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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Summary of Meeting of July 22, 2015

Brandyn McElroy, president, called the meeting to order at 6:36 p.m. in the Schoenbaum Family
Festival. Diane Dixon, chair of the festival planning committee, explained the activities
scheduled for the annual Weinland Park Neighborhood Festival on Saturday afternoon, August 8.
She asked for volunteers to assist with the set-up and operation of the festival.
Free concert. Terry Althouse of Godman Guild announced that Godman Guild will host a free
concert on Tuesday, August 11, at 7 p.m. on the outdoor stage next to the community garden. The
concert will feature Nimo. Ms. Althouse also reported that Godman Guild has new playground
equipment and the community garden is doing well.
Neighborhood Pride. Greg Davis, the citys code enforcement officer for Weinland Park,
announced activities in conjunction with the citys Neighborhood Pride program which will
come to Weinland Park and Milo-Grogan on September 14-18.
Girl Scouts. Donna Hughes of the Girl Scouts of America Heartland Council reminded the civic
association members that a Girl Scout troop operates at Weinland Park Elementary School and a
troop may soon begin at Godman Guild. She is seeking adult volunteers to help with the troops.
Meeting reminder. Mr. McElroy and Jen Mankin discussed and distributed a form that each
resident could complete that would give the civic association permission to use an automatic call
system to remind the resident of the civic associations monthly meeting.
Personal safety. Julie Harmon, who directs the Impact Safety program affiliated with LifeCare
Alliance, led a discussion of personal safety and self-defense. She noted that most threats to a
persons safety are from people he or she already knows. She emphasized awareness, assessment,
anticipation, and action. She defined safety as expressing your boundaries and having the other
person respect those boundaries.
Leadership. Mr. McElroy asked that civic association members consider becoming more
involved in the leadership of the association and that they talk with him or the committee chairs
about their interests. He noted that the association currently has vacancies in the leadership of the
Housing and Communications committees and in the position as secretary.
Development in Weinland Park. Michael Wilkos presented a well-received talk and
PowerPoint presentation on the development and growth of Columbus and the Weinland Park
neighborhood and the implications of those changes.
Newsletter boxes. Mr. McElroy announced that the civic association had purchased a number of
small boxes that can be installed on fences and posts around the neighborhood to distribute the

civic associations monthly newsletter. He asked for residents who would be willing to have a
box placed at the edge of their properties to allow easy access to the newsletter.
The business of the civic association being concluded, Mr. McElroy adjourned the meeting at
8:16 p.m.

Summary prepared by Steve Sterrett.

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