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Project Title: Structural Analysis of Fuselage with Lattice Structure USING ANSYS.

Problem Statement:
The design of a fuselage structure for any aircraft is very essential. The fuselage structure for business jet aircraft
carries stringers, frames, floor beam and outer skin. The fuselage structure for heavy passenger aircraft carries a
wide numerous structural parts such as bulkheads, longerons, frames, stringers, flat plate, outer skin etc.
Nowadays, stiffened shell structure was used in fuselage structure. The lattice structure is a complex design which
carries an individual structural components of actual fuselage structure seen. In this project, the lattice structure
was adapted to the aircraft instead of stiffened shell structure. The design of the lattice structure is carried out and
the static structural analysis is carried out in ANSYS to find the stress and deformation due to the load.
Project Intent:
1. Understand the concept of fuselage Lattice structure.
2. The fuselage structure consists primarily of frames, stringer and external skin is basically designed to resist
the shears and bending moments resulting from air loads and inertial loads. Upon internal pressurization,
however, this type of structure becomes an inefficient pressure vessel due to primarily to stringer and
frame bending. The intent is to understand the structural effect of pressurization on fuselage structure.
3. Perform finite element analysis to find the
a) Stress Distribution on Stringers
b) Stress Distribution with Skin and Stringers
c) Stress Distribution with Stringers and Floor
Scope of project:
The Scope of Work is as detailed below,
1. Problem study & input data finalization

Concept study of fuselage Lattice structure subjected to shears and bending moments resulting from air

loads and inertial loads.


3d model generation of the fuselage model


Structural Analysis using Ansys Platform


Project documentation with plots/sketches & result study observation

Input Details:
The Input Details provides are,

Basic geometry & specifications of sample model

Theory reference for fuselage Lattice structure
Material Specification:..
o Density:..
o Tensile Strength:
o Young's Modulus:

o Poisson's Ratio:..
Other loads:
FEA of Fuselage with Lattice Structure subjected to shears and bending moments resulting from air
loads and inertial loads using ANSYS.


Modelling of Fuselage structure.

Selection of suitable material properties.
Selection of suitable elements from ANSYS element library.
Meshing of the structure using different mesh methods.
Once meshing is completed, solving the problems using appropriate loads and boundary

Obtaining the result and plotting in ANSYS post processor.