the camera between 1st and 3rd person view.
Try using Free Look [Left Alt] to look around while moving in 3rd person view.

Weapon Handling

Arming Charges
Charges and IEDS can be detonated remotely or set up with a timer. If you have
an IED in your inventory, an item will appear in your action menu.
- Open the Action Menu [MWD]
- Place the IED on the ground using Put
- Point at it with the cursor
- Now you can set up a timer in 40-second steps using the action menu
You can detonate all of your charges by selecting Touch off from the action
menu. Also, your side is aware of the positions of your charges to avoid friendly
Arming Mines
If you have a mine in your inventory an item will appear in your action menu
- Open the action menu [MWD]
- Go to the place you want mined
- Select Put mine and confirm
Anti-tank mines will not be triggered by infantry as they are set for higher
Chemlights of various colors are great for signaling during the night.
- Cycle between grenade types with [Left Ctrl + G]
- Throw using [G]
The angle of the throw has a great influence on distance
Laser designator is used for aiming guided missiles, bombs and artillery.
- Select Laser Designator from the Action Menu [MWD]
- Zoom using [Num +] and [Num -]
- Switch view modes with [Left Ctrl + RMB]
- Press [LMB] to mark the target
Once marked, do not move or switch the laser beam off or the missiles will be
unable to correct their trajectory and might miss the target.
Directional Mines
M6 SLAM Mine and Claymore Charge are directional explosives with a narrow
arc of effect. They are especially useful in corridors and in defending a close
spot. When placing them, face the direction you want the mine to explode.

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ARMA 3 (Alpha) Field Guide

To disarm an explosive you have to be an Explosive Expert or an Engineer, have
a Toolkit and know the location of the explosive.
- Crawl [Z] to the explosive
- Select Disarm (X icon) from the Action Menu
WARNING: If you dont approach the explosive carefully in a prone position, it
will detonate.
Disarming a mine underwater doesnt require being in a prone position.
Finding Mines
Having a mine detector in your inventory will automatically locate all explosives
in a close range. Units can also spot mines depending on their training, so if you
want to bet on luck, you can. When looking for a mine, move slowly and look
around you. Note that mines are less likely to be spotted in bushes and grass.
Known locations of mines are displayed in the Map and are distributed to your
fellow soldiers. They will keep away from such spots.
Fire Mode
Many weapons have several fire-modes such as semi-automatic and burst.
- Use [F] to switch between the fire-modes
While in a vehicle as a gunner, use [F] to switch between vehicle weapons.
Flares of various colors are used for signaling. They can either be launched from
a Flare gun or (for some types) from an under-slung grenade launcher.
Flashlight can be very useful during a night.
- Turn your gun-mounted flashlight on/off by [L]
Be careful, light can give away your position.
Focus and Fire
Press [LMB] to fire your weapon. You can hold [HOLD RMB] to focus and zoom
in a little for more accurate aiming.
[HOLD RMB] means focusing and holding your breath. This will help to reduce
weapon movement for a short while and give you an opportunity to hit your
target more precisely. However, it will increase your fatigue level.
Grenade Launchers
Under-slung grenade launchers are great for engaging groups of enemies behind
cover. If your weapon has a grenade launcher:
- Select it by cycling fire-modes [F]
- You can switch to sights by pressing [RMB]
- Adjust zeroing to match the target range [Page Up], [Page Down]
- Aim with the red dot on the sights
- Fire with [LMB]
Grenade launchers are also capable of launching flares usable for signaling.

