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What’s new in Plimmerton?
August 2015
The final countdown … 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Only ten pavers left to sell as Karehana Park nears completion!
This is absolutely your last chance to create a special spot in the park for your family.
There have been 262 pavers sold and the last 10 will go quickly.
Progress at the park this winter:
 A new super-size swing basket has been installed and is proving very popular.
 Construction of the scooter path around the playground is under way.
 A new picnic area near the playground has also been started.
Huge thanks to local resident Michael Pennington for the design work for this part of the
Follow progress at the park on Plimmerton Residents’ Association Facebook page!
If you want to contact the team email

Police and council seek information on vandalised ngaio trees
Someone recently sawed down trees at the entrance to Plimmerton … just beside the new
bridge balustrade. Council staff cleaned up the mess but are seeking help to identify the
vandals. They say it would have taken at least 15 minutes for the trees to be cut down,
probably by someone experienced with a chain saw (according to forensic analysis), so
someone could have seen (or even photographed) what was happening.
Contact PCC Parks manager Bill Inge if you know who was responsible DDI 237 1458 or
mobile 0275 303 336.

Dig those exercise bicycles out again
Last year when we asked you to dig out your old exercise bikes we had a phenomenal
response. We ask you now to email Logan Amer at Whitford Brown Community Trust in
Titahi Bay and offer him your exercycles in good order. Logan works with intellectually
disabled adults who come into the centre every day. As part of the rich programme of
activities the clients enjoy Logan has set up a small exercise area and would love a bike
or two to encourage them with their fitness. Contact Logan at

Daffodil Day Friday 28 August … collectors needed!
If anyone has a spare hour between 7am and 4pm this Friday to
help with the Cancer Society’s annual collection in North City
Plaza, Porirua Station and Pataka.
Please contact Josie Karavasil as soon as poss please.

Wellington Community Choir tenth birthday celebration
Michael Fowler Centre, Saturday 29 August, 7.00pm
This concert, “Singing people together,” is not to be missed.
More info at Tickets from Ticketek or talk to Roy
021 212 0204

Plimmerton Boating Club full winter programme of events
Next Jam Night Thursday 13 August. Lots on, as always, so check out their Facebook page

GOPI photo competition display at Emerging Light Gallery
Great display of prize winning images now installed at Emerging Light Gallery in Steyne
Ave (near the rail underpass) until mid-August. Pop in and enjoy it as you pass.
Congratulations to the talented photographers for their imaginative and clever work. And
well done GOPI (that’s Guardians of Pauatahanui Inlet) for encouraging local
photographers. And thanks to Michael for creating this gallery in the village.

Beachside Church … lots to offer
Services start 10am Sunday mornings with a full programme for children at 6 Ulric Street
in the old Salvation Army church building.
This versatile facility is also available for hire with small and large meeting areas (holding
up to 100 people).
Contact Keryn Martin 021 1559 013 or

Support Coastguard Mana in competition final
The club thanks Plimmerton Boating Club members for their support in the recent Good in
the Hood promotion and are through to the Supercharger section where they could win a
share of $250,000. Go to their Facebook page and comment on the video to vote for

Signage for safer wind surfing and kite boarding
Greater Wellington Regional Council’s harbour rangers want to put up signs to encourage
safe and considerate behaviour on the water around the region. We are not aware of any
irresponsible activity here and have no idea if this sign is needed. Wind surfers please
contact if you have an opinion. You can see an example of the
proposed style of sign on our website during August.

Report blocked gutters and drains … flood prevention
Please call PCC on 237 5089 if you see things like this that need attention. Blocked
drains and gutters contribute to flooding so please keep one eye (or both, if you have
two) open. Thanks to locals who get out and clear sand and leaves and remove debris
from our streets.

Dangerous holes, rough pavements … report these too
We’ve been told of a resident who broke an arm tripping on one of our rough pavements.
Deep holes that appeared on the grassy area near South Beach by the toilet block were
reported and promptly repaired. (Thanks Bill and Beckee at PCC for your swift response).
If you see hazards like this around Plimmerton please call PCC’s service team 237 5089.

Tagging on railway wall … it costs us all $$$
It didn’t take long for nocturnal marauders to clamber over the rails and deface the newly
painted rail corridor wall. Rail authorities were asked to clean it off as soon as it
appeared on the evening school broke up (tagging prevention rule #1 remove tags
immediately) but three weeks later it’s still there. Police have the tag (signed by the
‘crew’ responsible) on their database and say they are following it up. Leaving it there
for so long will only encourage others to copy. There is also the worry of youths scuttling
about on railway lines in the middle of the night when trains are running.
We are all concerned about our high rates and should be up in arms about people who
vandalise and tag. The large amount of money it takes to repair anti-social property
damage could be better used in our community.

Mana Little Theatre presents Misconceptions in September
A tragic comedy by David Lewis. 2-5 September 8pm, 6 September 2pm, 9-12 Sept 8pm.
Strong language and adult themes. Booking, phone 021 0257

Property available for long term lease in Plimmerton
Contact us and we will put you in touch with the owner.

Quick steppers, but not Dancing with the stars
If you know of any a speed walking or race walking group in the area, call
Rosalind on 233 1024,

Pooper scoopers please
Dog owners must pick up their dog poo. You can be fined for leaving dog poo on the
pavement. Just because you are running, cycling, pushing a buggy or otherwise not
paying attention to your dog, you are not excused! The pathway to Mana, Motuhara Road
and other popular walking areas are often poo-strewn. If you have a dog, clip your poo
bag dispenser to his lead and keep it filled. It’s not difficult. Do the PUP thing (pick up

Polishing Porirua to celebrate 50 years as a city
To celebrate Porirua’s 50 years as a city collective Polishing Porirua projects are under
way around the region to beautify some long-standing unattractive areas. You can get
involved in planning and planting and find out more on
Planting is planned for the Ulric Street stream bank with different species of flax. And
the area on the shore by Whitirea in Porirua will be planted and beautified. A celebratory
picnic and bbq will be held at Te Rauparaha Park on 3 October. Everyone is invited to
Groups are invited to register a project … removing tagging, planting, clearing rubbish,
planting trees … anything that celebrates and beautifies our city … just register on the
web site above.
Plimmerton’s Big Spring Clean will be our polishing Porirua project … more news in the
next newsletter.

Greater Wellington Regional Council plan in your letterbox this week
Lots of things here are critical for our community. Issues like farm run-off are impacting
water quality of our waterways and beaches. Take time to review this document. Your
response to the issues outlined are welcomed by GWRC.

Pope Street dangerous driver hit *555
We have heard about a dangerous driver speeding on Pope Street. In these cases please
call the police on *555 so they can take immediate action. If you can, get the car
description and licence plate number.

Anyone have a cot for sale? New grandchild visiting!
Call Rosalind 233 1024

Are your bells working?
We’ve asked before but now we remind the lycra-clad cycling fraternity using the shared
walkways around here … people walking by the sea cannot hear you slipping up behind
them. The noise of waves and our usual gentle zephyr means you are creeping up silently
and giving people a terri-bell fright. Please ring your bell or call out!

House sitters and furbaby minders available from September
References available and pet minding a specialty. Contact and
we will put you in touch.
Deadline for the September newsletter is Thursday 23 August but feel free to send info
anytime to

Karehana cycle track taking
shape – go and have a

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