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 Aspendale  Gardens  News  

The  Official  Newsletter  of  AGRA,  
Aspendale  Gardens  Residents  Association  

Distributed  to  over  2300  h omes  in  Aspendale  Gardens  

Annual  General  Meeting  
7:30pm  Tuesday  25th  August  
at  Community  Centre  

If  you  believe  that  it  is  important  for  AGRA  to  advocate  for  
your   community   then   you   need   to   attend   the   AGM   and  
tell  us  so.  

We  expect  a  strong  community  turn  out  for  the  AGM.  This  
is  the  one  evening  of  the  year  when  we  need  you  to  come  
out   and   show   your   support   in   person   –   we   would   love   to  
see  you  there.  

We   expect   to   have  our   local   councillors   and   MPs   attending,  
with   special   guest   presenters   MP   Tim   Richardson   and   Cr  
Tamsin  Bearsley.  



Community  Fun  Day  
Saturday  14  November  2015  
Save  The  Date!  


We’re   preparing   for   the   Aspendale   Gardens   Community  
Fun  Day  in  November.  Ritchies  and  AGRA  jointly  run  the  day  
with  support  from  City  of  Kingston  and  local  businesses.  


The  day  has  always  been  a  great  event  for  everyone  to  get  
together  and  celebrate  our  community  spirit.  Last  time  we  
had   a   sun-­‐filled   day   of   Jazz   Bands,   sausage   sizzles,   martial  
arts,   snake   wrangling,   jumping   castles,   CFA   engines   and  
police  sirens.      

Save   the   date   and   connect   with   us   on   Facebook   for   more  

This   is   an   opportunity   to   ask   Tim   about   infrastructure  
initiatives  and  issues,  including  
-­‐  Level  crossing  removal  for  Edithvale  Road  
-­‐  Next  steps  for  the  Mordialloc  Bypass    
-­‐  AG  in  school  catchment  for  Parkdale  Secondary  (or  not)  

This  is  also  a  good  opportunity  to  
• see  what  we’ve  been  doing  in  the  past  year  
• make  suggestions  and  give  feedback  
• chat  with  fellow  residents  
• join  the  AGRA  committee  
We  thank  Ritchies  in  advance  for  providing  nibbles.  We  look  
forward  to  seeing  you  there.  

Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Winter  2015  –  Page  1  


President’s  Report  

Editor’s  Bit    

Hello  to  all  friends  of  Aspendale  Gardens.    

In   this   edition   of   the   newsletter,   we   get   to   know   more  
neighbours,   discuss   local   issues,   celebrate   successes   and  
rattle  the  cage  for  things  that  we’d  like  to  see  done.  

All   of   these   things   have   come   about   through   working   in  
partnership   with   our   local   councillors   and   MPs.   It’s   a  
delicate   balance   of   tenacity,   vision,   and   nudging   along   the  




Welcome   to   the   2015   Winter   edition   of   “Aspendale  
Gardens  News”!    
AGRA  is  getting  ready  for  the  Annual  General  Meeting  being  
held  on  Tuesday  25  August.  We  are  pleased  to  have  MP  Tim  
Richardson   and   Cr   Tamsin   Bearsley   as   our   special   guest  
We  encourage  all  residents  to  join  us  and  hear  about  what  
AGRA   has   been   focused   on   this   year,   and   our   agenda   into  
the  next  year.    
We   are   seeking   residents   of   Aspendale   Gardens   with   a  
couple   of   hours   a   week   spare   to   help   drive   some   of   the  
actions   that   that   residents   have   asked   us   to   focus   on  
through   the   2014-­‐2015   Aspendale   Gardens   Resident  
community  survey.  
If   you’d   like   to   help   make   Aspendale   Gardens   a   better  
place,  we’d  encourage  you  to  come  along  to  the  AGM  and  
nominate   to   join   the   committee.   It’s   a   great   way   to   be  

Aspendale   Gardens   is   a   young   suburb,   some   30   years   old,  
not  yet  as  established  as  surrounding  areas  like  Mordialloc  
or   Parkdale.   It   becomes   more   obvious   with   the   tweaking  
and   tuning   of   infrastructure   that   a   growing   community  
requires   -­‐   paths,   playgrounds,   roads,   internet,   postal  
services,  places  for  youth  and  community  to  connect.  