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ARMA 3 (Alpha) Field Guide

Use grenades to quickly dispatch enemies behind cover
- Throw grenade by [G]
- Cycle between grenade types with [Left Ctrl + G]
The angle of the throw has a great influence on its distance.
Handguns are secondary weapons, used in close combat or for self-defense.
- Use [;] to quickly switch to the handgun
You can also switch between weapons via the Action Menu [MWD].
Launchers give infantry a way to neutralize armored vehicles.
- Equip the launcher by pressing [Right Ctrl +;]
- Press [RMB] to see through the launchers optics.
- Point at the target
- Shoot with [LMB]
For launchers with guided missiles, wait until the missile locks (diamond icon)
before shooting or lock the target by pressing [HOLD RMB].
You can switch between weapons by opening the action menu [MWD] and select
the weapon.
Lowering Weapons
Press [2x Left Ctrl] to lower your weapon. It will be raised again after clicking
[LMB] or pressing [2x Left Ctrl] again.
Lowered weapon makes movement slower and less tiring.
Flashlights, Laser and IR Laser pointers can be attached to your rifle to provide
accuracy, coordination and utility. Especially flashlights are very useful during
the night missions.
- To activate the laser or flashlight press [L]
To equip a pointer, open inventory [I] and drag it to your weapons side slot. The
proper slot will be highlighted.
Rangefinder is an important part of scopes and optics. It determines the
distance of the target and allows you to shoot more accurately.
- Use [Page Up] and [Page Down] to adjust the weapons zeroing to match the
target range.
Recoil can negatively affect shooting precision. This applies even more while
shooting in bursts or in full-automatic mode.
To lower the effect recoil has on your accuracy, try moving the aim down
between consecutive shots. Increasing your stability also helps; crouch [X] or go
prone [Z].

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ARMA 3 (Alpha) Field Guide

An empty magazine is indicated by the magazine icon in the center of the screen.
- Press [R] to reload at any time
Alternatively, use the default action [Space] to reload your weapon when the
icon (magazine icon) is present.
The action menu also gives you a selection of all reloadable magazines. This is
useful when you need to use some utility ammo.
Rifles are primary weapons with great fire power, magazine capacity, range and
accuracy. Rifles can be fitted with various accessories such as pointers,
suppressors or optics to customize them for specific situations.
Some rifles come in versions with under-slung grenade launchers.
Scopes enhance weapon aiming. To equip a scope:
- Open your inventory [I]
- Drag and Drop the scope onto your rifle.
This is also (probably should say only) possible if the weapon has an upper accessory slot.
Scopes are not useable with a head mounted display like NVG, but some scopes
offer their own optics modes.
- Press [N] to switch available optics modes
Smoke Grenades
Smoke grenades are great for screening units and signaling.
- Cycle between grenade types by [Left Ctrl + G]
- Throw a grenade with [G]
The angle of the throw has a great influence on distance.
Various smoke colors can be useful when simultaneously marking more areas.
Sniper Rifles
Sniper rifles are accurate and deadly at long range, provided you can keep your
aim steady.
- Go prone with [Z] to keep weapon movement minimal
- Press [RMB] to look through the scope to see the enemy
- Adjust the rifles zeroing with [Page Up] / [Page Down] to match the targets
- Hold your breath with [HOLD RMB] to steady the aim
- Shoot by pressing [LMB] to kill
Some scopes have range indication, which provides information for zeroing the
Suppressors are used to reduce a weapons sound and muzzle flash. To equip a
- Open Inventory [I]
-Drag and Drop a suppressor to your weapons suppressor slot. The slot will be
Equipping a suppressor reduces the power of fired bullets.
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ARMA 3 (Alpha) Field Guide

Switch Weapons
Switch between the primary and secondary weapon with [Right Ctrl + ;]. Switch
to the handgun by using [;].
You can also switch between weapons by opening the action menu [MWD] and
selecting the weapon.
Tracer Rounds
Tracer rounds are used to mark enemy positions to other soldiers or check the
bullet trajectory. Some magazines have tracer bullets loaded at the end. This
way your teammates will know that you have to reload. Team leaders often
have their magazines loaded only with tracers to mark the targets.
Underwater Weapons
Shooting normal guns underwater is impossible. SDAR 5.56mm is a special
weapon designed to withstand higher pressure. If loaded with a dual purpose
mag, it becomes an effective weapon for underwater combat at ranges of up to
40 meters.
Weapon Info
The weapon info (in the upper right corner) shows the name of the weapon,
selected ammunition, remaining magazines, zeroing of the weapon and, most
importantly, the selected fire mode. The more squares in the fire mode, the
higher the fire rate.
The weapon info reappears anytime the state of the weapon changes. So you
can either fire a bullet or switch weapons or fire mode to trigger it. Or press
[LMB] to show it.
Zeroing is the accurate setup of weapon sights. It tells you the range where the
bullet will hit the center of the scope. Zeroing in meters is displayed in Weapon
- Use [Page Up] and [Page Down] to adjust the weapon zeroing up and down.
- In close ranges, under the zero range, it is better to shoot slightly below the
- In ranges over the zeroed range, it is better to shoot slightly above the target.
Some scopes come with crosshair aids for such situations.
Optics help you aim more precisely.
- Use [RMB] to switch to iron sights or optics
- You can choose between alternative optics sights with optics mode key [Left
Ctrl + RMB]
- use [RMB] to switch back to normal view
While not using optics, you can focus by holding [HOLD RMB] to zoom in a little
more for more accurate aiming. While looking through the optics [NUM +] and
[NUM -] will zoom in/out. This also works in vehicles.

