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Incarcerations report
Field Day to feature
Atchison County
pest, nutrient, crop
Commission meetings
management tours
Thursday, August 13, 2015
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The Atchison County

Commission met July 28
and 30, and August 4, 2015,
at the Atchison County
Courthouse in Rock Port,
Missouri. The commission
did not meet July 23.
Present were: Curt Livengood, Presiding Commissioner; Richard Burke,
South District Commissioner; and Susette Taylor, Clerk
of the Commission. David P.
Chapin, North District Commissioner, was absent.
Minutes of the previous
meeting were read and approved.
Bills were reviewed, approved and ordered paid.
Rob Piveral and Darren
Petterson with IB-Abel, presented a stream crossing
profile for repairs related to
underground wiring on the
landfill property. The wind
farms easement allows for
repairs to underground
wiring. The work should be
completed in six to eight
weeks. The property where
the ground was disturbed
will be reseeded.
Clerk Taylor reported
that both Nick White and
Bob Jackson have agreed to
serve as citizen members on
the 2015 Board of Equalization.
Present were: Curt Livengood, Presiding Commissioner; David P. Chapin,
North District Commissioner; Richard Burke, South
District Commissioner; and
Susette Taylor, Clerk of the
Minutes of the previous
meeting were read and approved.
Bills were reviewed, approved and ordered paid.
Presiding Commissioner
Livengood closed the regular
session of the commission
and opened the 2015 Board

of Equalization hearings.
Citizen members present to
serve on the board were Bob
Jackson and Nick White.
The Board of Equalization
adjourned at 10:00 a.m. and
the regular session of the
commission was re-opened.
Present were: Curt Livengood, Presiding Commissioner; David P. Chapin,
North District Commissioner; Richard Burke, South
District Commissioner; and
Susette Taylor, Clerk of the
Minutes of the previous
meeting were read and approved.
Bills were reviewed, approved and ordered paid.
Clerk Taylor presented
the 2015 valuation and
hearing notices for Atchison
County and Atchison County Special Road and Bridge.
The public hearing date to
set the 2015 levy rates was
set for August 20 at 10:00


The following traffic violations occurred in Atchison County and were paid
through the Missouri Judiciary Fine Collection Center:
Christina Trudy Christian - Of Rock Port, Missouri,
Failure to Display Plates On
Motor Vehicle/Trailer on
May 23, 2014. Guilty plea.
Fined $30.50. Case disposed
on July 30, 2015.
Debra K. Johnson - Of
Fairfax, Missouri, Exceeded
Posted Speed Limit (Exceeded By 11-15 MPH) on
July 30, 2015. Guilty plea.
Fined $55.50. Case disposed
on August 5, 2015.

MDC accepting applications

for conservation agent trainees
The Missouri Department
of Conservation (MDC) is accepting applications through
August 17 for its next class
of conservation agent trainees. Selected candidates will
undergo 26 weeks of intense
training in all facets of law
enforcement and resource
Those who make the
grade will receive county assignments and become the
face of conservation in their
assigned communities enforcing the Wildlife Code of
Missouri and helping the
public with issues such as
nuisance wildlife and land

To qualify, applicants
must have a Bachelors Degree in a field related to the
natural sciences or criminal
justice. To apply and for more
information including salary range, duties and responsibilities, degree requirements, qualifications, and
special-ability requirements,
visit Job Openings at mdc., or
contact Travis McLain at
573-522-4115, ext. 3261 or,
or Cheryl Fey at 573-7514115, ext. 3819, or Cheryl.

Several topics will be discussed in depth at the 27th

Research Center Field Day
on Tuesday, August 25. The
Field Day will touch on nutrient management, pest
management and crop management.
Were really excited, Superintendent Jim Crawford
said. We have a lot of great
topics and great speakers
lined up. Its also good to
have several University of
Missouri professors there
to discuss their research.
They reinforce the topics being discussed and its really
educational for us, too.
Tours begin at 8:00 a.m.
with a lunch at noon. Kent
Fisher Insurance will sponsor lunch. Ice cream will
also be provided, sponsored
by MoValley Ag. AtchisonHolt Electric Cooperative
will sponsor doughnuts and
coffee in the morning.
Stopping pests and diseases from ravaging crops and
land will be a big discussion
topic. Wayne Bailey will look
at current and future insect
problems. Kevin Bradley
will discuss marestail and
resistant weed management
and Laura Sweets will examine soybean diseases and
how to manage them.
It can be hard to identify
pests or disease because you
usually dont know until you
find the damage, Crawford
said. These speakers will
shed some light on how to
battle pests and disease before it becomes too big of a
problem. Pests and diseases
are always changing, so its
very important to stay on
top of them.
Getting fair value for
farmland leases will also be
an important topic of discussion at the Graves-Chapple
Field Day.
There are some real questions on this topic, Crawford said. Both sides want
to make sure that theyre
getting fair value. When
that lease is up, you want
to know what the fair value
number is going to be.
Using a cover crop can
also be valuable for farmers.
Crawford said the field day
will feature some of the pros
of using a cover crop.
It has been a wet year,
he said. A cover crop can
help prevent erosion and
improve soil health. The
weather has been kind of a
mixed blessing. While extra
water isnt ideal, it does give
farmers an opportunity to
improve the health of their