We’d   love   to   show   more   recent   Aspendale   Gardens  
residents   how   this   suburb   has   changed   rapidly   in   the   past  
30  years.  So,  calling  all  early  residents  –  do  you  have  photos  
to  share  of  how  Aspendale  Gardens  was  in  the  early  days?  
Reach   out   to   us   on   Facebook   or   email   us.     We’d   love   to  

Cheers,  Andy  Bearsley,  AGRA  VP  and  Editor.    

Your  AGRA  Committee  

Tony  Firman    
   Andrew  Bearsley    
     Mark  Bruce      
   Helen  Smithwick    


Kind  regards,  Tony  Firman,  AGRA  President  


President,  Chairperson  
Vice  President,  Editor  
Minute  Secretary  


Also  Louise  McCormack,  John  Zeccola,    
Cameron  Davies,  Reny  Frighetto,    
Serge  Yan  &  Henry  Warren  
AGRA  meets  on  the  third  Tuesday  of  the  month  
except  December.  All  welcome.  7:30pm  at  the  
Aspendale  Gardens  Community  Centre  

Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Winter  2015  –  Page  2  



My  Chemist  Aspendale  Gardens  Shopping  Centre  
Ph:  9587  5566  
Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Winter  2015  –  Page  3  


Get  to  Know  Your  Neighbours    

Our   local   traders   in   Aspendale   Gardens   are   the   heart   of   our  
community.  Our  local  resident  Nathan  Arrowsmith  finds  out  
what  they  love  and  what  makes  them  tick.  

Do   you   deliberately   talk   more   knowing   your   patients   can’t  
talk   back?   It   might   sometimes   seem   that   way…   but   I   do  
love  to  talk.  J  

What  is  your  Number  1  tip  to  our  residents  for  their  teeth?  
The  best  toothbrush  to  use  is  SOFT.  Also,  be  mindful  about  
sugar,  it’s  not  how  much  you  have,  it’s  the  frequency  with  
which  you  have  it.  

How   far   do   your   customers   travel   to   see   you?   As   far   as  
Lakes  Entrance!  

Who   is   your   favorite   customer?  I  have  a  patient  who  is  101  
years  old…  it’s  all  really  nice  families.  

Why  should  people  support  local  business?  It  has  a  flow  on  
effect  throughout  the  whole  community.  

What   is   your   favorite   holiday   destination?   Blairgowrie,  



Meet   dentist   Dr.   Craig   Jaffrey   and   wife   Dr.   Annette   Lew,  
owners   of   Aspendale   Gardens   Dental   Group,   with   dentist  
Dr  Bruno  Lim.    

Address:  8A  Springvale  Rd,  Aspendale  Gardens  
Contact  :  9773  8688  

Craig  was  born  Melbourne,  moved  to  Germany  at  age  8  and  
then  back  to  Melbourne  when  he  was  12.    

What  do  you  love  about  Aspendale  Gardens?  Craig:  For  17  
years   I   have   had   nothing   but   friendly   patients,   just   great  

Have   you   always   been   a   dentist?   Yes!   Although   I   was   in  
hospitality  as  a  bartender  while  studying  to  be  a  dentist.  

What   do   you   love   about   what   you   do?   I   had   braces   as   a  
child  and  the  whole  hands  on  work  attracted  me.  If  I  wasn’t  
a  dentist,  I’d  be  a  landscape  gardener!  No  day  is  the  same.  I  
go   through   life   with   my   patients,   they   start   as   a   child   and  
before  you  know  it  I’m  treating  them  as  an  adult.  

Are  braces  a  big  part  of  your  business?  Yes,  about  10%  are  
braces,  and  cosmetic  is  a  growing  part  of  the  business.  

What  education  did  you  undertake  to  become  a  dentist?  5  
years  full  time  at  Melbourne  University.  

How  many  hours  do  you  work  per  week?  Around  50  hours.  
It’s  8.15am  to  6pm,  5  days  per  week.  

What  makes  for  a  good  dentist?  Someone  who  is  willing  to  
listen   to   a   patient’s   needs.   It   comes   down   to   how  
personable  you  are  and  technical  experience.  

What   technology   improvements   have   you   seen   over   the  
years?   The   materials   used   for   fillings   and   the   anesthetics  
used  today  are  much  improved.  

How   does   your   team   have   fun?   Every   year   we   have  
Christmas   in   July   and   ‘good   junk   food   Friday’   every   week.    
We  also  love  visiting  the  local  Kindergartens.  

What  do  you  enjoy  doing  when  you’re  not  at  work?  I  run  5  
kms,   3   times   per   week   as   well   as   the   boys   soccer   and  
basketball.  I  have  3  boys  aged  10,  13  and  15.  

