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Cell: (587) 717-7977

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
University of Calgary, Calgary AB
Minor: Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
Technische Universitt Braunschweig, Braunschweig Germany
Completed a semester studying aircraft aerodynamics and a German language course.
Designed, built and tested a custom airfoil design requiring communication with local engineers.


An excellent problem-solver, able to quickly grasp complex systems and identify opportunities
for improvements and the resolution of critical issues.
An effective leader, skilled in enlisting the support of all team members in aligning with project
and organizational goals.
Adaptable to new environments and experienced with quick turnaround times and constantly
changing design specifications or needs.
A culturally diverse background with the ability to communicate effectively with other social
groups and able to speak English, Punjabi and introductory German.
Computer skills include C++, VBA, Soildworks, AutoCAD, Inventor, MATLAB, ANSYS and
Microsoft Office. Strong background in FEA and digital simulations of engineering problems.
Certified in Gas Engine Technology by GE Waukesha.

Gas Drive/Enerflex Ltd.
Mechanical Engineer, E.I.T

Engineered and designed natural gas generator packages based on technical application of skills
such as load analysis, engine airflow requirements, fluid flow in pipe applications and force
analysis on varying areas of the package.
Recent experience in designing for renewable fuel sources such as landfill and sewage off gas.
Introduced innovative engineering solutions to save upwards of 5% of material costs and 10% of
man hours required in the design and construction of multi-million dollar projects.
Coordinated several project aspects from client hand over, vendor selection, interdisciplinary
scheduling, manufacturing timelines all the way to project completion and hand off to the client.

Williams Engineering Canada

E.I.T/Engineering Intern

June 2014 Present

Calgary, Alberta

May 2012 April 2014

Calgary, Alberta

Conducted mechanical equipment lifecycle evaluations on over 40 infrastructure related

buildings including schools, affordable housing, and administration buildings.

Cell: (587) 717-7977

Designed HVAC systems, consisting of pipes, pumps, tanks, compressors, point of use
components, and controls for several types of commercial and industrial buildings.
Worked with a cross disciplinary team of engineers and managers efficiently.
Managed several large scale projects independently, involving multidiscipline coordination,
construction administration and client relationship management.

Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE)

Team Captain

Organized and managed a team consisting of 30 members while maintaining department

communication and deadlines, strengthening my conflict resolution abilities.
Provided effective leadership to drive the team towards a common goal, while also improving
my critical decision making; resulting in the teams first ever podium finish.
Eliminated team deficit within 1 year, and created multi-term relationships with sponsors.

Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE)

Engine and Drivetrain Team

June 2011 June 2014

Calgary, Alberta

June 2009 - June 2011

Calgary, Alberta

Worked with several composite materials such as carbon fibre and fibreglass as well as
traditional materials such as steel and aluminum to help engineer and build bodywork, diffusers,
chassis, suspension and other components for a race car.
Designed and fabricated an intake system to evenly distribute airflow across all cylinders and
effectively utilize the Helmholtz effect inside the runners requiring advanced design skills and
researching abilities.

University of Calgary
Research Assistant

May 2011 September 2011

Calgary, Alberta

Tasked with implementation of sensor equipment in a wind tunnel under a tight time frame,
resulting in improvement of my documentation habits and independent problem solving skills.

Foothills Medical Center
November 2007 - September 2012
Senior Volunteer
Calgary, Alberta
Interact one-on-one with patients to help create a relaxing and uplifting environment.
Overlooked all operational and finance aspects of the gift shop.
Calgary Minor Basketball Association
September 2008 June 2009
Team Coach
Calgary, Alberta
Coached youth basketball, requiring accurate assessment of the teams skill level and the
development of creative yet achievable plays.
Motivation of the team was a critical aspect of my responsibilities; a skill I have gained that can
be transferred to any team environment.