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eBook- Basic ZWDS Life Analysis Course

eBook- Intermediate ZWDS Life Analysis Course

eBook- Advance ZWDS Life Analysis Course
eBook- Basic Bazi Course 1 thru 6 (This is mixed Chinese English, I have the 6
pdfs reduced to a 18 page English only word doc)
The Chinese Astrology Workbook Derkek Walters (Personal scan)
Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui Advanaced Home Study Course (10 avi files 30 - 5
0 minutes each)
Feng Shui Matrix - Kartar Diamond
The Art of Feng Shui - Michael Erlewine (2007 ebook) Land Form and Ba Zhai
Feng Shui Style - The Asian Art of Gracious Living (Art Ebook) Stephen Skinner
Face Reading (How to know anyone at a glance) Barabra Roberts
The Face Reader - Patrician McCarthy
Palmistry for All - Cheiro 1916
The Tao of Health and Longevity and Immortality - Eva Wong
Heritage of Change (a background of Chinese culture and thinking) - Wallance She