What  is  your  passion  outside  of  dentistry?  Taekwondo.  

What   is   your   favourite   restaurant?   Cumulus   Inc,   Flinders  
Lane  Melbourne.  

What   is   your   favorite   meal?   Slow   cooked   lamb   and   good  
red  wine.  

Hope  you  enjoyed  your  local  Q&A!  

Nathan  Arrowsmith  

Sales  Manager  for  Buxton  Real  Estate  
Mobile  0411  149  921  
Facebook:  Nathan  Arrowsmith  Buxton  Real  Estate  


News & Lotto
Now with Bill Payments,
Couriers & Parcel Post

Gifts, Toys & Stationery
Stamps & Envelopes
Express Post Satchels




Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Winter  2015  –  Page  4  




Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Winter  2015  –  Page  5  


Putting  the  ‘Gardens’    
in  Aspendale  Gardens  

Local   students   from   Aspendale   Gardens   Primary   and   St  
Louis   de   Montfort's   have   been   busily   planting   seedlings   in  
collaboration   with   Melbourne   Water   and   the   City   of  

The   students   have   been   learning   about   the   different  
aspects  of  tree  planting;  from  soil  preparation,  hole  digging  
and   planting…   the   most   challenging   part   being   squeezing  
the  plants  out  of  the  tube  in  the  first  place.  

Sanctuary  Place  School  Pickups    
–  watch  this  (parking)  space  

Anyone   living   in   Sanctuary   Place   or   with   kids   at   St   Louis  
would   be   well   aware   of   the   congestion   that   occurs   in  
Sanctuary   Place   when   parents   come   to   pick   up   their   kids  
from  St  Louis  de  Montford  Primary  School.  

Sanctuary   Place   is   the   nearest   street   on   the   Aspendale  
Gardens   side   to   the   school   on   the   northern   border   of   the  
Secondary  Drain.  City  of  Kingston  has  been  considering  the  
best   option   to   alleviate   the   congestion   in   Sanctuary   Place,  
as  well  as  meet  the  needs  of  parents  picking  up  their  kids.    

We   understand   City   of   Kingston   have   the   project   in   the  
budget   for   this   financial   year,   however   they   need   to   work  
with  Melbourne  Water  due  to  the  location.  We  are  waiting  
to   see   the   proposed   solution.   Follow   us   on   Facebook   for  

The   plantings   stretch   throughout   the   reserve   known  
affectionately   by   locals   as   Ronke   Reserve,   or   less  
affectionately   as   the   Secondary   Drain.   The   grassland  
stretches   for   1.7kms   connecting   Yammerbook   Reserve   to  
the  RAMSAR  protected  Edithvale-­‐Seaford  Wetlands.  

Complete  with  weed  mats,  the  new  plantings  are  ready  for  
the  coming  spring  growing  season.    

Our   thanks   go   to   Melbourne   Water,   City   of   Kingston   and  
local   students   for   making   Aspendale   Gardens   an   even  
better  place  to  live.  From  AGRA,  we  are  truly  grateful.  
Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Winter  2015  –  Page  6  



Your Local,
Real Estate
If you need an agent with
integrity and a strong local
knowledge of the area, you
need to speak to Steve Turner.

Steve Turner
Area Manager & Auctioneer

M 0402 342 957
521 Main Street

Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Winter  2015  –  Page  7  


Branagan  Drive  Playground    
Completed  in  Record  Time  

On   the   AGRA   Facebook   page   on   20   May,   we   shared   news  
that  council  was  commencing  works  on  the  Branagan  Drive  
Reserve.   AGRA   had   notified   council   of   rotting   timber  
structures  and  council  had  responded  quickly  due  to  safety  
concerns.  City  of  Kingston  then  met  with  local  residents  to  
find  out  what  people  wanted  in  the  updated  playground.    
“The   designer   was   brilliant”   said   Katrina   Harrison,   local  
resident.  “She  listened  to  us  and  included  the  elements  we  
asked   for,   including   spider   web   swing,   open   timber  
structure,  shelter  and  slide.“  
Council   have   now   completed   the   refurbishment   of   the  
playground,   including   replacement   of   equipment,   ground  
cover,  paths,  stepping  stones,  shelter  and  drinking  fountain.

AGRA  is  grateful  for  the  thought  and  work  that  council  and  
local  residents  put  in  to  achieve  this  outcome.    