The Graves-Chapple Research Center is located

south of Rock Port, Missouri. For more information,
call 660-744-6231 or e-mail
You can also visit their website at http://graveschapple.
The schedule is as follows:
Tours begin at 8:00 a.m.,
and the last tour leaves at
11:30 a.m. Lunch will be at
12 noon.
Management Tour
What is Soil Health? How
Do We Assess It? Randy
Nitrogen Timing, Loss
and Rescue Applications
Peter Scharf
Legumes for Fixing Nitrogen in Preventive Planted
Fields Wayne Flanary
Management Tour
Current & Upcoming Insect Issues Wayne Bailey
Preparing for Future Soybean Technologies and Management of Resistant Weeds
Kevin Bradley
Soybean Diseases and
Their Management Including ILeVO for SDS Laura
Management Tour
Considerations for Late
Planting of Soybeans Bill
2016 Cost of Production
Management & Marking
the 2015 Crop Bob Kelly
Farmland Leases: Looking at Current and Future
Leases Ryan Milhollin

The following incarcerations were recorded August

2 - 8, 2015, at the Atchison
County Jail in Rock Port,
Donnie Creach, 47, of
Drumright, Oklahoma, was
arrested August 3, 2015, in
Greer County, Oklahoma, by
the Atchison County Sheriffs Office on a warrant for

ProbationViolation for Possession of Controlled Substance Offense.

Jesse Fregoso, 31, of Omaha, Nebraska, was arrested
August 7, 2015, at 5:45 p.m.
in Rock Port by the Rock
Port Police Department on
a warrant for Failure to Appear on Disorderly Conduct

Last week at the Hundley-Whaley Focus on Forages meeting, it was discussed that several growers
have not been able to harvest forage because of the
wet weather. One option to
address the availability of
forage for the winter would
be to apply 30 to 50 pounds
of nitrogen on tall fescue to
stimulate fall growth and
use this as feed in winter.
Research conducted at
MU indicates that if the nitrogen is not used this fall
by the fescue, it will still be
available for use in spring.
This is a great opportunity
to increase forage and use
cattle to harvest the grass.
Preparing for
fall wheat sowing
This past winter wheat
yields across the area have
been lower than expected
because of Fusarium head
blight (head scab) and stripe
rust. Now is the time to prepare for fall planting by taking several actions.
First, wheat seed should
be thoroughly cleaned to
remove severely diseased
kernels. Germination can
be low from Fusarium damaged kernels. Add a fungicide seed treatment to
improve the germination

rate and reduce the risk of

seedling diseases caused by
Fusarium during stand establishment.
Varieties should be selected for resistance to scab.
Scab affects wheat when
rain occurs during flowing.
This disease is best controlled through resistance
rather than trying to time a
fungicide application.
The complete disease
package of the wheat variety
should be considered. In general, hard red winter wheats
are suited for drier areas of
Kansas and Nebraska. Soft
red winter wheats have better disease packages for varieties suited for Missouri.
The University of Missouri Variety Testing Program has published wheat
variety trials across north
Missouri. This information
can be found at
Check results and look for
those that yield well across
different sites and if data
is available, more than one
year. For more information,
contact Wayne Flanary at
660-446-3724 or Heather
Benedict at 660-425-6434,
Regional Agronomists, University of Missouri Extension.

Stockpile fescue to
supplement forage needs


Fairfax R-3 School Tax Rate Hearing
Thursday, August 20, 2015 6:30 p.m. Fairfax School Library
A public hearing will be held at 6:30 pm August 20, 2015 at the Fairfax R-3 School Library,
at which time citizens may be heard on the property tax rates proposed to be set by the Fairfax
R-3 School District. The tax rates are set to produce the revenues which the budget for the fiscal
year beginning July 1, 2015 and ending June 30, 2016 shows to be required from the property
tax. Each tax rate is determined by dividing the amount of revenue needed by the current assessed valuation. The result is multiplied by 100 so the tax rate will be expressed in cents per
$100 valuation.
Tax Source

FY 2014

FY 2015

Estimated Increase
in Valuation Due to
New Construction

FY 2015
Local Revenue

Real Estate
$12,274,686 $470,970 $506,441

or 3.99%
$6,301,967 $6,284,552



or 0.00%




$39,726,265 $470,970 $893,274
The estimated tax rate proposed for 2015 is $4.1259 per $100 of assessed valuation.
Anticipated Revenues, Year 2015: Fund 1-Operations: 18,559,238.1259/100=$765,736
Less 5% for collection fees and delinquent taxes would be a total of $848,610
Revenue from new construction: $7,157
Board of Education, Fairfax R3 School District
Deanna Beck, President Karen Burke, Secretary