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Frooti is the largest-selling mango flavoured drink in India.

It is the flagship product of and the

most successful drink offered by Parle Agro India Pvt. Ltd. in India and Parle Agro Nepal Pvt.
Ltd. in Nepal. Frooti was launched in 1985 in TetraPak packages. It is also now available
in PET bottles and rectangular shaped packs. Frooti is exported to the United States, Canada,
the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Maldives, Singapore,
Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, Mozambique, Ghana, Malawi, Zambia, Nigeria, Tanzania,
Japan, Ireland, etc. Frooti is currently endorsed by Shah Rukh Khan, in India. The drink
contains mango pulp, water, sugar, citric acid, ascorbic acid,salt, and approved colouring and

Frooti was launched in a green rectangular Tetra Pak as a ready-to-serve mango drink. Although
it wasn't the first mango drink, Frooti quickly acquired a large market share. The packaging
played a major role behind its success, since it could be carried easily and conveniently. Frooti
also provided a refreshing mango taste that translated into a huge demand for itself.
The tagline "Mango Frooti, Fresh and Juicy", was the result of a crisp and insightful brief by the
marketing duo-team of Arun Lahori & GM Menon, to the then communications agency on the
brand, to: "make mango Frooti synonymous with freshness and juiciness". Coined in a flash by
creative honcho Bharat Dhabolkar. "Fresh and juicy got to be Frooti". The slogan was a shot in
the arm for the brand and helped the brand strengthen and consolidate its position as the
undisputed country wide leader of packaged juice drinks.
It managed to garner over 8 million Twitter handles and a whopping count of 80,000 tweets.
Frooti's YouTube channel[1] views increased by 2.5 million and subscribers increased by
600%.The brand has spent 40% more on its marketing this year.[2]
Slice is a line of fruit-flavored soft drinks manufactured by PepsiCo and introduced in 1984.

Varieties of Slice have included lemon-lime (replaced Teem in the United States; discontinued in
2000 with introduction of Sierra Mist), apple, fruit
punch, grape,passionfruit, peach glaze, Mandarin orange, pineapple, strawberry, Cherry Cola
(discontinued in 1988 following the introduction of Wild Cherry Pepsi), "Red", Cherry-Lime, and
Dr Slice. Until 1994, the drink contained 10% fruit juice.

The original design of the can was a solid color related to the flavor of the drink. These were
replaced in 1994 with black cans that featured colorful bursts (once again, related to the flavor of
the drink), along with slicker graphics. In 1997, the cans became blue with color-coordinated
swirls. The original orange flavor was reformulated around this time with the new slogan, "It's
orange, only twisted." Orange Slice has since been changed back to its original flavor.[1]
In the summer of 2000, lemon-lime Slice was replaced in most markets by Sierra Mist, which
became a national brand in 2003. The rest of the Slice line was replaced in most markets

by Tropicana Twister Soda in the summer of 2005, although the Dr. Slice variety can still be
found in some fountains.
In early 2006, Pepsi resurrected the Slice name for a new line of diet soda called Slice ONE.
Marketed exclusively at Wal-Mart stores, Slice ONE was available in orange, grape and berry
flavors, all sweetened with Splenda.
Maaza (Hindi: , Bengali: ) is a Coca-Cola fruit drink brand marketed in Middle East,
Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia, the most popular drink being the mango variety, so much that
over the years, the Maaza brand has become synonymous with Mango. Initially Coca-Cola had
also launched Maaza in orange and pineapple variants, but these variants were subsequently
dropped. Coca-Cola has recently re-launched these variants again in the Indian market.
Mango drinks currently account for 90% of the fruit juice market in India[citation needed]. Maaza currently
dominates the fruit drink category and competes with Pepsi's Slice brand of mango drink
and Frooti, manufactured by Parle Agro.
The Union Beverages Factory, based in the UAE, began selling Maaza as a franchisee in the
Middle East and Africa in 1976. By 1995, it had acquired rights to the Maaza brand in these
countries through Maaza International Co LLCDubai. Maaza was launched in 1976 in India. and
in India, Maaza was acquired by Coca-Cola India in 1993 from Parle-Bisleri along with other
brands such as Limca, Citra, Thums Up and Gold Spot. Maaza was acquired by House of Spices
in 2005 for the North American market. Finally in the year 2006 Infra Foodbrands acquired
Maaza for the European, Caribbean and West-African market and cooperates with House of
Spices for the North American market
Maaza in 10 different flavours (f.e. Mango, Tropical, Guava, Lychee, Passion Fruit/Maracuja,
Pineapple, Banana, Papaya, Fruit Punch and Guanabana) in 9 different packaging formats (f.e.
PET bottles, cartons, glass bottles and cans) suitable for all segments of the market. The Maaza
drinks are distributed to supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels, cafes and many other outlets.