Now   that   the   playground   is   open,   the   results   are   in:   the  
spider  web  swing  is  proving  to  be  a  hit!  

Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Winter  2015  –  Page  8  


as. empty n




knows what
he wants


a m b iti o n


Here for life’s big moments.
I’ve always kept on top of my
finances, but lately I’d become a
bit complacent.
We still have a small mortgage,
I hadn’t looked at my super for
a while and my daughter had just
announced her engagement.
I knew what I wanted, I just
needed some help getting it

I consolidated my super funds,
set up some additional payments
to pay the home loan off sooner
and opened a managed fund to
help my daughter realise the
wedding of her dreams.
She then suggested I speak with
a Bendigo Financial Planner to
discuss a more detailed
retirement plan.

I had a great chat with Kristy at
my local Bendigo branch and she
helped me get things on track.

With some smart solutions,
Bendigo Bank is helping me
prepare for some big moments.
Drop into your nearest branch at
Aspendale Gardens Shopping
Centre, Aspendale Gardens or
phone 9588 0610, call
1800 018 018 or visit
today and find out what they
can do for you.

Superannuation products and managed
funds issued by Sandhurst Trustees
Aspendale Gardens-Edithvale Community Bank® Branch
Bendigo Financial Planning Limited ABN 81 087 585 073 AFSL 237898 Level 5/120 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands Victoria 3008, SmartStart Super ABN 57 526 653 420 is issued by
Sandhurst Trustees Limited ABN 16 004 030 737 AFSL 237906 is a subsidiary of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited ABN 11 068 049 178 AFSL/Australian Credit Licence 237879.
(the Bank). Investments in this product are not deposits with, guaranteed by, of liabilities of the Bank or any of its related entities. Consider your situation and read the Product Disclosure
Statement available at before making and investment decision. S50436-3 (259121_v1) (29/06/2015)

Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Winter  2015  –  Page  9  


Traffic  light  turn  camera    
delay  gets  a  bit  of  tweaking  

Aus  Post  delivers  express  post  box,    
Parcel  lockers  stall  



In  the  community  survey,  a  number  of  residents  told  us  that  
the   turning   time   from   Wells   Road   into   Nurten   Parade   and  
Narelle   Drive   was   too   short   after   the   speed   cameras   were  

In   all   reality   we   believe   it   is   highly   unlikely   now   that  
Aspendale   Gardens   Shopping   Centre   will   ever   get   a  
Licensed  Post  Office.    


We  contacted  Vic  Roads  and  they  extended  the  amount  of  
turning   time.   We   appreciate   any   feedback   on   how   this   is  
working  and  we  thank  Vic  Roads  for  their  action!  

‘Netflix  Effect’  hammers  internet    
capacity  in  Aspendale  Gardens  
AGRA   has   been   keeping   an   eye   on   internet   speeds   in  
Aspendale  Gardens  since  late  May.  Our  observations  show  
significant   drops   in   speed   most   nights   from   8pm   to   10pm,  
with   speed   almost   down   to   a   third   of   what   is   available  
through  the  day.    

Often   called   the   “Netflix   Factor”,   there   are   many   stories  
that  the  rollout  of  movie  on  demand  services  is  causing  an  
increase  in  congestion  at  nights,  very  similar  to  what  we  are  
seeing  in  Aspendale  Gardens.  

We  have  raised  the  issue  with  the  City  of  Kingston  and  have  
requested   a   meeting   with   Telstra   to   discuss   the   sub-­‐
standard  speeds  being  delivered  to  Aspendale  Gardens.    

At   this   stage   Aspendale   Gardens   is   still   not   on   the   NBN  
rollout  schedule,  even  though  the  Federal  Government  has  
stated   the   sped-­‐up   rollout   will   be   complete   by   2019.   Our  
closest   NBN   point   is   the   Keysborough   exchange,   and   is  
currently  being  rolled  out  to  Waterways.  

City   of   Kingston   has   been   lobbying   the   Federal   Government  
for  areas  such  as  Braeside  to  be  added  to  the  rollout  plans  
in   the   short   term,   which   would   mean   an   upgrade   to   the  
Mordialloc   Exchange,   which   would   then   make   the  
technology   available   to   Aspendale   Gardens.   We   are  
lobbying   to   include   Aspendale   Gardens   in   any   rollout   for  

NBN  Rollout:  Build  commenced  in  Waterways  


Australia   Post   maintains   that   Aspendale   Gardens   is   well  
serviced   with   Licenced   Post   Offices   at   Aspendale,   Chelsea  
Heights,  Edithvale  and  Mordialloc.  We  argue  otherwise  and  
despite   assistance   from   former   Mordialloc   MP   Lorraine  
Wreford  and  Federal  MP  Mark  Dreyfus  we  have  now  stalled  
with  any  further  progress  with  Australia  Post.  

