Uz2 Notes January ‘07 UDCA

Just remember that low-high is encouraging. So if you lead a suit and pard echoes, he most likely holds xxx. When following to declarer’s suits, only give count when necessary.

Puppet Stayman:
Used in response to an opening 2NT, as well as a delayed 2NT (via 2♣ opening.) Responding with 3♣ (Stayman) indicates either a 4 card or a three card major. Responding 3♠ = 5♠/4♥. Rebids: Opener bids 3 of a major with 5 cards. Opener bids 3♦ with a 4-card major. Responder shows a 4-card major by bidding the other major. Responder denies a 4 card major by bidding 3NT To show both majors, responder first bids 3♥, followed by 3NT. Opener bids 3NT denying a 4-card major.

Disambiguating unusual NT – takeout X – cue bids:
Takeout X: Opener or better. Unusual 1NT: 4-4; weaker than X. Cue the lower suit: takeout with 5 cards in the lower of your suits. Cue the higher suit: takeout with 5 cards in the higher of your suits.

Corollary to Bergen:
Must play unspecified splinters (bid 3 of other major / 3NT to start relay.) 4♣ = 3 card raise. Ace better than opening hand. 4♦ = 5 card raise no slam interest. 4 of our major = bust.

1NT – 3?:
3♣ 3♦ 3♥ 3♠ = = = = puppet stayman 4/4 minors slammish 4-4-1-4 4-4-4-1

Rusinow leads:
Used only on the first trick against a suit contract, in a suit which the partner has not bid during the auction. Ace: Denies the K, except when holding the Ace-King as a doubleton. King: From Ace-King. The third hand should signal with the Q or a doubleton. Queen: From King-Queen. The third hand should normally signal with the A or J, but not with a doubleton if the dummy contains three or four small cards of the same suit. This may be to avoid a Bath Coup, whereby the declarer could possible be holding the A-J-x. Jack: From Queen-Jack. Ten: From Jack-Ten. Nine: From Ten-Nine. If more than two touching honors are held, lead the card representing the second-highest honor. Follow with the lowest, etc...

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