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Weapons Info

ARMA 3 (Alpha) Field Guide

EBR 7.62mm
Enhanced Battle Rifle is a more compact and lightweight evolution of the Mk 14
Battle Rifle. EBR is an agronomical and highly accessorizable rifle designed for
high accuracy. It is chambered for 7.62x51mm cartridge with ad(not sure what)
is typically used in ranges from 600 to 800 meters.
Katiba 6.5mm
Katiba is an 6.5mm assault rifle of an eastern origin. It features, bull pup design,
reliability, light weight and low recoil. Katiba is a standard issue weapon for
OPFOR armies. Three versions exist: standard, a shorter carbine and GL version
equipped with an under-slung grenade launcher.
Mk200 6.5mm
Mk200 is a gas operated light machine gun based on Belgian FN Minimi with
agronomical grips, reinforced lock and quick barrel remove system. It fires
7.62x51mm (caseless) ammunition fed from a belt with a rate of 800 rounds per
minute. The Mk200 provides the squad with the accurate and sustained firepower required to suppress and destroy enemy targets.
Mk6 Mortar
A classic 82mm caliber mortar, equipped with a ballistic computer and easy to
handle. It weighs only 21kg and can fire various kinds of ammo, from HE to
smokes, flares and even guided rounds in support of infantry.
MX 6.5mm
The MX is an assault rifle used as standard issue for the BLUFOR army. It is
lightweight, reliable, easily serviceable and compatible with a large number of
accessories. Several variants of the MX rifle exist: MX 3GL is equipped with a
3GL grenade launcher, MXM is a designated marksman rifle for engaging targets
from a larger distance compared to assault rifles, MX SW is a light support
weapon providing light machine gun support, and the MXC is a carbine version
with shorter barrel, better suited for close quarters combat.
The NLAW (Next Generation Light Anti-Tank Weapon) is a portable short-range,
fire-and-forget anti-tank guided missile system. NLAW is a soft-launch system,
allowing it to be used from within an enclosed room.
PO7 9mm
PO7 is a semi-automatic pistol with a mix of iron reinforced polymer frame. PO7
allows easy mounting of suppressors.
Rook-40 9mm
Rook-40 is a double action, short recoil operated, lock breech pistol. It fires
9mm Parabellum ammunition and comes with tritium-filled night sights.
RPG-42 Alamul
RPG-42 Alamul is a lightweight, reloadable and recoilless anti-tank weapon fired
from the shoulder. The RPG-42 rocket is best used against light armored vehicles
and defenses, though when used against a tank, it could damage its tracks.
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ARMA 3 (Alpha) Field Guide

SDAR 5.58mm
Special Dual-medium Assault Rifle is a bull pup rifle specially designed to allow
shooting both on land and underwater. It uses special super-cavitating
5.56x45mm ammunition that is efficient when used underwater. But still, its
range drops rapidly from 35 meters in 10m depth to 13 meters in 40m depth.
TRG-21 6.5mm
TRG-21 is a bull pup assault rifle being used as a standard issued weapon for
BLUFOR army. It features an ergonomic design that supports accurate fire in
harsh conditions. TRG-21 is lightweight, ambidextrous, easily serviceable and
compatible with a large number of accessories. TRG-21 EGLM is mounted with
an enhanced grenade launching module. A carbine variant is labels TRG-20.
Compared to TRG-21, it features a short barrel better suitable for a close
quarters combat situation.

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