Given  this  we  are  focused  on  getting  the  post  office  services  
via   our   newsagent   that   are   relevant   for   residents.   We  
believe   this   includes   Express   Post   services,   parcel   sending  
and   parcel   pick   up.   As   you   probably   know   we   were  
successful   in   having   an   Express   Post   box   installed   last  
month.   Express   bags   are   available   for   purchase   from   the  
newsagent.  (Thank  you  Australia  Post)  

Express  Post  Box  at  Aspendale  Gardens  Shopping  Centre  

Australia  Post  is  quickly  becoming  a  parcels  business.  They  
have   offered   the   installation   of   a   parcel   collection   locker  
service   at   Aspendale   Gardens   Shopping   Centre   but  
unfortunately   the   shopping   centre   management   have  
rejected   the   proposal   as   Australia   Post   is   not   prepared   to  
pay  rent  on  the  space.    

We  have  discussed  with  management  our  belief  that  having  
this  service  at  Aspendale  Gardens  will  reduce  the  need  for  
residents   to   go   outside   the   community   to   pick   up   parcels  
and   do   their   shopping.   We   certainly   think   more   residents  
will   shop   local   when   we   have   everything   they   need   within  
Aspendale  Gardens.    

We  need  your  support  to  demonstrate  what  residents  want  
–   come   to   the   AGRA   AGM   and   send   us   a   message   on  
Facebook  to  show  your  support.    
Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Winter  2015  –  Page  10  



MPFE,  Mordialloc  Bypass,    
…  or  Do  Nothing?  

These  Traffic  Issues    
Just  Wont  Go  Away  



As   residents   weil   know,   a   huge   volume   of   traffic   flows   in   an  
inefficient,   broken   path   through   Aspendale   Gardens   and  
Mordialloc   during   peak   hour.   This   is   hard   to   ignore   for   local  
residents  and  peninsula  commuters.  

When  it  comes  to  the  massive  volume  of  broken,  inefficient  
peak   hour   traffic   through   Aspendale   Gardens,   we’re   not  
being   difficult,   just   pointing   out   the   reality.   Let’s   look   at  
some   of   the   obvious   local   traffic   issues   with   potential  


Residents   will   recall   that   the   Labor   State   Government  
promised  in  1999  to  complete  the  extension  by  2009.    

Tim   Richardson   MP   met   with   AGRA   recently   to   discuss   local  
traffic   issues.  Mr   Richardson   makes   the   valid   point   that   he  
was   9   years   old   at   the   time   when   the   Labor   state  
government   promised   to   build   the   MPFE,   and   because   it  
was   not   his   own   personal   promise   he   does   not   have   to  
deliver  it.    

VicRoads   concluded   a   recent   feasibility   study   in   October  
2014,  finding  that  “Construction   of   a   new   arterial   road   in  
the   existing   Mordialloc   Bypass   is   considered   to   be   the  
optimal   solution   to   accommodate   the   predicted   traffic  
demands   until   at   least   2046   and   relieve   Wells   Road   and  
White  Street”    

An  arterial  road  would  probably  consist  of  a  divided  road,  at  
grade   traffic   light   controlled   intersections,   a   speed   limit   of  
80km/h  and  bike/pedestrian  paths.  

Mr  Richardson  also  makes  the  valid  point  that  he  made  no  
such   commitment   to   the   Mordialloc   Bypass   during   his  
election   campaign,   so   he   does   not   have   to   deliver   on   this  
project   either.     He   notes   that   the   proper   process   is   to  
develop   the   business   case   or   the   Mordialloc   Bypass   first.  
Creation   of   the   business   case   is   included   in   the   $10.8M  
allocated  for  VicRoads  in  this  4  year  term.  

Regardless  of  what  was  promised  by  previous  Labour  state  
governments,   we   can   agree   on   the   findings   from   the  
VicRoads  Mordialloc  Bypass  Feasibility  Study:    
1. The  Mordialloc  Bypass  project  is  considered  feasible.  
2. The   next   steps   include   detailed   planning   and   project  
development   activities,   including   preparing   a   business  
case  for  the  construction  of  the  project.  
To  check  out  the  findings  of  the  VicRoads  Study,  just  google  
‘Mordialloc  Bypass  Feasibility’.    


