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Lays to Launch Biggest Ever Global Integrated Marketing

Posted on31 March 2014.

Lays the worlds top snack brand is launching a major global integrated marketing campaign and new multidimensional promotional partnership featuring record breaking football superstar, Leo Messi. The campaign
celebrates the simple pleasure of globally enjoyed Lays potato chips and extends across three executions: master
brand communication, Lays Deep Ridged snacks and an additional commercial featuring two of PepsiCos flagship
brands, Pepsi and Lays.
The overall campaign includes television advertising, out-of-home, digital, in-store and point of sale executions in
more than 60 countries, and Messi will be on the front of millions of Lays packages around the world. The Lays
campaign launches in select markets beginning today with remaining markets airing the commercials in the coming
weeks and months.
We are thrilled to be able to deliver the first-ever global equity integrated marketing campaign for Lays, says
Cristina Kenz, Senior Marketing Director Lays Global, PepsiCo Global Snacks Group. Lays is the worlds number 1
snack brand and we now have a fantastic program that will unify the brand message throughout globe, using the
universally beloved game of football as our foundation. As a passion point for spectators and participants alike,
football is truly one of lifes simple pleasures and we couldnt think of a better combination of the sport, its number
one player, Leo Messi, and the amazing setting ofBrazilto showcase the simple pleasures of Lays.

master brand commercial and centerpiece of the campaign Messi Photo, was shot over the course of three days in
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and Barcelona, Spain. With the great taste of Lays potato chips at the centre, the commercial
builds off the insight that people enjoy pinching a Lays whenever they are near one. Messi Photo shows that not
even a world-class footballer can avoid his fans fingers.
Messi Photo follows Messi as he crosses the streets of Rio, encountering fans who are clamoring for photos and
autographs. With the international hit Balada Tch Tcherere Tch Tch by Brazilian superstar Gusttavo Lima
providing the infectious backdrop, Messi Photo ends with Messi able to even the score and pinch his own Lays chip
when posing for photos with unsuspecting Lays fans. In select markets, those football fans will be prominent in their
own right and feature a whos who of global talent including William Levy (Mexico), Ahmed Helmy (Egypt), Cabral y
Puya (Romania), Sergej Trifunovic (Serbia) and Iker Casillas (Spain).
Expanding beyond master brand communications, Leo Messi will also appear in advertising for Lays Deep Ridged
potato chips in some of the select markets where the new product is available. As one of the most celebrated
footballers of all time, Leo Messi and Lays Deep Ridged chips will come together for one extreme pairing in a
commercial highlighting the epic flavor and depth of the chips.
Finally, Messi will again take centre stage in a commercial for Pepsi and Lays PepsiCos two global flagship brands
who are both activating football programs in 2014. This commercial is the biggest global marketing initiative to feature
both Pepsi and Lays products, and with football as a driver of awareness for PepsiCos food and beverage brands
around the world, this campaign reflects PepsiCos broader strategy to combine the power of global brands,
showcasing them better, together.
Pepsi and Lays are two powerhouse global brands from PepsiCo, and football, with millions of passionate fans
around the world, provides a tremendous platform to showcase how they can be enjoyed better, together, says
Lorraine Chow Hansen, President, PepsiCo Global Snacks Group