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Presentor Company Questions

Meghana Deloitte
Question 1: You mentioned 3-way match in procurement. How many other ways are there
and what are they?
Question 2: How do you track the invoices? How are they numbered?
Anandkumar Desai TripSathi (Start-Up)
1) Don't you think OLA and Uber can forward integrate ? They can also diversify and enter
into this market ?
It's a related diversification for them ??
2) So Somewhere you had become a normal transportation firm which provides
transportation service to its customers ?
So what is the difference between you and let's take Gajanand Travels ??
3) Where do you see Tripsathi in next 3 years ??
4) Can you walk us through the financing model mentioned by you ??
a) Why it should appeal me as an investor ?
b) Why not going to a VC ??
Deepanshu Malhotra Deloitte
1. Where is Third Party Involved in 'Software Asset Management' ? Since software users are
our clients
and not publishers (This would be a very good observation)
2. How exactly did SAM (Software Asset Mgmt.) save costs for clients?
3. Managing all software is a very big scope, how did Deloitte Manage?
K A Saleem Jaffar Ramco
Question 1 :
What approach was used to finalize the 6 parameters in Phase 2? Could you please provide
some information on that?
Question 2 :
I understand there will be a priority assigned to each of the requirement as per the MoSCoW
model, in case if the
requirements evaluated are given the same priority of MUST , how will you further prioritize
those having the same priority ?
Richa Kaushal Wipro
1. If you don't have background in mechanical or automobile, how did you cope up with
doing project in Automobile Industry?
2. Some of the recommendations you have given are long term. But in long term perspective
we are not sure of future,
was there any real time element in your long term recommendations?
3. What is the role of Make in India campaign in your project?
Satish Raja M United Biscuits
Question 1 : You said agents don't pay frequent visits and is a problem. How did you address
Question 2 : How did you decide brand, price and package are important? Why not others
like taste?
Utsav Shaileshkumar Shah United Breweries
Preference 1: You mentioned that you evaluated the service provided to retailers on many
Can you briefly elaborate on it?
Preference 2: How would you communicate the results and findings of your evaluation to the
Preference 3: Did you do some benchmarking with respect to competitors?
Dhruv Saksena General Electric (GE)
1) What was the most important difficulty that you faced or what was one bottleneck in the
project which was affecting the outcome?
2) Is this a cost cutting initiative of GE ?
Kushal Kumar ICICI

1. How did you do the sampling?
2. Did you study those set of customers who were earlier attrited but later came back on
Mayur Khatri General Electric (GE)
(Project 1): How did you go about making the to-be material flow process from the as-is
material flow process?
(Project 2): why does the gap arise between financial cogs and costing cogs ?