1. Winner’s  Circle  Exit.    
VicRoads   has   advised   that   traffic   lights   on   Wells   Road   is   not  
possible   due   to   the   sweeping   bend   on   Wells   Road.   We  
understand   that   VicRoads   believes   the   best   option   to  
reduce   traffic   on   Wells   Road   is   the   building   of   the  
Mordialloc  Bypass.    
2. Boundary   Road/Governor   Removal   of   the   roundabout  
and  installation  of  traffic  signals.  
Replacing   the   roundabout   will   significantly   reduce   traffic  
bank  up  at  peak  periods,  which  was  also  the  case  when  the  
roundabout   at   Boundary   Road/Lower   Dandenong  Road   was  
replaced   with   traffic   signals   in   2010.   The   Boundary  
Road/Governor   Road   roundabout   replacement   with   traffic  
signals   also   has   the   ability   to   create   gaps   in   the   traffic   to  
allow   residents   of   Winners   Circle   to   enter/exit   their   street  

Duplicate  Governor  Road.    

Governor   Road   was   due   to   be   duplicated   once   the   traffic  
count   hit   20,000   vehicles   per   day.   The   traffic   on   Governor  
Road   now   exceeds   this   traffic   count.   The   road   is   clearly  
struggling  under  the  volume  and  weight  of  traffic  given  the  
undulating   nature   of   the   road   surface.     Duplication   of  
Governor   Road   is   supported   by   City   of   Kingston,   City   of  
Greater   Dandenong   and   City   of   Casey   as   a   major   road  
(along  with  Thompson  Road)  linking  the  three  areas.    
AGRA   is   looking   forward   to   learning   more   about   State  
Government   plans   to   reduce   traffic   congestion   in  
Aspendale   Gardens.   Come   to   AGRA   AGM   and   hear   Tim  
Richardson  discuss  this  in  more  detail.    

Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Winter  2015  –  Page  11  


Screening  of  the  Industrial  Estate  
Extension  at  Braeside  

Shock  Development  in  Shopping  
Centre  Development  


 Believe   it   or   not,   it   appears   that   the   developer   for   the  
apartments  above  the  Aspendale  Gardens  Shopping  Centre  
has  requested  a  planning  permit  revision  for  more  than  60  
additional  apartments.  
Yes,   you   read   it   right:   more   than   60   additional   apartments  
above  the  Aspendale  Gardens  Shopping  Centre.    

As   the   Industrial   Estate   Extension   at   Braeside   is   about   to  
commence,   AGRA   will   be   meeting   with   council   and   the  
developer  to  discuss  tree  plantings  to  screen  the  industrial  
estate  from  residents  near  Winners  Circle.    


AGRA   continues   to   oppose   this   development   and   the  
disruption  it  will  cause  to  the  Aspendale  Gardens  Shopping  
Centre,  and  will  be  meeting  with  council  shortly  to  see  what  
options   are   available,   having   been   unsuccessful   in  
preventing  stage  1  at  VCAT  in  2014.  

Community  Wish  List    
for  Local  Park  Facilities    


If  you  live  in  northern  Aspendale  Gardens,  and  would  like  to  
see   these   plantings   happen,   then   why   not   join   the   AGRA  
committee.   It’s   a   good   way   to   get   involved   and   learn   how  
to  make  these  projects  a  reality.  


Bike  Path  from  Aspendale  Gardens  to  
Braeside  Park  Red  Gum  Trail  

It’s   a   beautiful   dream…   cycle   from   Aspendale   Gardens,  
through  Waterways  and  onto  the  Red  Gum  Trail  in  Braeside  

In   the   2014-­‐2015   AGRA   community   survey,   residents  
asked  for…  
• improvements  to  the  aging  Rage  Cage  
• BBQs  in  reserves  
• improvements  to  playground  equipment  
• walking  trails.    
The   community   survey   came   up   with   a   great   idea   to   light  
the   pathway   between   Aspendale   Gardens   Primary   and  
Tarongo   Drive   Aspendale   for   those   catching   the   train   to  
ensure  a  safe  journey  home  in  Winter.    
The   path   along   the   secondary   drain   is   a   frequented  
thoroughfare  which  could  do  with  lighting.    

We   hope   to   raise   these   ideas   with   council   in   the   coming  
months   so   they   can   consider,   discuss,   plan   and   budget  


There’s  only  one  problem,  and  it’s  the  crossing  at  Burdekin  
Blvd.   With   traffic   racing   past   at   80Km/h,   this   is   definitely  
not  something  that  you  would  risk  with  young  children.    

Aspendale  Gardens  Sportsground:    
All-­‐rounder  or  summer  only?  
As   our   fledgling   sportsground   is   getting   constant   use   in  
summer,   we   are   asking   council   to   plan   for   a   small   pavilion  
to  include  change  rooms  and  toilet  facilities.    
We  are  also  asking  for  AFL  goal  posts  so  local  kids  can  use  
the  ground  in  winter  to  have  a  kick.  
The   former   Village   Committee   had   requested   fitness  
stations   surrounding   the   oval.   We   think   this   will   enhance  
the   fitness   and   lifestyle   of   residents   so   will   keep   this   on   our  
radar  with  council.  

The   good   news   is   that   council   have   negotiated   with   the  
developer   of   Waterways   to   install   traffic   lights   at   this  
intersection.     The   Waterways   developer   will   fund   the   traffic  
lights,   with   construction   to   be   commenced   by   council   in  
January  2016.    
Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Winter  2015  –  Page  12  


Dumping  Rubbish...  Seriously,  
 what  kind  of  person  does  that?  



Please   be   on   the   lookout   for   people   illegally   dumping  
rubbish.   Hotspots   include   the   secondary   drain,   Bowen  
Parkway,   Parklands   near   Edithvale   Common   reserve,  
Canterbury  Road  Braeside  and  Century  Drive  Braeside.    


A   number   of   tree   loppers   (or   a   single   repeat   offender)   are  
dumping  mulch  in  reserves  and  on  roadsides,  especially  on  
Edithvale   Road   near   the   wetlands   centre   and   Boundary  
Road  near  White  Street.    

Thank  you  to  all    
Responsible  Dog  Owners    
Now  is  a  great  time  to  start.  Here’s  Why.  

We  love  our  responsible  dog  owners  in  Aspendale  Gardens  
–   those   of   us   who   pick   up   after  their   our   own   dog,   and  pick  
up   litter   while   we’re   at   it.   Thank   you,   it   makes   a   positive  
difference  for  everyone!    

Residents   noticing   anyone   dumping   any   rubbish   of   any   kind  
should   contact   council   immediately   on   1300   653   356   or   the  
police  on  000.    If  you  see  any  trucks  dumping  mulch  please  
call  council  immediately  and  take  photos  if  safe  to  do  so.    


And  While  We’re  on  the    
Topic  of  Dumping…  Please,  No  Bread  

Recently   someone   has   started   dumping   large   amounts   of  
bread   and   bread   rolls   on   a   daily   basis   in   a   number   of  
reserves  in  Aspendale  Gardens.    
Please   don’t!   This   only   creates   feed   for   vermin   and   pests.   If  
have   more   information   or   tips   about   the   mysterious  
appearances,  please  send  us  a  note  on  Facebook.    

A  number  of  residents  have  raised  concerns   however  about  
residents   walking   their   dogs   and   failing   to   clean   up   after  
them.   We   ask   everyone   walking   their   dog   to   respect   the  
community  and  the  environment  around  us.    

Council   has   provided   rubbish  
bins  at  most  reserves  in  AG.    
Please  use  them.    

Council   will   be   increasing  
patrols  to  encourage  residents  
to   do   the   right   thing…   and  
issue   fines   to   those   who  
Did   you   know   Aspendale   Gardens   has   NO   dogs   off   lead  
areas   before   5pm?   We   are   asking   council   to   review   this,  
especially   given   our   open   space   in   the   Secondary   Drain  
Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Winter  2015  –  Page  13  


103-­‐105  Kearney  Drive,  Aspendale  Gardens  
Business  Hours:    Tuesday  to  Friday,  9am  to  3pm    
Ph.  9587  5955  
What’s  on  Offer  at  AGCS?  
At  AGCS  we  have  many  activities  on  offer  for  all  age  groups.    
Please   visit   our   website   or   Facebook   page   for   more  
information.    If  there  are  any  activities  you  would  like  to  see  
on  offer  or  would  like  to  get  involved  in  our  Centre,  please  
do  not  hesitate  to  contact  our  office  to  discuss  your  ideas!  



(Wednesday  and  Thursday  mornings)  is  
a   great   way   to   spend   fun   time   with  
your   child   while   meeting   new  
parents/carers   who   can   relate   to   the  
joys  of  parenting.    Bookings  essential.  
Occasional  Care    

(Tuesdays   from   12.15pm   to   3.15pm   &  
Thursdays   from   8.30am   to   12.30pm)  
for   parents/carers   who   need   a   break   to  
go   to   appointments   or   just   relax   for   a  

Our   Qualified   Preschool   teachers   in   our   Wattle   Preschool  
room  run  the  sessions,  so  there  are  lots  of  activities  to  keep  
your  child  busy.    Bookings  essential.    

For   more   information   about   the   events   or   any   activities   at  
our  Centre,  you  can  visit  our  website  or  pop  into  the  Centre  
during  our  business  hours.  


Upcoming  Events  



18th  August  

Donna  Williams  
Autism  presentation  

7pm  -­‐  8.30pm  

20th  August  

KidzAid  –  
Paediatric  First  Aid  Course  

7.30pm  -­‐  9pm  

22nd  August  

Carolyn  Gray  –  
Food  as  Medicine  workshop  
“Main  Meals  –  Recipes  &  Tips”  

2pm  -­‐  4pm  

1st  September  

Community  Wellness  Seminar  
“Food  as  Medicine”  

7pm  -­‐  9pm  

8th  September  

AGCS  Annual  General  Meeting  
(All  Welcome!)  


12th  September  

Carolyn  Gray  –  
Food  as  Medicine  workshop  
“Sweet  Treats  &  Snacks”  

2pm  -­‐  4pm  

6th  October  

Community  Wellness  Seminar  
“Tips  for  a  Good  Night’s  Sleep”  

7pm  -­‐  9pm  

17th  October  

Indoor  Twilight  Market  

4pm  -­‐  8pm  


Aspendale   Gardens   Community  
Centre   acknowledges   the   support  
of  the  Victorian  Government    
and  City  of  Kingston.  


Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Winter  2015  –  Page  14  



Aspendale Gardens
Youth Cove

Aspendale  Gardens  Youth  Cove  (“AYC”)  
(Mondays,  Tuesdays  &  Thursdays  1:30pm-­‐5:30pm)  
Aspendale  Gardens  Community  Centre      
AYC  is  a  fully  supervised  community  based  service  for  young  
people   from   the   ages   of   12   to   25.  It  is  run   at   the   Aspendale  
Gardens   Community   Centre   in   conjunction   with   Kingston  
Youth  &  Family  Services.  

Activities   include   boxing,   sports,   cooking,   art   &   craft,  
resume  building  and  much  more.      


AYC   is   offering   young   people   the   chance   to   have   fun   and  
get   fit   at   the   same   time,   with   free   boxing   classes   at   the  
Youth  Cove.    



The  classes  are  described  as  “energetic  with  no  experience  
required”.  At  AYC  we  say  come  down  and  try  it!  

The   free   boxing   classes   are   aimed   at   12-­‐18   yrs   of   age.  
Classes   run   through   August   and   September   on   Thursdays  
from  4.15  -­‐5.15pm.  18  local  young  people  joined  the  group  
on  the  first  session  to  get  fit  and  had  some  fun.    

If  you’re  interested  in  joining  this  session  all  we  ask  is  that  
you  drop  us  a  line  at  to  register  a  
spot   and   let   us   know   that   you’re   interested.   No   weekly  
commitments  required  if  you  can’t  make  all  the  classes.  

There’s   also   information   about   staying   healthy,   getting   a  
good  nights  sleep  and  ways  to  reduce  stress.    
What  else  is  happening  at  AYC?  

If  boxing  is  not  your  thing,  that’s  ok,  AYC  offers  a  number  of  
other  activities  on  Mondays  and  Tuesdays  after  school.    
Currently   on   offer   are   cooking   sessions,   craft,   games   and  
the   opportunity   to   use   an   iMac   to   sharpen   your   skills   to  
enter   one   of   the   local   competitions   Kingston   Youth   Services  
We   are   really   keen   to   hear   from   you   and   see   what   you’d  
like  to  do.  For  more  information,  contact  Ellen  McDermott,  
Youth   Engagement   Officer,   or   go   to   the   Facebook   page   to  
see  what’s  on!  
Ellen  McDermott  
Phone:  1300  369  436  

Supported  by:  



Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Winter  2015  –  Page  15  



Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Winter  2015  –  Page  16